Old Lebanon Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

William ADAMS  "Died Aug. 8,1920  Age 85 Years"  Masonic Emblem
Mrs. Mary ADDY  1874-1963  (also one adult)
Cleveland ANGRY  d. Dec. 12,1963
Eliza L. ANGRY  b. Feb. 3,1893  d. Jan. 2,1983
Louise J. ANSLEY  b. Jan. 1,1929  d. Oct. 28,1992  (on D & D Johnson plot)
Della Glass BANKS  d. Feb. 14,1962  (on King-Prince plot)
Laura BARRY  d. May 24,1949  (on Green-Ross plot)
Annie Lou BATTLE  b. July 27,1878  d. Jan. 8,1975  (on Edge-Lawson plot)
James BATTLE  b. May 23,1938  d. Mar. 4,1968  (on E. Hall plot)
Noon BATTLE  b. Dec. 25,1900  d. Dec. 7,1975  (on E. Billups plot)  (see obit T-R 12-9-5)
Preston BERRY  1856-1944
Olle BERRY  1865-1945
Ed BERRY  b. Apr. 15,1892  d. Apr. 22,1976  (on P & O Berry plot)
Emory BERRY b. Apr. 15,1887  d. Apr. 14,1974  (see obit T-R 4-16-74)
Amanda BERRY  d. May 19,1960
Annie Laura BERRY  1908-1954  (on E & A Berry plot)
Cooper BERRY  b. Oct. 12,1910  d. May 27,1981
Laura BERRY  b. July 15,1915  d. May 17,1983
John Ed BERRY  d. Mar. 11,1957
Mary Alice BERRY  d. June 29,1965
Bertha M. BERRY  d. Feb. 9,1951  (on A Laster plot)
Allen BELL  d. Sept. 25,1961
Anna BELL  d. Dec. 31,1946
Mr. Odie B. BELL  b. Oct. 11,1911  d. Nov. 15,1979
Clark BIGGINS, Sr.  "Born Jan. 15,1852  Died Apr. 9,1894"
Angeline BIGGINS  1852-1942  "Mother"
Clark BIGGINS  b. May 13,1890  d. June 5,1973  "Georgia Pvt US Army World War I"
Mary Lizzie BIGGINS  b. Mar. 31,1894  d. Apr. 11,1985
Eliza BILLUPS  d. May 27,1962  (on N Battle plot)
David BISHOP  1883-1954
Mamie L. BISHOP  d. May 12,1969
Melvin BISHOP  b. May 31,1903  d. Mar. 30,1969  (on A Laster plot)
Victory BOLDEN  1913 (?)  (on Broner-Wright plot)
Emmett BRIDGES, Jr.  b. Oct. 12,1927  d. Feb. 11,1981  (not on any other Bridges plot)
J.B. BRIDGES  b. Oct. 19,1911  d. Mar. 7,1977  (see obit T-R 3-9-77)  (also one adult)
Willie A. BRIDGES, Sr.  b. Apr. 6,1914  d. Oct. 16,1993  (on Rogers plot)
Charlie BRIDGES  d. May 10,1954
Emmett BRIDGES  d. Jan. 27,1953
Ealei (?) BRIDGES  d. Feb. 21,1958
Will(ie Lee) BRONER  b. 1900  d. Oct. 22,1975  (see obit T-R 10-24-75)
March BRONER  b. Mar. 15,1902  d. Nov. 2,1985
Will BROWN  d. Feb. 24,1959  (on I Jenkins plot)
Marguerite BROWN  b. Sept. 19,1911  d. June 5,1993  (on I Jenkins plot)
Mokie BROWN  d. April 20,1964  (on Berry-McGarrah-Roberts plot)
Eddie D. BROWN  b. Apr. 2,1908  d. July 12,1990 (on Berry-McGarrah-Roberts plot)
Magnolia Givins BROWN  d. Feb. 28,1982  (on Berry-McGarrah-Roberts plot)
Amos BROWN  d. April 13,1954
Mrs. Onnie BROWN  b. May 12,1903  d. Feb. 6,1974
Burland BRYANT, Sr.  b. November 7,1896  d. November 2,1968  "Georgia Pvt Co D 304 Svc Bn QMC World War I"
Gladys Bryant WATSON  d. June 2,1960
Otis BRYANT  d. Sept. 19,1950  (also two adults)
Rosa Mae BURTON  b. July 29,1944  d. Aug. 26,1985  (on R L & W F Jackson plot)
Ira Mae Aothy BUSH  (no dates)  (on Harvey-Kitchens plot)
Lelia BUSH  1889-1945  (also one child)
Willie Curts BYRD  b. May 22,1939  d. Apr. 24,1971
