Americus and Sumter County

from the

Southern Christian Advocate



Alan Anderson, compiler



Aug.  9,1844    Died at Pondtown, Sumter, Ga., July 4th, MARY LUCINDA, daughter

                        of the Rev. JOHN E. FORD, formerly of the Ga. Conf., born in Burke

                        county, N.C., Nov. 1st,1823, awakened at a camp-meeting at Rehoboth

                        Monroe Co....July 24, RALEIGH GREEN.

June 16,1844   Died in Sumter co., Ga., on the 17th November, Mrs. SARAH, wife of

                        Rev. JOHN N. SINGLETON, in the 41st year of her age...RALEIGH

                        GREENE, Americus, Ga., Dec., 1845.

Dec.   3,1847   Died at Danville, Sumter Co., Ga., Nov. 5th, Mrs. MARTHA R., wife of

                        R.T. HAMES, in the 20th year of her age...left husband and one child.

Mar. 16,1849   Died on the 20th of January last, in Sumter co., Ga., DEWI H. JONES,

                        aged 45 years and 10 days...left wife and eight children...J.E.J.

June  15,1849  Died in Americus, Ga., May 22nd, Mrs. MARY, wife of GREEN M.

                        WHEELER, in the 31st year of her age...maiden name was M'PHERSON,

                        a native of Bladen co., N.C., and emigrated to Ga. with her parents in 1837


Feb.  15,1850  Died, Jan. 23d, ELIZABETH MIMS, wife of WRIGHT MIMS, of Sumter

                        co., Ga. She was born in Jefferson co., in 1789, and in her infancy lost her

                        mother, and at the age of 12 her father...A.A. ROBINSON.

Apr.  19,1850  Died in Sumter co., Ga., March 15th, ELIZABETH D. TUCKER, consort

                        of REUBEN TUCKER, and daughter of JEREMIAH and ELIZABETH

                        WALKER, of Chester dist., S.C....born Feb. 11,1816, married in 1839...

                        left children. J.B.W.

May  30,1851  Died in Sumter co., Ga., May 1st, in the 40th year of her age, Mrs.

                        NANCY ANSLEY, wife of Rev. ABEL ANSLEY, and daughter of

                        BENJAMIN and ABIGAIL HARRISON...born in Morgan co., in her 20th

                        year married to her present husband...left husband and children.  JOHN W.


Sept. 12,1851  Died near Americus, Ga., on the 13th ult., MARY ANN, consort of

                        JAMES P. GUERRY, in the 44th year of her age...left husband and four


Sept. 19,1851  Died, Aug. 25, SARAH ELIZABETH, daughter of W.A. and T.

                        HAWKINS, aged 3 years, 8 months, and 14 days.

Dec.  12,1851  Died at Americus, Ga., on the 21st Nov., LEANDER M. HUDSON, in

                        the 29th year of his age...native of Laurens co., and removed to the city

                        of Oglethorpe...

Mar.    5,1852  Died, 6th Feb., while on a visit to her friends in Americus, Ga., Mrs.

                        MARY BEAUFORT MATHEWS, of Fort Valley, in her 29th year.

                        She was the granddaughter of Rev. MYLES GREEN, one of the oldest

                        ministers of the M.E. Church, South. When quite young she was

                        married to JAMES A. EVERETT, of Fort Valley, and in 1848 was left

                        a widow. In the winter of 1850-51, she married Dr. WM. A.

                        MATTHEWS, then of Crawford co....left husband and seven children. 


Apr.  23,1852  Died in Americus, Ga., March 1st, Mrs. REBECCA JANE HODGES,

                        wife of Rev. ROBERT J. HODGES, and daughter of SMITH

                        DAVENPORT, in the 29th year of her age...born in Jasper co., Ga., but

                        was mostly brought up in Houston. In Oct.1839, married to her present

                        husband...left husband and three little daughters...the youngest,

                        HENRIETTA...J.W. TWITTY.

June  25,1852  Died in Sumter co., Ga., 23rd May, sister MARY R. TISON, wife of

                        MOSES TISON and daughter of JAMES CARTER, aged 24 years...

                        W.R. SINGLETON.

Sept.   3,1852  ROBINSON FURLOW, was the only son of Rev. J.B. and M.E.

                        WARDLAW of the Ga. Conf....died Aug. 15, aged 22 months and 18

                        days.  J.B.W.

