First United Methodist Church
of Americus Original Minutes Book*

submitted by Alan Anderson

"Book of Records for the M.E. Church, Feby. 26,1849 Americus,

"The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in Americus, Geor-
 gia about the year 1835.  Rev. Edwards Preacher in Charge. Wm.
 Pegg L.P."

"About the year 1843, or 1844, Geo. M. Dudley, A.A. Robinson, &
 E.S. Young commenced a Sunday School in Americus upon the "Union"

"During the year 1845 the society were enabled to build & dedi-
 cate a church house, Rev. Thos. Sanford preached the dedication

"The M.E. Church of Americus dissolved its relationship with the
 Sabbath School of the same place, denominated the "Union Sabbath
 School", and organized one, on the 31st October,1847, known as
 the "M.E. Church Sabbath School in Americus", and appointed Jos.
 J. Granberry, Superintendent."

"At class meeting April sixth,1853 A.A. Robinson and Charles J.
 Malone were appointed Leaders and on Thursday the seventh the
 Church was divided into four classes, and T.M. Furlow was remov-
 ed from being leader at his own request.  Leaders for 1853 and
 1854 - Wm. P. Hames, W.T. Davenport, A.A. Robinson, C.J. Malone,
 T.C. Sullivan."

"At a meeting of the trustees of the Church in Americus held Aug-
 ust 7,1854 T.M. Furlow, G.W. Bivins and John H. Wallace were ap-
 pointed a building committee for the purpose of erecting a new
 house of worship in the Town of Americus."

"Americus station was organized and its first quarterly confer-
 ence held on the 27th day of January 1855.  Walter Knox P.E.
 Jesse R. Littlejohn P.C.  The following brethren were appointed
 Stewards for the Station.  A.A. Robinson, T.M. Furlow, C.J. Ma-
 lone, J.V. Price, J.H. Wallace, G.W. Bivins, R.J. Hodges."

"A majority of the Trustees of the M.E. Church South, in Americus
 met Aug. 23rd,1855.  There being one vacancy in the board, it 
 was filled by the election of C.J. Malone.  The following is a
 list of the present Trustees.  A.A. Robinson, T.M. Furlow, J.J.
 Granberry, W.P. Hames, John J. Hudson, T.C. Sullivan, W.T. Dav-
 enport, Jas. P. Guerry, C.J. Malone."

      Preacher in Charge
1836  Rev. Falkenberry
1837  John W. Talley
1838  John W. Talley
1839  Jacob Osier
1840  John K. Morse
1841  James Wynn
1842  Thomas Coleman/ Jos. T. Talley Jun. P.
1843  Geo. Bright/ Ferrity Jun. P.
1844  R. Menafee/ W.D. Bussy Jun. P.
1845  R. Menafee/ Jacob W. Danforth Jun. P.
1846  B. Clark/ Charles Hays Jun. P.
1847  R.E. Oslin/ Charles Hays Jun. P.
1848  Daniel Kelsey
1849  Jos. T. Talley
1850  John B. Wardlaw
1851  John W. Twitty
1852  John W. Twitty/ Thomas R. Stewart Jun. P.
1853  Davidson Williams
1854  Davidson Williams
1855  J.R. Littlejohn

                     Names of Local Preachers &c

      Wm. Pegg             Dead
      Asa Ansley           removed membership
      Abel Ansley             "        "
      Isaiah Ansley        Joined the Baptists
      Joshua Hames         Died in great peace
      David Young          Removed
      James M. McPherson   Removed & Dead
1852  Robert J. Hodges
1853  James Miller         Removed to Providence
1853  A.A. Robinson
1854  John W. Perry        Removed to circuit 

                         Names of Exhortors

      John H. Weaver       removed membership
      Edmund Nunn          Infirm  Died in great peace

                       List of Class Leaders

"From the year 1837, until about the year 1843, Wm. P. Hames 
 served as leader mostly alone."