Mary CALLAHON  "Born May 20,1909  Died Nov. 11,1963"  (on Lundy plot)
Mamie CARTER  1893-1952  (on I Jenkins plot)
Sally M. CARTER  b. Feb. 4,1917  d. Aug. 30,1989  (on Jones-Thomas plot)
Brenda J. CHAMBLISS  b. Oct. 22,1955  d. Apr. 4,1992  (also one adult)
L.W. CHAMPION  1841-1914
Sarah Ann CHAMPION  b. Jan. 3,1846  d. Sept. 15,1888
Minnie B. CHEATHAM  b. Aug. 10,1894  d. Feb. 25,1981  (on E D & M G Brown plot)
Jennie CHRISTIE  d. Aug. 9,1947  (on Rev. W H Harvey plot)
Annie R. COLDWELL  "Died Oct. 1,1965"
Alphonzo COLWELL  b. Mar. 28,1956  d. Jan. 24,1981
Bowman COLWELL, Jr.  b. Jan. 28,1943  d. Aug. 4,1959  (see obit T-R 8-5-59)
Michael K. COLWELL  b. May 30,1965  d. Feb. 5,1967
Avis Shantrell COLWELL  b. Oct. 25,1975  d. Dec. 13,1975  (see obit T-R 12-15-75)
Alfred COLWELL  "Died Dec. 20,1950  Age 15 month"  (on Harvey-Kitchens plot)
J. H. CORLEY  "Died Sep. 26,1941"  (on Floyd-Woods plot)
Drucilla CORLEY  d. Nov. 25,1969  (on Floyd-Woods plot)
Willie M. COTTLE  d. Aug. 17,1957  (on Snipes plot)
Mary CRITTENDEN  d. Dec. 3,1964  (on B D & L Schley plot)
Mary, dau. of G.G. & V.C. CUTTS, "Born Oct. 26,1878  Died Nov. 15,1883"
Daniel, son of G.D. & V.C. CUTTS, "Born July 21,1885  died Dec. 31,1887"
Levi DANIEL  "Died Dec. 29,1911  Age 64 Yrs."
Mary Lee DANIELS  "Died May 29,1930"  "Our Mother"
Mirah DANIEL  d. May 29,1924
Betsy DANIEL  (no dates)
Henry (DANIEL?)  (no dates)  (on L & M L Daniel plot)
Lara (DANIEL?)  (no dates)  (on L & M L Daniel plot)
Sam DANIEL  "Born Dec. 1,1843  Died May 30,1901"  (not on other Daniel plot)
Ida Smith, dau. of Levi & Mary DANIEL, "Born June 1,1870  Died July 9,1904"  (on S Daniel plot)
Benjamin Carl DAVIES  1941-1994
Alvin DAVIS  b. Sept. 23,1926  d. Jan. 8,1985
James A. DAVIS, Sr.  b. Apr. 29,1954  d. Mar. 5,1985
Mary L. Mike DIXON  d. Mar. 9,1954
Jim DYOUS  "Born Sept. 1,1887  Died Dec. 17,1967"  (on G May plot)
John C. EDGE, Sr.  b. Aug. 26,1909  d. May 27,1994  (on Lawson plot)
Maggie R. EDGE  "Born Jly 9,1909  Died Nov. 10,1966"  (on Lawson plot)
Charlie 	B. EDGE  1929-1947  (on Lewis-Schley plot)
Rose Lee EDGE  d. Oct. 23,1959  (on Lewis-Schley plot)
William EDMONDS, Sr.  b. Dec. 24,1908  d. Mar. 15,1990
Eddie Lee EDWARDS  b. Oct. 21,1921  d. Feb. 17,1980
Eddie J. EDWARDS  b. July 19,1959  d. Nov. 4,1973  (see obit T-R 11-6-73)
Essie Mae ENGLISH  b. Jan. 4,1927  d. Jan. 11,1988
Anzie S. EVANS  b. Aug. 26,1910  d. June 13,1993  (on Lewis-Schley plot)
Jessie FLOYD  1881-1949
William FLOYD  d. Oct. 27,1946
Will FLOYD  d. Oct. 8,1955  (on Lundy plot)
Eugene FLOYD  d. Oct. 6,1952  (on Henderson-Rutherford-Warren plot)
Peter FLOYD  d. Dec. 6,1958  (on Corley-Woods plot)
M.J. FLOOD (FLOYD?)  1850-1922  (on Corley-Woods plot)
James H. FLOYD  1921-1943  (on W Swinney plot)
Clayton FLOYD  1912-1985  "US Army World War II"
Annie B. FLOYD  "Died Apr. 1,1971"
S.D. FRANKLIN  b. Jan. 21,1924  d. Aug. 26,1969  (also one adult)
Floyd FRANKLIN, Sr.  "Born Oct. 15,1906  Died Dec. 6,1971"  (on Hooks-McGrady plot)
(Mrs.) Floyd FUDGE  d. June 14,1977  (on Edwards plot)  (see obit T-R 6-17-77)
