Estate of John R. Hamil
of Sumter County

submitted by Alan Anderson

Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of John R. Hamil of Sum-
ter County decd.

 1/2  Undivided interest in dwelling House and lot on 
      Hill Street Americus, Ga.                             1,000
      Dwelling House & lot on Forsyth Street Americus         700
 7/12 Undivided interest in Store House and lot on Forsyth
      Street now occupied by Griffin Bros.                  1,166
 1/2  Undivided interest in Store House and lot on Cotton
      Avenue formerly occupied by Light Bros.               1,000
 7/12 Interest in Lime House near Cotton Ave. store           175
 1/2  Undivided interest in lot of land No. 250 in 16th
      Dist. Sumter County                                     400
 1/2  Undivided interest in 9 shares of Planters Ware
      House stock Americus, Ga.                               450
      140 pr Shoes                                            100
      9 Over Coats                                             30
      4 pr Pants                                                4
      4 Shirts                                                  1.50
      8 pr Suspenders                                           2
      1 Lot Tin Ware                                            1
      1 Vest                                                    3.50
      4 Counters                                               30
      6 Shoe Boxes                                              6
      2 Trunks                                                  1
      6 Molasses Jugs                                            .60

Sumter County

    Personally appeared before me D.B. Hill, R.T. Byrd and J.J. 
Williford commissioners appointed to appraise the Estate of John
R. Hamil late of Sumter County deceased, and on oath say they 
have justly and fairly appraised all the property of said Estate
so far as comes to their knowledge and as was shown to them by 
Wm. C. Gray the Admr. of said Estate and that the above page and
a piece contains said appraisement and that the value assessed
thereto are fair values to the best of their knowledge and belief.
D.B. Hill  J.J. Williford  R.T. Byrd

    Sworn to and subscribed before me this May 4th 1885

Sumter County

To A.C. Speer Ordinary of said county.

    The petition of Mrs. Martha E. Hamil shows that the minor 
child of John R. Hamil decd. late of said county, to wit:  John 
R. Hamil, the minor child of said Hamil decd. has property both
real and personal in his own right and that said Minor has no
Guardian.  That said Minor is her Nephew, and she respectfully
asks that she may be appointed Guardian of the person and proper-
ty of said Minor John Hamil and citation issued as required by 
Law.  And petitioner will ever pray etc.
Americus Ga. June 1st 1885                 Martha E. Hamil

Caveated         Open Court July Term 1885

Mrs. Martha E. Hamil application for Guardianship of John R.
Hamil Minor in Court of Ordinary Sumter County
Georgia Sumter County
    To the Hon. Court of Ordinary of said County.
And now comes William C. Gray and his wife Mrs. Jennie Gray and
caveats said above application for guardianship and objects to 
the appointment of Mrs. Hamil as Guardian of said Minor.
And for Caveat says first That Mrs. M.E. Hamil being a married
woman is not sui juris and not therefore entitled under the law
to become a guardian, that the Ordinary would not be authorized
under the Law to appoint a married woman Guardian of the person
and property of a Minor as in this case asked by Mrs. Hamil.
    And per further objection, that Mrs. Hamil is not related at
all by blood to said minor; but on the contrary is only related
through her husband being the uncle of said minor.
    Objectors William C. Gray, and his wife Mrs. Jennie Gray say
that they are the nearest of Kin to said Minor and are therefore
entitled under the Law, to the guardianship of said Minor or to 
the selection of a Guardian under the approval of the Ordinary,
provided they select a suitable person, one qualified and suita-
ble to look after the interest of the person and property of said
    Objectors say further that Mrs. Gray is the sister of said
Minor and that William C. Gray is her husband and that said Minor
has no other brother or sister and that his father and mother are
both deceased, and that said Minor has been living at their House
ever since they were married, and prior to the marriage of Mrs.
Gray after the death of their father, the brother and sister both
lived together and are much attached to each other and that it
would be cruel to part them, they both being orphans and without
other brother and sister.
    Objectors both join in the request to your Honor to appoint
William C. Gray as Guardian of said Minor being nearest of Kin
and thereby not separate brother and sister.
    Objectors say that the said W.C. Gray, as they will be able
to show is a fit and proper person to take charge of said Minor
and properly raise him, and educate him and preserve his proper-
    Objectors pray you honor to grant their request and petition
will ever pray etc.                        J.A. Ansley
                                           Atty. for petitioner