1843     A.A. Robinson, Wm. P. Hames  C.L.
1844     Thos. C. Sullivan, Wm. P. Hames, A.A. Robinson  C.L.
1845-46  Thos. C. Sullivan, Wm. P. Hames, A.A. Robinson  C.L.                          
1847-48  Thos. C. Sullivan, Walter T. Davenport, A.A. Robinson,
         Wm. P. Hames  C.L.
1849     Thos. C. Sullivan, Walter T. Davenport, Wm. P. Hames,
         A.A. Robinson  C.L.
1851     Wm. P. Hames, Walter T. Davenport, Timothy M. Furlow,
         Thomas C. Sullivan  C.L.
1852     Wm. P. Hames, Walter T. Davenport, Timothy M. Furlow,
         Thomas C. Sullivan  C.L.

"In class meeting this evening (Oct. 22,1852) A.A. Robinson was
 unanimously recommended to the Quarterly Conference for license
 to preach, and Timothy M. Furlow appointed class leader to fill
 his vacancy."
"The remaining original Trustees of the M.E. Church in Americus
 viz. A.A. Robinson, Wm. L. McRee, N. McBain, Wm. P. Hames, Thomas
 C. Sullivan and John J. Hudson, or a majority of them, met in
 Americus on the 29th of May 1852 and filled out their board by
 electing the following brethren as Trustees viz. W.T. Davenport,
 T.M. Furlow, James P. Guerry, & J.J. Granberry."

                   Original Members with Remarks
M B  Joshua Hames         L P  Died June 10th,1854
M B  Asa Ansley           L P  Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Isaiah Ansley        L P     "      Baptist Ch.
M B  Abel Ansley          L P     "    " Rocky Mt.
M B  Edmund Nunn          Exhortor  Superannuated  died in peace
                          July 15th,1854
M B  Wm. P. Hames         C L
M B  John H. Weaver       Exhortor  Joined at Bethesda
M B  Thos. Ansley         C L          "    " Rocky Mt.
M B  Thos. C. Sullivan    C L 
M B  Adam A. Robinson     C L  dismissed by letter 1852
M B  Wm. L. McRee              Died in peace 1852
M B  John J. Hudson      
M B  Samuel Bolton             Removed  Returned 
M B  John McKay                Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  John D. McKay                "    "   "    "
M B  William Douglass          Removed
M B  Elbert Ansley             Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Robt. M. Douglass        
M B  Newnan McBain             Withdrawn
M B  John C. Harrison          Joined at Rocky Mt.
S B  John S. Hames            
M B  Walter T. Davenport  C L  
M B  Jas. P. Guerry
S B  Turner Weaver             Joined at Bethesda
M B  Solomon B. Council        Joined Presbyterians
M B  Matthew H. Bolton
M B  Rowell Adams              Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  George Adams                 "    "   "    "
M B  Joseph J. Granberry  
M B  A.B. Greene               Dismissed by letter
S B  Martin Lockmiller              "     "    "
M B  John W. Sherman           Removed
S B  Warren Smith              Joined the Baptists

W B  Mary Guerry               Dead
M B  Dorothy McCrary
M B  Roxalana Hames
M B  Roxalana McRee
M B  Jane C. Cobb
M B  Elizabeth Howell
M B  Mary Bruner
M B  Sarah Bittett             Dead
M B  Mary Wimberly
M B  Mary Brown
M B  Mary A. Guerry            Dead
M B  Susan Hudson
M B  Sarah McLendon            Removed
M B  Elizabeth Guerry          Removed without letter
M B  Mary L. Greene            Dismissed by letter
M B  Rebecca Ansley            Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Christiana McKay          Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Sarah Ann J. Sullivan     
M B  Ann Hames
M B  Mary Ansley               Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Nancy McKay               Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Mary Bolton               Removed dead
M B  Jane Warren               Joined the Baptists
M B  Rebecca Douglass          Removed
M B  Barsheba Douglass
W B  Clarissa McCarter         Dismissed by letter
W B  Mary A. Smith
M B  Ellen B. Gregory          Joined Presbyterians
M B  Malinda Oliver            Removed by letter 1852
S B  Harriet McCrary Livingston
M B  Margaret Nunn
S B  Nancy Ansley              Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Rebecca Harrison          Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Melissa McCrary           Removed by letter 

