Possum Trot Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

Elizabeth, w/o Renderson COBB   b. Dec. 5,1830  d. Nov. 22,1900
 (also 1 adult)
Nancy F., w/o G.N. MASK b. June 6,1841  d. Jan. 24,1908 "Age 66 yr 7 mo 18 ds"
Ella T. MASK    b. June 30,1866 d. June 17,1909
J.A. SALTER     b. Oct. 5,1861  d. Sept. 23,1905
J.B. SALTER     b. Mar. 25,1863 d. May 15,1907
Ambrose SMITH   b. July 22,1819 d. Apr. 29,1908
Harriett E. Jones, w/o Ambrose SMITH    b. Mch. 18,1828 d. Dec.1,1909
Chas. H. SMITH  b. Apr. 14,1844 d. Mar. 31,1897 "Father"
Sarah E. SMITH  b. July 6,1849  d. Aug. 20,1922 "Mother"
2 unmarked adults

surveyed June 1,1985
Daniel Asbury, s/o Asbury Dempsey & Tallulah Loper JOHNSON b. Aug. 3,1903 d. Nov. 11,1906 George N. MASK d. Sept. 1914 (Daily T-R 9-3-14 and "Anthony Chapel", Daily T-R 9-10-14) Annie Lea SNELLGROVE d. May 4,1930 Age 66 yrs (T-R 5-5-30) Solomon Kimball HOLLEY, father of Lee Holley b. 1832 (no death date) Lee HOLLEY (no dates) Texanna Lamb HOLLEY, wd/o Lee Holley, 2nd w/o A.D. Johnson b. 1857 (no death date)