Sept. 24,1852  Tribute of Respect to Rev. JOHN W. TWITTY by Sons of Temperance

Oct.    1,1852  Died in Americus, Ga., on the 4th Sept., the Rev. JOHN W. TWITTY,

                        leaving a wife and four children...born in March, 1819, and left an orphan

                        ...W. KNOX.

                        Died in Americus, Ga., on the 7th inst., WILLIAM L. McCREE, in the

                        64th year of his age...A.A. ROBINSON.

June  24,1853  Mrs. MARTHA DORMAN, widow of ALLEN DORMAN, late of

                        Sumter co., Ga., died in Americus, May 24, aged 32 years 2 months and

                        8 days...D.W.

Sept.   2,1853  Died, in Randolph co., Ga., 9th July, in the 33d year of her age,

                        FRANCES EMILY, consort of T.W. ANSLEY, and daughter of JAMES


Sept. 16,1853  Died in Pond Town, Ga., Aug. 30, NANCY BASS, daughter of Dr. A.B.

                        and Mrs. R.H. GREENE, aged 3 years and 2 days.

Oct.  28,1853  Died, Oct. 4th, Mrs. SALOME LOUDEN, wife of SAMUEL G.

                        LOUDEN, late of Danville, Ga., and daughter of G. and E. PENNEL, of

                        Henry co., Ala....born in N.C., June 1820...left husband and five children.

                        D. WILLIAMSON.

Nov.   4,1853  Mrs. TERINDA F., consort of WILLIS A. HAWKINS, died in Americus,

                        Sumter co., Ga., on the 16th of Oct., born on 15th August 1827...In 1840,

                        joined the Baptist Church, in 1849, the M.E. Church...P.A. STROBEL.

                        Died, in Americus, Ga., 10th Oct., in the 20th year of his age, JOHN T.

                        HODGES, eldest son of Mrs. WILLIAM J. RONALDSON...J.R.M.

Dec.  16,1853  Died in Buena Vista, JOHN F.C., son of Maj. J.T. and sister R.A.

                        MATHIS, on the 18th Sept., aged 17 months and 13 days; also on the

                        13th Oct., ELISHA T., aged 6 years and 22 days.

Dec.  23,1853  Died in Sumter co., Ga., Nov. 20, JOHN H. PARHAM, aged 51 years

                        and 3 months...C.S.D.

Aug.  18,1854  Tribute of Respect by Americus Circuit, to Rev. JOSHUA HAMES

Oct.  20,1854  Died, near Danville, Sumter co., Sept. 24,1854, STEPHEN E. RIGGINS,

                        aged 42...born in Lawrence (Laurens?), and was among the early settlers

                        of Sumter...left widow and two orphans.  L.D.

May    4,1855  Died in Sumter co., Ga., GEORGE L. DOUGLAS, on the 12th of March

                        1855, in his 54th year...a native of S.C., parents came to Ga. in 1822 or

                        23, and settled the place known as Culloden in Monroe co....They were

                        Presbyterians...Nov. 28,1833, married to Miss MARY C. JORDAN,

                        and removed to Sumter Co., in 1835...Y.F. TIGNOR.

Aug.    2,1855  Died in Danville, Sumter co., Ga., May 31,1855, Mr. G.R. WILSON, in

                        his 37th year, born in Beaufort co., N.C., in Sept. 1818...moved to Ga.


Jan.   31,1856  Died, Jan. 1st, Mrs. ANNA HAMES, born in Columbia co., Ga., March

                        3,1780. Her maiden name was TRIPPE...A.A. ROBINSON.

May  15,1856  THOMAS GREEN HUDSON, was born 12th Sept. 1825, married to

                        MARTHA F. STEWART, 5th Oct. 1852, and died 30th April 1856, in

                        Sumter co., Ga.

July   24,1856  Mrs. PAMELA T., wife of ROBT. WHITE and daughter of WM. L.

                        FAMBROUGH, of Monroe co., died on the 5th June, in the 37th year of

                        her age in Sumter Co., about the age of 15 joined the M.E. Church.

July   31,1856  Miss SUSAN T. BIVINS, a member of the Senior Class of the Wesleyan

                        Female College, and eldest daughter of Mr. GEO. W. BIVINS of

                        Americus, died 29th June, in Macon, Ga....

Nov. 20,1856  Mr. PORTLOCK THOMPSON died in Dooly Co., Ga., Oct. 11,1856,

                        aged 62 years...born in Robeson Co., N.C., where he lived until 1814...

                        Hon. E.R. BROWN of Americus, Ga., died Oct. 11,1856, aged about 45

                        years. He was a native of S. Carolina...

