Obituary Notices
from the
"Southern Christian Advocate" (Methodist)

submitted by Alan Anderson

Mar.  22,1867  JAMES NICHOLAS TAYLOR died in Sumter co., Ga., 
               Nov. 5,1866, in the 62nd year of his age.  In 1834 
               he embraced religion and joined the Methodist 
               Church under the ministry of Rev. SAM'L ANTHONY...
May    3,1867  Mrs. MARY E. HAWKINS, only child of JNO. and ANN 
               S. FINN, and wife of Col. WILLIS A. HAWKINS, was 
               born in Augusta, Ga., Sept. 17,1832, and died in 
               Americus, Ga., March 26th,1867.  She was a gradu-
               ate of the Wesleyan Female College, although she 
               did not join the Church until after her marriage 
               in 1856...GEO. G.N. McDONNEL.
Aug.  16,1867  WILLIAM W. McNEILL died 18 July in the 61st year 
               of his age.  J.O.A. COOK.
Jan.  24,1868  ALBERT CRAWFORD HORNADY died at the residence of 
               Mr. F.P. GREEN in Schley co., Ga., on 22d October 
               1867 in the 43d year of his age.  When about 18 
               years old, he joined the M.E. Church, but did not 
               profess religion until he was about 28, at Buena 
               Vista, Ga.  In September, 1855, he was married to 
               Miss SALLIE E. GREEN, and soon afterwards settled 
               in Americus where he remained until the beginning 
               of the late war, when the volunteer company to 
               which he belonged (Sumter Light Guards) was sum-
               moned to the field...
Mar.   6,1868  MARTHA JANE SHIELDS, wife of Mr. JOHN SHIELDS of 
               Sumter county, Ga., died in the 36th year of her 
               age.  She was the daughter of Gen. SMITH, formerly 
               of Morgan county, Ga., and was married in 1858.  
               S. ANTHONY.
Apr.  17,1868  Mrs. MARGARET M. WILSON, wife of E.A. WILSON, and 
               daughter of the late WM. EAKEN of Putnam co., Ga., 
               died in Sumter co., 3d Feb. 1868, in the 32d year 
               of her age.  W.A.W.
July  24,1868  Sister ANNA E. JONES, wife of GEO. H. JONES, and 
               daughter of A.W. and EXER A. MARTIN, formerly of 
               Americus, Ga., was born Sept. 29th 1837, and died 
               in Gwinnett co., Ga., June 7,1868.  J.M. LOWREY.
Aug.  14,1868  Mrs. ELIZABETH W. HAWKINS (whose maiden name was 
               BOONE) was born July 13,1794, and died in Americus 
               Ga., July 28,1868, in the 75th year of her age.  
               She was converted in 1812 under the preaching of 
               Rev. HOPE HULL, and married to WILLIS A. HAWKINS, 
               SR., in 1816.  S. ANTHONY.
               Rev. PHILLIP DELL, of Sumter Co., Ga., has been 
               bereaved of two lovely and amiable sons.  MAXEY B. 
               DELL was born in 1847.  Also JOHN H. DELL, his 
               brother, in the 24th year of his age.  S. ANTHONY.
Aug.  21,1868  SARAH NORMAN, youngest daughter of WM. B. and M.V. 
               STEWART, was born in Sumter co., Ga., Dec. 5,1863, 
               and died July 23,1868.
Sept. 25,1868  WILLIAM H.G., son of PHILIP H. and JANE E. DELANE, 
               was born in Sumter co., Ga., Feb. 1,1851, and died 
               in Macon, Ga., Aug. 17,1868.
Dec.   4,1868  Mrs. S.S. GAMBLE, wife of JOHN GAMBLE, daughter of 
               Mr. JAMES RAVENS, of Sumter co., Ga., dec'd., died 
               at the residence of her brother-in-law, Mr. E. 