Donald T. GIBSON  b. Sept. 8,1976  d. Aug. 8,1992  (on I S Jackson plot)
Walter GIBSON  b. May 30,1910  d. June 5,1990
Annie Lucy GIBSON  b. Aug. 2,1906  d. Apr. 18,1983
O'Neal GIBSON  b. Feb. 16,1945  d. July 16,1980
Frank GIBSON  b. Mar. 12,1946  d. Aug. 9,1985
Henry GILFORD  b. Feb. 4,1924  d. Feb. 17,1991
Autry GILFORD  b. June 15,1925  d. Aug. 13,1981
Berther L. GIVENS  b. Dec. 25,1919  d. July 30,1970  (on A Laster plot)
Aaron GLOVER  b. June 30,1919  d. Sept. 18,1981
Viola W. GLOVER  b. July 3,1918  d. Aug. 27,1986
Herbert GLOVER  b. Jan. 18,1946  d. Nov. 10,1973
Ray Lee GORDON  "Born June 10,1945  Died Feb. 14,1964"  (on Shannon-White plot)
John B. GRAHAM  b. Aug. 31,1872  d. July 2,1950
Lottie B. GRAHAM  b. Oct. 15,1881  d. Jan. 10,1959
James L. GRAHAM  1918-1935  (also two infants)
Henry GREEN  b. Nov. 12,1900  d. Dec. 25,1960  (on J W & L Ross plot)
Catherine Ross GREEN  b. Sept. 23,1908  d. Nov. 3,1960  (on J W & L Ross plot)
Wesley GREEN  "Born 1850  Died April 31,1904"  "Leader of Lebanon church singing class for 30 years"  "Erected by his class at Plains, Ga."
Eliza GREEN  d. July 13,1957  (on W Green plot)
Emmet GREEN  1877-1946  (also two adults)  (on W Green plot)
Ed GRIFFIN  b. Feb. 22,1894  d. Mar. 22,1968  (on Edge-Lawson plot)
Ethel HALL  1906-1961  (on J Battle plot)
Mackie D. HALL  d. Oct. 31,1972  (on Moon plot)
L.C. HALL  d. July 31,1963  (on Malone plot)
Mary HALL  D. June 12,1953  (on Malone plot)
Drewcilla HARRIS  1842-1936
Lonnie C. HARVEY  b. July 4,1916  d. Feb. 16,1976  (on G & M Kitchens plot)  (see obit T-R 2-18-76)
Emma L. HARVEY  b. Oct. 12,1912  d. May 23,1993  (on G & M Kitchens plot)
Alex HARVEY  b. May 5,1843  d. Dec. 4,1911  (not on other Harvey plots)
Rev. W.H. HARVEY  "Died 1940"  (d. Jan. 18; see obit TCN 1-25-40)
Christine HARVEY  d. Dec. 8,1958  (on J Tatum plot)
Alice R. HARVEY  "Born Oct. 2,1906  Died June 4,1967"  (also one adult)  (on J Tatum plot)
Joseph D. HARVEY  b. Oct. 11,1925  d. Jan. 25,1979  (on J Tatum plot)
Mary R. HARVEY  b. May 20,1892  d. June 27,1979  (on Taylor plot)
Ed HARVEY  b. Apr. 1,1929  d. Apr. 12,1991  (on Taylor plot)
Vet. Luther A. HAWK  b. Apr. 15,1920  d. Mar. 21,1991  (on Prince-Tatum plot)
Nannie B(ell) HAWK  b. Mar. 1,1920  d. Mar. 27,1978  (on Prince-Tatum plot)  (see obit T-R 3-31-78)
Laura HENDERSON  d. Nov. 12,1947
Jesse HENDERSON  "(Oct. 30)1923-(June 25)1988  Sgt US Army"  (on Rutherford plot)
Curry HENDERSON  b. Oct. 5,1898  d. Feb. 16,1983  (on Rutherford plot)
Roberta HENDERSON  b. Sept. 1,1898  d. June 12,1973  (on Rutherford plot)
Mrs. Mozella HICKS  b. Dec. 24,1900  d. Apr. 14,1992
Beverly L. HICKS  b. Sept. 26,1961  d. Sept. 1,1964
Emma L. HICKS  "Born Dec. 7,1902  Died May 23,1964"  (on Oates plot)
George HIGHTOWER  1872-1951
Martha HIGHTOWER  1877-1950
Mimmie HIGHTOWER  18501928  (with photo)
Remus HIGHTOWER  d. August 9,1941  "Pvt 157 Depot Brig"
Remus HIGHTOWER  "1898-    "
Arthur HILL  d. Nov. 11,1950
Victoria HILL  d. June 9,1955
