Families from the Baptist "Christian Index"
1822 - 1899Obituaries of Americus and Sumter County
submitted by Alan Anderson

    Mrs. Elizabeth Emily ALLEN  wife of Thomas M. Allen, d. Sept. 23,1857, Preston, Ga.

          Ella Josephine ALLEN  b. July 19,1858, Talbot Co., Ga., dau. of William M. &
                                M.O.J. Adams, wife of J.H. Allen, age 30 yrs., d. July

                 Amanda BARLOW  age 37 yrs., d. Mar. 17,1859, Americus

           James Judson BARLOW  age 25 yrs., d. May 19,1855, Americus

              John D. BARNETTE  d. Feb. 3,1865, Andersonville

           Mrs. Mary E. BATTLE  wife of Dr. Henry L. Battle, d. Feb. 11,1850Sumter Co.,

                  James BELAND  age 28 yrs., d. Aug. 24,1850, Pond Town, Sumter Co.

             Benj. H. BRINKLEY  age 46 yrs., husband of Frances Ann Brinkley, d. Sept.
                                7,1854, Sumter Co.

          Frances Ann BRINKLEY  age 37 yrs., dau. of Nathan & Fanny Culpepper, wid. of
                                Benj. H. Brinkley, d. Sept. 28,1854, Sumter Co.,8

                   Bloom BROWN  member of Americus Baptist Church (Jan. 18,1897 issue)

                 William BRYAN  age 66 yrs., b. N.C., d. Nov. 9,1853, Sumter Co.

                 Aaron B. BYRD  age 6 mos., son of Benton & Mary E. Byrd, d.
                                Dec.12,1852, Sumter Co.

          Mrs. Amanda CALLAWAY  age 18 yrs., d. July 29,1856, Sumter Co.

            Merrel P. CALLAWAY  age 83 yrs., b. Apr. 23,1814, Wilkes Co., son of Isaac
                                Callaway & Miss Barnett, husband of Mary Ann (dau. of
                                Isaiah Tucker Irvine, sister of Rev. C.M. Irvine & Hon.
                                Isaiah Irvine), d. Oct. 27,1897, member of Mt. Enon
                                Baptist Church, Mitchell Co., brothers  Rev. William A.
                                Callaway ofLaGrange & James H. Callaway (member of 2nd
                                Church, Atlanta),children:  Merrel Callaway of Americus,
                                 Henry Irvin Callawayof Albany, James Callaway of Macon,
                                 Isaiah Tucker Callaway ofAtlanta, wife's first husband
                                John S. Walton, "Cottage Home" plantation in Mitchell

          (Mrs.) W.M. CALLAWAY  d. May 24,1895, Americus

        (Mrs.) Martha Emeline   b. Dec. 17 or 19,1836, Americus,Ga., dau. of Rev. W.H.
                                Pegg, d. Apr. 29 or 30,1888, 12 children, wife of

             Dr. James W. CATO  age 43 yrs., d. Oct. 18,1849, Sumter Co.

             Amanda S. CHAPMAN  age 54 yrs., wife of Macon W.R. Chapman, d. June 5,1899,
                                 at home in Sumter Co., member of Bethel Baptist Church,
                                 Sumter Co.

           Georgia A. CHAPPELL  b. Sept. 22,1829, Jones Co., Ga., wife of Alexander
                                Chappell, sister of Col. Hawkins, d. May 12,1891,Plains,

         Homer Alonzo CHAPPELL  b. Oct. 16,1867, son of Alexander Chappelld. May 9,1887,
                                 Sumter Co.

           Ida Adelia CHAPPELL  age 20 (sic) yrs., b. May 13,1863, dau. of Alexander
                                Chappell, d. Oct. 12,1887

               Louisa CHAPPELL  age 84 yrs., d. Apr. 14,1851, Twiggs Co.

                 T.S. CHAPPELL  d. Sept. 26,1861, Twiggs Co.

