Cornelia W. Goode, petition
submitted by Alan Anderson

Georgia                                           To the Ordinary
Sumter County                                      of said County

Cornelia W. Goode by this her petition, respectfully shows that
her Husband Charles T. Goode of said County lately died intestate,
leaving a family consisting of petitioner and five minor children
- who have no separate Estate and no means of support of their 
Petitioner therefore prays the appointment of appraisers to set
apart to her and her children a years support from the Estate of
said Deceased, as provided by law.
January 20,1875.
                                     Warren & Grice
                                     Pet. Attys.

Ordinarys Office
                                                January 20th 1875

On considering the foregoing Petition of C.W. Goode for a years
support from the Estate of Charles T. Goode late of Sumter County
Deceased, and it appearing that the Estate of said Charles T. 
Goode is not represented, It is ordered that John R. Cain, N.A.
Smith, E.J. Eldridge, Frank Burke and Judson Kendrick, be appoin-
ted appraisers for the purposes aforesaid and they or any three
of them be authorized and required to set apart & assign to the
petitioner and her minor children, a sufficiency of the Estate of
said Deceased, Either in money or property for their support & 
maintainance for one year from the death of said Deceased, and 
also a sufficient amount of house-hold furniture as provided by
law, and to return a schedule thereof to this office.

                                            Geo. A. Brown

Sumter County

We the undersigned - appointed by the Ordinary of said County,
appraisers to set apart & assign to Mrs. Cornelia W. Goode widow
of Charles T. Goode, late of said County Deceased, and her five
minor children (also the children of said Charles T. Goode) a
years support do set apart the following described property, to
The House-hold & Kitchen furniture on the premises lately occu-
pied by said C.T. Goode.
One Piano in the House occupied lately by said C.T. Goode, valued
by us at Two Hundred & fifty Dollars.
The two Horses, Carriage and harness, and Buggy, on said premi-
ses, valued by us at Two Hundred Dollars.
The Law Library left in the office lately occupied by said C.T.
Goode, consisting of two hundred & forty volumes, and valued by
us at Three Hundred Dollars.
The right to the possession and rental of the house and lot in
the City of Americus, said County, lately occupied by said C.T.
Goode, for the present year of 1875.
Twelve Hundred Dollars to be paid in money to Mrs. Cornelia W.
Goode by the representative of said Estate, out of any monies
that shall come into his hands.
Given under our hands and seals, this 21st day of January 1875.

N.A. Smith       (L.S.) Appraisor
J.A. Kendrick    (L.S.) Appraisor
J.R. Cain        (L.S.) Appraisor
E.J. Eldridge    (L.S.) Appraisor
F. Burke         (L.S.) Appraisor