Roy HILL  d. Feb. 13,1956
Benjamin HOLLIS  b. Jan. 6,1926  d. Jan. 1,1982
George E. HOLLIS  b. Dec. 16,1926  d. Oct. 6,1981
Reatha M. HOLLIS  b. Mar. 21,1935  d. Feb. 12,1993
Willie James HOLLIS  b. July 6,1922  d. Nov. 15,1991  (also one adult)
Hannah HOLLIS  d. June 8,1953
Lillie HOLLIS  d. July 13,1955
Beatrice HOLSEY  d. April 26,1956  (on H & L Hollis plot)
Annie HOOKS  d. Oct. 20,1955  (on O & R McGrady plot)
Silas HUBBARD, Sr.  b. Nov. 25,1915  d. Sept. 8,1985  (on G & W C Kitchen plot)
Eli HUDSON  "Died Dec. 16  Age 70"
Estella JACKSON  d. Aug. 7,1956  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Statham-Thomie-Wright plot)
Dea. Arzell JACKSON  b. Nov. 25,1920  d. june 22,1993
Marzell JACKSON  b. May 7,1951  d. Feb. 15,1987  "SFC US Army Vietnam"
Rosa Lee JACKSON  b. Aug. 2,1928  d. Mar. 22,1991
Willie F. JACKSON  b. July 27,1946  d. May 1,1993
Lenward JACKSON  b. Apr. 18,1914  d. Feb. 5,1986
Clarence JACKSON  b. Aug. 28,1902  d. Mar. 15,1978  (see obit T-R 3-16-78)
Alberta JACKSON  d. Dec. 30,1975  (see obit T-R 1-2-76)
Irma S. JACKSON  b. Oct. 14,1951  d. Aug. 5,1992  (on D T Gibson plot)
Thelma M. JAMES  b. May 21,1955  d. Nov. 4,1993  (on W & L Schley plot)
Isaac JENKINS  "Born May 6th,1851  Did May 6th,1916"
Angeline JENKINS  1870-1952
Alferd JENKINS  b. July 8,1887  d. Dec. 16,1958
Jessie JENKINS  d. Dec. 4,1967
Lucy JENKINS  "Died Apr. 25,1964"  (on W & L Schley plot)
Alphonzo Colwell JENKINS III  b. Jan. 14,1972  d. Mar. 11,1990  (on Colwell plot)
G.J. JOHNSON  "Born 1851  Died Dec. 27,1906"  (not on other Johnson plots)
Samuel H. JOHNSON  "1922-1922  Son of Samuel and Willie Johnson"  (not on other Johnson plots)
Sampson JOHNSON  1889-1940  (on Kitchen-Statham-Wright plot)
Mrs. Lula B. JOHNSON  d. Oct. 3,1966  (on Kitchen-Statham-Wright plot)
Cleaveland JOHNSON  d. Oct. 30,1957  (on Kitchen-Statham-Wright plot)
Mamie JOHNSON  d. Jan. 9,1946  (on Kitchen-Statham-Wright plot)
Don JOHNSON  b. Mar. 25,1889  d. June 25,1964
Daisy JOHNSON  b. Jan. 1,1889  d. Aug. 9,1974
Robert JOHNSON  b. April 15,1918  d. Apr. 25,1950
Rachel M. JOHNSON  b. Dec. 13,1930  d. Jan. 30,1980  (on Moore-Tennie plot)
Jay JOHNSON  b. Jan. 1896  d. Feb. 6,1986
Stella Hollis JOHNSON  d. Apr. 12,1959  (on Edwards plot)
Peter JOHNSON  "Born 1852  Died Feb. 6,1890"
Sarah JONES  "Died Oct. 11,1967"  (on L Bush plot)
Charlie JONES  b. Sept. 22,1910  d. April 22,1973  "Georgia Pvt US Army World War II"  (on D & D Johnson plot)
Cee Bell JONES  b. Feb. 16,1916  d. Oct. 9,1985  (on D & D Johnson plot)
Tom JONES  d. May 23,1957  (on Carter-Thomas plot)
E.K. JONES  d. june 6,1957  (on Carter-Thomas plot)
Arther JONES  1916(?)  (on Broner-Wright plot)
Clara JONES  d. Dec. 24,1933  (on Broner-Wright plot)
"Merica Bell, wife of Joe JONES, Died Mar. 28,1907"  
Willie Frank JORDAN  d. Jan. 8,1968  (on I Jenkins plot)
Lillian JOWERS  d. Aug. 10,1960
David Lee KING  d. Aug. 28,1967  (on Banks-Prince plot)  (see obit T-R 9-7-67)
Stillborn Baby KING  April 15,1965  (on Banks-Prince plot)
