Eastview Cemetery

compiled and submitted by Alan Anderson

A Primer on Cemeteries of Americus

Eastview Cemetery Sexton Reports

Name;Age;Burial Date;Location; (City resident unless otherwise stated)

Missing Sexton Reports:Prior to May 1876; Nov. 1876-Jan. 1879; Mar.-
May 1879; Sept.-Oct. 1879; Dec. 1879-May 1880; July-Aug. 1880; Jan.-Apr.
1881; June 1881-Feb. 1883; Apr.-June 1883; Aug. 1883-Sept. 1888; Nov.
1888-Feb. 1889; Aug. 1889; Oct.-Dec.1889;Feb. 1890; Apr.-June 1890; Aug.
1890-Dec. 1892; June 1894-Aug. 1895; Sept. 1901)

Name                         Age      Burial Date           Location     Residence
Dave _____ 81ys 1/1/1897 Commons Louis _____ 45ys 10/9/1895 Commons Mattie AARON 29ys 11/29/1898 Commons Mannie ABRAM 41ys 10/20/1899 Lot 22-C C/O Sally ABRAM SB 11/4/1880 Bobbie ADAMS 21ys 7/25/1902 Lot 97 Eraline ADAMS 3wks 12/30/1902 Commons Mollie ADAMS 42ys 7/25/1902 Lot 97 I/O Mollie ADAMS SB 6/5/1880 I/O Mollie ADAMS SB 9/7/1899 Lot 97 I/O Mollie ADAMS SB 9/22/1900 Lot 93 I/O Monroe ADAMS SB 6/7/1898 Commons Caroline ALEXANDER 87ys 7/31/1879 Commons Rivers ALEXANDER 41ys 9/17/1902 Commons I/O Aaron ALLEN 8mos 12/18/1901 Commons Eliza ALLEN 11mos 7/24/1879 Commons Country Francis ALLEN 48ys 4/30/1896 Lot 28 Lucile ALLEN 22ys 6/8/1897 Lot 37-G Anderson AMOS 5ys 10/4/1895 Commons Lina AMOS 24ys 4/18/1897 Commons I/O Mary AMOS - 11/15/1893 Commons Amy ANDERSON 40ys 11/18/1902 Lot 53 Harriet ANDERSON 5ys 7/25/1893 Commons Jerry ANDERSON 27ys 6/28/1893 Commons Mattie ANDERSON 3ys 6/2/1901 Commons I/O Mattie ANDERSON 25ys 8/11/1899 Commons I/O Nancy ANDERSON SB 12/21/1899 Commons Shepperd ANDERSON 50ys 12/19/1893 Commons I/O Carrie ANDREWS 1d 4/9/1902 Commons George ANDREWS 35ys 5/28/1893 Commons Sim ANDREWS 55ys 8/27/1901 Lot 63 Bertha ANTHONY 7mos 7/14/1902 Commons I/O Callie ANTHONY - 1/31/1901 Lot 96 Eddie ANTHONY 2ys 8/24/1899 Commons Hattie ANTHONY 9mos 7/20/1900 Commons I/O Mason ANTHONY 1mo 5/18/1901 - Mamie APPLE 10ys 11/25/1900 Lot 20-C Willie B. ARON (AARON?) 5mos 12/6/1902 Commons AUNTIE 35ys 1/15/1890 Commons Philip AZOR 2ys 9/30/1895 Commons I/O Easter BAILEY - 12/26/1893 Commons Lany BAILEY 13ys 7/14/1893 Commons Jane BAKER 20ys 7/29/1897 Commons Mary BAKER 48ys 12/8/1893 Lot 27-G Mamie BANKS 24ys 8/22/1902 Lot 44 Old Ceme Amanda BARLOW 36ys 9/2/1897 Commons Jane BARLOW 34ys 10/30/1896 Commons I/O Mattie BARLOW - 2/7/1900 Lot 79 I/O Sump BARLOW 3ds 7/3/1898 Lot 88 Mattie BARNES SB 12/4/1898 Lot 20-C Robt. BARNES 85ys 5/21/1900 Commons D.W. BARNETT 56ys 8/2/1897 Lot 11-F Mandy BARNETT 48ys 9/28/1893 Lot 11-F Leitha BARRINGTON 17ys 1/29/1901 Commons Carrie BARTLETT 80ys 6/6/1893 Lot 75 Carrie BARTLETT 13ys 7/19/1897 Lot 156 Minnie BARTLETT 80ys 11/3/1898 Commons Homer BATTLE 7ys 9/24/1899 Lot 38-G Miller BECHAM 14mos 11/17/1898 Commons Minnie Lee BELL 1y 10/16/1901 Lot 9-G Joe BENNETT 7ys 5/1/1901 Commons Jack BENTON 51ys 7/29/1896 Lot 165 I/O Miler BICKMAN - 12/2/1895 Commons Lilie BIRD 3ys 6/5/1880 Dave BISHOP 65ys 4/16/1893 Lot 30 Emily BISHOP 2ys 6/12/1899 Lot 147 B/O Geo. BISHOP 10mos 10/24/1901 Lot 137 I/O Geo. BISHOP SB 12/4/1902 Lot 137 Annie Lou BIVINS 23ys 7/3/1902 Commons I/O Harry BIVINS 3wks 12/30/1901 Lot 35 Hugh BIVINS 75ys 4/21/1894 Lot 23-B John Henry BIVINS 7mos 1/26/1900 Lot 3 Maria BIVINS 85ys 4/18/1899 Commons I/O Missouri BIVINS SB 6/20/1900 Commons Sallie BIVINS 85ys 4/25/1902 Lot 18-G C/O Sandy BIVINS 2mos 2/23/1879 Si BIVINS 65ys 6/2/1897 Commons I/O Addie BLACK SB 9/17/1899 Commons Lula BLACK 4ys 8/24/1876 I/O Pearl BLACK SB 8/29/1899 Commons I/O Mary BLACKMAN 3ys 9/8/1898 Commons I/O Simon BLACKMAN - 6/28/1896 Commons Winnie BLACKMAN 11mos 9/7/1898 Commons Shade BOGAN 60ys 6/29/1876 Isora BOINTON (BOYNTON?) SB 8/29/1900 Commons I/O Sarah BOINTON - 2/13/1901 Commons Carry BOLTON 50ys 11/16/1898 Commons Mittie BOOKER 2ys 12/31/1896 Commons Nancy BOOKER 28ys 2/4/1893 Commons Emma BOON 24ys 7/28/1890 Commons John BORUTON 50ys 3/3/1901 Commons C/O Caroline BOSTON 2 1/2ds 9/5/1880 Isaac BOUIE 54ys 12/4/1880 Lot 2 Isomville Jerge BOUIE 1y 7/24/1890 Lot 170 Grant BOWIE 25ys 7/29/1893 Lot 2 Stella BOYNTON 21ys 1/9/1899 Commons Dick BRANCH 54ys 4/25/1896 Commons Willie BRANFORD 4ys 3/25/1898 Commons I/O Ella BRANTON SB 5/7/1900 Commons Laura BREEDLOVE 38ys 5/28/1899 Commons I/O Mollie BREWER - 2/9/1893 Commons Will BRIDGES 22ys 9/26/1902 Commons B/O Annie Lou BRIGHT - 5/26/1902 Lot 22-I Easter BRIGHT 30ys 2/16/1901 Commons Gracey BRIGHT 106ys 12/15/1895 Lot 129 Jim BRIGHT 78ys 1/17/1901 Lot 19-C Lizzie BRIGHT 6ys 12/14/1895 Commons I/O Maggie BRIGHT - 1/3/1894 Commons Mary BRIGHT 26ys 4/25/1898 Lot 22-I Nannie Sue BRIGHT 5mos 10/6/1899 Lot 22-I Nellie BRIGHT 40ys 6/1/1900 Lot 22-I Nelson BRIGHT 68ys 10/9/1900 Commons Roxy BRIGHT 38ys 10/14/1900 Commons Snead BRIGHT 30ys 12/17/1898 Lot 70 Prince BROOKINGS 80ys 6/6/1899 Commons I/O Emma BROOKINS 5mos 5/13/1889 Commons I/O Lee BROOKINS - 6/6/1897 Commons I/O Lee BROOKINS 2ys 5/15/1901 Lot 9-G Sillie BROOKINS 65ys 3/17/1893 Commons C/O Mundy BROOKLIN 1d 5/11/1876 Anderson BROOKLYN 6ys 10/7/1893 Commons Araminta BROOKS 13mos 6/20/1876 Bob BROOKS 57ys 2/19/1896 Commons I/O Eph BROOKS 4mos 7/23/1889 Commons Essie Mae BROOKS 1y Commons I/O Bertha BROWN SB 10/27/1900 Commons Charlie BROWN 9mos 5/3/1902 Commons I/O Colemand BROWN SB 7/6/1902 Commons I/O Eliza BROWN SB 5/3/1900 Commons I/O Eliza BROWN - 2/16/1901 Lot 25-C Emily BROWN 46ys 6/23/1876 George BROWN 59ys 7/24/1896 Commons I/O Hester BROWN SB 1/18/1899 Commons I/O Jane BROWN - 1/16/1894 Commons Jennings BROWN 14mos 7/1/1900 Commons Pansy BROWN 18mos 10/20/1899 Commons C/O Permelia BROWN 2ds 10/6/1880 B/O Sam BROWN SB 7/21/1898 Commons I/O Sarah BROWN SB 7/2/1899 Commons Telitha BROWN 25ys 6/5/1880 I/O Wm. BROWN - 5/25/1901 Commons I/O Berry BRYANT - 1/23/1893 Lot 30-F Davis BRYANT 52ys 9/16/1889 Commons Lizzie BRYANT 18mos 8/11/1897 Commons Willie BRYANT 1y 1/19/1893 Commons C/O Chas. BURDEN - 11/20/1901 Commons Jim BURKE 80ys 6/1/1902 Lot 30-G I/O Emma BURNETT - 3/4/1894 Commons Henry BURNETT 50ys 2/25/1900 Lot 47 Jack BURNETT 50ys 4/27/1902 Commons John BURNETT 20ys 3/29/1902 Commons Mamie BURNETT 45ys 9/15/1902 Lot 2 I/O Millie BURNETT - 10/28/1902 Lot 155 I/O Joe BURRUS - 1/30/1898 Commons Fannie Lee BURTON 2mos 12/7/1897 Lot 32 I/O Maggie Ann BURTON SB 11/27/1900 Commons Hannah BUTLER 47ys 8/7/1879 I/O Mary Jane BUTLER - 11/13/1896 Commons Rina BUTLER 58ys 12/7/1896 Lot 37-G I/O Simon BUTLER 1y 10/26/1888 Lot 112 Elizabeth BUTTLER 65ys 4/6/1889 Commons Reubin BYRD 53ys 8/24/1879 Ann CALHOUN 35ys 12/12/1902 Lot 23-D S/O Catharine J. CALHOUN SB 7/1/1879 John CALHOUN 10ys 11/7/1895 Commons Lucy CALHOUN 2ys 2/9/1894 Lot 23-A Jack CANSBY 48ys 9/1/1893 Commons Mary CAROLINE 15ys 11/5/1895 Commons Anderson CARPENTER 22ys 9/19/1900 Commons I/O Della CARPENTER - 3/15/1890 Commons I/O Della CARPENTER SB 6/10/1893 Commons Henry CARPENTER 58ys 3/17/1889 Commons George CARTER 64ys 1/11/1894 Commons I/O Eliza CARTER 7mos 4/2/1889 Commons L. CARTER SB 5/25/1898 Commons I/O Julia CARY - 11/29/1893 Lot 37-F Lewis CARY 60ys 3/8/1902 Commons George CASTLEBERRY 68ys 8/8/1900 Commons John CATHEM 7ys 11/6/1895 Commons C.A. CATLEDGE 34ys 3/4/1899 Lot 23-C Gertrude CATLEDGE 3ys 8/13/1902 Commons Jesse CATLEDGE 14ys 3/3/1889 Lot 155 Tilden CATLEDGE 57ys 3/2/1893 Lot 23-C William CATO 22ys 3/1/1902 Commons Appling CHAPMAN 36ys 9/22/1889 Commons Augustus CHAPMAN 30ys 7/29/1902 Commons Hattie May CHAPPELL 1y 8/24/1902 Commons Peter CHARLES 2ys 5/10/1894 Commons John CHRISTIAN 75ys 5/16/1894 Lot 95 I/O Carrie CLARK SB 8/4/1900 Commons I/O Carrie CLARK SB 6/8/1901 Commons C/O Frank CLARK SB 7/27/1876 C/O Frank CLARK SB 8/27/1876 Inie CLARK 1y 6/22/1899 Commons Malinda CLARK 17mos 8/30/1876 I/O Mary CLARK SB 7/12/1899 Lot 97 I/O Mattie CLARK SB 8/2/1900 Lot 2-F Sarah CLARK - 1/14/1900 Commons I/O Simon CLARK - 7/22/1898 Lot 13-G Becky CLARKE 1y 10/16/1898 Commons Emma CLARKE 16ys 3/30/1898 Lot 14 Eugene CLARKE 10ys 3/29/1898 Lot 14 Jeff CLARKE 2mos 5/11/1898 Commons Mary CLARKE 3ys 10/1/1893 Commons I/O Mattie CLARKE - 10/3/1899 Lot 2-F I/O Tom CLARKE - 6/25/1897 Lot 13 Willie CLARKE 2ys 3/8/1901 Commons Henry CLAY 1y 8/3/1899 Commons Mary CLAYTON 38ys 12/23/1901 Lot 17-I Eliza CLEMENTS 60ys 9/30/1893 Commons Charley COBB 49ys 7/2/1896 Lot 21 Doc COLBERT 32ys 5/8/1900 Commons Royal COLEDGE 12mos 6/15/1902 Commons I/O Alonzo COLEMAN 5mos 5/7/1902 Commons Juriah COLEMAN 83ys 9/23/1876 Mary COLEMAN 40ys 8/30/1896 Lot 23 Pallas COLEMAN 21ys 5/9/1881 Sam COLEMAN 70ys 7/8/1902 Commons Harriet COLES 30ys 10/20/1896 Commons I/O Mattie COLINS - 11/19/1895 Commons I/O Mary COLLEY 0 8/31/1896 Commons I/O Rose COLLIER 1y 7/1/1889 Amanda COLLINS 30ys 2/6/1897 Commons Golden COLLINS 11mos 6/29/1898 Commons I/O Golden COLLINS 4ds 3/13/1902 Lot 25 I/O Lelia COLLINS 1mo 1/13/1899 Commons Mamie COLLINS 24ys 6/4/1893 Lot 2 Mancy COLLINS 12ys 2/28/1897 Commons Martin COLLINS 2ys 5/27/1897 Lot 53 Sallie COLLINS 80ys 8/27/1876 Harriet COLOM 5ys 11/19/1895 Commons Cezar COMER 50ys 1/9/1890 Lot 22 Lizzie COMER 10ys 11/4/1893 Commons Lizzie CONGLETON 75ys 11/16/1899 Commons Reubin CONKLIN 9mos 10/11/1899 Commons Mose CONNER 14ys 1/14/1897 Commons Andrew COOK 20ys 5/28/1889 Lot 50 Alabama George COOK 61ys 4/9/1901 Lot 81 Old Ceme I/O Noble COOK SB 7/16/1901 Commons I/O Sallie COOK SB 9/23/1880 I/O Thos. COOK SB 9/13/1889 Commons Branson COOPER 1y 8/1/1897 Lot 27-B Christian COOPER 2 1/2ys 10/30/1901 Lot 24-B Ellen COOPER 3ys 6/22/1901 Lot 27-B Hannah COOPER 38ys 7/6/1902 Lot 25-B Jim COOPER 44ys 1/30/1901 Commons Joe COOPER 68ys 9/23/1893 Commons Lewis COOPER 19ys 7/6/1902 Commons Lula COOPER 34ys 8/14/1898 Lot 45-G I/O M. COOPER 1y 1/3/1898 Lot 146 Mary Lou COOPER 8wks 7/12/1902 Commons Mason COOPER 52ys 9/5/1893 Lot 20-C Quincy COOPER 41ys 9/27/1897 Lot B-19 Milledgeville Ran COOPER 35ys 4/2/1896 Commons W.C. COOPER 85ys 1/30/1899 Lot 25-B W.C. COOPER 9mos 10/16/1899 Lot 25-B Easter COPELAN 10ys 4/27/1896 Commons I/O Easter COPELAND - 9/27/1893 Commons Emely COTTLE 62ys 11/9/1880 I/O John COTTLE - 5/9/1894 Commons Ann CRAWFORD 53ys 3/28/1897 Commons Ed CRAWFORD 27ys 11/16/1898 Commons Linnie CRAWFORD 26mos 6/10/1902 Commons Lucy CRAWFORD 2ys 5/1/1894 Commons Lula CRAWFORD 1y 1/27/1897 Commons Mollie CREED 75ys 5/18/1894 Commons Stella CRITTLE 4ys 8/13/1901 Commons Lula CROWDER 6mos 9/12/1876 Nancy CROWDER 75ys 2/22/1894 Commons Wm. CROWDER 1 1/2ys 5/14/1876 Mrs. Mary CULLENS 32ys 4/13/1896 Lot 29 Mary CULLENS 25ys 5/18/1896 Commons William CUMMINGS 30ys 12/26/1895 Commons I/O Lizzie CUNNINGHAM SB 2/19/1900 Commons I/O Silla CUTTS - 7/8/1896 Commons I/O Sissie CUTTS SB 7/9/1900 Commons Sophy DALE 45ys 10/30/1895 Commons Ben DANIEL 3mos 9/18/1893 Commons Emma DANIEL 49ys 12/5/1893 Commons Evie DANIEL 7ys 5/7/1894 Commons I/O George DANIEL SB 8/8/1898 Commons Marshal DANIEL 4ys 10/4/1893 Commons Mary DANIEL 12ys 5/10/1896 Commons Mathew DANIEL 2ys 10/4/1893 Commons Mollie DANIEL 22ys 6/2/1893 Commons Clinton DANIELS 9ys 3/30/1901 Lot 33-H Dena DANIELS 93ys 7/25/1900 Lot 71 I/O Howell DANIELS 1y 20ds 6/30/1889 Lot 165 Julia DANIELS 57ys 5/27/1896 Commons Lula DANIELS 38ys 10/29/1901 Lot 2-G Martha DANIELS 4ys 9/2/1895 Commons Martha DANIELS 85ys 9/5/1895 Commons Matilda DANIELS 25ys 7/24/1893 Commons Millie DANIELS 55ys 10/14/1897 Lot 25 Phillis DANIELS 123ys 9/11/1889 Commons Sarah DANIELS 2ys 5/4/1896 Commons I/O Georgia DARDEN SB 8/2/1899 Lot 141 Elias DASE 1y 7mos 6/21/1880 Jane DASHER 13ys 8/17/1901 Commons Brandy DAVIS 2ys 10/2/1896 Commons I/O Carrie DAVIS SB 6/13/1900 Commons Cassie DAVIS 40ys 9/17/1896 Commons John B. DAVIS 24mos 6/18/1902 Joseph DAVIS 5ds 8/21/1876 Lucy DAVIS 79ys 11/9/1880 Lot 6 I/O Lula DAVIS SB 9/26/1900 Commons Mary DAVIS 70ys 10/17/1902 Commons I/O Mary DAVIS SB 5/25/1900 Commons B/O Richard DAVIS - 6/4/1902 Lot 70 Savannah DAVIS 22ys 5/2/1901 Commons Shorty DAVIS 7ys 10/8/1893 Commons Tom DAVIS 75ys 7/29/1896 Commons Mary DAWSEY 38ys 1/16/1897 Lot 39 Robert DAWSEY 54ys 1/11/1897 Lot 39 Ava DAWSON 43ys 8/1/1896 Commons Caroline DAWSON 5ys Commons Chas. Albert DAWSON 2ys 6/11/1901 Commons Eva DAWSON 9mos 8/7/1898 Commons Jack DAWSON 40ys 7/11/1896 Commons Mary DAWSON 37ys 10/18/1896 Commons Mason DAWSON 4ys Commons Minty DAWSON 1y 1mo 8/25/1879 Morgan DAWSON 1y 7mos 8/8/1879 Harriet DEAN 35ys 8/29/1896 Commons Mattie DEES 2wks 7/15/1883 Commons Marshal DEMPSEY 70ys 5/2/1901 Lot 15-I I/O Laura DENMARK - 2/7/1902 Commons Will DENSON 27ys 7/5/1900 Commons Matilda DEVINE 8mos 7/11/1897 Commons Mary DINSON 52ys 1/16/1901 Lot 31-I Catherine DISMUKE 40ys 5/29/1897 Lot 57 Lula DISMUKE 1d 5/19/1898 Lot 102 Mary Helena Elizabeth DISMUK1y 5mos 1d8/12/1879 I/O Orsy DISMUKE - 6/26/1899 Lot 95 Chas. DIXON 1 1/2ys 10/7/1901 Commons Dorsey DIXON 5ys 1/22/1893 Commons Hattie DIXON 75ys 9/30/1897 Commons Jim DIXON 14ys 5/26/1902 Lot 33-I Patsy DIXON 70ys 7/27/1899 Commons William DIXON 7ys 7/28/1893 Commons Lula DODSON 24ys 12/21/1898 Commons I/O Mary DORMAN - 1/28/1897 Commons Nancy DORMAN 69ys 4/28/1901 Lot 16-G Eugene DOWDELL 8mos 6/29/1901 Lot 20 Old Ceme Robt. DOWDELL 3mos 1/2/1897 Lot 25 I/O Eva DOWE - 8/1/1893 Commons Henry DOWE 45ys 8/24/1893 Commons Eliza DOWEL 53ys 11/3/1880 Isomville Annie DOWELLE 2ys 3/6/1890 Lot 20 Emma DOWLAW (OUTLAW?) 35ys 10/30/1896 Commons Zack DOZIER 2ys 11/11/1902 Commons Andrew DUDLEY 78ys 1/1/1901 Lot 33-G David DUDLEY 40ys 3/23/1900 Lot 24-__ Emaline DUDLEY 70ys 12/3/1898 Lot 27-G I/O Fannie DUDLEY 1y 8/17/1898 Commons I/O Joe DUDLEY 6ds 8/20/1898 Lot 71 John DUDLEY 2ys 4/17/1893 Lot 23-C John Ben DUDLY 10mos 11/24/1879 Henry DUKINS 5ds 9/2/1897 Commons Johnson DUMAS 8mos 8/14/1876 I/O Lew DUNCAN SB 8/5/1899 Commons Clifford DUNN 35ys 10/17/1896 Commons Bertha DURHAM 3ys 1/15/1899 Lot 30-F Leroy DURHAM 14ys 7/8/1901 Lot 65 I/O Mary DURHAM - 9/15/1897 Commons William DYKES 91ys 8/30/1898 Commons Mandy EASON 17ys 8/29/1893 Commons Samuel EASON 41ys 7/30/1893 Commons Lovis EASY 7ys 10/7/1896 Commons Roxcy EDWARDS 23ys 1/22/1900 Lot 124 Tom EDWARDS 49ys 9/16/1895 Commons Elizabeth ELDRIDGE 26ys 8mos 9/12/1880 Minnie ELIOTT 3ys 11/22/1880 Maggie ELLIOTT 23ys 3/2/1883 Lot 83 Austin ELLIS 22ys 5/9/1881 Charly ELLIS 26ys 9/29/1898 Lot 43 Jim ELLIS 53ys 10/2/1895 Commons Lou Ella ELLIS 25ys 5/7/1898 Lot 41 Lula ELLIS 4ys 7/11/1879 May ELLIS 2ys 4/16/1899 Commons Missinda ELLIS 56ys 6/21/1901 Commons Simon ELLIS 44ys 4/15/1897 Lot 134 Mary EMANENT 4ys 11/16/1879 Chas. ENGLISH 6ys 3/21/1889 Lot 115 Cornelia ENGLISH 34ys 7/1/1901 Commons Tom ENGLISH 34ys 10/16/1898 Commons Louis EVERETT 29ys 10/25/1900 Commons I/O Lucy EVERHART - 9/20/1893 Commons 12 Children Celia EVERSON 1y 10/5/1897 Commons Unnamed FANNIE - 12/1/1897 Lot 18 Lella FARRIS 42ys 3/13/1902 Lot 35-H I/O Zack FARRIS 18mos 6/28/1889 Commons Mary FEDERAL 4ys 2/28/1898 Commons Pem FEDERAL 28ys 12/7/1897 Commons Harriet FELDER 60ys 1/5/1894 Commons Mary FELDER 75ys 7/19/1890 Lot 65 Emma FEWILLE 45ys 8/14/1902 Lot 10-I Eugene FIELDS 26ys 5/17/1902 Commons Sallie FIELDS 69ys 2/5/1879 Andy FLETCHER 68ys 1/26/1900 Commons I/O Sarah FLETCHER SB 6/30/1898 Commons Faithy FORD 29ys 12/1/1893 Lot 30-F Landis FORD 10mos 9/2/1897 Lot 12-A Phebe FORD 85ys 6/18/1876 Miss FOREHAND 25ys 6/18/1896 Commons Pracilla S. FORT 45ys 7/1/1902 Commons Ada FOSTER 15ys 1/6/1890 Commons I/O Amy FOSTER 7ds 8/1/1902 Commons Harriet FOSTER 35ys 3/2/1899 Commons John FOSTER 87ys 4/25/1898 Commons Eliza FRANKLIN 34ys 4/25/1893 Commons John FRAZIER (Bennet) 85ys 6/23/1899 Commons I/O Ella FREDERICK - 12/12/1900 Commons I/O Ella FREDERICK 8wks 12/19/1901 Commons Adella FREDRICK 2ys 6/23/1896 Commons Annie Bell FREDRICK 11ys 7/29/1898 Commons John FRIER 28ys 9/30/1895 Commons Henry FRY 45ys 6/27/1889 Commons Hattie FULLER 22ys 8/21/1900 Lot 42 Bob FULTON 58ys 3/13/1900 Commons Henry FURLOW 31ys 7/3/1876 Jack FURLOW 40ys 12/14/1899 Lot 67 I/O Dennis GAINER 5mos 3/5/1889 Commons I/O Norah GAINER SB 9/24/1899 Commons Sarah GANNON 28ys 9/26/1899 Commons Lizzie GANT 19ys 6/3/1901 Commons Edward GARVEY 27ys 5/23/1898 Commons I/O T. GASLIN SB 7/16/1876 Dan GASS 4mos 9/18/1902 Lot 84 Solomon GASS 40ys 7/14/1879 Lot 84 Country Solomon GASS 28ys 11/28/1895 Commons Green GILBERT 6mos 5/16/1881 Mary GILBERT 60ys Commons Matt GILBERT 54ys 2/24/1902 Commons Geo. GIVINS 35ys 6/30/1896 Commons Mollie GLENN 27ys 1/18/1893 Commons Bessie GLOVER 16ys 11/20/1902 Lot 21-G Minnie GLOVER Twins - 9/27/1899 Lot 138 Carrie GODWIN 2ys 6/15/1893 Commons I/O Annie GORDON SB 8/3/1900 Commons B/O Lilly GORMAN SB 10/6/1901 Lot 32-G I/O Mary GOSS - 1/20/1901 Lot 69 Lucy GRAHAM 42ys 9/22/1896 Lot 116 I/O Page GRAHAM SB 7/20/1900 Commons Cester GRANANT 40ys 8/18/1893 Commons Dixon GRANT 19ys 12/13/1893 Lot 160 I/O Julia GRANT SB 7/11/1898 Commons I/O Mary GRANT - 1/16/1894 Commons Middie GRANT 5ys 7/16/1893 Commons Minnie L. GRANT 17ys 10/8/1899 Commons Tamor GRANT 12ys 10/7/1896 Commons Edie Lou GRAY 18mos 6/11/1902 Commons Eliza GREEN 4ys 12/5/1893 Commons I/O Joe GREEN SB Commons Robert GREEN 1y 12/21/1898 Commons Sarah GREEN 35ys 11/30/1902 Commons I/O Joe GREENE - 5/5/1898 Lot 56 I/O Harriet GREENE - 11/13/1893 Commons Lester GREENE 12ys 8/23/1893 Lot 12-F Mollie GREENE 1y 8/30/1897 Commons I/O Nelia GREGGS PB 1/17/1899 Commons Claud GRIFFIN 3ys 12/5/1896 Commons Isaac GRIGGS 33ys 10/30/1898 Commons I/O Willie GRINDS SB 12/23/1899 Commons Malty GRITT 43ys 9/29/1896 Commons Hattie GROVER 42ys 1/4/1901 Lot 11 I/O Susan GUERRY - 12/10/1893 Commons Dinah GUICE 53ys 7/17/1898 Commons Bertha HAGERSON 1mo 1/15/1900 Commons Mary Lee HAGERSON 5ys 9/19/1899 Commons I/O Charley HAGOOD - 9/1/1895 Commons John HALL 4ys 9/20/1893 Commons 10 Infants Primer? HALL 4mos 7/2/1897 Lot 34 Margaret HAMMOND 52ys 10/13/1880 Gerty? HAMPTON 2ys 10/6/1893 Commons Hawkins HAMPTON 15ys 7/12/1901 Commons Infant Jane HAMPTON - 1/5/1894 Commons I/O Joe HAMPTON - 2/12/1893 Commons Mary HAMPTON 37ys 1/4/1894 Commons Minnie HAMPTON 14ys 2/21/1900 Lot 37 C/O Minnie HAMPTON SB 7/11/1902 Commons Staley HAMPTON 6ys 12/3/1893 Lot 37 I/O Sylvester HAND 1d 11/10/1902 Commons John HANTON 5ys 10/8/1896 Commons Alice HANY 2ys 12/6/1893 Commons Hannah HARDENSHELL 69ys 4/9/1901 Commons Julia HARDENSHELL 15ys 4/1/1893 Commons Mary HARDIN 46ys 8/12/1893 Commons Tom HARDIN 1y 4/28/1894 Commons Mattie HARGROVE SB 2/27/1899 Commons Mary HARGROVES 1d 7/27/1897 Commons I/O Anna HARRIS 2wks 4/9/1901 Commons Austin HARRIS 3ys 10/20/1893 Commons Axis HARRIS 13ys 9/12/1893 Commons I/O Ben HARRIS 5mos 1/21/1890 Lot 19 I/O Ben HARRIS - 3/29/1890 Lot 19 I/O Cora HARRIS 4mos 3/31/1898 Lot 23-G Dausey HARRIS 10ys 5/10/1896 Commons Dennis HARRIS,JR 10mos 8/4/1879 Hattie HARRIS 3ys 6/1/1896 Commons Hattie HARRIS 20ys 6/26/1897 Lot 152 Henry HARRIS 7ys 7/5/1893 Commons Jennie HARRIS 21ys 7/11/1898 Lot 40-C Lester HARRIS 19ys 7/16/1896 Commons Lynton HARRIS - 7/23/1901 Lot 29-I Mary HARRIS 51ys 5/2/1896 Commons C/O Peggy HARRIS SB 8/25/1876 Piney HARRIS 40ys Rosa HARRIS 80ys 2/20/1899 Commons Sallie HARRIS 50ys 12/7/1897 Commons I/O Tom HARRIS 6/14/1897 Viola HARRIS 24ys 5/25/1902 Lot 26-H Jesse HARRISON 15mos 8/19/1897 Commons Mattie HARROLD 5ys 7/22/1893 Commons Mandy HART 41ys 3/19/1897 Commons I/O Viola HART - 4/27/1893 Lot 78 Alla HARVEY 5mos 11/20/1901 Commons I/O Hallie HARVEY SB 5/25/1898 Commons Jane HARVEY 22ys 10/31/1897 Commons I/O Margaret HARVEY - 7/5/1893 Commons I/O Mattie HARVEY SB 11/3/1901 Commons Jane HATO 5ys 4/2/1896 Commons Lizzie HAWKES 55ys 10/25/1895 Lot __-F Bishop HAWKINS 4ys 3/18/1901 Commons I/O Ella HAWKINS SB 11/6/1900 Commons John HAWKS 28ys Lot G-24 Lucius HAYES 17ys 1/28/1902 Commons Chas. HAYNE 31ys 5/7/1901 Lot 33 C/O Eliza HENDERSON 1y 8mos 6/6/1879 Elizabeth HENDERSON 62ys 10/17/1880 Ida HENDERSON 3ys 9/28/1880 Country Mollie HENDERSON 48ys 12/15/1893 Commons Susie HENDERSON 19ys 9/1/1902 Lot 36-I I/O Tamor HENDERSON - 11/8/1893 Commons Joe HENRY 8ys 12/10/1893 Commons John HERRED 42ys 9/30/1895 Commons I/O Mary Jane HICKS SB 9/16/1899 Commons I/O Mary Jane HICKS - 10/13/1899 Commons Walter HICKS 2ys 6/1/1897 Commons I/O Mandy HIDENS - 5/31/1896 Commons Henry HIGDON 16ys 5/23/1889 Commons Killed James HIGHTOWER 25ys 12/2/1895 Commons Julius HIGHTOWER 2ys 5/29/1896 Commons Mandy HIGHTOWER 22ys 8/30/1896 Commons Mary HIGHTOWER 57ys 5/30/1896 Commons Mary HIGHTOWER 85ys 4/15/1900 Commons Alex HILL 42ys 5/24/1897 Commons Carrie HILL 70ys 12/16/1893 Commons I/O Carrie HILL 0 8/26/1896 Commons I/O Emma HILL - 1/18/1896 Commons I/O Georgiann HILL 8hrs 3/20/1889 Commons James HILL 3mos 8/9/1898 Commons Jim HILL 5ys 5/23/1896 Commons Job HILL 87ys 7/16/1902 Lot 34-F Joe HILL 13ys 6mos 7/3/1879 I/O Julia Ann HILL - 1/1/1894 Commons Lee HILL 20ys 7/13/1898 Commons I/O Lucy HILL 7wks 7/21/1898 Commons I/O Mollie HILL SB 3/6/1883 Willie Lee HILL 10mos 10/31/1898 Commons I/O Nester HIXON - 12/3/1902 Commons I/O Saml. HOLEMAN SB 9/9/1876 Eliza HOLLIS 69ys 6/11/1899 Lot 20-I Emmet HOLLIS 17ys 4mos 11/18/1901 Commons Infant Nelson HOLLOWAY 8mos 8/8/1897 Commons Delphia HOLMES 100ys 10/18/1897 Commons Jack HOLMES 42ys 7/26/1896 Commons Sol HOLSEY 65ys 5/31/1899 Lot 17-B Ganor HOLT 80ys 10/30/1901 Commons I/O Harriet HOLT - 1/14/1897 Commons Robin HOLT 57ys 11/2/1879 I/O Tamor HOLT - 11/27/1893 Commons Aniz HOLTON 18ys 11/14/1896 Commons Mollie HOLTON 17ys 1/7/1896 Commons I/O Mary HOOD - 10/4/1893 Commons Ollie HOPKINS 25ys 6/15/1893 Lot 22-F C/O Mandy HORN SB 10/27/1880 I/O Mattie HORN 7mos 9/28/1889 Commons I/O Perry HORN 12/26/1900 Commons Alla HORTON 13mos 8/17/1902 Commons I/O Bobby HORTON - 1/30/1901 Commons I/O Amy HOWARD - 4/2/1897 Commons Infant Hannah HOWARD - 7/16/1890 Commons John HOWARD 3ys 3/29/1893 Commons John HOWARD 4ys 10/12/1895 Commons John HOWARD 10ys 10/15/1895 Commons John HOWARD 25ys 10/28/1895 Lot 28-G John HOWARD 4ys 2/15/1896 Commons John HOWARD 4ys 4/15/1896 Commons John HOWARD 2ys 4/2/1897 Commons Louisa HOWARD 6mos 2/27/1894 Commons Manervy (Minerva?) HOWARD 17ys 1/7/1890 Commons Smith HOWARD 10mos 7/7/1897 Commons I/O Tamor HOWARD - 4/22/1896 Commons Clark HUBBARD 95ys 12/2/1901 Commons Cora HUNT 22ys 9/2/1897 Commons Bob HUNTER 55ys 3/26/1900 Commons Cornelia HUSTON 25ys 8/13/1899 Commons I/O Inda HUTHERSON SB 8/1/1900 Commons S/O Kitty INGRAM 2mos 14ds 5/21/1881 Oscar IRWIN 4ys 6/4/1901 Lot 44 Strong IVERSON 30ys 10/31/1898 Commons Birdie JACKSON 1y 8/20/1897 Commons Caroline JACKSON 68ys 7/6/1902 Commons I/O Clark JACKSON - 1/19/1890 Lot 18 Delia JACKSON 40ys 5/1/1889 Commons I/O Gussie JACKSON 14mos 7/19/1889 Lot 78 I/O Gussie JACKSON 2wks 7/21/1889 Lot 78 Hubbard JACKSON 18ys 9/13/1899 Lot 4-F Isa JACKSON 68ys 1/12/1899 Lot 4-F Long JACKSON 60ys 11/9/1898 Commons Mary JACKSON 32ys 4/25/1902 Lot 12-I I/O Mary JACKSON - 11/18/1900 Commons I/O Mary JACKSON - 11/19/1900 Commons I/O Sallie JACKSON 1y 7/27/1902 Commons B/O Yettie JACKSON - 5/20/1902 Commons Albert JAMES 29ys 4/22/1897 Commons I/O Evie JAMES - 3/27/1898 Lot 19 Henry JAMES 40ys 3/6/1897 Commons Jasper JAMES 40ys Nelson JAMES 72ys 10/23/1893 Lot 28-F I/O Nick JAMES - 2/23/1896 Commons Sam JAMES 35ys 4/12/1898 Commons Gilbert JEFFERSON 36ys 12/30/1880 Frank JENKINS 1y 9/8/1902 Commons Mary JESSE 35ys 5/10/1902 Lot 6-H Robert JESSE 2ys 9/4/1899 Commons Eddie JESSUP 2ys 7/22/1893 Commons Lou JOHNS 35ys 8/5/1896 Commons Ada JOHNSON 35ys 5/9/1902 Lot 36-H I/O Ann JOHNSON - 2/16/1896 Commons Anna JOHNSON 8ys 9/26/1880 Ben JOHNSON 60ys 10/27/1898 Lot 30-H Bessie JOHNSON 34ys 12/25/1899 Lot 5-G Macon,Ga. Charlie JOHNSON 75ys 7/27/1902 Commons Dan JOHNSON 70ys 6/15/1897 Lot 25 Dinah JOHNSON 49ys 7/9/1899 Commons Edmond JOHNSON 74ys 12/11/1893 Commons Edna JOHNSON 73ys 5/20/1894 Commons Eula JOHNSON 2mos 1/11/1899 Lot 30 I/O Fed JOHNSON 2ys 10/8/1888 Lot 21 Hardy JOHNSON 80ys 1/12/1894 Commons I/O Hattie JOHNSON SB 1/25/1899 Lot 45 Henry JOHNSON 2ys 7/2/1876 Henry JOHNSON 64ys 7/24/1889 Commons Ina JOHNSON 62ys 7/12/1898 Lot 40-G Jim JOHNSON 80ys 11/21/1899 Lot 10 John JOHNSON 39ys 12/3/1899 Commons Julia JOHNSON 11ys 8/20/1893 Commons Liza JOHNSON 27ys 5/19/1902 Commons Louis JOHNSON 25ys 11/11/1893 Commons Lucinda JOHNSON 58ys 1/22/1899 Lot 1-G Lula JOHNSON 1mo 10ds 11/13/1880 Lula JOHNSON 22ys 7/17/1901 Commons Mariah JOHNSON 52ys 9/18/1889 Commons Mary JOHNSON 3ys 10/1/1893 Commons Mary JOHNSON 5ys 5/19/1894 Commons Mary JOHNSON - 6/6/1901 Lot 4-G Miles JOHNSON 80ys Mollie JOHNSON 25ys 5/28/1894 Commons Murrie JOHNSON 11ys 11/5/1893 Lot 179 Quince JOHNSON 89ys 2/3/1894 Lot 15 I/O Rose JOHNSON 3mos 6/22/1876 Susie JOHNSON 1y 5/3/1902 Commons Thrusty? JOHNSON 38ys 2/8/1897 Commons William JOHNSON 55ys 7/30/1899 Commons Alice JONES 1mo 2/15/1899 Lot 33-G Amy JONES 1/7/1897 reinterred from C/O Austin JONES SB 5/4/1876 Candice JONES 55ys 6/2/1896 Commons Clarence JONES 17ys 6/12/1893 Commons Coot JONES 32ys 5/31/1899 Commons Crawford JONES 1y 9/17/1893 Commons I/O Eph JONES 6mos 7/23/1889 Commons Harmon JONES 8mos 8/23/1902 Lot 12-F Henry JONES 20ys 11/5/1893 Commons Henry JONES 40ys 11/22/1897 Lot 30 James JONES 82ys 7/21/1876 Jeff JONES 69ys 11/18/1893 Lot 21-B Jerry JONES 39ys 9/1/1896 Commons Jesse JONES 78ys 6/22/1879 Johnnie JONES 4ys 1/19/1899 Commons I/O Lula JONES SB 8/4/1899 Commons Margaret JONES 35ys Commons Margaret JONES - 10/2/1897 Lot C-22 Martha JONES 6ys 7/17/1883 Commons Mattie JONES 3ys 9/28/1893 Lot 10-F Mollie JONES 27ys 2/28/1897 Commons I/O Mollie JONES - Commons Philip JONES 25ys 2/13/1901 Commons Porter JONES 35ys 12/26/1896 Commons Sam JONES 37ys 5/21/1893 Lot 26-G Sophy JONES 95ys 9/16/1902 Lot 7-I Viney JONES 29ys 2/9/1897 Commons Andrew JORDAN 2ys 8/26/1897 Commons Ella May JORDAN 5ys 10/9/1897 Lot 30 Henry JORDAN 43ys 7/29/1896 Commons Joe JORDAN 9ys 9/29/1899 Commons Mollie JORDAN 30ys 11/27/1898 Commons Sawney JORDAN,SR 55ys 7/24/1896 Lot 28 Henry JOSEPH 29ys 9/29/1895 Commons Ben JOSSEY 2ys 9/27/1893 Commons Mattie JULIER? 10ys 7/25/1893 Commons Molley KELLY 16ys 7/12/1879 Ed KEMPH 37ys 3/27/1898 Commons Benj. KENDRICK 80ys 8/14/1876 C/O Caroline KENDRICK SB 9/9/1902 Commons Edmond KENDRICK 58ys 12/30/1880 James KENDRICK 2ys Commons Jane KENDRICK 29ys 9/19/1895 Commons Jane KENDRICK 31ys 6/10/1898 Commons Tildin KENDRICK 5ys 9/18/1893 Commons Willie KENDRICK 2mos 6/13/1898 Commons Aaron KENNEDY 48ys 7/17/1902 Lot 60 I/O Miss KETCHINGS 2wks 2/26/1899 Commons Emmet KEY 11ys 9/6/1895 Lot 149 Goff KIMBALL 24ys 2/5/1897 Commons C/O Bob KING 2wks 5/7/1876 Joel KING 28ys 9/7/1898 Commons Rosa KING 25ys 1/8/1902 Commons Lee KIRK 70ys 2/8/1900 Commons Caesar KITCHENS 18ys 11/7/1898 Commons Willie KYLER 2ys 8mos 6/27/1880 Catharine LAMAR 33ys 9/7/1898 Lot 7 George LAMAR 68ys 9/14/1899 Lot 12 Landis LAMAR 45ys 6/19/1896 Commons James LANGLEY 67ys 1/21/1897 Lot 117 Louisa LANGLEY 40ys 10/3/1880 I/O Jessie LASSITER 5ys 9/26/1889 Commons Sarah LASSITER 37ys 3/3/1899 Commons Thos. LASTER 74ys 12/30/1880 Addie LAWSON 6mos 11/16/1901 Commons I/O Sarah LAWSON SB 7/30/1899 Commons Jesse LEAMON 2ys 10/10/1895 Commons I/O Emma LEE SB 9/17/1876 Frederick LEE 11mos 8/15/1876 Mary LEE 30ys 1/4/1894 Commons Mattie LEE 2ys 9/7/1893 Commons Ella LESTER 2ys 8/22/1899 Commons Minnie LESTER 22ys 11/25/1901 Commons Charley LEWIS 2ys 10/23/1893 Commons Jane LEWIS 30ys 7/2/1893 Commons John LEWIS 27ys 11/12/1893 Commons John LEWIS 3ys 11/18/1895 Commons Maggie LEWIS 18mos 6/14/1876 Mary LEWIS 1wk 5/6/1902 Commons Infant Mattie LEWIS SB 3/28/1893 Commons Nellie LEWIS 5ys 10/6/1893 Commons Adeline LINDSAY 50ys 10/7/1902 Lot 23-I I/O Hattie LINDSEY SB 4/9/1899 Lot 23-I Jim LINDSEY 3ys 4/24/1894 Lot 18-B Hattie LINDSY SB 8/16/1900 Lot 23-I Ike LIPPINS 28ys 10/3/1902 Commons Birmingham,Ala. C/O Mary LITTLE 3ys 10/7/1898 Commons Lizzie LITTLETON 22ys 11/29/1902 Lot 30-I Mary LITTLETON 2ys 3/1/1901 Lot 34-G Jane LIVINGSTON 50ys 10/1/1898 Commons Emaline LOCKETT 5ds 8/5/1876 Harriet LOCKETT 22ys 7/11/1879 C/O J. LOCKETT SB 5/12/1876 I/O Jane LOCKETT 3ds 6/22/1876 Lizzie LOCKETT 11/2ys 8/24/1901 Commons C/O Sarah LOCKETT 3ds 7/21/1876 Willie LOCKETT 1y 10/17/1897 Commons Martha LOGAN 2 1/2ys 5/13/1902 Lot 4-F Arthur LOPER 18ys 11/20/1902 Commons Nellie LOVE 3ys 8/2/1876 Emma LOW 3ys 4/23/1896 Commons Freddie LOWE 1y 7/2/1901 Lot 110 Beulah LOWERY 3ds 9/5/1880 Harriet LOWREY 70ys 8/6/1899 Lot 14-I Vina May LUCY 4mos 4/11/1901 Lot 32-G Charlie Lon LYONS 2ys 8mos 6/22/1880 Amey MACE 10ys 10/20/1896 Commons John MACEY 3ys 12/29/1895 Commons Icka MACKAFEE 26ys 11/28/1879 Country Maria MADISON 92ys 10/29/1893 Commons Martha MAED (MEAD?) 42ys 10/11/1895 Commons Tilda MAINE 25ys 8/27/1893 Commons Frank MAJOR 48ys 9/16/1893 Lot 169 Hannah MAJOR 10ys 11/4/1895 Commons July MAJOR 2ys 7/16/1893 Commons I/O Dennis MAJORS - 5/29/1896 Commons Henry MAJORS 42ys 9/3/1895 Commons Rachel MALLARD 8ys 12/6/1899 Commons John MANDERSON 35ys 12/15/1893 Commons John MANDERSON 22ys 8/1/1900 Lot 28-I Celia MANN 2ys 8/24/1893 Commons Emma MANN 1y 6mos 11/4/1879 Henry MANN 14ys 12/14/1893 Commons Morgan MANN 2ys 10/26/1893 Commons Odour MANN 1y 7mos 11/14/1879 Henry MANSON 4ys Commons Willie MANSON 24ys 6/19/1900 Lot 28-I Mandy MARIA 14ys 6/30/1893 Commons Mattie MARITE 4ys 10/20/1895 Commons I/O Ada MARSHAL SB 4/3/1901 Commons Geo. MARSHAL 38ys 6/7/1901 Lot 19-I Mattie MARSHAL 9mos 6/16/1897 Lot 89 I/O Dave MARSHALL 1y 7/29/1902 Lot 106 Ella MARSHALL 30ys 11/11/1899 Lot 30 Liddy MARSHALL 5ys 7/17/1893 Commons Robert MARSHALL 4ys 8/16/1893 Commons I/O Sally MARSHALL SB 12/18/1880 Henry MARTIN 30ys 6/29/1893 Commons Henry MARTIN 21ys 12/23/1895 Commons Jane MARTIN 50ys 11/30/1895 Commons John MARTIN 17ys 12/23/1895 Commons Mittie MARTIN 3ys 3/25/1898 Commons John MASON 36ys 10/24/1896 Commons Lula MASY 29ys 4/29/1897 Commons Ada MATHIS 10ys 6/3/1896 Commons Ben MATHIS 23ys 10/4/1895 Commons Edison MATHIS 5ys 7/18/1890 Commons I/O Hattie MATHIS SB 3/15/1901 Lot 11-H John MATHIS 5ys 12/1/1893 Commons John MATHIS 10ys 10/10/1895 Commons Martha MATHIS 29ys 9/1/1895 Commons Mose MAUK 2ys 7/13/1893 Commons David MAY 1y 7/30/1897 Commons Collin MAYER 44ys 8/13/1893 Commons Della MAYO 10ys 9/3/1896 Commons Gus MAZOO 1mo 5/15/1900 Commons Gus MAZOO 69ys 4/22/1901 Commons Sarah MAZOO 69ys 1/5/1896 Commons James McCAIN 55ys 11/5/1896 Commons Mason McCONNEL 3mos 3/5/1902 Commons I/O Mary McCREA 1mo 6/23/1876 I/O Annie McCREE SB 9/15/1899 Commons Unnamed McCULLEN SB 2/27/1899 Commons I/O Lula McDONALD - 11/1/1896 Commons Mark McDONALD 40ys 6/30/1893 Commons Lou Ella McDONOUGH 19ys 11/30/1897 Lot 70 Dora McEA (McKEE?) 