M S  James W. Green            Joined at Rocky Mt.
S S  Alexander McKay              "    "   "    "
M S  John Graham, Dropped since   "    "   "    "
S B  Jeremiah B. Ansley        Dropped
M    William D. McKay          Joined at Rocky Mt.
     Daniel Smith              Not remembered
M B  David Young          L P  Dismissed by letter Sept. 1849
M B  Jesse Hardy               Withdrawn
S B  Robert M. Puckett         Removed to Pierce Chapel 1852
S S  John E. Sullivan          Dropped
M S  Geo. J. Cook              Dead
M B  Littleton P. Dorman
M B  James Weaver              Joined the Baptist Ch.
M B  Henry Hairbuck            Joined the Baptists
M B  A. L. O'Brien             Dismissed by letter
     Jas. M. McPherson    L P  Removed & Dead
M    John D. Gregory           Dropped
     John Frasier              Dropped.  Dead
M    James M. Douglass         Joined the Baptist Ch.
M    Joseph Smith              Dropped
M B  Aurelius E. Edgeworth     Removed & letter
S S  David A. Clark            Dropped
S    Jacob J. Guin             Dropped
W    Samuel Pegg               Removed & letter
     John McRee                    "   "    "
     Wm. Clark                     "   "    "
     Edwin Mayo                Removed
     Quincy Bass               Joined at Salem
     Timothy M. Furlow         Joined by letter 1850
     Wesley Hamner             Joined at Benevolence
     Daniel T. Hamner             "    "      "
     Webb                      on probation.  Removed

S B  Eliza Brady (now McKay)   Dropped
S B  Nelly Brady ( "  Ragan)      "
M B  Elizabeth Mims            Dead
S B  Sarah Mims                Joined at Bethel
M B  Susan Ansley              Joined Baptist Ch.
M B  Clarissa Weaver           Joined at Bethesda
S B  Lurany Weaver                "    "     "
M B  Rebecca A. Robinson       Dismissed by letter 1852
W B  Eleanor M. Gibson
M B  Elizabeth Council         Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Caroline Davenport        Joined at Tabernacle
M B  Mary Wheeler              Died in May 1849
M B  Martha Adams              Joined at Rocky Mt.
S B  Sarah Adams                  "    "   "    "
S B  Mary J. Council              "    "   "    "
S B  Margaret A. Council          "    "   "    "
M B  Rebecca Green                "    "   "    "
M B  Charity Sherman           Removed
S B  Margaret McKay            Joined at Rocky Mt.
M B  Elizabeth A. Granberry
W S  Frances Graham            Dead
M    Martha J. Fletcher
M B  Mahala Young              Dismissed by letter Sept. 1849
M B  Mary Hardy
M B  Margaret Guerry mistake
M B  Eliza Dorman
M B  Mary E. Davenport
M B  Mariah Patterson          Removed & letter
M B  Susan King
S    Christiana King Thomas    Returned
M B  Elizabeth Willet
S B  Martha Wheeler
M B  Elizabeth A. Kelsey       Removed & letter
W B  Parthenia Paris
S    Emily Paris
S    Lucinda Ansley            Joined at Rocky Mt.
     Flora McKay               Removed
     Susan Edgeworth           Removed & letter
S    Ann E. Edgeworth             "    "    "
S    Ellen Edgeworth              "    "    "
M B  Nancy Pegg                Dismissed by letter
     Mary C. Dothard               "      "    "
     Sarah L. Pegg             Died in faith
     Eliza McMath              Dropped
     Ann Hinson                Dropped
     Washington Pemble         Removed
     Emaline Battle               "
S    Frances Lowry                "
M B  Elizabeth Dinkins         Removed
M B  Mary C. Goar                 "
M S  Louisa M. Mayo               "     Dead
W B  Louisa Hill               Died in faith
S S  Sarah Grant Billett       Dead
M B  Lucinda Tally             Dismissed by letter
M B  Ann Bilbrow               Removed
     Mary A. McBain            Joined Baptist Ch.
     Georgia A. Lynes          Removed
     Matilda Lynes                "
     Mrs. Bennett                 "
     Mary Bass                 Joined at Salem
     Martha E. Wardlaw         Joined by letter 1850  Removed 
     Mary Hamner               Joined at Benevolence
     Sarah Hamner              Joined at Benevolence
     Elizabeth Hamner          Joined at Benevolence
     Martha Dorman             Dead
     Sarah Mims Wheeler        Married G. Wheeler
     Elizabeth Mims Preston    Removed without letter
     Margaret Furlow