                    Open Court July 6th 1885

    Application of Mrs. M.E. Hamil for the Guardianship of John
R. Hamil Jr. Minor and caveated by W.C. Gray, also together with
his wife Mrs. Jennie Gray, applies for letters to be issued to
William C. Gray.
    After a hearing in the above stated case it is ordered and
adjudged by the Court that William C. Gray be and he is hereby
appointed Guardian of the person and property of John R. Hamil
Jr. Minor and that letters of Guardianship be issued to him upon
his making a satisfactory Bond.

    Given under my hand and                A.C. Speer
    Official Signature July 6th 1885             Ordinary

Sumter County

    I William C. Gray do Swear that I will well and truly perform
the duties required of me as the Guardian of John R. Hamil and 
will faithfully account with said John R. Hamil for his estate.
So help me God.
                                           W.C. Gray
    Sworn to and subscribed before me
    this 11th day August 1885              A.C. Speer

Georgia              Court Ordinary of said County
Sumter County          October Term 1885

    After hearing the application of William C. Gray Administra-
tor of John R. Hamil deceased of Sumter County; who asks for 
leave to sell the real estate of said Estate of said John R. Ha-
mil; ordered and adjudged by the Court that leave be granted to
said William C. Gray Administrator aforesaid to sell the undivi-
ded half interest in lot of land number two hundred and fifty in
the Old Sixteenth district of Sumter County Ga., and the entire
interest in the dwelling House & lot on Forrest Street in the 
City of Americus; south of T.M. Eden's lot; it being the resi-
dence lot where the said John R. Hamil lived prior to his removal
to his new House in which he died - to wit:  House and lot on 
Forrest Street in Americus; bounded on the north by Church Alley;
on the east by D.K. Brinson & Mrs. Sallie Green.  On the South by
the lands of Harrold, Johnson & Co. & on the West by Forrest
Street - containing one acre more or less.  And the said land &
city property be sold after advertising according to law.  It is
further ordered that said application as to the other real es-
tate of said Estate mentioned in said petition be continued until
the further Order of this Court.  It is further Ordered by the
Court that said William C. Gray Administrator aforesaid be and he
is hereby authorized to sell after posting written Notice in 
three public places for ten days according to law.  All the per-
sonal property of said Estate consisting of a remnant of a stock
of goods; to wit:  Boots; Shoes; Clothing etc. etc. - the same
being of a personal & perishable nature & other articles of like
nature belonging to said Estate.
Given under my hand and official signature this the 5th day of
October 1885.                       A.C. Speer

(Two more paragraphs on the same page were "Recorded again by 

Sumter Co. Deed Bk. U, pg. 142:  State of Georgia Sumter County
Know all men by these presents That I Samuel H. Hawkins of the
County of Sumter and State of Georgia for and in consideration of
the sum of Three Hundred & Twenty Dollars to him in hand paid the
receipt of which is hereby acknowledged has bargained sold and
conveyed unto Martha W. Hamil of the County of Sumter and State
of Georgia the following described premises to wit - City Lot
number twenty (20) in that division of the City of Americus known
as Furlow Lawn the said lot fronting East on Barlow Street one
hundred and fifteen feet & running back on Hill Street two hun-
dred and seventy eight feet (278) to an alley & thence North on
said alley one hundred & twenty (120) feet & thence to a stake
on Barlow Street one hundred and fifteen feet North of the South
East corner of the lot hereby conveyed as per plat following con-
taining 3/4 an acre more or less. 

                   Plat of Lot Conveyed

To have and to hold the said bargained property with all the 
rights thereto appertaining unto the said Martha W. Hamil her 
heirs and assigns in fee simple the title to which I bind myself
my heirs and executors and assigns to forever warrant and defend
from the claims of all other persons.  In witness whereby I here-
to set my hand and affix my seal this the 28th day of April 1884.

                                          S.H. Hawkins

Signed Sealed and delivered
in presence of 
E.L. Guerry
T.N. Hawkes, Notary Public Sumter County

Recorded the above deed May 21st 1884
                                        J.H. Allen Clk Ct