8mos 12/4/1880 Isomville I/O Anna McGEE SB 2/6/1902 Commons I/O Annie McGEE SB 10/1/1900 Commons L. McGEE 60ys 12/12/1902 - Rose McGRADY 15ys Luther Bell McKINLEY 5ys 12/17/1896 Commons Unnamed McLENDON 5ds 8/20/1898 Lot 20-F Minerva McMILLER 42ys 5/14/1899 Commons I/O Joe MEAD - 9/14/1893 Commons Sam MEAD 40ys 1/17/1896 Commons Early MELVIN 5ys 10/2/1900 Commons Henry MENDEN? 15ys 3/16/1896 Commons Vilous MERRETT 29ys 9/17/1895 Lot 122 Helen MERRITT 5ys Commons James MERRITT 29ys 4/26/1897 Commons John MERRITT 7ys 5/27/1896 Commons I/O Mary MERRITT SB 5/23/1900 Commons Mathew MERRITT 25ys Commons Simmie MERRITT 3ys Commons Susan MERRITT 29ys 5/19/1896 Commons I/O Alice MILES 1d 9/7/1898 Commons I/O Scott MILLER SB 4/3/1898 Commons Carrie Watts MILLNER 19ys 7/3/1902 Commons I/O Frank MILTON 3mos 7/14/1902 Commons Anderson MINER 35ys 9/29/1895 Commons Charley MINGO 28ys 5/29/1896 Commons C/O Asa MINSON SB 5/18/1881 Vicy MINTER 17ys 6/15/1893 Commons Mollie MINTON 40ys 6/12/1900 Lot 30-I Ada MINYARD 22ys 5/22/1902 Lot 167 C/O Elizabeth MITCHEL SB 10/31/1880 Bessie MITCHELL 80ys 3/9/1899 Commons Ella MITCHELL 25ys 4/21/1889 Lot 119 Elder J.J. MITCHELL 49ys 1/13/1893 Lot 16-F I/O Eliza MITCHELL 1mo 5/29/1900 Commons Jack MITCHELL 45ys 9/6/1896 Commons John MITCHELL 85ys 6/6/1900 Commons I/O Lilly MITCHELL - 10/19/1899 Commons Missie MITTE 7ys 12/17/1895 Commons Cheney MIZE 90ys 2/28/1879 John MIZE 70ys 3/25/1901 Commons D/O Calvin MOHORN 8mos 2/2/1879 Jerry MOHORN 4ys 11/4/1879 I/O Watson MOLET? - 6/13/1897 Commons I/O Annie MONDS SB 12/29/1902 Commons Laura MONSON 42ys 9/30/1893 Commons Ed MONTGOMERY 41ys 11/19/1899 Commons Kate MONTGOMERY 38ys 3/9/1898 Commons Will MONTGOMERY 2 1/2ys 3/22/1890 Commons I/O Emma MOON - 9/13/1902 Lot 7 Georgia MOON 9mos 5/8/1902 Commons Tobe MOON 2ys 12/3/1900 Lot 66 I/O Annie MOORE - 10/7/1893 Commons Bettie MOORE 27ys 11/25/1893 Commons Clarke MOORE 5ys 12/5/1895 Commons Della MOORE 41ys 8/12/1893 Commons I/O Dinah MOORE - 7/6/1893 Commons Eliza MOORE 27ys 10/21/1893 Commons Ella MOORE 75ys 6/18/1900 Lot 20-A I/O Gortie MOORE - 9/24/1893 Commons Hallie MOORE 17ys 5/28/1894 Commons Henry MOORE 2ys 8/30/1893 Commons James MOORE 25ys 12/20/1895 Commons John MOORE 29ys 11/28/1893 Commons Lucy MOORE 5ys 9/29/1893 Commons I/O Mandy MOORE - 11/5/1893 Commons Mattie MOORE 15ys 1/20/1893 Commons Millie Ann MOORE 5ys 8/29/1893 Commons I/O Mollie MOORE - 7/13/1893 Commons Tamer MOORE 25ys 12/25/1893 Commons Mary MORE 35ys 12/6/1893 Commons Mollie MORELAND 7ys Commons Ransom MORELAND SB 8/8/1898 Commons Linnie MORGAN 1y 8/29/1898 Lot 28 I/O Harriet MORREL - 12/12/1893 Commons Callie MORRIS 2ys 10/8/1898 Commons Mrs. Lizzie MORRIS 49ys 11/17/1901 Lot 34 Mack MORRIS 18ys 11/16/1896 Lot 18-B Mack MORRIS 60ys 4/14/1902 Lot 34 Mary MORRIS 64ys 2/12/1898 Commons Mattie MORRIS 31ys 9/20/1895 Commons I/O Lula MORROW SB 11/19/1901 Lot 100 Harriet MOSES 25ys 12/25/1895 Commons Tom MOSES 17ys 11/29/1895 Commons Jim MOTON 70ys 10/3/1901 Commons Mandy MOTON 7ys 4/23/1896 Commons Lee MOTT 52ys 10/28/1893 Lot 21-F Lucy MOTT 25ys 1/19/1893 Lot 22-F Bob MULKEY 85ys 6/19/1889 Commons Mary MULLINS 72ys 9/6/1896 Commons Eliza MUNSON 45ys Commons Green MUNSON 20ys 7/23/1897 Lot 22-B Henry MUNSON 72ys 11/18/1893 Lot 22-B Robert MUNSON 10ys 9/17/1897 Lot 26-I Alice MURRAY 25ys 1/1/1894 Commons I/O Ella MURRAY - 2/10/1898 Commons I/O Ella MURRAY - 6/11/1899 Commons Lefy MURRAY 18ys 5/7/1893 Commons Margaret MURRAY 5ys 6/24/1898 Commons Willie Lee MURRAY 3ys 8/31/1898 Commons Harriet MUSE 5ys 10/10/1896 Commons I/O Laney MYRICK - 10/18/1902 Lot 14-H Saphira MYRICK 1y 6/20/1899 Lot 14-H Harriet NACY 25ys 5/11/1896 Commons Bob NEAL 6ys 1/25/1898 Commons Lucy NEAL 1y 10/1/1893 Commons Luke NEAL 15ys 10/6/1893 Commons Felix R. NEIL 29ys 4/2/1889 Commons Ben NELMS 64ys 1/3/1898 Lot 79 Lizzie NELMS 25ys 12/28/1902 Commons Lula NELMS 4ys 7/14/1879 Mary NELMS 16ys 5/22/1897 Commons E. NELSON 28ys 5/25/1898 Commons Martha NELSON 51ys 9/16/1896 Commons Mattie NELSON 1y 8/30/1876 Relia NELSON 3 1/4ys 7/9/1876 Charley NEWSOM 28ys 8/30/1898 Commons Geo. NEWSOM 7ys 4/10/1889 Commons Henry NEWSOM 12ys 9/11/1893 Commons Henry NEWSOM 61ys 1/12/1899 Commons Ezekiel NICHOLSON 1y 5/23/1900 Commons I/O Willie NIGHT (KNIGHT?) - 3/28/1898 Commons Booker NORMAN 88ys 6/7/1880 Fannie OGLETREE 9ys 3/29/1896 Commons Cain OLIVER 13ys 10/29/1899 Lot 13-I B/O Snide OLIVER SB 10/17/1901 Commons Sarah OTTOM (ODOM?) 7mos 11/4/1880 I/O J.C. OUTLAW SB 6/25/1880 Jane OUTLAW 9ys 1/7/1897 Commons C/O Joe OUTLAW 3ds 7/26/1879 Commons I/O Jno. OUTLAW 18mos 9/2/1889 Commons Lillie OUTLAW 1y 8/24/1893 Commons Mamie Sue OXFORD 1y 8/30/1902 Lot 9-I I/O M. PARK - 7/28/1898 Commons Eliza PARKER 8/11/1879 disinterred "an Harriet PARKER 68ys 4/29/1901 Commons I/O Mary PARKER - 2/19/1893 Commons Richard PATRICK 25ys 5/23/1897 Commons Sarah PATRICK 41ys 5/29/1897 Lot 195 Anderson PATTERSON 7ds 9/30/1902 Lot 109 Bass PATTERSON 1y 7/14/1902 Lot 110 Emma Jane PATTERSON 63ys 9/9/1898 Lot 32-F John PATTERSON 45ys 11/10/1896 Commons Lucile PATTERSON 27ys 8/24/1901 Lot 32-F Unnamed PATTERSON 29ys 1/10/1893 Lot 119 Amanda PAYNE 54ys 8/1/1901 Lot 33-I I/O Jane PELHAM - 10/23/1899 Commons Jane PEOPLE (PEEPLE?) - 9/4/1897 Lot 28-I Comp PERRY 46ys 3/30/1897 Commons Eddie PERRY 14ys 2/10/1901 Lot 113 Ellen PERRY 37ys 1/18/1901 Commons I/O Emma PERRY - 12/26/1900 Commons Inez PERRY 5wks 5/10/1899 Commons I/O Jim PERRY 6mos 7/23/1898 Lot 20-G Steve PERRY 57ys 3/3/1897 Lot 22-H I/O Lou PERSONS SB 11/23/1900 Commons I/O Owen PERSONS 3 1/2ys 6/13/1901 Commons Mariah PHELPS 43ys 8/24/1876 Cora PHILLIPS 2ys 6/28/1876 I/O Emma PHILLIPS SB 3/4/1883 Lot 55 I/O J. PHILLIPS 5mos 6/18/1876 Minty PHILLIPS 2ys 13ds 8/28/1879 Country Randall PHILLIPS 47ys 6/7/1901 Lot 17-F Will PHILLIPS 32ys 5/17/1900 Lot 17-F Mary PINKINGS 49ys 12/2/1895 Commons Harry POOL 85ys 12/9/1900 Commons Carrie POOLE 10ys Commons Wm. POOLE 3ys 7/15/1890 Commons Susie POOLER 22ys 9/13/1902 Commons I/O Emaline PORTER - 11/13/1893 Commons Joe POSEY 3ys 9/18/1895 Commons Bob POWELL 1y 1/17/1899 Lot 112 I/O Harriet POWELL 10mos 3/18/1883 Commons C/O Mary POWELL 6mos 9/13/1876 Sarah POWELL 42ys 7/22/1890 Commons Charley PRICE 25ys 3/12/1899 Lot 30-I Fannie PRICE 28ys 7/3/1898 Commons B/O H. PRICE SB 10/17/1901 Commons I/O Martha PRICE - 12/5/1897 Commons I/O Mrs. PRICE - 3/30/1898 Commons Rachel PRICE 2ys 7mos 6/26/1880 I/O Virgil PRICE - 6/29/1897 Commons Abner PURDEE 85ys 7/22/1901 Lot 10-G I/O J.S. PURDEY - 2/24/1898 Commons Carrie PURDY 32ys 5/1/1902 Lot 18-C Mary PURDY 25ys 8/17/1899 Lot 13-H I/O Susie RAGMAN - 11/4/1899 Commons I/O Faullin RAINES - 11/5/1897 Commons I/O Mary RAINES - 12/16/1896 Commons Roger RAINES 72ys 4/3/1902 Lot 13-F Mary RAINS 23ys 1/14/1899 Commons I/O Emma RAMSEY SB 4/19/1900 Commons Mary RAVIN 2ys 10/9/1880 Country Charley RAY 2ys 5/30/1899 Lot 7-G I/O James RAY 1y 8/19/1898 Commons Lucy RAY 12ys 9/7/1893 Commons Allen READ 40ys 11/29/1895 Commons Henry READ 2ys 9/6/1893 Commons Jack READ 25ys 9/25/1893 Commons Veaver READ 20ys 3/17/1899 Lot 12-G Martha REAVES 78ys 9/16/1898 Lot 13-F Henry REDDING 45ys 12/11/1896 Commons I/O Scilla REDDING - 9/21/1893 Commons Amanda REESE 29ys 8/3/1897 Lot 26-G Bertha REESE 15ys 7/29/1901 Lot 56 Fannie REESE 20ys 6/16/1896 Commons Henrietta REESE 78ys 3/18/1902 Commons Isom REESE 70ys 10/28/1898 Commons Isom REESE 43ys 9/16/1899 Lot 135 Robt. D. REESE 48ys 4/26/1898 Lot 26-C Claborn RENZIE? 72ys 7/1/1890 Lot 68 Priscilla RHODES 8ys 8/16/1893 Commons Floyd RICHARDSON 64ys 3/22/1893 Commons Henrietta RICHARDSON 35ys 7/6/1876 I/O Jim RILEY 3ds 4/23/1889 Commons Lizzie RILEY 1y 8/21/1899 Commons Ella RINGGOLD 26ys 1/23/1901 Lot 32-H Frank RINGOLD 8ys 9/22/1889 Lot 102 I/O Mamie RINGOLD 2ds 7/30/1898 Commons I/O Henry ROBERTS 1y 5mos 6/22/1889 Commons John ROBERTS 17mos 1/10/1900 Lot 24 Abram ROBINSON 7ys 1/16/1902 Lot 16 Aline ROBINSON 4ys 2/4/1898 Commons Anna ROBINSON 50ys 11/8/1896 Commons Charlie ROBINSON 18mos 6/17/1900 Commons Ellen ROBINSON 33ys 9/26/1899 Lot 16 Emma ROBINSON 1y 10/7/1901 Commons I/O Eva ROBINSON SB 9/24/1898 Commons I/O Jno. ROBINSON 4ys 7/12/1901 Lot 16 Malinda ROBINSON 42ys 9/24/1876 I/O Mary ROBINSON SB 11/1/1902 Lot 45 I/O Tilda ROBINSON 5mos 2wks 12/11/1880 Alonzo RODGERS 9ys 8/19/1901 Commons Phelina RODGERS 15mos 6/5/1902 Lot 8-H Anthony ROE 70ys 5/14/1889 Lot 100 Hattie ROE 5ys 10/11/1895 Commons Lillie Pearl ROGERS 1y 7/3/1899 Commons Sarah ROGERS 38ys 11/29/1898 Commons Susie ROGERS 22ys 10/19/1897 Lot 19 Bessie RONDOCK 11wks 5/20/1902 Commons Mamie ROSE 5ys 8/19/1893 Commons A.L. ROSENBOROUGH 27ys 10/19/1902 Lot 17-B I/O Beady ROSS SB 10/3/1898 Commons Samuel ROSS - 12/4/1900 Commons Geo. ROSSER 65ys 6/17/1897 Commons Martha RUFFIN 72ys 9/30/1889 Lot 158 Country Mary RUSSELL 50ys 10/29/1902 Lot 5-H Jim RYALS 65ys 5/28/1900 Commons Dennis SALTER 25ys 1/10/1890 Commons I/O Selitha SANDERS 6mos 2/3/1902 Lot 10 Centy SAPP 27ys 3/29/1896 Commons Mary SAPP 10ys 12/7/1893 Commons Mary SAPP 70ys 11/24/1897 Lot G-19 Mollie SAPP 4ys 4/18/1894 Commons I/O Allen SCAIFE 6mos 4/26/1899 Lot 176 William SCAIFE 28ys 1/23/1899 Lot 176 Rena SCRUTCHINS 63ys 7/1/1876 Lucy SEA (SEAY?) 25ys 7/14/1890 Commons Julia SEIG 75ys 11/11/1880 Lucy SELLARS 17ys 7/19/1890 Commons Sallie SELLMAN 50ys 8/22/1902 Commons I/O Wade SHALTON (SHELTON?) - 9/17/1898 Commons Dave SHAW 30ys 6/25/1897 Commons Luer? SHAW 18ys 2/15/1899 Commons I/O Mollie SHAW - 9/27/1897 Commons Amos SHEALEY 50ys 1/1/1896 Lot 29 Ray SHEALEY - 10/28/1902 Lot 17-C Philippines I/O Lina SHEAVEY 1y 4/16/1899 Commons I/O Coot SHEELEY - 1/18/1893 Commons Si SHEPHARD 98ys 1/8/1900 Lot 45 Willie May SHEPHARD 6mos 4/26/1899 Commons Clifford SHEPHERD 37ys 8/8/1900 Lot 38 I/O Babe SHEPPARD "found dea3/10/1883 Lot 32 Minnie SHEPPARD 28ys 6/1/1900 Commons Sivility SHEPPARD 22ys 4/25/1900 Commons I/O Sallie SHEPPERD 2/28/1893 Willie SHERMAN 1 1/2ys 7/6/1899 Commons Martha SHOCKLEY 87ys 7/17/1890 Lot 147 Country I/O Nellie SHOCKLEY - 12/11/1893 Commons Melissa SHORTY & Inf. 39ys 1/29/1901 Commons Nella SILER 7ys 8/17/1893 Commons Harriet SIMPKINS 28ys 8/30/1896 Commons Anne SIMPSON 54ys 10/7/1901 Lot 22-C Crawford SIMPSON 53ys 2/9/1899 Lot 86 Viola SIMPSON 5ys 7/22/1890 Lot -- Willis SIMPSON 95ys 3/16/1896 Lot 78 Shack SIMS 75ys 10/2/1900 Commons Mattie SINA 36ys 4/26/1901 Lot 10-G I/O Will SINGLETON SB 10/5/1898 Commons Andrew SLAPPEY 85ys 5/1/1898 Lot 47 Hattie SLAPPEY 7ys 8/20/1901 Commons I/O Mollie SLAPPEY 11mos 7/30/1901 Commons Sandy SLAPPEY 65ys 2/26/1879 James SLEDGE 33ys 3/13/1899 Commons Dorcas SMALL 67ys 12/4/1898 Lot 24-F Amos SMITH 50ys 10/30/1896 Lot 55 I/O Anne SMITH SB 9/1/1880 Bertha May SMITH 2ys 10/3/1899 Commons I/O Cal SMITH - 4/29/1896 Commons Emma SMITH 35ys 3/8/1901 Commons I/O Fannie SMITH SB 7/19/1899 Commons Francis SMITH 25ys 12/2/1900 Lot 17-G Ashby,Ga. I/O Harriet SMITH - 6/7/1893 Commons Henry SMITH 5ys 4/17/1896 Commons James SMITH 105ys 1/31/1894 Commons Jane SMITH 50ys 10/27/1896 Commons Jennie SMITH 4ys 7/15/1890 Commons I/O Kate SMITH 1y 10/30/1888 Lot 150 Kisziah SMITH 93ys 10/16/1880 Laura Bell SMITH 4ys 10/5/1897 Commons Maggie SMITH 14ys 12/1/1901 Commons Mary SMITH 24ys 7/6/1901 Lot 165 Nancy SMITH 25ys 10/11/1895 Commons Rob SMITH 1y 10/16/1897 Commons Scoono SMITH 40ys 11/11/1900 Lot 13-F Savannah,Ga. Frank SOLOMON 1d 10/25/1897 Commons I/O Frank SOLOMON SB 9/25/1898 Commons Jane SOLOMON 40ys 12/12/1902 Lot 6-G I/O Jane SOLOMON SB 9/20/1889 Commons I/O Maggie SOLOMON SB 11/22/1900 Commons I/O Mrs. SOLOMON SB 9/27/1898 Commons Pearl SOLOMON 22ys 11/2/1901 Commons Ret SOLOMON 33ys 6/30/1898 Commons Sam SOLOMON 14ys 8/25/1898 Commons Webb SOLOMON 24ys 12/24/1899 Lot 6-G I/O Maggie SPAIN - 7/1/1890 Commons C/O Lorano SPARKS - 11/29/1901 Lot 27-G Annie SPENSER 2ys 8/19/1893 Commons Mariah SQUINCHINS 2ys 9/12/1876 I/O Ella STALEY - 9/17/1893 Lot 4 Isabella STALEY 2ys 5/25/1899 Lot 4 Old Cemet Infant Lettie STALEY 1d 3/27/1893 Commons Lucy STALEY 35ys 5/25/1901 Lot 3-G Tamor STALLINGS 67ys 10/13/1900 Commons William STARK 25ys 1/29/1901 Lot 12-H I/O Dan STEAD SB 3/26/1902 Commons I/O Lucy STEAD SB 2/14/1900 Commons I/O Sam STEED SB 5/21/1901 Commons Nancy STEPHENS 35ys 9/3/1895 Commons Rowanna STEPHENS 55ys 8/4/1896 Lot 35 Carrie STEVENS 105ys 12/1/1893 Commons I/O Catharine STEVENS - 11/5/1898 Commons Charley STEVENS 10ys 12/25/1893 Commons Louisa STEVENS 70ys 10/2/1898 Commons Payne STEVENS 49ys 5/26/1899 Commons Ruffin STEVENS 54ys 12/6/1893 Commons Willie STEVENS 7ys 7/5/1890 Lot 103 Jim STEVENSON 1y 11/9/1899 Lot 8-G I/O Sallie STEVENSON 6ds 11/30/1902 Commons Caisey STEWART 9ys 10/20/1888 Commons Mary STILES 45ys 4/11/1902 Lot 41 I/O May STORY 1y 9/25/1898 Commons I/O Mrs. STORY 1d 9/28/1898 Commons I/O Ellen STRONG PB 5/29/1899 Commons I/O Mattie STROUD - 5/8/1893 Lot 18-F Easter STUBBS 25ys 11/6/1895 Commons Jack SUMTER 55ys 12/19/1895 Lot 30-G Anderson SURGENTS 22ys 10/21/1902 Commons Ezekiel SURREL 1y 9/21/1899 Commons G/O Mary SWANIGAN 4mos 2wks 12/18/1880 Marshal SWEARINGEN 72ys 4/14/1899 Lot 29-H Sallie SWEARINGEN 64ys 5/5/1898 Lot 29 I/O Mary TAMOR 0 10/21/1896 Commons I/O Mattie TARVER? - 12/16/1895 Commons Essie Aaron TAYLOR 19ys 7/24/1902 Commons Kitty TAYLOR 24ys 10/2/1880 I/O Lucy TAYLOR - 8/2/1893 Commons I/O Melry TAYLOR - 12/12/1897 Commons Unnamed TAYLOR 46ys 7/23/1893 Commons Willie TAYLOR 1 1/2ys 4/18/1902 Lot 23-B I/O Wm. TAYLOR SB 6/22/1901 Lot 23-B I/O Winnie TAYLOR - 10/9/1899 Lot 23-B Kissie TEAL 75ys 3/25/1901 Lot 7-F Mary TEAL 12ys Richard TEAL 71ys 6/1/1896 Lot 35-F Mrs. Anna TERRY 69ys 2/13/1902 Lot 8-F Beland TERRY 10mos 6/27/1900 Lot 32-G Loucile TERRY 10mos 6/23/1900 Lot 32-G I/O Lucy TERRY - 12/5/1900 Lot 32-G Abram THOMAS 1yr 8/15/1876 Bertha THOMAS 13mos 8/25/1898 Commons I/O Charley THOMAS - 8/13/1898 Commons Couch THOMAS 58ys 4/6/1901 Commons Horden THOMAS 13ys 8/2/1898 Commons Jno. THOMAS 60ys 11/26/1901 Commons Mark THOMAS 65ys 1/22/1897 Commons I/O Mary THOMAS SB 9/17/1880 Pinkie THOMAS 23ys 9/26/1899 Commons C/O Wm. THOMAS SB 2/28/1879 Emma THORNTON 55ys 5/13/1898 Commons Rufus TINSLEY 17ys 8/4/1893 Commons Allen TISON 22ys 1/6/1893 Lot 15-F Emaline TISON 35ys 5/17/1898 Commons John TISON 3ys 10/9/1895 Commons Mandy TISON 14ys 8/15/1893 Lot 15-F I/O Mary TISON - 1/9/1893 Lot 15-F I/O Anna Belle TODD SB 11/9/1900 Commons I/O Frank TODD - 12/14/1897 Commons I/O Henry TODD SB 11/7/1898 Commons Sarah TODD 44ys 12/27/1897 Commons Emmet TOLBERT 4ys 12/14/1893 Commons Dave TOMMEY 1wk 11/23/1898 Commons Paticus TOMMEY 62ys 10/25/1880 Lot 48 Dan TOMMIE 74ys 2/19/1898 Commons I/O Carrie TONDEE SB 12/8/1902 - Lula TONDEE 34ys 3/22/1902 Commons Mary TONDEE 1y 5/20/1902 Commons Missouri TOOK? 34ys 7/24/1889 Commons C/O Chas. TOOKS SB 6/28/1889 Commons Hattie TOOKS - 3/12/1902 Lot 17-G Annie TOOL 23ys 2/1/1899 Commons Burrill TOOLEY 55ys 2/9/1898 Lot 1 Gertrude TOOLEY 22ys 9/28/1898 Lot 1-F Paul TOWER 30ys 11/23/1898 Commons I/O Sid TRA__LEY 18mos 1/21/1890 Commons I/O Nic TRIPP 5mos 6/20/1876 H. TROLLEY 35ys 6/10/1901 Commons Isabell TROUT 15mos 7/11/1902 Commons I/O Anthony TURNER 2ys 7/15/1889 Lot 131 Dan TURNER 8ys 2/16/1896 Commons I/O Florence TURNER - 11/14/1896 Commons Green TURNER 13ys 3/2/1896 Commons Jane TURNER 5ys 2/1/1896 Commons John TURNER 20ys 11/18/1893 Lot 25-A Lettie TURNER 75ys 7/4/1890 Commons Mary TURNER 1y 12/16/1893 Commons I/O Mary TURNER - 1/31/1896 Commons Robt. TURNER 1y 5/25/1902 Commons John TYNE 14ys 3/6/1896 Commons Unknown Unnamed SB 6/27/1876 Laura VANSE 18ys 8/22/1893 Lot 167 Emma VICKERS 12ys 7/17/1890 Commons Bessie WADE 1y 7/20/1897 Commons I/O Hannah WADE 0 9/30/1896 Commons James WADE 28ys 3/28/1897 Commons Jane WADE 35ys 8/28/1896 Commons Lester WADE 2ys 9/17/1893 Commons I/O Nannie WADE 4mos 10/9/1888 Commons Tildin WADE 3ys 9/23/1893 Commons Willie WADE 17ys Commons Anna WADEN? 35ys 8/1/1896 Commons Bob WALKER 54ys 3/9/1899 Lot 26-F Caroline WALKER 28ys 10/27/1896 Commons Easter WALKER 45ys 10/29/1895 Lot 29-G I/O Easter WALKER - 3/29/1896 Commons I/O Emma WALKER 5mos 9/1/1889 Commons Hannah WALKER 3ys 7/18/1883 Commons Smithville Harriet WALKER 13ys 3/15/1896 Commons Isiah WALKER 50ys 10/24/1902 Commons James WALKER 65ys 5/28/1898 Commons I/O Laster WALKER - 6/13/1898 Commons C/O Mandy WALKER 8ds 1/25/1902 Commons I/O Mandy WALKER - 3/3/1896 Lot 12-F I/O Mandy WALKER - 5/27/1896 Commons I/O Mary WALKER - 10/11/1895 Lot 145 Matthew WALKER 11ys 11/9/1895 Commons Mollie WALKER 57ys 5/28/1896 Commons I/O Sallie WALKER - 11/2/1897 Commons I/O Sallie WALKER - 3/3/1901 Commons Celie WALLACE 85ys I/O Eliza WALTER - Commons Mandy WALTHER 35ys 8/26/1896 Commons Dinah WARD 29ys 11/3/1895 Commons Harriet WARD 1y 10/14/1895 Commons I/O Kittie WARDLAW - 12/3/1895 Commons Ada WARMOCK 21ys 10/12/1899 Lot 31-H Lillie WARMOCK 22ys 3/30/1901 Lot 31-H Lillie WARMOCK SB 3/15/1901 Lot 31-H I/O Boss WARREN - 10/26/1893 Lot 100 Jno. WARREN 42ys 5/14/1901 Commons Anna WASHINGTON 75ys 10/22/1880 I/O Carrie WASHINGTON SB 12/26/1898 Commons I/O Carrie WASHINGTON SB 12/26/1898 Commons Edward WASHINGTON 26ys 7/30/1902 Lot 36-F Edy May WASHINGTON 35ys 5/9/1900 Lot 35-F Geo. WASHINGTON 57ys 9/1/1902 Commons George WASHINGTON 70ys 4/1/1898 Commons George WASHINGTON 75ys 10/9/1899 Lot 27-F Harper WASHINGTON 18ys 1/27/1900 Lot 27-F Rev. Hollin D. WASHINGTON 37ys 3/28/1896 Lot 36-F Josephine WASHINGTON 49ys 4/15/1901 Commons Philip WASHINGTON - 11/12/1900 Commons I/O Ada WATSON 1y 6mos 9/23/1898 Commons Berta May WATSON 3wks 2/25/1899 Commons Lora Lee WATSON 1y 7/19/1897 Commons Margaret WATSON 62ys 8/7/1901 - Bill WEATHERSPOON 29ys 9/9/1900 Lot 21-C Lou WEBB 27ys 9/4/1889 Commons I/O Mandy WEED? - 5/17/1896 Commons Hannah WELL 39ys 9/16/1895 Commons Flora WEST 59ys 5/12/1901 Lot 3-F Gracey WEST 58ys 1/19/1896 Commons Mariah WEST 95ys 6/2/1876 I/O Ki WESTBROOK - 6/14/1897 Commons John WESTON 5ys 4/25/1896 Commons Mrs. Lollie WESTON 29ys 4/11/1902 Commons I/O Millie WETHERSPOON - 3/8/1893 Commons B/O Clay WHARTON 8mos 2/25/1902 Commons Julia WHEATON 30ys 7/25/1896 Commons Alice WHEELER 17ys 12/14/1893 Commons Amos WHEELER 23ys 10/30/1895 Commons Dudley WHITE 18ys 3/1/1890 Commons Gus WHITE 16ys 3/17/1897 Lot 28 Henry WHITE 25ys 11/7/1899 Commons I/O Jane WHITE 1y 11/18/1898 Commons John B. WHITE 2ys 7/29/1899 Commons Tom WHITTENS 4ys 10/13/1895 Commons Josephine WHOOLEY 10ds 10/8/1902 Commons Martha WICKINGS 48ys 11/30/1895 Commons Rose WIGGINS 75ys 12/18/1896 Commons Nellie WILBURN 12ys 9/13/1902 Commons Ben WILKERSON SB 4/11/1901 Commons Ben WILKERSON 3ys 7/1/1901 Commons Jane WILLETT 13ys 8/28/1896 Commons Abram WILLIAMS 8mos 5/24/1900 Commons Bertha WILLIAMS 1y 5/30/1897 Commons Beulah WILLIAMS 5mos 4/7/1901 Lot 32-H Bill WILLIAMS 28ys 7/16/1896 Commons Burrell WILLIAMS 35ys 12/11/1899 Commons Carrie WILLIAMS 35ys 6/22/1896 Commons Celia WILLIAMS 45ys 6/1/1901 Lot 105 I/O Chas. WILLIAMS 14mos 11/8/1898 Commons Clara WILLIAMS 18ys 7/14/1899 Commons C/O Clem WILLIAMS SB 10/30/1901 Commons Creasy WILLIAMS 75ys 6/23/1900 Lot 32-G Ed. WILLIAMS 54ys 5/10/1901 Commons Ellen WILLIAMS 45ys 6/1/1889 Lot 115 Emaline WILLIAMS 8ys 3/1/1896 Commons I/O Fannie WILLIAMS - 4/27/1893 Commons I/O Fannie WILLIAMS - 3/18/1897 Commons Hampton WILLIAMS 14ys 12/20/1895 Commons I/O Hester WILLIAMS - 9/18/1893 Commons 8 Adults John WILLIAMS 14ys 7/8/1893 Commons John WILLIAMS 20ys 3/13/1896 Commons Kate WILLIAMS 33ys 1/24/1898 Commons I/O Kitty WILLIAMS 2hrs 7/14/1889 Commons Lewis WILLIAMS 21ys 1/13/1901 Lot 11-F Lina WILLIAMS SB 4/28/1899 Commons I/O Lou WILLIAMS - 6/28/1896 Lot 27-F Louis WILLIAMS 72ys 3/27/1893 Commons Marshal WILLIAMS 7ys 8/20/1893 Commons I/O Mary WILLIAMS SB 3/4/1900 Lot 38-F Mary Jane WILLIAMS 1y 8/2/1898 Commons Mastis WILLIAMS 13ys 10/27/1897 Commons Mattie WILLIAMS 1mo 6/21/1880 Country I/O Missouri WILLIAMS 3mos 6/28/1889 Mollie WILLIAMS 64ys 1/16/1894 Commons Mollie WILLIAMS 91ys 2/4/1894 Commons I/O Rena WILLIAMS SB 9/21/1902 Commons I/O Rina WILLIAMS SB 12/16/1901 Commons Sarah WILLIAMS 5ds 8/8/1898 Commons I/O Sarah WILLIAMS 5ds 7/22/1898 Commons I/O Sulina WILLIAMS SB 12/1/1899 Commons Susie B. WILLIAMS 1y 8/6/1899 Lot 38-F Tom WILLIAMS 35ys 3/5/1897 Commons Tom WILLIAMS 58ys 9/8/1900 Lot 25-H Walter WILLIAMS 24ys 7/20/1899 Commons I/O Gus WILLIS - 3/22/1898 Lot 84 James WILLIS 3ys 10/21/1893 Lot 18 Lizzie WILLIS 25ys 11/12/1893 Commons Abner WILSON 60ys 7/1/1901 Commons Amanda WILSON 40ys 12/29/1897 Lot 21-21 Anaca WILSON 32ys 3/23/1890 Lot 69 Burrell WILSON 6mos 5/7/1876 Charlie WILSON 28ys 6/14/1896 Lot 25-B Claud WILSON 25ys 2/5/1901 Lot 159 Della WILSON 9ys 2/14/1896 Commons Dena WILSON 2ys 2/5/1897 Commons Elder WILSON 53ys 12/17/1893 Lot 17-F Emma WILSON 13ys 11/13/1893 Lot 40 Eula WILSON - 12/31/1900 Lot 66 I/O Fayette WILSON - 12/29/1897 Lot 21-D Georgia WILSON 36ys 5/13/1902 Commons Harriet WILSON 35ys 11/2/1895 Commons Helen WILSON 23ys 5/23/1897 Commons Henry WILSON 42ys 3/16/1897 Lot 27 Henry WILSON 2ys 3/29/1901 Commons Jane WILSON 73ys 2/22/1900 Commons John WILSON 5ys 10/10/1896 Commons I/O Joiner WILSON - 11/9/1893 Commons Lon or Lou WILSON 46ys 1/5/1899 Lot 5-F Mandy WILSON 7ys 4/17/1896 Commons Mandy WILSON 35ys 8/29/1896 Commons Mattie WILSON 25ys 4/22/1897 Commons Melvina WILSON 80ys 9/27/1899 Lot 24 Sam WILSON 55ys 10/15/1895 Lot 175 Sam WILSON 49ys 11/7/1895 Lot 128 Sam WILSON 60ys 1/1/1899 Lot 38-F Sam WILSON 25ys 7/18/1902 Commons Sarah WILSON 10mos 4/22/1902 Lot 23-E Margaret WIMBISH 1y 6mos 6/11/1879 John WIMBUSH 12ys 9/21/1889 Commons Hannah WINDSER 94ys 7/2/1890 Lot 49 Henry WISHAM 75ys 6/29/1896 Lot 22-D Mrs. WISHAM 80ys 9/13/1898 Commons I/O Geo. WOOD 2ys 4/11/1902 Commons Mary WOOD 67ys 3/26/1898 Commons Jack WOODARD 25ys 4/27/1898 Commons Madison WOODS 61ys 3/3/1902 Lot 35-I I/O Mattie WOODS - 12/5/1893 Commons Willis Warren WOODS 3ys 4mos 2/27/1879 Kate WOODSON 33ys 4/17/1898 Lot 24-G Mandy WOOTEN 15ys 12/5/1895 Commons Steve WOOTEN 42ys 11/22/1902 Lot 57 I/O Caroline WORD - 11/27/1893 Commons Easter WORD 23ys 7/14/1890 Commons John WORD 17ys 7/18/1890 Commons I/O July WORD - 9/11/1893 Commons Oliver WORRELL 69ys 8/11/1876 Essie WRIGHT 5ys 7/17/1893 Commons George WRIGHT SB 8/29/1898 Commons Seab WRIGHT 58ys 11/18/1901 Lot 18-I Eliza WYATT 62ys 4/27/1893 Lot 28-F Bob YOUNG 30ys 10/25/1896 Commons Mrs. C.H. YOUNG 26ys 2/13/1902 Lot 21-I

Eastview Cemetery Records

Name;Age;Occupation;Res.*;Death Date;Lot-Section;Location on Lot
(*Americus resident unless otherwise specified)

Tiner AARON;70ys;Nurse;*;6/5/06;30-G;E Middle
Charlie ABRAM;-;-;Thomasville GA;5/17/28;19-D;NE Cor
Sallie ABRAM;65ys;-;*;10/30/20;5-G;SW Cor
Sylvia ABRAMS;14ys;-;Thomasville GA;3/13/23;19-D;SW Cor
Bertha M. ADAMS;6ys;*;2/1/24;35-D;SW Cor
Monroe ADAMS;40ys;Laborer;*;5/15/03;97-Old Cemetery;E Middle
I/O R. ADAMS;SB;*;9/16/03;Public
Laura ADDY;49ys;*;3/17/32;43-C
Noah ADDY;69ys;*;3/28/36;43-C
Noah ADDY,JR;21ys;-;Cordele GA;1/10/12;43-C;SW Cor
Victoria ADDY;52ys;-;*;11/1/26;75-D;SE Cor
Mattie AKERIDGE;48ys;-;*;3/12/20;47-HH;NE Cor
John Henry AKEN;25ys;-;New Castle PA;12/18/23;47-F;NE Cor
Charlie AKERIDGE;66ys;*;9/2/36;47-HH
Andrew AKINS;52ys;-;*;4/24/15;47-F;NE Cor
Green ALBRITTON;46ys;-;*;7/28/25;3-DDD;NE Cor
Camilla ALEN;36ys;-;*;7/16/23;49-JJ;NW Cor
- ALEXANDER;24ys;Laborer;*;12/27/04;Public
Alex ALEXANDER;70ys;*;3/6/37;9-E
Eugene ALEXANDER;18ys;Porter;*;12/7/05;16-A;SW Cor
Georgie ALEXANDER;20ys;-;*;3/12/07;Public
Lewis ALEXANDER;23ys;-;Atlanta GA;4/6/15;23-G;SW Cor
Lizzie ALEXANDER;55ys;-;*;5/4/07;Public
Peggy ALEXANDER;54ys;-;*;9/7/22;23-G;NE Cor
Arin ALLEN,JR;55ys;*;2/20/43
Bettie ALLEN;80ys;-;*;7/18/10;35-D;E Middle
Dull ALLEN;53ys;*;10/2/56
I/O Emma ALLEN;9ds;*;9/5/04;Public
Fannie ALLEN;54ys;*;2/22/44
Floridin ALLEN;13ys;-;Birmingham AL;8/30/13;37-G;NW Cor
J.T. ALLEN;-;-;*;8/30/21;16-Old Part;SE Cor
Joe ALLEN;54ys;Laborer;Pratt City AL;3/14/05;27-G;-
Lottie Johnson ALLEN;34ys;*;3/4/33;9-C
Lucious ALLEN;34ys;Tuskegee AL;7/12/32;24-I
Maggie ALLEN;36ys;*;9/30/34;49-JJ
Minnie ALLEN;69ys;*;1/11/39;Commons
Olan ALLEN;-;-;*;12/4/25;6-KK;SE Cor
Real ALLEN;46ys;*;2/23/30;47-JJ
Rosie ALLEN;42ys;*;11/15/47
Tom ALLEN;50ys;*;12/23/44
Unnamed ALLEN;SB;*;6/20/22;16-Old Part;-
Willie ALLEN;58ys;*;12/31/31;24-I
Della ANCHROM;70ys;-;*;2/17/14;21-C;Middle
Austin ANDERSON;90ys;Laborer;*;6/1/03;Public
Carrie ANDERSON;__ys;-;*;11/12/09;31-D;SE Cor
Carrie ANDERSON;30ys;-;Sumter Co;6/1/14;21-H;Middle
Fred ANDERSON;22ys;*;6/23/37;31-D
Henrietta ANDERSON;56ys;*;12/8/40
Henry ANDERSON;58ys;Barber;*;1/5/10;19-B;E Middle
Judge ANDERSON;85ys;*;10/26/32;20-G
Mattie ANDERSON;57ys;Housewife;*;5/21/05;19-B;E Middle
Minnie May ANDERSON;17ys;-;*;8/23/10;32-D;E Middle
Nancy ANDERSON;-;-;*;4/30/22;25-H;SE Cor
Ronald ANDERSON;5ys;*;5/4/30;Commons
Stella ANDERSON;16ys;-;*;3/1/09;6-H;E Middle
Dewitt ANDREWS;23ys;*;4/22/05;Public
Dewitt ANDREWS;7ys;*;12/27/05;Public
Mary ANDREWS;86ys;Laundrywoman;*;7/14/07;64-Old Part;W Middle
Callie ANTHONY;-;-;*;11/22/19;6-C;SW Cor
Catherine ANTHONY;60ys;*;bd 7/18/46
Jim ANTHONY;48ys;Farmer;Sumter Co;12/5/10;6-C;NW Cor
I/O John ANTHONY;1wk;*;8/30/08;11-A;NE Cor
Alfred A. APPLE;67ys;*;3/29/38;20-C
Clara APPLE;63ys;*;9/14/38;20-C
Eugene APPLE;50ys;*;3/18/52
I/O Bettie ARMSTRONG;SB;*;3/14/07;115-Old Part;E Middle
Jake ARMSTRONG;66ys;-;*;11/20/11;118-Old Part;-
Katie ARMSTRONG;61ys;*;6/16/57
Lucile ARMSTRONG;7mos;-;*;12/4/19;1-C;SE Cor
Mildred D. ARMSTRONG;18ys;*;11/19/39;118-Old Part
Gus ARNETT;57ys;*;3/10/54
I/O Albert ARNOLD;0;*;6/23/32;Commons
Annie R. ARNOLD;44ys;*;4/8/52
Mrs. Eliza ARNOLD;48ys;-;*;1/11/15;61-Old Part;-
I/O Joe ARNOLD;3mos;*;6/2/13;Public
Mary ARNOLD;50ys;Housewoman;*;10/20/09;3-H;NW Cor
Minnie ARNOLD;32ys;-;*;6/26/13;19-A;SE Cor
Otha B. ARNOLD;6ds;*;1/25/43
Joe ASHBURN;78ys;Shoemaker;*;12/3/05;Public
Verna ASHBY;31ys;-;*;12/1/25;5-JJ;-
Georgia Lou ASHLEY;2ys;*;12/4/09;Public
I/O Willis BA___D;SB;*;8/29/38;Commons
Ellis BADY;65ys;Laborer;*;12/3/07;31-E;SW Cor
Annie W. BAIFORD;67ys;*;12/27/53
Amy BAILEY;40ys;Unknown;*;7/17/06;Public
Catherine BAILEY;36ys;Housekeeper;Montgomery AL;9/23/04;Public
Mary Evelyn BAILEY;23mos;*;7/22/53
Rich BAILEY;100ys;-;*;11/25/25;Commons
Charlie M. BAISDEN;1y;Ohio;6/12/44
Joe BAISDEN;65ys;-;*;4/6/17;45-H;NE Cor
Lucile BAISDEN;14ys;*;3/13/04;Public
Lou BAITEY;71ys;-;*;11/28/14;31-E;SE Cor
Luther Bell BAITY;16mos;*;9/28/08;Public
Charley BAKER;3ys;*;6/30/06;Public
E.H. BAKER;14mos;*;7/13/03;Public
George BAKER;26ys;Laborer;*;12/30/07;Public
I/O George BAKER;4mos;*;1/7/08;Public
Jane BAKER;60ys;*;1/8/54
L.C. BAKER;70ys;-;*;2/15/19;20-G;SE Cor
Maggie BAKER;31ys;*;9/14/37;10-G
Roberta BAKER;22ys;Laborer;*;6/13/03;Public
Lonnie BALDEN;64ys;*;6/18/54
Unnamed BALDEN (BOLTON?);1d;*;1/23/40;12-Old Cemetery
John BALDWIN;41ys;*;5/31/32;41-H
Marie BALDWIN;63ys;*;1/23/48
Unnamed BALDWIN;SB;*;6/4/34;Commons
Charley BALKCOM;-;-;*;10/30/20;49-FF;SW Cor
Chas. Henry BALKCOM;-;-;*;9/5/21;49-FF;SE Cor
Henry BALKCOM;5mos;*;3/2/16;49-A;NE Cor
Henry BALKCOM;56ys;*;bd 9/18/46
Catherine BALL;27ys;*;2/7/40;Commons
Frank BALL;33ys;*;7/23/43
Osteen C. BALL;12ys;*;5/11/51