               List of Members with Date of Reception
Richard May            Sept. 9,1849  Dead
G.W. Thomas, Sr.       May   5,1851  Joined by letter
G.W. Thomas, Jr.       May   5,1851
Edward L. McRee        June 25,1851  Dead
Hawkins H. Nunn        Oct. 15,1851
Eason Smith             "    "    "  dismissed by letter 1852
John Oliver             "    "    "  dismissed by letter June 1852
Peter S. Twitty        May  12,1852  recvd in Fellowship
Chesley J. Purvis      Died Jan. 22,1853  recvd in Fellowship
Neil McKay             May  12,1852  recvd in Fellowship
Newnan McBain          recvd in Fellowship  Dropped
Lewis Hames              "    "      " 
J.V.M. Morris          Joined by letter 1852  Removed to Taberna-
Rev. Robert J. Hodges     "   1852  Bethesda  Dead
O.H.K. Goff               "   1852  Anthony Chapel  Removed with-
                       out letter
Dr. I.D. Heath         From Benevolence  Died Feb. 1853
Wm. B. Guerry          Joined 1851
Dr. James G. McCrary      "     "   Dropped at own request
David A. Clarke        Joined May 1852  Probation  Dropped July
James Miller           Feb. 1853  From Rocky Mt.  Removed to Pro-
A.A. Robinson          By letter Feb. '53  From Oglethorpe
G.C. Cameron           By letter Oct. '52
C.J. Malone            Feb. '53  From Tabernacle
Sampson Braswell       By letter Feb. '53  From Macon
Richard Goar           April 1853  From Rocky Mt.  Removed
James G. McCrary       June 15,1853  On probation  Recd in full 
                       fellowship Apr. 9,1854
William H. Guice       Sept. 7,1853  On probation
P.M. O'Shay            Oct. 8,1853  From Danville
Byron W. Smith         Oct. 8,1853  From Benevolence
John P. Branham        Nov. 19,1853  By letter
Wm. H. Hudson          Dec. 4,1853  On Pro.  Dropped at his own
                       request Mar. 12,1854
Samuel B. Louden       Dec. 5,1853  On Pro.  
Hazelius Strobel       Dec. 6,1853  On Pro.

