First United Methodist Church
of Americus, Ga.
(Notes from the Minute Books )
submitted by Alan Anderson

Feb.  26,1849  Members:  Mary Bass (joined at Salem); Quincy Bass
               (joined at Salem); Jane W. Cobb; Chesley J. Purvis
               (died Jan. 22,1853); Georgia Sullivan (joined Dec.
               4,'53; received in fellowship July 23,1854); John 
               E. Sullivan (dropped); Sarah Ann J. Sullivan; Thos. 
               C. Sullivan; Julia Wheeler (received in fellowship
               May 12,1852); Martha Wheeler; Mary Wheeler (died 
               in May 1849); Nancy W. Wheeler
May      1849  Mary Wheeler died an exemplary member of the Church
         1852  Chesley J. Purvis baptized by Rev. John W. Twitty
         1855  Members:  Jane C. Cobb; Georgia Sullivan; Sarah A.
               J. Sullivan; T.C. Sullivan; Julia Wheeler (married
               Mayo); Martha Wheeler; Nancy W. Wheeler; Sarah 
Nov.  21,1867  Members:  Sallie Cobb; Mollie Cobb; Kittie Cobb;
               Emma Cobb; Rebecca Cowles (by letter, Mar. 21,
               1869); Lucy A. Cobb (removed by letter, Feb. 1869);
               Jane M. Cobb; Thomas M. Cobb; Jane Cobb (removed
               without letter); A. Cowles (joined by letter, May
               31,1868; removed by letter, Apr. 1870); Caroline
               Cowles (same as A. Cowles); Moses Speer; Laura H.
               Speer; Nancy Wheeler (Mrs. A.W.); Sarah C. Wheeler
               (Mrs. G.); Martha C. Wheeler
Sept.    1870  Emma Cobb, Kittie Cobb, Mollie Cobb, Sallie Cobb
               baptized as adults
Aug.     1871  Jennie Cobb, Nannie Cobb baptized as adults
         1872  Members:  Moses Speer; Mrs. L. Speer; Mary Ste-
               phens; Martha Wheeler; Sarah Wheeler; Appalonia 
               Wheeler; S.S. Sullivan; Mrs. S.S. Sullivan; J.E.
               Sullivan; Georgia Sullivan; Mrs. A.W. Wheeler;
               Berry Lingo; D.A. Mayo; E.D. Mayo; Wm. B. Mayo;
               William J. Speer; Mrs. John M. Cobb; T.F. Logan;
               Mrs. Elizabeth Logan; Mrs. Jane M. Cobb; Thomas
               Cobb; Misses Cobb; Mrs. Thomas Cobb; Bennie Mayo;
               Mrs. Berry Lingo
Aug.     1872  John M. Cobb baptized as adult; Lula Willie Speer
               baptized as adult (single, of Americus)
Aug.  26,1872  John M. Cobb, married, of Americus, applied for
         1873  Katie & Robt. J. Wheeler applied for membership
         1873  Furnace Fund (collected by Miss Mary C. Granberry)
               M. Speer; A.P. Lingo
         1873  Members:  Appalonia Wheeler; J.M.D. Cobb; Tom Cobb;
               S.S. Sullivan; Mrs. S.S. Sullivan; J.E. Sullivan;
               Mrs. J.E. Sullivan; R.E. Cobb; George Turpin; Wick
               A. Wheeler; Mrs. M. Stephens; Sarah Wheeler; Mar-
               tha Wheeler; Mrs. A.P. Lingo; Mrs. S.H. Tison; 
               D.A. Mayo; Mrs. D.A. Mayo; Bennie Mayo; W.B. Mayo;
               W.J. Speer; Mrs. J.M.D. Cobb; T.F. Logan; Mrs. 
               Jane Cobb; Mrs. Cobb; Mrs. Tom Cobb; M. Speer; 
               Mrs. M. Speer; Mrs. A.W. Wheeler
         1874  Members:  M. Speer; Mrs. M. Speer; J.M.D. Cobb (to
               Mayo); R.E. Cobb; Miss Sallie Wheeler; Mrs. B.M.
               Wheeler; Tom Cobb; S.S. Sullivan; Mrs. S.S. Sulli-
               van; John E. Sullivan; Benton Beard; Miss Martha
               Wheeler; Mrs. Wick Wheeler; Mrs. A.W. Wheeler; 
               D.A. Mayo; Mrs. D.A. Mayo; Bennie Mayo; W.B. Mayo;
               W.J. Speer; Mrs. J.M.D. Cobb; T.F. Logan; Mrs. 