Jan.     1,1857  In Americus on the morning of the 22d December, WALTER KNOX,

                        infant son of T.M. and M.E. FURLOW, aged 8 months and 19 days.

Apr.  16,1857  Mr. WILLIAM N. WIMBUSH died in Sumter Co., Ga., March 6th,1857,

                        aged 56 years. Bro. W. was raised in S.C....left a widow and nine children

                        ...He was buried on his 56th birthday.  L. RUSH.

May    7,1857  ELI TUCKER, died on 5th April at his residence in Sumter Co., aged 45


June    4,1857  Mrs. HANNAH DARLEY, widow of the late Rev. THOMAS C.

                        DARLEY, died at the residence of her daughter, Mrs. PARHAM, at

                        Pleasant Grove, Sumter Co., Ga., on the 7th May, aged 72 years, 1 month

                        and 26 days...

July   16,1857  ERASMUS P. STUCKEY died June 13th,1857 in Sumter Co., Ga., born

                        in Sumter Dist., S.C.  D. WILLIAMSON

July   30,1857  Mrs. CAROLINE BROWN, wife of MILTON BROWN, of Sumter co.,

                        Ga., died June 30th in her 33rd year...left husband and children...J.W.


Aug.   6,1857   Mrs. SARAH DAVENPORT, wife of Mr. ALMANZA DAVENPORT,

                        and daughter of Mr. DANIEL JAMES, of Marion Co., died in Americus,

                        Ga., July 1st,'57...Miss MARY JAMES, an elder sister...

Sept. 24,1857  In Americus, Ga., on the 10th September, EDGAR SMITH, only child of

                        Dr. W.W. and FELICIA A. FORD, aged nearly 15 months.

Apr.  29,1858  Mrs. AMANDA J. SESSIONS, wife of BENJAMIN SESSIONS and

                        daughter of the late WILLIAM P. JONES was born in Wilkes county, Ga.,

                        August 8th,1833...joined the Baptist Church in 1849 in Sumter Co., Ga....

                        died on the 28th Feb., in Terrell county, Ga. She was married last year to

                        her now bereaved husband...previously married to a Mr. KENDRICK,

                        who lived a year or two...leaves one child...

Apr.  21,1859  Mrs. NANCY RAVENS, wife of DAVID RAVENS, died in Sumter co.,

                        Ga., April 21...W.W. STEWART.

May    5,1859  Mrs. NANCY RAVEN died in Sumter co., Ga., on 2d April, in her 58th


June    2,1859  Mrs. EUNICE McREE, wife of Judge E.L. McREE, died in Americus,

                        Ga., May 1st,1859, in the 37th year of her age...a native of Vermont,

                        but removed to the South when only 10 years old, and resided the

                        greater portion of her life in Houston and Sumter counties, Ga.

June    9,1859  Mrs. SUSAN F. WHITTLE, wife of Mr. IRVIN G. WHITTLE, and

                        daughter of BENJAMIN and ANN GRIDER, of Pike co., Ala., died at

                        Bottsford, Sumter co., Ga., on the 20th May, in her 26th year...a member

                        of the Missionary Baptist Church at Liberty, Pike Co., Ala....D.S.


July     7,1859  Mrs. MARY TOMMEY was born in S.C. in 1801, died in Sumter co.,

                        Ga., May 7th,1859...

                        SARAH BRUNDAGE, was born in Putnam co., Ga., Dec. 29th,1831;

                        her father removed to Sumter co., Ga., where she was married to

                        MOSELY E. BRUNDAGE, Feb. 10th,1847...JOHN F. DICKSON.

Dec.  22,1859  Mrs. ELIZABETH Y. RAVEN died in Sumter co., Ga., Oct. 25th in her

                        64th year...born in Person co., N.C., the daughter of STOKES and

                        SUSAN ALLEN...

                        Dr. GEO. HALL of Sumter co., Ga., son of MORGAN and REBECCA

                        HALL was thrown from a buggy and died in a few hours...

Mar.   1,1860   Mrs. PATIENCE TUCKER, wife of REUBEN TUCKER, of Sumter

                        Co., Ga., died Feb. 1st,1860...A.A. ROBINSON.

June  14,1860  VICTORIA E., wife of Mr. J.J. TOMLINSON and daughter of Dr.

                        W.N.L. CROCKER, died at the residence of her father in Americus, Ga.,

                        on the 10th May,1860, in her 23d year...R.B. LESTER.