Richard Morgan KING  b. Mar. 10,1922  d. May 24,1987
Betty J. KING  b. Jan. 5,1950  d. Nov. 9,1990  (on Edwards plot)
Ruby KING  d. June 29,1957  (on L & M L Daniel plot)
George KITCHEN  (no dates)  (on Addy plot)
George KITCHEN, Jr.  b. Feb. 17,1936  d. Dec. 10,1976  (on Hubbard plot)  (see obit T-R 12-13-76)
Willie Clyde KITCHEN  b. Dec. 26,1937  d. Sep. 21,1989  "Major Vietnam"  (on Hubbard plot)
Willie Pearl KITCHEN  b. Jan. 20,1914  d. July 10,1977  (on Johnson-Statham-Wright plot)
Thad KITCHEN  b. Jan. 6,1936  d. Mar. 16,1980  (on Johnson-Statham-Wright plot)
George KITCHENS  1876-1948  (on Harvey-Minter plot)
Mamie KITCHENS  "Born Oct. 8,1882  Died Feb. 21,1964"  (on Harvey-Minter plot)
Ben LAMPKIN, Jr.  b. Dec. 15,1925  d. Apr. 11,1982  (on Kitchen-Murphy plot)
John M. LASTER  b. Sept. 16,1917  d. July 25,1989  (on Sheppard plot)
Alzora LASTER  b. Dec. 10,1871  d. Dec. 27,1974  (see obit T-R 12-30-74)
Joe LASTER  1883-1945
Emmit LASTER  d. Dec. 18,1958
Robert LASTER  b. March 4,1918  d. June 18,1960  "Georgia PFC Co C 97 Engr Gs Regt World War II"
Eddie LAWSON  b. June 2,1906  d. Dec. 1,1977  (see obit T-R 12-3-77)
Mrs. Lula LAWSON  "Died Aug. 11,1968"
Flora LESTER  "Died Mar. 26,1970"
James LEWIS, Sr.  b. Aug. 15,1918  d. Nov. 19,1970  (on B D & L Schley plot)
Annie B. LEWIS  b. May 4,1930  d. Dec. 10,1992  (on Gilford plot)
Birda Lee LEWIS  d. Jan. 30,1962  (on Bell plot)
Hessie B. LEWIS  b. Aug. 18,1916  d. Nov. 19,1985  (on B D & L Schley plot)
Frank LUNDY  "Born Mar. 28,1930  Died Sept. 21,1944"
Ida LUNDY  d. June 6,1955
Alfred MACKEY  b. July 3,1894  d. Feb. 25,1985  (on Edwards plot)
Janie MAHONE  "Died Feb. 11,1937"
Sidney MAHONE  "Died May 15,1951"
Fletcher MAHONE  d. Oct. 1,1962
Luellan MAHONE  b. Dec. 12,1900  d. Feb. 20,1983
Della Edmond MAHONE  b. Jan. 12,1903  d. Nov. 15,1985
Jimmie Lee MAHONE  b. Sept. 30,1933  d. July 10,1975
Mattie MANSFIELD  "Born Feb. 14,1885  Died Dec. 29,1905"
Ruby Lee MATHIS  d. April 26,1926  (not on other Mathis plots)
Eddie MATHIS  b. June 15,1893  d. April 21,1966  "Georgia Pvt 41 Co 11 Tng Bn 157 Depot Brig World War I"
Tillie Floyd MATHIS  b. May 22,1903  d. Sept. 8,1988
Eddie Clint MATHIS  d. Sept. 1,1955  (also one adult)
W.D. May  1884-1940  (on Prince-Tatum plot)
Gearfield MAY  "Died Sept. 30,1967"  (on Dyous plot)
Moses MAY  "Born 1871  Died June 6,1948"
Mrs. Alice M. MAY  "Born Oct. 3,1878  Died Jan. 30,1968"
Charlie Moses MAY  "(May 5)1913-(Aug. 5)1987  US Army"
John Jacob MAY  d. june 3,1953
Lucile MAY  "Died Nov. 20,1971"  (also one adult and one child)
Infant MAY  "Died Oct. 23,1953"
Lee McCOY  d. Nov. 18,1949  (also one adult)  (on Mogan plot)
Reliford McGARRAH  d. Dec. 17,1959  (on Berry-Brown-Roberts plot)
Eva Mae McGARRAH  b. Apr. 30,1914  d. June 15,1982  (on Berry-Brown-Roberts plot)
Dea. Leo McGRADY  b. Dec. 15,1890  d. Mar. 26,1988  (also one adult)
Joe McGRADY  1927-1943
Onie McGRADY  d. Jan. 22,1931
Rachel McGRADY  d. June 5,1955
Wesley McGRADY  "Born 1865  Died June 14,1896"  (not on other McGrady plots)