               Jane Cobb; Mrs. Cobb; Mrs. Thos. Cobb; John Cobb;
               Mrs. Berry Lingo; Mrs. Mary Stephens; Mrs. Tison;
               George Turpin
         1874  Members:  Rebecca J. Cowles; Jane M. Cobb; Thomas
               M. Cobb (removed without certificate); Sallie 
               Cobb; Mollie Cobb (married Mr. Blalock, 1875);
               Kittie Cobb (married, 1874; died Nov. 1874); Emma
               Cobb (married Rouse); Mrs. Caroline Cowles (re-
               ceived by letter, July 1871); Mrs. John M. Cobb
               (baptized & received, Aug. 1871; removed without
               certificate, Jan. 1877); Mrs. Thomas Cobb (bap-
               tized & received, Aug. 1871; died Oct. 1877);
               John M. Cobb (on profession, Aug. 1872); Nancy J.
               Cobb (nee Wheeler, by restoration, Feb. 1874);
               Moses Speer; Laura H. Speer; Wm. J. & Jane P. 
               Speer (received by letter, Feb. 1871); Lula Willie
               Speer (on profession, Aug. 1872); Mrs. S.H. Tison
               (received by certificate, Nov. 2,1872); Miss Mat-
               tie Tison (by certificate, 1875); Nancy Wheeler
               (Mrs. A.W.); Sarah C. Wheeler (Mrs. G.; died in
               the faith, Jan. 11,1874); Martha C. Wheeler; Epi-
               lona Wheeler; Katie & Robt. J. Wheeler (on profes-
               sion, Nov. 1873); Sallie R. Wheeler (on profession
               & baptism, Aug. 1874); W.H. Wheeler (age 13; at 
               Ben Wheeler's; on profession, Aug. 1874)  
Aug.   9,1874  Sallie R. Wheeler, single, age 18, baptized
Sept. 30,1874  Mattie Tison, single, 17, baptized
Nov.   2,1874  Wm. A. Wheeler, single, age 13, baptized
Aug.  24,1876  Dr. Wm. Lane, of New York, & Mattie Tison, of 
               Americus, married at Mr. Cotney's by Rev. T.T. 
               Christian; witnessed by mother & family  
         1878  Members:  Mrs. Mollie Blalock (East Americus); 
               Mrs. Caroline Cowles (wid.; at Moses Speer's;
               Mrs. Speer's mother); Miss Rebecca B. Cowles (sin-
               gle; at Moses Speer's; Mrs. Speer's sister); Jane
               M. Cobb (in country); Thomas M. Cobb (in country);
               Sallie Cobb (single; in country at Mr. Robert 
               Cobb's, East Americus); Mrs. Thomas M. Cobb (died
               Oct. 1877); John M. & Mrs. John M. Cobb (removed
               without certificate, Sept. 1877); Miss Mollie Cobb
               (on profession 1875; single; near cemetery); Mrs.
               Mattie Lane (at Flewellin's); W.J. & Mrs. Jane P.
               Speer (east Americus); Willie Lula Speer (single
               daughter of W.J. & J.P. Speer); C.A. & Mrs. S.E.
               Schneider (removed by certificate, 1877); Mrs. 
               S.H. Tison (wid.; at Eason's Hotel); Martha C.
               Wheeler (single; at John E. Sullivan's); Epilona
               Wheeler (on profession & baptism, 1876); Robt. J.
               Wheeler (on profession & baptism, 1876); Sallie R.
               Wheeler (single; on profession & baptism, 1875; at
               Geo. Turpin's); W.A. Wheeler (single; on profes-
               sion & baptism, 1875; at Geo. Turpin's)
Aug.   5,1878  death of Mrs. Mary E. Lingo
Sept. 21,1878  Mattie Lane withdrew letter
June   8,1879  May Speer baptized as adult by Rev. F.A. Branch at
               the church
         1880  Caroline Cowles, wid., died
June  11,1882  Carrie Speer baptized as adult by Rev. J.O.A. Cook
Nov.     1883  Cobb & Georgia Hill married
         1887  Aquilla Watson Cobb, age 15 & Lydia Lou, Jessie 
               Clio, Charles Logan & Mary Jane Cobb (Nancy Wheel-
Feb.     1889  L.J. & Mollie Blalock & Alice Cobb transferred to
               East Americus (Alice Cobb married)
Mar.     1889  Georgia Cobb (married), Sam D., Thos. M. & Margie
               Ann Cobb all transferred to East Americus
Nov.     1889  Mary E. Cobb (married) transferred to East Americus
         1894  Jos. A. & Mattie E. Cobb withdrawn for dancing
Dec.     1896  Members:  Moses Speer; Laura H. Speer; Mrs. Susan
               Speer; R.J. & Mrs. R.J. Wheeler (removed certifi-
               cate, Mar. 1,1897); Epilona Wheeler (died, Nov. 21,
         1906  Mr. & Mrs. L.J. Blalock, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas M. 
               Cobb, Charlie & Pansy Cobb, Mrs. Georgia J. Cobb,
               James H. Cobb, Miss Nellie Cobb & Mrs. Alice Cobb
               (all transferred back)
Mar.   1,1908  Edwin Giddings received certificate by Bascom An-
May   10.1914  Marvin A. Giddings joined by vows
Feb.  20,1921  Mrs. C.A. Schneider joined by certificate