Ida BALLARD;48ys;*;1/2/34;12-G
Catherine BANKS;60ys;-;*;6/2/20;14-E;NW Cor
Cato BANKS;12ys;*;10/11/04;Public
I/O Geo. BANKS;SB;*;7/12/18;14-E;NE Cor
Jonas BANKS;75ys;-;*;2/15/14;26-D;NW Cor
Joseph BANKS;68ys;-;*;9/30/22;14-E;NE Cor
Mary BANKS;45ys;Housework;Jacksonville FL;2/29/04;44-Old Part;SE Cor
Perkie BANKS;40ys;*;4/13/29;46-A
Seaborn BANKS;60ys;*;11/5/33;35-E
Thomas BANKS;59ys;*;9/26/34;42-R
I/O Thos. BANKS;SB;*;8/10/09;14-E;SE Cor
Tom BANKS;20ys;-;*;1/10/19;13-E;NW Cor
I/O Tom BANKS;8mos;*;7/27/09;Public
Tray BANKS;55ys;Tuskegee AL;bd 2/19/47
Willie R. BANKS;34ys;New York;2/16/52
Annie BANTON;54ys;-;*;1/6/25;51-EE;NW Cor
Ed BANTON;-;-;*;12/25/22;Pauper Section
Josephene BANTON;2ms;*;7/25/10;33-G;SE Cor
Wm. C. BANTON;-;-;*;5/1/22;72-Old Part;SE Cor
Wesley BANTON,JR;35ys;Newark NJ;9/1/38;1-Old Part
I/O Wesley BANTON;PB;*;8/31/11;33-G;East Middle
Annie BARBER;49ys;-;*;8/5/17;31-F;SE Cor
Arnold BARBER?:0;*;6/31/35;-
Infant Janey BARBER;3mos;*;4/10/17;31-F;SW Cor
Jane BARBOUR;59ys;Nurse;*;3/20/08;31-F;SW Cor
Leila BARFIELD;39ys;-;*;3/3/26;18-G;NE Cor
Thelma L. BARKER;3mos;*;5/11/33;3-A
Clarke BARLOW;64ys;*;bd 10/21/46
Eliza BARLOW;-;-;*;8/10/21;Paupers Lot
Mattie BARLOW;29ys;Housekeeper;*;11/16/03;27-F;NE Cor
Stephen BARLOW;-;Louisville KY;8/22/36;2-KKK
Steve BARLOW;59ys;*;4/5/45
Tom BARLOW;12ys;-;*;12/2/16;31-F;NE Cor
Unnamed BARLOW;PB;*;8/5/22;31-F;SE Cor
Samuel BARNAN;-;-;*;3/22/22;27-E;SE Cor
Andrew BARNER removal;24ys;-;*;10/4/06;34-B;SE Cor
Izona BARNER;35ys;-;*;5/8/09;31-D;SE Cor
I/O John L. BARNER;SB;*;6/30/18;36-C;NE Cor
Nelson BARNER;70ys;-;*;5/28/17;44-D;SE Cor
Sam BARNER;55ys;*;2/6/46
Stephen BARNER;48ys;Laborer;*;3/8/28;6-EEE;-
Mrs. Susan BARNER;65ys;-;*;10/27/17;34-E;SE Cor
Susie BARNER;37ys;-;*;9/21/20;44-D;SE Cor
Virginia BARNER;53ys;-;*;11/29/23;42-G;SW Cor
Arthur BARNES;25ys;-;*;5/30/08;34-E;SW Cor
Calvin BARNES;10mos;*;1/24/58
Charlie BARNES;56ys;*;12/6/32;46-MM
Mrs. Emma BARNES;91ys;-;*;6/21/16;35-I;NW Cor
Fannie BARNES;51ys;-;*;3/2/27;47-EE;SE Cor
Hattie BARNES;38ys;-;*;8/31/13;42-A;NE Cor
Mamie BARNES;49ys;*;1/6/43
Mary BARNES;83ys;Housekeeper;*;12/11/03;13-G;NW Cor
Richard BARNES;75ys;*;6/14/40;Commons
Susan BARNES;78ys;-;*;5/8/17;44-D;NE Cor
Virginia BARNES;52ys;*;6/16/42
Willie BARNES;66ys;*;2/7/44
Miles BARNETT;45us;*;5/11/04;74-Old Part;SW Cor
D.E. BARNUM;41ys;Undertaker;*;11/2/13;36-C;NE Cor
John L. BARNUM;-;*;-/-/42
John L. BARNUM;60ys;Tuskegee Hospital;9/8/53
I/O John L. BARNUM;SB;*;11/19/42
I/O John L. BARNUM;SB;*;12/30/45
Allen BARTLETT;100ys;-;*;12/1/20;50-DD;SW Cor
Bettie BARTLETT;60ys;-;*;9/15/22;11-I;SW Cor
Carrie BARTLETT;73ys;*;11/12/29;50-EE
Ed BARTLETT;75ys;R.R.Work;*;9/17/03;11-I;SW Cor
George A. BARTLETT;60ys;-;*;5/5/22;50-EE;NW Cor
Jim BARTLETT;38ys;Hotel work;*;3/15/08;176-Old Part;E Middle
Judge BARTLETT;46ys;*;10/7/34;50-EE
Maud BARTLETT;65ys;*;12/18/54
Emma BASS;56ys;Andersonville GA;2/7/30;8-E
Eunice BASS;62ys;-;*;3/16/06;16-C;SW Cor
Herbert BASS,JR;7mos;*;1/20/54
Eva BATEMAN;45ys;*;1/26/54
Barbara Etta BATTLE;-;*;1/24/59
Bettie BATTLE;6mos;*;7/26/40
Chas. Lee BATTLE;9ys;*;6/25/14;Public
Elies BATTLE;40ys;*;6/8/35;-
Ida BATTLE;76ys;*;5/13/47
I/O Ida BATTLE;SB;*;7/19/06;Public
Janie BATTLE;4mos;DeSoto GA;12/8/40;Commons
Joe BATTLE;20ys;-;*;10/28/10;21-D;NW Cor
M.C. BATTLE;68ys;-;*;6/28/10;29-A;SW Cor
Mose BATTLE;27ys;Laborer;*;4/23/05;Public
John BAWKS;35ys;-;*;8/16/08;Public
Celia BEALE;18mos;Sumter Co;5/21/04;160-Old Part;-
I/O Laura BEASLEY;SB;*;5/6/08;Public
Ella BEATY;80ys;*;1/24/59
Matilda BEULAH;49ys;-;*;11/20/17;12-I;SW Cor
George BECKHAM;-;-;*;1/8/23;1-AAA;SW Cor
Robt BECKHAM;1y;*;9/14/06;Public
Meley BEECHAM;49ys;-;*;9/16/24;1-AAA;NE Cor
Alton BELL;4ys;*;7/5/08;17-Old Part;E Middle
Andrew BELL;58ys;Carpenter;*;10/24/04;17-Old Part;SW Cor
Andrew BELL;50ys;*;12/18/50
Charles BELL;50ys;Laborer;*;12/2/08;Public
Eliza BELL;35ys;-;*;4/12/17;26-E;SE Cor
I/O Etta BELL;SB;*;6/9/09;17-Old Part;NW Cor
Georgia BELL;63ys;*;1/2/47
H.C. BELL,JR;1y;*;3/29/04;17-Old Part;East Middle
Henry C. BELL;60ys;*;8/17/39;17-Old Part
Hettie BELL;80ys;-;*;12/6/13;Public
Kitty BELL;68ys;Housewoman;*;10/9/04;18-H;NW Cor
M.W. BELL;81ys;-;*;7/30/16;__-Old Part;-
Magnolia BELL;77ys;*;1/21/55
Mattie BELL;61ys;-;*;1/23/12;17-Old Part;-
Nollie BELL;67ys;*;11/18/35;34-C
I/O Pinkie BELL;SB;*;6/13/03;Public
Pollie BELL;-;*;4/19/29;43-F
Saml. L. BELL;42ys;-;Montgomery AL;8/2/10;17-Old Part;NE Cor
Will BELL;54ys;*;8/11/56
Unnamed BELVIN;-;-;*;7/12/20;36-A;NE Cor
Lillie BENDEN;80ys;*;11/8/58
Alvera BENDSON;18ys;-;Chicago IL;4/4/18;46-H;NW Cor
I/O May BENTLY;SB;*;5/10/28;21-I:NE Cor
B/O Mrs. Mamie BENTON;8mos;*;10/15/15;43-E;NW Cor
Bettie BENYARD;-;-;*;4/12/19;18-H;SE Cor
Frank BENYARD;47ys;-;*;11/27/20;9-F;SE Cor
Henry BENYARD;66ys;*;4/10/38;47-F
Jennett BERNETT;58ys;-;*;8/5/25/;42-F;SE Cor
Minnie BERRYHILL;62ys;*;11/5/47
Catherine BESS;1mo;*;6/11/18;22-I;NE Cor
I/O Will BEST;SB;*;12/28/16;22-I;SW Cor
Ben BETHUNE;39ys;Baker;*;9/6/07;28-D;SE Cor
Henry Pate BIGGS,JR;20ys;Boston --;2/22/58
Josiphine BILL;50ys;-;*;3/5/26;30-G;SE Cor
Henry BINYARD;61ys;Tuskegee AL;8/23/53
Maggie BINYARD;64ys;*;5/15/29;9-F
Mary BINYARD;37ys;*;10/12/34;5-E
Willie BINYORD;20mos;*;7/18/13;9-F;SW Cor
Josie BIRD;45ys;-;Council GA;7/9/12;43-H;NW Cor
Marshall BIRD;2ys;*;6/5/09;Public
I/O George BISHOP;SB;*;4/14/04;137-Old Part;SW Cor
Lucy BISHOP;35ys;Housewife;*;12/29/06;19-I;W Middle
Willie B. BIVEN;55ys;*;1/19/58
Anderson BIVINS;96ys;Laborer;*;3/22/09;O;Road;-
Augustus BIVINS;43ys;-;Kansas City;bd 12/12/09;40-E;NW Cor
I/O Babe BIVINS;SB;*;3/6/06;Public
Benjamin BIVINS;27?ys;-;*;2/11/11;28-E;E Middle
C/O Eliza BIVINS;1y;*;3/23/07;Public
Henrietta BIVINS;47ys;-;*;6/10/26;9-C;NW Cor
Laura BIVINS;67ys;1122 N Jackson, Americus;1/17/43
Mamie BIVINS;38ys;*;10/5/33;27-A
Mariah BIVINS;-;*;4/1/32;Commons
C/O Mat BIVINS;3ds;*;6/10/03;Public
Missouri BIVINS;-;*;8/30/39;Commons
C/O Missouri BIVINS;7mos;*;8/22/03;45-Old Part;NW Cor
C/O Missouria BIVINS;8ys;*;10/30/12;Public
Napoleon BIVINS;22ys;-;*;1/8/24;28-E;NW Cor
Wills BIVINS;-;-;*;5/31/20;29-E;NE Cor
Bill BLACK;80ys;-;*;2/22/21;46-EE;SW Cor
Calvin C. BLACK;4ys;*;11/14/27;50-GG;-
Doris BLACK;PB;*;11/1/44
Dorothy BLACK;PB;*;11/1/44
E.J. BLACK;7mos;*;3/25/21;50-GG;SW Cor
Edward BLACK;42ys;*;3/21/39;5-III
Ellen BLACK;59ys;*;2/20/38;46-EE
Eula BLACK;33ys;Merchant;*;10/21/06;32-C;W Middle
Ezekiel BLACK;58ys;*;2/26/36;45-MM
Gertrude BLACK;14mos;*;5/18/14;34-A;NE Cor
Hazel BLACK;1wk;*;6/24/08;38-Old Part;E Middle
Henry BLACK;-;-;Elmira NY;8/7/16;35-F;NE Cor
Isobella BLACK;37ys;-;*;2/9/18;14-E;NE Cor
J.B. BLACK;18mos;*;6/22/15;8-F;SW Cor
Mrs. Jane BLACK;56ys;-;*;6/6/16;35-F;NW Cor
I/O John BLACK;SB;*;7/9/09;Public
I/O John BLACK;PB;*;9/3/11;Public
Johnnie BLACK;4ds;*;11/1/07;Public
I/O Johnnie BLACK;SB;*;3/26/10;Public
Lena BLACK;56ys;Aliquippa PA;5/22/36;45-MM
Lena BLACK;65ys;*;2/11/53
Lewis BLACK;50ys;Laborer;Montgomery AL;7/11/28;1-E;MM;E Cor
I/O Maggie BLACK;SB;Montezuma GA;6/10/09;Public
I/O Manerva BLACK;SB;*;7/26/12;8-F;SW Cor
Mary BLACK;45ys;Housewife;*;2/27/10;Public
Mary Ella BLACK;23ys;Housewoman;*;12/11/05;Public
Mony BLACK;105ys;*;1/5/05;Public
Mozone? BLACK;17ys;-;*;11/14/26;1-MM;SE Cor 
Pearl BLACK;40ys;-;*;7/21/25;46-EE;NW Cor
I/O Pearl BLACK;SB;*;3/7/09;Public
I/O Pearl BLACK;1d;*;5/1/11;Public
Sam BLACK;59ys;*;bd 10/11/46
I/O T.C. BLACK;12ds;*;1/14/20;1-C;SW Cor
Unnamed BLACK;5hrs;*;7/2/50
William BLACK;-;-;*;9/10/19;22-I;SW Cor
Susie Anna BLACKMAN;76ys;*;5/21/49
Addie BLACKMON;23ys;-;*;9/28/11;20-H;W Middle
Mary BLACKSHEAR;65ys;*;7/21/34;Commons
Mattie BLACKSHEAR;50ys;*;4/17/29;48-DD
Victoria BLACKSHEAR;48ys;-;*;4/6/06;1-H;NE Cor
John BLAKE;48ys;-;*;4/18/20;17-H;NW Cor
I/O Nora BLANCA;3mos;*;4/11/13;25-D;NE Cor
Annie Bell BLANCH;39ys;*;4/28/36;5-I
Emmett BLANCH;55ys;*;5/24/51
Harriett BLANCH;49ys;-;*;6/23/17;46-H;NE Cor
Wallin? BLOCKER;30ys;-;*;3/5/26;30-G;NE Cor
William BLOUNT;23ys;Machinist helper;*;8/27/07;Public
Mary BLUE;42ys;-;*;7/21/12;33-A;-
Rosa Saylor BOARD;66ys;*;6/29/58
E.B. BOBB;23ys;*;1/11/34;70-Old Cemetery
Bertha Mae BOBB;1y;*;6/7/34;Commons
Bill BOBB;60ys;*;8/29/47
Bobbie Lee BOBB;1y;*;10/23/47
Mary Alice BOBB;3mos;*;9/20/57
Willie BOBB;45ys;Atlanta GA;8/18/57
Bessie Thomas BODDIE;33ys;*;7/28/50
Janie BOLDEN;48ys;Chicago IL;9/9/47
Jim BOLDING;38ys;Laborer;*;1/16/06;12-C;NW Cor
Charley BOLTON;4ds;*;5/12/35;12-C
Fred___ BOLTON;50ys;-;*;9/15/27;24-G;NE Cor
Unnamed BOLTON;PB;*;3/29/36;12-C
Unnamed BOLTON;SB;*;3/2/38;12-C
Fannie BONNER;70ys;*;5/3/41
I/O Sarah BONNER;1wk;*;1/8/13;44-D;NW Cor
Unnamed BOON;SB;*;6/27/27;6-LL;SW Cor
Estella BOON;26ys;-;*;6/27/27;6-LL;SW Cor
Annie BOONE;40ys;*;8/30/53
Ernest BOONE;40ys;*;3/3/51
Rayford BOONE;33ys;*;8/27/29;49-GG
Pearl BOOTH;39ys;*;6/21/37;19-A
George BOOTHS;69ys;Laborer;*;4/8/28;19-A;NE Cor
Sweetie BORDEN;20ys;-;*;10/9/14;-C;SE Cor
Dan BOSTICK;70ys;-;*;1/17/15;46-F;NW Cor
Moriah BOSTICK;75ys;-;*;6/12/12;Public
Lucille W. BOUIE;60ys;*;11/17/47
Thad BOUIE;35ys;-;*;5/28/09;36-E;SE Cor
I/O N.H. BOUTON;SB;*;2/8/16;29-Old Part;-
Tevis BOWDEN;24ys;-;*;8/17/06;14-B;E Middle
Claudie BOWEN;55ys;*;12/4/47
A.D. BOWIE;54ys;-;*;5/9/12;32-Old Part;-
Eliza BOWIE;71ys;-;*;12/11/13;2-Old Part;-
Sophy BOWIE;62ys;-;*;11/25/27;32-Old Part;-
Thad BOWIE;41ys;*;6/22/39;32-Old Part
Louise BOYD;65ys;Housework;*;2/14/05;3-I;West Middle
Jessie Mae BOYRD?;42ys;-;*;8/20/26;18 Old-G;SW Cor
John H. BOYNTON;37ys;*;11/22/32;27-E
Nancy BOYNTON;25ys;-;*;2/8/11;34-I;W Middle
Janie BRADFORD;73ys;-;*;12/4/18;98-Old Part;-
Deannie BRADWELL;37ys;-;*;9/8/15;15-C;SE Cor
Arthur Lee BRANCH;41ys;Doctor;*;4/23/28;7-EEE;NE Cor
Eliza BRANCH;32ys;-;*;7/20/24;5-D;SE Cor
Cassie BRATT;64ys;-;*;2/22/26;7-JJ;SE Cor
Mollie BRAWNER;-;-;*;8/20/12;Public
Clara BRAZEL;45ys;*;4/26/34;52-HH
I/O Ben BRAZZILE;SB;*;9/14/15;Public
Carrie BREEDLOVE;63ys;*;3/3/58
I/O Early BREEDLOVE;SB;*;6/26/08;Public
John BREEDLOVE;80ys;*;11/9/32;Commons
John BRENSON;25ys;*;11/29/38;Commons
Dock BRIDGES;57ys;*;2/29/52
Emmitt BRIDGES;52ys;*;1/27/53
I/O Alice BRIGHT;SB;*;4/9/12;Public
Annie Lou BRIGHT;66ys;*;5/10/49
Bradly BRIGHT;23ys;Laborer;*;4/10/05;117-Old Part;W Middle
Carrie BRIGHT;50ys;*;8/26/36;42-C
Eugene BRIGHT;50ys;*;12/15/30;22-H
Hattie BRIGHT;45ys;*;7/19/38;12-B
Henrietta BRIGHT;35ys;*;7/3/31;121-Old Cemetery
Ida BRIGHT;35ys;Seamstress;*;12/17/08;25-E;-
James BRIGHT;18mos;*;6/21/05;19-C;SE Cor
James BRIGHT;69ys;-;*;6/26/24;117-Old Part;NW Cor
John BRIGHT;22ys;Laborer;*;3/6/10;108-Old Part;E Middle
GC/O John BRIGHT;SB;*;6/7/14;4-E;SE Cor
Johnnie BRIGHT;55ys;*;8/28/36;12-B
Johnnie Mae BRIGHT;40ys;*;5/10/47
Louise BRIGHT;37ys;Louisville KY;2/20/39;2-RRR
Lucious BRIGHT;70ys;-;*;7/28/23;56-Old Part;SW Cor
Lucy Ann BRIGHT;80ys;-;*;9/16/14;19-C;Middle
Maggie BRIGHT;54ys;-;*;6/8/17;47-Old Part;-
Mat BRIGHT;30ys;Carpenter;*;8/17/04;22-I;W Middle
Perry BRIGHT;29ys;-;*;12/4/20;56-Old Part;SW Cor
Robert BRIGHT;26ys;Laborer;Sumter Co;12/26/07;19-C;NW Cor
Sallie BRIGHT;Adult;-;GA State Sanitarium;9/12/18;140-Old Part;-
T.B. BRIGHT;51ys;*;2/27/31;126-Old Cemetery
Tabbie BRIGHT;74ys;*;1/9/37;126-Old Cemetery
Will BRIGHT;41ys;*;10/23/42
Willie BRIGHT;36ys;Laborer;Cordele GA;5/10/10;3-E;SW Cor
Willie Lee BRIGHT;3mos;*;8/15/11;22-I;South side
Dr E.J. BRINSON;51ys;-;*;2/3/22;45-DD;NW Cor
Unnamed BRINSON;SB;*;1/7/24;35-D;NW Cor
Alheta E. BRITT;4ys;*;4/27/40
Richard BRITT;57ys;*;11/1/31;50-KK
Gussie BROADHURST;65ys;-;*;9/15/10;35-D;NE Cor
Dora BROCKINGTON;50ys;*;10/8/34;47-BB
Jim BROCKINGTON;75ys;*;4/13/46
Walter BROCKINGTON;15ys;-;*;1/26/19;47-BB;NW Cor
James BRONSON;11ys;-;*;10/14/15;21-B;SE Cor
Charlie BROOK;85ys;*;2/6/35;-
Betty BROOKINS;50ys;*;5/28/30;2-DDD
Henry BROOKINS;48ys;-;*;8/22/20;46-FF;SW Cor
Malinda BROOKINS;85ys;-;*;5/10/24;46-FF;SW Cor
Alvesta BROOKS;20ys;-;*;4/25/21;51-HH;SW Cor
Anok (Enoch?) BROOKS;57ys;-;*;7/17/24;33-F;SE Cor
Beulah BROOKS;27ys;Housewoman;*;10/27/08;27-D;SE Cor
Dorothy Mae BROOKS;-;-;*;10/25/21;52-HH;NE Cor
Frankie Mae BROOKS;11ys;-;*;5/2/22;51-HH;NE Cor
Garfield BROOKS;42ys;-;*;11/6/11;27-D;-
Georgia L. BROOKS;26ys;*;5/21/52
I/O Leola BROOKS;12ds;*;4/2/13;22-I;Middle
Louise BROOKS;65ys;-;*;4/24/24;41-H;NE Cor
Mary BROOKS;65ys;Housekeeper;*;10/12/03;Public
Mattie BROOKS;35ys;-;*;9/1/11;Public
I/O Mattie BROOKS;SB;*;12/3/05;Public
Shearado BROOKS;-;Helena GA;10/16/42
Texie BROOKS;48ys;-;*;3/4/29;42-B;-
Unnamed BROOKS;SB;*;12/2/41
I/O Unnamed BROOKS;SB;*;6/25/20;48-H;NW Cor
Will BROOKS;31ys;Laborer;*;7/20/05;41-H;SE Cor
William BROOKS;56ys;-;*;11/5/20;42-B;SE Cor
William Thomas BROOKS;16ys;Bainbridge GA;3/19/47
Wm. BROOKS;94ys;Blacksmith;*;2/14/05;Public
George BROUGHTON;-;-;*;5/18/06;Public
I/O Ada BROWN;SB;*;8/4/06;Public
Alberta BROWN;46ys;*;12/16/41
Alex BROWN;50ys;-;*;6/16/07;Public
Allen BROWN;75ys;-;8;1/29/11;18-Old Part;E Middle
I/- Anna BROWN;3wks;*;2/8/07;Public
Catherine BROWN;24ys;Housework;*;2/7/05;Public
I/O Charles BROWN;6ds;*;6/11/09;73-Old Part;NE Cor
I/O Charles BROWN;7mos;*;9/18/11;40-A;SW Cor
Cherry BROWN;66ys;*;5/25/53
Clara BROWN;1y;*;9/11/03;Public
I/O Coleman BROWN;3ds;*;9/21/04;Public
D.B. BROWN;38ys;Farmer;*;1/13/09;32-D;NE Cor
Ella BROWN;30ys;Cook;*;12/9/04;Public
Fannie BROWN;40ys;Housewoman;*;1/17/09;33-B;NE Cor
George BROWN;55ys;*;5/2/47
Grant BROWN;34ys;-;Philadelphia PA;3/9/20;40-A;NE Cor
Hattie BROWN;3wks;*;5/17/05;25-C;W Middle
I/O Hattie BROWN;2wks;*;8/8/10;Public
Henry BROWN;54ys;-;*;4/4/13;25-E;Middle
Henry BROWN;25ys;-;*;12/23/18;22-Old Part;-
Henry BROWN;30ys;*;3/22/37;27-H
I/O Henry & Addie BROWN;SB;*;2/19/13;Public
Herman BROWN;29ys;RR Laborer;*;11/22/07;25-C;SE Cor
Ike BROWN;55ys;Hackman;*;12/13/05;21-E;NW Cor
James BROWN;-;-;*;5/6/19;Public
James E. BROWN;70ys;*;8/1/45
Jannie Lee BROWN;7ds;*;8/3/03;Public
Jim BROWN;38ys;RR Laborer;*;3/6/06;18-Old Part;SE Cor
I/O Jimmie BROWN;SB;*;11/11/03;Public
John BROWN;60ys;*;1/24/42
John Nuday? BROWN;30ys;*;5/14/55
I/O John BROWN;SB;*;1/22/06;Public
I/O Jonas BROWN;-;*;1/27/05;20-H;SW Cor
Lillie L.L. BROWN;65ys;*;9/19/50
I/O Lina BROWN;SB;*;5/30/07;32-I;E Middle
Lizzie M. BROWN;22ys;Palm Beach FL;bd 7/26/46
Mabel BROWN;19ys;*;7/3/35;-
Mary BROWN;41ys;*3/24/30;24-I
Mary BROWN;66ys;*;1/20/45
Matt Hunt BROWN;84ys;*;3/5/41
Mattie L___ BROWN;-;-;*;6/20/19;41-A;NW Cor
Mattie Williams BROWN;-;-;*;4/22/19;40-A;NE Cor
Melton BROWN;12ys;*;1/31/33;50-BB
Minnie BROWN;40ys;-;*;12/12/25;46-B;SE Cor
Neal BROWN;103ys;*;10/10/32;Commons
Nellie BROWN;72ys;*;2/14/34;Commons
Mrs. Nellie BROWN;50ys;-;*;5/14/15;Public
Perlie BROWN,JR;11mos;10/24/51
Randolph BROWN;5ds;*;7/27/57
Roisa BROWN;24ys;-;*;2/18/18;44-B;NE Cor
Rosie BROWN;26ys;-;*;5/11/14;25-E;NW Cor
Sarah BROWN;40ys;-;*;10/19/12;33-E;NW Cor
Sidney BROWN;-;*;7/14/30;Commons
Mrs. Tenia BROWN;71ys;Housework;*;2/21/05;21-G;West Middle
Toney BROWN;35ys;-;*;10/1/18;44-B;NW Cor
I/O Toney BROWN;8mos;*;1/21/13;44-B;NE Cor
Willie BROWN;56ys;*;2/1/48
Willie L. BROWN;-;-;*;4/24/19;65-Old Part;-
Mrs. Cornelia BRUETT;39ys;-;*;9/12/17;__-New Part;SE Cor
Martha E. BRUNSON;58ys;Housewife;Sumter Co;7/19/05;43-G;SW Cor
Rosa BRUNSON;46ys;*;3/4/33;21-B
Ephram BRYAN;100ys;-;*;1/20/24;50-II;NW Cor
Annie Bell BRYANT;21ys;-;*;11/27/20;5-D;NE Cor
Annie L. BRYANT;62ys;Miami FL;12/4/50
Bell BRYANT;23ys;*;4/30/05;Public
Charlie BRYANT;56ys;*;11/14/58
Cora BRYANT;SB;2/2/21;46-BB;SE Cor
Ethel May BRYANT;9ys;*;7/8/27;3-LL;-
Ethel May W. BRYANT;19ys;-;*;5/23/27;32-J;NE Cor
Hattie B. BRYANT;-;-;*;2/2/21;46-BB;SE Cor
Henry BRYANT;2mos;Rylander Farm;9/25/18;46-BB;NE Cor
Rev. James Henry BRYANT;62ys;Preacher;*;bd 9/1/41
Jerry BRYANT;43ys;-;*;8/7/15;29-Old Part
Leila BRYANT;56ys;*;10/24/56
Luvenia BRYANT;41ys;*;11/17/30;7-A
Nannie May BRYANT;19ys;-;*;8/13/20;13-B;SE Cor
Ray BRYANT;SB;*;5/14/47
Willie BRYANT;17ys;*;7/17/44
Willie BRYANT,JR;7mos;*;8/30/17;Public
Josephine BRYARD;72ys;*;bd 5/19/46
Sandy BUFORD;11mos;*;3/16/13;85-Old Part;-
Corene BURK;73ys;*;1/20/24;41-II;NE Cor
Starling BURK;-;-;9/23/47
Ann BURKE;48ys;-;*;5/14/10;40-I;NW Cor
Anna R. BURKE;28ys;Philadelphia PA;12/14/41
Hattie BURKE;-;-;*;6/2/21;41-I;NW Cor
Marshall BURKE;73ys;Carpenter;*;9/1/05;42-I;SW Cor
I/O Unnamed BURKE;2ds;*;6/21/20;31-F;NE Cor
Henderson BURKS;70ys;Plasterer;*;3/23/10;Public
Lucy BURKS;64ys;Laundrywoman;*;9/17/08;11-G;W Middle
Addie J. BURDEN;63ys;-;*;2/27/23;50-DD;SW Cor
I/O Victoria BURDEN;7wks;*;3/7/10;Public
W.R. BURLEIGH,JR;13ys;*;2/24/30;2-CCC
Coleman BURNETT;50ys;Laborer;*;2/22/05;Public
I/O Dock BURNETT;SB;*;5/31/06;Public
Estela BURNETT;22ys;Housekeeper;*;9/24/03;Public
Lula BURNETT;32ys;-;*;5/18/24;50-JJ;NW Cor
Lula BURNETT;64ys;*;10/15/57
I/O Shank BURNETT;SB;*;7/18/08;21-H;NE Cor
Earnest BURNETTE;37ys;-;*;2/16/23;35-D;NW Cor
Johnnie W. BURNETTE;20ys;Leslie GA;7/1/53
Walter BURNETTE;44ys;*;4/2/41
Floid BURTON;50ys;*;10/21/41
S/O H.P. BURTON;7ys;*;11/10/10;15-E;SW Cor
Henry BURTON;-;-;*;3/18/09;22-A;NW Cor
James BURTON;-;Brunswick GA;4/28/45
Julius BURTON;41ys;*;7/20/52
Lottie BURTON;61ys;Savannah GA;10/25/58
Maggie BURTON;26ys;-;*;2/4/03;Public
Mary BURTON;40ys;*;10/4/42
Minie BURTON;37ys;-;*;bd 5/1/18;72-Old Part;-
Norman C. BURTON;-;-;*;4/23/21;50-CC;SW Cor
I/O Victory BURTON;SB;*;12/10/06;Public
Wesley BURTON;-;-;*;9/14/20;72-Old;NW Cor
Adis BUTLER;29ys;*;4/14/32;2-D
Carrie BUTLER;57ys;*;4/12/33;34-G
Charlotte BUTLER;0;*;6/22/32;Commons
Christine BUTLER;2mos;*;2/28/13;31-F;NW Cor
I/O Isaac BUTLER;SB;*;6/27/04;Public
Lemmie BUTLER;-;Savannah GA;8/21/42
I/O Pearl BUTLER;SB;*;12/1/10;Public
Simon BUTLER;61ys;-;*;9/2/16;35-G;NE Cor
Mattie BUTTS;24ys;-;*;1/30/10;37-C;SW Cor
Thelma BUTTS;11ys;-;*;10/30/23;51-EE;SW Cor
Henry BYRD;39ys;-;Hartford CN;12/10/18;44-I;NE Cor
Mary BYRD;7mos;*;10/23/17;Public
I/O R.C. BYRD;6wks;*;12/7/03;30-H;East Middle
Emma CAEORENTS?;76ys;*;-/-/43
I/O Louella CALALOGUE;SB;*;7/7/14;Public
Unnamed CALAWAY;6ds;*;10/25/37;Commons
John CALDWELL;86ys;*;12/26/35;48-BB
I/O Freddie CALHOON;SB;*;5/29/16;19-G;NW Cor
Dilsey CALHOUN;95ys;Housewoman;*;7/1/05;28-F;W Middle
Frank CALHOUN;18ys;-;*;2/19/17;30-B;SW Cor
Gussie CALHOUN;35ys;Housewoman;*;9/25/05;29-B;NE Cor
I/O Jesse CALHOUN;5mos;*;5/3/06;30-B;E Middle
Jessie CALHOUN;46ys;-;*;12/4/24;30-B;SW Cor
Jim CALHOUN;60ys;-;*;11/6/10;30-B;W Middle
Lilly CALHOUN;65ys;-;Savannah Ga;10/20/13;30-B;NE Cor
Robert CALHOUN;5ys;*;1/13/07;30-B;E Middle
Raymond CALLAWAY;5ys;*;8/16/30;21-H
Steve CALLAWAY;-;*;1/23/53
Joe CALLOWAY;55ys;*;7/7/35;-
Mamie CALLOWAY;46ys;*;5/30/51
Unnamed CALLOWAY;PB;*;5/23/23;35-D;NW Cor
Eliza CAMERON;65ys;Housewife;*;1/26/05;Public
Clara Mathis CAMPBELL;17ys;*;4/30/39;27-E
Fred CAMPBELL;82ys;-;*;12/4/26;41-A;NE Cor
George CAMPBELL;48ys;*;11/15/35;53-EE
I/O Anthony CANNON;6ds;*;5/2/30;Commons
Eddie W. CANNON;23ds;*;7/21/58
John CANNON;8ys;-;*;5/8/07;Public
Morman CANNON;4ds;*;1/31/51
Walter Lee CANNON,JR;18ds;*;12/1/48
Millie CANSHOW;85ys;Housewoman;*;9/27/04;Public
Mrs. Mary B. CAPP;34ys;-;Atlanta GA;7/21/18;15-E;NE Cor
Loula CAREY;35ys;-;Macon GA;3/24/11;41-C;SW Cor
Elijah CARPENTER;65ys;-;*;3/3/17;41-B;NE Cor
Ricker CARR;1d;*;3/__/24;Pauper
Idelus CARR;2ds;*;3/__/24;Pauper
Sarah CARRIFORD;50ys;Macon GA;10/24/35;40-F
Waldo CARROLL;5ys;*;2/8/06;Public
Annie M. CARTER;28ys;*;bd 7/10/46
Bailey CARTER;45ys;*;bd 6/23/46
Charley CARTER;25ys;*;bd 10/26/43
David CARTER;55ys;*;2/3/59
Eliza CARTER;65ys;-;*;11/7/23;4-I;SE Cor
I/O Eliza CARTER;0;*;1/31/10;Public
B/O Eva May CARTER;8mos;*;6/12/18;4-I;SW Cor
Frances CARTER;73ys;*;7/3/51
Harry CARTER;29ys;LaGrange GA;2/15/53
Mrs. Henrietta CARTER;53ys;-;*;3/7/18;2-C;NW Cor
Henry CARTER;44ys;*;1/1/55
J.C. CARTER;SB;*;9/17/45
James CARTER;58ys;*;3/22/50
Jennie CARTER;27ys;-;Cobb GA;3/27/07;26-E;NW Cor
John CARTER;59ys;*;4/4/44
John Lee CARTER;5YS;*;11/19/20;4-II;SE Cor
Lizzie CARTER;72ys;*;8/18/57
I/O Lizzie CARTER;SB;*;9/24/11;5-I;E Middle
I/O Lizzie CARTER;1mo;*;7/6/13;4-I;SW Cor
I/O Lizzie CARTER;SB;*;9/23/14;Public
Lucious CARTER;26ys;-;*;9/26/17;4-I;SW Cor
Lucy CARTER;1mo;*;4/26/27;1-B;NE Cor
Lula CARTER;44ys;Servant;Cordele GA;10/13/03;Public
Major CARTER;16ys;-;*;6/1/13;4-I;NW Cor
Mary L. CARTER;-;*;12/1/56
Mattie CARTER;53ys;*;1/1/42
Mattie CARTER;60ys;*;bd 5/29/46
Pearl CARTER;37ys;*;1/10/57
Robert Clyde CARTER;26ys;-;Ben Hill Co;5/15/18;4-G;SE Cor
Rosa CARTER;31ys;-;*;10/29/12;38-C;NE Cor
I/O Rosa CARTER;7ds;*;10/23/12;Public
Sam CARTER;-;*;1/16/52
Silas CARTER;3ys;*;2/19/24;35-D;NW Cor
I/O Silas CARTER;14mos;*;12/7/14(also 1934);41-C;NE Cor
Strawda CARTER;45ys;*;1/24/53
Thillian CARTER;58ys;*;10/20/47
Unnamed CARTER;SB;*;7/4/22;48-H;NW Cor
Unnamed CARTER;PB;*;10/3/23;48-H;NW Cor
Unnamed CARTER;SB;*;3/9/31;Commons
William CARTER;38ys;Merchant;*;5/6/06;2-F;E Middle
Willie C. CARTER;6mos;*;7/4/13;4-I;SW Cor
Willie Lou CARTER;37ys;*;10/24/30;7-AAA
Wm. CARTER;24ys;Soldier;*;9/20/03;4-I;East End
Zula CARTER;60ys;*;3/9/37;Commons
Annie Mae CASEY;6mos;*;6/16/34;Commons
Boisey CASEY;45ys;*;bd 6/10/46
Benjamin CASEY;7ys;*;1/15/24;Pauper
Emmett CASEY;41ys;*;1/16/44
Infant Lelia Bell CASEY;SB;*;9/28/24;Pauper Lot
Charley CASTLEBERY;32ys;-;Philadelphia PA;10/28/25;18-I;SE Cor
Annie CASTLEBERRY;33ys;*;4/6/44
Mrs. Ellen CASTLEBERRY;70ys;-;*;3/5/15;41-C;NE Cor
Fannie CASTLEBERRY;39ys;*;12/11/50
Mrs. Jimmie CASTLEBERRY;50ys;-;*;1/28/18;48-I;Midway
John CASTLEBERRY;49ys; Birmingham AL;9/19/30;24-I
Sam CASTLEBERRY;57ys;*;12/26/42
Tabytha CATES;19ys;*;8/16/36;7-E
Arthur W. CATLEDGE;42ys;-;*;6/24/24;28-Old Part;NW Cor
Charles CATLEDGE;70ys;Drayman;*;5/27/10;23-C;E Middle
Naomi CATLEDGE;60ys;Thomasville GA;4/24/34;1-Old Cemetery
Percella CATLEDGE;68ys;-;*;12/8/24;52-II;SW Cor
Thomas CATLEDGE;72ys;Laborer;*;4/29/04;160-H;NE Cor
Minnie CATO;35ys;*;1/14/31;1-A
Henry CAUSEY;45ys;-;*;11/23/21;Public burial
Catherine CECELIA;2ds;*;5/6/42
Carrie CHAMBLISS;85ys;*;6/29/55
Hattie CHAMBLISS;66ys;*;6/22/31;49-MM
Sallie CHAMBLISS;60ys;-;*;4/8/22;169-Old Part;NW Cor
Samps CHAMBLISS;56ys;-;Sumter Co;12/1/15;21-A;SE Cor
Unnamed CHAMBLISS;SB;*;12/14/43
Onia Guy CHAMPION;36ys;*;9/11/55
Unnamed CHAMPION;SB;*;11/27/44
Johnny Frank CHANDLER;5mos;*;4/21/38;36-A
Henrietta CHAPMAN;66ys;*;7/8/31;44-E
Mary CHAPMAN;30ys;-;*;10/12/15;Public
Mary L. CHAPMAN;16mos;*;7/6/12;Public
Rich CHAPMAN;80ys or more;-;*;2/26/13;44-E;NE Cor
I/O Mr. Robert CHAPMAN;3wks;*;9/23/16;Public
B/O Walter CHAPMAN;SB;*;10/18/30;44-E
Mary CHAPPEL;-;-;*;9/5/19;4_-DD;NE Cor
Rev. Harvey CHAPPELL;64ys;*;11/20/56
James CHAPPELL;80ys;-;*;7/21/13;45-D;NW Cor
Nodie? CHAPPELL;32ys;Pennsylvania;11/29/43
Joe CHAVERS;16ys;-;*;9/21/08;Public 
I/O J/ CHENEY;SB;*;7/7/29;42-A
Reuben CHENEY;-;-;*;5/29/09;11-E;SW Cor
C/O Reuben CHENEY;2ys;*;12/10/07;Public
I/O A.T. CHERRY;2mos;*;6/19/13;Public
I/O Arthur CHERRY;2wks;*;9/15/08;Public
Betty Jean CHERRY;7ys;New York --;10/13/40
James Lee CHERRY;31ys;Albany GA;3/25/56
Worthy CHERRY;0;*;8/24/35;Commons
Mary Virginia CHILDERS;58ys;Macon GA;5/7/55
Annie CHILDS;59ys;*;1/30/52
Ruley CHILDS;37ys;Atlanta GA;2/20/58
Jennie CHINERY;23ys;-;*;4/9/14;3-B;SW Cor
B/O Mrs. Willie CHRISTENS;2ys;*;5/3/15;4-F;SW Cor
Lenora CHRISTIAN;48ys;Housewife;Atlanta GA;11/10/09;43-I;W Middle
Minnie CHRISTOPHER;68ys;*;5/7/53
Eugene CLAITT;48ys;*;11/3/42
Alex CLARK;50ys;*;10/20/44
Alexander CLARK;28ys;Laborer;*;4/2/28;16-D;NE Cor
Alice CLARK;4mos;*;4/10/05;Public
Betty CLARK;-;Tampa FL;bd 6/9/29;14-G
Brownnie CLARK;-;*;2/14/55
Buelah CLARK;50ys;*;bd 8/25/46
Celia CLARK;50ys;*;5/21/36;13-G
Columbus CLARK;46ys;*;5/11/39;Commons
I/O Ed CLARK;SB;*;11/16/04;Public
Ella CLARK;26ys;-;Milledgeville GA;10/13/18;15-C;SW Cor
Evan CLARK;35ys;*;11/26/31;4-H
Mrs. Fannie CLARK;26ys;-;*;1/26/17;41-B;SW Cor
Fanny CLARK;2ys;*;3/4/14;22-H;Middle
Francis CLARK;58ys;-;*;5/25/26;18-G;NW Cor
Gene CLARK;50ys;*;12/2/36;13-G
Gene CLARK;60ys;*;3/7/42
Gordon CLARK;30ys;-;*;2/2/14;14-G;SW Cor
Harrold CLARK;30ys;*;3/24/35;-
Isaiah CLARK;59ys;*;1/8/326;16-D
Izora CLARK;46ys;-;*;2/16/26;7-BBB;SE Cor
Mr. Jackson CLARK;57ys;-;*;9/30/21;159-Old Part;-
Jacob CLARK;58ys;-;*;2/11/27;2-I;SW Cor
Janie CLARK;62ys;*;8/16/36;59-Old Cemetery
I/O John CLARK;SB;*;11/27/03;Public
John Wesley CLARK;1 1/4ys;*;8/18/16;Public
L.C. CLARK,JR;19ys;-;*;5/1/13;45-C;NW Cor
Larry CLARK;3ds;*;2/5/55
Lizzie CLARK;44ys;-;*;4/26/21;Pauper
Lola CLARK;47ys;*;9/24/34;4-A
Lydia CLARK;57ys;Housewife;*;6/9/28;16-D;NE Cor
Mack CLARK;76ys;*;3/31/57
Marie CLARK;1wk;*;7/4/04;14-G;East Middle
I/O Mary CLARK;SB;*;4/21/07;Public
Rosa Lee CLARK;18ys;*;11/11/53
Rosalie CLARK;4ds;*;4/26/56
Sallie CLARK;52ys;*;2/19/43
Stewart CLARK;65ys;Laborer;*;6/11/05;14-G;W Middle
Unnamed CLARK;SB;*;2/5/33;44-E
Willie CLARK;52ys;*;9/17/32;12-G
Willie A. CLARK;7mos;Fitzgerald GA;7/28/13;29-B;NE Cor
Willie J. CLARK;31ys;*;9/13/57
Bonnie CLARKE;-;-;*;5/9/22;45-F;SW Cor
Charles CLARKE;32ys;Laborer;*;5/4/07;16-D;SE Cor
I/O Cleve CLARKE;SB;*;1/15/09;Public
I/O Cleve CLARKE;9ds;*;6/17/14;22-H;Middle
Gertrude CLARKE;53ys;Savannah GA;7-BBB
Anna L. CLARKS;51ys;*;10/6/44
James CLARITY;27ys;*;9/8/37;26-G
I/O Amelia CLAY;8mos;*;5/9/09;Public
Carrie CLAY;64ys;*;11/24/44
Fannie Bell CLAY;18mos;*;8/31/03;Public 
Fate CLAY;60ys;*;10/15/58
Hallie CLAY;54ys;*;4/8/54
Harrold CLAY;73ys;*;11/3/58
Hill CLAY;28ys;-;*;7/19/11;39-A;SW Cor
I/O Horace CLAY;0;*;5/30/33;Commons
Horace CLAY,JR;SB;*;3/18/48
Jessie CLAY;SB;*;12/10/26;48-CC;SW Cor
I/O Sallie CLAY;3mos;*;5/25/12;Public
Sabretha CLAYS;9ys;*;8/2/17;4-G;SE Cor
Mrs. Annie CLAYTON;53ys;-;*;5/9/22;52-DD;NW Cor
Daisy CLAYTON;48ys;*;1/18/40;49-KK
Frank CLAYTON;25ys;-;*;10/13/16;16-I;SW Cor
Lizzie CLAYTON;70ys;-;*;11/12/16;Public
Mary M. CLAYTON;68ys;*;8/8/45
Rev. P.C. CLAYTON;73ys;*;2/15/33;17-I
I/O P.C. CLAYTON;SB;-;5/15/03;17-I;SE Cor
I/O P.C. CLAYTON;SB;*;10/25/04;17-I;SE Cor
Will CLAYTON;40ys;-;*;2/16/29;49-KK;-
Alice CLEMONS;63ys;-;*;12/18/27;49-I;-
Annie CLEMONS;82ys;-;*;8/23/11;6-F;NW Cor
Henry CLEMONS?;60ys;*;6/24/35;45-__
James CLEMONS;56ys;-;*;2/25/21;49-I;SE Cor
Lena CLEMONS;41ys;*;7/27/34;45-F
Little Sister CLEMONS;1mo;*;10/7/35;45-F
Unnamed CLEMONS;SB;*;3/13/31;16-A
Willis CLEMONS;45ys;-;*;7/16/16;19-B;NW Cor
Arthur CLEMONTS;28ys;-;Pittsburgh PA;11/19/18;45-HH;NW Cor
Leolia CLEMSON;1d;*;10/4/33;44-F
Carrie CLEVELAND;38ys;*;11/27/29;51-JJ
Deliah CLEVELAND;65ys;-;*;1/9/20;49-B;NW Cor
Sarah COACHMAN;43ys;*;10/23/31;38-C
Dillia COBB;65ys;-;Sumter Co;11/26/10;26-B;E Middle
Earl COBB;23ys;*;6/28/34;3-GGG
Earnest COBB;56ys;*;2/15/43
Julia COBB;11ys;-;*;Woodbine PA;8/15/24;26-B;NE Cor
Martha COBB (Dooley Mammy);90ys;-;*;6/10/07;50-Old;E Middle
Riley COBB;45ys;-;Pittsburgh PA;3/21/24;26-B;NW Cor
Leola CODE;25ys;-;Omega GA;6/4/10;10-B;E Middle
Willie Belle CODE;16ys;-;*;8/8/25;13-D;SE Cor
Unnamed COFFEE;SB;*;10/20/24;Pauper Lot
____ COLBERTH;55ys;Montgomery AL;12/12/40
Unnamed COLE;SB;*;12/9/22;35-D;NE Cor
Willie COLE;21ys;-;*;5/13/06;14-E;SW Cor
Alex COLEMAN;10ys;*;12/7/14;Public
Becke COLEMAN;31ys;-;*;11/27/12;7-D;SE Cor
Bertha COLEMAN;24ys;-;*;6/13/20;46-GG;SE Cor
Mrs. Ella COLEMAN;76ys;-;*;10/14/15;Public
Emaline COLEMAN;79ys;-;*;8/3013;43-D;NE Cor
Jimmie Lee COLEMAN;6ys;*;10/21/08;Public
John Lee COLEMAN;-;*;6/18/38;Commons
Mattie COLEMAN;5ys;*;10/28/12;7-D;SE Cor
Mattie Sue COLEMAN;-;Charlotte NC;5/10/56
H.C. COLES?;53ys;*;11/4/35;35-B
Anderson COLEY;106ys;-;*;11/15/09;27-H;SE Cor
Eduth COLEY;100ys;-;*;7/13/20;33-I;NW Cor
Fannie COLEY;60ys;*;10/9/55
Gordon COLEY;2ys;*;6/25/50
George T. COLLIER;48ys;-;Athens TN;bd 5/22/07;54-Old Part;W Middle
Addiline COLLINS;80ys;*;10/29/33;Commons
C.H. COLLINS;57ys;Primitive Baptist Preacher;*;1/25/07;52-Old
  Part;NW Cor
Fletcher COLLINS;-;-;*;3/2/07;Public
Frank COLLINS;52ys;-;*;5/8/26;__-J;NW Cor
Helen COLLINS;20ys;*;11/26/38;49-MM
James COLLINS;50ys;-;*;7/1/14;56-Old Part;-
I/O Leila COLLINS;2wks;*;1/12/05;Public
Lena COLLINS;-;-;*;6/9/20;35-H;NW Cor
Louise COLLINS;65ys;-;Wilcox AL;12/15/17;54-Old Part;-
Mary COLLINS;-;-;*;2/5/25;22-H;NE Cor
I/O Minerva COLLINS;SB;*;12/21/07;Public
Unnamed COLLINS;SB;*;4/18/43
Amanda COLLIS;-;-;*;10/29/17;35-H;NW Cor
George COLLOM;53ys;-;*;8/11/16;49-E;NE Cor
Lillie COLSON;9ys;*;6/2/17;33-E;SE Cor
Charley COLTON;25ys;Fort Valley GA;7/20/39;Commons
John COLWELL;-;-;*;3/25/19;48-BB;NW Cor
Carrie COMER;75ys;-;*;10/28/13;47-C;NW Cor
Clark COMER;98ys;-;*;2/18/23;16-F;NE Cor
Hattie COMER;65ys;*;12/9/57
Henrietta C. COMER;52ys;*;12/20/30;47-C
Jenie COMER;75ys;-;*;11/15/16;16-F;SE Cor
Clarence CONEY;19ys;*;2/14/35;__-II
Ella CONEY;30ys;-;*;3/3/12;142-Old Part;-
Willie E. Porter CONEY;20ys;Ft. Lauderdale FL;1/11/37;1-III
Frank CONGLETON;68ys;-;*;6/17/27;43-E;NW Cor
Mrs. Mary CONNART?;70ys;-;*;8/10/17;43-H;NE Cor
Julia CONYER;80ys;Birmingham AL;1/11/33;18-D
Will CONYER;-;-;*;1/24/27;18-D;-
Annie COOK;55ys;*;9/-/50
Calvin COOK;42ys;*;10/9/36;26-G
I/O Focie B. COOK;-;*;12/18/03;Public
Fronia COOK;103ys;Housewife;*;4/26/28;Commons
Rev. J.W. COOK;33ys;-;*;6/9/18;Public
Phillip COOK;65ys;Laborer;*;3/4/28;3-CCC;-
Thomas COOK;58ys;Carpenter;*;10/9/04;15-C;SW Cor
Tyrah COOLEDGE;-;-;*;9/23/22;19-H;SW Cor
Willie COOLEDGE;48ys;*;5/3/50
Rev. Allen COOPER;70ys;Valdosta GA;1/5/24 (bd 4/28/43)
