Sumter County Church Chronology
submitted by Alan Anderson

        1831  Americus Baptist Church constituted, Samson Eng-
              lish and James S. Lunsford, presbytery
Oct.    1833  Sumter County's Bethel, Bethesda, Providence, Shi-
              loh and Spring Creek Baptist Churches applied for 
              dismission from Columbus Association
Nov.    1833  Bethel Baptist Association constituted in Richland 
              with Spring Creek Church only one from Sumter Coun-
July    1834  Americus Baptist Church granted 4 acres (northeast 
              corner Troup (now Lee) and Wild; "common burying 
              ground for the citizens of Americus" established on 
              3 acres, Lot 1, Square P, where "the present Bap-
              tist meeting house now stands," (in the cemetery); 
              County Commission (Inferior Court) deeded 4 acres 
              to Methodist Protestant Church "for the purpose of 
              a place of public worship," northeast corner Lot 2, 
              Square R
Sept.   1834  Spring Creek Baptist Church hosted second session
              of Bethel Association
ca.     1835  "The Methodist Episcopal Church was organized in
              Americus, Georgia about the year 1835.  Rev. Ed-
              wards Preacher in Charge.  Wm. Pegg L.P."
ca.     1836  Salem Methodist Church organized in New Era commun-
              ity (Lot 105, 27th Dist.)
Mar.    1836  Mount Tabor Presbyterian Church had been organized, 
              the original sanctuary razed in 1982 (northwest 
              corner Ga. 30 and Ga. 153)
Nov.    1836  Sumter Inferior Court rewarranted 4 acres, Lot 2, 
              Square R, to William Pegg, Edmund Nunn and Lewis 
              Joiner, trustees of the Methodist Episcopal Church, 
              "for a place of public worship"
July    1837  Stephen Herring and Alexander Ramsey each donated 3 
              acres (the former Lot 95, the latter Lot 86, both 
              27th Dist.) to Lott Warren, William Pegg, Isaac 
              McCrary, James Harrison, Thomas D. Harvey, Eason 
              Smith and Thomas C. Sullivan, trustees, Methodist 
              Society of the Episcopal Church at Americus, both 
              for "making a Camp Meeting ground"
Sept.   1837  Ebenezer Baptist Church constituted 
ca.     1838  J.W.P. Jenks called from Providence, R.I. by Lott 
              Warren to preach for Baptists in Americus at the  
              courthouse; Harmony Primitive Baptist Association
              organized in Americus with 34 churches and 1,056
Oct.    1838  Free Providence Baptist Church constituted
Apr.    1839  second Baptist Church erected on west side Cotton 
              Ave., where Forsyth now crosses it
Nov.    1839  Americus Baptist Church hosted 7th Bethel Associa-
              tion session
Jan.    1840  Friendship Baptist Church constituted by presbytery 
              of James S. Lunsford, James Matthews and John Rush-
              in (north side Ga. 30 east of Ga. 153)
Oct.    1840  Friendship Baptist Church united with Bethel Assoc-
Dec.    1840  Americus Camp Ground incorporated, William L. McRee 
              William P. Hames, John W. Tommey, Quincy Bass, Wil-
              liam Pegg, Joseph M. Wyatt, trustees
June    1842  Americus Presbyterian Church organized, George M. 
              Dudley, William J. Patterson and Henry K. McCay, 
Nov.    1842  Pleasant Plain Baptist Church newly constituted
Aug.    1843  Isaac B. Deavors, John J. Miles, Phillip Belcher,
              presbytery, organized Mount Olive Baptist Church, 
              Rev. Phillip Belcher, pastor (Lot 242, 29th Dist.)
Nov.    1843  Bottsford Baptist Church admitted to Bethel Associ-
              ation; Spring Creek Baptist Church had dissolved 
              and a new church constituted near the same place
ca.     1843  "About the year 1843, or 1844, Geo. M. Dudley, A.A.
              Robinson, & E.S. Young commenced a Sunday School in
              Americus upon the "Union Plan"."
Nov.    1844  Friendship Baptist Church hosted 12th Bethel Assoc-
              iation session
        1845  construction of first sanctuary for Americus Metho-
              dist Church, Rev. Richard Menafee, pastor (north-
              east corner Church and Prince), Rev. Thos. Samford
              preached dedication ceremony
Mar.    1845  Americus Methodist Circuit:  Americus, Rocky Mount, 
              Shiloh, Salem, Bethesda, Bethel, Andrew Chapel, 
              Concord, Danville and Tabernacle Churches
Oct.    1845  Rehoboth Baptist Church organized (originally Lot 
              15, 16th Dist.), William Maund, James S. Lunsford,
July    1846  Liberty Primitive Baptist Church constituted by Al-
              lison Culpepper and Daniel C. Davis, presbytery, 
              east side Chokeelagee Creek in southwest Sumter 
              County (moved to Sumter City 1858) 
Sept.   1846  Methodist Church Tabernacle and Camp Ground located 
              on 5 acres, Charles J. Malone, Joseph Wood, Humph-
              rey Drury, John W. Tommey, David Laseter, James 
              Glass, George W. Varner, trustees (south side 
              Young's Mill Rd. between Ga. 45 and Magnolia Spgs. 