            Thomas J. CHAPPELL  age 61 yrs., d. July 26,1866, Twiggs Co.

                  Horace CLARK  age 2 yrs., d. Nov. 24,1854, Americus

               William COALSON  b. Sept. 8,1823, Sumter Co., Ga., husband of Harriet
                                Eady, d. June 18,188_, 14 children, father of A.J.

       (Rev.) George F. COOPER  b. July 13,1825, Wilkes Co., husband of Cornelia I.
                                Staley, husband of Carrie M. Kendrick (dau. of Prof.
                                A.C. Kendrick), d. Dec. 3,1882, Americus

             Caroline M. CUTTS  wife of Claude S. Cutts, d. June 24,1881,Americus, Ga.,
                                dau. of David W. Morgan of LaGrange, Ga.

               Henry DAVENPORT  d. Apr. 4,1874, Sumter Co.

                       Mrs. Mary DAVIS  age 66 yrs., wife of Ichabod Davis, d. Jan. 15,1863,

           Mrs. Mary Ann DAVIS  age 53 yrs., wife of Ichabod Davis, d. Dec.13,1857,

                 Sarah S. DEAN  d. Aug. 11,1869, Americus

          Mrs. Elizabeth EASON  age 46 yrs., wife of E.D. Eason, d. Aug.6,1858, Schley

                W.F. EASTERLIN  b. Sept. 7,1849, d. May 6,1893, member of Baptist
                                Church, Mt. Olive (Andersonville)

                Mrs. Mary ELAM  wife of Hodijah Elam, d. Mar. 9,1857, Harris Co.

                Sarah W. EVANS  age 40 yrs., wife of John R. Evans, d. May 22,1858,

           (Mrs.) Flora GENTRY  b. May 1,1848, Putnam Co., Ga., wife of S.C. Gentry, d.
                                Oct. 21,1883, Rome, 3 children, dau. of Thomas D. Speer
                    Nena GOODE  age 1 yr., dau. of Charles T. & Cornelia W. Goode, d.
                                May 22,1866, Americus, Ga.

       (Mrs.) Maxey V. GRIFFIN  age 33 yrs., b. Oct. 10,1856, Sumter Co. Ga., dau. of
                                Jesse Chambliss, wife of D.C. Griffin, d. Apr.14,1890,
                                Sumter Co., Ga., 5 children

                Solomon HARREL  age 63 yrs., d. Apr. 25,1858, Americus, Ga.

       Mrs. Frances B. HARRELL  b. Oct. 20,1805, Wilkes Co., Ga., dau.of William &
                                Elizabeth Murphy, wife of Solomon Harrell
                    (Mr.) HART  member of Americus Bapt. Ch. (Jan. 28,1897 issue)

                Mrs. Mary HART  b. July 6,1809, Warren Co., Ga., wife of Isaac Hart, d.
                                Aug. 21,1870, Schley Co., Ga.

       (Mrs.) Mary Louisa HART  b. Feb. 29,1836, Quebec, Schley Co.,wife of Dr. Aaron
                                Hart, d. Aug. 7,1888, Schley Co., 4 children, dau. of
                                Ebenezer J. & Nancy Cottle, mother of E.J. Hart, sister
                                of L.M. Cottle & O.J. Cottle

                  Moses HARVEY  age 75 yrs., d. June 28,1859, Marion Co., Ga.

                  Nancy HARVEY  age 81 yrs., b. Jan. 11,1792, d. May 16,1872, Buena

             Jeter Anson HOGUE  age 20 yrs., b. Mar. 26,1834, Troup Co., Ga.,d. Sept.
                                14,1853, Sumter Co., Ga.

            Mrs. Emily HORNADY  age 27 yrs., wife of H.C. Hornady, d. Sept. 16,1852,
                                Sumter Co., Ga.

