Cutts Guardian Appointment Dec 1840
submitted by Lygia Dawkins Cutts
Book 00 Administrators & Guardians Bonds & Wills
Sumter County, Georgia
Page 54
Georgia, Sumter County
Know all men by there presants that we James Parker, George Dykes, John Underwwod are held and firmly bound unto the honourable the inferior court sitting as a court of ordinary for county there succesory in office in the just and full sum of eight hundred & forty dollars for the payment of which sum to the justices as afour said & there sucessors in office we bind him our excutors of adminstrators. Jointly & sevenally firmly by there presants sealedwith our seals & dated this of December 1840 the condition of the above obligation in such that where as the James Parker is this day appointed guardian to Delilah Cutts, John C. Cutts minor children of Elijah Cutts now if the said James Parker do well & truly dimen himself as a guardian as afoursaid a greeably to letters of guardian My bearing win date here with (?) agreeably to law in such care made & provided the above ablogation to be void in to remain in full force & virtue in law
Edmun Nunn, Clk,6,0
Oath taken GC
James Parker (his seal)
George Dykes (his seal)
John Underwood (his seal)