Oct.    1847  Methodists organized M.E. Church Sabbath School in
              Americus, Jos. J. Granberry, superintendent, Rev.
              R.E. Oslin, pastor
Dec.    1848  Lebanon Baptist Church constituted by presbyters 
              Francis F. Seig and John U. Fletcher at Plains of 
              Dura, Rev. Jesse Stallings, pastor
Nov.    1849  Bethel Baptist Church, Americus, hosted 17th Bethel
              Association session convened in Methodist Church
Aug.    1851  Sumter Inferior Court incorporated Mt. Olive Bap-
              tist Church in 29th Dist.
June    1852  Augustus B. Raiford sold Pleasant Grove Methodist 
              Church its 2 acre lot, "with the meeting house 
              thereupon," Anderson Stembridge, Robert Summers, 
              John H. Parham, Thomas P. Redding, trustees (north-
              east corner Chambliss Mill Rd. and Ga. 195)
ca.     1853  Shiloh Baptist Church constituted (northwest corner
              Lasco Harvey Rd. and Shiloh Rd.)
Apr.    1854  newly completed Americus Presbyterian Church sanc-
              tuary destroyed by fire
Jan.    1855  Americus Station, M.E. Church, organized with first 
              quarterly conference, Rev. Walter Knox, Presiding 
              Elder, Rev. Jesse R. Littlejohn, pastor, Adam A. 
              Robinson, Timothy M. Furlow, Charles J. Malone, 
              John V. Price, John H. Wallace, George W. Bivins, 
              Robert J. Hodges, stewards
Feb.    1855  John Coker donated 2 acres to New Hope Universalist 
              Church trustees, Micajah B.Pickett and George R. 
              Harper, "except the graveyard" (Lot 79, 26th Dist.)
Mar.    1855  Americus Presbyterian Church dedicated its new 
              sanctuary (north side E. Lamar east of water tank)
Aug.    1855  Bethel Baptist Church of Americus, now First Bap-
              tist, dedicated its new sanctuary, Rev. H.C. Horna-
              dy, pastor (southwest corner Church and Forrest) 
Apr.    1856  Americus Methodist Church dedicated its new sanctu-
              ary, Rev. James W. Hinton, pastor (slightly east of 
              southeast corner Church and Lee), T.M. Furlow, G.W.
              Bivins, John H. Wallace building committee
May     1857  former Baptist church building on Cotton Ave., by
              then a grocery, burned
Aug.    1857  dedication of Friendship Baptist Church sanctuary, 
              Rev. Isaac Hart, pastor
Nov.    1857  Friendship Baptist Church hosted 25th Bethel Assoc-
              iation session
Apr.    1858  Rt. Rev. Stephen Elliott organized St. John's Pa-
              rish in Americus, with nine communicants in the 
              home of Ambrose Spencer (just west of southwest 
              corner Barlow and Taylor)
June    1858  Mt. Zion Methodist Church organized, Rev. Philip J.
              Dell, pastor (east side County Line Church Rd. 
              south of Ga. 118)
May     1859  Scott's Mater Tabernacle C.M.E., the city's first 
              black church, organized when former mayor Thomas C. 
              Sullivan donated 1/2 acre (northwest corner Anch-
              rom and Hampton) to M.E., South trustees T.M. Fur-
              low, A.A. Adams, A.C. Hornady, W.W. Ford and W.M. 
              Hardwick, on behalf of their slaves, built by and 
              named for Rev. Wm. J. Scott of Americus Methodist
Oct.    1859  Pleasant Grove Baptist Church organized, George
              Harris, James Holman and Julius Hogue, deacons
              (southwest corner Ga. 30 and Huntington Rd.), and
              acquired 2 1/2 acre lot from Drewry Hardin
Nov.    1863  Americus Baptist Church hosted 31st Bethel Associa-
              tion session
Feb.    1864  James H. Raven sold 1 1/2 acres in Bottsford (Lots
              10 and 11, 17th Dist.) for Rural Hill Methodist 
              Church, Henry Lassiter, James Lassiter, James H.
              Raven, M.E. Rylander, Jackson Laney, trustees
Apr.    1864  Bethlehem Baptist Church established in 17th Dist. 
              (west side Thomas Mill Rd. at Pessell Creek)
Aug.    1864  St. John's Episcopal Church renamed Calvary by Rt.
              Rev. Stephen Elliott, D.D., Rev. Thomas J. Staley,
May     1865  Calvary Episcopal Church entered Diocese of Georgia
              as new Parish
Aug.    1866  Rev. Dr. George F. Cooper organized first black 
              Baptist church in Americus, Bethesda
Nov.    1866  Lebanon Baptist Church granted letter of dismission
              from Bethel Association
Dec.    1866  historic last session of Georgia Conference hosted
              by First Methodist Church before split into northern
              and southern factions
Mar.    1867  Methodist Tabernacle Campground, 100 acres, 26th 
              Dist., sold by M.E. Rylander, Joseph Wood, S.P. 
