Listing is of persons who died in Sumter County and persons who died outside of Sumter County, but listed Sumter as their County of Residence.


1919 thru 1938 - Information listed was: Name, Date of Death, County of Death, Death Certificate Number.


1939 thru 1945 - Age, Gender, Race were added.


1946 - County of Residence was added.


1994   New County Codes, plus some City Codes


1994 thru 1999    City Codes are underlined.


Some County of Death or County of Residence have codes in Bold.  These are not Georgia County Codes, they are codes for neighboring states.


Note:   1951 Microfiche was hard to read.  Some names and information may be missing Death Certificate Numbers in most instances were too faint to read.


Key:      Inf of -  Infant of

              S-born - Still-born

              --- In column - Information not listed for that year




1919 thru 1993 -- See page [ iii ]


1994 - 1999 -- 700 was added to each County Code (1919 thru 1993).  See page [ iv ]


City Codes -- Entered under County of Residence column.  See page[ v & vi]