Pittman Family
submitted by Charles Pittman

Researching William Buford Pittman, Joel Sheppard Pittman, John Wallace Pittman,
Jesse Pittman, Scion Pittman, Nancy Pittman,,,, and ultimately their father Elbert Pitman.
All lived in Sumter County between 1790-1860. I have extensive information on the boys
and girls and am searching for information on Elbert and his roots. Elbert's first wife was
Nancy Counsel...married June 10, 1811 in Laurens County Ga. Moved to Sumter County
and raised large family. Nancy died in 1839 at which time Elbert married the widow Mary
Kennedy (Canady) in 1841. Elbert died in 1843. Many family members moved to
Ouachita County Arkansas shortly before the Civil War. Thank you for any help on Elbert Pitman.


I posted the earlier message about Bluford Pittman. We have now located his father, a man named Elbert Pitman. Elbert was born around 1785 (unknown location) and died in Sumter County in 1843. He married a lady named Nancy Council in Laurens County Ga. in 1811, moved to Sumter County and had a large family. Their oldest sons were: John Wallace Pittman, William Buford Pittman, Joel Sheppard Pittman, possibly Jesse and Scion/Sion, an Elbert (jr),and several females including Nancy Pittman. Nancy, the mother, died in 1841 and Elbert remarried the widow Mary Kennedy who was raising two young children, Mary Ann and James M.. Elbert died in 1843 and several years later Joel Sheppard Pittman married his step-sister Mary Ann Kennedy. We have been unable to locate Elbert's parents or where he came from. If anyone has any information on this line I would greatly appreciate it.