Morgan Family Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

Mrs. J.E. JONES b. Oct. 3,1829  d. Feb. 4,1905  "Our Mother"
Georgia E. JONES        b. July 4,1855  d. Nov. 8,1879
Louiza MORGAN   b. 1819 d. 1896 "To Our Mother" 
Francis L. PILCHER      b. Mar. 28,1850 d. Sept. 7,1871
Corinne E. PILCHER      b. Mar. 13,1868 d. Feb. 15,1870
Thomas M. PILCHER       b. Aug. 9,1869  d. Aug. 10,1869
Nellie WOODES   Born about 1821 Died at the age of 65"  "To Our Mother"

surveyed July 20,1985
Mrs. Fannie Morgan STUBBS d. June 12,1947 Age 90 yrs (T-R 6-12-47)