Lonnie McMURRAIN  b. July 7,1918  d. Apr. 12,1991
Bobby MERRITT  b. Aug. 6,1938  d. Dec. 2,1971  (on A Laster plot)
Blance Angry MILLER  b. June 24,1920  d. Jan. 15,1983  (on Angry plot)
Annie MILLER  d. Sept. 30,1947
Rufus MILLER (no dates)
Calvin MINTER  "1893-1980  Pvt US Army World War I"  (on Harvey-Kitchens plot)
Bettie MINYARD  d. May 26,1947
Walter MOGAN, Jr.  "Born Dec. 18,1945  Died Feb. 15,1964"  (on McCoy plot)
Angela D. MONTS  "Died Feb. 7,1973  Age 1 Mos 12 Days"
George MOON  "Died 1936"  (on M D Hall plot)
Rev. E.R. MOORE  b. 1884  d. Jly 28,1953
Rachel B(iggins) MOORE  b. Apr. 8,1888  d. Mar. 13,1983
Alfred MOORE  b. Apr. 30,1953  d. Jan. 7,1979
James MOORE, Sr.  b. May 11,1921  d. Apr. 3,1980  (on Johnson-Tennie plot)
Ruth F. MORGAN  b. Apr. 15,1901  d. Mar. 7,1980  (on Gilford plot)
Ella, wife of N.A. MORGAN, "Died Apr. 20,1907  Age 44 Yrs"
Christeen L. MURPHY  b. Jan. 30,1966  d. Sept. 1,1989  (on Lampkin plot)
Shawnda M. MURPHY  b. Dec. 23,1984  d. Sept. 1,1989  (on Lampkin plot)
Carie MURRAY  d. Nov. 19,1960
Joseph NAPIER  d. June 11,1950  (on A Laster plot)
Jennye H. NEWSOME  b. Mar. 4,1925  d. Jan. 8,1991  (on R D Perry plot)
Ruby (Lee) H(icks) NORWOOD  b. Mar. 28,1929  d. Mar. 26,1990  (on M & B L Hicks plot)
Ann Hicks OATES  b. Dec. 8,1927  d. May 11,1981  (on E L Hicks plot)
Andre Carlus OATES  b. Feb. 9,1969  d. June 16,1981  (on E L Hicks plot)
Alzater and Mildred PARRIS  (no dates)  (also two adults)
Ruthie D. PERRY  b. Feb. 13,1919  d. Mar. 19,1993  (on Newsome plot)
Walter J. PERRY  b. Mar. 31,1964  d. May 20,1989  (on W L & E L Sims plot)
Buster PICKETT  b. July 23,1954  d. June 4,1979  (on Gilford plot)
Willie B. PHILLIPS  b. Mar. 15,1914  d. Dec. 26,1983  (on D & M L Bishop plot)
Willie Lee POLK  b. Jan. 10,1935  d. Apr. 29,1978  (on B D & L Schley plot)  (see obit T-R 5-1-78)
Annie L(ee Davenport) POLK  b. Dec. 5,1899  d. Nov. 22,1986
Susie PORTER  b. May 1888  d. Aug. 23,1984
Archie B. PORTER  b. July 15,1924  d. Dec. 16,1978
Leroy PRINCE  (no dates)  (on Banks-King plot)
Stokes H. PRINCE  b. Apr. 4,1874  d. Feb. 20,1961  (on V A Tatum plot)
Mattie PRINCE  b. May 8,1877  d. July 1,1960  (on V A Tatum plot)
Eddie PRYOR  b. Mar. 5,1902  d. Feb. 26,1981
Eddie Lee RAVEN  d. July 4,1952  (on A Laster plot)
Denia REID  "Born Dec. 14,1890  Died Oct. 28,1891"
Sim RIGGINS  b. June 10,1899  d. August 2,1961  "Alabama Pvt Co C 539 Svc Bn Engr Corps World War I"  (on Bell plot)
Carrie RIGGINS  b. May 30,1903  d. Oct. 23,1972  (on Bell plot)
Hattie L. ROBERTS  "Died June 13,1966  (on Berry-Brown-McGarrah plot)
Ernest ROBERTS, Sr.  b. Nov. 4,1940  d. June 27,1980  (on Berry-Brown-McGarrah plot)
Joe B. ROBERTS  b. Jan. 27,1936  d. Aug. 13,1990
Reather ROGERS  b. Mar. 7,1907  d. Apr. 5,1975  (see obit T-R 4-8-75)
Eula Mae ROGERS  b. Dec. 25,1919  d. Nov. 25,1982
Willie Lee ROGERS  b. Aug. 23,1938  d. Feb. 10,1985
Essie Mae ROSS  b. June 13,1913  d. Mar. 31,1989  (on B D & L Schley plot)
John W. ROSS  b. Jan. 14,1884  d. Mar. 15,1931