Mariah May             Sept. 9,1849  Joined at Andrew Chapel
Mary A. Twitty         Mar. 12,1851
Rhoda Ann Twitty       Mar. 12,1851
Sarah A. Twitty        Mar. 12,1851
Mary Wardsworth        May 4,1851  Joined by letter  Removed by
                       letter 1854
Mariah B. McLain       May 5,1851  by letter
Lucy McBain            (About 4 years and their names omitted 
Martha Davis           until now)
Eunice McRee           June 25,1851
Matilda Hill Hodges    Oct. 15,1851  Recd in fellowship May 12,
Mrs. Joseph A. Hill    Oct. 15,1851
Mrs. Isabella Smith    Oct. 15,1851  dismissed by letter 1852
Mrs. Catherine Mims    Oct. 15,1851  Removed by letter 1852
Elizabeth Hames        Oct. 15,1851  Recd in fellowship 1852
Julia Wheeler          May 12,1852  Received in fellowship
Olive Dorman           May 12,1852  Received in fellowship
Alice Guerry           May 12,1852  Received in fellowship
Ann L. Vogt            Joined by letter 1852  Dismissed by letter
Martha McKay           Joined by letter 1852
Mariah Brown           Joined by letter 1852 from Rocky Mount
Sarah Hardy               "    "    "   1852 from Concord
Harriet E. Smith          "    "    "     "  Dismissed by letter '53
Jane Chambers             "    "    "     "  Dismissed by letter '53
Winnaford A. Robinson  1851  From Danville
Sarah Nunn             1851  Concord
Albianna Hodges        1852  Bethesda
Arabella Hodges          "       "
Abigail Mims             "       "      Removed to Bethesda '53
Christianna Heath        "   Benevolence
Mary H. McPherson        "       "
Julia A. Ruffian         "   Probation  Recd in fellowship
Lucy Buckner           Joined May 1852  Probation
Frances Smith            "     "    "   Probation  Dismissed by
                       letter '53
Mildred Bolton         Joined May 1852  Probation

Geo. W. Bivins         Feb. 5,1854 by letter
Robert Cowles          Mar. 12,1854 by letter
John H. Wallace        Mar. 12,'54 by letter
John W. Perry          May 28,'54  From Providence
Peter W. McLain        June 16,'54  From Rocky Mt.
H.A. McLain            June 25,'54 by letter
Richard Brinn          By letter
James Avery            Oct. 1,1854  On Pro.
William J. Malone      Oct. 15,1854  On Pro.
Charles E. Furlow      Nov. 26,1854  On Pro.

Jane Bolton            May 1852  Probation
Sarah Kimmey           June 20,1852  Probation
Zilpha Melvin          Feb. 1853  From Rocky Mt.  Removed to Pro-
Mary Ann Miller        Feb. 1853  From Pleasant Grove  Removed to
Rebecca A. Robinson    Feb. 1853 by letter  From Oglethorpe
Temperance F. Braswell  "   1853  "    "    From Macon
J.A. Malone             "   1853  From Tabernacle
Louisa Johnson          "   1853  From Rocky Mt. Removed to Pro-
Anna Brown mistake     1853  On Pro.
Salome Louden          April 1853  From Danville  Died Oct. 4,1853
Caroline C. Williamson 1853 by letter  Removed by letter 1855
Anna R. McCrary        June 15,'53  on Probation  Recd in fellow-
                       ship Apr. 9,'54
Mary Ann Barrow        July 3,'53  By letter
Medora Nunn            Joined Aug. 29,1853  On probation  Recd in
                       fellowship July 28,1854
Rebecca Jane Mize      Joined Sept. 18,1853  By letter  
Charlotte Smith           "   Oct. 8,1853  From Benevolence
Nancy G. Branham          "   Nov. 19,1853 by letter
Julia Ann Branham         "         "       "    "
Lucy Jane A. Branham      "         "       "    "
Sarah A. E. Branham    July 23,1854  On Pro.  Recd in fellowship
Catherine King         Joined Dec. 4,'53  On Pro.  Received in
                       fellowship July 23,1854
Georgia Sullivan       Joined On Pro.
Indiana A. Holt        Joined Feb. 5,'54  By letter 
Elizabeth Bivins          "   Feb. 5,'54  By letter
Ann Wallace               "   Mar. 12,'54  By letter
Amanda Hancock            "   Mar. 12,'54  By letter
Isabella Smith            "   April 9,1854  By letter
Ann Perry                 "   May 28,'54  By letter
Frances Brinn             "   June 1854  By letter
Georgia Brinn             "   June 1854  By letter
Elizabeth McLain          "   Aug. 1854  By letter
Nancy W. Wheeler       By letter
Mary Jackson           From Pierce Chapel
Emma Wood              Nov. 25,1854  By letter
Lizzie Winn            Nov. 25,1854  By letter
Lutina Winn             "   "   "     "    "