I/O Cal COOPER;SB;*;4/28/07;25-B;W Middle
Celia COOPER;75ys;-;*;2/23/13;Public
Curey Slafford COOPER;70ys;-;Valdosta GA;6/3/24;24-E;SW Cor
Daniel COOPER;48ys;RR Work;*;10/22/07;173-Old Part;W Middle
Ella COOPER;-;*;1/6/42
Emma COOPER;-;-;Albany GA;6/11/28;28-H;NE Cor
Eugenia COOPER;27ys;-;*;5/6/07;Public
Rev. H.A.S. COOPER;70ys;-;*;5/18/11;28-A;W Middle
James COOPER;38ys;Barber;*;1/15/04;24-B;NW Cor
James Lee COOPER;2ds;*;5/16/21;19-B;SE Cor
Joseph COOPER;2ds;*;12/24/24;35-D;NE Cor
Lily COOPER;17ys;-;*;6/20/10;28-A;SW Cor
Mary COOPER;41ys;-;*;2/25/12;19-B;-
Mattie COOPER;2wks;*;4/5/04;Public
R.V. COOPER;21ys;-;*;5/4/12;28-A;NE Cor
Sol COOPER;55ys;-;Atlanta GA;1/7/24;24-B;NW Cor
I/O Sol COOPER;8mos;*;8/31/07;24-B;E Middle
B/O Solomon COOPER;13mos;*;5/7/15;24-B;SE Cor
C/O Thad CORBETT;9mos;*;7/18/10;Public
Will CORBETT;41ys;-;*;5/23/27;Believe J or I;-
Columbus CORBIN;47ys;Leslie GA;3/24/32;40-F
Robert CORBIN;38ys;-;*;6/15/15;Public
Thad CORBIN;38ys;-;*;11/15/11;Public
Ella CORNELIOUS;30ys;-;*;2/6/06;20-E;NW Cor
James COSBY;80ys;-;*;11/17/11;Public
Susan COSBY;82ys;*;6/23/39;46-HH
Infant Annie COTTLE;5ds;*;7/13/09;Public
Mrs. Celia COTTLE;75ys;-;*;12/1/17;Public
Curley COTTLE;45ys;-;*;1/6/17;18-E;NW Cor
Jake COTTLE;90ys;-;*;4/25/11;Public
Jessie COTTLENS;20ys;-;*;6/7/08;Public
Eb COTTLES;70ys;-;*;10/9/06;18-E;NW Cor
I/O Oscar COTTLES;10ds;*;10/1/06;Public
I/O Oscar COTTLES;1mo;*;10/11/06;Public
Willie Lee COUCH?;-;Orlando FL;6/8/41
Charley COUNCIL;32ys;*;3/6/34;20-F
Charles COUNTER;-;Utica NY;6/15/53
Sylvia COURELAS?;-;-;*;10/6/22;16-C;SE Cor
James Riley COVINGTON;36ys;Atlanta GA;11/4/36;11-C
Joseph H. COVINGTON;78ys;Atlanta GA;4/30/32;11-C
Lewis COVINGTON;-;-;-;8/8/24;134-Old Cemetery;-
Mittie COVINGTON;42ys;-;Atlanta GA;3/26/06;11-C;SW Cor
Robert COWARD;65ys;Carpenter;*;8/17/05;43-H;SE Cor
Mack COX;57ys;*;4/2/31;45-G
Simpson COX;40ys;*;8/11/36;25-G
Bulah CRAPPS;-;*;1/22/56
Adeline CRAWDER;77ys;Housewife;*;3/28/28;5-EEE;-
Alberta CRAWFORD;9mos;*;3/8/10;19-H;E Middle
Emma CRAWFORD & babe;20ys;-;*;3/20/11;38-A;SW Cor
Emma B. CRAWFORD;60ys;-;*;9/2/22;46-JJ;NE Cor
Fannie CRAWFORD;71ys;*;9/29/34;1-GGG
I/O Gene CRAWFORD;6mos;*;11/18/11;38-A;-
Georgia CRAWFORD;46ys;-;*;4/2/12;41-D;NE Cor
John CRAWFORD;81ys;*;11/8/33;1-GGG
Orange CRAWFORD;59ys;Laborer;*;6/5/11;38-A;W Middle
Will CRAWLEY;-;*;1/5/44
Mary CROSS;40ys;-;*;7/30/13;12-A;SE Cor
Susie CROSS;__ys;-;Atlanta GA;6/21/09;Public
Lilla CROWDER;24ys;Housewife;*;8/18/04;Public
Oscar CROWDER;-;*;11/13/54
Callie CROXTON;58ys;Housewife;*;1/21/27;__-RR;Old Part
Homer CRUMBLEY;29ys;-;7/20/21;48-CC;SW Cor
James CRUMBLEY;55ys;*;11/27/37;Commons
Hattie CRUMBLY;41ys;Macon;6/21/04;21-Old Part;SW Cor
Margaret CRUMBLY;56ys;*;2/9/51
Profit (Prophet?) C. CRUMBLY;49ys;*;9/19/51
Unnamed CRUMBLY;SB;*;10/2/26;Commons
Rev. A.T. CRUMLEY;35ys;-;*;6/5/13;42-B;NE Cor
Cleveland CRUMLEY;29ys;-;*;3/25/24;1-D;SE Cor
James CULLWEL (Colwell?);29ys;-;*;2/9/26;48-BB;SE Cor
Eliza B. CUNNINGHAM;49ys;*;12/5/31;45-G
I/O Joe CUNNINGHAM;SB;*;4/8/10;Public
Tolton C. CUNNINGHAM;40ys;Woodbury GA;2/17/33;45-G
Robert CURRELLS?;38ys;-;*;6/11/26;16-C;NW Cor
Allie May CUTTS;22ys;Housekeeper;*;10/12/07;8-B;NW Cor
Bessy CUTTS;-;*;1/4/40;Commons
Dudley CUTTS;21ys;-;*;7/23/11;1-B;NE Cor
Elijah CUTTS;65ys;-;*;6/22/11;8-B;SE Cor
Eva CUTTS;16ys;-;*;7/8/09;8-B;E Middle
Hamp CUTTS(KUTZ);20ys;-;*;7/2/12;8-B;SE Cor
Joe CUTTS;60ys;-;*;1/14/17;8-B;SW Cor
Wheatley CUTTS;23ys;-;*;1/17/11;8-B;E Middle
Willie Bell CUTTS;27ys;-;*;1/27/11;8-B;E Middle
Mary DAIZE;65ys;-;*;10/10/17;Public
Amanda DANIEL;89ys;-;*;9/19/11;8-C;W Middle
Anderson DANIEL;-;*;10/26/33;Commons
Annie L. DANIEL;26ys;-;*;6/8/12;42-B;NE Cor
I/O Clifton DANIEL;1d;*;1/6/07;113-Old Part;NE Cor
I/O Clifton DANIEL;5wks;*;5/20/10;113-Old Part;W Middle
Elam DANIEL;-;-;*;8/5/21;48-B;SW Cor
Elizabeth DANIEL;49ys;*;9/15/30;7-BBB
Ella DANIEL;56ys;-;*;6/6/14;48-B;NW Cor
Emma DANIEL;71ys;*;1/5/41
I/O Howard DANIEL;SB;*;6/25/07;113-Old;E Middle
Julia DANIEL;1y;*;10/4/08;3-F;E Middle
Louise DANIEL;55ys;*;3/2/33;8-C
C/O Lucele DANIEL;14mos;*;1/11/12;-;-;-
Lula DANIEL;40ys;-;Atlanta GA;10/11/12;44-A;NE Cor
Margaret DANIEL;23ys;*;9/12/51
Martha DANIEL;35ys;-;DeSoto Ga;11/2/10;33-A;NW Cor
Martin DANIEL;56ys;-;*;2/22/25;3-A;NW Cor
I/O Mitchell DANIEL;SB;*;11/23/03;Public
I/O Nora DANIEL;PB;*;8/2/10;Public
Priscilla DANIEL;80ys;*;3/28/51
Roosevelt DANIEL;18ys;*;7/26/42
Stonewall DANIEL;19ys;-;Valdosta GA;10/5/11;150-Old Part;NW Cor
Unnamed DANIEL;SB;*;4/16/31;48-C
Viola DANIEL;44ys;Housekeeper;*;1/12/28;-;-;-
Willie DANIEL;9mos;*;6/7/04;16-H;West Middle
Ada DANIELS;55ys;-;Sumter Co;5/31/14;48-C;NW Cor
Adaline DANIELS;93ys;-;*;2/27/23;22-G;NW Cor
Annie Mae DANIELS;55ys;*;12/18/55
Charlie DANIELS;55ys;*;7/12/36;18-H
George DANIELS;77ys;*;9/27/54
Henry DANIELS;74ys;-;*;5/4/22;2-G;SW Cor
Josephene DANIELS;40ys;-;*;12/16/14;3-F;SW Cor
Keith DANIELS;3ys;*;1/10/59
Lucius DANIELS;5mos;*;7/19/13;Public
Lula DANIELS;65ys;*;7/21/45
I/O Martin DANIELS;1y;*;8/15/09;3-A;NE Cor
Minnie DANIELS;48ys;*;9/11/33;48-KK
I/O P.H. DANIELS;SB;*;11/25/05;142-Old Part;Southern
Porter DANIELS;73ys;-;*;6/3/26;6-JJ;SE Cor
Porter DANIELS,JR;52ys;*;8/23/29;51-KK
Sherman DANIELS;60ys;*;1/22/52
Viola DANIELS;44ys;Housewife;*;1/10/28;3-A;-
I/O C.L. DARDEN;4ds;*;2/14/11;41-F;W Middle
Infant Clay DARDEN;2mos;*;9/5/09;41-F;SW Cor
J.C. DARDEN;4mos;*;11/12/16;41-F;NW Cor
Lucy DARDEN;30ys;Housekeeper;*;7/13/03;41-F;SE Cor
Nora DARDEN;26ys;-;*;5/8/06;41-F;NE Cor
I/O Susie Bell DARDEN;SB;*;10/27/18;41-F;NW Cor
Fred DAVENPORT;33ys;-;*;1/20/23;47-JJ;SW Cor
Abraham DAVIS;70ys;Ruth Alley, Thomasville GA;12/2/39;48-RR
Ada L. DAVIS;35ys;*;2/3/52
Amela DAVIS;53ys;Housewoman;*;10/14/08;13-I;W Middle
Annie May DAVIS;-;-;Jacksonville FL;10/8/18;58-Old Part;-
Ben DAVIS;80ys;-;*;5/21/14;Public
Bessie DAVIS;42ys;*;1/23/42
Beulah M. DAVIS;-;Alabama;4/16/36;4-KK
Cary DAVIS;34ys;-;*;12/15/25;18-J;SE Cor
Chaney DAVIS;81ys;None;*;2/18/28;4-KK;-
Charley DAVIS;19ys;-;*;10/17/23;49-HH;SW Cor
Charley DAVIS;32ys;-;*;6/28/27;27-I;SW Cor
Clara C. DAVIS;66ys;*;1/11/42
Eliza DAVIS;46ys;-;*;1/28/12;2-C;NW Cor
Ernestine DAVIS;2ys7mos;*;6/26/51
Ethel DAVIS;41ys;*;2/4/34;__-I
Eugene DAVIS;25ys;Laborer RR;*;12/11/06;Public
Francis DAVIS;55ys;-;*;12/4/08;Public
I/O Gennie DAVIS;SB;*;5/7/05;SB;Public
I/O Gennie DAVIS;SB;*;8/13/06;Public
Gladys DAVIS;25ys;Washington DC;7/13/37;52-DD
Hamp DAVIS;41ys;Carpenter;*;7/21/07;39-I;NW Cor
Henry DAVIS;102ys;-;*;2/1/29;14-I;-
Ida DAVIS;63ys;*;4/6/58
Jake DAVIS;36ys;-;*;6/28/27;2-DDD;SE Cor
James DAVIS;SB;*;6/1/27;72-D;NE Cor
Jane DAVIS;70ys;-;*;11/13/28;
I/O Jesse DAVIS;PB;*;5/26/10;Public
I/O Jessie DAVIS;SB;*;7/6/09;Public
Johnnie Joann DAVIS;2ys;*;8/17/54
Katie Cutts DAVIS;53ys;-;*;9/8/24;25-H;NW Cor
Louisa DAVIS;60ys;*;6/3/47
Lucinda DAVIS;95ys;*;1/19/34;Commons
Lucinda DAVIS;37ys;*;8/11/50
Lucious DAVIS;48ys;*;10/28/51
Mackerline DAVIS;53ys;*;8/14/40
Mary DAVIS;2ys;*;8/24/35;50-LL
Mary DAVIS;71ys;*;4/26/54
Mattie May DAVIS;4ys;*;4/13/26;4-KK;SE Cor
Mazie DAVIS;37ys;-;*;3/26/23;44-D;SE Cor
Minnie DAVIS;18ys;-;*;9/3/12;5-D;SE Cor
Ned DAVIS;95ys;-;*;7/4/27;Old Part;NW Cor
Norris William DAVIS;69ys;*;10/11/33;7-F
I/O Panolia DAVIS;SB;*;11/16/08;Public
Richard DAVIS;39ys;Carpenter;*;5/23/08;39-I;W Middle
I/O Richard DAVIS;SB;*;11/23/03;71-Old Part;North Middle
Ross DAVIS;-;-;*;2/24/25;Paupers Lot
I/O Sarah DAVIS;SB;*;7/11/16;Public
Unnamed DAVIS;SB;*;5/29/37;26-G
I/O Viola DAVIS;SB;*;1/24/08;Public
Virgil DAVIS;-;-;2/-/36;Commons
Willie DAVIS;47ys;*;8/9/38;52-DD
Willie J. DAVIS;70ys;*;6/26/32;116-Old Cemetery
Kelly DAWSEY;58ys;*;12/7/56
Mersie DAWSEY;23ys;-;*;6/1/12;31-B;Middle
Beula DAWSON;30ys;-;*;5/8/23;160-Old Part;-
I/O Ed DAWSON;SB;*;8/16/13;Public
Edward DAWSON;63ys;*;1/5/51
James DAWSON;48ys;Carpenter;*;1/6/11;36-B;SE Cor
Lewis DAWSON;62ys;-;*;2/6/13;4-D;SE Cor
Willie W. DAWSON;17 or 77ys;*;10/7/43
Josiphene DAY;-;-;bd 6/20/46
I/O Moses DAY;SB;*;bd 3/2/03;Public
I/O Moses DAY;-;*;3/8/04;Public
I/O Lucious & Lucile DEAL;-;-;*;4/22/19;48-AA;NE Cor
Rushin Bell DECKS?;26ys;-;*;7/6/17;8-B;SW Cor
John DELMAN;66ys;*;7/25/36;25-G
Cora DEMPSEY;25ys;-;*;11/15/21;51-GG;NE Cor
Mathew DEMPSEY;32ys;-;*;4/6/12;15-I;NW Cor
London DENARD;75ys;-;*;8/11/13;Public
Rosa DENARD;-;-;*;5/9/19;14-F;NE Cor
Peter DENEGALL;78ys;-;*;12/25/10;7-E;East Middle
Annie L. DENKINS;20ys;-;Pittsburgh PA;10/9/18;45-A;NE Cor
Annie Bell DENMARK;-;-;*;9/8/16;31-I;NW Cor
I/O Laura DENMARK;3ds;*;11/30/08;Public
C/O Lovie DENMARK;7mos;*;3/26/05;Public
Shade DENMARK;70ys;Laborer;*;9/10/05;31-I;W Middle
Ann DENNARD;39ys;-;*;1/25/19;49-AA;NW Cor
Mollie DENNARD;40ys;-;Albany GA;8/30/18;18-H;SW Cor
Annie DENSON;60ys;-;*;10/7/24;12-E;SE Cor
Carrie DENSON;40ys;-;*;6/23/11;1-A;NW Cor
Carrie DENSON;52ys;*;2/15/40
Eliza DENSON;27ys;-;*;5/11/08;17-E;SE Cor
Fletcher DENSON;35ys;-;Sumter Co;12/23/11;Public
Homer DENSON;27ys;Farmer;*;4/11/05;42-G;SW Cor
Janie DENSON;59ys;*;12/12/38;42-G
Josh DENSON;60ys;Laborer;*;8/4/28;1-A;-
Rufus DENSON;35ys;*;9/12/42
Willie George DILLARD;4mos;*;12/30/11;Public
Amos DINKINS;21ys;-;*;7/30/15;33-_;NE Cor 
Mrs. Vikie DINKINS;51ys;-;*;5/29/18;48-A;NW Cor
Willie Bell DINKINS;10ys;*;6/6/14;48-A;NW Cor
Albert Thomas DISMUKE;13ys;-;Plains GA;1/8/18;15-A;NE Cor
J.H. DISMUKE;49ys;Merchant;*;8/21/05;15-A;SW Cor
Joseph H. DISMUKE;17ys;-;Hartford CN;7/22/18;15-A;NE Cor
Elbert Head DISMUKES;11mos;*;4/8/03;96-Old Cemetery;SW Cor
Oceola DISMUKES;52ys;Newark NJ;8/18/31;15-A
I/O Alice DIVINE;SB;*;6/7/13;4-E;SE Cor
Angeline DIXON;50ys;-;*;6/15/17;Public
Mrs. Annie DIXON;47ys;-;*;7/7/17;25-B;NW Cor
Beecham DIXON;50ys;-;Jacksonville FL;9/21/25;30-E;NE Cor
I/O Beecham DIXON;4mos;*;1/17/15;30-E;NW Cor
Corine DIXON;28ys;-;*;11/30/13;127-Old Part;-
Eliza DIXON;60ys;-;*;11/24/12;36-I;NW Cor
Emma DIXON;54ys;-;*;4/15/18;30-E;NW Cor
Genie DIXON;27ys;-;*;11/25/10;128-Old Part;SE Cor
I/O Genie DIXON;SB;*;11/21/10;128-Old Part;-
Hettie DIXON;90ys;-;*;11/7/06;Public
J.M. DIXON;66ys;Atlanta GA;9/2/36;36-I
Rev. J.R. DIXON;50ys;Minister;Plains GA;10/5/16;25-D;SE Cor
Julious DIXON;-;-;*;11/10/19;30-E;NW Cor
Liza DIXON;35ys;Housewoman;*;9/15/07;30-E;SW Cor
Lou DIXON;54ys;-;*;6/14/15;128-Old Part;-
Mattie DIXON;56ys;Atlanta GA;5/20/38;3-C
Mattie Lou DIXON;7ds;*;3/26/23;30-E;NW Cor
Nettie DIXON;23ys;-;*;4/5/06;Public
Ronelia DIXON;80ys;Wrightsville GA;10/21/31;16-A
Sylva DIXON;32ys;-;*;1/26/12;39-G;W Middle
Willie DIXON;35ys;-;Jacksonville FL;2/25/12;25-D;-
I/O William DODGE;SB;*;10/30/20;19-A;NE Cor
Anna L. DODSON;38ys;*;8/8/47
Cleveland DODSON;54ys;*;10/9/52
Daisy DOE;-;-;*;9/18/19;Public
Viola DONALDSON;8mos;*;8/28/09;4-I;SW Cor
George DOREIS;64ys;*;2/9/48
Fred Wade DORMAN or DONNAN;65ys;-;*;8/26/23;16-G;NW Cor
Anna DORSEY;55ys;-;*;6/12/06;Public
Annie P. DORSEY;78ys;*;2/9/51
Mrs. Carrie DORSEY;56ys;-;*;12/28/15;47-A;NE Cor
S/O Charley DORSEY;2ys;*;10/2/09;30-F;East Middle
Clarence DORSEY;22ys;*;11/9/53
Elbert DORSEY;72ys;*;7/13/31;10-A
Eli DORSEY;65ys;Laborer;*;1/19/11;31-B;SW Cor
Henry DORSEY;-;-;*;3/17/19;61-__;-
J. Barney DORSEY;61ys;*;10/1/53
Lewis DORSEY;10mos;*;8/16/04;Public
Mattie DORSEY;34ys;-;*;3/18/20;48-HH;NE Cor
Mattie DORSEY;24ys;-;*;12/29/25;6-AA;SE Cor
Oliver DORSEY;41ys;Laborer;*;12/14/05;39-F;NW Cor
Patience DORSEY;65ys;-;*;2/24/18;73-Old Part;-
Sallie F. DORSEY;24ys;*;6/3/37;27-G
Unnamed DORSEY;SB;*;6/23/34;49-GG
Unnamed DORSEY;SB;*;10/4/38;49-GG
Unnamed DORSEY;SB;*;2/20/43
Alice DOTSON;46ys;*;8/27/51
Annie Lou DOUGLAS;28ys;-;Calhoun Co GA;9/3/24;19-A;SE Cor
Eddie DOUGLAS;-;-;*;2/24/20;Public
Edwin DOUGLAS;3ds;*;2/6/39;5-EEE
Julia DOUGLAS;-;-;*;7/29/22;19-A;NE Cor
I/O Lou E. DOUGLAS;1wk;*;12/11/08;Public
Mittie DOUGLAS;53ys;*;8/1/29;48-CC
Unnamed DOUGLAS;SB;*;5/14/34;Commons
Prcilla DOWARD;-;-;*;12/7/22;47-II;SW Cor
Christine DOWDELL;58ys;*;4/24/30;45-JJ
Crawford B. DOWDELL;55ys;*;bd 11/1/46
Elizabeth DOWDELL;100ys;-;*;3/5/26;69-D;SE Cor
Eva DOWDELL;23ys;-;*;2/13/17;46-I;NW Cor
Hattie DOWDELL;57?ys;Pittsburgh PA;4/4/42
Joseph DOWDELL;82ys;-;*;7/15/22;45-JJ;SE Cor
Joseph DOWDELL;30ys;-;*;8/17/26;6-C;SW Cor
Lula DOWDELL;53ys;*;9/19/30;6-CCC
Mattie DOWDELL;27ys;-;Hartford CN;9/29/18;39-G;NE Cor
I/O Peter DOWDELL;7mos;*;5/16/09;20-Old Part;South Middle
Riley Dean DOWDELL;4ys;*;11/14/18;Public
Will DOWDELL;56ys;*;12/2/29;85-The Old
Wilson _. DOWDELL;68ys;*;11/30/40
George DOWMAN;-;-;Nashville TN;7/11/16;15-G;SE Cor
Eugene DOZIER;-;-;*;12/2/18;45-HH;NW Cor
Eugene DOZIER Removal;33ys;*;8/14/30;45-HH
Francis DOZIER;80ys;*;1/18/48
Katie W. DOZIER;46ys;*:4/6/57
Johnnie L. DRANES;7ds;*;7/19/41;Commons
Mary DREW;105ys;*;10/11/03;Public
Wallace DRIGGAS (DRIGGERS?);63ys;*;10/30/50
Infant Lilian DRUMRIGHT;-;*;7/10/25;Pauper Lot
Marthan DRUMRIGHT;47ys;-;*;12/9/15;Public
Otis DRUMRIGHT;26ys;-;*;11/2/27;Commons
Cap DUDLEY;28ys;-;*;10/20/18;1-C;SE Cor
Doris May DUDLEY;23ys;*;5/6/43
Edward H. DUDLEY;30ys;-;*;4/5/21;72-Old Cemetery;-
Fannie DUDLEY;40ys;Housewoman;*;11/28/04;6-I;SW Cor
I/O Fannie DUDLEY;SB;*;1/15/04;Public
Georgiana DUDLEY;46ys;-;*;1/22/24;24-C;NW Cor
Hannah DUDLEY;-;-;*;11/8/11;72-Old Part;-
I/O Joe DUDLEY;SB;*;3/15/04;Public
Joe M. DUDLEY;52ys;-;*;10/16/10;72-Old Part;E Middle
Chump DUGAN;50ys;-;*;8/10/25;Pauper
Arlene DUKES;5mos;*;11/24/44
Warren DUMAS;0;*;4/24/34;Commons
O.B. Cecil DUNCAN;85ys;*;11/24/53
Patsey DUNEGOUL?;-;-;*;5/30/20;32-_;NW Cor
F.T. DUNN;PB;*;4/9/16;28-C;NE Cor
Lafayette DUNN;2ys;*;8/21/05;Public
I/O Will DUNN;SB;*;3/3/17;28-B;NW Cor
Louise DUPREE;59ys;*;4/21/52
Norman DUPREE;64ys;*;1/7/39;1-CCC
Unnamed DUPREE;SB;*;11/9/24;35-D;NE Cor
Aaron DURHAM;83ys;Laborer;*;5/4/08;8-A;W Middle
Ada DURHAM;20ys;-;*;10/26/06;7-A;NW Cor
Anna DURHAM;49ys;-;*;2/4/29;51-II;-
Catherine DURHAM;24ys;*;2/8/05;Public
Dock DURHAM;56ys;*;9/9/40
Ely DURHAM;46ys;*;3/14/38;8-A
Mildred DURHAM;2ys;*;4/16/25;45-A;SW Cor
Mrs. Rosetta DURHAM;78ys;-;*;12/28/16;8-A;SE Cor
C/O Sam DURHAM;8mos;*;5/19/05;Public
Samuel DURHAM;24ys;-;*;4/9/24;51-II;NW Cor
Zack DURHAM;60ys;-;*;5/5/26;51-JJ;NW Cor
Inez DURRAH;60ys;*;3/26/39;45-AA
Rosa Belle DURRAH;33ys;*;8/30/31;45-A
Wyatt DYE;-;*;12/25/54
Burton EARNEST;42ys;Tuskegee AL;12/27/57
Julia EASOM;90ys;-;*;5/7/21;40-F;SW Cor
Amanda EASON;78ys;*;3/18/44
B/O Joe EASON;6mos;*;5/25/04;36-H;SW Cor
I/O Joe EASON;SB;*;10/30/04;36-H;SW Cor
Mary EASON;80ys;Housekeeper;*;9/17/03;16-B;NE Cor
Will EASON;70ys;*;12/12/47
Lula EDGEWORTH;68ys;Orlando FL;11/28/54
Will EDWARD;35ys;-;*;8/30/15;3-B;-
George EDWARDS;20ys;-;*;10/4/23;51-FF;NW Cor
Henry EDWARDS;51ys;*;9/30/43
Henry EDWARDS;66ys;*;8/31/55
Jacob EDWARDS;65ys;Laborer;*;5/19/06;149-Old;W Middle
Joe EDWARDS;-;*;12/15/33;Commons
Louise EDWARDS;2ys;*;8/25/33;143-Old Cemetery
Mary EDWARDS;85ys;-;Hartford CN;12/6/28;48-Old Part;-
I/O Pearl EDWARDS;SB;*:12/22/09;Public
S.F. EDWARDS;25ys;Miami FL;6/13/51
Susie EDWARDS;65ys;-;*;6/4/21;3-B;SW Cor
Taylor EDWARDS;75ys;-;*;5/15/18;41-I;NE Cor
I/O Will EDWARDS;2mos;*;2/17/10;117-Old Part;NW Cor
Georgia ELDRIDGE;22ys;-;Columbia AL;9/30/07;37-A;NW Cor
Josephine ELDRIDGE;1d;*;7/10/20;47-GG;SE Cor
Margurite ELDRIDGE;21ds;*;1/19/30;48-DD
Susan ELDRIDGE;46ys;-;*;10/25/20;47-GG;SW Cor
Unnamed ELDRIDGE;PB;*;10/11/24;47-GG;SE Cor
Willie Lou ELDRIDGE;19ys;-;*;9/22/06;Public
I/O Mose ELLIOTT;3ds;*;6/7/07;87-Old;West Middle
Cicero ELLIS;93ys;Fireman;*;8/7/03;2-H;NW Cor
Ed ELLIS;-;-;Tallahassee FL;6/26/13;42-Old Part;-
Ed ELLIS;80ys;-;*;8/7/23;50-Old Cemetery
Eliza ELLIS;80ys;-;*;8/12/16;44-Old Part;-
Emily ELLIS;78ys;Housekeeper;*;12/19/04;50-Old Part;W Middle
Eugene ELLIS;45ys;-;*;6/24/18;45-CC;NE Cor
Jim ELLIS;82ys;Blacksmith;*;11/11/09;41-Old Part;SW Cor
John Rufus ELLIS;50ys;-;*;10/29/27;39-D;SE Cor
Maria ELLIS;60ys;Housewoman;*;8/20/06;2-H;E Middle
Mattie ELLIS;45ys;-;*;10/15/23;29-F;SE Cor
Mitchel ELLIS;85ys;Retired;Bainbridge GA;1/1/18;44-Old Part;-
Rosetta ELLIS;68ys;Cleveland OH;12/4/33;39-D
Willie ELLIS;13ys;*;4/28/05;Public
I/O Roberta ELLISON;SB;*;12/10/14;41-C;NE Cor
Mandy EMANUEL;98ys;-;*;5/29/25;52-JJ;NE Cor
Rebecca ENGLISH;-;-;*;6/8/19;Public
Annie Bell ESTER;21ys;*;9/18/36;26-G
Cora ESTER;53ys;*;9/21/34;19-H
Eliza F. ESTES;-;Clay Co GA;2/25/39;50-FF
David EVANS;40ys;*;5/16/31;Commons
Isiah William EVANS;70ys;*;3/14/48
John EVANS;60ys;*;1/29/52
Lois EVANS;3mos;*;6/7/04;Public
Mary EVANS;58ys;*;bd 7/19/46
Savannah EVANS;31ys;-;*;7/7/23;48-JJ;NW Cor
Unnamed EVANS;SB;*;4/8/31;24-I
Unnamed EVANS;SB;*;1/22/34;4-BBB
Unnamed EVANS;5hrs;*;9/11/50
Unnamed EVANS;5hrs;*;10/1/50
Frank EVERET;79ys;*;7/17/30;25-C
John EVERET;30ys;*;7/8/30;21-D
Gus EVERETT;50ys;*;4/19/32;47-GG
Hattie EVERETT;65ys;*;12/10/36;25-C
Johnny EVERETT;3mos;*;4/12/27;47-GG;NE Cor
Robert Chas. EVERETT;1y;*;2/22/45
Ruth EVERETT;22ys;Hayne, Detroit;8/13/45
Sarah EVERETT;35ys;*;10/15/29;47-GG
Silvia EVERETT;68ys;*;10/3/04;48-Old Part;SE Cor
Nellie Lee FARLOW;1y;*;9/24/04;22-Old Part;E Middle
Edgar FARRIS;-;-;*;5/3/20;35-H;NW Cor
Oscar FARRIS;-;-;*;bd 4/14/14;35-H;NW Cor
Zack FARRIS;55ys;-;*;4/25/14;35-H;SW Cor
John FASON;22ys;-;*;1/4/15;Public
Doolie? FEAGIN;54ys;*;12/2/56
Eva Hooks FEAGIN;71ys;*;10/28/56
James Edward FEAGIN;41ys;*;8/31/51
Sam FEATS;21ys;Laborer;*;12/27/05;5-I;SW Cor
Ada B. FELTON;24ys;-;*;6/27/07;17-D;E Middle
Ambram FELTON;59ys;-;*;2/4/29;__-A;-
Ed FELTON;35ys;Laborer;*;5/15/05;9-H;SW Cor
Flossie FELTON;9mos;*;5/22/07;17-D;NE Cor
Henrietta FELTON;56ys;*;5/19/33;13-D
Lizzie FELTON;67ys;*;3/6/48
Mack FELTON;44ys;-;*;2/27/08;Public
Monroe FELTON;58ys;Laborer;*;5/21/28;130D;NE Cor
Viola Hart FELTON;62ys;*;3/31/33;1-EEE
Annie Laura FENCH;1y;*;10/21/15;Public
Mary FENCH;39ys;*;11/29/56
Nancy FENCH;58ys;-;*;11/2/10;Public
Clarence FERGUSON;-;-;*;6/7/20;49-CC;NW Cor
Mary FERGUSON;48ys;*;9/29/41
Peter FERGUSON;-;-;*;7/24/19;49-CC;NW Cor
Peter FERGUSON,JR;55ys;Statesboro GA;2/7/57
Richard FERRIS;-;Savannah GA;6/21/33;2-AAA
I/O B.W. FIELDS;1mo;*;7/23/10;34-D;E Middle
I/O Bose FIELDS;SB;*;8/17/09;34-D;SE Cor
Hannah FIELDS;66ys;*;3/20/40
Inez FIELDS;74ys;*;4/13/55
Mary FIELDS;53ys;-;*;5/14/18;45-AA;NW Cor
Samuels FIELDS;80ys;*;2/27/55
Tabby? FIELDS;SB;*;5/21/23;34-D;SW Cor
I/O Anna FLETCHER;SB;*;9/19/07;Public
Catherine FLETCHER;78ys;-;*;5/2/12;Old Part;-
Frank FLETCHER;47ys;Laborer;*;7/7/09;Public
Joe FLETCHER;75ys;-;*;8/31/10;Public Lot;Old Part
Leila FLETCHER;20ys;Housewoman;*;2/16/06;158-Old Part;NW Cor
I/O Leila FLETCHER;PB;*;12/3/05;170-Old Part;NW Cor
Loretta FLETCHER;-;? DE;8/21/55
Will FLETCHER;50ys;*;3/12/34;61-Old Cemetery
Robert FLEWELLEN;70ys;*;1/29/40;Commons
Paul W. FLINT;57ys;*;1/21/46
Wesley FLINT;90ys;-;*;2/28/12;Public
Bivins FLOYD;-;-;bd 1/11/49;Commons
Unnamed FLOYD;SB;*;9/22/25;35-D;NE Cor
Edward N. FLYNCH;65ys;GSS Milledgeville GA;5/27/29;47-MM
Unnamed FOLKS;0;*;12/2/32;6-A
Clifford FORD;70ys;-;*;10/17/14;12-A;SE Cor
Ella FORD;-;-;*;9/10/21;2-F;NE Cor
Fannie FORD;7ys;*;3/12/04;21-F;West Middle
I/O Henrietta FORD;5wks;*;7/29/03;21-F;West Middle
J.D. Smith FORD;22ds;*;2/18/40;Commons
J.L. FORD;2mos;*;12/26/06;5-I;NE Cor
Robert FORD;38ys;Tuskegee AL;7/25/32;12-G
Sam FORD;15ds;*;8/11/27;2-BBB;SE Cor
Annie FOREMAN;55ys;-;*;10/16/12;15-Old Part;-
Green FOREMAN;65ys;Drayman;*;8/12/11;14-Old Part;NE Cor
James FOREMAN;50ys;Miami FL;1/28/46
Bertha Kate FOREST;5ys;*;11/1/12;28-E;Middle
Chas. May FOREST;2ys;*;7/2/12;Public
Bedford FORREST;58ys;*;3/14/30;Commons
Mollie FORREST;38ys;-;*;5/12/12;Public
Amy FORRESTER;110ys;Housekeeper;*;11/16/03;Public
Sanford FORT;25ys;-;Council GA;1/20/15;Public
Charley FOSTER;60ys;-;*;8/28/23;2-BBB;SE Cor
Henderson FOSTER;68ys;*;1/12/58
I/O Jenie FOSTER;6 1/2hrs;*;11/12/29;14-F
Jessie FOSTER;43ys;*;6/29/42
Jonnie B. FOSTER;11ds;*;2/7/05;Public
Juanita FOSTER;67ys;*;10/13/56
Lula FOSTER;12ys;Macon GA;6/15/05;85-Old Part;E Middle
Major Bell FOSTER;25ys;-;*;1/2/25;47-EE;NE Cor
C/O Mary FOSTER;18mos;*;7/22/03;Public
Mrs. Mattie FOSTER;56ys;-;*;3/31/09;14-F;W Middle
May FOSTER;60ys;*;7/13/44
Rosetta FOSTER;23ys;*;5/28/39;5-JJJ
Thomas FOSTER;-;-;*;4/23/20;__-F;NW Cor
Tobe FOSTER;52ys;*;9/17/38;3-S
Viney FOSTER;-;-;*;5/7/18;Public
Anthony FOY;73ys;-;*;3/6/14;103-Old Part;-
Beatrice FRANKLIN;1 1/2ds;*;2/14/37;38-G
Bertha FRANKLIN;38ys;Macon GA;6/5/33;47-KK
Charlie FRANKLIN;2ys;Albany GA;9/9/12;39-G;NW Cor
Elizabeth FRANKLIN;50ys;-;Sumter Co;4/2/10;39-H;NW Cor
Ellen FRANKLIN;70ys;*;4/9/50
Eugene O. FRANKLIN;64ys;*;10/13/56
Gus FRANKLIN;66ys;Laborer;*;11/16/28;70-Old Cemetery
I/O Gus FRANKLIN;4ds;*;10/27/11;Public
Lizzie FRANKLIN;59ys;*;9/27/47
Lizzie FRANKLIN;70ys;*;7/12/58
Losa FRANKLIN;47ys;*;6/6/52
C/O Maggie FRANKLIN;7mos;*;3/7/07;Public
I/O Napoleon FRANKLIN;-;* 6/22/04;39-G;SW Cor
C/O Napoleon FRANKLIN;2ys;Albany GA;7/13/07;39-G;W Middle
I/O Napoleon FRANKLIN;-;*;9/25/16;39-G;NE Cor
Napoliner (Napoleon?) FRANKLIN;50ysl-;*;7/17/24;38-__;SE Cor
Rhodie FRANKLIN;76ys;*;4/30/43
W.F. FRANKLIN;6ds;*;2/16/30;8-C
Willie FRANKLIN;1 1/2hrs;*;9/1/32;Commons
Carrie FRANKLYN;-;-;*;6/3/12;Public
Charley FRANKLYN;22ys;-;*;3/16/25;47-KK;SW Cor
Erwin FRANKLYN;-;-;*;10/28/19;42-A;NE Cor
Michie FRANKLYN;34ys;-;Chicago IL;3/15/25;38-G;NE Cor
Sarah FRASIER;80ys;*;2/2/03;Public
Mrs. Charity FRAZIER;52ys;-;*;12/5/22;4-AAA;SE Cor
Charley FRAZIER;13ys;-;*;4/2/17;47-H;NE Cor
Dan FRAZIER;80ys;*;10/22/29;4-CCC
Emory FRAZIER;-;*;7/1/50
I/O Frances FRAZIER;SB;*;7/12/15;Public
Jessie FRAZIER;30ys;-;Augusta Ga;12/4/21;47-H;SE Cor
Lucious FRAZIER;-;-;*;6/5/22;23-B;NW Cor
Unnamed FRAZIER;SB;*;7/3/22;47-H;SW Cor
Zack FRAZIER;51ys;*;9/1/51
Lula FREDRICK;70ys;*;12/14/31;Commons
Eliza FREEMAN;90ys;-;*;11/26/12;162-Old Part;-
John FREEMAN;-;*;bd 12/14/45
Mamie FREEMAN;52ys;*;6/8/33;Old Cemetery
Mary FREEMAN;85ys;*;12/20/38;Commons
Mamie S. FRENCH;34ys;-;*;4/12/21;20-A;SW Cor
Mollie FRIER;51ys;*;10/8/34;1-HHH
William Nathaniel FUDGE;4mos;*;9/19/16;8-C;SE Cor
Infant York FULLAR;0;*;4/15/35;Commons
I/O Alice FULLER;SB;*;7/22/12;17-E;Middle
I/O Frank FULLER;SB;*;5/31/35;Commons
Johnnie FULLER;SB;*;2/12/40;Commons
Mary FULLER;65ys;-;*;7/12/12;17-E;Middle
Willie Paul FULLER;2ys;*;4/14/33;41-H
Elnora FURLOW;54ys;Laborer;*;12/30/28;2-MM;-
Eugene FURLOW;37ys;Laborer;Atlanta Ga;7/23/28;2-MM;E Cor
Infant Eugene FURLOW;18mos;*;8/19/09;22-Old Part;E Middle
G.W. FURLOW,JR;-;-;McRae GA;2/21/15;23-F;Midway
I/O Genie FURLOW;2wks;*;3/1/10;21-Old Part;E Middle
Martha FURLOW;44ys:Housework;*;2/16/05;39-I;SW Cor
Mae Francis FUSE;14ys;*;12/23/31;7-DDD
Cheney GAINER;-;-;*;1/14/19;Public
Dennis GAINER;63ys;-;*;6/1/25;Pauper
C/O J.G. GAINER;2ys;*;5/17/26;19-E;SE Cor
Mary Cooper GAINER;50ys;-;*;8/10/22;51-EE;NE Cor
Elisabeth GAINES;20ys;Jersey City NJ;12/28/33;48-MM
Estel M. GAINES;2ys;*;4/14/11;Public
George GAINES;45ys;Laborer;*;11/16/06;12-D;SE Cor
Judia GAINES;-;-;Valdosta GA;4/5/21;50-FF;SW Cor
B/O Minnie GAINES;2ys;*;5/23/08;12-D;SE Cor
Mollie GAINES;50ys;*;12/30/33;21-C
Cornelia GAINOR;78ys;*;2/1/30;Commons
Hattie Mae GAINS;49ys;*;7/31/35;24-D
Ella GANT;8mos;*;5/11/03;26-C;NW Cor
I/O John GANT;5mos;*;6/22/09;Public
Paralee GANTT;61ys;*;4/4/38;26-C
Nicola GARDIN;6ds;*;12/23/58
Hannah GARDINER;68ys;*;10/15/44
Mrs. Patsie GARDNER;78ys;-;*;9/13/17;Public
Seaborn GARDNER;45ys;Hotel Waiter;*;2/17/07;2-H;SW Cor
Vennie GARFIELD;32ys;-;Welch WV;4/6/16;43-A;NW Cor
Carrie GARNER;73ys;-;*;1/20/18;4-H;SW Cor
Lizzie GARNER;60ys;*;1/24/31;2-G
Josephine GARNOR;69ys;*;5/12/53
Mack GARRETT;30ys;*;4/14/05;Public
Robert T. GARVES;15ys;*;2/10/45
I/O D.G. GAS;SB;*;7/13/04;84-Old Part;SE Cor
Dan GASS;60ys;Atlanta GA;1/30/46
Thelma GASS;3mos;*;11/12/05;Public
Rafe GATE;40ys;*;12/27/35;45-G 
George GATES;25ys;*;10/11/39;7-E
Julia GATEWOOD;87ys;Ashby St, Americus;1/13/43
Westley GAULB;58ys;Alaquippa PA;11/19/40
Mrs. Ann GIBSON;70ys;-;*;4/10/17;33-F;NE Cor
Eddie Lee GIBSON;56ys;*;9/25/56
James GIBSON;35ys;-;*;10/27/22;50-H;NW Cor
John GIBSON;75ys;-;*;8/28/17;33-F;SE Cor
Lula GIBSON;44ys;*;1/17/53
Shade GIBSON;58ys;*;12/16/34;__-LL
Mrs. Susie GIBSON;80ys;-;*;1/13/16;31-G;NW Cor
Unnamed GIBSON;SB;*;9/15/43
Clara GIDDENS;35ys;-;*;5/11/12;2-D;SE Cor
I/O Charles GILBERT;2mos;*;10/22/11;11-G;SE Cor
Laura GILBERT;36ys;-;*;5/13/26;19-H;SW Cor
Pauline GILBERT;5ys;*;1/22/11;37-B;SE Cor
Simon GILFORD;-;*;2/2/55
IS/O Mary Lou GILMORE;5ds;*;9/16/18;Public
I/O Ben GIPSON;SB;*;4/14/34;51-FF
Herschel GIVANG;6ys;*;10/5/04;Public
C/O Ed GIVINS;1y;*;8/9/12;2-D;SE Cor
Baby GIST;PB;*;10/14/20;47-Old;SE Cor
Jessie GLADE;60ys;*;7/22/58
I/O Bowman GLASCOW;1d;*;11/18/04;Public
Georgia GLASCOW;40ys;-;*;1-/31/12;33-C;NE Cor
I/O J.A. GLASCOW;1mo;*;1/17/08;33-C;SW Cor
Unnamed GLASS;9hrs;*;6/10/34;Commons
Emma GLAZE;-;-;*;7/9/19;4-Old Part;-
Gabrial GLAZE;26ys;-;*;8/25/12;Public
Mr. Henry GLAZE;70ys;Cotton Sampler;*;7/10/16;48-Old Part;-
John Lee GLEN;7ys;*;2/24/37;52-DD
Mollie GLEN;65ys;*;10/14/43
Solomon GLEN;65ys;*;6/17/36;3-III
Amy GLENARD;90ys;-;*;1/17/09;Public
James GLENN;24ys;-;*;1/31/23;Pauper Lot
Jerry GLENN;42ys;*;3/8/47
Lee GLENN;22ys;-;*;1/11/24;Pauper
Alrena GLOVER;-;*;5/30/47
Emily GLOVER;70ys;-;*;1/6/10;27-F;W Middle
Mrs. Lou Eversin GLOVER;70ys;-;*;4/16/15;Public
Mollie GLOVER;-;-;*;8/4/19;46-AA;NW Cor
Moses GLOVER;60ys;-;*;4/20/26;46-AA;NE Cor
Sonnie GLOVER;65ys;-;*;8/5/08;138-Old Part;NE Cor
Willie GLOVER;52ys;*;4/6/54
Unnamed GOBER (GOOBER?);SB;*;2/28/44
Francis GODFREY;33ys;-;*;11/9/27;Commons
Amy GOLDEN;80ys;-;*;7/29/15;Public
Lewis GOLDEN;65ys;-;*;7/11/15;Public
Willie Lee GOLLOR;7ds;*;6/13/11;15-E;W Middle
Eugene GOOLEDGE;17ys;-;*;10/15/07;Public
Rev. J.D. GORDON;50ys;Preacher;*;7/31/28;46-A;-
Unnamed GORDON?;SB;*;2/5/43
I/O Arthur GORMAN;SB;*;5/17/04;32-G;E Middle
Jake GORY?;36ys;*;5/23/44
Hattie GOWINS;23ys;Housewife;Birmingham AL;4/20/07;18-D;NE Cor
Emma GRAHAM;49ys;Maryville TN;bd 12/28/46
Tyrie GRAHAM;32ys;-;Macon Ga;6/14/13;34-D;NE Cor
Cornelia GRANT;38ys;Housewoman;*;12/3/05;Public
Flora GRANT;40ys;-;Jacksonville FL;10/4/08;54-Old Part;W Middle
Peggie GRANT;-;-;*;6/14/12;18-H;SW Cor
Emmett GRAY;12ys;*;10/30/04;Public
Florence GRAY;21ys;-;*;1/16/29;5-D
James Daughn? GRAY;1y;*;3/21/34;2-BBB
Mary GRAY;70ys;Atlanta GA;1/18/34;12-H
Mattie R. GRAY;18ys;*;9/11/33;2-BBB
I/O Minnie GRAY;-;*;10/11/25;20-D;SE Cor
William GRAY;17mos;*;8/2/14;41-C;NE Cor
J.B. GREATHEART;7ys;*;2/13/05;28-C;SW Cor
Joseph GREATHEART;33ys;New York --;3/26/39;28-C
Nancy I. GREATHEART;50ys;-;Atlanta Ga;3/8/25;28-C;SW Cor
Rev. P.H. GREATHEART;60ys;Minister;Cuthbert Ga;3/31/26;28-CC;SE Cor
Raymond E. GREATHEART;14ys;-;Savannah GA;12/19/09;28-C;W Middle
Alex GREEN;50ys;Laborer;*;12/16/06;Public
Alice GREEN;62ys;*;11/30/35;49-A
Archie GREEN;65ys;-;*;9/17/24;14-I;NW Cor
Burrell GREEN;60ys;-;*;8/23/13;46-C;NE Cor
I/O Charles GREEN;1y;*;7/4/04;Public
Charlie GREEN;70ys;*;11/21/45
Earnest GREEN;52ys;*;8/4/45
I/O Mrs. Evelynn GREEN;SB;*;2/25/17;42-Old Part;-
C/0 Gennie GREEN;8mos;*;3/13/07;Public
C/O George GREEN;10mos;*;10/21/06/;6-G;NE Cor
George Lee GREEN;8ys;*;8/29/10;6-G;E Middle
I/O Girta GREEN;0;*;2/7/10;9-G;SE Cor
Jennie GREEN;53ys;*;3/24/44
Joe GREEN;70ys;-;*;5/3/12;35-C;NE Cor
Joe GREEN;24ys;-;*;1/4/14;46-D;NW Cor
I/O Joe GREEN;SB;*;7/23/07;99-Old Part;-
Joe GREEN,JR;2mos;*;5/9/15;46-C;NW Cor
I/O John GREEN;SB;*;7/28/12;34-I;NW Cor
I/O John GREEN;0;*;9/23/18;47-AA;NW Cor
Laura A. GREEN;65ys;*;10/24/30;14-I
Lillie M. GREEN;49ys;-;*;6/3/12;42-D;NE Cor
Lucy GREEN;28ys;-;DeSoto Ga;12/9/28;Old Part Cemetery
Lula GREEN;58ys;*;6/1/31;48-MM
I/O Margaret GREEN;0;*;9/20/25;Commons
Maria GREEN;94ys;-;*;2/16/07;15-D;NW Cor
Marie GREEN;14ys;-;*;11/20/09;35-E;W Middle
Mary L. GREEN;18ys;*;10/5/31;24-I
Mattie H. GREEN;52ys;*;5/12/36;2-E
Mildred GREEN;6ys;*;1/11/52
Minnie GREEN;25ys;-;*;2/10/24;13-I;SW Cor
Richard GREEN;2ds;*;10/14/50
Sallie GREEN;42ys;Housewife;*;6/24/08;35-E;SW Cor
Sarah GREEN;65ys;Housewoman;*;8/13/09;11-B;NE Cor
Susie Mae GREEN;29ys;Jacksonville FL;8/7/56
Thornton GREEN;1 1/2ys;*;6/16/03;Public
Unnamed GREEN;SB;*;5/17/43
Unnamed GREEN;8hrs;*;6/17/52
Will GREEN;33ys;-;*;12/1/14;41-C;NE Cor
William GREEN;48ys;Laborer;*;9/4/07;27-E;SW Cor
Alvin GREENE;2ys;*;8/10/18;47-AA;NW Cor
Israel GREER;25ys;RR Laborer;*;5/19/03;Public
Isaac GRICE;85ys;-;*;11/14/14;Public
Celia GRIFFIN;-;-;*;4/1/22;45-HH;SW Cor
Celia GRIFFIN Removal;64ys;*;8/14/30;45-HH
Clem GRIFFIN;26ys;Laborer;*;12/25/06;22-F;SW Cor
Edith GRIFFIN;-;-;*;4/15/19;22-F;NW Cor
Emma GRIFFIN;63ys;*;7/26/41
Gyles GRIFFIN;68ys;-;*;8/29/18;22-H;SE Cor
Milly GRIFFIN;41ys;Housewife;*;7/7/07;9-A;NE Cor
Mozell GRIFFIN;41ys;Albany GA;2/24/58
Samuel GRIFFIN;69ys;Detroit MI;9/11/30;9-A
Thos. J. GRIFFIN;51ys;*;2/25/48
Winnie GRIFFIN;60ys;-;*;4/18/14;5-I;SW Cor
Unnamed GRIMES;SB;*;bd 7/4/46
Martin GRINTON;65ys;Blacksmith;*;10/22/05;Public
Simpson GRISWOOD;69ys;Cotton Sampler;*;3/23/10;8-D;NW Cor
Ben GUERRY;35ys;-;*;1/25/17;Public
Lizzie GUERRY;-;-;*;3/31/13;6-A;SE Cor
I/O Mrs. Marie GUERRY;0;*;4/18/17;59-Old Part;-
Mollie GUERRY;55ys;*;4/6/37;51-FF
Mary L. GUEST;24ys;Cordele GA;5/12/31;18-B
Fed GUENNEL;51ys;*;5/14/52
George HAGINS;56ys;*;3/19/34;47-E
Buster HALEY;16ys;-;*;12/17/22;Pauper
Madison HALIBURTEN;61ys;*;11/21/54
Hill HALL;51ys;Laborer;*;7/14/28;46-A;?
