Speer Family Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

Rev. Charles H. CONNORS b. Jan. 30,1824 d. Dec. 14,1880 (SR 12-17-80)
Mrs. Lucy J. CONNORS, wife of Rev. Charles Connors      b. May 14,1827  d. July 5,1880 
Henry A. CONNORS        b. Dec. 14,1859 d. Apr. 8,1890
William T. CONNORS      b. May 20,1865  d. Nov. 1,1879
Enoch DOTY      "Who was born in Garrard county Ky. Feb. 26th,1815 and  died June 12th,1840"
George W. HUCKABAY      b. Apr. 12,1811 d. Dec. 5,1881
Elizabeth A. (Tinsley) HUCKABAY b. Aug. 3,1821  d. June 26,1882
Mrs. E.P. JORDAN        d. Jne 2,1879
Sarah C. JORDAN d. Sept. 3,1906 (Weekly T-R 9-7-06)
Mrs. Leila E. OSTEEN    b. Aug. 17,1862 d. Mar. 12,1894
Mattie Lou, dau. of C.A. & S.E. SCHNEIDER       b. Feb. 2,1876  d. Oct. 28,1877 (SR 11-9-77)
Thorpe, inf. son of C.A. & S.E. SCHNEIDER       b. Jan. 18,1879 d. Mar. 2,1879
Lawson, son of C.A. & S.E. SCHNEIDER    b. Apr. 26,1883 d. Nov. 18,1899 (Daily T-R 11-19-99)
A(mos) C(offman) SPEER  b. Dec. 6,1828  d. Oct. 19,1908 "Father"        (Daily T-R 10-23-08)
Martha A(nn), wife of A.C. SPEER        b. Feb. 14,1832 d. June 13,1884 "Mother"        (SR 7-25-84)
Everett (son of A.C. & M.A.) SPEER      b. Oct. 7,1860  d. May 25,1897  (Daily T-R 5-27-97)
Edgar Hugh WORTHY       b. Sept. 11,1873        d. June 2,1875
Ernest Willie WORTHY    b. Aug. 26,1893 d. June 6,1895
numerous unmarked graves

surveyed Mar. 24,1985
Judge William TINSLEY b. ca. 1793 d. Oct. 1852 Frank Forth, son of M/M Thomas Lawson SPEER b. Dec. 17,1884 d. July 18,1887 Inf. dau. of M/M Moses SPEER, Jr. b. Feb. 1893 d. Jan. 4,1894 Annie L. WORTHY, wid. of Everett SPEER and Geo. Washington KITE b. Jan. 1871 d. Dec. 1,1934 (T-R 12-1-34)