              Crawford, C.J. Malone, James Stewart, trustees
July    1867  N.A. Jackson sold 4 acres surrounding Pine Grove
              Methodist Church to W.E. Riviere, N.A. Jackson, 
              Matthew Rylander, trustees
Sept.   1867  Bethel Baptist Church deeded land on which to con-
              struct their sanctuary (Lot 242, 28th Dist.)
Nov.    1867  Americus Baptist Church dismissed from Bethel Asso-
              ciation to join Friendship Association
June    1868  Old Shady Grove Baptist Church organized in New
              Era community
July    1868  Bethel Baptist Church formally organized
Aug.    1868  Mrs. Mary B. Brown deeded Bethesda Baptist Church 
              its lot to Booker Norman, James Jones, Lyman But-
              ler, Peter Ragland and Hugh Bivins, trustees (west 
              side Forrest between Church and Russell)
Oct.    1868  Dr. Lovick Pierce preached at Methodist Church
July    1869  Calvary Episcopal Church cornerstone ceremony by 
              Rt. Rev. John W. Beckwith (east side Lee between 
              Brannon and College)
May     1870  St. Mark's Lutheran Church organized in Bottsford, 
              with sanctuary built 1872, Rev. J.P. Margart, pas-
              tor (Lot 10, 17th Dist.), merged with St. Andrews
              of Plains 1966
Oct.    1870  Bethel Baptist Church petitioned for admission to
              Friendship Association
Jan.    1871  Calvary Episcopal Church held its first service in
              new sanctuary, Rev. H.K. Reese, of Macon, officia-
May     1871  Lebanon "Colored" Baptist Church organized in 
              Plains of Dura
Dec.    1871  Rev. Thomas Boone became Calvary Episcopal Church's
              first resident Rector
July    1876  C.M.E. trustees J. Riley Covington, George Andrews, 
              Cato Key, Austin Jones and Dennis J. Shepard brand-
              ed Rev. N. Bascom Sterrett, A.M.E., a liar in bur-
              ning of original Scott's Mater Tabernacle sanctuary
Oct.    1877  dedication of first A.M.E. Church, with Bishop 
              Campbell, D.D., officiating (northeast corner 
              Jackson and Wild)
May     1879  John J. Hudson donated 1/2 acre to Joseph J. Gran-
              berry, Wm. M. Hardwick, Walter T. Davenport, Moses 
              Speer, John J. Hudson, A.A. Adams, Tim Furlow, Wm. 
              R. Stewart and Ezekiel Taylor, trustees, for con-
              struction of East Americus Methodist Church (south-
              west corner Hudson and Jefferson); S.S. Sloan & 
              Co., contractors, took lien against newly construc-
              ted sanctuary of "Methodist Episcopal Church South 
              in East Americus" 
June    1879  S.S. Sloan & Co., contractors, took lien against 
              newly constructed Campbell Chapel A.M.E. Church 
              sanctuary, Mingo Glaze, Allen Stephens, George 
              James, Lewis Tooke and W.R. Wilder, trustees
Spring  1880  Ebenezer Baptist Church organized, Rev. Joseph
              McGrady, pastor (south side Sweetwater Creek, 29th
May     1880  Mrs. Ella E. Clark donated 1 acre lot to Welcome 
              Baptist Church (south side Middle River Rd. east 
              of Ga. 195)
May     1881  Andersonville Primitive Baptist Church dedicated; 
              Mt. Olive Baptist Church began construction (north-
              west corner Jefferson and Poplar)
Nov.    1881  Mt. Olive Baptist Church moved to Andersonville
July    1882  Mt. Olive Baptist Church dedicated, Rev. J.C. Bry-
              an, pastor
June    1883  Bethel African Missionary ("Big Bethel") Baptist 
              Church organized, then bought and moved into for-
              mer Presbyterian sanctuary on E. Lamar
Aug.    1883  dedicatory service for new Mt. Olive Baptist Church
              sanctuary (name changed to Andersonville Baptist
              Church May 1913)
Oct.    1883  Rev. Stephen White elected pastor at "Big Bethel"
Mar.    1884  Charles M. Wheatley began construction of Presby-
              terians' current sanctuary, completed Jan.-Feb. 
              1886 (west side Jackson between Church and Lamar)
June    1884  arson fire destroyed antebellum sanctuary of Ameri-
              cus Baptist Church  
Aug.    1884  dedication of New Mt. Moriah Missionary Baptist 
              Church, Rev. Alex H. Hall, pastor (south side Mask 
              Rd. west of Brady Rd.)
Dec.    1884  dedication of Benevolence Methodist Church sanctu-
              ary, Rev. G.G.N. McDonell, pastor
May     1887  Rev. J.C. Bryan, of Americus, elected President,
              State Baptist Convention
May     1889  Second Methodist Church began in East Americus (a 
              suburb encompassing Crawford, Forsyth, Hudson, Jef-
              ferson, Lamar, Mayo and Oglethorpe, as they are now 
              designated), Rev. R.F. Williamson, pastor
Feb.    1890  Emily Robinson sold Trinity A.M.E. Church its 1/4 
              acre lot, in Isomville (northeast corner Parker 
              and Tripp), Julius Dixon, James Kendrick, Abram 
              Purdy, trustees (consolidated with Allen Chapel 
              A.M.E. 1965)
Apr.    1890  groundbreaking ceremony for fourth sanctuary of 
              Americus Baptist Church (northeast corner Lee and 
June    1890  cornerstone ceremony for First Baptist Church sanc-
              tuary, Rev. A.B. Campbell, pastor
Aug.    1890  John R. McNeill deeded 1 1/6 acres to Shady Grove 
              Baptist Church, Joe Dowdell, Jackson Carter, J.M. 
