Dozier/Walker/Taylor Family Bible
submitted by Sharon Davidson

The following are excerpts from the DOZIER/WALKER family Bible, obtained in
the home of Robert Dozier, Ellaville, GA (Schley County) in April 2002.
Submitted by Sharon Davidson.

George Robert Dozier b. 8/5/1886 d. 3/31/1963
Virginia Antoinette "Nettie" Walker b. 8/17/1889 d. 1/26/1925

W.W. Dozier (discovered this is William Wesley) b. 1/1/1854 d. 12/5/1935
Mary Catherine Harper b.11/5/1846 d. 2/26/1929

John Huey Harper b. 8/25/1811 d. 1/10/1878
Cynthia Ann Countryman b. 1/9/1818 d. 6/24/1887
(Her siblings were listed as the following)

John Countryman 1785-1856
Mary Countryman 1788-1852
Martha Countryman 1812-
Matthew Countryman 1814
Andrew Countryman 1816-1881
Timothy Countryman 1818
Rebecca Countryman 1819
Mary Countryman 1822

George Marion Harper b. 1/29/1842
Agnes E. Daniel 
O.F. Harper
Mannie Harper
Leila Harper
Emma Harper
Georgia Harper


George R. Dozier/Nettie Walker 12/25/1912
W.W. Dozier/Mary Catherine Harper 1880
Robert M. Dozier/Martha L. Woods 11/27/1850
John H. Harper/Cynthia Countryman 1839
George M. Harper/Agnes E. Daniel 1868
Andrew B. Countryman/S E Countryman 1847



NOTE: Here is the 2nd of two Bibles I came in to possession of - hope this
generates some interest.  Please note, I have several pics from the Schley
and Sumter County area that I plan on scanning or placing on a disc which I
would like to have posted for possible identification.  I'm sure some people
would love them.

The following are excerpts from the DOZIER/WALKER/TAYLOR family Bible,
obtained in the home of Robert Dozier, Ellaville, GA (Schley County) in
April 2002.


Thomas J. Walker (died of typhoid fever at the age of 73)

1. Buster Walker
2. Katie Walker (King) m. J.C. King (one child, Bessie Lou King)
3. Thomas Hugh Walker b. 10/8/1867 d. 3/30/1954 (Justice Court, Schley
Mamie Elizabeth Taylor b. 3/31/1871 d. 8/24/1946
(married 11/20/1889)


Lucille Mamie Walker 1893-1901
Ralph Taylor Walker 1895-1913
Thomas Hugh Walker 1898-1899
Charles Douglas Walker 1900-1905
Nettie Walker 1891-1925


Virginia Dozier 11/21/1913
Hugh Walker Dozier 4/3/1916
Robert Eugene Dozier 1/11/1921


Charley A. Taylor (confederate solder) m. Anne Taylor in 1594(sic)

Lizzie L. Taylor (Andrews) m. W. M. Andrews

J. Edgar Taylor d. 1911 m. ? had 5 daughters:

Ms. W. M. Andrews, Americus
Ms. W. S. Andrews
Ms. Guy Lock, Tampa
Ms. Annie Powell, Miami
Mamie Elizabeth Taylor 1871-1946