Jared Justice, Constable
submitted by Pearl Justice


Know all men by these presents that we Jared Justice, Micajah B Smith,
Wiley Law citizens of said county are held and firmly bound unto their
honors the justices of the Inferior Court of said county for the time
being and this receipts in office in the just and full sum of five 
hundred dollars good and lawful money of said State for its true 
payment of which we bind ourselves our heirs executors and adminis-
trators jointly and severally firmly by these presents and sealed with
our seals and dated this January 7th 1854 

The conditions of the above obligations is such that whereas said 
Jared Justice has been this day elected Constable in and for the 
nine hundred and ninety third district Georgia Militia in said county 
Now should the said Jared Justice well and truly faithfully perform 
and discharge all and singular the duties of his said office during 
the time he may continue therein as Required by Law this obligation 
to be void else to remain in full force and virtue.

Jared Justice (his seal) 

W B Smith (his seal) 

Wiley  Law (his seal) 

Tested and approved Jesse T Register 

Copy of record held in Sumter County Courthouse.

Jarrett Justice was killed within three weeks of this date.