            H.C. HORNADY, D.D.  age 82 yrs., b. Feb. 1822, Jones Co., Ga., editor of
                                "Cherokee Baptist and Landmark Banner", pastorates:
                                Americus, LaGrange, Senoia, Sylvester, Atlanta (First &
                                Third churches) (Mar. 6,1893 issue)

        Sarah Boardman Judson   age 11 mos., dau. of Elder H.C. &Emily Hornady, d. Aug.
                                29,1852, Sumter Co., Ga.

               Thomas C. HORNE  age 17 yrs., d. Sumter Co., Ga. (Feb. 24,1853 issue)

        (Mrs.) Mamie L. HUGHES  b. Jan. 21,1852, Knoxville, Crawford Co., Ga., wife of
                                Rev. W.J. Hughes, d. June 26,1888, Sumter Co.,5 daus.,
                                maiden name Ellis

                Ann E. JACKSON  age 33 yrs., wife of J.J. Jackson, d. Apr. 28,1858,

            Russell F. JENKINS  age 23 yrs., d. Mar. 30,1853, Sumter Co., Ga.

                 Sarah JENKINS  age 63 yrs., wife of Royal Jenkins, d. Apr. 9,18533
                                girls, 2 boys (Danville)

              Barbara JENNINGS  age 78 yrs., b. Jan. 30,1803, Edgefield, S.C.,wife of
                                John Jennings, d. Dec. 11,1881, Webster Co., Ga., member
                                 of Lebanon Baptist Church, Sumter Co., Ga., son in law
                                J.F. Wright of Webster Co.

                  Anne JOHNSON  age 26 yrs., b. Feb. 21,1864, Sumter Co., Ga., dau. of
                                W.H Westbrook, d. Mar. 1,1890, Sumter Co.

          Adolphus D. KENDRICK  age 72 yrs., b. Apr. 1,1807, Poultney, Vt., son of Rev.
                                Clark Kendrick, brothers:  J.A., S.S. & J.R. Kendrick
                                (Dec. 18,1884 issue)

         Horace Clark KENDRICK  age 2 yrs., son of S.S. & Emily H. Kendrick, d. Nov.
                                24,1854, Americus, Ga.

            (Mrs.) A.B. LESTER  member of First Baptist Church, Americus(Aug. 4,1898

                 Alfred LESTER  ge 66 yrs., b. Jefferson Co., Ga., d. Feb. 3,1874,

              Henry H. LUMPKIN  age 30 yrs., d. Nov. 27,1851, Sumter Co., Ga.

             Mrs. Martha LYNCH  age 46 yrs., wife of Asa Lynch, d. Dec. 9,1860, Muscogee
                                 Co., member of Baptist Church at Bethel

               Daniel MASHBURN  age 55 yrs., b. Apr. 4,1819, d. Apr. 24,1873,Sumter Co.,

                 James S. MASK  age 29 yrs., d. Sept. 4,1874, Sumter Co., Ga.

             Blair Rives MAYES  b. Feb. 17,1816, Virginia, husband of Mary A.Harlerin
                                and Emma Riviere, father of Douglas Mayes, d.
                                Jan.26,1889, Sumter Co., 6 children

           William T. McJUNKIN  age 24 yrs., d. June 22,1857, Americus, Ga.

           (Mrs.) S.A. McMAHAN  age 24 yrs., dau. of Mr. O.J. Cannon, wifeof Rev. S.A.
                                McMahan, d. Aug. 19,1899, at father's home inSumter Co.,
                                 member of Bethel Baptist Church, Sumter Co.

        Mrs. Abigail McPHERSON  age 68 yrs., d. July 24,1843, Americus

           Mrs. Mary E. MORGAN  b. June 10,1845, Sumter Co., wife of WilliamH. Morgan,
                                d. Apr. 13,1868, Americus

                  Nancy MORGAN  age 63 yrs., b. Apr. 19,1803, Spartanburg  Dist.,S.C.,
                                wife of Spencer Morgan, d. Americus, Ga. (Jan. 13,1866

                Spencer MORGAN  age 75 yrs., b. Mecklinburg Co., Va., husband ofMiss
                                Lipscomb, d. Feb. 25,1871, Sumter Co., Ga.