J.H. HALL;55ys;M.E. Preacher;Dawson GA;10/18/11;40-C;SW Cor
Rev. Jerry H. HALL;77ys;*;9/1/55
B/O Lewis HALL;SB;*;12/2/17;6-B;SE Cor
Mr. Luther HALL;100ys;-;*;12/24/17;48-I;NW Cor
Mahel E. HALL;51ys;Aliquippa PA;4/16/52
Queen V. HALL;52ys;*;5/15/51
Rosa Lee HALL;67ys;*;2/19/58
Sarah HALL;30ys;-;*;12/15/26;42-A;NE Cor
W.F. HALL,JR;7mos;*;1/28/07;10-A;NW Cor
Wesley HALLEY;58ys;*;1/31/56
Thos. HAMILTON;40ys;-;Macon Ga;7/7/11;2-E;SW Cor
Leroy O. HAMMOND;60ys;*;11/30/56
Fannie HAMMONS;49ys;-;*;8/29/18;Public
Albert HAMPTON;-;-;*;4/20/20;48-DD;NE Cor
Charles HAMPTON;23ys;Laborer;*;11/4/03;Public
Harp HAMPTON;57ys;Barber;*;12/30/16;39-H;SE Cor
I/O Hop HAMPTON;PB;*;6/22/10;39-H;E Middle
Mrs. Mollie HAMPTON;65ys;-;*;3/27/17;38-Old Part;-
C/0 Peter HAMPTON;1mo;*;9/24/03;Public
Susie HAMPTON;3mos;*;6/5/04;39-G;SE Cor
Lizzie HARDWICK;60ys;*;3/12/58
Price HARDWICK;4ys;*;11/3/09;26-E;W Middle
B/O Will HARDY;3mos;*;8/31/06;6-F;SW Cor
Wm. HARDY;45ys;-;*;5/24/16;6-F;SW Cor
I/O Mary HARGO;5wks;*;4/29/05;Public
Mrs. Ella HARGROVE;56ys;-;*;9/26/17;29-__;SE Cor
Jeskit HARGROVE;24ys;-;*;1/9/10;Public
Lizzie L. HARGROVE;36ys;*;4/22/32;51-HH
Luther HARGROVE;53ys;*;1/4/35;47-KK
Martha Esta HARGROVE;4mos;*;12/13/21;51-HH;SW Cor
Unnamed HARGROVE;SB;*;12/30/43
Warlenia HARGROVE;5mos;*;5/17/10;Public
Mrs. John HARGROVES;38ys;Housewife;*;12/9/06;Public
Lillie May HARGROVES;2ys;*;10/27/07;Public
Ada HARMON;22ys;-;Smithville GA;8/7/12;35-I;NW Cor
Frances HARMON;53ys;*;1/23/41
Argene HARRINGTON;23ys;*;6/29/33;21-G
Edward HARRINGTON;66ys;*;1/2/53
Andrew HARRIS;56ys;*;11/15/39;19-__
Andrews HARRIS;45ys;*;8/17/53
Angeline HARRIS;45ys;Columbus --;7/9/53
Annie E. HARRIS;30ys;-;*;8/1/08;15-D;E Middle
Arthur HARRIS;38ys;Barber;*;10/17/08;31-D;NE Cor
Ben HARRIS;55ys;-;*;5/28/26;19-Old Part;-
I/O Burrell HARRIS;SB;*;10/10/13;19-A;SE Cor
C.W. HARRIS;-;-;*;12/28/22;19-Old;SW Cor
Cora HARRIS;57ys;*;10/13/56
Debbie HARRIS;1d;*;12/2/51
Rev. Dennis HARRIS;65ys;-;Macon GA;5/19/12;42-E;NE Cor
Dorthrine HARRIS;1mo10ds;*;4/15/15;Public
Eliza HARRIS;43ys;Fairfield AL;7/19/38;49-KKK
Eugene George HARRIS;-;*;5/22/55
Frank HARRIS;-;*;8/30/34;Commons
Henry HARRIS;56ys;*;12/17/30;2-G
Hesta HARRIS;65ys;*;1/30/44
Hollis HARRIS;-;*;5/28/33;Commons
Ida HARRIS;45ys;-;*;3/21/18;27-A;SE Cor
J.W. HARRIS;33ys;Laborer;Birmingham AL;12/17/07;15-E;SE Cor
John T. HARRIS;69ys;*;5/26/58
Julia May HARRIS;14mos;*;9/2/11;Public
Laura HARRIS;8mos;*;10/2/14;41-C;-
Lofton HARRIS;46ys;*;6/24/36;Commons
Lulu HARRIS;40ys;-;*;9/28/13;18-D;SW Cor
I/O Lulu HARRIS;6mos;*;9/29/13;18-D;SW Cor
Mark HARRIS;-;-;*;1/9/22;Public
Matthew HARRIS;58ys;*;4/3/05;41-G;W Middle
Mattie HARRIS;46ys;*;10/15/29;Old Cemetery
Millie HARRIS;20ys;Servant;*;11/13/03;26-H;East Middle
Patsy Anna HARRIS;72ys;*;2/17/46
I/O Pearl HARRIS;SB;*;Public
Peggie HARRIS;86ys;*;1/10/57
Peggy M. HARRIS;102ys;*;3/12/38;19-A
Rufus HARRIS;-;-;*;8/11/20;39-D;NE Cor
Ruthie Lee HARRIS;3mos;*;7/21/14;35-E;NE Cor
Sandy HARRIS;75ys;Laborer;*;3/4/28;62-Old Part;-
I/O Sheppard HARRIS;7ds;*;2/4/10;25-E;SE Cor
T.H. HARRIS;31ys;-;*;7/29/24;19-Old Cemetery;-
I/O T.H. HARRIS;SB;*;7/26/18;18-Old Part;-
I/O T.H. HARRIS;-;-;*;10/29/19;69-Old Part;-
Viola HARRIS;26ys;*;2/19/36;19-E
Walter HARRIS;11mos;*;3/6/03;13-Old Part;East Middle
William HARRIS;2ys;*;12/10/05;119-Old Part;NW Cor
I/O Willie HARRIS;7ds;*;10/16/12;Public
Willie Ellis HARRIS;29ys;-;*;6/18/11;39-D;SE Cor
C.H. HARROLD;72ys;*;1/27/53
Fred HARROLD;31ys;-;*;7/28/20;46-G;NW Cor
Joe HARROLD;25ys;Laborer;*;6/14/10;Public
Mamie Lee HARROLD;25ys;-;*;7/13/09;Public
Albert HART;-;-;*;1/27/22;51-GG;NW Cor
I/O Alice HART;0;*;4/4/12;Public
Anthony HART;60ys;*;6/10/33;50-BB
Edsman? HART;-;-;*;1/13/19;1-C;SE Cor
Elizabeth HART;56ys;*;11/1/58
Emma HART;36ys;-;*;1/27/27;22-I;-
Emma HART;66ys;*;6/24/58
Joseph HART;-;-;*;8/25/21;51-GG;SE Cor
Katherine HART;79ys;-;*;4/7/24;51-GG;NE Cor
Laura HART;-;-;*;9/29/19;41-Old Part;-
Lou HART;85ys;*;4/18/29;13-A
Lucy HART;70ys;*;11/30/33;Commons
Mat HART;60ys;-;*;11/8/17;__-A;not lay off
Robert HART;8mos;*;6/9/08;Public
I/O Terry HART;0;*;10/15/17;41-Old Part;-
Tom HART;-;-;*;12/21/12;Public
Unnamed HART;PB;*;3/23/39;41-H
Unnamed HART;PB;*;7/1/40
Unnamed HART;SB;*;7/18/40
Willie Alfred HART;6ds;*;1/17/26;48-HH;NE Cor
Wilson HART;70ys;-;*;6/28/14;Public
Unnamed HARTON;SB;*;10/30/34;47-__
I/O Callie HARVEY;-;*;2/2/05;Public
Cliff HARVEY;-;Augusta GA;4/5/51
Edward HARVEY;-;-;*;6/20/14;Public
Emmett HARVEY;40ys;-;Woodlawn PA;2/4/20;47-B;NE Cor
I/O Emmett HARVEY;SB;*;4/24/09;Public
Mrs. Emeline HARVEY;65ys;-;*;6/5/15;46-G;NW Cor
Fate HARVEY;70ys;*;1/2/45
George HARVEY;47ys;*;6/3/39;Commons
James HARVEY;51ys;-;*;2/23/26;2-AAA;SE Cor
Jennie HARVEY;30ys;-;*;7/8/14;47-B;NE Cor
Jennie HARVEY;85ys;-;*;8/4/23;48-B;NW Cor
John HARVEY;41ys;-;*;4/17/25;27-D;NE Cor
King HARVEY;-;*;3/25/40
Martin HARVEY;52ys;-;*;11/28/10;*-A;SW Cor
Mary Jane HARVEY;72ys;-;*;9/1/16;49-E;NW Cor
I/O Mattie HARVEY;SB;*;8/1/08;Public
Millie HARVEY;-;-;*;9/5/21;Public
Minnie HARVEY;72ys;*;8/25/41
Rosco HARVEY;20ys;-;Jackson MI;11/16/22;3-AAA;SE Cor
I/O Rufus HARVEY;2ys;*;9/9/13;12-I;SW Cor
Thomas HARVEY;60ys;Laborer;*;10/17/28;46-H;-
Unnamed HARVEY;SB;*;6/28/51
Unnamed HARVEY;SB;*;3/30/52
Virginia HARVEY;13mos;*;9/27/13;47-B;NW Cor
Walter HARVEY;28ys;-;*;3/8/26;25-GG;NE Cor
Wesley HARVEY;54ys;-;*;11/2/27;49-H;-
Willie HARVEY;30ys;-;*;3/9/20;46-HH;NE Cor
Fronie HASHLEY;59ys;-;*;8/25/11;Public
Willie HASKIN;33ys;*;2/19/35;__-JJJ
Unnamed HASTAGE (HARTAGE?);0;*;8/11/54
Bernice Mae HAWKINS;4ys;*;1/14/47
Bolton HAWKINS;9wks;*;3/22/03;16-C;SW Cor
Dorothy Ann HAWKINS;5mos;*;12/29/44
Ella HAWKINS;55ys;-;*;6/18/10;26-A;NW Cor
Mrs. Emma HAWKINS;51ys;-;*;4/24/16;50-B;NW Cor
Geo. HAWKINS;70ys;-;*;7/31/20;27-D;NE Cor
George HAWKINS;45ys;-;*;5/15/18;21-C;SE Cor
I/O George HAWKINS;-;*;8/30/09;21-C;SE Cor
Green HAWKINS;72ys;*;2/23/37;26-A
Hilba Mae HAWKINS;1 1/2ys;*;bd 1/15/47
Lizzie HAWKINS;64ys;*;2/5/33;27-D
M.C. HAWKINS,JR;4ys;Macon GA;9/30/07;16-C;South side
Martin HAWKINS;79ys;*;12/6/36;Commons
Willis HAWKINS;56ys;*;4/16/54
Ella HAYES;53ys;*;10/29/58
Frank HAYES;-;Fitzgerald GA;6/11/57
Henry HAYES;50ys;Tuskegee AL;4/7/50
Johnnie HAYES;44ys;*;6/13/51
I/O Minnie HAYES;SB;*;8/11/12;6-B;SE Cor
Strother HAYES;36ys;-;*;1/17/20;Public
Willie B. HAYES;27ys;*;1/8/31;45-JJ
Charlie HAYNE;49ys;*;1/29/35;__-LL
Dennis HAYNES;100ys;*;1/3/50
Lula HAYNES;70ys;*;11/22/39;119-Old Part
Mariah HAYNES;47ys;Housewoman;*;3/6/05;-;-;-
Mary Lizzie HAYNES;33ys;*;5/25/49
Walter E. HAYNES;23ys;Baltimore MD;bd 7/28/46
I/O Callie HEARD;3ys;*;1/6/14;Public
Henry HEART;2ys;*;12/29/25;18-J;SE Cor
Ella HEAVINGSTON;-;-;*;3/25/19;11-D;SE Cor
Francis HEMINGWAY;30ys;*;6/23/29;Commons
Adeline HENDERSON;-;-;*;9/4/20;no number-Old Part;-
Clarence HENDERSON;24ys;-;*;7/26/15;9-A;SW Cor
George HENDERSON;24ys;-;*;5/5/22;10-A;NW Cor
Henry HENDERSON;3mos;*;4/5/15;39-F;NW Cor
Henry HENDERSON;57ys;-;*;5/27/15;10-A;SW Cor
I/O Henry HENDERSON;1d;*;8/16/07;39-F;W Middle
James HENDERSON;40ys;-;*;6/24/06;40;Public;-
Jessie Pearl HENDERSON;47ys;*;7/18/51
Matilda HENDERSON;73ys;*;2/18/48
Rosa HENDERSON;49ys;-;*;9/22/25;10-A;SE Cor
Unnamed HENDERSON;SB;*;12/10/24;Pauper
Unnamed HENDERSON;SB;*;6/4/36;4-AAA
Versie HENDERSON;36ys;*;4/26/45
Liddie HENON;64ys;*;3/24/35;__-EEE
Edna HENRY;64ys;*;7/5/42
Moses HENRY;60ys;-;*;9/12/20;25-A;NE Cor
Moses HENRY,JR;62ys;*;11/6/55
Sarah HENRY;42ys;-;*;11/30/06;Public
T. HENRY;40ys;-;*;8/16/24;1-D;SE Cor
Fred HENSON;64ys;Tuskegee AL;12/18/54
Unknown HEWEL;PB;*;7/1/24;47-EE;NW Cor
Marzel HEYWOOD;3ys;*;5/30/16;47-Old Part;-
Willie HICKEY;22ys;Laborer;*;12/10/05;Public
Amanda HICKS;24ys;-;*;5/28/06;13-A;SE Cor
Charlie HICKS;76ys;*;1/24/43
Eliza HICKS;-;-;*;7/22/26;31-E;NW Cor
Francis HICKS;27ys;Cook;*;9/13/08;37-I;NW Cor
Henry Louis HICKS;4 1/2mos;Jacksonville FL;4/10/28;5-G;NE Cor
Lucy HICKS;44ys;-;*;3/28/26;Commons
Mary Frances HICKS;11wks;*;5/27/21;51-FF;SW Cor
Millie HICKS;65ys;Washerwoman;Sumter Co;11/7/15;49-D;-
Newton HICKS;41ys;-;*;6/12/15;47-G;NW Cor
I/O Rodolphus HICKS;6ds;*;10/10/04;Public
Willie Ed HICKS;8mos;*;2/21/03;Public
Ida HIGDON;-;*;7/1/33;Commons
Unnamed HIGGINBOTHEM;2ds;*;4/3/24;23-E;SE Cor
I/O Dave HIGGINS;1wk;*;10/30/04;Public
B/O George HIGGINS;4mos;*;5/29/07;39-F;South
Henry HIGGINS;6mos;*;9/22/06;Public
I/O Mattie HIGGINS;SB;*;7/29/08;Public
Alevia HIGHTOWER;28ys;-;Lakeland FL;6/27/10;36-A;SW Cor
Fannie HIGHTOWER;77ys;*;9/13/36;10-Old Cemetery
George HIGHTOWER;85ys;Laborer;*;7/13/07;11-H;NW Cor
James HIGHTOWER;65ys;-;*;7/14/12;5-B;-
Rebecca HIGHTOWER;70ys;-;*;12/12/09;5-B;NE Cor
Alice Roberts HILL;58ys;*;2/6/48
Allen HILL;33ys;New York;8/13/45
Andrew HILL;55ys;*;3/17/42
Bertha HILL;Stuart FL;6/19/40 (John L. Barnum explanatory note)
Carrie HILL;28ys;Smithville GA;4/4/05;35-G;W Middle
Carrie HILL;55ys;Hartford CN;6/15/29;20-A
Chester HILL;44ys;*;2/8/42
Essie HILL;45ys;*;3/1/44
Eugene HILL;42ys;*;2/17/32;Old Cemetery
Haris HILL;26ys;-;*;5/23/27;__-I;in old part
I/O Hattie HILL;1hr;*;5/21/04;34-T;E Middle
Henry HILL;55ys;*;9/18/30;2-E
I/O Howard B. HILL;2mos;*;10/19/09;12-D;West Middle
James HILL;-;-;Hartford CN;10/4/20;20-A;SW Cor
James HILL;13ys;-;*;7/4/25;Paupers Lot
James B. HILL;-;-;*;2/3/26;1-B;NE Cor
Jas Arthur HILL;15mos;*;10/19/11;35-F;South side
Johnnie Lee HILL;22ys;*;1/1/43
Judia HILL;89ys;-;*;7/1/08;7-B;SE Cor
I/O L.B. HILL;SB;*;8/18/03;34-F;Western
I/O L.B. HILL;-;*;7/17/06;35-F;SW Cor
Liger Bright HILL;92ys;*;2/2/55
Lou HILL;61ys;*;2/11/36;35-F
Louis HILL;Newark NJ;9/12/35;34-F
Lucy R. HILL;55ys;*;7/2/42
Mrs. Martha HILL;83ys;-;*;4/6/15;1-D;SW Cor
Millie HILL;90ys;-;Sumter Co;8/31/10;34-F;E Middle
I/O Misssouri HILL;1mo;*;8/15/03;Public
North Anna HILL;69ys;-;*;4/10/24;42-D;SE Cor
Rachel HILL;80ys;-;*;1/2/23;41-D;NW Cor
Robert HILL;57ys;*;10/25/54
Sarah HILL;87ys;-;*;8/12/05;22-H;SW Cor
T.A. HILL;24ys;-;*;4/22/12;42-D;NE Cor
Unnamed HILL;3ds;*;11/3/45
Wesley HILL;90ys;-;*;2/21/11;Public
Marthina HILLSMAN;13mos;*;2/28/16;49-G;NW Cor
Annie R. HILSON;18ys;-;*;11/22/16;41-B;NE Cor
Minnie HINSON;55ys;*;9/17/35;5-CCC
Annie HINTON;28ys;-;*;11/26/13;45-E;NW Cor
Eavilla HINTON;35ys;Atlanta GA;12/12/54
John F. HINTON;4mos;*;10/9/13;30-F;NW Cor
Della HOBBS;-;-;3/18/49
Alice HODGE;70ys;*;10/15/34;45-BB
Carrie HODGE;54ys;*;4/11/44
I/O Frank HODGE;SB;*;4/8/14;18-E;SW Cor
Lottie HODGE;22ys;*;4/3/38;3-KKK
John HOGES;0;*;11/2/35;-
Florine HOLCOMB;47ys;-;DeSoto GA;6/24/28;6-H;-
Henry HOLLAND;75ys;-;8;5/10/09;74-Old Part;NW Cor
Lorena Barnum HOLLAND;58ys;*;8/29/36;36-C
Charlie HOLLAWAY;52ys;*;10/14/52
Winn HOLLINS;69ys;*;3/22/56
Collins HOLLIS;35ys;House servant;*;5/8/16;33-A;NE Cor
I/O Collins HOLLIS;9mos;*;7/18/12;33-A;-
Ella White HOLLIS;20ys;-;*;7/3/26;5-FF;NE Cor
Georgia A. HOLLIS;3ys;*;9/20/15;Public
Homer Lee HOLLIS;-;-;*;8/15/22;Public burial
Lovie HOLLIS;59ys;*;1/27/33;25-H
Susie Lee HOLLIS;39ys;*;5/7/43
Zilla HOLLIS;-;-;*;8/7/22;Public burial
Ben HOLLOWAY;19ys;Convict;*;6/9/06;Public
Nelson HOLLOWAY;55ys;Laborer;*;7/28/06;20-D;NE Cor
Willie HOLLOWAY;35ys;-;*;10/21/17;Public
Mary HOLLY;-;-;*;2/18/22;Section laid out by Wheatley city Engineer
  # not given
Thomas HOLLY;55ys;-;*;8/15/27;2-AAA;SW Cor
Annie HOLMES;-;-;*;12/26/22;35-D;SW Cor
Henry HOLMES;35ys;-;*;9/26/11;Public
Huldy HOLMES;40ys;Housewife;*;8/24/05;21-A;W Middle
Johnnie B. HOLMES;38ys;Cordele GA;7/2/38;Commons
Julia HOLMES;60ys;-;*;12/11/13;41-C;NE Cor
Louis HOLMES;68ys;Laborer;*;2/23/06;Public
Robert HOLMES;32ys;-;*;12/30/10;27-Old Part;E Middle
Annie Linn HOLSEY;-;-;*;12/17/21;17-B;NW Cor
Mollie HOLSEY;49ys;-;*;3/29/12;18-B;NE Cor
Harriett HOLT;45ys;-;Pennsylvania;2/4/20;49-C;NW Cor
Willer HOLT;30ys;-;*;7/12/14;49-C;NE Cor
Haxie HOOKS;75ys;-;Sumter Co;8/26/07;14-C;SW Cor
Henry HOOKS;74ys;Laborer;*;4/14/08;Public
Henry HOOKS;59ys;*;10/13/44
James M. HOOKS;33ys;-;Atlanta GA;12/23/13;11-D;SW Cor
John HOOKS;90ys;Farmer;Sumter Co;3/5/08;14-C;W Middle
Melissa HOOKS;66ys;-*;3/17/13;30-D;Middle
Inez HOPKINS;60ys;*;4/15/54
Lizzie HOPKINS;57ys;-;Savannah GA;4/3/09;23-G;NW Cor
Dwight Barrie HORNE;7mos;*;2/29/52
Hodge Flint HORNE;41ys;Lakeland FL;1/6/42
I/O J.H. HORNEY;3ys;*;7/20/10;7-C;NE Cor
Ada HOSKINS;53ys;*;10/28/31;68-Old Part
Alice HOUSER;36ys;*;3/24/48
Unnamed HOUSER;30mins;*;9/2/41
Vega Bell Ivers HOUSTON;28ys;*;8/4/42
Aurelia HOWARD;36ys;-;*;4/6/06;Public
Bessie HOWARD;33ys;-;*;5/29/11;Public
Cap HOWARD;60ys;*;6/19/55
Celia HOWARD;58ys;-;*;11/14/13;46-D;NW Cor
Charlie HOWARD;75ys;*;4/17/40
George HOWARD;44ys;-;*;1/31/11;Public
Ida HOWARD;30ys;-;*;7/9/14;46-D;NE Cor
Johnnie L. HOWARD;2mos;*;5/8/45
Leila HOWARD;33ys;-;*;2/5/27;45-D;NE Cor
I/O Mary HOWARD;12hrs;*;5/25/04;Public
Paul HOWARD;72ys;*;9/8/47
Silas HOWARD;70ys;-;3/19/49
I/O Silas HOWARD;SB;*;5/15/05;Public
Una HOWARD;63ys;*;6/3/56
Unnamed HOWARD;15ds;*;6/30/55
Will Frank HOWARD;2ys;*;8/19/15;Public
Eddie HUBBARD;48ys;*;6/12/39;75-Old Cemetery
I/O Mrs. Hattie HUBBARD;7ds;*;1/7/15;41-C;NE Cor
I/O Ruth HUBBARD;SB;*;5/10/37;Commons
Sam HUBBARD;6mos;*;3/13/31;51-EE
Will HUBBARD;1y;*;3/27/18;4-B;SE Cor
David HUDSON;25ys;-;*;9/24/06;Public
Henry HUDSON;31ys;-;*;6/29/14;41-C;-
Mool? HUDSON;70ys;*;5/21/44
Rosetta HUFF;53ys;-;*;6/14/20;48-H;NE Cor
Mary Weona HUGELEY;9mos;*;5/2/06;31-C;SW Cor
Wm. H. HUGELEY;2ys;*;4/3/10;31-C;W Middle
Ellen HUGHES;87ys;*;10/13/38;33-I
Emma HUGHES;58ys;*;2/2/57
Mingo HUGHES;31ys;Laborer;12/30/06;33-I;W Middle
Lucious HUGHS;27ys;-;Atlanta GA;7/7/23;51-EE;NW Cor
Georgia Lee HUMBER;29ys;*;11/8/39;32-A
Aline HUMPHRY;19ys;Housewoman;9/26/05;Public
James HUMPHREY;18ys;-;*;5/23/10;9-D;E Middle
Mary HUMPHREY;17ys;-;*;3/14/09;9-D;SE Cor
John HUNT;47ys;*;bd 12/26/43
Lem HUNT,SR;45ys;*;7/16/52
Peter HUNT;60ys;-;*;9/23/10;Public
Josephine HUNTER;2ys;*;6/13/04;Public
Sarah HUNTER;40ys;Washerwoman;*;9/5/04;Public
Terrel HUNTER;81ys;Laborer;*;6/6/05;Public
Ray HURSURE;15ys;-;Box Spring GA;7/3/10;18-E;W Middle
Amanda IDLETT;-;-;*;1/1/21;18-D;SW Cor
David IDLETTE;53ys;*;5/3/53
Olias INGRAM;60ys;-;*;9/22/14;Public
Harriet IVERSON;80ys;-;*;3/18/10;Public
Johnnie May IVERSON;-;-;*;5/27/24;45-AA;SW Cor
Solomons IVERY;60ys;County Jail;1/22/40;Commons
Arthur F. JACKMAN;-;Savannah GA;bd 8/1/45
Alice JACKSON;56ys;*;4/4/32;35-B
Alizabet JACKSON;22ys;-;*;10/12/26;45-CC;NW Cor
Andrew JACKSON;49ys;Laborer;*;5/29/03;Public
Andrew JACKSON;70ys;-;*;4/17/14;Public
Ann JACKSON;90ys;-;*;1/10/10;2-B;SE Cor
Ardela JACKSON;40ys;*;4/30/30;50-II
Bob JACKSON;65ys;-;*;2/12/12;42-Old Part;-
Carrie JACKSON;67ys;*;10/10/50
Cary JACKSON;51ys;Carpenter;*;6/1/10;40-H;W Middle
Cook JACKSON;68ys;-;*;11/24/18;Public
Ella JACKSON;60ys;*;2/7/31;47-FF
Emily JACKSON;83ys;-;*;9/6/20;47-FF;SE Cor
F.C. JACKSON;12ys;*;5/14/05;4-F;-
Gloria Genner JACKSON;3ds;*;9/6/54
Gunice Mae JACKSON;39ys;*;12/14/50
Harriett JACKSON;65ys;-;*;1/25/06;29-I;SW Cor
Henry JACKSON;23ys;-;CO Chain Gang;2/26/19;49-M;SE Cor
Henry JACKSON;52ys;*;3/24/53
Herbert JACKSON;50ys;*;12/22/52
Ida JACKSON;60ys;-;*;3/2/21;Pauper
Ida M. JACKSON;30ys;*;10/20/47
James A. JACKSON;5mos;*;1/11/57
Jane JACKSON;51ys;-;*;1/16/23;4-F;NW Cor
Jim JACKSON;80ys;-;*;1/28/10;Public
C/O John JACKSON;7ys;-;*;5/24/12;26-B;Middle
John J. JACKSON;85ys;-;*;5/6/11;35-B;SW Cor
John W. JACKSON;5mos;*;4/12/09;12-I;SE Cor
Julia JACKSON;75ys;Atlanta GA;5/13/35;29-B
Lillie M. JACKSON;44ys;*;5/5/44
Lillie Mae Ballard JACKSON;38ys;5/24/54
Lizzie JACKSON;60ys;*;12/17/31;Commons
Loretta JACKSON;2 1/2mos;*;12/11/56
Lou JACKSON;58ys;-;*;7/14/25;46-GG;NE Cor
Madison JACKSON;80ys;Laborer;*;3/26/09;Public
Margarett JACKSON;30ys;Laborer;*;Public
Mary JACKSON;27ys;Servant;*;11/28/04;Public
Ola JACKSON;22ys;-;*;7/20/06;37-I;W Middle
Prod JACKSON;6mos;*;9/27/04;24-Old Part;N Middle
Rachel JACKSON;34ys;-;*;9/8/09;35-D;SE Cor
Rosylin JACKSON;4ys;*;6/4/57
Samuel JACKSON;-;-;*;8/15/21;12-II;SW Cor
Sidney JACKSON;48ys;-;Albany GA;8/1/08;2-G;NE Cor
I/O Tom JACKSON;6mos;*;2/6/06;37-I;SE Cor
Unnamed JACKSON;SB;*;5/22/27;Conveys (Commons?)