               JOHNSON, in Terrell co., in the 27th year of her 
Jan.  22,1869  TUDIE, wife of L.A. CALDWELL, of Atlanta, and 
               daughter of SAMUEL and ANTOINETTE PILSBURY of 
               Americus, died at the latter place on Tuesday, 
               Dec. 22nd,1868.
               In Memorium.  Mrs. MARGARET E. FURLOW, wife of 
               Hon. T.M. FURLOW, and daughter of the late Major 
               TARPLEY HOLT, SR., of Bibb County, Georgia, was 
               born in Putnam County, January 4th,1820, was mar-
               ried November 2d 1839, and died in Americus, Geor-
               gia, December 22d 1868.
Jan.  29,1869  Tribute of Respect to Mrs. MARGARET E. FURLOW from 
               Sunday school of Americus, Ga., who died 22d De-
               cember 1868.
Mar.  19,1869  J.T. MOORE was born in Clarke co., Ga., March 27th 
               1814, and died in Sumter co., Dec. 11th 1868.
Oct.   1,1869  Bro. E.J.M. CALLAWAY was born in Baldwin co., Ga., 
               April 12th 1819 and died in Sumter co., Aug. 22d, 
               1869.  He leaves a large family.  J.M. MARSHALL.
Nov.  12,1869  ROISER EVANS CHRISTIAN, only child of J.B. and 
               LUCY E. CHRISTIAN, died in the city of Americus, 
               Oct. 26th 1869, aged 4 months and 20 days.
Jan.  28,1870  OLIVIA RHYMES SHROPSHIRE, eldest child of Dr. 
               JAMES W. and C.J. SHROPSHIRE, was born October 
               27th 1860, and died at the residence of her grand-
               father HENRY DAVENPORT, on 23d December 1869, J.M. 
Feb.  25,1870  Died - Near Magnolia Springs, Ga., ADA C. CLARKE, 
               youngest daughter of G.E. and M.E. CLARKE, aged 2 
               years, 11 months and 8 days.
Mar.   4,1870  JAMES STEWART was born in Oglethorpe co., Ga., 
               June 10th 1793, and died in Americus, Ga., Feb. 3d 
               1870.  R.W. DIXON.
               Mrs. PARTHENIA A. PARIS of Americus, Ga., died at 
               her daughter's Mrs. E.G. HILL, in Terrell co., 
               Ga., on Feb. 3d 1870, in her 79th year.  Left a 
               widow in early life with six small children... 
               R.W. DIXON.
Mar.  18,1870  Mrs. SALLIE A. PARK, wife of JOHN W. PARK, Esq., 
               of Greenville, Ga., and daughter of Col. ROBERT 
               WHITE, late of Sumter co., died on 26 Jan. 1870, 
               in the 31st year of her age.
May   13,1870  Died - In Americus, Ga., April 13th 1870, JOSEPH 
               ASBURY, son of WILLIAM H. and SALLIE SMITH, aged 4 
               years and 6 months.
Nov.  11,1870  EMMA ELIZABETH PLATT, the only child of H.B. and 
               VICTORIA PLATT of Sumter co., Ga., born 16th April 
               and died 18th Oct. 1870.
               Maj. H.K. DANIEL of Sumter co., Ga., died 9th 
               Sept. 1870, in the 33d year of his age.  He was a 
               graduate of the Oglethorpe University of Georgia 
               ... A.A. ROBINSON.
Dec.  16,1870  Mrs. ELEANOR KING, wife of the late BENJAMIN KING, 
               was born Nov. 20,1805.  Died at Americus, Nov. 19, 
               1870.  M.E.B. 
May   17,1871  Bro. ASBURY COWLES, well known to many in Georgia 
               and Alabama, died at Americus, Ga., on 8th Febru-
               ary 1871, in the 73d year of his age.  S. ANTHONY.
Aug.  16,1871  WARREN S. TYNER, son of S.I. and N.J. TYNER, in 
               Sumter county, Ga., July 27th 1871, aged 11 years, 
               3 months and 1 day.