              Littleton, trustees (south side New Era Rd. be-
              tween Ga. 49 and New Era)
Oct.    1890  Ed Timmerman sold St. Paul's A.M.E. Church its 
              land, Charles E. Little, Prince Sanders, Edmond 
              Little, Godfrey Kleckley, Henry Evans, John King, 
              Jackson Hicks, trustees (northeast corner Della 
              Glass Rd. and Logan Store Rd.); John E. Sullivan, 
              David A. Mayo, Thomas M. Cobb, T. Fisk Logan, Wm. 
              C. Barrow, Lonnie J. Blalock and J.T. Joiner, trus-
              tees of Second Methodist Church of Americus, accep-
              ted deed to their church and land in East Americus 
              from First Methodist Church trustees Moses Speer, 
              Ezekiel Taylor, J. Henry Allen, Reddick J. Perry, 
              Timothy M. Furlow, John A. Cobb, Walter T. Daven-
              port, Lott Warren and Joseph J. Granberry 
Feb.    1891  DeSoto Baptist Church organized under the presby-
              tery of Brothers Moore, Walters and Weekly, C.E. 
              Walters, pastor
Jan.    1892  St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church completed, a 
              wooden, domed structure designed by G.L. Norrman 
              (east side Lee between Brannon and Taylor)
Nov.    1892  J.W. Bailey donated 1 acre to A.T. Greene, S.G. 
              Pryor, Jr. and T.J. Wade, trustees, Leslie Method-
              ist Church, for a sanctuary to be built; Church 
              Council formed, Rev. C.E. Walters, chairman, to 
              organize Leslie Baptist Church
Dec.    1892  Carl J. Schneider deeded to Rt. Rev. Thomas A. 
              Becker, Bishop of Savannah, St. Mary's Roman Catho-
              lic Church sanctuary and lot
Feb.    1893  Leslie Baptist Church Sunday School organized
Mar.    1893  Mary J. Taylor sold Mt. Creek A.M.E. Church its 1 
              acre lot in Andersonville, "where church house now 
              stands," Isaac Watson, Green Watson, John Walker, 
              Jackson King, Louis Gant, Wilburn Johnson, Aaron 
              Watson, Stephen Gant, Green Waters, trustees (now 
              located north side Sam Bradley Rd. just west Ga. 195)
Oct.    1893  Leslie Baptist Church accepted into Friendship As-
Oct.    1894  Second Methodist Church moved its sanctuary to 
              southwest corner, Jefferson and Mayo, and renamed 
              St. Paul's Methodist with formal dedication
Nov.    1894  formal dedication of Salem Methodist Church sanctu-
              ary, Rev. L.J. Ballard, pastor
Aug.    1895  Friendship Baptist Church organized, Rev. J.C. Bry-
              an, pastor (east side Cotton north of Wheeler)
May     1896  R.L. Kite sold Mt. Carmel A.M.E. its 1 acre lot, 
              Simon Merritt, Joe Terry, George Chaney, Frank 
              Hooks, Jerry Walters, trustees (west side Hooks 
              Mill Rd. south of Mask Rd.)
July    1896  cornerstone ceremony for Scott's Mater Tabernacle 
              C.M.E.'s brick sanctuary, Rev. G.A. Thomas, pastor
Mar.    1897  Furlow Lawn Baptist Church organized by Richard M. 
              Stewart, Dr. Evan T. Mathis, E. Frank Lanier, Wal-
              ton T. Callaway, W.T.A. Dunn and Frank A. Hooper, 
              Rev. R.L. Bivins, pastor; First Baptist of Americus 
              formally named by conference
June    1897  formal dedication of Furlow Lawn Baptist Church 
              sanctuary (southeast corner College and Lee) 
June    1898  Zion Hope Missionary Baptist Church bought 1 acre 
              from DeSoto Plantation Co., Lige Hardaway and Pleas 
              Gosha, trustees (now west side DeSoto Seed Farm Rd. 
