Mt. Zion Cemetery
Leslie, Ga

Located 2.7 miles SW of Leslie off State Hwy 118. Turn left on dirt road (County Line Snead Rd) go .2 mile. Most Gravesites are not lined up left to right or front to rear, they may not be as close the each other as indicated. This will give correct row.

submitted by William "Bill" Poupard

(see Alan Anderson list)

County Line Snead Road
Section I
Section II

Alphabetized List
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     Name                        Section   Plot
Barrow, John Thomas                Sec I   D18     
Bass, Alexander                    Sec I   M12     
Bass, Anna (Bradley)               Sec I   I8      
Bass, Annie Pearl                  Sec I   L14     
Bass, George Taylor                Sec I   G8      
Bass, Caleb A                      Sec I   L20     
Bass, Earl G                       Sec I   I2      
Bass, Eliza J (Parker)             Sec I   H8      
Bass, Elizabeth (Duncan)           Sec I   G7      
Bass, Ella V                       Sec I   J10     
Bass, Hattie M (Evans)             Sec I   I6      
Bass, Henry Taylor                 Sec II  U8      
Bass, J F                          Sec I   K9      
Bass, J F Mrs                      Sec I   K8      
Bass, J M                          Sec I   J9      
Bass, James Everett                Sec I   L18     
Bass, John Edwin (Ed)              Sec II  S15     
Bass, Kathleen Tucker              Sec II  S14     
Bass, Laura Victoria (Dell)        Sec II  U5      
Bass, Lucretia A (Golden)          Sec I   L17     
Bass, Mary Elizabeth               Sec II  T10     
Bass, Mattie E                     Sec I   J14     
Bass, Mattie Frazier               Sec I   G6      
Bass, Mittie                       Sec I   L15     
Bass, Mittie (Deloach)             Sec I   L12     
Bass, Murray H                     Sec I   G2      
Bass, Nannie Ruth                  Sec I   I1      
Bass, Paschal Edward (Ed)          Sec I   G5      
Bass, Patrick                      Sec I   H6      
Bass, R L Jr                       Sec I   I4      
Bass, Robert James                 Sec II  U1      
Bass, Robert L                     Sec I   I7      
Bass, Robert W                     Sec II  U7      
Bass, Roxie (?)                    Sec I   F3      
Bass, Sarah Victoria               Sec I   G4      
Bass, Simmie Lee                   Sec I   A2      
Bass, Zora Clinton                 Sec I   A1      
Bradley, Clifford                  Sec I   C3      
Bradley, Daniel R                  Sec I   C5      
Bradley, Infant                    Sec I   D5      
Bradley, Janis P                   Sec I   B3      
Bradley, John Kenneth              Sec I   B5      
Bradley, Nelle                     Sec I   D3      
Bradley, Nellie W                  Sec I   D2      
Bradley, Neva Maude                Sec I   C4      
Bradley, P O                       Sec I   D1      
Bradley, Ralph H                   Sec I   B2      
Bradley, Raymond Crisp             Sec I   C2      
Bradley, Roy W                     Sec I   B4      
Bryan, Moses William               Sec I   S5      
Bryan, Musa Usry                   Sec I   S6      
Camp, Infant                       Sec II  U17     
Camp, James H                      Sec II  P16     
Camp, Lou Richards                 Sec II  P17     
Camp, Mattie                       Sec II  U15     
Camp, S B                          Sec II  U16     
Carter, Emily                      Sec I   B10     
Carter, Infant son                 Sec I   B9      
Carter, Little Emily               Sec I   B8      
Carter, Mary Ann Young             Sec I   B12     
Carter, Wiley                      Sec I   J16     
Carter, Wiley O                    Sec I   B11     
Carter, William Ozine              Sec I   J15     
Dell, Alma Harp                    Sec II  Q12     
Dell, Annie May                    Sec I   N15     
Dell, Benjamin L                   Sec II  Q11     
Dell, Benjamin Lovett              Sec II  Q10     
Dell, Ethel                        Sec II  R14     
Dell, George Bond                  Sec II  R12     
Dell, James Glenn                  Sec II  Q9      
Dell, Mary                         Sec II  R13     
Dell, Mary A                       Sec I   L22     
Dell, P J Rev                      Sec I   L21     
Dell, Sarah E                      Sec II  T3      
Dorman, Asbury                     Sec I   U23     
Dorman, Edgar                      Sec I   F25     
Dorman, Emma Quay                  Sec I   U24     
Dorman, Ersa "Ussie" S             Sec I   T22     
Dorman, John A                     Sec I   U25     
Dorman, Myrtle S                   Sec I   F24     
Dupree, Euginia Mrs                Sec I   T10     
Ellis, Wiley                       Sec I   P16     
Everett, Trell S Bass              Sec I   G1      
Exum, Annie Mae (Tucker)           Sec II  P21     
Exum, John Amos                    Sec I   N10     
Exum, Starling T                   Sec II  P20     
Exum, Victoria                     Sec II  P19     
Exum, Willis Otis                  Sec II  P22     
Freeman, Sophia A E (Joiner)       Sec I   J4      
Freeman, William                   Sec I   J6      
Greene, Indiana P                  Sec I   L16     
Harden, James Clove                Sec II  V1      
Harp, James                        Sec I   F2      
Harpe, Annie Laura                 Sec I   H13     
Harpe, Bertie T                    Sec I   H14     