Feb.  14,1872  Rev. CHURCHWELL ANDERSON CROWELL was born in Meck-
               lenburg county, North Carolina, September 15th 
               1806 and died at Magnolia Springs, Sumter county, 
               Georgia, Jan. 16th 1872.  He was in charge of cir-
               cuits in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Geor-
Mar.  27,1872  Col. ALEXANDER W. PERSONS of Macon, Georgia, died 
               in Americus, February 21, in the 34th year of his 
               age.  He was the last remaining child of an aged 
               father, who survived him.  After the late war, in 
               which he served as Colonel, he settled in Macon... 
               He leaves a wife and two children.
Aug.  14,1872  REBECCA ANSLEY, wife of Rev. A. ANSLEY and daugh-
               ter of MOSES and MARY WADE, died July 19th, at her 
               residence in Sumter county, GA., in the 67th year 
               of her age.  T.H. STEWART.
Nov.   6,1872  Mrs. MATTIE FORT ANTHONY, wife of MARK ANTHONY, 
               son of Rev. BENNET ANTHONY, died in Americus, Ga., 
               Sept. 23d, 1872, aged 31 years.
Dec.  11,1872  My wife, Mrs. ELIZA A. BROADFIELD, was born in 
               Morgan county, Ga., June 24th 1814.  She was the 
               daughter of Dr. BURKETT DEAN and died at the resi-
               dence of Dr. WILLIAM W. BARLOW, near Americus, 
               Ga., Oct. 27th 1872.  Losing her mother when quite 
               a child, she was taken by her aunt, Mrs. ALLEN, 
               afterwards Mrs. Dr. BROWN, of Milledgeville.  She 
               was married to JAMES D. JARRATT and left a widow, 
               and as the widow, married the Rev. ISAAC BORING, 
               of the Georgia Conference last of January 1842, 
               and as the widow of Rev. Dr. BORING was married to 
               the writer in Eatonton, 24th June 1852.  J.M. 
Feb.  12,1873  Mrs. MARY ANN RUMNEY died in Americus, Ga., Dec. 
               18th 1872, aged 48 years.  She was raised a Pres-
               byterian.  She leaves a husband and two grown 
Feb.  26,1873  Mrs. M.L. SLAPPEY died in Sumter county, Ga., on 
               the 10th January 1873, aged 23 years.  Christian 
               Index please copy.
June  11,1873  Miss ELLA ANN ANSLEY died at her father's resi-
               dence, Rev. ABEL ANSLEY, in Upson county, Ga., May 
               12,1873.  She was born in Sumter county in 1842.  
               W.H. GRAHAM.
July   2,1873  BRYANT DIXON died at the residence of his son, 
               H.H. DIXON, in Macon county, Ga., May 31,1873, in 
               the eighty-ninth year of his age.  He was a native 
               of North Carolina and came to Georgia when a small 
               boy.  He resided first in Burke county, Georgia, 
               then in Hancock, Putnam, Monroe, Sumter and Macon 
               counties.  R.W. DIXON.
Sept. 10,1873  JESSE STANFORD died in Americus, Ga., recently, in 
               the 68th year of his age.  He was born in Warren 
               county, Ga., but had lived for many years in Sum-
               ter county.
Oct.  15,1873  Tribute of Respect from Americus Quarterly Confer-
               ence to J. VOLNEY PRICE who died near Americus, 
               Ga., September 12,1873, being fifty-nine years of 
               age.  He was born in Burke county, Ga., August 13, 
               1814.  In early life he removed to Houston county.  
               He married Miss SARAH BELL, who with a large num-
               ber of children, survives him.