              just south of DeSoto)
Nov.    1900  Universalist Church completed (north side Taylor 
              east of Lee)
        1901  St. Luke Baptist Church organized, adjoining Concord
              United Methodist Church cemetery, J.H. McGarrah, 
              A.O. Clemens, G.W. Brown, C.D. Edwards, J. Williams,
              B.J. Stewart, C.E. Edwards, deacons, Rev. E.J. Coes,
              pastor, E. Battle, clerk (rebuilt 1906)
Apr.    1902  formal dedication of Methodist Church sanctuary at 
              Sumter City, Rev. J.G. Harrison, pastor (destroyed
              by fire Sept. 1923); First United Methodist Church 
              accepted architect Denny's plans for new sanctuary
May     1902  Midway Baptist Church dedicated, Rev. R.L. Bivins, 
              pastor (Lot 128, 16th Dist.); last sermon preached 
              at antebellum First Methodist Church sanctuary by 
              Rev. Dr. J.W. Hinton, who had preached its dedica-
              tion sermon 46 years earlier; demolition begun of 
              antebellum First Methodist Church sanctuary
Aug.    1902  lightning struck Leslie Baptist Church killing one
              congregant, Richard M. Dodson, and causing recon-
              struction of entire sanctuary (completed in 1903)
Mar.    1903  Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church bought from Patterson 
              family its 1/8 acre lot, John C. Burnette, Gates 
              Porter, Jim Rogers, trustees, Rev. J.S. Myrick, 
              pastor (intersection Carter and Lee)
Aug.    1904  First United Methodist Church congregation worship- 
              ped in new sanctuary for the first time
Oct.    1906  dedication of Furlow Lawn Baptist Church sanctuary, 
              Rev. R.L. Bivins, pastor
Nov.    1906  Mrs. Josie B. Jossey sold 1 acre to Jackson Grove
              Baptist Church deacons Lem Bivins, Meldrin Duncan,
              John Hayes, Gus Jackson, Freeman Kitchens, Anderson
              Ross, Abe Swain, "being a part of what is known as
              the Walker Lot"
        1907  Peace Baptist Church constituted, Rev. J.L. Latimer, 
June    1907  cornerstone ceremony for St. Andrew's Evangelical 
              Lutheran Church in Plains, Rev. Chas. A. Phillips, 
Nov.    1907  Bishop James Atkins spoke at dedication of new 
              First Methodist Church sanctuary, Rev. J.P. Ward-
              law, pastor 
Apr.    1909  Methodist Church sanctuary in DeSoto begun
Oct.    1909  Robert E. Lee sold to Friendship Baptist trustees 
              Anthony Foy, Jack Clark, Clay Darden, Charles Ly-
              ons, Simeon Jenkins, D.O. Simpson and W.M. Barner 
              their sanctuary and lot on Cotton; Frank Sheffield 
              donated to Walter C. Herring, A.M. Barlow, J.O. 
              Tucker and W.W. Collins, trustees, DeSoto Methodist 
              Church, lot "fronting on Luke Street for the build-
              ing of a Methodist Church," used ecumenically by
              Baptists, Lutherans, Presbyterians and Primitive
              Baptists (accepted into South Georgia Conference 
July    1910  cornerstone ceremony for Plains Methodist Church, 
              J.P. Dickerson, pastor
Oct.    1911  announcement of First Church of Christ Scientist 
              preparing to occupy former Universalist sanctuary
June    1912  Zion Hill Missionary Baptist Church organized (west
              side Ga. 118 south of Holman Rd.)
Feb.    1914  St. Paul's Methodist Church in East Americus relo-
              cated in new sanctuary (northwest corner Lamar and 
Apr.    1917  Furlow Lawn Baptist Church changed its name to Cen-
              tral Baptist Church, Rev. G. F. Brown, pastor
Sept.   1917  groundbreaking ceremony for brick sanctuary of 
              Bethesda Baptist Church, Rev. M.W. Reddick, pastor
Oct.    1917  Lee Street Methodist Church sanctuary dedicated,
              Rev. J.A. Thomas, presiding (northeast corner Burke
              and Lee) 
Apr.    1919  razing of 1877 Campbell Chapel sanctuary preparatory 
              to erection of brick replacement 
Apr.    1921  First Christian Church organized with twenty mem-
              bers, W.A. Joyner, pastor
May     1921  Primitive Baptists leased former St. Paul's Metho-
              dist Church sanctuary for a year
Oct.    1921  New Point Methodist Church rebuilt after April fire
Jan.    1922  First Christian Church held their first service in 
              their new sanctuary, formerly the Universalists'
Aug.    1922  spontaneous combustion fire destroyed First Metho-
              dist Church sanctuary
Mar.    1923  Miss Rebecca Cowles, oldest living member of the 
              church, laid first brick for new First Methodist 
              Church sanctuary, Rev. J.M. Outlar, pastor
July    1926  dedication of St. James Pennington Episcopal 
              Church, Rev. J.B. Lawrence, rector, W.L. Walker, 
              engineer, Sam D. Cobb, brickwork superintendent 
              (east side Ga. 195 south of Old Stagecoach Rd.)
July    1927  first meeting held in new sanctuary of DeSoto Bap-
              tist Church, Brother E.T. Moore, pastor
Nov.    1927  dedication by Bishop W.B. Beauchamp of brick sanc-
              tuary of Leslie United Methodist Church, Rev. J.H. 
              Wilson, pastor
Feb.    1929  formal dedication of DeSoto Baptist Church sanctu-
              ary, Brother C.E. Rogers, pastor (brick veneered 
              July 1959) 
Sept.   1929  cornerstone ceremony for Mt. Olive Baptist's brick 
              sanctuary, Rev. C.W. Woodall, pastor
Nov.    1933  Rev. V.W. McCranie, Scott's Mater Tabernacle C.M.E. 
              pastor, murdered and the parsonage burned by un-
              known parties
Mar.    1934  fire destroyed Mt. Salem Baptist Church (Lot 211, 
              17th Dist.), but rebuilt by August
Apr.    1934  dedication of First United Methodist Church sanctu- 
              ary, Bishop Warren A. Candler presiding, Rev. H.T. 