Unnamed JACKSON;SB;*;8/8/36;25-G
Unnamed JACKSON;SB;*;4/13/41
Will JACKSON;22ys;Tailor & Presser;*;7/10/05;29-B;SE Cor
Will JACKSON;62ys;*;7/8/38;Commons
Willie JACKSON;82ys;-;*;11/5/06;78-Old Part;W Middle
Mrs. Willie Lee JACKSON;27ys;-;*;7/28/21;51-GG;NW Cor
Howard JACSON;66ys;*;7/20/51
I/O Alice JAKIN;SB;*;4/3/12;Public
Eveline JAMES;60ys;Housework;*;2/22/03;Public
Frances JAMES;39ys;Milledgeville GA;10/17/54
Francis JAMES;65ys;Housewoman;*;6/6/05;24-H;E Middle
Janie JAMES;-;-;*;4/15/19;9-C;SW Cor
Oscar JAMES;67ys;Atlanta GA;6/25/51
Willie JAMES;4mos;*;11/23/05;118-Old Part;NW Cor
R.C. JARIGAN?;9mos;*;5/29/35;12-G
Eliz Thomas JEFFERSON;20ys;*;8/27/45
Jane JEFFERSON;78ys;Cook;*;3/12/05;28-B;SE Cor
Jennie JEFFERSON;75ys;*;1/6/41
B/O Mabel JEFFERSON;SB;*;3/18/28;Commons
Malinda JEFFERSON;90ys;-;*;1/19/24;Pauper
Mary JEFFERSON;37ys;-;*;11/7/23;57-Old Part;NE Cor
Nal JEFFERSON;75ys;-;*;9/16/10;28-B;E Middle
Rufus JEFFERSON;71ys;-;*;9/16/22;1-H;SE Cor
Wm. JEFFERSON;65ys;Laborer;*;9/14/03;Public
Albert JENKINS;80ys;-;*;3/14/13;Public
Ann JENKINS;83ys;Housewife;*;10/10/07;35-C;SW Cor
Annie JENKINS;38ys;-;Detroit MI;3/13/25;48-KK;SW Cor
Elizabeth JENKINS;75ys;Housekeeping;*;5/21/03;Public
Hilyard JENKINS;2ys;*;10/3/17;Public
Ida JENKINS;45ys;-;*;7/18/07;Public
I/O Jesse JENKINS;SB;*;11/3/03;Public
John JENKINS;42ys;-;*;7/3/09;35-C;W Middle
Laura JENKINS;48ys;-;*;3/22/16;19-H;SW Cor
Mary Edna JENKINS;90ys;Knoxville TN;1/17/41
Sim JENKINS;68ys;-;*;11/27/11;35-C;-
Will JENKINS;45ys;-;Cobb GA;8/17/14;Public
Oscar JENNINGS;35ys;-;*;8/5/25;6-KK;NE Cor
Willie JENNINGS;55ys;*;7/18/50
I/O Charley JERNIGAN;0;*;9/28/06;Public
Gloria JERNIGAN;3ys;*;1/31/53
B/O Henry JESSIE;11mos;*;12/6/06;6-I;SE Cor
John Robert JEWELL;47ys;*;1/31/53
Laura JINKINS;75ys;*;10/18/38;Commons
Anna JOHNSON;35ys;-;*;7/12/14;49-B;NE Cor
Anna B. JOHNSON;42ys;-;*;11/27/28;Commons
Annie Clara JOHNSON;1mo;*;11/7/55
Ben JOHNSON;57ys;*;6/3/31;2-D
Ben JOHNSON,JR;SB;*;1/11/26;3-KK;NE Cor
Berdie JOHNSON;6ds;*;11/18/23;62-Old Part;NE Cor
Berdie JOHNSON;40ys;-;*;12/27/23;51-EE;NE Cor
Rev. Calvin A. JOHNSON;58ys;Preacher & Farmer;*;10/17/04;13-C;SW Cor
Carrie JOHNSON;19ys;-;*;9/25/24;48-E;SW Cor
Carrie JOHNSON;57ys;*;2/9/37;48-E
Mrs. Catie JOHNSON;80ys;-;*;6/18/18;Public
Charity JOHNSON;75ys;-;*;5/31/21;Public
Charlie JOHNSON;3ys;*;12/29/09;4-B;NE Cor
Charlie JOHNSON;77ys;*;2/3/58
Clifford JOHNSON;16ys;*;12/7/36;26-G
Daisey JOHNSON;-;-;*;5/31/20;Public
Edward JOHNSON;18mos;*;8/24/09;24-D;NW Cor
Ella JOHNSON;44ys;*;10/2/30;46-HH
Ellen JOHNSON;65ys;-;*;4/1/10;37-D;NW Cor
I/O Ellen JOHNSON;3ds;*;3/23/05;Public
Emma JOHNSON;36ys;-;*;1/16/12;38-B;South side
I/O Emma JOHNSON;3ds;*;3/1/11;38-B;-
Emory JOHNSON;4mos;*;5/8/12;38-B;NE Cor
Florence JOHNSON;34ys;-;*;"date of death certificate Feb.19,1911 -
  a mistake evidently - not in this month's report"
Florence JOHNSON;20ys;-;*;10/14/25;40-A;SE Cor
Frank JOHNSON;-;-;*;3/22/19;6-A;NW Cor
I/O Frank JOHNSON;7mos;*;2/6/11;34-A;SW Cor
George JOHNSON;50ys;Laborer;*;8/23/28;7-A:-
George JOHNSON;66ys;*;6/28/51
Georgia Louise JOHNSON;53ys;*;1/16/52
Gus JOHNSON;58ys;Painter;*;2/13/10-1;E;NW Cor
Gus S. JOHNSON;26ys;*;2/16/37;8-AAA
Harrison JOHNSON;50ys;Laborer;*;12/27/28;Commons
Harry F. JOHNSON;24ys;-;*;6/17/11;30-C;NE Cor
Helen JOHNSON;22ys;-;*;10/19/16;Public
Henry JOHNSON;27ys;-;*;7/23/10;Public
James JOHNSON;5ys;*;7/12/14;34-A;NE Cor
James M. JOHNSON;38ys;*;7/15/57
I/O John JOHNSON;5ds;*;11/25/07;Public
Joseph E. JOHNSON;76ys;Lakeland FL;2/23/58
Leslie Bell JOHNSON;13ys;-;*;6/27/22;41-B;NE Cor
Lewis JOHNSON;18ys;-;*;3/22/14;48-E;NW Cor
Lewis JOHNSON;53ys;*;bd 7/22/46
Lewis JOHNSON;44ys;*;4/30/56
Lillie JOHNSON;-;-;*;6/11/22;23-B;NE Cor
Lizzie JOHNSON;25ys;-;*;10/24/18;24-D;NE Cor
Lorenzo JOHNSON;-;-;Springfield OH;4/9/17;42-E;NW Cor
Louis JOHNSON;59ys;*;5/5/37;48-E
Lucy Ann JOHNSON;40ys;Housewoman;*;11/9/04;5-G;West Middle
I/O Luther JOHNSON;PB;*;6/9/06;23-B;E Middle
Mable JOHNSON;3ys;*;12/11/08;Public
Mariah JOHNSON;45ys;-;*;6/1/08;4-G;W Middle
Mary JOHNSON;61ys;*;1/15/48
I/O Mary JOHNSON;-;*;5/2/14;34-A;NE Cor
Mary Willie JOHNSON;1y;*;5/11/06;Public
I/O Mathew JOHNSON;SB;*;6/17/12;5-C;SE Cor
Mattie JOHNSON;62ys;Ohio;3/12/44
May JOHNSON;65ys;*;12/25/55
Nancy JOHNSON;55ys;Housewoman;*;12/14/05;21-Old Part;W Middle
Ola May JOHNSON;3ys;*;5/24/14;34-A;NE Cor
Onid? JOHNSON;12hrs;*;1/10/51
Phebe JOHNSON;50ys;Housewoman;*;10/23/08;7-A;NW Cor
Puss JOHNSON;65ys;-;*;5/23/06;Public
Richard JOHNSON;34ys;-;*;7/21/16;Public
I/O Richard JOHNSON;SB;*;10/9/07;Public
Robert JOHNSON;39ys;*;5/25/29;4-DDD
Thomas JOHNSON;49ys;Laborer;Abbeville GA;8/1/05;29-H;W Middle
Unnamed JOHNSON;0;*;4/19/25;46-HH;NE Cor
Unnamed JOHNSON;SB;*;4/8/26;Commons
Unnamed JOHNSON;0;*;8/3/54
Walter JOHNSON;52ys;Tampa FL;12/3/52
Wesley JOHNSON,JR;-;Laborer;*;9/20/28;4-DDD;-
Willard Charles JOHNSON;3mos;*;1/20/54
Willie JOHNSON;60ys;-;*;9/5/17;Public
I/O Willie JOHNSON;7ds;*;9/25/04;Public
Beatrice JOINER;10mos;*;6/6/04;87-Old Part;SW Cor
Ruth JOINER;26ys;*;12/9/30;28-D
Albert JONES;53ys;-;*;8/29/16;36-G;NW Cor
Alberta JONES;22ys;-;8;4/10/09;11-D;E Middle
Arthur Clay JONES;35ys;*;8/17/54
Arthur Lee JONES;1d;*;12/1/39;34-B
Carrie JONES;-;*;6/12/52
Charley Frederick JONES;7ys;*;9/19/03;10-F;East End
Charlie JONES;50ys;*;10/26/31;48-F
Charlie JONES;0;*;5/24/32;Commons
Clifford JONES;21ys;*;7/18/29;48-CC
Ed Lucius JONES;2 1/2ys;*;11/26/04;9-F;East Middle
Ernest JONES;3ys;*;8/28/10;10-F;E Middle
Esau JONES;60ys;Laborer;*;10/26/07;Public
Eugene JONES;58ys;Detroit MI;11/13/39;7-CCC
Fred JONES;75ys;-;*;10/25/10;3-A;SW Cor
Freddie JONES;8ys;*;11/7/25;32-A;SE Cor
George Cleveland JONES;1mo;*;8/3/38;3-A
George Henry JONES;5mos;*;4/9/06;11-F;W Middle
Gilbert JONES;-;Chicago IL;3/7/48
Griffin JONES;25ys;-;Chattanooga TN;8/20/12;11-D;SW Cor
Gus JONES;23ys;-;Albany GA;7/1/12;5-E;SE Cor
Harriet JONES;70ys;-;*;10/11/17;49-J;NW Cor
Harry JONES;10ys;-;*;6/25/07;22-C;W Middle
Harry D. JONES;30ys;Atlantic City NJ;2/5/31;16-A
Harry L. JONES;4ys;Savannah GA;12/16/13;47-A;NE Cor
Herbert A. JONES;8mos;*;4/10/08;36-G;E Middle
Homer JONES;6ds;*;4/25/25/;45-II;NE Cor
Ida Bell JONES;14ys;-;*;6/21/14;22-C;Middle
J.A. JONES;73ys;Carpenter;*;11/23/04;59-Old Part;West Middle
Jakes JONES;2ys;*;2/27/08;Public
James JONES,SR;46ys;-;*;3/6/17;22-H;SW Cor
James JONES;1d;*;12/20/29;35-D
I/O Janey JONES;SB;*;1/24/22;__-Old Cemetery
Jannie JONES;6mos;*;5/15/41
Joe JONES;18ys;*;9/3/30;Commons
Joe JONES;57ys;*;12/5/40
John JONES;31ys;-;*;11/26/16;Public
John D. JONES;45ys;*;10/21/45
Johnnie JONES;-;Richland GA;7/2/57
Josephine JONES;52ys;-;Atlanta GA;1/11/12;31-Old Part;-
Josie JONES;49ys;*;2/7/37;2-III
Josie JONES;50ys;*;11/7/58
Laura JONES;80ys;*;8/1/41
Leila JONES;50ys;*;8/2/57
Leithia JONES;70ys;Housework;*;11/20/04;32-Old Part;SE Cor
Len James JONES;3ds;*;9/30/55
Lewis JONES;40ys;R.R.;*;7/15/04;Public
Lizzie JONES;52ys;*;1/14/33;45-BB
Louise JONES;72ys;-;*;12/14/08;38-Old Part;-
Mamie Lou JONES;76ys;-;*;10/29/13;59-Old Part;-
Mamie Lou JONES;27ys;*;5/3/37;36-G
Mariah JONES;62ys;*;8/27/32;5-E
Mary JONES;85ys;-;Haines City FL;6/26/19;32-A;NW Cor
Mathalin JONES;24ys;-;*;12/2/20;49-DD;SE Cor
Mattie Rose JONES;6ys;*;11/27/23;46-B;SW Cpr
Mattie Sue JONES;9mos;*;8/20/08;22-C;W Middle
May B. JONES;23ys;*;5/17/38;3-KKK
Michael JONES;61ys;-;*;8/15/27;48-F;NE Cor
Milton JONES;23ys;-;*;6/24/07;11-D;NE Cor
Minnie JONES;1y;*;12/27/06;22-C;S Side
Nathaniel JONES;11mos;*;1/12/05;22-C;SE Cor
Ned JONES;60ys;Laborer;*;4/17/05;Public
Patsie JONES;78ys;Housewoman;*;10/28/04;Public
I/O Robert JONES;SB;*;8/24/04;22-C;SW Cor
Robt JONES,SR;63ys;*;5/6/31;7-CCC
Rosa JONES;75ys;*;11/11/45
Rosietta JONES;41ys;*;3/19/38;Commons
S.L. JONES;4ds;*;4/1/36;Commons
Sam JONES;72ys;Hackman;*;1/12/07;21-C;SW Cor
I/O Sam JONES;6mos;*;11/17/07;21-C;NW Cor
I/O Sam JONES;SB;*;5/26/10;Public
I/O Sam JONES;SB;*;1/23/14;Public
Solomon JONES;70ys;-;*;9/9/25;18-J;-
Stanley Lee JONES;13hrs;*;4/11/51
Thos. B.L. JONES;12ys;-;*;12/23/13;22-C;Midway
Tom JONES;28ys;Rail Road hand;*;1/25/04;Public
Unnamed JONES;3hrs;*;10/25/43
Unnamed JONES;11mins;*;6/5/50
Unnamed JONES;5mins;*;11/27/50
Unnamed JONES;SB;*;6/27/54
Victoria JONES;77ys;Chicago IL;7/12/30;18-I
Will JONES;-;-;*;5/29/22;2-E;NW Cor
Will JONES,JR;SB;*;7/27/54
William Arthur JONES;5mos;*;7/5/53
Mrs. Willie JONES;20ys;-;*;4/10/09;31-H;W Middle
Willie P. JONES;27ys;-;Atlanta GA;11/21/12;11-D;-
Adeline JORDAN;-;-;*;3/3/22;15-E;NW Cor
Elizabeth JORDAN;15ys;*;10/16/37;49-DD
Emma JORDAN;47ys;-;*;7/16/27;6-A;SW Cor
Freddie Lee JORDAN;13mos;*;7/15/06;Public
Lula JORDAN;52ys;-;*;3/10/17;Public
I/O Lulu JORDAN;SB;*;7/15/16;Public
I/O Mamie JORDAN;SB;*;6/23/12;Public
I/O Mittie Lou JORDAN;SB;*;7/10/11;Public
Mollie JORDAN;65ys;*;4/18/31;50-HH
Sarah JORDAN;37ys;*;10/1/37;23-E
Sonnie JORDAN;35ys;-;*;12/1/14;35-Old Part;-
I/O Ula JORDAN;2ds;*;5/4/12;36-Old Part;-
Belle JORDON;49ys;*:12/3/52
Fred JORDON;50ys;Pennsylvania;11/14/55
Orie JORDON;78ys;*;9/1/57
Dwight JOSEPH;75ys;*;3/5/56
Unnamed JOSEPH;8ds;*;9/23/45
Maggie JOSEY;SB;*;9/20/43
Reta Bell JOSEY;10mos;Augusta GA;4/21/56
Unnamed JOSEY;4ds;*;7/19/42
Unnamed JOSEY;SB;*;3/25/47
Cora Delle JOWERS;-;Rockford IL;5/30/41
Emma JOYNER;69ys;*;1/28/56
Lucy KELLEY;75ys;-;*;2/4/12;57-Old Part;-
Zeilla KELLEY;35ys;*;9/2/56
Unnamed KELLOGG;SB;*;2/13/50
Elene KELLOGGS;1y;*;12/16/40
George KELLY;92ys;Laborer;*;7/24/05;128-Old Part;E Middle
Clyde KEMP;40ys;*;11/30/35;Commons
Lillie Ruth KEMP;48ys;*;5/13/57
Grace Lee KENDEN;11mos;*;9/19/37;1-D
A.C. KENDRICK;10mos;*;9/25/30;49-F
Amanda KENDRICK;68ys;-;*;6/15/26;45-A;SW Cor
I/O Carrie KENDRICK;SB;*;10/27/07;Public
I/O Carrie KENDRICK;SB;*;1/4/11;Public  
Emma Lue KENDRICK;26ys;*;4/27/35;1-KKK
L. KENDRICK;22ys;-;*;5/30/15;145-Old Part;-
Mary Ann KENDRICK;18ys;Laborer;Sumter Co;5/15/03;137-Old Cemetery;
  West Middle
Jim KENDRICKS;95ys;*;10/18/38;Commons
Carrie KENNEDY;29ys;-;*;2/8/27;4-A;SW Cor
Clarence KENNEDY;6mos;*;2/23/22;6-A;NE Cor
Ellen KENNEDY;70ys;*;3/13/44
Joe KENNEDY;41ys;*;4/23/36;2-HHH
John KENNEDY;42ys;*;3/5/40
John KENNEDY;-;Manhattan NY;-/-/48
I/O John KENNEDY;SB;*;8/14/17;6-A;SE Cor
Louise C. KENNEDY;SB;*;3/7/31;21-G
I/O Mary KENNEDY;SB;*;12/29/16;45-I;NE Cor
R.C. KENNEDY;41ys;-;*;6/10/22;45-I;SE Cor
Alice KEY;50ys;-;*;12/4/08;88-Old Part;-
C.O. KEY;3mos;*;6/27/04;14-B;NE Cor
Daisy Pearl KEY;42ys;*;7/11/51
Judson KEY;26ys;*;12/21/32;6-E
Laura KEY;64ys;-;*;9/29/06;14-E;SW Cor
Lucius KEY;27ys;RR Porter;Atlanta GA;12/7/04;14-B;E Middle
Mary Russell KEY;28ys;Housewife;*;12/29/05;14-C;E Middle
B/O Elisha KILLGO;SB;*;8/25/16;Public
I/O Josephine KIMBALL;1mo;*;9/20/06;Public
Addie Lou KIMBER;28ys;Laborer;*;7/31/28;4-EEE;-
Edna KIMBROUGH;65ys;-;*;3/10/25;9-G;NW Cor
Estella KIMBROUGH;62ys;New York NY;bd 4/25/46
Leila Dorsey KIMBROUGH;37ys;*;3/7/51
Leon KINDER;35ys;*;11/15/39;1-__
Margaret KINDER;8mos;*;4/24/39;1-D
Osick? KINDER;53ys;*;12/21/39;3-B
Bessie KING;38ys;-;*;12/31/24;52-II;NE Cor
Calvin KING;70ys;Laborer;*;1/22/04;Public
Jessica KING;44ys;*;5/26/56
Mrs. Madison KING;65ys;-;*;10/6/17;45-J;NW Cor
I/O Peter KING;8wks;*;4/17/13;7-E;SE Cor
R.H. KING;29ys;-;Savannah GA;7/27/06;126-Old Part;E Middle
Robert KING;85ys;-;*;6/28/26;25-G;NW Cor
Sarah KING;50ys;Housewife;*;7/13/07;33-E;SW Cor
Tom W. KING;85ys;*;9/18/58
Unnamed KING;3ds;*;2/28/24;8-C;NE Cor
Vera Del KING;16ys;-;*;5/19/15;45-G;NW Cor
Verona KING;34ys;-;*;2/14/14;47-E;NW Cor
Willie L. KING;6mos;*;5/7/12;6-E;SE Cor
Cornelia KIRK;70ys;-;*;1/1/24;Pauper
Andrew J. KITCHENS;56ys;*;2/3/36;27-E
I/O E. KITCHENS;SB;*;3/31/03;119-Old Part;Eastern
Emily KITCHENS;80ys;-;*;6/18/10;27-A;NW Cor
I/O W.L.KNIGHT;PB;*;7/31/05;19-G;S Side
Alphonsa KNIGHTON;-;-;*;12/23/22;19-G;NW Cor
Mrs. Anna KNIGHTON;77ys;-;*;8/16/16;19-G;SW Cor
John Lee KNIGHTON;0;*;5/16/32;Commons
John Lee KNIGHTON;PB;*;12/4/37;21-G
Johnie B. KNIGHTON;23ys;*;2/16/34;4-A
Thomas KNIGHTON;2ys;*;8/4/31;19-G
Thomas KNIGHTON;40ys;*;4/6/35;__-G
Unnamed KNIGHTON;-;-;*;11/27/20;19-G;SE Cor
Unnamed KNIGHTON;SB;*;1/25/28;Commons
Will KNIGHTON;74ys;*;11/24/36;19-G
I.O. Will KNIGHTON;-;*;4/22/04;19-G;West Middle
B/O Will KNIGHTON;SB;*;bd 12/17/06;19-G;South Side
I/O Will KNIGHTON;5mos;*;8/25/10;19-G;W Middle
Willie KNIGHTON;40ys;-;*;12/23/13;19-G;NW Cor
Henry KNOLTON;50ys;-;*;10/16/24;51-GG;NE Cor
Inez KNOWLES;22ys;Housewife;*;3/8/28;50-BB;-
I/O Susie LA_TON;SB;*;8/22/12;Public
Bunk LAMAR;75ys;*;2/4/37;27-G
I/O Carrie B. LAMAR;SB;*;5/30/09;Public
Gertrude Reeves LAMAR;61ys;*;5/23/47
Hampton LAMAR;66ys;*;10/7/37;48-DD
Jessie Lee LAMAR;22ys;-*;10/13/23;49-II;SE Cor
Larranock? LAMAR;66ys;*;10/28/44
Robert LAMAR;29ys;*;3/28/43
A.W. LAMBERT;38ys;Teacher;*;1/6/06;62-Old Part;NW Cor
C/O A.W. LAMBERT;-;*;bd 5/6/04;62-Old Part;-
I/O A.W. LAMBERT;PB;*;5/31/05;62-Old Part;S Middle
Beatrice LAMBERT;5ys;*;8/13/06;62-Old Part;W Middle
Eugenia LAMBERT;39ys;*;4/13/31;45-G
Florida LAMBERT;7ds;*;4/27/03;61-Old Cemetery;SW Cor
Lonnie LAMBERT;50ys;*;4/7/47
Sarah LAMBERT;34ys;-;near Plains GA;3/18/16;48-G;NW Cor
Janie R. LAMBRICK;28ys;Teacher;*;4/17/06;62-Old Part;W Middle
Dorothy Iven? LANE;4mos;*;9/15/54
Emma LANE;42ys;Housewife;*;9/3/07;Public
I/O Emma LANE;SB;*;8/24/07;Public
Garfield LANE;11ds;*;3/23/36;Commons
Ed LANEY;70ys;-;*;5/10/07;Public
I/O Emma LANEY;5ds;*;8/8/06;Public
Lizzie LANEY;3mos;*;11/18/03;Public
James LANGLEY;43ys;Jacksonville FL;10/20/31;Old Part
Joe LANGLEY;20ys;-;Macon Ga;3/11/13;134-Old Part;-
Viney LANGLEY;64ys;*;12/15/33;134-___
Millie B. LANIER;46ys;*;4/14/41
Mrs. Caroline LARAMORE;80ys;-;*;6/23/18;30-C;NE Cor
William LARIMORE;29ys;Bartender;*;12/24/04;29-C;SW Cor
Mary E. LASSITER;42ys;*;5/14/29;41-H
Addie LASTER;53ys;North Hanover Township NJ;3/3/58
Tom LASTER;28ys;Laborer;*;11/17/05;Public
Clara LAWRENCE;64ys;-;*;5/13/09;Public
I/O Mary LAWSON;SB;*;9/27/04;Public
Silla LAWSON;35ys;*;7/20/03;7-I;West Middle
Ada LEDBETTER;31ys;Farming;Sumter Co;8/4/04;Public
Atrice LEDBETTER;65ys;Farmer;Sumter Co;2/2/06;26-E;SW Cor
Calloway LEDBETTER;48ys;Laborer;*;11/2/09;7-E;SW Cor
I/O Dorothy LEDBETTER;SB;*;12/8/17;26-E;NE Cor
James LEDBETTER;22ys;Laborer;*;6/3/03;Public
James Lee LEDBETTER;7mos;*;4/21/08;26-E;SW Cor
Mary Bell LEDBETTER;6ys;*;10/22/14;26-E;NE Cor
Rena LEDBETTER;80ys;-;Sumter Co;3/15/23;26-E;NW Cor
Solomon LEDBETTER;50ys;*;7/1/50
Theodocia LEDBETTER;16ys;-;*;11/19/18;25-O;SW Cor
Albert LEE,JR;5mos;*;6/27/42
Cherry Jessie LEE;38ys;*;1/20/49
Emma Rowland LEE;55ys;Housewife;*;4/28/28;36-C;NE Cor
Fannie LEE;-;-;*;8/30/19;19-H;SW Cor
Richard LEE;70ys;*;6/5/31;Commons
Unnamed LEE;SB;*;9/18/44
Mary B. LEGE?;44ys;*;11/29/49
Mitt LESTER;55ys;Laborer;*;4/5/06;Public
Tom LESTER;35ys;-;*;9/4/09;16-E;E Middle
Huldy LEVERETT;58ys;Housewoman;11/19/05;26-G;SW Cor
Adline LEWIS;62ys;*;12/31/51
Anderson LEWIS;59ys;*;5/20/56
Aubury LEWIS;-;*;11/12/58
C.L. LEWIS;59ys;-;*;6/23/23;6-BBB;SE Cor
Clara LEWIS;68ys;-;*;2/1/23;74-Old;SE Cor
Mrs. Claudie LEWIS;33ys;-;*;8/22/16;40-G;NW Cor
Cleto Burnese? LEWIS;19ys;Student;*;4/25/28;38-A;NE Cor
Clifford S. LEWIS;40ys;*;10/31/47
Elisha LEWIS;SB;*;10/8/38;14-A
Elizabeth LEWIS;SB;10/8/38;14-A
Ethel LEWIS;29ys;-;*;4/2/26;48-CC;NW Cor
Eunice LEWIS;-;-;*;5/13/16;19-Old Part;Old Part
James LEWIS;7mos;*;3/9/25;35-D;SE Cor
I/O James LEWIS;SB;*;4/9/12;18-Old Part;-
S/O James LEWIS;2ys;*;9/23/43
James L. LEWIS;32ys;Ohio;12/12/40
Jerry LEWIS;46ys;Blacksmith;*;5/3/28;23-D;NE Cor
I/O Jerry LEWIS;SB;*;8/27/03;23-D;Eastern
Joe Mask LEWIS;37ys;*;10/26/58
Joe W. LEWIS;37ys;*;10/26/57
Lula B. LEWIS;29ys;*;11/1/38;23-D
Mary LEWIS;54ys;-;*;10/1/26;7-D;NE Cor
Mary F. LEWIS;53ys;-;*;5/11/27;23-D;SE Cor
Minnie LEWIS;20ys;-;*;2/24/06;72-Old Part;West Middle
Sallie LEWIS;45ys;*;3/7/35;__-E
Sam LEWIS & Est. S.L.;40ys;-;*;6/26/25;2-LL;NE Cor
Solomon LEWIS;4ys;*;2/27/11;84-Old Part;-
Verona LEWIS;22ys;219 Poplar St, Americus;1/18/43
W.G. LEWIS,JR;20ys;-;*;7/25/25;38-D;NE Cor
I/O Will LEWIS;-;*;7/2/06;40-G;E Middle
I/O William LEWIS;-;*;6/24/06;40-G;SE Cor
William Gillis LEWIS;71ys;*;11/1/37;38-D
Willie C. LEWIS;31ys;*;2/9/35;__-D
Mrs. Marthey LIGGIN;79ys;-;*;4/5/17;118-Old Part;-
Lucy LIGHSY;50ys;-;*;12/20/18;45-DD;NW Cor
Ephraim LIGHTSEY;9ys;-;*;1/10/09;Public
Joseph LIGHTSEY;-;-;*;8/29/20;45-EE;NW Cor
Willie Lou LIGHTSEY;20ys;-;*;8/3/21;45-EE;SW Cor
George LINCOLN;80ys;-;*;7/25/16;Public
Alice LINDSAY;74ys;*;9/11/32;43-G
Charlie M. LINDSAY;18ys;-;*;2/2/29;23-I;-
Eddie LINDSAY;11mos;*;2/17/15;23-I;SW Cor
Mildred LINDSAY;11mos;*;3/5/15;44-G;NW Cor
Willie LINDSAY;21ys;Brooklyn NY;bd 8/22/46
Annie B. LINDSEY;35ys;*;3/7/46
Charlie LINDSEY;58ys;*;1/13/54
Robt LINDSEY;70ys;Laborer;*;4/9/28;44-G;NE Cor
Clenon LITSEY;-;-;Otes? NY;7/16/18;45-EE;NE Cor
Anna Med LITTLE;1d;*;8/3/52
Rosa Lee LITTLE;4ys;*;1/9/11;35-B;SW Cor
Unnamed LITTLE;1d;*;12/10/57
Addie LITTLETON;38ys;*;4/8/32;2-C
Anthony LITTLETON;68ys;-;*;1/9/14;Public
Carrie LITTLETON;45ys;-;*;2/2/22;15-C;SE Cor
Francis LITTLETON;28ys;Housekeeper;*;8/14/04;32-I;NW Cor
Scilla LIVINGSTON;35ys;-*;3/2/15;39-F;NW Cor
Mattie LLOYD;30ys;-;*;6/8/13;45-A;NE Cor
Ben LOCKETT;-;-;*;10/18/15;Public
Benjamin LOCKETT;68ys;-;Washington DC;11/19/24;Pauper
I/O Ben LOCKETT;1/16/06;30-H;East Middle
Harriett LOCKETT;-;*;12/2/11;30-H;SW Cor
Eva May LOGAN;18ys;-;*;6/10/20;47-I;NW Cor
Iverson LOGAN;69ys;-;*;2/13/24;16-F;NW Cor
Luke LOGAN;63ys;*;5/25/53
Nadin LOMAN;56ys;*;5/6/58
West LONDON;-;Savannah GA;1/16/51
Willie J. LOTT;44ys;-;*;1/28/23;2-AAA;SE Cor
Mary LOW;80ys;*;1/4/40;20-Old Cemetery
Ada LOWE;56ys;*;-/-/43
Henry LOWE;24ys;Laborer;*;5/27/05;119-Old Part;SW Cor
Jannie Lee LOWE;42ys;*;12/9/47
Mary L. LOWE;32ys;New York;12/-/57
I/O Wm. LOWE;SB;*;12/1/10;Public
James LOWERY;37ys;Plasterer;*;4/10/06;6-H;SW Cor
Lott LOWERY;61ys;*;10/14/43
Priscila LOWERY;48ys;*;6/21/34;2-GGG
Rosa L. LOWERY;31ys;-;Savannah GA;12/14/18;46-CC;NW Cor
I/O Sophy LOWERY;4ds;*;6/11/03;37-H;NE Cor
Unnamed LOWERY;SB;*;4/1/30;46-CC
Annie LOWRY;65ys;-;*;11/20/24;46-CC;NW Cor
Charlie LOYD;-;Laborer;*;1/2/29;Commons
Unnamed LOYD;PB;*;8/14/37;30-E
John LUCAS;80ys;*;4/25/36;Commons
Willie LUNDY,JR;3ds;*;12/11/37;5-I
Emma LUNSFORD;65ys;-;*;9/27/17;22-B;SE Cor
Emma LYNCH;61ys;-;*;4/13/26;48-CC;NE Cor
Sarah LYNCH;58ys;*;9/18/58
Mr. Chas. LYONS;84ys;-;*;11/6/16;41-B;near NE Cor
Miles A. LYONS;66ys;Tuskegee AL;8/17/53
Susan LYONS;75ys;-;*;12/2/11;Public
Eliza MABRY;52ys;-;*;11/3/20;44-D;NW Cor
I/O Ida MACK;SB;*;7/14/16;Public
Willis MACK;3ys;*;8/25/16;49-E;NE Cor
Richard MACON;84ys;-;Sumter Co;3/26/14;14-A;SE Cor
John B. MADDOX;41ys;*;2/1/32;3-CCC
Joseph MADDOX;62ys;Tuskegee AL;4/7/51
Lillian MAHOGANY;1d;*;1/13/30;48-DD
Oliver MAHONE;100ys;-;*;9/22/11;Public
Will MAJOR;55ys;*;10/13/47
Jack MAJORS;-;-;*;12/6/27;1-__;Sec 1
Matt MAJORS;51ys;*;10/17/30;6-F
Ella MALEA?;86ys;*;1/26/55
Ranse MALLARD;46ys;-;*;4/6/11;8-H;W Middle
Essie Mae MANUEL;1y;*;9/13/31;25-I
Dora MANN;69ys;Albany GA;9/19/30;51-HH
Jack MANN;80ys;*;2/26/56
Jimmie Lee MANN;6ys;*;11/15/52
Lamartine MANN;19ys;-;*;5/9/23;51-HH;NW Cor
Leilar MANN;50ys;*;12/28/34;36-D
Reuben MANN;50ys;Farmer;DeSoto GA;9/20/03;5-H;SW Cor
Reuben MANN;75ys;Laborer;*;5/27/05;163-Old Part;SW Cor
Reuben MANN;24ys;-;*;9/24/12;163-Old Part;-
Strong MANN;62ys;-;*;9/6/21;51-HH;NW Cor
I/O Lula MANNING;3mos;*;10/29/14;Public
Jessie MANSFIELD;64ys;*;9/2/58
Margarene MANSON;64ys;*;1/17/52
Maria MANTON;78ys;*;1/31/45
Jasper MARLEY;-;*;bd 10/16/46
Bess MARSHAL;58ys;-;*;12/1/19;27-E;NW Cor
Charley MARSHAL;-;-;*;9/12/19;1-C;SE Cor
Lee MARSHAL;50ys;-;*;9/4/16;45-H;SW Cor
Willie Lou MARSHAL;20ys;-;*;9/25/16;32-F;SW Cor
Clara MARSHALL;50ys;*;12/25/37;27-E
Dave MARSHALL;60ys;-;*;5/12/16;19-I;NW Cor
I/O James MARSHALL;SB;*;3/29/11;10-G;E Middle
Josh MARSHALL;59ys;*;12/14/36;4-JJJ
Tommy Mae MARSHALL;2mos;*;7/20/40
Tony MARSHALL;70ys;-;*;1/27/15;Public
Victoria MARSHALL;40ys;*;12/18/32;Commons
Walter MARSHALL;41ys;*;5/21/36;43-D
Clara MARTIN;83ys;*;8/16/40
Dinah MARTIN;98ys;-;*;11/23/10;Public;Old Part;-
E.L. MARTIN;21ys;-;-;1/5/16;__-Old Part;-
Frank MARTIN;58ys;-;*;9/22/09;Public;Old Part;-
Henry J. MARTIN;54ys;*;7/9/30;28-G
Higgins MARTIN;1y;*;9/6/04;Public
Joe MARTIN;34ys;-;*;6/26/09;Old;Public
Julious MARTIN;51ys;*;1/6/44
Watson MARTIN;10ys;-;*;11/23/06;9-C;NE Cor
Ishmael MASON;72ys;Carpenter;*;9/16/05;14-A;NW Cor
Phillis MASON;70ys;-;*;5/19/11;13-A;W Middle
John MATHEWS;78ys;-;*;10/24/14;35-E;NE Cor
John MATHEWS;62ys;Albany GA;11/11/45
Maria MATHEWS;50ys;-;*;11/28/06;44-F;E Middle
Maggie MATHIAS;19ys;-;*;10/28/22;411-D;SW Cor
I/O Ada MATHIS;1d;*;11/17/05;Public
Alice MATHIS;49ys;-;*;11/21/20;45-EE;NW Cor
Arthur MATHIS;1y;*;6/16/03;Public
Blanche Staley MATHIS;29ys;-;*;1/9/25;4-Old Cemetery;- (removed
  to Staley Memorial Gardens)
Charles Woodson MATHIS;45ys;Detroit MI;1/18/38;Commons
Charlie MATHIS;33ys;*;1/31/36;Commons
Eliza MATHIS;93ys;-;*;4/30/06;74-Old;W Middle
Ema MATHIS;62ys;*;5/18/44
Emma MATHIS;74ys;*;3/11/40
George F. or L. MATHIS;35ys;*;3/11/46
J. MATHIS;71ys;*;1/1/46
Jack MATHIS;4ds;*;1/27/29;167-Old Cemetery
Julia MATHIS;49ys;-;8;11/10/25;18-B;NE Cor
Lige MATHIS;23ys;-;*;8/19/14;19-B;SE Cor
Lucile MATHIS;5ys;*;3/31/04;11-H;East Middle
Mary MATHIS;3ys;*;6/15/03;Public
Mary MATHIS;73ys;*;8/14/41
Mary MATHIS;52ys;*;2/6/52
Mattie MATHIS;69ys;*;2/7/55
Mildred L. MATHIS;2mos;*;9/19/25;Commons
Tom MATHIS;54ys;-;*;5/20/25;46-FF;SW Cor
Unnamed MATHIS;SB;*;8/26/27;41-D;NE Cor
Zack MATHIS;4ds;*;1/27/29;167-Old Cemetery
Eugene MATTHEWS;18ys;Plasterer;*;8/2/03;66-Old Part;NE Cor
Connie Mae MAXWELL;8ys;*;5/19/23;1-BBB;SE Cor (removed to Staley
  Memorial Gardens)
Ollie MAXWELL;80ys;-;*;1/5/08;29-G;NW Cor
I/O Oscar MAXWELL;SB;*;10/7/13;29-G;NW Cor
Lila Bell MAY;54ys;*;2/21/52
Larkin MAYBERRY;53ys;*;2/29/48
Arthur MAYES;54ys;-;*;9/8/16;Public
Green MAYES;70ys;*;1/21/40;Commons
Mattie L. MAYES;32ys;Chicago IL;4/26/45
Melonia MAYES;-;-;*;11/23/19;Public
John MAYNIARD;3mos;*;5/15/17;37-F;NE Cor
Mrs. Eliza MAYO;100ys;*;4/3/06;Public
Ed McARTHUR;SB;*;1/10/23;34-G;SW Cor
Lewis McARTHUR;-;-;*;9/23/22;25-F;NE Cor
Unnamed McCALL____;SB;*;11/25/22;Pauper
Eddie McCARTHY;42ys;-;*;12/10/26;45-JJ;SE Cor
Katie McCARTHY;34ys;-;*;2/21/25;46-KK;SW Cor
Fannie McCOLLOUGH;58ys;-;*;3/5/21;3-A;SW Cor
Unnamed McCOMER?;SB;*;12/22/21;53-GG;NW Cor
Unnamed McCORMICK;SB;*;6/18/22;53-GG;NW Cor
Maria McCORTHA;65ys;-;*;6/2/09;10-E;SW Cor
Prince McCORY;47ys;-;*;6/25/21;Public
B/O Rev. A.B. McCOY;SB;*;9/25/15;17-B;SE Cor
Alberta McCOY;34ys;-;*;9/17/15;17-B;SE Cor
Dollie McCOY;48ys;-;Moultrie GA;6/8/07;14-Old;W Middle
Joe McCOY;38ys;*;7/15/38;Commons
V.W. McCRAIREN;59ys;*;10/29/33;7-A
Mattie Lou McCRARY;2ys;*;7/20/03;7/21/03;22-Old Part;NW Cor
Missouri B. McCRARY;25ys;-;*;5/25/14;13-I;SW Cor
Unnamed McCRARY;SB;*;11/28/27;48-CC;-
Clifford McCREE;10ys;*;8/15/27;44-H;SW Cor
Fannie McCREE;6ys;-;*;1/21/12;43-A;SW Cor
Jesse McCREE;42ys;*;3/28/30;44-H
Mack McCREE;73ys;*;4/9/40
Robert McCREE;-;-;*;4/5/22;44-H;SE Cor
Estel McCREN;4ys;*;10/8/33;4-DD
Hallie McCULLER;22ys;*;1/15/34;23-I
Gus McCULLERS;59ys;-;*;12/15/18;2-A;NE Cor
Alex McCULLOUGH;58ys;-;*;10/11/22;17-H;SE Cor
Augustus McCULLOUGH;65ys;Laborer;*;3/2/05;Public
Frank McCULLOUGH;20ys;-;*;4/14/24;2-A;NE Cor
Frankie McCULLOUGH;17ys;*;3/10/42
Jesse Lee McCULLOUGH;42ys;*;6/19/32;3-A
Marie McCULLOUGH;58ys;*;6/2/33;7-AAA
Russell McCULLOUGHS;20ys;Laborer;*;2/10/10;2-A;NE Cor
James McDANIEL;73ys;*;bd 5/11/46
Bessie McDONALD;20ys;-;*;4/30/11;30-I;NW Cor
Henrietta McDONALD;64ys;-;*;2/16/29;46-A;-
James McDONALD;37ys;*;6/4/35;47-D
Lizzie McDONALD;58ys;-;*;6/12/15;Public
Walter McDONALD;52ys;-;*;4/22/23;43-F;NE Cor
Welson McDONALD;40ys;-;*;3/24/16;Public
Lucy McELROY;53ys;*;4/15/29;Old Part
Egertha McGEHEE;1 1/2ys;*;1/15/07;17-H;SE Cor
Jane McGEHEE;78ys;-;*;10/28/09;26-D;NE Cor
Annie McGRADY;3ds;*;12/31/30;Commons
Bertha Mae McGRADY;14ys;-;*;8/14/09;168-Old Part;W Middle
Florence Louise McGRADY;11ds;*;12/3/23;118-Old Cemetery;NE Cor
Jewel McGRADY;25ys;*;10/9/37;2-JJJ
Juanita McGRADY;2ys;*;3/2/32;156-Old Cemetery
Lewis McGRADY;61ys;-;*;2/7/27;64-D;NE Cor
I/O Allen McKENZIE;SB;*;9/27/06;Public
Edward McKENZIE;65ys;*;2/13/58
Ezekiel McKENZIE;28ys;-;*;8/22/08;10-D;SE Cor
Mary McKENZIE;36ys;-;*;9/6/20;48-FF;SE Cor
Josephine McKullough;65ys;*;12/8/03;Public
Ben McLENDON;19ys;-;*;4/19/11;22-F;W Middle
Paul McLENDON;42ys;*;2/23/32;52-HH
B/O W.H. McLEOD;SB;*;bd 12/20/06;Public
Francis McMATH;-;-;Fitzgerald GA;12/26/22;5-G;NE Cor
Jack McMATH;50ys;-;*;4/3/21;5-G;SE Cor
Jim McWHORTER;38ys;*;-/-/50
Docie MEADOWS;SB;*;7/18/35;-
I/O Lilly MEANS;2ys;*;7/19/07;Public
Willie MEANS;6ys;*;1/21/10;Public
Char__ M. Grice MELVIN;32ys;Orlando FL;8/3/40
Mildred MELVIN;2 1/2mos;*;9/6/32;41-H
Andrew MENTS?;60ys;-;*;4/18/15;Public
Ethel MERAMUS;53ys;*;4/11/52
Cara MERITT;43ys;Jacksonville FL;bd 6/7/46
Mabel MERRITT;4mos;*;3/11/18;41-B;NE Cor
Ella MIDDLETON;47ys;*;11/26/35;46-DD
Charlotte MILES;80ys;*;5/14/04;Public
Johny MILES;5ys;*;6/25/10;Public
Sammie L. MILLEDGE;1d;*;5/5/55
Carrie MILLER;30ys;*;10/27/34;26-E
Haywood MILLER;56ys;*;12/19/56
Henry MILLER;92ys;Orlando FL;5/12/38;18-G
Henry MILLER;45ys;*;7/27/55
Leila MILLER;85ys;Milledgeville GA;10/13/55
Theodora MILLER;11mos;*;5/9/31;Old Part
Unnamed MILLER;5hrs;*;4/3/51
Vgola? MILLER;23ys;Jacksonville FL;12/29/47
John MILLS;57ys;*;7/14/47
Peter MILLS;-;-;*;6/30/19;48-CC;NW Cor
I/O Peter MILLS;SB;*;-;7/27/04;148-Old Part;-
C/O Sharper MILLS;14mos;*;8/21/09;Public
Wm. MILLS;35ys;-;*;7/18/13;Public
Frank MILTON;55ys;*;1/7/35;-
Isom MINGO;-;*7/22/03;Public
Dan MINTER;-;Fitzgerald GA;12/20/37;Commons
Edward MINTER;65ys;-;*;11/26/11;Public
Howard MINTER;47ys;Pittsburgh PA;5/23/32;24-I
I/O Lois MINTER;SB;*;6/17/09;Public
Mattie Will MINTER;1y;*;7/22/33;Commons
Reccia Hardy MINTER;55ys;*;3/7/38;6-F
Jerry MINYARD;71ys;*;2/17/38;27-G
John MINYARD;73ys;*;9/12/56
Lizzie MINYARD;46ys;*;4/29/32;35-A
Mary DeLoach MINYARD;10ys;*;5/22/33;3-FFF
Victoria MIRRET;-;-;*;6/2/24;Pauper
Arthur MITCHEL;70ys;-;*;5/31/25;48-CC;NE Cor
Beverley MITCHEL;27ys;Cook;*;2/12/09;Public
John MITCHEL;51ys;*;4/28/36;4-FFF
Mary MITCHEL;-;-;Chicago IL;11/25/17;46-H;NW Cor
Mary MITCHEL;-;-;*;7/15/22;24-E;SE Cor
Tom MITCHEL;30ys;-;Cordele GA;7/2/15;49-E;NE Cor
Andrew MITCHELL;1y;*;1/4/13;36-I;NW Cor
Ed MITCHELL;59ys;*;4/4/34;2-FFF
Eddie Floyd MITCHELL;30ys;*;10/20/32;2-FFF
Emmet MITCHELL;24ys;*;8/7/33;4-FFF
Eugene MITCHELL;25ys;Laborer;*;12/16/03;Public
Henry MITCHELL;30ys;RR Employee;*;5/17/11;Public
I/O John MITCHELL;2mos;*;5/1/07;36-I;SE Cor
Leo MITCHELL;6ys;*;6/21/113;36-I;NW Cor
Louise MITCHELL;58ys;*;10/7/43
Mary MITCHELL;75ys;-;*;11/8/13;68-Old Part;-
Pearley MITCHELL;14ys;-;*;3/23/06;Public
Tom MITCHELL;45ys;Storekeeper;*;11/20/03;137-Old Part;NE Cor
Veranda MITCHELL;SB;*;10/24/34;Commons
Mattie MOBLEY;45ys;-;Fort Valley GA;4/28/06;Public
Melia Hunt MONROE;56ys;*;8/21/41
Sue MONS;about 78ys;*;7/11/42
E.M. MONSON;65ys;-;*;9/6/24;35-D;SE Cor
Rev. R. MONSON;60ys;Minister;*;10/10/08;22-B;E Middle
Annie Lue MONTGOMERY;45ys;*;1/31/42
Bloom MONTGOMERY;21ys;Laborer;*;1/27/06;Public
I/O Mrs. Doughty MONTGOMERY;SB;*;4/6/17;21-I;SW Cor
Ida MONTGOMERY;30ys;-;*;7/23/09;38-E;W Middle
James MONTGOMERY;67ys;*;10/20/35;Commons
John MONTGOMERY;26ys;Meat Cutter;*;11/20/05;Public
Maysue MONTGOMERY;26ys;-;*;10/31/12;6-D;SE Cor
Nellie MONTGOMERY;85ys;-;*;12/27/21;143-Old Cemetery;-
Solomon MONTGOMERY;74ys;*;11/6/32;Commons
Thomas MONTGOMERY;80ys;-;*;1/28/10;3-E;SW Cor
Annette MONTS;10ys;*;4/7/36;Commons
George MOON;43ys;Butcher;*;2/25/07;21-A;West Middle
Victoria MOON;65ys;Housework;*;2/6/04;21-A;SW Cor
Alex MOORE;57ys;Tuskegee AL;2/19/55
Cornelius MOORE;51ys;*;1/1/53
Eldridge MOORE;49ys;*;1/11/33;41-H
George MOORE;35ys;Stranger;*;2/27/09;Public
George MOORE;85ys;-;Sumter Co;1/5/20;Public
Hattie MOORE;50ys;*;6/20/29;47-GG
Henry MOORE;42ys;Tuskegee AL;1/14/54
Jasper MOORE;60ys;*;5/14/36;53-FF
Maryann MOORE;85ys;*;3/25/39;Commons
Mary Louise MOORE;21ds;*;2/17/59
Minnie MOORE;67ys;*;2/29/48
Noah MOORE;23ys;Laborer;*;3/4/06;Public
Once MOORE;65ys;-;*;6/20/21;51-GG;SW Cor
Ozie Mae MOORE;24ys;*;1/17/51
R.M. MOORE;56ys;*;2/18/33;4-BBB
Rachel MOORE;-;-;*;5/10/14;18-F;NW Cor
Rhosalee MOORE;65ys;-;Sumter Co;3/7/12;4-H;SW Cor
Samantha MOORE;68ys;*;3/2/58
Tom MOORE ;70ys;*;10/13/30;Commons
Charles MORELAND;-;*;-/-/42
Charlie MORELAND;SB;*;9/17/45
Charlie MORELAND;78ys;*;1/18/50
Eugene MORELAND;38ys;-;*;7/26/10;7-E;SE Cor
Margaret MORELAND;70ys;-*;12/31/15;19-G;NW Cor
Mary MORELAND;83ys;*;6/6/58
Mrs. Bertha MORGAN;19ys;-;*;6/11/16;44-H;NE Cor
I/O Hazel MORGAN;SB;*;3/24/09;26-I;NE Cor
I/O Hazel MORGAN;SB;*;12/1/10;26-I;E Middle
John MORGAN;56ys;Laborer;*;2/5/09;Public
John MORGAN;84ys;*;4/17/45
I/O John MORGAN;SB;*;3/31/15;Public
Katie MORGAN;40ys;*;7/31/03;3-H;West Middle
Lina MORGAN;50ys;*;3/26/32;7-E
I/O Livie MORGAN;PB;*;4/26/08;32-I;E Middle
Lundon MOROW;70ys;-;*;8/16/18;6-C;SW Cor
Bettie MORRIS;100ys;-;Cordele Ga;4/20/18;19-I;SW Cor
Clarence MORRIS;7ys;*;5/20/14;Public
Della MORRIS;40ys;Housewife;Montgomery AL;10/11/07;29-E;SW Cor
Mrs. Janie MORRIS;49ys;-;*;1/1/18;48-I;SE Cor
Jessie MORRIS;52ys;Prison Camp, Americus;7/4/40
Williams MORT;68ys;Tuskegee AL;4/29/57
Annie MORTON;49ys;Laborer;*;11/5/05;Public
Charlotte MOSBY;58YS;*;10/8/29;13-B
Aint (Aunt?) MOSE;-;*;2/15/41
I/O Oscar MOSELEY;SB;*;11/8/04;Public
Unnamed MOSELY;SB;*;7/18/51
Ben MOSES;57ys;*;12/18/58
Emma MOSES;-;*;12/15/47
Euralie MOSS;72ys;*;12/28/57
Gus Allen MOSS;34ys;*;5/18/53
Leonard MOSS?;22ys;*;3/8/55
Phil MOSS;57ys;*;11/22/37;49-DD
Thornton MOSS;71ys;Lake City FL;12/24/52
I/O Mary MOTLEY;1d;*;11/3/08;Public
Lear James MOTT;48ys;-;*;2/28/29;24-I;-
Lee MOTT;26ys;*;3/5/32;24-I
Hattie MOYE;1y;*;11/11/13;41-D;NE Cor
Jennie MOYE;47ys;-;Hartford CN;11/26/26;5-CCC;SE Cor
Mollie MOYE;61ys;*;3/25/36;27-E
