St. Mark Lutheran Church

Excerpt from the publication,
"REMEMBERENCES of St. Mark Lutheran Church."
St Mark Lutheran Church, Saluda County, SC

History of
St. Mark Lutheran Church
In Its Early Days

"There are three churches which have been built up by members of this church and have been given the name of St. Mark. The first was in Georgia, near or at what is now called Plains, Georgia. The most of the members that organized this church were children, grandchildren and great grandchildren of John Wise and all were members of St. Mark Church. All of this was arranged around their camp fires, that is, the building of the church, and the name it should have, while they were trailing on in their covered wagons to their new home in Georgia. The Rev. Margart, their first pastor, in writing about the first years of this church, which he did very often to the Lutheran paper, always referred to it as 'the little church around the corner of Georgia'."

Compiled by
Rubye E. Riser
from the memory and actual experience of her father,
J. Elbert Riser.

The members of St. Mark's in SC transferred their letters of membership to the new church in Georgia, when it was built in 1870. The following members were listed as being members of the SC church before 1870 but have transferred written next to their names. Many of these people are buried in the St. Mark Cemetery, located 4 miles south of Plains, Sumter County, GA on hwy 45.

Submitted by
Belva Gurr,
gr'gr'granddaughter of
Lott & Mary Matthews Dozier Jennings

Members who transferred their membership to
St. Mark Lutheran In Georgia

John McNeiry
Joel Wise
David Wise
Lott Jennings
Samuel B. Holly
D.P. Holly
Pertiller Dozier,
     step-son to Lott Jennings
George H. Wise
Anderson Derrick
G.C. Wise
Joseph P. Wise
Samuel P. Wise
Philip Jennings
J.B. Fellers
L.C. McNeiry
George W. Jennings
William Jennings
George W. McNeiry
George Addy
Levi Addy
J.C. Kinard
William Kinard
A.M. Wise
M.P. Black
W.M. Wise
Bud C. Etheredge
Lourah J. Wise
Mary B.U. Wise
Martha A. Wise
Mary P. Wise
Mary M. Jennings,
    w/o Lott Jennings,
    m/o P. Dozier
Rosa Wise
Francis S. M. Wise
Caroline D. Holly
Christina L. Wise
Nancy McNeiry
Martha M. Wise
Jincy Wise
Mary Jane Bedenbaugh
Elizabeth McNeiry
Mary Jennings
M. Elizabeth Wise
Fannie Addy
     sis/o Lott Jennings
Elizabeth Addy
A**lla Etheredge