Feagin Cemetery
submitted by John D. Feagin, Sr.

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Interred in private Feagin Cemetery at the old Feagin homestead
in Sumter County, Georgia, 9 miles from Americus

Mary Ann Feagin b. 2-7-1857 d. 5-29-1888

Samuel Thomas Feagin b. 4-1-1822 d. 7-14-1884

Robert G. Feagin b. 11-6-1866 d. 10-27-1871

Wm. L. White, father of Maude W. Lewis - b. 5-6-1843 d. 10-6-1876

(Children of Wm. L. White - Idris (?), Willie and Fambro. Graves located between Maude and Robert Hugh White.)

Leila Mary T. Feagin b. 10-10-1865 d. 12-31-1896

John Douglas Feagin b. 6-9-1896 d. 10-5- 1899

Fannie Rosa Feagin b. 2-13-1901 d. 6-16-1901

Naomi Ruth Feagin b. 5-3- 1904 d. 1-9-1907

Naomi Davidson Feagin (wife of John Glenn Feagin) b. 1-8-1871 d. 8-7-1909

John Glenn Feagin, son of Samuel Thomas Feagin and Mary Ann Douglas, b. 11-17-1859 d. 5 Aug 1927

Mary Lou Feagin (daughter of John Glenn Feagin) b. 8-21-1891 d. 12-9-1936

Tallula Maude Feagin b. 5-6-1861 d. 12-2-1868