Mar.  11,1874  CHAS. A. WALKER was born in Jefferson county, GA., 
               July 1st 1833 and died at Marshallville, Macon 
               county, January 4th 1874.  He was next to the 
               youngest of thirteen children, and for years pre-
               vious to his death, the only surviving member of 
               the family.  When quite young, his father, HENRY 
               WALKER, removed to Sumter county, where brother 
               WALKER spent most of his life.  In January 1860 he 
               married Miss LOU CROCKER.  F.A. BRANCH.
Mar.  25,1874  HENRY PITMAN was born in Sumter co., Ga., in 1846; 
               lost his father when he was quite a youth; moved 
               to Burke county and married Miss REBECCA BRADLEY 
               in 1867.  He died Feb. 27,1874.  He lies buried 
               beside his wife, and near by the graves of four 
               brothers and three sisters.  W.M. WATTS.
Apr.   1,1874  Death of sister ELLA JOHNSON, wife of Z. JOHNSON 
               and daughter of M.E. and S.C. RYLANDER, formerly 
               of Macon, now of Sumter county, Georgia.  S. AN-
May   20,1874  Mrs. N.H. BUCHANAN died in Sumter county, Ga., on 
               9th of April.  She was born in Newberry district, 
               S.C., on 29th of March 1805.  From thence she came 
               to Georgia when quite young.
Oct.  28,1874  BOAZ KITCHENS was born in Warren county, Ga., May 
               3d 1809; died in Sumter county, Ga. August 3d 
               1874.  P.S. TWITTY.
Nov.  25,1874  Mrs. MELISSA LUCRETIA McCRARY was born in Twiggs 
               county, Ga., in 1808, was married to Mr. ISAAC 
               McCRARY in 1829; moved to Sumter county in 1832, 
               died in Americus, October 11th 1874.
Mar.  17,1875  Father BURGESS CHEEK died in Sumter county, Ga., 
               February 17th 1875, in the 81st year of his age.  
               He lived many years in Franklin county, Georgia.  
               T.H. STEWART.
May   12,1875  Mrs. MARIAH A. BROWN was born in Craven county, 
               N.C., February 27th 1801 and died in Americus, Ga. 
               April 22d 1875.  While yet young, she removed to 
June   9,1875  Mrs. HESTER EVANS KING, wife of the Hon. Angus 
               M.D. KING, deceased, was born in Jones county, Ga. 
               October 25,1806; married November 25,1823; died at 
               the residence of her son-in-law, Mr. JOSEPH THOMAS 
               in Sumter county, Ga., March 5th 1875.  B.F. 
Feb.   9,1876  Mrs. MARTHA CRAWFORD was a daughter of Capt. W.T. 
               WILLIAMSON of Milledgeville.  She was born at 
               McIntosh Reserve, Coweta county, Ga., January 8, 
               1836.  January 8,1855, she was married to Mr. C.P. 
               CRAWFORD.  From 1855 to 1859 she lived in Ameri-
               cus; from 1859 to 1863 in Lee county; from 1863 to 
               1871 in Florida, from 1871 to 1876 in Milledge-
               ville.  A.J. JARRELL.
Mar.  22,1876  Mrs. MARY REBECCA CLARK, wife of G.E. CLARK and 
               daughter of BURGESS and MILES CHEEK, was born in 
               Henry county, Ga., June 13,1813; and died in Sum-
               ter county, Ga., December 24,1875.  J.R. LITTLE-
Apr.  26,1876  Mrs. ELIZABETH DREW, whose maiden name was HARRIS 
               wife of JOHN J. DREW, died February 1,1876, in 
               Sumter county, Ga.  She had lived thirty-five 
               years, fourteen of which she had passed as Mrs. 
               DREW.  W.B. MERRITT.
May    2,1876  Mrs. JOSEPHINE JORDAN, wife of HENRY JORDAN, of 
               Sumter county, Ga., died at the residence of her 
               brother-in-law, THOMAS A. GROOVER, in Brooks coun-
               ty, Ga., March 31,1876, aged thirty five years.  
               H.W. SHARPE.