              Freeman, pastor
Nov.    1934  dedication of Rylander Methodist Church sanctuary, 
              original having been destroyed by fire, Rev. J.E. 
              Channell, pastor
Nov.    1936  Bethesda Baptist Church sanctuary destroyed by fire
Sept.   1937  dedication of rebuilt Bethesda Baptist Church, Rev. 
              P.H. Jackson, pastor
Mar.    1938  dedication of Andersonville Methodist Church sanc-
              tuary, Rev. L.D. Shippey, pastor
May     1938  dedication of First Christian Church, Rev. W.A. 
              Joyner, pastor
Nov.    1938  dedication of rebuilt Bethesda Baptist Church, Rev. 
              P.H. Jackson, pastor
Mar.    1939  Shady Grove Baptist Church burned during factional 
              dispute within the congregation
Oct.    1940  announcement of reunion and rebuilding of Shady 
              Grove Baptist Church, Rev. S.M. Holton, pastor
June    1941  Church of the Nazarene organized, Rev. David Patten 
Dec.    1942  Father Godfrey A. Weitekamp became first resident 
              priest for St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church
Jan.    1944  fire destroyed First Baptist Church annex
Oct.    1945  dedication of new Daniel Grove Baptist Church sanc-
              tuary, Rev. D.A. Greene, pastor (intersection of 
              Ga. 49 and District Line Rd.); Americus Evangelis-
              tic Group built sanctuary, Rev. Ellis Barfield, 
              pastor (south side Hill, between Felder and Henri-
              etta); Assembly of God Church purchased lot (south-
              west corner Lamar and Prince) to build pastorium 
              for initial services, Rev. Raymond D. Jones, pastor
Dec.    1945  fire destroyed Bethel Baptist Church in 28th Dist.,
              Rev. W.W. Richardson, pastor 
Apr.    1946  dedication of St. Jerome's Roman Catholic Church, 
              for blacks, by Bishop Gerald P. O'Hara of the Sav-
              annah-Atlanta Diocese, Father Joseph B. Wider, 
              priest (northeast corner Bel-Air Plaza, then the 
              southwest corner Forsyth and Lamar)
Mar.    1947  Allen Chapel A.M.E. Church relocated across Carter 
              from its original location and dedicated its new 
              sanctuary, Rev. L.J. Jones, pastor
Apr.    1947  tornado destroyed Andersonville Methodist Church 
              (rebuilt May 1948 and dedicated Sept. 1949)
Mar.    1948  announcement of construction of Church of Christ 
              brick sanctuary (southeast corner Hill and Lee),
              Brother John Jarret, pastor
Oct.    1948  Bethel Baptist Church occupied its brick veneer 
              sanctuary, Rev. Truitt Kendrick, pastor; Russell
              Thomas and Carroll B. Austin deeded to Deacons 
              Johnnie Ball, Tom Townsley, Reed Hoston, Sr., Reed
              Hoston, Jr., Freddie Denson, Warren Ingram, 6 acres,
              "New Corinth Baptist (Colored) Church and Cemetery
Nov.    1950  remodeled Leslie Baptist Church sanctuary dedicated 
              Rev. Ira B. Faglier, pastor
Jan.    1951  dedication of new First United Methodist Church 
              parsonage by Bishop Arthur J. Moore (south side E.
              Church, east of sanctuary), Rev. J. Monroe Yarbrough, 
Apr.    1952  dedication of Church of the Nazarene's new sanctu-
              ary (south side Elmo between Cherry and Mayo)
Mar.    1953  formal organization of St. Paul's Evangelical Luth-
              eran Church, Rev. Russel J. Crouse, pastor
July    1953  Brooklyn Heights Baptist Church constituted, Rev. 
              Edgar Dalton, pastor
Aug.    1953  St. Paul's Evangelical Lutheran Church held its 
              first service in its new sanctuary, Rev. R.J. 
              Crouse, pastor, razed and replaced by Faith Baptist 
              Church sanctuary 1986 (south side Felder at Tripp) 
Oct.    1953  groundbreaking ceremony for Brooklyn Heights Bap-
              tist Church sanctuary, Rev. R.H. Forrester, pastor 
              (northwest corner Mary and Washington) 
Dec.    1953  Wallace F. Cheek Memorial Baptist Church constitu-
              ted in their newly completed sanctuary, Rev. W.J. 