Peter MOYE;57ys;*;2/14/38;27-C
Toritha MOYE;1mo;*;5/24/32;48-DD
Eva MULLINS;25ys;-;*;5/31/13;45-B;NE Cor
Lula MULLINS;3ys;-;*;11/4/17;45-B;NE Cor
Robt MULLINS;41ys;*;2/12/56
C/O George MULLIS;1y;Sumter Co;5/23/05;158-Old Part;North side
Nora MUNSEN;60ys;*;6/29/54
I/O Bird MURRAY;SB;*;8/21/14;30-H;SW Cor
Mamie MURRAY;-;-;Milledgeville GA;5/30/12;38-E;NE Cor
Shade MURRAY;50ys;*;9/23/31;46-MM
Shelley MURRAY;68ys;*;5/6/47
Ella MURREY;15ys;-;*;4/4/06;Public
Julia MURREY;55ys;Housewife;*;1/11/28;116-Old Part;-
I/O Anna MURRY;SB;*;bd 5/24/03;Public
Anne MURRY;22ys;-;*;7/11/09;38-E;NW Cor
Emma MURRY;18ys;-;*;5/31/10;38-E;W Middle
Fannie MURRY;29ys;-;Plains GA;3/20/12;38-E;NW Cor
Isaac MURRY;52ys;Laborer;*;1/9/03;Public
Jennie MURRY;54ys;*;11/4/40
John MURRY;40ys;Laborer;*;1/10/03;Public
Mary L. MURRY;19ys;-;*;9/19/13;8-B;SE Cor
Ruth MURRY;13mos;*;4/26/15;38-E;NE Cor
Sills MURRY;17ys;-;*;6/14/06;Public
Clara MUSE;59ys;*;5/19/41
Gertrude MUSE;29ys;-;*;4/9/16;50-C;NW Cor
Tom MUSE;35ys;-;*;1/8/21;50-C;NW Cor
Walter MUSE;66ys;*;2/11/37;45-C
Unnamed MYERS;SB;*;6/6/36;Commons
Annie MYREK;50ys;Laundress;*;6/30/03;19-H;SW Cor
Charlie Harson? MYRICK;60ys;*;bd 5/5/46
Charlotte MYRICK;35ys;-;Cordele GA;5/28/11;13-B;E Middle
Lewis MYRICK;50ys;-;*;10/21/15;19-H;SW Cor
C/O W.J. MYRICK;18mos;*;3/26/10;14-H;E Middle
Henry NAISH;70ys;*;9/9/42
Francis NAPIER;35ys;Farm Laborer;Sumter Co;1/14/03;6-I;NE Cor
Ellen NATHAN;50ys;-;*;10/29/16;37-F;NE Cor
Samuel NATHAN;84ys;-;*;4/6/26;7-CCC;SE Cor
Susan NATHAN;54ys;-;*;2/10/27;1-CCC;SW Cor
Willie Dan NATHAN;28ys;*;6/20/29;49-KK
I/O S.W. NATHANS;6wks;*;10/21/03;Public
Carlton NEAL;20ys;*;8/21/32;6-EEE
Emily NEAL;47ys;-;*;8/20/10;25-D;E Middle
Frank NEAL;34ys;-;Fitzgerald GA;8/10/12;21-C;Middle
George NEAL;24ys;-;Jacksonville FL;10/21/06;25-D;SE Cor
Lizzie NEAL;35ys;-;Fitzgerald GA;11/22/14;21-C;Midway
Resa NEAL;52ys;*;7/7/57
Robert NEAL;24ys;-;*;12/22/28;46-A;-
Warren NEAL;72ys;*;1/11/34;Commons
I/O E.D. NEELEY;SB;*;6/12/13;Public
Dennis NEELY,JR;5wks;*;12/23/23;51-EE;NE Cor
Dennis NEIL;48ys;*;1/18/39;4-GGG
Dennis NEIL,JR;17ys;*;9/26/37;4-GGG
Eddie H. NEIL;55ys;Cordele GA;10/27/37;25-D
Joe NEIL;-;-;*;3/7/21;25-D;SW Cor
Otis NELMS;24ys;-;*;1/19/10;82-Old;W Middle
Fannie Mae NELSON;33ys;*;bd 6/24/46
B/O Judson NELSON;PB;*;10/23/15;21-D;-
I/O Will NEPS;9mos;*;9/8/03;5-I;West
Jennie NEWBY;33ys;Philadelphia --;6/6/54
Carrie NEWSOM;7ys;*;8/18/12;42-C;NE Cor
Mattie NEWSOM;-;-;*;5/14/12;42-C;NE Cor
Nettie NEWSOM;11mos;*;11/1/11;42-C;-
Willie James NEWSOM;9mos;*;6/26/06;Public
Sam? NEWSOME;29ys;*;9/21/29;Commons
Centara L. NEWSON;3mos;*;7/24/51
Willie Lucile NICHOLSON;-;-;*;6/28/19;3-B;NW Cor
Eunice Bell NIX;-;-;*;7/10/19;72-Old Part;-
Lewis NIX;56ys;*;2/17/44
I/O Lewis & Mary NIX;SB;*;11/24/08;41-G;SW Cor
Boise NIXON;28ys;-;*;9/4/15;21-A;SE Cor
James NIXON;19ys;Laborer;*;3/16/10;21-G;W Middle
James NIXON;8mos;*;4/10/15;40-D;NW Cor
Joseph NIXON;8ys;-;*;2/27/10;40-H;E Middle
Mary NIXON;50ys;*;12/9/31;52-II
Patrick NIXON;65ys;-;*;9/24/10;21-G;E Middle
Mrs. Queen NIXON;36ys;Housewife;*;1/26/05;21-G;E Middle
Lucy NOBLES;45ys;Housework;*;9/27/03;Public
Fannie NORMAN;80ys;-;*;2/12/14;Public
Mose NORMAN;80ys;-;*;9/14/13;Public
Mrs. Lou ODAMS;70ys;-;*;6/6/18;Public
Mal ODOM;SB;*;bd 11/28/46
Unnamed ODUM;-;*;5/11/51
Elizabeth Blue OLIVE;2ys;*;9/8/30;51-JJ
Alfred OLIVER;72ys;*;bd 5/2/46
Alice OLIVER;38ys;House servant;1/22/09;5-A; NW Cor
Clara OLIVER;-;Savannah GA;11/5/40
Earnest OLIVER;40ys;-;*;5/11/27;5-A;NE Cor
Easter OLIVER;75ys;-;*;11/1/23;5-A;SW Cor
Emma OLIVER;58ys;*;1/16/33;48-LL
Fannie Mae Bolden OLIVER;50ys;Cordele GA;7/11/54
Frank OLIVER;46ys;Barber;*;12/10/05;13-I;NW Cor
Snider OLIVER;57ys;Savannah GA;11/4/34;-
George ORSE;45ys;Laborer;*;4/4/10;38-C;NW Cor
Mollie ORSE;55ys;-;*;6/26/18;38-C;NW Cor
Annie Lou OSBOURN;21ys;-;Macon Ga;4/20/18;35-F;NE Cor
I/O Getie OUTLAW;SB;*;1/30/10;9-B;SW Cor
Julia OUTLAW;54ys;*;1/3/44
I/O Prince OUTLAW;-;*;11/11/11;Public
Silla Jane OUTLAW;-;-;*;6/17/19;47-CC;NW Cor
Ulus OUTLAW;54ys;*;5/23/36;47-DD
Bill OVERBY;50ys;Hackman;*;10/23/05;Public
Ruth OVERSTREET;29ys;*;1/20/54
Buster OWENS;0;*;3/13/33;Commons
Infant OWENS;8hrs;*;11/11/29;33-H
Mattie Lou OWENS;-;Milledgeville GA;bd 8/21/45
Roxie OWENS;24ys;-;*;12/10/10;Public
Willie B. OWENS;5ys;*;10/26/10;35-B;SE Cor
Clara Singleton PALEVIKS;51ys;*;8/7/56
Nelson PARK;70ys;-;*;11/30/23;24-D;SW Cor
Patsy PARK;49ys;-;*;8/5/25;32-I;NE Cor
Charles PARKER;7mos;*;12/12/05;Public-Old Part;-
Mrs. Elizabeth PARKER;92ys;-;*;12/8/21;Old Cemetery
Georgia PARKER;95ys;-;*;8/29/23;24-D;SW Cor
Lizzie PARKER;55ys;-;*;5/29/10;35-D;E Middle
Eddie PARKS;49ys;*;12/2/36;23-D
Eva PARKS;48ys;*;9/22/31;24-D
Thomas PARKS;71ys;*;7/1/47
Andrew PATRICK;55ys;-;*;10/4/25;1-LL;SE Cor
Homer PATRICK;30ys;*;12/19/42
Rosella PATRICK;67ys;*;5/25/51
Anderson PATTERSON;60ys;*;10/4/30;Commons
Ann PATTERSON;60ys;-;*;10/9/13;Public
Carrie PATTERSON;48ys;*;6/28/42
I/O Della PATTERSON;2wks;*;7/13/03;Public
Earnest PATTERSON;45ys;*;9/20/33;6-A
Georgia PATTERSON;19ys;-;Macon GA;4/13/03;21-H;NW Cor
Hattie PATTERSON;44ys;-;*;1/22/19;1-C;SW Cor
Hattie C. PATTERSON;37ys;*;5/4/32;20-G
Janie E. PATTERSON;30ys;*;5/3/53
Joseph PATTERSON;-;-;*;6/25/19;1-D;SW Cor
Josephine PATTERSON;52ys;*;10/11/32;48-DD
Julius PATTERSON;62ys;Laborer;*;7/17/28;Commons
Lillie Marshall PATTERSON;54ys;*;1/8/55
Mary L. PATTERSON;54ys;*;12/1/37;44-E
Obediah PATTERSON;2ys;*;9/2/08;110-Old Part;W Middle
Unnamed PATTERSON;19hrs;*;5/27/51
I/O W.H. PATTERSON;2ds;*;4/14/09;27-H;E Middle
Wade PATTERSON;45ys;-;*;5/15/23;16-D;NE Cor
Wesley PATTERSON;-;Laborer;*;1/5/05;Public
William PATTERSON;52ys;-;Bainbridge GA;9/26/23;38-Old Cemetery
Mary PATTISON;20ys;-;*;2/9/13;32-F;NW Cor
Charles PAYNE;60ys;Laborer;*;10/4/07;34-I;W Middle
Josie PAYNE;55ys;-;*;3/15/20;Public
Sarah PAYNE;-;-;*;9/26/22;34-I;NE Cor
Phillis PENOLTON;95ys;-;*;1/5/25;Paupers Lot
Johnnie Bell PEOPLE (PEEPLE?);38ys;Fresno CA;6/19/58
I/O Albert PERDUE;SB;*;5/9/09;10-G;NE Cor
Charity PERKINS;50ys;-;*;3/30/20;25-C;NE Cor
Ciser PERKINS;-;-;*;5/25/19;48-H;NW Cor
Ethel D. PERKINS;55ys;*;4/5/58
Unnamed PERSONS;SB;*;12/24/26;11-D;NE Cor
I/O Charley PERRY;0;*;1/3/18;34-I;NW Cor
Chas. L. PERRY;4ds;*;8/29/22;41-D;NE Cor
Chas. S. PERRY;2ys;*;3/20/22;53-HH;SE Cor
Delather Powell PERRY;51ys;*;9/1/58
I/O James PERRY;few hrs;*;11/7/13;22-I;SW Cor
Jessie PERRY;44ys;Phenix City AL;1/17/51
John PERRY;22ys;-;Sumter Co;4/19/13;20-D;SE Cor
Josephine H. PERRY;52ys;*;7/23/32;119-Old Cemetery
Lewis PERRY;50ys;*;4/9/31;10-D
Rebecca PERRY;70ys;*;8/2/31;22-H
Sam PERRY;-;-;*;5/5/19;10-D;SE Cor
Sarah Julia PERRY;13mos;*;10/15/22;50-HH;SE Cor
Willie B. PERRY;33ys;*;9/25/54
I/O Mary PERRYMAN;2ys;*;6/1/13;Public
Jessie PETERSON;52ys;*;8/5/54
Myrtis W. PETERSON;40ys;*;bd 1/12/47
Richard PETERSON;-;Atlanta GA;-/-/47
Dicy PETTES;112 or 12ys;*;2/3/40;Commons
Mrs. Hariett PHELPS;104ys;-;*;7/26/21;49-CC;SE Cor
John PHELPS;-;-;bd 7/16/43
Mary PHELPS;-;-;*;10/22/19;14-F;SE Cor
Mrs. Dora PHILIPS;30ys;-;*;2/5/21;50-HH;-
George PHILIPS;62ys;-;Jacksonville FL;10/13/16;new layout-A;
  SE Cor
Sallie PHILLIP;56ys;-;*;10/20/22;33-D;NE Cor
A.W. PHILLIPS;8mos;*;9/18/11;22-D;-
Emily PHILLIPS;100ys;-;*;4/20/10;34-I;SW Cor
Ethelyn PHILLIPS;6mos;*;7/29/04;22-D;SW Cor
Frankie PHILLIPS;40ys;-;*;7/14/21;47-CC;SW Cor
Prof G.W.F. PHILLIPS;69ys;-;*;10/15/21;22-E;NE Cor
George PHILLIPS;75ys;-;*;6/1/11;39-A;SW Cor
George Ed PHILLIPS;2 1/2ys;*;12/20/15;22-D;SE Cor
Henry N. PHILLIPS;14mos;*;2/9/44
Jim PHILLIPS;70ys;Blacksmith;*;4/22/18;33-D;NE Cor
Julia B. PHILLIPS;42ys;-;*;1/16/14;22-D;SW Cor
Lucy PHILLIPS;65ys;*;12/13/40
M.B. PHILLIPS;62ys;Merchant;*;1/12/28;22-D;-
Seaborn PHILLIPS;55ys;Blacksmith;*;6/11/06;17-F;E Middle
Will PICGNETT?;40ys;6/17/27;17-E;SW Cor
Ann PICKETT;71ys;Servant;*;4/20/04;Public
Cornelius PICKETT;76ys;*;2/6/31;4-B
Ella PICKETT?;-;*;6/25/51
Stella PICKETT;27ys;*;7/15/32;48-KK
Lot PIERCE;83ys;*;4/3/58
Olivia PIERSON;22ys;-;*;2/5/14;Public
I/O Olivia PIERSON;SB;*;1/26/14;Public
George PINKARD;85ys;-;*;6/17/06;Public
Burton PONDER;20ys;Laborer;*;10/18/08;Public
Maggie POOL;51ys;*;12/26/56
Jim POOLE;75ys;*;1/21/40;Commons
Julia POOLE;74ys;*;7/31/57
Mannie POOLE;38ys;*;4/21/42
Steve POOLE;52ys;*;12/24/29;17-B
Hariett POOLER;75ys;-;*;4/1/20;46-F;NE Cor
Nancy POOLER;81ys;-;*;11/16/06;12-E;SE Cor
Robert POOLER;17ys;-;*;4/28/06;Public
Alice PORTER;25ys;-;*;1/25/07;Public
Emeline PORTER;58ys;-;*;4/18/22;1-D;SW Cor
Gayton PORTER;70ys;-;*;10/1/11;41-A;SW Cor
Nannie Lou PORTER;37ys;*;5/8/30;10-A
Oscar PORTER;-;-;*;11/18/19;10-A;SE Cor
Phillis PORTER;-;-;*;2/3/22;41-A;NE Cor
Richard PORTER;48ys;Trader;*;3/8/08;Public
Sam PORTER;89ys;-;*;5/26/12;1-D;SE Cor
Will POUNDER;68ys;Laborer;*;9/22/07;Public
Amos POWELL;70ys;-;*;9/6/14;13-Old Part;-
George POWELL;48ys;-;*;11/29/10;16-B;SE Cor
Miss Julia POWELL;24ys;-;*;6/11/15;16-B;SE Cor
Mary POWELL;22ys;-;*;3/16/21;16-B;SE Cor
Matilda E. POWELL;74ys;*;1/24/44
Annie PRACSON;24ys;-;*;8/3/06;26-Old Part;E Middle
Charley PRATER;-;-;Tampa FL;7/27/16;42-C;NE Cor
Burt PRICE;65ys;Laborer;*;7/19/09;30-I;NW Cor
Dave PRICE;80ys;-;*;3/25/29;48-GG
Eddie Geo. PRICE;30ys;-;*;6/5/18;42-A;NE Cor
Clarence PRICE;15mos;*;1/26/17;35-A;NE Cor
Elizabeth PRICE;42ys;Cordele GA;6/4/44
George PRICE;65ys;-;*;6/16/05;Public
Ida PRICE;-;-;*;10/10/19;37-H;NW Cor
James PRICE;27ys;Laborer;*;1/8/05;Public
Mrs. Julia PRICE;-;-;*;8/8/20;48-GG;SE Cor
Katie PRICE;91ys;-;*;1/26/26;Commons
I/O Lorenzo PRICE;3ds;*;9/17/05;Public
Mary Lou PRICE;48ys;*;4/23/29;48-GG
Nancy PRICE;70ys;-;*;10/20/14;42-A;NE Cor
Unnamed PRICE;SB;*;3/7/23;25-H;SE Cor
Virgil PRICE;48ys;-;*;1/2/12;42-A;SW Cor
A______ PRINCE;9mos;*;-/-/43
Clifford PRINCE;18ys;-;*;5/4/15;16-C;SE Cor
Ella PRINCE;54ys;*;3/8/31;52-II
Matilda PRINCE;-;*;11/27/34;-
I/O Will PRINCE;-;*;1/30/05;1/30/05;Public
Willie Lee PRINCE;9ys;*;10/8/24;51-JJ;NW Cor
Thomas PRYOR;59ys;-;*;5/7/23;9-C;SE Cor
Jane PUDY;50ys;Housekeeper;*;8/12/04;10-G;W Middle
Unnamed PULLAN;SB;*;4/17/32;49-MM
Edna PULLUM;30ys;Detroit MI;9/6/43
Warren PURDEY;23ys;-;*;6/8/22;18-C;SW Cor
Albert PURDY;59ys;*;3/27/44
David Turner PURDY;55ys;Laborer;*;7/24/28;18-C;-
Eldridge PURDY;34ys;*;12/24/56
Ella PURDY;35ys;-;Macon GA;12/7/11;13-H;SE Middle
James PURDY;1y;*;5/12/14;13-H;SW Cor
James PURDY;57ys;*;8/8/36;13-H
I/O James PURDY;0;*;2/7/15;13-H;SW Cor
I/O Jim PURDY;SB;*;8/9/06;13-H;E Middle
Jimmy PURSEY;44ys;*;1/31/52
Sarah Bell PUTNAM;9mos;*;10/10/18;48-F;NE Cor
Fannie PUTMAN;54ys;-;*;11/20/27;21-A;-
Samuel PUTMAN;43ys;-;*;11/6/24;48-F;NW Cor
Mary RAE;0;*;12/__/35;Commons
Mike RAFARD;70ys;*;bd 10/2/46
Arter RAGAN;58ys;*;11/5/35;4-CCC
James A. RAGAN;71ys;*;3/8/41
Lizzie RAGAN;55ys;*;bd 10/6/46
U.S. RAGAN;39ys;Laborer;*;Bessemer AL;1/28/28;4-CCC;Old Part
Emma RAGLON;-;-;*;7/7/19;5-I;SW Cor
Tommie L. RAMBO;1y9mos;*;10/1/57
Co__rd RANDALL;23ys;*;7/15/45
Jessie RANDLE;30ys;-;*;6/9/24;1-D;SE Cor
Laura RANDLE;18ys;Housewife;*;2/11/28;116-Old Part;-
Dilsey RANES;70ys;-;*;12/29/22;9-G;NW Cor
Andrew RAVEN;16ys;-;*;3/7/07;Public
Earl RAVEN;65ys;*;7/13/32;Commons
Mollie RAVEN;66ys;*;11/12/40
Nancy RAVEN;-;-;/-/1940
Sam RAVEN;55ys;Laborer;*;3/29/07;Public
I/O Thos. RAVEN;5ds;*;7/26/10;Public
Unnamed RAVEN;SB;*;11/7/22;19-G;SW Cor
Katie RAVENS;19ys;Housework;Plains GA;3/6/04;Public
Thomas RAVENS;30ys;-;*;2/17/26;10-B;SE Cor
Charles Maru? RAVIER?;4ds;*;5/20/27;23-D;SE Cor
Charles W. RAVIN;26ys;*;8/27/29;48-II
Nancy RAVIN;87ys;*;5/19/40
Charlie RAY;60ys;Albany GA;8/5/30;7-G
Charlie RAY;68ys;*;5/17/39;Commons
Cicero RAY;56ys;-;*;10/12/25;3-LL;SE Cor
I/O Clifford RAY;3mos;*;7/9/03;Public
Estella C. RAY;57ys;*;10/13/55
Heste RAY;50ys;-;*;8/10/15;3-B;-
James Lee RAY;25ys;-;*;7/5/15;7-G;SW Cor
Joe RAY;80ys;*;5/11/41
Letitia RAY;33ys;-;*;12/28/14;3-B;SE Cor
Mary RAY;69ys;*;9/30/42
Mattie RAY;53ys;*;4/19/45
Nettie RAY;57ys;*;9/7/52
Prince RAY;64ys;*;-/-/42
Richard RAY;53ys;*;5/15/50
Sallie RAY;58ys;*;5/6/43
Vinie RAY;54ys;*;8/4/32;48-LL
Willie May RAY;19ys;-;*;2/24/27;1-I or J;NE Cor
Shack RAY;75ys;-;*;3/25/24;Pauper
Geraldine READ;7ys;*;2/26/27;53-F;NE Cor
I/O J.E. REDDICK;SB;*;7/20/05;Public
Mary Wade REDDICK;-;-;Ga Penitentiary;12/26/26;1-DDD;NE Cor
Easter REDDING;90ys;-;*;8/23/16;16-E;NE Cor
James W. REDDING;66ys;*;2/22/30;48-DD
Joe REDDING;65ys;*;7/21/34;48-DD
I/O Sara REDIC;SB;*;8/10/09;Public
Dave REDESON;28ys;-;*;9/4/16;13-C;Old Part;-
Alice REED;43ys;Housework;Fort Valley GA;12/9/04;11-G;W Middle
Clarence REED;50ys;*;12/19/38;17-G
Estelle REED;26ys;-;*;3/28/29;Commons
I/O Alice REES;SB;*;1/26/14;Public
Anna REESE;79ys;*;3/6/53
Fannie REESE;70ys;Housekeeper;*;12/25/03;158-Old Part;W Middle
I/O Helen REESE;7ds;*;8/28/12;145-Old Part;-
I/O James REESE;SB;*;2/11/16;Public
Prince REESE;79ys;*;6/21/39;60-Old Cemetery
I/O W.F. REESE;SB;*;9/25/04;169-Old Part;E Middle
Walter REESE;26ys;Waiter;*;2/27/10;168-Old Part;E Middle
Will REESE;-;-;*;3/10/07;Public
Frank REID;21ys;11/12/40
Gertie? REID;-;*;9/29/35;-
Otis REID;35ys;*;2/8/42
Peter REID;30ys;Porter;Albany GA;1/6/16;29-C;SE Cor 
Ruby RENDRICK;22ys;*;8/26/32;26-D
Ophelia REVES;60ys;Housewoman;*;8/11/09;12-G;West Middle
Barden REYNOLDS;38ys;-;Helena GA;6/19/15;48-F;NW Cor
Doshia RICHARDSON;51ys;Perry FL;5/25/57
Leroy RICHARDSON;45ys;*;-/-/42
Sallie RICHARDSON;46ys;*;9/9/39;5-KKK
Mrs. Susan RINGGOLD;75ys;-;*;3/19/17;33-H;NW Cor
Sidney RIVERS;102ys;Lumpkin GA;12/5/47
Thomas ROBERSIN,JR;1y;*;12/9/24;35-D;NW Cor
Hardin ROBERSON;50ys;-;*;2/9/26;10-B;SE Cor
I/O Henry ROBERSON;0;*;2/18/10;8-Old Part;NE Cor
Joe Anna ROBERSON;-;-;*;1/25/27;2-MMM;-
Matilda ROBERSON;60ys;Housewoman;*;9/14/07;28-E;SW Cor
Moses ROBERSON;53ys;-;*;4/7/25;45-F;SE Cor
Nancy ROBERSON;55ys;-;*;8/23/25;51-GG;NE Cor
Unnamed ROBERSON;-;*;2/26/44
William ROBERSON;60ys;-;*;4/10/26;Commons
Abbie ROBERTS;45ys;-;*;2/8/09;56-Old Part;NW Cor
Alice ROBERTS;23ys;*;7/18/29;Old Cemetery
Andrew ROBERTS;31ys;Laborer;*;2/13/10;2-E;NW Cor
Blanch ROBERTS;46ys;*;3/28/31;9-B
Cleo ROBERTS;-;Trenton NJ;2/5/46
Mrs. Emma ROBERTS;50ys;-;*;1/27/18;9-B;SE Cor
I/O Emmett ROBERTS;SB;*;4/13/09;9-B;SW Cor
Henry ROBERTS;65ys;-;*;7/21/17;29-F;NE Cor
Hugh ROBERTS;37ys;-;*;3/3/18;9-B;NW Cor
Joseph H. ROBERTS;SB;*;7/2/33;9-B
Joseph H. ROBERTS;61ys;*;4/23/44
Louis ROBERTS;70ys;-;*;1/20/07;Public
Mack ROBERTS;52ys;-;*;1/8/12;9-B;East Middle
Manry ROBERTS;56ys;*;4/26/38;21-H
I/O Mary ROBERTS;SB;*;7/13/12;Public
Patience ROBERTS;-;-;*;1/5/23;32-A;SE Cor
Pearl ROBERTS;6ds;*;1/23/11;35-Old Part;E Middle
Tom ROBERTS;6ys;Cobb GA;11/18/07;5-I;E Middle
Unknown ROBERTS;0;*;7/15/26;Commons
Vera ROBERTS;18ys;-;*;4/20/10;9-B;W Middle
Walter ROBERTS;SB;*;4/19/34;9-B
Charley ROBERTSON;5mos;*;9/17/12;10-G;SW Cor
I/O John ROBERTSON;7ds;*;6/29/06;Public
Mary ROBERTSON;50ys;-;*;9/25/14;45-F;-
Thornton ROBERTSON;22ys;Laborer;*;2/13/07;9-B;SE Cor
Willie ROBERTSON;9mos;*;7/4/05;Public
Andrew ROBINSON;-;*;2/12/38;Commons
Annie ROBINSON;1d;*;5/9/06;Public
I/O Annie B. ROBINSON;3ds;*;1/30/12;34-B;W Middle
Annie May ROBINSON;9mos;*;4/28/10;Public
Dave ROBINSON;55ys;R.R.;*;8/26/05;43-I;SW Cor
Ellen ROBINSON;20ys;Servant;9/15/03;Public
Frank ROBINSON;50ys;-;*;10/31/27;4-AAA;SE Cor
Freddie L. ROBINSON;4mos;*;11/12/25;Commons
Henry ROBINSON;28ys;-;*;2/24/11;28-E;W Middle
I/O Henry ROBINSON;1y;*;12/15/08;28-E;-
Horace ROBINSON;60ys;Laborer;9/6/05;Public
Jim ROBINSON;3ys;*;12/15/03;Public
Joe ROBINSON;60ys;-;Sumter Co;12/2/12;32-A;NE Cor
Lizzie ROBINSON;50ys;-;DeSoto GA;8/28/10;139-Old Part;SW Cor
Mary ROBINSON;17-;*;9/4/03;Public
Neasy ROBINSON;1y;*;2/2/19;8-C;NE Cor
O.C. ROBINSON,JR;2ys;*;6/14/10;37-A;NE Cor
Octavia ROBINSON;48ys;-;Atlanta GA;11/28/14;43-I;NW Cor
Pollie ROBINSON;80ys;-;*;3/6/11;Public
Mrs. Rebecca ROBINSON;52ys;-;*;10/8/17;41-C;NE Cor
Rosa ROBINSON;51ys;*;6/13/38;34-B
Sonny ROBINSON;21ys;-;*;12/16/10;28-E;West Middle
Mrs. Susan ROBINSON;60ys;Housework;*;2/2/05;Public
Unnamed ROBINSON;-;-;*;7/6/24;Pauper Lot
Willie ROBINSON;45ys;-;*;6/22/18;Public
Bussey RODGERS;-;*;4/23/55
Jennie RODGERS;35ys;-;*;7/5/16;5-D;SE Cor
Jerry RODGERS;70ys;-;*;6/6/07;Public
Willie RODGERS;30ys;-;*;10/25/14;44-F;NW Cor
Ada ROGERS;45ys;-;*;10/25/24;37-I;SE Cor
C/O Bussy ROGERS;-;*;11/24/12;5-D;-
Dave ROGERS;22ys;-;*;10/26/12;37-I;NW Cor
I/O Delia ROGERS;-;*;1/1/03;Public
Della ROGERS;22ys;-;*;6/30/08;Public
Della ROGERS;65ys;-;*;1/3/24;5-D;NE Cor
I/O Della ROGERS;SB;*;9/2/04;Public
Emma ROGERS;53ys;-;*;11/5/21;57-DD;SE Cor
Prof. Geo. W. ROGERS;54ys;-;*;6/30/21;51-DD;SE Cor
James ROGERS;85ys;*;1/14/05;Public
John ROGERS;64ys;*;2/1/35;-
I/O Julia ROGERS;SB;*;6/27/04;Public
I/O Mary ROGERS;SB;*;9/27/03;8-H;East End
Will ROGERS;-;*;10/3/37;Commons
Willie Lou ROGERS;19ys;-;*;11/6/10;Public
I/O Willie Lou ROGERS;SB;*;11/5/10;Public;Old Part
Chas. Lee ROLLINS;-;-;*;9/10/22;29-D;NE Cor
George ROLLINS;48ys;Hackman;*;1/17/08;29-D;SE Cor
Tommie ROLLINS;26ys;-;*;10/2/22;2-A;SW Cor
Adolphus ROSBOROUGH;1 1/2y;*;2/13/04;17-B;East Middle
A.R. ROSS;45ys;-;Savannah GA;1/6/23;7-B;NE Cor
Rebecca ROSS;48ys;-;*;10/17/16;13-Old Part;-
Mrs. Sarah ROSS;25ys;Laundress;*;1/4/09;Public
Willie ROSS;16mos;*;10/4/03;19-H;NE Cor
Jack ROWAN;65ys;Laborer;*;1/11/09;6-B;NE Cor
Laurie ROWAN;45ys;-;*;12/3/14;6-B;SE Cor
Clark ROWE;87ys;-;*;6/29/06;Public
Mr. John ROWLAND;78YS;-;*;1/12/17;41-B;SE Cor
Frank ROWLIN;80ys;-;*;7/24/14;Public
Malinda B. ROYAL;24ys;-;*;3/26/23;39-A;NW Cor
Welborn ROYAL;1y;*;9/2/21;39-A;NE Cor
Curtis RUCKER;42ys;Detroit MI;1/18/37;44-I
Isom RUCKER;89ys;*;5/14/57
Sallie RUCKER;48ys;-;*;7/11/16;44-I;NW Cor
Ed RUSHIN;30ys;*;4/9/41
Mamie RUSHIN;61ys;*;9/14/54
Unnamed RUSSAM?;SB;*;10/14/43
Amos RUSSEL;19ys;-;*;2/19/16;98-Old Part;-
Cornelias RUSSEL;18mos;*;10/29/06;31-B;SE Cor
Annie RUSSELL;60ys;-;Illinois;9/4/18;101-Old Part;-
Chas. RUSSELL;48ys;-;*;11/6/21;13-B;SW Cor
Eddie Charles RUSSELL;2ds;*;9/18/56
J.W. RUSSELL;64ys;Merchant;*;4/10/11;13-B;W Middle
Jimmiee RUSSELL;57ys;*;9/9/47
Lucinda RUSSELL;78ys;*;4/27/52
Nancy RUSSELL;76ys;-;*;1/27/21;13-B;NW Cor
Oliver H. RUSSELL;68ys;*;7/14/37;14-D
Theodore RUSSELL;29ys;-;*;3/6/13;25-E;Middle
Thomas RUSSELL,SR;50ys;Laborer;*;3/13/04;6-H;East Middle
To_____ RUSSELL;26ys;-;*;2/18/18;101-Old Part;-
Lowery RUSSER;30ys;-;*;1/18/14;6-H;SW Cor
Amos RUTHERFORD;50ys;-;*;11/16/09;Public
Mrs. Lanie RYALS;65ys;-;*;5/5/17;Public
Frances RYLANDER;90ys;-;*;12/23/25;Commons
Unnamed ST. CLAIR;SB;*;10/18/21;-;-;-
Ulysses SACK;20ys;-;*;6/8/25;5-I;SW Cor
John Henry SALTER;72ys;*;11/27/58
Willie SAMES?;30ys;-;*;2/16/27;9-J;NE Cor
Ed SAMPSON;16ys;-;*;8/15/11;40-B;SE Cor
Grant SAMPSON;73ys;-;*;4/7/23;18-II;SW Cor
Jerry SAMPSON;42ys;-;Woodlawn PA;4/3/23;40-B;SE Cor
Julia SAMPSON;23ys;-;*;4/23/23;40-B;SE Cor
Maggie SAMPSON;54ys;*;6/27/35;40-B
Mary B. SAMPSON;9ys;*;9/6/17;40-B;NE Cor
Daceia SANDERS;38ys;-;*;5/28/13;46-e;NW Cor
Fred SANDERS;26ys;-;*;9/6/20;42-Old;SE Cor
I/O Fred SANDERS;3wks;*;9/11/11;10-Old Part;-
I/O Fred SANDERS;PB;*;10/20/12;25-Old Part;-
Lula SANDERS;35ys;-;*;8/2/25;29-I;SW Cor
Timothy SANDERS;37ys;*;11/20/50
Unnamed SANDERS;SB;*;9/9/31;167-Old Cemetery
Wesley SANDERS;26ys;-;*;4/9/18;46-E;NW Cor
Hester SANFORD;54ys;-;*;6/27/25;29-D;NW Cor
Arthur SAPP;20ys;-;*;12/2/14;31-F;NW Cor
Clifton SAPP;49ys;*;3/27/38;Commons
Katie SAPP;73ys;*;11/13/50
Lewis SAPP;-;-;*;4/25/21;33-F;SW Cor
Oscar SAPP;24ys;-;*;2/15/21;33-F;SW Cor
Sarah SAPP;17ys;-;*;11/23/14;31-F;NW Cor
Almeta SAVAGE;35ys;*;12/14/29;15-B
Lorene SAYLOR;2ys;*;8/6/37;14-C
Maggie SAYLOR;61ys;*;3/15/36;2-III
Walter SAYLOR;57ys;*;12/8/48
Minnie SCELLFICKENS;38ys;-;*;7/18/17;41-B;NE Cor
Robert SCHADELFORD;80ys;New York;7/2/55 
Otis SCHELL;9mos;*;3/23/09;75-Old Part;North side
Albert SCOTT;35ys;Atlanta GA;12/18/50
Ben SCOTT;10ys;*;8/15/05;42-H;SE Cor
Booker T. SCOTT;42ys;*;3/1/54
Jim SCOTT;48ys;-;*;12/16/22;48-II;SW Cor
Kittie SCOTT;60ys;-;*;3/24/25;4-BBB;SW Cor
Lilly SCOTT;27ys;-;St Augustine FL;3/6/15;44-E;NE Cor
I/O Lilly SCOTT;5wks;*;12/6/13;41-C;NE Cor
Mamie L. SCOTT;65ys;*;4/20/54
Sam SCOTT;45ys;-;*;9/4/16;44-E;NW Cor
Anna SCRUTCHINS;37ys;-;*;1/8/07;35-I;W Middle
I/O Will SCRUTCHINGS;5mos;Albany GA;11/11/06;32-I;SE Cor
Hallie SEALEY;48ys;*;6/14/50
Mary Lee SEARCY;2wks;*;1/23/52
Bivins SEAY;5mos;*;5/19/15;Public
Catherine SEAY;3mos;*;11/6/15;Public
Emma SEAY;48ys;-;*;11/1/22;46-JJ;SW Cor
I/O Hammock SEAY;SB;*;2/9/09;Public
Hammond SEAY;43ys;*;1/19/42
Isiah SEAY;3ys;*;11/10/55
Unnamed SEAY;SB;*;3/15/30;7-E
Nancy SEWELL;85ys;-;*;1/22/06;24-E;NW Cor
Wesley SEWELL;60ys;Laborer;*;2/8/06;Public
C/O Rosalie SEXTON;9mos;Cordele GA;4/14/10;108-Old Part;W Middle
Mary SHANNON;2mos;*;12/29/09;10-H;E Middle
Otis L. SHANTON;18ys;-;*;4/8/23;10-H;SE Cor
Esther SHAW;68ys;Housewoman;*;4/22/08;34-C;SW Cor
Minnie SHAW;-;-;*;4/20/20;48-DD;NW Cor
Willie SHEALEY;13ys;-;*5/16/15;26-F;NW Cor
Gus SHECKELFORD;46ys;Laborer;*;4/21/28;51-KK;NE Cor
Jeane? SHEDRICK;44ys;Newark NJ;10/22/41
George SHEELY;45ys;*;bd 6/8/46
Lee SHEFFIELD;48ys;-;*;12/17/28;3-DDD;-
Eva M. SHELL;15ys;-;*;3/6/18;128-Old Part;-
Lew SHELL;61ys;*;9/28/30;24-I
Mary SHELL;60ys;Chicago IL;12/8/49
Henry SHELLEY;40ys;Laborer;*;12/16/07;Public
Alma SHEPARD;49ys;*;9/10/42
Jane SHEPHERD;70ys;-;*;3/27/09;21-H;W Middle
Minnie SHEPHERD;20ys;*;2/16/05;Public
B/O Oscar SHEPHERD;2wks;*;12/5/09;Public
I/O Oscar SHEPHERD;2mos;*;3/27/11;Public
Fred SHEPPARD;51ys;*;1/5/52
Sarah Will SHEPPARD;3ys;*;12/9/10;Public
Willie L. SHEPPARD;51ys;Philadelphia --;1/10/53
I/O Mary SHERMAN;3mos;*;3/29/11;10-H;E Middle
Mary SHIRLEY;-;-;*;11/27/20;Public
NCatherine SHOCKLEY;60ys;-;*;9/4/09;164-Old Part;West Middle
Ella SHORTER;43ys;*;9/10/35;35-B
Eliza SIDNEY;95ys;-;*;Public
Bertha SIMILAN?;29ys;Chicago IL;9/6/34;46-CC
B.M.B. SIMMONS;35ys;*;1/15/31;21-H
Bettie Ann SIMMONS;60ys;-*;9/4/23;19-C;NW Cor
Bibb SIMMONS;43ys;*;2/25/40
Emma SIMMONS;44ys;*;4/28/47
Forest SIMMONS;50ys;-;*;4/24/18;20-F;SE Cor
Fred SIMMONS;12ys;-;*;5/28/18;24-C;SE Cor
Freddie SIMMONS;45ys;Jacksonville FL;7/9/30;28-G
Joe SIMMONS;50ys;Carpenter;*;2/14/10;20-F;E Middle
Jordan SIMMONS;38ys;-;*;1/18/14;Public
Josh J. SIMMONS;-;-;*;3/27/19;30-C;SW Cor
Unnamed Female SIMMONS;SB;*;6/27/45
Eliza SIMMS;60ys;*;6/10/42
Sallie SIMON;90ys;*;6/19/33;43-C
Rev. J.B. SIMPKINS;66ys;Minister;*;11/8/09;40-I;W Middle
James SIMPKINS;18ys;Laborer;Sumter Co;12/2/05;40-I;NW Cor
Lula E. SIMPKINS;40ds;*;10/28/20;40-I;SE Cor
Adaline SIMPSON;35ys;-;*;5/2/10;39-C;NW Cor
Mr. Charley SIMPSON;60ys;-;*;1/3_/18;Public
Clay SIMPSON;55ys;*;6/8/29;39-C
D.O. SIMPSON;70ys;Barber;*;11/12/15;126-Old Part;-
Ester May SIMPSON;27ys;-;*;10/27/22;39-C;NW Cor
Filmore SIMPSON;37ys;-;*;6/21/22;28-D;SE Cor
Lula SIMPSON;49ys;Housekeeper;*;7/5/03;126-Old Part;NW Cor
I/O Mattie May SIMPSON;3mos;*;2/23/06;126-Old Part;SW Cor
Viola SIMPSON;49ys;-;*;1/15/18;13-I;SW Cor
Zack SIMPSON;55ys;Alexandria LA;4/3/33;28-D
Cliff SIMS;26ys;Farm hand;Leesburg Ga;10/26/15;Public
I/O Clifford SIMS;SB;*;11/13/03;30-H;SW Cor
Eliza SIMS;38ys;*;5/12/04;3-I;SW Cor
Emma SIMS;41ys;-;*;3/7/26;Commons
Jim SIMS;80ys;*;7/5/30;16-A
Sara SIMS;70ys;-;*;9/10/28;Commons
Annie Ruth SINGLETARY;23ys;*;7/3/42
Mizura SINGLETARY;13ys;-;*;9/4/17;Public
Alis SINGLETON;-;-;*;11/27/20;1-F;NE Cor
Annie SINGLETON;9mos;*;5/27/05;Public
Ethel May SINGLETON;2wks;*;9/4/12;6-D;SE Cor
Foster SINGLETON;41ys;*;4/5/42
James SINGLETON;83ys;*;10/10/56
I/O James SINGLETON;PB;*;2/18/26;10-D;NE Cor
S.T. SINGLETON;2ys;*;10/3/14;6-D;-
A. SKIPPER;61ys;-;*;4/16/12;26-I;West Middle
John Willie SLAPPIE;-;-;*;10/19/21;49-HH;SE Cor
Mrs. Sallie SLAPPIE;41ys;-;*;4/6/20;Public
Hester Anna SLAPPEY;68ys;*;6/9/36;25-__
I/O Willie SLAPPEY;-;*;bd 2/28/09;Public
Amps SLAPPY;-;-;*;12/7/20;49-HH;SW Cor
Clayton SLAPPY;40ys;*;8/21/33;49-HH
Eula SLAPPY;20ys;-;*;8/23/11;16-C;SW Cor
Leonard SLAPPY;1y;*;9/28/21;10-D;NW Cor
Lousenny SLAPPY;80ys;-;*;8/22/16;16-C;SE Cor
Lovina SLAPPY;74ys;*;3/31/39;3-I
Mary Louise SLAPPY;-;-;*;12/28/20;49-HH;SE Cor
Otha SLAPPY;30ys;-;*;10/9/16;16-C;SE Cor
Reuben SLAPPY;80ys;-;*;1/1/11;16-C;W Middle
Unnamed SLAPPY;0;*;10/25/22;49-HH;SE Cor
Elsie SLAUGHTER;65ys;-;*;4/22/12;41-E;NW Cor
Joseph SLAUGHTER;50ys;Atlanta GA;3/2/34;41-E
Josephine SLAUGHTER;52ys;Laborer;Athens GA;8/1/28;41-C;-
Mrs. Leona SLAUGHTER;21ys;-;*;11/2/16;41-E;NW Cor
Patsey SLAUGHTER;30ys;-;*;3/1/27;30-K;SE Cor
Edd SLOAN;Dawson GA;12/20/58
Maggie SLOAN;51ys;*;10/30/54
Primas SLOAN;78ys;-;*;9/28/11;4-C;NW Cor
Vennie SLOAN;85ys;-;*;6/24/24;40C;NW Cor
C/O Walter SLOAN;9mos;*;9/21/03;Public
Robert SMALL;24ys;*;5/19/30;2-LL
I/O Sarah SMALL;7ds;*;12/30/11;Public 
Homer SMILHEE (SMILEY?);5mos;*;12/12/34;Commons
A.L. SMITH;34ys;Physician;*;8/4/03;3-A;SW Cor
I/O Albert SMITH;SB;*;5/22/35;Commons
Alfred SMITH;25ys;-;*;10/21/18;45-FF;NW Cor
Alice SMITH;55ys;-;*;9/17/10;31-A;SW Cor 
Andrew SMITH;72ys;Leary GA;12/18/35;45-KK 
Angus C. SMITH;71ys;*;2/27/56
Mrs. Ann SMITH;83ys;-;*;Public
Anna SMITH;70ys;*;12/22/35;Commons
I/O Anna SMITH;SB;*;1/25/04;Public
Annie SMITH;75ys;-;*;1/15/13;35-D;NE Cor
Annie Lee SMITH;46ys;*;6/20/55
Arthur SMITH;7ys;*;1/6/42
Arthur SMITH;55ys;Cocoa FL;9/3/58
Ben SMITH;44ys;*;2/27/32;36-A
Bob SMITH;74ys;*;10/24/37;Commons
Buik SMITH;46ys;*;12/20/31;36-A
Cal SMITH;55ys;-;*;3/17/23;49-BB;NW Cor
I/O Carrie SMITH;SB;*;12/31/36;Commons
Cassie SMITH;65ys;-;*;5/14/27;6-A;SE Cor
Charley SMITH;-;-;*;2/16/18;49-H;NE Cor
Chas. SMITH;19ys;-;*;8/4/20;49-BB;SW Cor
Cicero SMITH;42ys;-;*;6/10/09;37-E;NW Cor
Clara SMITH;48ys;-;*;8/6/25;10-E;SE Cor
Claud SMITH;30ys;*;11/12/37;36-A
C/O Cordie SMITH;4mos;*;2/13/12;37-E;NE Cor
Dave SMITH;51ys;*;12/29/33;14-A
Edward SMITH;14ys;-;*;5/19/23;31-A;NW Cor
Eli SMITH;51ys;Mechanic;*;10/29/07;6-A;NW Cor
Elizabeth Ann SMITH;8mos;*;12/15/20;49-BB;SE Cor
Fanie SMITH;55ys;-;*;10/5/26;45-KK;NE Cor
I/O Fred SMITH;-;*;4/11/21;Pauper
Freddie Lee SMITH;6mos;*;12/10/30;32-T
George SMITH;80ys;Farming;DeSoto GA;7/11/04;27-C;SW Cor
Georgie Ann SMITH;-;-;*;4/8/19;49-H;NE Cor
Hannah SMITH;90ys;-;*;1/7/14;Public
Harriet SMITH;90ys;-;*;8/11/17;31-A;NE Cor
Harry Gohson? SMITH;53ys;*;12/3/51
Henrietta SMITH;60ys;Housekeeper;Sumter Co;11/20/03;27-C;West Middle
Henry SMITH;40ys;-;*;12/30/26;7-I;NE Cor
Homer SMITH;58ys;*;1/30/42
Hugh SMITH;61ys;*;bd 7/30/46
I/O James SMITH;PB;*;9/9/11;31-A;SE Cor
Jannie SMITH;64ys;*;5/8/41
Jerry R. SMITH;53ys;-;*;11/16/27;6-DDD;-
John SMITH;35ys;Showman;*;12/7/08;Public
John O. SMITH;27ys;-;*;8/17/10;30-A;SW Cor
Lena SMITH;54ys;*;11/28/47
Lewis SMITH;85ys;-;*;3/4/22;Public
Loraine SMITH;20ys;-;*;4/23/13;42-A;NE Cor
I/O Lucy SMITH;SB;*;8/12/10;Public
Mary SMITH;16ys;-;*;11/19/23;49-BB;SE Cor
Mary SMITH;70ys;*;7/19/33;Commons
Mary SMITH;55ys;*;11/26/39;Commons
Mary SMITH;65ys;Leslie GA;10/23/55
Mary E. SMITH;1y;*;3/29/20;31-A;NE Cor
Missey SMITH;35ys;-;Fitzgerald GA;9/4/12;29-B;NE Cor
Mollie D. SMITH;96ys;Macon GA;1/18/55
I/O Newt SMITH;3ds;*;7/28/12;31-A;NE Cor
Norina? SMITH;8ys;*;5/19/23;31-A;NW Cor
Pomilee SMITH;43ys;-;*;12/11/12;27-C;Middle
Richard SMITH;55ys;-;*;11/15/11;unknown;-
Sarah SMITH;56ys;*;6/7/45
Sam SMITH;-;-;*;4/19/19;49-BB;NE Cor
Susan SMITH;70ys;-;*;12/28/15;33-A;SE Cor
Tom SMITH;40ys;*;10/22/41
Unnamed SMITH;SB;*;11/1/24;Pauper Lot
Unnamed SMITH;PB;*;12/3/24;43-F;SW Cor
Unnamed SMITH;SB;*;1/3/38;47-H
Unnamed SMITH;-;*;12/17/45
William SMITH;60ys;*;7/4/58
Willie SMITH;1y;*;1/2/13;21-Old Part;-
Wilson SMITH;-;-;*;11/3/14;29-H;NW Cor
Unnamed SNEAD;SB;*;2/3/31;45-F
Eli SNELLINGER;80ys;*;12/2/44
Wm. SNELLINGS;23ys;-;*;4/28/06;4-G;NW Cor
Matilda SNIPES;75ys;-;Athens TN;bd 5/22/07;54-Old Part;NW Cor
Maggie SOLOMON;23ys;Servant;10/25/03;37-I;-
Tom SOLOMON;18ys;-;*;12/21/16;Public
Lula B. SOUTH;63ys;*;1/9/58
Luanna SPARKS;25ys;Housewoman;*;1/14/06;27-G;E Middle
I/O Thomas SPARKS;SB;*;bd 1/16/04;Public
Pearl SPENCE;62ys;*;10/4/58
Carrie Lee SPENCER;1y;*;10/30/04;38-I;SE Cor
Eliza SPENCER;60ys;-;*;1/25/06;38-I;NE Cor
Lena SPENCER;29ys;Housekeeper;*;11/16/03;38-I;West Middle
Martin? SPENCER;-;*;7/20/35;-
Monroe SPENCER;54ys;-;New Haven CN;3/24/18;38-I;NW Cor
Mrs. Dora SPILLERS;74ys;-;*;3/20/17;Public
Unnamed SPINCEY;SB;*;4/14/47
Earnest SPIVEY;45ys;*;3/27/37;19-D
Hardy SPIVEY;70ys;Blacksmith;*;4/16/07;19-D;NE Cor
Harvey SPIVEY;37ys;Waiter;Trenton NJ;12/18/18;19-D;NW Cor
John SPIVEY;47ys;-;Macon GA;11/10/18;19-D;NW Cor
O.V. SPIVEY;60ys;*;bd 11/20/46
Rhodie SPIVEY;-;-;*;9/27/12;Public
Sylvey SPIVEY;67ys;*;12/7/43
Caroline SPRATLEY;75ys;-;*;11/10/17;Public
Williams SPUNDERS;11ys;Manhattan NY;4/1/45
J.C. STAFFORD;-;-;-/-/43
Phoebeo STAGS;48ys;-;*;4/25/12;8-F;SW Cor
Alfred S. STALEY;65ys;-;*;11/8/27;4-__;- (removed to Staley Mem-
  orial Gardens)
Ella Jordan STALEY;75ys;Thunderbolt GA;5/4/36;4-Old Cemetery (re-
  moved to Staley Memorial Gardens)
Daniel STALLINGS;28ys;-;*;6/22/13;46-B;NE Cor
I/O Mathis STALLINGS;4ds;*;12/26/10;Public
Rosa STALLINGS;6mos;*;2/21/18;Public
I/O Rosa STALLINGS;1wk;*;4/16/17;Public
Jack STARKS;48ys;*;2/21/51
John STATHAM;40ys;-;*;3/8/16;49-F;NE Cor
John STATHAM;32ys;-;*;7/6/17;Public
Mary STATHAM;36ys;-;Hartford CN;8/28/17;49-F;NE Cor
Terry STATHAM;10mos;*;2/18/11;Public
I/O Samuel STEED;3hrs;*;6/19/03;Public
Charley STEPENSON;7ys;*;4/6/03;37-I;SW Cor
Hilla STEPHEN;29ys;*;8/16/38;18-G
Malinda STEPHEN;34ys;Atlanta GA;9/15/51
Addie STEPHENS;50ys;*;8/23/56
Asberry STEPHENS;68ys;*;6/25/57
Joe STEPHENS;60ys;-;*;5/12/16;32-B;NE Cor
Mary L. STEPHENS;68ys;*;2/17/58
Minie Carey STEPHENS;18ys;-;*;4/23/18;40-H;NE Cor
Monroe STEPHENS;38ys;*;11/21/51
O.C. STEPHENS;55ys;*;8/11/39;__-H
Robert STEPHENS;2ys;*;4/28/15;Public
Sam STEPHENS;74ys;-;*;2/3/19;60-Old Part;-
Silas STEPHENS;73ys;*;5/25/42
Allen STEVENS;84ys;Carpenter;*;10/8/15;40-F;NW Cor
Amanda STEVENS;35ys;-;*;9/22/07;8-C;NW Cor
Carrie STEVENS;40ys;Housewife;*;9/28/07;60-Old Part;-
I/O Chas. STEVENS;1wk;*;7/9/10;Public
Edith STEVENS;29ys;Augusta GA;9/26/52