July   4,1876  Mrs. A.L. FINN died at the residence of her son-
               in-law, Col. WILLIS A. HAWKINS, in Americus, Ga., 
               June 2,1876.  She was born in Athens, Ga., Decem-
               ber 1802.
Oct.  24,1876  Mrs. F.S. BELL, whose maiden name was DAVENPORT, 
               died in Sumter co., Ga., July 26th 1876, in the 
               60th year of her age.  She was first married to 
               J.J. HOLLINGSWORTH.  Both husbands preceded her 
               many years to the better land.
Jan.   9,1877  EMMA E. HUDSON died near Americus, Ga., November 
               27,1876.  She was the daughter of ______ AYCOCK, 
               formerly of Floyd county, Ga., born June 2,1851, 
               and was next to the youngest of ten children.  In 
               1863 her father removed to Sumter county, Ga., and 
               in 1872 EMMA was happily married to J.I. HUDSON.  
               She left two little children.
Feb.   6,1877  SUSAN BRAZIL, died January 3,1877, at the resi-
               dence of Rev. P.L. MIZE, Americus, Ga.  She was 
               the daughter of WM. and NANCY BRAZIL, and was in 
               her 18th year.
               was born in Sumter county, Ga., December 8,1839; 
               died in Americus, Ga., March 1,1877.  She was mar-
               ried in 1859.
May   22,1877  Mrs. ANNA LEWIS MERRITT, daughter of Mrs. M.A. 
               HUNT, was born in Hancock county, Ga., September 
               4,1834; was married to Capt. T.M. MERRITT, Novem-
               ber 25,1857; died at her home near Americus, Ga., 
               February 28,1877.
June   5,1877  Sister ANNIE C. WILKINSON was born May 1,1852; 
               died May 15,1877.  She was the daughter of JAMES 
               N. and ELIZA C. TAYLOR, late of Sumter county, Ga.  
               She leaves a husband and a helpless infant.  J.M. 
June  12,1877  Miss REBECCA FRANCES MILLS was born in Sumter 
               county, Ga., December 20,1848; and died in Monti-
               cello, Ga., April 8,1877.  In 1872 she became a 
               member of the Baptist Church.
Nov.  20,1877  Mrs. JANE A. MALONE nee HUDSON, was born in Eaton-
               ton, Ga., June 15th 1819; and died in Macon, Ga., 
               August 11th 1877.  She was married in 1838 to Col. 
               CHARLES J. MALONE who preceded her to the grave by 
               a few years.  Her remains were taken to Americus.  
               GEO. G.N. MacD.
               Brother R.A. MURPHY died August 31st 1877 in Sum-
               ter county, Ga., aged 43 years.
Dec.   4,1877  Mrs. NANNIE J. STEWART, nee DIXON, wife of WILLIAM 
               J. STEWART, died November 16,1877, in the 34th 
               year of her age.  She was born, reared, married, 
               and died in Sumter county, Ga.  R.W. DIXON.
Feb.  12,1878  Mrs. ELIZABETH ALBINA GRANBERRY, the wife of J.J. 
               GRANBERRY, of Americus, Ga., died January 16,1878, 
               in her fifty-sixth year.
Apr.   9,1878  Mrs. ANNA MALONE CALLAWAY, daughter of D.R. and 
               ELIZA ADAMS, of Eatonton, Georgia, was born Janu-
               ary 5,1853; married Mr. J.T. CALLAWAY, October 22, 
               1874; died in Mitchell county, Georgia, January 
               21,1878.  Her mother died when she was but seven-
               teen days old and she was taken by her aunt, Mrs. 
               C.J. MALONE, of Americus, Ga.  E.J. RENTZ.
May   28,1878  Mrs. MARY ELIZABETH CANTRELL, daughter of BENJ. 
               and MARTHA E. JOHNSON, was born at Ellijay, Ga., 
               November 22d,1844; died at Americus, Ga., April 
               12th 1878.