Rocky Mount Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

From Americus go South on Lee Street (GA Hwy 377).  About 50 feet past the city 
limit sign, turn Left on Tommy Hooks Road.  Go 0.8 mile to field road in middle 
of first field on Left.  Follow field-road 0.4 mile to woods.  From there walk 
(road is too narrow, twisted, and grown up to drive).  Follow road about 300 feet 
until road turns to right and a faint road goes straight ahead.  The cemetery is 
to the right front.  Graves cannot be seen from that point.  They are scattered 
throughout the woods.  The woods have grown up, bushes and vines have grown.  
Trees have fallen all through the cemetery.  

The graves indicated on this report are only a small part of those in the cemetery.
All the brick vaults have fallen apart.  Almost all the markers and slabs are 
broken.  There are dozens of other indications of graves, mounds and depressions, 
some with rocks as markers.  Others have old funeral home markers with no names, 

NOTE: Graves may not be aligned exactly as indicated.  It is almost impossible to 
keep in a line in the woods and brush.

Tommie Lee BALL   b. Sept. 18,1891  d. Apr. 25,1947 "Cpl 314 Serv Bn QMC World War I"
Ethel BLACK     1903-1945
Charlotte (Morrison) w/o Floyd BURROWS  "Born Mch. 10,1892      Died Nov. 4,1915"
Hulda CATWOOD (Caywood?)        d. June 18,1900
Howard HOLLIS   b. Mar. 3,1880  d. Oct. 1,1957  (also 4 adults)
Rossie JOHNSON  b. Dec. 19,1845 d. Nov. 26,1919
Earnest LEE     d. Aug. 6,1931  "Georgia Pvt 1 Cl 315 Labor Bn QMC"
Father LEWIS    1882-1926       "Age 82 Yrs" (sic)
Montgomery      (no dates)
Press RAGANS    "Born Mar. 10,1862"     "Father"        d. May 30,1939  (T-R 5-31-39)
Hattie (King) RAGANS  "Born May 10,1867  Died Dec. 8,1914"   "Mother"
scores of unmarked graves

surveyed Apr. 5,1994
"Aunt" Tennessee, Mrs. George HUNT d. Aug. 29,1928 Age 103 yrs (T-R 8-29-28) Eddie GREEN d. Apr. 24,1931 (T-R 5-3-31) Gene, s/o G. & T. HUNT d. Aug. 25,1942 Age 86 yrs (T-R 8-29-42) Roy BALL d. Dec. 28,1942 Age 53 yrs (TCN 12-31-42)