Henry Clay Hardy was Baptized in 1843  Rev. G.W. Ferriby
Wm. Euclid Young was Baptized in 1844  Rev. Jno. Knight
George Henry Davenport was Baptized in 1848  Jesse Boring
Wm. H. McRee Hames was Baptized 1849  J.T. Talley
Edmund Hicks Brown was baptized 1849  J.T. Talley
Lewis P. Hames was baptized  Wm. Arnold
William McCullar Granberry & Thos. Asbury Granberry were baptized
1850  Jesse L. Boring
Joseph Langley Granberry was baptized 1850  Saml. Anthony 
Edmund B. McCrary was baptized 1851  Walter Knox
Mary Fife Young was Baptized in 1846  Rev. R.E. Oslin
Roxa Anna Elizabeth Hames was baptized  Rev. J. Ozier
Mary Jane Hames was baptized 1849  J.T. Talley
Hellen Penelope Hames was baptized 1849  J.T. Talley
Lamandra M. McCrary & Anna T. McCrary were baptized 1851  Walter
Eason Smith, Chesley J. Purvis & Julia A. Ruffian were baptized
1852  John W. Twitty
Mary Caroline Granberry & Emma Knox Williamson Dec. 7,1853 by 
Rev. Walter Knox
Lela McCrary July 16,1855  W. Knox
Medora Nunn July 23,1854  D. Williamson
Elisha McDonald Cheek, James Henry Mason Branan, William David 
Smith, Nancy Ann Eliza Smith July 8,1855  J.R. Littlejohn

John Livingston & Harriet McCrary were married in June 1849  By
Josh. Hames
Rev. R.J. Hodges and Miss Matilda Hill were married Sept. 1,1853
By D. Williamson
Peter W. McLain and Miss Mariah B. Thomas were married Nov. 15,
1853  By D. Williamson
Dr. J.G. McCrary and Miss Anna R. Cowles were married May 9,1853
By D. Williamson

Rev. Wm. Pegg, a local preacher, Died in the Christian faith in
the year 1841.

Wm. L. McRee Died in peace and in the Faith of the Gospel 1852
Chesley J. Purvis died in the Faith of the Gospel January 22,1853
Dr. I.D. Heath died in peace and in the faith of the Gospel Feb.

Rev. Joshua Hames was born in Charlotte county, Virginia Jan. 4,
1779, came to Georgia in 1800, embraced religion in 1802, was 
licensed to preach in 1829.  Died in great peace (in Americus)
June 10,1854.  He was a holy man and a good preacher.

Edmund Nunn was born, converted and joined the Church.  Died in
great peace in Sumter county, Ga. July 15, A.D. 1854.

Frances Graham departed this life during the year 1845.

Louisa Hill died in the Christian faith in the year 1839.

Mary Wheeler died an exemplary member of the Church in May 1849.

Mary A. Guerry died in the faith on the fourteenth of August 1851.

Rebecca Jane Hodges died in Americus in the triumph of faith on 
the first day of March 1852.

Martha Dorman died in the faith of the gospel of Christ, and in 
great peace on the twenty fourth of May A.D. 1853.

Salome Louden died in the Faith and peace of the Gospel of Christ
Oct. 4,1853.

Elizabeth Maxwell died in the triumph of the Faith of the Gospel
of Christ July 8,1855.

Margaret Nunn, died suddenly on the 27th day of Decr. 1855.  She
was a devoted Christian to her last day.  Aged 76 years.