Lorena(?) ROSS  (no dates)
Anthony ROSS  "Died July 24,1966"
John ROSS  b. June 17,1883  d. Jan. 13,1976  (not on other Ross plots)  (see obit T-R 1-16-76)
Silvia ROSS  "Died July 6,1900"
Robert RUTHERFORD  "Died Jan. 1926  Age 80"  (also one adult)
Josie RUTHERFORD  d. Sept. 3,1940
Willis RUTHERFORD  d. Sept. 15,1954
Wiley SCHLEY  1874-1946
Mrs. Lucy SCHLEY  "Born Oct. 10,1874  Died May 16,1926"
Betty SCHLEY  (no dates)
Dora SCHLEY  (no dates)
Seaborn SCHLEY  "Born Nov. 24,1898  Died May 6,1971"
Paul SCHLEY  "Died Dec. 28,1945"
Saul SCHLEY  "Died Dec. 28,1945"
Frances SCHLEY  "Born Dec. 18,1942  Died Dec. 24,1962"
Chester SCHLEY  b. Feb. 3,1948  d. Jan. 28,1978  (see obit T-R 2-2-78)
Rev. B.D. SCHLEY  1874-1946
Levonia SCHLEY  1875-1944
Clifford SCHLEY  b. May 13,1896  d. May 7,1966  "Georgia PFC Co D 345 Svc Bn QMC World War I"
James W. SCHLEY  b. May 13,1904  d. Jan. 7,1971
Booker Biggins SCHLEY  b. july 15,1908  d. Jan. 22,1984
Minnie M. SCHLEY  b. July 30,1910  d. Mar. 8,1987
Myrtice SHANNON  b. Feb. 8,1902  d. June 15,1969  (on Gordon-White plot)
Georgia Lee SHEPPARD  b. Dec. 1,1918  d. Nov. 1,1974  (on J M Laster plot)
Azzie Lee SIMMONS  b. Jan. 1,1921  d. Nov. 6,1975  (on Harvey-Taylor plot)
Willie L. SIMS  b. Mar. 8,1900  d. Feb. 21,1974  (on W J Perry plot)
Ethel Lee SIMS  b. May 25,1913  d. July 24,1985  (on W J Perry plot)
Robert L. SIMS  b. Apr. 5,1935  d. Sept. 7,1974  (on W J Perry plot)
George L. SIMS  b. Mar. 1,1928  d. Sept. 29,1974
Florrie Lee SLAPPEY  d. June 13,1960
Lucy SNIPES  d. Mar. 9,1956  (on Cottle plot)
Henry STATHAM  d. May 21,1951  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Wright plot)
Lonnie B. STATHAM  d. April 13,1957  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Wright plot)
Tellis STATHAM  1908-1954  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Wright plot)
Johnnie STATEM (Statham?)  b. Sept. 2,1918  d. Aug. 24,1970
Sallie STATHAM  d. April 27,1900
Josie STATHAM  b. June 1900  d. Mar. 1901
Mumford STATHAM  (no dates)
Florence STATHAM  (no dates)
Arthur J. STYLES  b. Oct. 5,1961  d. June 28,1976  (on Edwards plot)  (see obit T-R 6-30-76)
Antoinette STREETER  b. Aug. 6,1975  d. Mar. 8, 1976  (see obit T-R 3-9-76)
Willie SWINNEY  1880-1943  (on J H Floyd plot)
Leroy SWINNEY  b. Sept. 9,1909  d. May 26,1985  (also two adults)
Jennie TATUM  1880-1947  (also one adult)  (on A R Harvey plot)
Alex TATUM  d. Aug. 9,1958  (on Hawk-Prince plot)
Almeta TATUM  d. Aug. 7,1957  (on Hawk-Prince plot)
Verlie Ann TATUM  b. Dec. 12,1891  d. Mar. 15, 1985  (on Hawk-Prince plot)
James TATUM  b. May 17,1925  d. Feb. 22,1991  (on G & B L Wilson plot)
Dan TATUM  "Died May 20,1902  Age 60 Years"
Mary, wife of Dan TATUM, "Born Apr. 10,1858  Died Nov. 28,1906"
Eula TAYLOR  b. June 1,1921  d. Oct. 22,1984
Clay TAYLOR, Jr.  b. July 27,1940  d. July 28,1988
Verlie TENNIE  b. July 10,1914  d. July 26,1985  (on Johnson-Moore plot)
Mattie THOMAS  d. Feb. 25,1951
Eddress THOMAS  b. Sept. 1,1904  d. Nov. 14,1993  (on Carter-Jones plot)