Elbert STEVENS;71ys;*;9/28/51
I/O Elbert STEVENS;SB;*;3/1/06;Public
Jimmie Russell STEVENS;14mos;*;8/2/12;11-E;SE Cor
Maggie STEVENS;39ys;-;*;2/20/12;27__;-
Minnie L. STEVENS;42ys;*;7/14/54
Nard? STEVENS;67ys;*;3/8/45
Sarah STEVENS;55ys;*;12/12/31;40-F
Ada STEVENSON;55ys;-;*;7/18/26;45-C;NW Cor
Missouri STEVENSON;48ys;-;*;9/12/07;37-I;W Middle
Nora STEVENSON;67ys;*;7/12/54
John STEWARD;45ys;*;3/16/37;27-G
Lillian Louise STEWARD;7ds;*;12/13/28;45-D;-
I/O Cuffie STEWART;SB;*;8/24/12;Public
I/O Cleve STEWART;-;*;9/1/21;36-Old Part;SE Cor
Dave STEWART;48s;Cook;*;6/17/06;19-E;SW Cor
George STEWART;65ys;-;Country;2/17/14;Public
Harriet STEWART;80ys;*;10/9/03;Public
Joe STEWART;22ys;-;*;1/16/09;19-E;NE Cor
Sylvia STEWART;68ys;-;*;8/13/13;Public
Josephene STICKNEY;45ys;-;*;8/24/10;Public
Robert STOKES;-;*;8/30/39;Commons
Charlie W. STOREY;33ys;*;10/7/42
Twin I/O Frank STORY;SB;*;4/30/05;Public
Lester STORY;55ys;*;3/24/44
Mary L. STORY;33ys;-;*;1/5/08;Public
Isaac STOVALL;65ys;Milledgeville GA;2/17/40;Commons
John J. STRINGER;24ys;-;Savannah GA;8/9/10;24-F;SW Cor
Rev. J.R. STROUD;65;Minister;*;3/12/05;Public
Susan STROUD;67ys;*;11/30/32;21-E
Elizabeth STUART;43ys;*;3/31/40
Tom STUART;40ys;-;*;18-D; Middle
J.W. STUCKEY,JR;6mos;*;5/8/23;12-H;NW Cor
Jessie STUBBS;13ys;-;*;7/23/20;38-E;SE Cor
Jasper STRONG;80ys;-;Leesburg GA;3/24/14;29-A;NE Cor
Willie Hart STRONG;70ys;Columbia --;4/17/39;29-A
Oestern? SULARY?;1mo;*;8/2/55
W.E. SULLIVAN;40ys;-;*;9/3/09;27-G;West Middle
Millie SUMPTER;50ys;Housewife;McDonald GA;8/19/04;30-G;E Middle
Ira SUTTON;32ys;-;*;12/28/12;3-D;SE Cor
Abbie SWAIN;9mos;*;2/2/11;Public
Mary SWARN;47ys;Jacksonville FL;2/29/48
James Arthur SWAYES;18mos;*;7/21/15;15-B;SW Cor
Marshall SWEARINGER;49ys;-;*;2/1/12;29-H;W Middle
George SWRING?;49ys;*;11/24/49
Anderson TALMAGE;82ys;*;7/15/04;Public
Albert TAYLOR;56ys;*;3/8/49
Annie TAYLOR;52ys;*;1/17/36/;25-B
Ben TAYLOR;55ys;*;6/9/30;17-D
Bessie TAYLOR;26ys;-;*;8/16/13;36-A;NE Cor
C.J. TAYLOR;55ys;*;2/26/44
Flozelle TAYLOR;10hrs;*;2/21/43
Mrs. Francis TAYLOR;61ys;-;*;8/30/15;34-B;-
George B. TAYLOR;2mos;*;2/23/59
Griff TAYLOR;SB;*;6/6/35;-
Jim TAYLOR;50ys;*;10/17/36;3-JJJ
Jimmie TAYLOR;69ys;*;2/23/59
John E. TAYLOR;6mos;*;6/7/07;31-G;SE Cor
Johnnie Mac TAYLOR;25ys;*;7/25/40
Liza TAYLOR;75ys;Housewoman;*;9/9/05;18-A;NW Cor
Mrs. Malinda TAYLOR;65ys;-;*;8/14/15;17-D;-
Mozelle TAYLOR;9hrs;*;2/21/43
Renda TAYLOR;54ys;-;Thomasville GA;10/6/22;17-D;SE Cor
Rosa TAYLOR;43ys;-;*;10/10/26;9-C;NW Cor
Sarah TAYLOR;80ys;-;*;5/11/07;Public
Sarah TAYLOR;32ys;-;*;12/24/12;2-C;SE Cor
Unnamed TAYLOR;SB;*;12/16/23;57-EE;NE Cor
W.M. TAYLOR;57ys;*;8/20/30;17-B
Wm. TAYLOR;23ys;-;Mobile AL;4/26/07;17-D;NE Cor
Willis TAYLOR;56ys;-;*;3/26/13;2-C;SE Cor
Mrs. Winnie TAYLOR;36ys;-;*;12/18/15;17-D;-
Daniel Shelby TEMPLER;SB;*;9/17/43
Charley TENSLEY;29ys;-;Birmingham AL;3/23/25;5-BBB;SW Cor
I/O Mamie TERREL;5ds;*;6/14/06;Public
Caroline TERRY;72ys;*;3/23/53
Charles TERRY;18ys;Laborer;*;6/17/04;24-F;West Middle
Cora Mae TERRY;2mos;*;1/30/52
Kittie May TERRY;11mos;*;7/1/06;18-H;NE Cor
Susie TERRY;40ys;-;*;10/23/11;7-H;NW Cor
Alice THOMAS;48ys;*;5/8/29;5-I
Ames THOMAS;66ys;*;10/8/53
I/O Amos THOMAS;SB;*;bd 1/9/04;Public
I/O Amos THOMAS;SB;*;4/19/07;Public
Briana THOMAS;3mos;*;9/23/55
Charles THOMAS;7ds;*;6/25/54
I/O Chas. THOMAS;SB;*;6/21/11;10-G;E Middle
Eugene THOMAS;53ys;*;6/30/57
I/O Eva THOMAS;SB;*;10/15/03;Public
I/O Fanie THOMAS;11mos;*;7/10/13;Public
Henry THOMAS;-;*;7/15/33;Commons
Jack THOMAS;42ys;*;12/6/37;27-G
James Calhoun THOMAS;-;-;*;12/9/25;18-J;SE Cor
John THOMAS;1 1/2ys;*;6/16/03;10-H;NE Cor
John THOMAS;44ys;*;10/30/37;36-G
John W. THOMAS;15ys;-;*;10/27/26;45-CC;NE Cor
Julia THOMAS;-;-;*;11/24/18;Public
Julia THOMAS;15ys;*;6/4/36;35-B
Kenneth Parl THOMAS;1mo;*;9/16/56
Leila THOMAS;62YS;*;2/12/53
Levis THOMAS;3ds;*;8/12/12;Public
I/O Lillie THOMAS;SB;*;2/25/07;Public
Marie Reddick THOMAS;24ys;*;bd 11/3/46
Nancy THOMAS;49ys;*;12/11/50
Pearl THOMAS;22ys;Cook;Albany GA;3/12/05;Public
Ruthe THOMAS;19ys;-;Detroit MI;5/8/24;9-A;SE Cor
Sabray THOMAS;70ys;-;*;5/26/15;Public
Unnamed THOMAS;SB;*;11/6/34;-
Willie THOMAS;21ys;-;*;3/9/17;Public
Willie THOMAS;39ys;Asheville NC;11/2/36;4-III
Willie THOMAS;59ys;*:11/6/40  
Willye E. THOMAS;47ys;Daytona Beach FL;10/9/45
Turner THOMSON;37ys;West Palm Beach FL;4/7/47
Arena THOMPSON;50ys;-;*;5/13/26;32-B;NW Cor
Clifton L. THOMPSON;45ys;Laborer;*;4/2/28;29-I;NE Cor
Emma THOMPSON;75ys;*;11/10/30;Commons
Perry THOMPSON;79ys;*;9/15/37;29-I
Willie THOMPSON;54?ys;*;2/26/45
Catherine THORNTON;-;-;*;1/27/22;47-D;NE Cor
Daisie THORNTON;24ys;-;*;7/11/06;Public
Ida THORNTON;62ys;Jacksonville FL;bd 8/10/46
Tom THORNTON;67ys;*;2/20/44
Irey & Ilee TILLARD?;SB;*;11/30/39;Commons
I/O Lanie TINER;SB;*;1/8/09;Public
Hannah TINSLEY;79ys;-;*;11/4/13;2-G;SW Cor
Lillian TINSLEY;57ys;*;2/22/41
Sidney TINSLEY;41ys;-;*;8/15/09;3-F;E Middle
I/O Mamie TOASTON;2wks;*;5/1/11;Public
Bobbie Lee TODD;55ys;*;10/30/51
Emily TODD;70ys;-;*;2/10/27;1-I or J;NE Cor
Henry TODD;59ys;-;*;8/27/26;1-I or J;SW Cor
I/O Henry TODD;2mos;*;10/15/03;Public
Jim TODD;78ys;-;*11/10/25;Commons
Mollie TODD;35ys;-;*;11/22/11;43-B;-
Louvenia TOLBERT;30ys;-;*;12/15/25;Commons
I/O Charley TOMMEY;1wk;*;8/13/06;10-G;NE Cor
Daniel TOMMEY;70ys;*;1/29/31;14-Old Cemetery
Frank TOMMEY;65ys;*;7/15/29;14-__
I/O Rosalie TOMMEY;SB;*;9/13/12;Public
I/O Charles TOMMIE;SB;*;9/22/13;10-G;SW Cor
Isaac TOMMIE;75ys;-;Macon Ga;5/14/10;36-Old Part;W Middle
I/O Charley TOMMY;SB;*;6/18/07;Public
Unnamed TOMMY;SB;*;1/5/46
Jesse TOMPKINS;33ys;-;*;11/12/07;40-I;West Middle
Carrie TONDEE;-;-;*;2/3/27;18-B;SW Cor
Mary TONDEE;52ys;*;3/14/40
Nep TONDEE;76ys;-;*;12/22/23;__-Old Cemetery;SW Cor
R.S. TONDEE;30ys;Blacksmith;*;9/4/04;Public
Phlimon TONIE;8mos;*;6/15/34;10-E
Elnora TOOK;80ys;*;6/5/33;Commons
Willie TOOKS;18ys;-;*;7/31/15;Public
Ida TOOLE;66ys;*;2/15/34;Commons
Willie Bobb TOOLS;53ys;Plains GA;2/12/55
Emma TOOMER;85ys;-;*;12/23/28;48-GG;-
Joseph TOOSTON;70ys;-;*;10/16/16;13-Old Part;-
Francis TOWERSON;80ys;-;*;7/24/06;20-H;W Middle
Jno Henry TOWNES;4ys;*;7/18/05;112-Old Part;SE Cor
Missouri TOWNSLEY;59ys;-;*;11/19/23;37-C;SW Cor
Edward TOWREY;57ys;-;*;12/25/25;46-CC;SE Cor
Sara TRAVIS;31ys;-;*;11/19/20;3-C;SE Cor
Jennie Bell TRICE;2ys;*;7/28/11;159-Old Part;West Middle
Eliza TRIPP;83ys;*;10/6/03;10/7/03;Public
Allen TROUTMAN;55ys;*;8/26/32;2-FFF
John H. TUCKER;92ys;-;*;8/9/10;Public
N.M.? TUCKER;66ys;*;10/30/35;16-A
Rachel TUCKER;80ys;-;*;10/17/23;51-EE;SW Cor
Thomas TUCKER;21ys;*;6/10/50
Rev. Turner TUCKER;25ys;-;*;6/30/21;51-EE;SE Cor
J.H. TUKES;25ys;-;Tifton GA;2/24/09;17-G;NW Cor
Leila TUKES;44ys;*;8/20/30;16-A
Thos. TURN;63ys;*;8/29/34;Commons
Amos T. TURNER;45ys;Barber;*;1/27/06;26-I;SW Cor
Bettie TURNER;70ys;-;*;12/11/20;21-E;NW Cor
Bob TURNER;-;-;-;4/12/18;Public
Champ TURNER;65ys;*;10/30/45
Daisy Mae TURNER;10mos;*;10/17/47
Darsey TURNER;38ys;-;*;6/1/27;52-FF;NE Cor
F.E. TURNER;50ys;-;Clay Co;6/9/14;22-F;Middle
I/O Dr. F.E. TURNER;-;*;7/19/12;23-F;-
Franklin TURNER;6mos;*;5/19/14;23-F;Middle
Ida TURNER?;48ys;-;*;7/4/09;26-I;W Middle
Mary TURNER;55ys;*;9/14/41
Mattie May TURNER;2wks;*;5/4/11;Public
Sallie TURNER;40ys;Housekeeper;*;9/7/03;Public
Savannah TURNER;25ys;Teaching;*;2/21/03;27-G;East Middle 
Simon TURNER;30ys;-;*;5/9/14;48-D;NE Cor
Willie Henry TURNER;15mos;*;6/23/17;22-H;SE Cor
Willis TURNER;85ys;-;*;4/26/24;21-F;NW Cor
Ivory TURNTINE;59ys;Atlanta GA;6/1/54
George TYOUS;54ys;Drayman;*;5/21/10;11-F;E Middle
Josephene TYOUS;50ys;-;*;7/12/10;11-F;SE Cor
Catherine L. TYSON;25ys;*;10/15/29;38-D
I/O Ed TYSON;6ds;*;11/10/04;Public
Willie May TYSON;25ys;Housewife;DeSoto GA;2/9/10;2-B;E Middle
Carrie UNDERWOOD;52ys;*;2/26/40
I/O Harrison UNDERWOOD;SB;*;4/18/38;Commons
John Robt UNDERWOOD;34ys;516 Jefferson St, Americus;9/25/41
Unknown Body;-;-;*;8/12/23;Paupers Lot
Unknown Joe;75ys;-;*;5/4/07;Public
Unknown Man & Child?;14ds;*;1/18/23;35-D;NE Cor
Unknown Stillborn;SB;*;1/17/25;39-A;SW Cor
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;3/1/28;1-C;-
Unknown Unnamed;2ds;*;11/25/28;17-D;-
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;1/22/29;49-H
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;2/20/29;46-JJ
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;3/26/29;7-DDD
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;6/3/29;6-D
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;8/9/31;51-GG
Unknown Unnamed;40ys;*;9/5/32;Commons
Unknown Unnamed;-;*;8/18/33;Commons
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;8/7/34;26-E
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;5/9/35;25-H
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;2/11/38;Commons
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;9/6/43
Unknown Unnamed;SB;*;9/19/43
Unknown Unnamed Female;SB;*;6/3/45
Unknown Unnamed Twins;SB;*;1/26/32;24-I
Unknown Woman;-;-;*;12/29/25;Commons
Unreadable Name;0;*;7/7/26;41-G;NW Cor
Mathew UPSHAW;50ys;-;*;4/7/24;48-E;NE Cor
Annie Lou VARNER;28ys;-;*;3/8/17;19-I;SW Cor
I/O Will VARNER;SB;*;1/18/03;Public
Mamie Eliza VAUGHN;8ys;*;10/16/17;5-D;NE Cor
James Thomas VILLIAN;28ys;*;3/30/56
Carrie WADE;47ys;*;4/18/44
I/O Clay WADE;0;*;4/19/15;2-B;SE Cor
Ellen WADE;-;-;*;9/1/20;2-B;SE Cor
Simon WADE;60ys;*;5/6/30;2-E
I/O Will WADE;SB;*;11/10/16;Public
Seanes WALDEN;3 1/2ys;*;7/28/23;50-H;NE Cor
Alice WALKER;80ys;-;*;11/29/13;47-D;NW Cor
Anna WALKER;73ys;*;bd 6/11/46
Annie WALKER;57ys;*;11/6/39;45-II
Annie May WALKER;40ys;*;bd 8/27/46
I/O Annie WALKER;-;*;1/9/03;Public
Annie Lou WALKER;3ys;*;6/3/18;45-BB;NE Cor
I/O Annie May WALKER;1mo;*;1/1/08;Public
Arthur WALKER;62ys;*;8/22/55
Bessie WALKER;18mos;*;12/14/04;Public
Bessie WALKER;37ys;Pittsburgh PA;8/3/31;45-BB
Bettie WALKER;49ys;-;*;7/2/09;9-E;SW Cor
Carrie Bell WALKER;17ys;-;Sumter Co;7/2/09;8-E;SW Cor
Costell B. WALKER;56ys;Rhode Island;8/21/45
Dallis WALKER;87ys;-;*;3/4/25;7-C;SW Cor
Edgar WALKER;25ys;Laborer;*;4/14/05;40-H;SE Cor
Ella Loce WALKER;3mos;*;1/28/06;Public
Ellen Harlam WALKER;48ys;-;*;6/21/26;18-G;SW Cor
Emma WALKER;27ys;-;*;6/5/06;11-B;SE Cor
I/O Eva WALKER;SB;*;1/22/15;Public
I/O F.B. WALKER;3ds;*;6/12/11;39-H;SW Cor
Frank WALKER;35ys;-;*;1/15/26;18-G;NE Cor
Freeman B. WALKER;84ys;*;12/19/53
Mrs. Harriet WALKER;65ys;-;*;5/29/18;26-F;NW Cor
Harriett WALKER;59ys;Housekeeper;*;3/11/08;32-E;SW Cor
Ida WALKER;65ys;-;*;9/29/20;49-F;NE Cor
Isabella WALKER;20ys;Housekeeper;*;3/18/08;26-F;SE Cor
James T. WALKER;59ys;*;11/27/58
Jim WALKER;65ys;*;1/5/45
Johnnie WALKER;37ys;Ft. Pierce FL;5/13/58
Lease WALKER;59ys;*;9/11/34;45-BB
Lee Anna WALKER;23ys;*;11/27/03;15-H;SE Cor
Leola WALKER;12ys;-;*;4/1/17;50-B;NE Cor 
Mrs. Leola WALKER;35ys;-;*;12/30/16;50-B;NE Cor
Liddie WALKER;44ys;Leslie GA;7/17/29;42-__
Louvenia WALKER;60ys;*;12/10/52
Margiana WALKER;29ys;Housewife;*;12/26/04;Public
Mary Green WALKER;67ys;*;11/28/36;7-C
Mary Lee WALKER;63ys;*;8/13/58
Mollie WALKER;80ys;-;*;7/3/14;41-C;NE Cor
Oscar WALKER;40ys;*;8/30/32;49-F
Peter WALKER;84ys;*;5/24/53
Phyllis WALKER;52ys;*;3/12/42
Rebecca WALKER;65ys;*;2/20/44
Reese WALKER;58ys;-;*;1/16/25;49-F;NW Cor
Robert WALKER;87ys;-;*;11/21/08;37-H;E Middle
Robert WALKER;52ys;-;Pratsburg? PA;12/14/24;7-C;SE Cor
Sarah WALKER;75ys;-;*;6/3/10;40-H;E Middle  
Unnamed WALKER;SB;*;9/2/47
Will WALKER;52ys;Augusta GA;7/25/45
William WALKER;50ys;-;*;9/28/27;24-G;NE Cor
William WALKER;56ys;Youngstown --;5/7/57
Jessie WALL;10ys;*;8/18/17;45-E;NE Cor
Stonewall WALL;7ys;*;9/11/12;30-D;NW Cor
William WALL;25ys;-;*;4/7/13;45-E;NW Cor
Unnamed WALLACE;SB;*;8/17/43
Wisdom WALLACE;49ys;*;6/18/37;27-G
William WALLIS;51ys;*;3/17/40
C/O Willie WALLS;2ys;*;5/31/10;29-F;E Middle
I/O Minnie WALTER;SB;*;2/14/05;Public
Earnest WALTERS;20mos;Fitzgerald GA;7/30/06;Public
B/O Windsor WALTERS;2mos;*;5/1/17;13-C;NW Cor
Johnnie WALTON;-;-;*;11/4/26;45-CC;SE Cor
Lewis WALTON;14ys;-;*;2/14/18;Public
Maudie Bell WALTON;3ds;*;11/24/55
Merritt C. WALTON;36ys;Detroit MI;11/14/53
Steve WALTON;60ys;*;6/18/51
William WALTON;70ys;-;*;3/4/22;5-E;NW Cor
William WAMACK;3ys;*;12/9/10;Public
Grant WAMONE?;64ys;*;2/18/53
B/O Elizabeth WARE;SB;*;9/23/27;Commons
Geo. WARE;50ys;*;7/8/30
Josephine WARE;20ys;-;Sumter Co;5/10/08;16-E;SE Cor
Bloom WARMOCK;-;-;*;1/11/27;4-A;-
Jane WARMOCK;75ys;-;*;1/31/09;4-A;NW Cor
Walter WARNER;50ys;-;*;2/9/13;Public
B/O Alberta WARREN;SB;*;bd 12/16/06;Public
I/O Berta WARREN;1wk;*;12/7/05;Public
Mrs. Bettie WARREN;50ys;-;*;8/7/18;10-B;SE Cor
Boss WARREN;75ys;-;*;9/17/20;76-Old;SW Cor
Boss W. WARREN;63ys;Real Estate Agt;*;3/10/28;36-D;-
Boysey WARREN;53ys;*;12/30/40
Echols WARREN;22ys;-;Montgomery AL;11/28/06;10-B;NE Cor
Eliza WARREN;81ys;-;*;3/15 or 18/27;176-E;SW Cor
John WARREN;22ys;Laborer;*;10/30/06;10-C;NW Cor
I/O Marion WARREN;1mo;*;9/22/07;Public
Mattie WARREN;85ys;*;1/1/51
Mittie WARREN;45ys;-;*;5/27/13;10-B;SE Cor
Philip WARREN;49ys;-;*;4/3/12;10-C;SE Cor
Mrs. Pleas WARREN;42ys;-;*;6/12/13;46-A;NE Cor
Rice WARREN;51ys;*;5/8/29;46-A
Ben WASHINGTON;60ys;*;2/7/37;Commons
Campbell WASHINGTON;90ys;Carpenter;7/28/06;Public
Charley WASHINGTON;68ys;*;12/11/38;Commons
Mrs. Eddie WASHINGTON;57ys;-;*;6/27/17;36-F;NE Cor
Eliza WASHINGTON;35ys;-;*;6/6/11;18-H;W Middle
George WASHINGTON;70ys;-;*;6/27/09;38-H;-
George WASHINGTON;105ys;-;*;1/12/23;Pauper
J.W. WASHINGTON;-;-;*;4/4/19;36-F;NE Cor
Jane WASHINGTON;78ys;-;*;7/12/13;Public
John Lewis WASHINGTON;6ys;*;3/24/55
Lizzie WASHINGTON;71ys;*;5/28/04;38-H;SE Cor
Martha WASHINGTON;65ys;Housewoman;*;8/9/09;38-H;E Middle 
Martha WASHINGTON;90ys;-;*;4/7/14;37-C;NW Cor
Mrs. Millie WASHINGTON;90ys;-;*;1/12/18;48-I;NW Cor
Wesley WASHINGTON;58ys;-;*;1/3/10;3-B;SE Cor
Mildred WATERS;22ys;Chicago IL;1/30/30;27-E     
I/O Rose WATERS;5ds;*;11/21/03;Public
Ed WATKINS;50ys;Albany GA;7/13/29;138-Old Cemetery
Willie Howard WATKINS;53ys;*;3/15/39;Commons
Aaron WATSON;51ys;-;*;5/9/25;6-BBB;SW Cor
Arthur WATSON;40ys;Atlanta GA;1/24/32;6-BBB
James W. WATSON;1mo;*;12/15/29;35-D
Maggie WATSON;40ys;-;Savannah GA;9/15/05;42-I;NW Cor
Millie WEATHERSPOON;60ys;*;3/6/32;Old Cemetery
Enoch WEATHERSPOONE;23ys;-;*;3/15/24;9-E;SW Cor
Callie WEBB;21ys;*;9/21/31;12-B
Charles WEBB;63ys;Laborer;*;2/22/05;40-G;SW Cor
Henry WEBB;50ys;-;*;8/13/27;8-H;NE Cor
Sallie Mallard WEBB;64ys;*;3/15/38;8-H
Charley WELBORN;50ys;-;*;10/24/23;18-A;SW Cor
I/O Cliff WELBORN;0;*;9/13/22;Commons
Emily WELBORN;71ys;*;12/2/32;18-A
Jasper WELBORN;83ys;Laborer;*;9/18/05;17-F;E Middle
Tommie Lee WELBORN;43ys;*;10/22/57
Unnamed WELBORN;SB;*;7/14/40
Annie WELLBORNE;25ys;-;St. Augustine FL;5/5/26;18-A;NW Cor
Johnny WESLEY,JR;SB;*;7/11/35;__-A
Alford WEST;80ys;Laborer;*;2/26/06;Public
Annie WEST;73ys;*;11/19/49
Blanch WEST;24ys;-;*;2/24/25;9-G;SW Cor
Mrs. Carrie WEST;67ys;-;*;7/11/18;45-DD;NE Cor
Clara May WEST;-;-;*;6/25/22;48-GG;NW Cor
I/O E.D. WEST;SB;*;3/1/16;41-C;NE Cor
I/O Ed WEST;SB;*;1/23/17;41-C;SE Cor
Emma WEST;34ys;-;*;9/14/26;2-BBB;SW Cor
Henderson WEST;43ys;New York NY;9/6/31;4-BBB
Henrietta WEST;50ys;-;*;11/18/13;127-Old Part;-
Jestina WEST;27ys;Detroit MI;12/11/33;22-E
I/O Louella WEST;SB;*;6/9/11;Public
I/O Mabel WEST;SB;*;4/19/17;Public
Unnamed WEST;PB;*;5/22/25;2-BBB;SE Cor
I/O Will WEST;SB;*;3/19/12;Public
I/O Willie WEST;-;*;3/15/13;Public
I/O Willie WEST;17mos;*;3/23/16;152-Old Part;-
James Russell WESTBERRY;63ys;*;4/15/56
Nathaniel WESTBERRY;32ys;Gainesville FL;4/14/40
Ella WESTBROOK;38ys;-;*;7/2/26;18-G;NE Cor
Frank WESTBROOK;75ys;Laborer;*;12/7/05;Public
Freda Mae WESTBROOK;21ys;-;*;12/31/27;41-B;-
James WESTBROOK;42ys;Albany GA;5/10/29;46-A
Marie Law WESTBROOK;1mo;*;1/31/45
Mark WESTBROOK;46ys;*;7/11/51
Russell WESTBROOK;80ys;*;4/16/43
Unnamed WESTBROOK;SB;*;10/1/43
Susie Ann WESTBROOKS;2mos;*;1/13/51
Susie R. WESTHEIMER;67ys;New York NY;1/29/38;20-G
Thomas WESTHEIMER;68ys;New York NY;5/22/37;18-G
Unnamed WESTHEIMER;few hrs;*;7/16/42
Roy WETHERSPOON;68ys;-;*;9/17/24;21-C;SW Cor
Hannah WHALEY;98ys;Nurse;*;1/13/06;31-Old Part;West Middle
Richard WHEATON;68ys;Laborer;*;12/16/04;Public 
May Belle WHEELER;15ys;-;*;11/11/12;166-Old Part;-
Anna Strong WHITE;-;Plains GA;3/23/53
Bell WHITE;78ys;-;*;7/7/20;18-G;NE Cor
Berry WHITE;65ys;Laborer;*;7/14/05;Public
Bob WHITE;70ys;Laborer;Sumter Co;3/11/06;Public
Essie Mae WHITE;49ys;*;8/25/54
Hansen WHITE;54ys;*;8/7/54
Henrietta WHITE;28ys;-;Bridgeboro GA;7/11/09;21-F;NE Cor
Janie Josephene WHITE;22ys;-;*;11/25/21;53-FF;NW Cor
Johnnie Lee WHITE;27ys;Birmingham AL;12/24/54
Mariah WHITE Removal;-;*;bd 3/8/04;4-H;East Middle from NE Cor
Moses WHITE;-;-;*;4/24/19;27-D;SW Cor
Ozie B. WHITE;30ys;*;2/28/48
Tom WHITE;-;-;*;7/21/26;53-FF;NW Cor
Unnamed WHITE;6ds;*;6/27/23;52-GG;SE Cor
Clara WHITEHEAD;61ys;-;*;6/1/27;45-FF;SE Cor
I/O D.W. WHITEHEAD;1wk;*;5/12/07;Public
Elizabeth WHITEHEAD;2mos;*;6/25/51
I/O Fannie WHITEHEAD;1d;*;8/17/11;Public
Frank WHITEHEAD;62ys;*;7/14/58
Jessie WHITEHEAD;70ys;*;11/23/53
John WHITEHEAD;67ys;*;6/8/53
Mahalie WHITEHEAD;89ys;St. Petersburg FL;2/21/51
Mary E. WHITEHEAD;32ys;*;11/7/33;32-B
McKindley M. WHITEHEAD;4mos;*;9/28/50
Patricia WHITEHEAD;1mo;*;8/9/57
Seab WHITEHEAD;59ys;Carpenter;*;2/1/07;32-B;SE Cor
Janie E. WHITEHURST;48ys;*;10/7/38;4-KKK
Clifford WHITFIELD;6mos;*;12/8/05;17-A;SW Cor
James H. WHITFIELD;35ys;-;New York NY;11/23/18;45-JJ;NW Cor
Mary L. WHITFIELD;50ys;*;3/10/34;17-H
Robt L. WHITFIELD;30ys;*;1/1/34;Commons
Will Sue WICKER;82ys;*;8/23/55
C/O WIGGINS;4ys;*;7/2/10;Public
Alphonso WIGGINS;3ys;*;4/12/10;3-E;SE Cor
Ella WIGGINS;42ys;-;*;1/30/07;14-D;NE Cor
Evans WIGGINS;22ys;-;*;8/15/10;31-I;W Middle
J.C. WIGGINS,SR;58ys;-;*;1/18/29;53-EE
James L. WIGGINS;35ys;Philadelphia --;11/17/58
Mary WIGGINS;63ys;Macon GA;2/15/57
Susie WIGGINS;58ys;*;9/6/31;53-CC
Taylor WIGGINS;23ys;-;Albany GA;9/1/26;43-S?;SE Cor
Mrs. Quincy WILBORN;-;Manhattan NY;3/9/55
Dollie WILBURN;70ys;-;*;5/29/09;Public
Vinie WILCHER;92ys;-;*;5/25/11;Public
Ananias WILKERSON;61ys;*;1/29/43
Etta May WILKERSON;25ys;*;1/22/45
Eula K. WILKERSON;32ys;*;5/19/45
Mrs. Gertrude WILKERSON;33ys;Gary IN;2/9/37;3-HHH
Henrietta WILKERSON;45ys;-;*;4/11/13;Public
Lula WILKERSON;14mos;*;4/1/14;Public
Robert WILKERSON;60ys;*;1/20/57
Burdell WILKES;16ys;Thomasville GA;1/30/38;4-HHH
B/O Jon WILLER;18mos;*;6/22/15;Public
Abb WILLIAMS;49YS;-;*;10/24/17;48-h;NE Cor
Adeline WILLIAMS;62ys;*;47-JJ
Albert Burton WILLIAMS;41ys;*;5/4/43
Alma WILLIAMS;67ys;*;1/22/53
Anna WILLIAMS;59ys;Altamont Springs FL;4/30/51
Annie WILLIAMS;-;-;*;5/28/24;30-H;SE Cor
Annie WILLIAMS;-;-;*;1/5/27;25-I;-
Annie WILLIAMS;64ys;*;4/1/50
Annie WILLIAMS;59ys;Orlando FL;5/5/51
C/O Annie WILLIAMS;9mos;*;2/7/11;7-F;W Middle
Arthur WILLIAMS;41ys;*;8/31/35;43-C
I/O Arthur WILLIAMS;SB;*;4/28/12;39-D;NE Cor
Beatrice WILLIAMS;3mos;*;12/17/34;Commons
Berta May WILLIAMS;22ds;*;9/13/20;47-HH;SW Cor
Bill WILLIAMS;55ys;*;8/25/51
Calvin WILLIAMS;33ys;*;7/26/37;35-A
Carey WILLIAMS;68ys;*;1/26/32;35-H
Cassie WILLIAMS;48ys;-;*;8/27/10;31-F;W Middle
Charley WILLIAMS;52ys;-;*;11/21/21;52-GG;NW Cor
Cora WILLIAMS;48ys;Housewife;*;2/19/08;5-F;West Middle
Earnest WILLIAMS;4mos;*;4/5/24;47-JJ;NE Cor
Mr. Ed WILLIAMS;28ys;-;*;4/10/18;Public
Eddie Lee WILLIAMS;23ys;*;12/16/55
Elias WILLIAMS;82ys;-;*;10/14/22;5-F;SW Cor
Elijah WILLIAMS;23ys;Laborer;*;12/8/03;15-C;NW Cor 
Ella WILLIAMS;55ys;-;*;7/16/26;5-H;NW Cor
Emaline WILLIAMS;75ys;*;6/19/37;20-H
Emma WILLIAMS;59ys;-;*;2/21/11;35-A;SW Cor
I/O Emma WILLIAMS;SB;*;bd 3/18/03;Public
Emma Jean WILLIAMS;26ys;*;2/17/48
Essie WILLIAMS;15mos;*;2/1/07;65-Old Part;W Middle
Estella WILLIAMS;18mos;*;6/9/05;65-Old Part;W Middle
Etta WILLIAMS;48ys;-;*;5/25/27;48-JJ;NE Cor
Fannie WILLIAMS;93ys;-;Sumter Co;9/10/05;158-Old Part;W Middle
Fannie WILLIAMS;35ys;-;*;7/28/11;41-B;SE Cor
Fannie WILLIAMS;43ys;Jacksonville FL;10/25/44
Fred WILLIAMS;35ys;*;9/25/47
Fred A. WILLIAMS;13ys;*;12/21/43
George WILLIAMS;60ys;-;*;10/10/17;35-A;NE Cor
George WILLIAMS;46ys;*;7/9/30;51-FF
George WILLIAMS;60ys;*;11/7/50
Geo. W. WILLIAMS;28ys;*;4/19/58
C/O Georgia WILLIAMS;1y;*;8/22/03;66-Old Part;NW Cor
Gussie WILLIAMS;53ys;*;11/29/45
Hattie WILLIAMS;-;-;*;1/28/16;Public
Henry H. WILLIAMS;2 1/2ds;*;10/31/50
Horton WILLIAMS;17ys;*;12/15/43
Ida WILLIAMS;23ys;Housekeeping;*;4/18/03;5-I;NW Cor
Ida WILLIAMS;61ys;*;8/2/50
I/O J.C. WILLIAMS;PB;*;3/11/04;38-F;East Middle
I/O J.C. WILLIAMS;SB;*;8/4/08;38-F;E Middle
I/O J.H. WILLIAMS;SB;*;6/11/11;25-G;E Middle
I/O J.R. WILLIAMS;1wk;*;10/18/15;Public
Jake Leroy WILLIAMS;74ys;*;bd 9/21/46
I/O James WILLIAMS;1hr;*;11/21/03;Public
I/O James WILLIAMS;SB;*;9/2/05;Public
C/O James WILLIAMS;7ys;Abbeville GA;7/22/12;16-D;SE Cor
James WILLIAMS,JR;1d;*;11/25/16;Public
I/O Janie WILLIAMS;-;*;4/20/21;26-D;NW Cor
Jennie WILLIAMS;50ys;-;*;1/1/23;26-D;SE Cor
Jim WILLIAMS;80ys;-;*;7/31/21;Public Grounds
Jim WILLIAMS;52ys;*;7/11/51
I/O Jim WILLIAMS;SB;*;7/11/07;Public
Jim W. WILLIAMS;50ys;-;*;4/26/21;5-H;SE Cor
I/O Joe WILLIAMS;SB;*;10/22/04;Public
John WILLIAMS;67ys;-;*;11/10/24;52-JJ;SW Cor
John WILLIAMS;40ys;Birmingham AL;8/8/30;35-A
I/O John WILLIAMS;12ds;*;5/25/10;Public
I/O John WILLIAMS;1wk;*;3/4/11;Public
I/O John WILLIAMS;1wk;*;1/24/12;Public
I/O John WILLIAMS;PB;*;9/7/12;Public
John T. WILLIAMS;-;-;*;11/13/12;44-C;NE Cor
John W. WILLIAMS;50ys;*;4/23/50
Joseph WILLIAMS;4ys;*;5/17/15;Public
Josephine WILLIAMS;66ys;*;11/15/47
Judia WILLIAMS;100ys;-;8;7/23/07;27-F;NW Cor
Julia WILLIAMS;60ys;-;*;10/31/27;51-EE;NE Cor
I/O Kary WILLIAMS;SB;*;3/25/20;Public
Lee WILLIAMS;60ys;*;3/3/51
Leroy WILLIAMS;37ys;*;10/4/48
Lietie? WILLIAMS;45ys;*;7/13/35;48-JJ
I/O Lillian WILLIAMS;SB;*;8/6/15;Public
Lillie WILLIAMS;-;-;*;4/5/20;49-DD;NE Cor
Lillie WILLIAMS;-;-;*;1/31/25;24-A;NW Cor
Lillie WILLIAMS;43ys;Tampa FL;1/27/49
Lillie May WILLIAMS;4mos;*;6/18/04;Public
Lizzie Mae WILLIAMS;1y;*;7/9/14;65-Old Part;-
Lottie WILLIAMS;30ys;-;*;5/6/12;Public
Louise WILLIAMS;90ys;-;*;10/16/17;49-A;NE Cor
Louise WILLIAMS;23ys;*;3/10/36;52-FF
Louise Cook WILLIAMS;69ys;St. James Hospital;9/15/30;15-B
Lovey WILLIAMS;5wks;*;2/12/05;Public
Lucinda WILLIAMS;65ys;-;*;1/19/19;14-C;SW Cor
Lucius G. WILLIAMS;58ys;Savannah GA;4/9/29;Old Part
Lula WILLIAMS;37ys;*;5/3/44
I/O Lula WILLIAMS;SB;*;3/1/06;Public
Lula B. WILLIAMS;64ys;*;10/9/57
Luther WILLIAMS;4mos;*;6/1/05;Public
Maggie WILLIAMS;35ys;*;7/15/35;45-II
Major WILLIAMS;40ys;-;*;5/7/24;47-EE;NE Cor
Mamie WILLIAMS;35ys;-;*;4/21/11;Public
Mamie WILLIAMS;40ys;*;3/9/48
Mannie WILLIAMS;40ys;-;*;12/19/16;38-F;NE Cor
Margie WILLIAMS;2mos;-;-;3/7/19;15-C;NW Cor
Mariah WILLIAMS;69ys;-;*;3/12/14;39-H;SW Cor
Mary WILLIAMS;-;-;*;5/4/12;Public
Mary WILLIAMS;56ys;*;7/11/29;42-E
Mary WILLIAMS;76ys;*;6/8/36;52-JJ
Mary E. WILLIAMS;76ys;-;*;4/28/22;Old Part Cemetery
Mary S. WILLIAMS;51ys;*;5/5/30;Old Part
Mathew L. WILLIAMS;51ys;Laborer;*;1/6/29;53-DD;-
Matt WILLIAMS;47ys;*;2/21/58
Mattie WILLIAMS;56ys;-;*;5/15/06;13-B;SE Cor
Mattie WILLIAMS;30ys;-;*;4/7/14;35-E;NW Cor
I/O Mattie WILLIAMS;4ds;*;8/29/10;Public
Maybelle WILLIAMS;14ys;-;Eastman GA;1/18/10;20-H;W Middle
Melton WILLIAMS;28ys;-;*;4/24/22;26-D;SE Cor
Mitchel WILLIAMS;2ys;*;3/3/49
Mollie WILLIAMS;75ys;-;*;12/22/12;Public
Mollie WILLIAMS;42ys;-;*;3/11/14;34-B;NE Cor
Moreze WILLIAMS;29ys;-;*;4/5/24;15-C;SE Cor
Mort WILLIAMS;49ys;-;*;8/6/12;43-E;NE Cor
I/O Nancy WILLIAMS;14mos;*;8/31/08;Public
Pearl WILLIAMS;17ys;-;Montgomery AL;10/28/07;39-E;W Middle
Perrine WILLIAMS;11-ys;*;10/4/30;49-A
Priscilla WILLIAMS;64ys;*;7/23/30;5-F
I/O Purdey WILLIAMS;-;*;3/10/05;118-Old Part;W Middle
Rena WILLIAMS;24ys;-;*;7/7/10;Public
I/O Reynold WILLIAMS;SB;*;2/4/06;15-C;NE Cor
Robert WILLIAMS;32ys;*;3/22/32;50-HH
Rosa Bell WILLIAMS;19ys;*;4/5/30;6-D
Rosa Mable WILLIAMS;30ys;*;11/1/38;48-H
Ruth WILLIAMS;15mos;*;10/12/12;74-Old Part;-
Rutha WILLIAMS;51ys;*;3/28/39;1-Old Part
I/O Salena WILLIAMS;SB;*;10/14/14;Public
I/O Salesia WILLIAMS;-;*;1/2/03;Public
Sallie WILLIAMS;59ys;*;8/22/29;52-GG
Mrs. Seila WILLIAMS;28ys;-;*;12/7/18;49-D;NE Cor
Silvia WILLIAMS;60ys;Housewife;*;2/13/28;38-C;-
Siny WILLIAMS;75ys;*;3/10/52
Stella WILLIAMS;23ys;-;*;2/13/11;15-C;W Middle
Thedora WILLIAMS;30ys;*;6/22/35;2-__
Thomas WILLIAMS;47ys;-;Hartford CN;12/10/28;2-DDD;-
Twins/O Thomas WILLIAMS;SB;*;3/25/09;25-H;NE Cor
Thomas E. WILLIAMS;44ys;Norfolk VA;10/2/55
I/O Thos. WILLIAMS;SB;*;4/12/10;25-H;E Middle
I/O Thos. WILLIAMS;SB;*;11/17/12;Public
Tilman WILLIAMS;55ys;Laborer;*;12/5/08;26-D;-
Tom WILLIAMS;-;-;*;6/22/22;25-H;SW Cor
I/O Tom WILLIAMS;SB;*;2/27/17;25-H;SE Cor
Unnamed WILLIAMS;SB;*;2/3/20;38-H;NW Cor
Unnamed WILLIAMS;1d;*;10/9/21;52-FF;SW Cor
W.B. WILLIAMS;56ys;Carpenter;*;12/6/08;41-G;-
I/O Will WILLIAMS;SB;*;3/10/10;Public
I/O Will WILLIAMS;SB;*;12/9/13;Public
Willie WILLIAMS;1y;*;7/4/14;Public
Willie WILLIAMS;53ys;*;3/14/37;52-FF
Willie Sou WILLIAMS;8ds;*;7/3/09;Public
Winnie WILLIAMS;104ys;-;*;10/18/06;Public
Perry WILLIAMSON;17ys;-;*;10/5/24;48-JJ;SE Cor
Annie WILLIS;51ys;*;1/7/39;5-FFF
Easley WILLIS;30ys;Tuskegee AL;bd 11/15/51
Harriet WILLIS;59ys;-;*;8/13/17;25-A;SE Cor
Timithy WILLIS;2mos;*;1/20/52
William WILLIS;65ys;Laborer;*;4/5/03;Public
Louis WILLSON;48ys;St. Louis MO;7/6/37;26-G
Amanda WILSON;65ys;*;3/5/30;21-D
Andrew WILSON;-;-;*;4/20/20;48-DD;SE Cor
Armstrong WILSON;33ys;Newark NJ;9/26/50
Beauregard WILSON;40ys;-;*;3/5/17;15-B;SE Cor
Bell WILSON;70ys;*;6/29/31;44-I
Bettie WILSON;45ys;-;*;5/6/06;Public
Brinson WILSON;-;-;*;6/27/24;39-A;NE Cor
Carrie WILSON;69ys;*;2/24/52
Charley WILSON;65ys;-;*;12/15/24;34-H;NW Cor
Clara WILSON;38ys;-;Montgomery AL;7/18/06;28-G;E Middle
I/O D. WILSON;SB;*;11/10/29;Commons
Dinah WILSON;80ys;-;*;11/27/14;12-H;SW Cor
Early WILSON,JR;41ys;*;7/14/47
Edgar WILSON;52ys;*;6/21/50
Eugene WILSON;33ys;-;*;11/7/17;20-I;SW Cor
Fayette WILSON;61ys;Carpenter;*;4/11/06;21-D;E Middle
Florence WILSON;44ys;*;12/11/35;1-FFF
Hop WILSON;19ys;-;*;6/14/09;Public
James W. WILSON;8ys;*;4/17/24;47-I;NW Cor
Jasper WILSON;75ys;State Sanitarium GA;12/14/16;15-D;SW Cor
Jimmie WILSON;42ys;*;11/14/56
John WILSON;34ys;Barber;*;8/14/04;164-Old Part;-
John WILSON;82ys;Laborer;*;11/15/07;24-F;West Middle
Judson WILSON;50ys;*;5/20/32;1-FFF
IS/O Judson WILSON;-;-;*;7/9/19;100-Old Part;-
June E. WILSON;1mo;*;11/14/33;47-C
Laney WILSON;73ys;*;11/5/44
Laura WILSON;40ys;*;9/20/35;45-A
Luke WILSON;50ys;*;12/9/57
Lydia WILSON;52ys;-;*;5/21/26;22-E;SE Cor
Maggie WILSON;66ys;*;12/15/44
Major WILSON;18ys;-;*;11/18/17;47-I;NE Cor
Misourie WILSON;109ys;-;*;5/9/24;48-EE;SE Cor
Moses WILSON;28ys;-;*;2/12/25;39-A;SE Cor
Phoebe WILSON;90ys;-;*;3/8/06;20-D;W Middle
Rensia WILSON;30ys;-;*;6/20/13;15-C;SE Cor
Roy WILSON;27ys;-;*;3/31/15;Public
Sarah WILSON;80ys;-;*;11/22/05;Public
Sarah WILSON;53ys;*;10/27/31;24-E
Savannah WILSON;40ys;-;Pelham Ga;3/10/16;15-D;SE Cor
Sid WILSON;64ys;*;11/30/32;20-B
Unnamed WILSON;SB;*;1/4/24;23-II;SE Cor
Viola WILSON;35ys;-;*;2/26/18;23-E;SW Cor
Willie WILSON;47ys;-;*;11/3/25;40-A;SE Cor
Clara WIMBERLY;44ys;Orlando FL;12/16/53
Jerry WIMBERLY;50ys;Philadelphia PA;2/12/37;2-BBB
Mattie WIMBERLY;-;-;*;8/25/23;1-BBB;SW Cor
Dena WIMBISH;49ys;-;*;7/221/20;49-GG;SE Cor
Elizar WIMBUSH;40ys;*;6/1/35;-
Dock WINKFIELD;70ys;-;*;9/11/23;Pauper Lot
Buster WINN;35ys;*;1/22/31;Commons
Rosetta WISHAM;92ys;-;*;12/28/22;22-E;SE Cor
Louise Jones WITCHER;21ys;*;8/6/43
Willie WITCHER;-;*;8/13/33;Commons
Hosea WOLFORK;-;-;Cincinatti OH;4/25/25;49-GG;NW Cor
Oscar WOLFORK;53ys;*;3/8/54
Roseta WOLFORK;57ys;-;*;11/5/27;49-GG;-
William WOLFORK;38ys;-;*;10/20/20;49-GG;SW Cor
Alberta WOMACK;37ys;*;10/24/30;30-I
Cato WOMACK;-;Yonkers NY;3/26/40
Daisy WOMACK;1y;*;1/8/19;3-C;SE Cor
Daniel WOMACK;49ys;-;*;4/13/11;4-A;W Middle
Ella WOMACK;66ys;*;2/24/40
I/O G.W. WOMACK;4wks;*;10/11/11;3-C;NE Cor
Grant WOMACK;22ys;-;*;2/3/26;3-C;SE Cor
Henry WOMACK;30ys;Laborer;*;5/4/07;31-H;W Middle
J. Colt WOMEN;63ys;*;9/28/55
Sallie WOMMACK;49ys;*;11/21/44
George WOOD;65ys;New York NY;3/9/32;33-I
I/O Lela WOOD;1y;*;11/16/04;Public
Margaret WOOD;67ys;-;*;2/5/19;43-E;NW Cor
Mattie H. WOOD;70ys;*;2/15/41
No____ L. WOODALL;56ys;*;1/10/57
Catherine WOODARD;95ys;Housekeeper;*;4/23/05;43-F;SE Cor
I/O Lucinda WOODARD;SB;*;7/1/17;Public
Louvenia WOODMAN;53ys;-;*;9/4/23;46-D;NW Cor
I/O Lucindy WOODS;SB;*;9/4/13;Public
Mattie Lou WOODS;35ys;-;*;1/12/26;Commons
Jonas WOODSON;60ys;*;3/1/35;-
Parson WOODSON;90ys;-;*;12/9/28;Commons 
Ike WOODWARD;-;-;*;10/7/19;43-F;NE Cor
I/O Lucinda WOODWARD;1d;*;7/29/15;Public
Eva WOOLFORK;39ys;*;12/15/43
Nathan WOOLFORK;30ys;-;*;7/29/22;49-GG;NW Cor
Pat WOOLFORK;-;*;3/19/36;14-__
Connie WOOTEN;45ys;*;9/3/35;6-BBB
I/O Hattie WOOTEN;3mos;*;10/4/10;Public
Jenny WOOTEN;70ys;*;bd 1/14/47
Eugene WORMACK;-;-;*;11/12/23;51-EE;SE Cor
Clarene WORTHY;55ys;Tuskegee AL;3/18/46
Nellie WORTHY;31ys;*;6/6/29;35-Old Cemetery
Unnamed WORTHY;SB;*;7/21/22;35-Old Part;-
Evermol? F. WREN;2hrs;*;1/11/24;2-BBB;NW Cor
Mattie WREN;23ys;-;*;8/17/24;14-F;SE Cor
Leah WRENN;90ys;-;*;9/8/11;1-Old Part;-
Brenda WRIGHT;2mos;*;2/2/57
Eugene WRIGHT;28ys;Laborer;*;4/8/03;Public
Eula WRIGHT;28ys;Plains GA;10/8/41
George W. WRIGHT;56ys;-;Macon Ga;12/8/24;51-GG;NE Cor
Josephee WRIGHT;71ys;-;*;2/3/27;16-I;SW Cor
Rosa Lee WRIGHT;42ys;Andersonville GA;1/17/38;Commons
Susan WRIGHT;70ys;-;*;11/18/14;37-B;NE Cor
Willie WRIGHT;22ys;*;5/29/29;4-BBB
Zack WRIGHT;-;*;7/25/33;Commons
Delcia WYATT;85ys;-;*;1/4/23;39-E;SW Cor
John WYATT;60ys;*;2/20/40;Commons
Julius WYATT;38ys;-;*;2/14/29;39-E;-
Mary WYATT;30ys;-;*;8/21/09;39-E;SW Cor
Rich WYATT;80ys;-;*;7/18/13;39-E;NE Cor
Babe YARBRO;22ys;-;*;10/5/12;Public
Marie YARBROUGH;54ys;-;*;12/20/20;45-II;SW Cor
Chaney YOUNG;75ys;-;*;2/16/27;Commons
James Moe YOUNG;2mos;*;3/1/28;1-D;-
Louiza YOUNG;47ys;*;11/18/43
Rufus YOUNG;2ys;*;7/13/07;Public
Mary Lou ZANUS;2ys;Sumter Co;5/25/12;Public