               Mrs. Lydia ODOM  age 39 yrs., wife of Col. J.S. Odom, d. Apr. 27,1855,
                                Americus, Ga.

                John B. O'NEAL  age 26 yrs., d. July 4,1892, Americus, brother of:  Mr.
                                B.P. O'Neal, Mrs. Eva Hardaway, Mrs. J.E. Gross, Cora
                                O'Neal, Annie O'Neal

                 Dr. J.A. PARK  of Snow, Ga., d. Sept. 7,1896, at dau's. (Mrs. E.J.
                                Stokes') home in Americus, 6 children

        Mrs. Mary L. PATTERSON  wife of Malachi Patterson, d. May 21,1855Americus

                 James G. PEEL  age 71 yrs., b. Apr. 25,1808, Jefferson Co., Ga., son of
                                 Richard & Nancy Peel, d. Oct. 27,1879, Webster Co.,

      Mrs. Antoinette E. PERRY  age 33 yrs., b. Nov. 10,1853, wife of A.S. Perry, d.
                                Feb. 13,1887, 6 children, 1st married Sampson E. Glover

                   W. W. POOLE  age 59 yrs., b. Apr. 4,1836, husband of C.A. Willis, d.
                                Oct. 14,1895, hydrophobia, 6 sons, member of Rehoboth
                                Church, Sumter Co.

              Carrie A. PRINCE  age 42 yrs., b. Oct. 4,1840, Pike Co., Ga., dau. of Dr.
                                J.W. & Hannah Dunbar, wife of Joseph Kimball Prince, d.
                                May 10,1882, Americus

         Nannie Sheppard PRYOR  of Whitsett, Ga., d. Dec. 6,1898, 6 children

      Dr. D.I. (Ingram) PURSER  b. 1841, Copiah Co., Miss., d. Oct. 22,1897, yellow
                                fever, pastor of Valence Street Church, New Orleans,
                                mother and 2 sisters lived in New Orleans, brother of
                                John F. Purser, 3 sons, 1 dau. in Ala., 1 dau.  Mrs.

                  Kate RANDALL  age 5 yrs., dau. of Mary H. Randall, d. July 31,1877,

            Mrs. Sarah A. REES  age 64 yrs., wife of Dr. Albert Rees, d. Sept. 25,1872,

          Mrs. Mary N. RIGGINS  age 42 yrs., wife of Stephen E. Riggins, d. Oct.
                                29,1847, Danville, Ga., 1 child, cancer

         Julia Caroline Rhymes  age 89 yrs., b. Jan. 11,1810,Putnam Co., wid. of Henry Davenport,
                                md. Feb. 3,1834, d. Mar.7,1899, at dau's. home near Plains,
                                Ga., dau. Mrs. M.D. Walton, moved to Sumter Co. in 1837 

          Mr. Josiah SCRUTCHIN  age 68 yrs., d. Jan. 1850, Sumter Co., Ga.

                Mrs. Lou SEARS  wife of Dr. W.J. Sears, d. Dec. 25,1871, Americus

          Mrs. J.C. SHROPSHIRE  wife of Dr. J.W. Shropshire, dau. of Henry Davenport, d.
                                 Jan. 5,1893, Plains of Dura, Sumter Co.

                Thomas SIMPSON  b. Oct. 16,1816, Salem, Baldwin Co., Ga., husbandof
                                Lydia Ross, d. Dec. 24,1886, Sumter Co.

                    S.W. SMALL  age 50 yrs., d. May 25,1896, at home in Sumter Co.,3
                                sons, 1 dau., member of Bethel Bapt. Ch., Sumter Co.

           Mrs. P.B. STANFIELD  member of First Baptist Ch., Americus (Apr.7,1898 issue)

               Garland STATHAM  age 48 yrs., d. Feb. 9,1853, Sumter Co., Ga., typhoid

           Lycurgus C. STATHAM  age 18 yrs., b. Oct. 4,1851, Sumter Co., Ga.d. Apr.
                                14,1870, Cussetta, Ga.