O.C. THOMIE  1886-1937
Lillie B. THOMIE  "Born Feb. 19,1886  Died Mar. 17,1967"  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Statham-Wright plot)
Odies, wife of P.N. TONDEE, "Born Sept. 12,1867  Died Sept. 30,1894"
C.H., son of P.N. & Odies TONDEE, "Born Apr. 16,1894  Died Sept. 18,1894"
Easter, wife of P.N. TONDEE, "Born Mar. 13,1873  Died Jan. 4,1905"
P.B., son of P.N. & Easter TONDEE, "Born Aug. 17,1898  Died Jan. 5,1899"
Robert L. TYSON, Sr.  b. Nov. 8,1914  d. July 6,1988
Larry Dean TYSON  b. Aug. 13,1959  d. Aug. 16,1978
Alphonso WAKEFIELD  b. Oct. 18,1903  d. Nov. 19,1987  (on Colwell plot)
Mary P(olk) WAKEFIELD  b. May 28,1934  d. Mar. 29,1993
Daisy WARREN  b. Oct. 16,1890  d. Jan. 11,1971  (on E Floyd plot)
Sidney M. WARREN  d. Aug. 26,1963  (on B D & L Schley plot)
Louise WARREN  b. Oct. 26,1895  d. Oct. 3,1984  (on Henderson-Rutherford plot)
Clifford WHITE  b. October 30,1899  d. July 1,1948  "Georgia Pvt 370 Inf World War I"  (on Gordon-Shannon plot)
Kattie WHITE  1865-1937  (also one adult)  (on M A Wright plot)
Susie W. WILLIAMS  b. June 19,1900  d. May 27,1987  (on Glover-Wright plot)
Sammie T. WILLIAMS  b. Oct. 11,1927  d. Apr. 25,1991
James WILSON  "May 6-May7,1934"  (on Banks-King-Prince plot)
Lawrence WILSON  b. Dec. 7,1908  d. June 29,1976  (on C & A Jackson plot)  (see obit T-R 6-30-76)
Ola B. WILSON  b. Oct. 16,1920  d. Aug. 14,1986  (on C & A Jackson plot)
Willie WILSON  b. ec. 6,1907  d. Sept. 10,1985
Governor WILSON, Jr.  b. July 9,1948  d. Aug. 18,1989  (on J Tatum plot)
Bobby L. WILSON, Sr.  b. Feb. 12,1965  d. july 29,1992  (on J Tatum plot)
Dennis WOODS  b. Oct. 8,1892  d. Aug. 25,1944  "Georgia Pvt US Army"
Dock WOODS  d. Nov. 17,1962  (on A & O Brown plot)
Ramson WOODS  "Died Dec. 3,19(unreadable)"  (on Corley-Floyd plot)
James H. WOODS  d. May 7,1943  "Georgia Pvt 157 Depot Brig"  (on Corley-Floyd plot)
Mamie Louise WOODS  "Died Apr. 29,1966"  (on Colwell plot)
Bettie WOODS  "Born Mar. 8,1863  Died June 22,1901"  (on Colwell plot)
Mahala Addie WRIGHT  b. June 19,1886  d. June 6,1964
Amos WRIGHT  b. May 20,1930  d. Sept. 7,1954  "Georgia Cpl 49 Ord M Maint Co"
Willis WRIGHT  b. Mar. 26,1902  d. Mar. 27,1980  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Statham plot)
Olivia WRIGHT  1942  (on Johnson-Kitchen-Statham plot)
Leonard WRIGHT  b. Dec. 6,1926  d. Apr. 18,1983  (on Glover-Williams plot)
Wesley WRIGHT  b. Nov. 4,1898  d. May 21,1979  (on W A Bridges plot)
Rosa Lee WRIGHT  b. Mar. 11,1901  d. Apr. 23,1972  (on W A Bridges plot)
Mrs. Safronia WRIGHT  "Died June 26,1969"
Oscar WRIGHT  b. Aug. 1923  d. Feb. 23,1973  (died Feb. 3; see obit T-R 2-9-73)
Charlie WRIGHT  d. April 1,1954  (on Broner-Jones plot)
Katie C. WRIGHT  d. June 27,1962  (on Broner-Jones plot)
two adults and seven children  (no names nor dates)  (on Harvey-Kitchens plot)
numerous unmarked graves

surveyed July 24,1994
Ernest David WILCHER d. Dec. 29,1974 Age 37 yrs. (see obit T-R 1-3-75) Mrs. Autry B. DAVIS d. Aug. 12,1977 Age 87 yrs. (see obit T-R 8-13-77)