                          1855 Membership

M B  Adam A. Robinson     L.P. & Std.
" "  Robt. J. Hodges      L.P. & Std.
" "  John W. Perry        L.P.  Removed to Concord by letter
" "  T.M. Furlow          Std.
" "  C.J. Malone          C.L. & Std.
" "  J.V. Price           Std.
" "  J.H. Wallace         Std.
" "  Geo. W. Bivins       Std.
" "  Wm. P. Hames         C.L.
" "  Walter T. Davenport  C.L.
" "  T.C. Sullivan        C.L.
" "  J.J. Granberry       Supt. S.S.
" "  J.M. Bennett
" "  J.J. Hudson
" "  Robt. M. Douglass
S "  John S. Hames
M "  Jas. P. Guerry
" "  M.H. Bolton
     L.P. Dorman          Expelled for immorality
     Geo. W. Thomas, Sr.
     Geo. W. Thomas, Jr.
     Edwd. L. McRee
     H.H. Nunn
     Neil McKay
     W.B. Guerry          Dropped, did not present himself to be 
     G.C. Cameron
     Sampson Braswell
     James G. McCrary
     P.M. O'Shay
     Richard Brinn
     Byron W. Smith
     John P. Branan
     H.A. McLain
     Peter W. McLain
     Robert Cowles        Removed by letter

Dorothy McCrary
Roxalana Hames
Roxalana McRee
Jane C. Cobb
Elizabeth Howell
Mary Bruner
Mary Wimberly
Mary Brown
Susan Hudson
Sarah A.J. Sullivan
Ann Hames
Barsheba Douglass
Mary A. Smith
Harriett Livingston
Margaret Nunn        Died suddenly, Dec. 27,1855
Eleanor M. Gibson
Elizabeth A. Granberry
Martha J. Fletcher
Mary Hardy
Eliza Dorman
Mary E. Davenport
Susan King
Christiana Thomas
Elizabeth Willet
Martha Wheeler
Elizabeth Preston
Margaret Furlow
Mary A. Twitty
Rhoda A. Twitty
Sarah A. Piver
Mariah B. McLain
Lucy Bennett
Martha Davis
Eunice McRee
Matilda Hodges       Pro.

Lewis Hames
Peter W. Twitty
James Avery           Removed without letter
Wm. J. Malone         Removed with letter
Charles E. Furlow     Pro.  Recd.
W.H. Guice            Pro.  Dropped, July 11,'55
Saml. B. Louden       Pro.
Hazelius Strobel      Pro.  Dropped, Removed to unknown parts
Henry Wise            Joined by letter
James M. Green           "    "    "    Removed by letter
Isaac N. Cheek           "    "    "
Dennis J. Cannon         "    "    "    Pro.  absent
Samuel Whitley        Apl. 11,1855  Removed
Gilbert C. Carmichael By letter
David Dunbar           "    "    Removed by letter Sep. 20,1855
William B. Oliver      "    "
David M. Smith        July 15,'55
Samuel Dawson         By letter
Peyton R. Clements    L.P.  By letter
John B.C. Smith       By letter
John P. Graham        Joined on Pro. Aug. 26,'55
Michael M. Mullins        "   "   "    "   "   "
J.G. Wilson               "   "   "    "   "   "  Removed by letter
Robt. L. Brewer           "   "   "   Sep. 23, "  Removed by letter
Angus M'D. King           "   "   "    "    "  "
William Sirrine           "   "   "   Dec.  2, "
Wm. B. Guerry             "   "   "    "    5. "