Nov.   8,1860  JOHN W. TOMMEY, our venerable father, born in Greene co., Ga.,

                        aged 76 years, died in Sumter co., Ga....

Nov. 22,1860  Mr. JOHN WESLEY BROWN, died in Marion co., Ga., Oct. 16th,

                        born in Talbot co. He was brother-in-law to MATTHEW RYLANDER

                        ...leaves a wife and two children...

May  16,1861  Mrs. PENELOPE, wife of W.R. STEWART, and daughter of WM. and

                        ELIZABETH SIMS, died in Sumter co., Ga., 22d April,1861, in the 34th

                        year of her age...the wife of a near and dear kinsman...T.H.S.

June  27,1861  Died in Buena Vista, Ga., May 25th,1861, LOULA REBECCA, infant

                        daughter of JOHN T. and REBECCA A. MATHIS, aged 8 months and

                        18 days.

Oct.  31,1861  N.A. LAMAR DUNCAN, of the Sumter Light Guard, 4th Regt. Ga.

                        Volunteers, and son of the Rev. J.P. DUNCAN of the Ga. Conf., died

                        at the Naval Hospital near Portsmouth, Va., Sept. 26th...

Jan.   23,1862  JAMES P. DIXON, son of TURNER B. and MARY A. DIXON, of

                        Sumter co., Ga., died in the Hospital at Staunton, Va., on 28th Dec.,

                        1861, in the 21st year of his age...R.W. DIXON.

                        Mrs. JANE J. STEWART, wife of JAS. STEWART, SR. of Sumter co.,

                        Ga., died on 26th Oct.,1861, in her 59th year...S. ANTHONY.

Apr.  10,1862  Mrs. ELIZA ANN ELAM, wife of SAMUEL C. ELAM, Esq., died at

                        Americus, Ga., Jan. 11th,1862, in the 38th year of her age...born in Mt.

                        Zion, Hancock co., Ga., and was the youngest daughter, save one, of 

                        the late Rev. MICAJAH THOMAS...

June  12,1862  WM. S. RAVENS died in Sumter co., Ga., in the 42d year of his age...

                        S. ANTHONY.

Aug.  12,1862  SENUS H. CLARK was born in N.C. Dec. 8,1801, where he was

                        raised mostly in orphanage, and in early life came to Twiggs co., Ga.,

                        where he was married to Miss ELIZABETH BARTON in 1827, died

                        in Sumter co., Ga., July 1,1862...

Sept. 11,1862  DAVID HILL, in his 6th year, WILLIS SPENCE, in his 2d year, sons

                        of Rev. ROBERT J. and MATILDA C. HODGES, died in Sumter co.,

                        Ga., 12th and 28th of August.

Sept. 10,1863  Mrs. SARAH H. DUNCAN, wife of Rev. J.P. DUNCAN, of the Ga.

                        Conf., died in Americus, Ga., on 21st August, in her 46th year.

Oct.  22,1863  ROBERT McBRIDE BORING, son of Rev. ISAAC BORING,

                        formerly of the Ga. Conf., died at the Confederate hospital, near

                        Gettysburg, 23 July 1863, in his 21st year...

Jan.   14,1864  Mrs. ELIZA F. DORMAN, wife of L.P. DORMAN, Esq., of Americus,

                        Ga., died on 18th Dec. 1863.

                        JOHN THOMAS JACKSON, second son of Mrs. SARAH GAINES,

                        and stepson of Doc. GAINES, Esq., of Sumter co., Ga., was killed by

                        accident, in his 8th year...

June    9,1864  MARY WARREN died in Sumter co., Ga., May 22,1864, in her 68th


July   28,1864  Rev. JOHN EMORY RYLANDER, Major 10th Ga. Batt., was born

                        Sept. 15,1836...tribute of respect to Rev. J.E. RYLANDER who was

                        killed on 2d June...

Aug.  25,1864  Mrs. MARY C. MADDUX, wife of LUCIUS W. MADDUX, was born

                        Dec. 2d,1828, and died in Americus, Ga., Aug. 5,1864...

Oct.  13,1864  JOSEPH A.B. RYLANDER, son of M.E. RYLANDER, and brother of

                        Maj. RYLANDER, was killed in Virginia, born 13th Aug. 1846, died 21st


Aug.  24,1866  JAMES FLORENCE RAVENS, son of W.S. and N.S. RAVENS, died

                        at Bottsford, Sumter co., Ga., on 7th July, in his 14th year...the oldest son

                        of his widowed mother...