Jackson Family Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

Joseph JACKSON  "Born September 21st,1786  Died July 29th,1838"
Mary JACKSON    "consort of Joseph Jackson, who was born Dec. 30th, 1788  Died Aug. 20th,1856"
                "She had been an acceptible member of the Baptist Church for many years."
John J. JACKSON "was born May 25,1817   died Feb. 5,1855   aged 37 years 8 months & 10 days"
Ann Elizabeth JACKSON   Born the 22nd of September 1824 and     died the 28th of April 1858"
Thomas G. JACKSON       "Beneath this stone lies the remains of Thomas G. JACKSON who was
                born February 3rd,1829 and died March 5th,1856"
Arabella V. JACKSON     "was born Dec. 26,1847  died April 7,1848 aged 3 months & 11 days"
John P. JACKSON     "who was born March 4,1851  died June 28,1851 aged 3 months & 24 days"

surveyed June 20,1985 and Feb. 21,1995