West Cemetery
submitted by Alan Anderson

Willie BIVENS  b. Dec. 23,1912   d. Jan. 5,1969
Dea. Sam BIVENS   d. May 30,1958     "SellerS"   (also 2 unmarked adults)
Jim BIVINS   d. Jan. 30,1958
Mr. Lee BIVINS   (no dates)     "SellerS"
Darryl Clinton BROWN   d. Jan. 17,1960
Jimmie (Jackson, w/o Willie) CHERRY   "Died Dec. 2,1964"   (Age 63 yrs.)
Randall GAINES   d. Dec. 24,1937
Mary (B. Girven, w/o Randall) GAINES   d. Nov. 30,1932
Moses GAINES   b. Dec. 17,1921   d. Mar. 8,1986
Ozie Mae (Girven, w/o Oscar) GAINES   d. Dec. 8,1962
Grant HARR___   b. Mar. 10,1884   d. Nov. 6,1969     (broken tombstone)
Elbert HARROLD   "Died Feb. 29,1919"
Rev. Bryant HERRING   b. Mar. 10,1885   d. Apr. 3,1952
Rev. Elijah HERRING   b. Dec. 25,1912   d. Sept. 5,1970    (T-R 9-11-1970)
Gus JACKSON   "Born Oct. 23,1868   Died Oct. 6,1963"
"Lovie (Tison) JACKSON, wife of G. JACKSON,  Nov. 15,1871   Dec. 30,1915"
Hattie (B.) JACKSON   "Died May 2,1965"   (Age 72 yrs.)
Freeman KITCHEN   1889-1944
Robert KITCHEN   d. Jan. 16,1952     (also 1 adult)
Dea. Amos L. MATHIS, Sr.  b. Oct. 18,1915   d. Apr. 3,1984   
     (also 2 adults; no name, but dates 1871-1976 for one of them)
Susie (Herring, w/o Jerry) NELSON   d. April 19,1957   (on Herring lot)
Della (Hollin, w/o John) ROSS   d. Dec. 7,1952
Pearlie SCOTT   "Born Sept. 27,1880   Died ______"     (broken tombstone)
Leola TYSON   "Died Feb. 15,1968"     (also 1 adult)
Felix WILSON   1892-1942   (d. June 28; Age 56 yrs.)
Dellia WILSON   d. Nov. 19,1951   (Age 55 yrs.)
several scattered unmarked graves

surveyed May 11,2005 and Apr. 19,2006