         Fannie M. Bacon STEED  age 56 yrs., dau. of E.B. Bacon of McDuffie Co., Ga.,
                                wife of Thomas M. Steed, married 1862, d. July17,1899,
                                Macon, Ga., member of Thomaston, Augusta, Americus,
                                Macon Bapt. Churches

              Penelopy STEWART  age 34 yrs., wife of W.R. Stewart, d. Apr. 22,1861,
                                Sumter Co., Ga.

         Mrs. Emily A. STEWART  age 21 yrs., wife of Dr. Thomas H. Stewartd. Dec.
                                24,1854, Monroe Co., Ga.

             Mary Ann SULLIVAN  age 12 yrs., dau. of Thomas C. & Mary G. Sullivan, d.
                                Oct. 3,1836, Americus, Sumter Co., Ga.

         Mrs. Mary G. SULLIVAN  age 35 yrs., wife of Thomas C. Sullivan, dau. of Rev.
                                Wilson Connor, d. Sept. 30,1836, Americus, Sumter Co.,

      (Mrs.) Harriet V. TAYLOR  member of First Bapt. Ch., Americus (Apr. 7,1898 issue)

                Benjamin THARP  age 46 yrs., b. Twiggs Co., Ga., d. Sumter Co.,Ga. (Aug.
                                 14,1863 issue)

                   Ruth THOMAS  dau. of Will & Daisy Thomas, d. May 8,1892, Plains

                    Eli TUCKER  age 45 yrs., d. Apr. 5,1857, Sumter Co., Ga.

              Emma Jane TUCKER  age 2 yrs., dau. of Eli & Elizabeth Tucker, d. Nov.
                                5,1851, Danville, Ga.

          Ryland Fuller TUCKER  age 13 mos., son of Eli & Elizabeth Ann Tucker, d. June
                                20,1852, Danville, Ga.

             Henry WALKER, Sr.  age 73 yrs., d. Sept. 25,1862, Sumter Co., Ga.

               Henry I. WALKER  b. Burke Co., Ga., d. June 7,1870, Americus, Ga.

       Richard Childers WALKER  b. Mar. 27,1832, d. Nov. 8,1859, Sumter Co., Ga.

       Sallie Elizabeth WALKER  age 8 mos., d. Sept. 23,1856, Sumter Co. Ga.

          Mrs. Winifred WALKER  age 69 yrs., b. Mar. 14,1795, Jefferson Co. wid. of
                                Henry Walker, d. Apr. 18,1864, Sumter Co., Ga.

                  Warren WELLS  age 65 yrs., d. Oct. 16,1894, Plains, member of Pleasant
                                 Grove Baptist Church, Macon Co., treasurer of
                                Friendship Assoc. from 1888 to 1892

           Mrs. Bicy WESTBROOK  age 35 yrs., wife of Thomas W. Westbrook, d. Apr.
                                23,1848, Sumter Co., Ga.

      Mrs. Louisa J. WESTBROOK  age 35 yrs., wife of Dr. J.M.R. Westbrook, d. Aug.
                                18,1874, Andersonville

             Johnnie WESTBROOK  age 9 yrs., d. Sept. 5,1870, Sumter Co., Ga.

      Estelle Hamilton WILBURN  age 3 yrs., son of Dr. G.T. & Ruth Wilburn, d. Aug.
                                24,1869, Americus, Ga.

               Harriet WINDSOR  of Smithville, age 78 yrs. (Mar. 2,1899 issue)

                   K.L. WORTHY  age 60 yrs., d. Jan. 14,1892, Friendship

         Lizzie Boseman WORTHY  age 54 yrs., b. Aug. 1,1838, Monroe Co.,Ga., wid. of
                                K.L. Worthy, d. June 30,1893, Americus, children