Elizabeth Bivins
Ann Wallace
Amanda Hancock
Frances Brinn
Rebecca A. Robinson
Jane A. Malone
Anna R. McCrary
Katherine King
Parthenia Paris
Joseph A. Hill        Removed to Texas
Elizabeth Hames       Pro.  Recd. Nov. 28,'55
Julia Wheeler         Married Mayo
Olive Dorman
Alice Guerry          Pro.  Recd. Dec. 5,'55
Martha McKay          
Mariah Brown          Removed by letter
Sarah Hardy
Wineford A. Robinson  
Sarah Nunn
Mary H. McPherson
Julia Ruffian
Lucy Buckner
Sarah Kimmey
Temperance T. Braswell
Mary Ann Barrow       Removed
Medora Nunn
Rebecca J. Mize
Charlotte Smith
Nancy G. Branan
Julia A. Branan
Lucy J.A. Branan
Sarah A.E. Branan
Ann Perry              Removed to Concord by letter
Indiana A. Holt
Emma Wood
Elizabeth McLain
Nancy W. Wheeler
Mary Jackson
Lizza Winn
Lutisia Winn
Georgia Brinn
Georgia Sullivan
Sarah Wheeler
Christiana Heath
Albiana Hodges
Arabella Hodges
Abigail Mims
Jane Bolton
Isabella Smith
Sarah J. Johnson       Joined by letter
Sarah A. Price         By letter
Clara Olivia Price     By letter
Nancy Swearingane      By letter  Removed by certificate
Malissa L. McCrary     By letter
Henrietta Hodges       
Malisa A. Cheek        By letter
M.M. Green             By letter  Removed by letter
Amanda Smith           From Baptist Ch.
Eliza M. Brown         By letter
Sophia W. Littlejohn   
Sarah H. Daniel        From Presbyterian Ch.
Ellen B. Ponder          "       "        "
Mary Carmichael        By letter
Augusta Shaw           Pro.  Recd. Dec. 5,'55
Harriett Clayton       Pro.  Dropped Dec. 5,'55
Elizabeth Maxwell      June 24,'55 in low health  Died in Triumph
                       July 8,'55
Sarah A. Oliver        By letter
Emma Dawson             "    "
Nancy Smith            By letter
E.A. Smith             By letter
Laura H. Cowles        Admitted on trial Aug. 26,'55
Susan M. Malone                "              "
Elizabeth Helton               "              "
Esther Selleck                 "              "
Martha Crawford                "              "
Elizabeth Powers               "              "
Frances Twitty                 "              "
Ann Brewer                     "              "        Removed by
Rebecca Wilson                 "              "        Removed by
Mary Hudson                    "              "
Lucy Daniel                    "              "
Sarah Hudson                   "              "
Nancy Branan                   "              "
Frances K. Brown               "         Sep. 23,'55  Removed by
Sallie L. Gibson       From Episcopal Ch.  Recd. in full fellowship
Jane Graham              "  Baptist    "     "    "   "      "
Mildred Bolton         Admitted on trial Aug. 26,'55

"Americus, Ga.  Jan. 10,1856  The Official Board for the Present
 is the same as for last year, viz.  Stewards - T.M. Furlow, A.A. 
 Robinson, J.H. Wallace, J.V. Price, C.J. Malone, R.J. Hodges, 
 Geo. W. Bivins  Leaders - C.J. Malone, T.C. Sullivan, W.T. Dav-
 enport, W.P. Hames  Local Preachers - A.A. Robinnson & R.J. Hod-
 ges  Trustees - A.A. Robinson, J.J. Granberry, W.P. Hames, T.C.
 Sullivan, T.M. Furlow, Jas. P. Guerry, J.J. Hudson, W.T. Daven-
 port, C.J. Malone  Super. S.S. - J.J. Granberry  Jas. W. Hinton,

"Stewards of Americus Station 1857 - T.M. Furlow, G.W. Bivins,
 A.A. Robinson, C.J. Malone, G.C. Carmichael, J.V. Price and A.C.
 Hornady.  Leaders - Malone, Robinson, Sullivan, and Sinclair.
 Local Pre. - Dr. Clemens, A.A. Robinson, J.E. Rylander, R.J. 
 Hodges.  S.S. Super. J.J. Granberry.  Trustees - A.A. Robinson,
 T.M. Furlow, W.P. Hames, T.C. Sullivan, J.J. Granberry, J.P. 
 Guerry, J.J. Hudson, W.T. Davenport, C.J. Malone.  J.W. Hinton,

* spelling errors have been corrected by the compiler