              Adair, pastor (south side Tripp at Felder)
Feb.    1954  dedication of Brooklyn Heights Baptist Church sanc-
May     1960  C.L. Dunmon, contractor, began demolition of Vic-
              torian Era First Baptist Church sanctuary
Feb.    1961  razing of Victorian Era St. Mary's Roman Catholic 
              Church sanctuary;  reopening of Victorian Era First
              Baptist Church sanctuary's cornerstone; Americus 
              Evangelistic Church began services in homes
June    1961  Americus Evangelistic Church rented New Point 
              Church sanctuary with ten charter members until 
              July 1964
Dec.    1961  dedication of new St. Mary's Roman Catholic Church 
              sanctuary, at original location, Father Raynor Dry, 
Feb.    1962  "Big Bethel" Baptist Church moved into new sanctu-
              ary (west side N. Jackson between Masonic and 
July    1962  Americus Evangelistic Church formally chartered
Sept.   1962  formal dedication of new Central Baptist Church 
              sanctuary and new educational building, Rev. M.C.
              Gardner, pastor
Oct.    1962  groundbreaking for St. Martin de Porres Catholic
              Chapel, for blacks, replacing St. Jerome's, a vic-
              tim of urban renewal; groundbreaking ceremony for
              Cheek Memorial's new pastorium on Vienna Hwy.
Apr.    1963  published history of First United Methodist Church
              of Americus on its 128th anniversary, Rev. Vernard
              E. Robertson, pastor
June    1963  cornerstone ceremony for new sanctuary of Spring 
              Creek Baptist Church (northeast corner Spring Creek 
              Church Rd. and Lamar or Lower River Rd.)
Sept.   1963  formal dedication of St. Martin de Porres Catholic
              Chapel, for blacks, Benjamin Ritzert, architect,
              Paul Bush, builder (southeast corner Maxwell and
Oct.    1963  consecration of St. Jude's Episcopal Chapel at 
              Lake Blackshear, by Bishop Albert Rhett Stuart
Jan.    1964  dedication of new Assembly of God sanctuary, Rev. 
              Leroy Sanders, pastor (east side Tripp south of 
Mar.    1964  Americus Evangelistic Church bought and occupied
              former Cheek Memorial sanctuary
Apr.    1964  Triedstone Baptist Church burned (southwest corner
              Crawley and Quincy)
Dec.    1964  organization of Morningside Methodist Church, Homer 
              Grimes, pastor (formalized Sept. 1965)
Feb.    1965  dedication of new Wallace F. Cheek Memorial Baptist 
              Church sanctuary, Rev. J.E. Keen, pastor (intersec- 
              tion Ga. 49 and Middle River Rd.), first service in 
              it having been Dec. 1964 
June    1965  announcement of $178,000 donation to Andersonville 
              Methodist Church by New Jersey resident Robert B. 
              Brown, who had been impressed by the congregation's 
              welcome during a one-time visit years earlier
July    1965  formal dedication of DeSoto Baptist Church Sunday
              School annex and completely renovated sanctuary, 
              Rev. James C. Bell, pastor
Mar.    1966  dedication of Cheek Memorial Church pastorium, on 
              lot adjoining the sanctuary
May     1967  dedication of First United Methodist chapel and 
              education bldg. by Bishop Arthur J. Moore (east 
              side S. Lee, south of sanctuary), Rev. Vernard E.
              Robertson, pastor
Sept.   1967  Faith Baptist Church formally constituted, Rev. 
              H.C. Harvey, pastor, having begun in 1958 by Mrs.
              Camilla Comer as a mission of First Baptist Church 
              of Americus on the farm of Dr. Howell in the South-
              erfield community 
Oct.    1967  Americus Christian Church held its initial service
              at old New Point Church on Plains Rd., Rev. Scott
              Callahan, pastor
June    1968  Salem Methodist Church held its first ever service
              as a full-time church, Rev. Harold Sheppard, pastor
Aug.    1968  Faith Baptist Church held its first service in for-
              mer Lutheran Church sanctuary on Felder at Tripp,
              Rev. Charles Watley, pastor
Sept.   1968  Trinity Baptist Church constituted, Rev. Woodrow C. 
              Davis, pastor (north side Felder between Furlow 
              and Varsity); dedication of DeSoto Methodist Church
              Fellowship Hall
Apr.    1969  formal dedication of Seventh Day Adventist Church
              sanctuary, Rev. Bill Guth, pastor (northeast corner 
              S. Lee St. Rd. and Murphy's Mill Rd.)
Aug.    1969  Americus Holiness Deliverance Gospel Tent formally
              dedicated, Rev. Aaron Snipes, Sr., pastor
Nov.    1969  First Southern Methodist Church of Americus consti-
              tuted, met at Seventh Day Adventist sanctuary; St. 
              Luke Baptist Church destroyed by fire
Jan.    1970  groundbreaking ceremony for new Rehoboth Baptist
              Church sanctuary, Rev. L.R. Norris, pastor (west
              side Hwy. 49, just north of Fox Stephens Rd.)
Dec.    1970  Lee Street United Methodist Church first-ever to
              join the Chamber of Commerce
May     1971  Calvary Baptist Church of Leslie formally consti-
              tuted at the former home of Mrs. S.E. Echols
July    1971  Paul Anderson, "World's Strongest Man," spoke at
              Leslie United Methodist Church youth revival
        1972  Ebenezer Baptist Church relocated to Church St.,
              Andersoville, Rev. J.G. Allen, pastor
Mar.    1972  First Southern Methodist Church of Americus bought
              3 acres from Troy Morris to build sanctuary, Rev.