Harpe, J J                         Sec I   H11     
Harpe, Jeanie Lee                  Sec II  T6      
Harpe, Mary                        Sec I   H10     
Harpe, Otho B                      Sec I   H12     
Hart, Alma Holt                    Sec I   V18     
Hart, Henry Hezzie                 Sec I   V19     
Hart, Lucindy (Canady)             Sec II  T16     
Holley, Infant son                 Sec I   N16     
Holley, J C                        Sec I   N14     
Holley, William B                  Sec I   N12     
Hughes, Cridney                    Sec I   M10     
Hurst, Mary Elizabeth (Law)        Sec II  S20     
Infant                             Sec I   L13     
Jenkins, Maggie May                Sec I   R17     
John                               Sec I   P20     
Jones, J W Dr                      Sec I   F4      
Jones, James Q                     Sec I   F1      
Jordan, Maxie                      Sec I   D6      
Laramore, Charlie C                Sec I   T15     
Laramore, John Lewis               Sec I   T14     
Laramore, John T                   Sec II  U13     
Laramore, Leile T                  Sec I   T16     
Laramore, Nora C                   Sec II  U14     
Laramore, Susie Mae                Sec I   T13     
Law, Bessie Fordham                Sec II  S19     
Law, Courtie Vestella (Bradley)    Sec II  R19     
Law, Homer Bernard                 Sec II  R20     
Law, John Cyrus                    Sec II  R21     
Law, John Thomas                   Sec II  R18     
Law, Lewis Bryan                   Sec II  S18     
Law, Mary A (McMahan)              Sec II  R22     
Livingston, Louisa Lilly           Sec I   R21     
Livingston, Martha J               Sec I   R24     
Livingston, William O              Sec I   R25     
M S                                Sec I   N9      
Mask, Reuben J                     Sec I   R18     
P B                                Sec I   I3      
Pace, Catherine Ione               Sec I   U21     
Pace, Elma Bass                    Sec I   A5      
Pace, Gertrude Green               Sec I   U22     
Pace, John Grover Cleveland "Pa"   Sec I   A6      
Pace, Margaret                     Sec I   T25     
Pace, Robert Gilford               Sec I   A7      
Pace, Robt G                       Sec I   T24     
Pace, Thelma Bass                  Sec I   A4      
Pace, Zeffie T                     Sec I   A3      
Powell, J T                        Sec I   O22     
Powell, Robert Jr                  Sec I   P23     
Powell, Thomas William             Sec I   Q22     
Powell, Willa Ruth                 Sec I   K25     
Powell, Willia Y                   Sec I   O21     
Richards, Angeline (Parker)        Sec II  U18     
Richards, C D                      Sec I   B21     
Scott, A D                         Sec I   B18     
Scott, James L                     Sec I   B13     
Scott, Mattie Lee                  Sec I   B17     
Scott, Mattie Lillian              Sec I   B19     
Scott, Wynelle Crook               Sec I   B14     
Sims, Linwood Harvelle             Sec I   M6      
Sims, Mack                         Sec I   M8      
Sims, Thad Wallis                  Sec I   M7      
Stubbs, Inez                       Sec I   S2      
Suggs, Alma & Etta                 Sec I   H24     
Suggs, Estell                      Sec I   P17     
Suggs, Lucy Ann (Tucker)           Sec I   E24     
Suggs, M W                         Sec I   E25     
Suggs, Maude L                     Sec I   F23     
Suggs, Robert S J                  Sec I   P19     
Tucker, Elijah W                   Sec II  T12     
Tucker, Esther Ione                Sec II  S13     
Tucker, Hallie Hines               Sec II  S11     
Tucker, Jesse Claudius             Sec II  S12     
Tucker, John Amos                  Sec II  S10     
Tucker, Margaret E (Smith)         Sec I   H23     
Unmarked (prob Bass child)         Sec II  U2      
Unmarked (prob Bass child)         Sec II  U9      
Unmarked (prob Bass child)         Sec II  U3      
Unmarked (prob Bass child)         Sec II  U10     
Unmarked (prob Bass child)         Sec II  U4      
Unmarked (prob Bass child)         Sec II  U6      
Unmarked (prob Scott child)        Sec I   B16     
Unmarked (prob Scott child)        Sec I   B15     
Unmarked (prob Scott)              Sec I   B20     
Unmarked, (Watkins?)               Sec I   E12     
Usry, Infant son                   Sec I   S4      
Usry, Pryor Shepard                Sec I   S3      
Varnum, Daniel Henry               Sec I   C25     
Varnum, Mary Etta Suggs            Sec I   C24     
Watkins, Henry C D                 Sec I   E13     
Webb, Julia A                      Sec I   E23     
Wilkerson, Sallie L                Sec I   N7      
Wilkinson, Erma M (Bass)           Sec II  Q4      
Wilkinson, Hattie                  Sec II  Q5      
Wilkinson, Maude                   Sec II  Q7      
Wilkinson, Thadeus Hill            Sec II  Q6      
Wilson, Annie S                    Sec I   L10     
Wilson, John W                     Sec I   L11     
Wilson, Julia                      Sec I   K6      
Wilson, M H                        Sec I   L8      
Wilson, Mattie J                   Sec I   L9      
Wilson, McBride Devreaux           Sec I   K5      
Wren, J A Sr                       Sec I   U7      
Wren, Lula B                       Sec I   U8      
Young, J H                         Sec I   Q4      
Young, W M                         Sec I   O24     
Young, Z A                         Sec I   Q5