              C.T. Taylor, pastor
        1973  St. Luke Baptist Church's new sanctuary dedicated,
              Rev. N. Jackson, pastor, Chairman H.E. Jackson,
              W. Boynton, Y. Green, W. Banks, C. Tatum, secretary,
              Bro. H. Ross
May     1973  Fellowship Baptist Church constituted (north side 
              Tommy Hooks Rd. east of S. Lee St. Rd.)
Jan.    1975  Inspirational Church by Faith founded, Elder John 
              T. Taylor, pastor (south side Adderton between La-
              fayette and Magnolia)
July    1976  First United Methodist Church planted time capsule
              near chapel to be opened in 2035
Oct.    1976  formal dedication of restored St. James Pennington
              Episcopal Church in Andersonville
May     1977  formal groundbreaking ceremony for Fellowship Bap-
              tist Church, Rev. William W. Givens, pastor
June    1977  formal dedication of DeSoto Baptist Church Marie 
              Joiner Bell Fellowship Hall, Rev. James C. Bell,
July    1977  Maranatha Baptist Church constituted at Plains af-
              ter integration split in Plains Baptist, Rev. Dan
              Ariail, pastor
Aug.    1977  formal dedication of United Holiness Church sanctu-
              ary, (southeast corner Hale and Johansen), Evangel-
              ist Aaron Snipes, pastor
Feb.    1978  groundbreaking ceremony for Cheek Memorial Baptist
              Church's education building, Rev. Russell W. Anglin, 
Mar.    1978  groundbreaking ceremony for Church of Jesus Christ
              of Latter Day Saints sanctuary (southeast corner
              Fairway and Lee)
June    1978  groundbreaking ceremony for Maranatha Baptist 
              Church of Plains sanctuary, Rev. Fred Collins, pas-
Oct.    1978  Central Baptist Church to raze 1917 sanctuary to be
              replaced by education bldg. designed by Charles 
              Purvis, of Americus
Feb.    1979  groundbreaking ceremony for Lee Street Methodist 
              Church parsonage, Rev. Ed Cadle, pastor
July    1979  announcement of Americus Evangel Assembly of God
              Church, Dr. Max McKinney, lay minister (Rev. Jerry
              H. Fleming, first pastor)
May     1980  Central Baptist Church dedicated its Minnie Tillman
              Children's Education Bldg., Rev. Ed Hurst, pastor,
              Ralph Clanton, Alfred Dupree, Charles Goodman, Char-
              les Reeves, James Steward, Wally Summers, building
June    1980  dedication of DeSoto Baptist Church James Cooper 
              Bell Entrance and Steeple
Dec.    1980  dedication of new sanctuary (formerly Sunset Gardens 
              south side Upper River Rd.) for Evangel Assembly of 
              God, Rev. Stephen Duke, pastor
May     1991  George Bardin Hooks, Jr. baptism in First Baptist
              Church of Americus made him only seventh generation
              family member in Georgia in same church
Mar.    1992  dedication of Americus Mennonite Fellowship Church, 
              Rev. Lewis Overholt, pastor (formerly Evangelistic 
              Group's 1945 sanctuary) 
?             non-denominational Christian Fellowship Church (now 
              Victory Worship Center) sanctuary dedicated, Rev. 
              Earl Dunmon, pastor (southwest corner Columbia and 
June    1995  Rev. Wendy T. Joyner, one of only two female Bap-
              tist preachers in Georgia, became pastor of Fellow-
              ship Baptist Church
Mar.    1997  ecumenical interracial services, sponsored by Sum-
              ter Area Ministerial Association, with A.M.E.'s
              Norris Harris at First Baptist, First United Meth-
              odist's Rev. Jerrell Lillard at Bethesda Baptist,
              Calvary Episcopal's lay minister Kathy Monahan at
              United Holiness, Bethesda Baptist's Rev. Fer-Rell 
              Malone at Mennonite Fellowship and First Baptist's
              Rev. Dr. Reed Crumbliss at Big Bethel Baptist, 
              first time ever in Sumter County's over 160-year 
Feb.    2003  dedication of Sherlock Hall at St. Mary's Roman
              Catholic Church, memorializing church founders 
              Christopher Joseph and Annie Gill Sherlock
May     2003  dedication of addition to James Bolan Lawrence Hall
              at Calvary Episcopal Church, officiated by Rt. Rev.
              Henry I. Louttit, Jr., Bishop of Georgia, Rev. Reg-
              inald R. Gunn, rector, Martin K. Johnson, architect
Dec.    2005  Central Baptist Church moved to new sanctuary on
              Upper River Rd., Rev. Harris Malcom, senior pastor
Aug.  2006  Restoration Church of Americus held its inaugural service at
            GSW's Jackson Hall, Rev. George F. Edge, pastor
Sept. 2006  First Baptist Church of Americus held its 175th anniversary, 
            Dr. Robert L. Whitmire, pastor, in union service with 
            Bethesda Baptist Church, first time since 1865 with both
            congregations; "A Journey of Grace - A History of the First
            Baptist Church of Americus, Georgia" book published, Alan
            Anderson, author