William T Poupard

Information extracted from Georgia Death Index Register

and from Death Certificates from Webpage of Georgia Secretary of State’s Office

(Georgia’s Virtual Vault)


The place of burial is as stated on the Death Certificate.

                                   The person may or not have been buried at that place. 


Some persons may be listed two times, with two Death Certificates.  This may be from a mistake on the original certificate, or incorrect information. 


In an article from The Tri-County News, dated 10 Jun 1937, it stated that a registar in each Land District would have the Death Certificates.  The person in charge of interment, whether undertaker or head of family was required to obtain the certificate and complete the form.  Also, the article stated that many burials had taken place with no Death Certificate obtained. 


Names of the deceased are listed alphabetically on pages 1-65 and cemeteries are listed alphabetically on pages 67-131.


Explanation of Cemetery Column

A “?“ indicates a place of burial is given but could not be read.

A “–“ indicates that no place of burial was given

Americus/Eastview = The death certificate indicated Americus as place of burial.  In the book “Cemeteries of Sumter County, Georgia” by Jack and Earline Cox, under Eastview Cemetery, Unmarked Graves they are listed.

Northview/Eastview = Northview was the name of the cemetery until June 1941 when the name was changed to Eastview.


To view information of the Death Certificate

The easy way is to go on the Internet and use Google Search.  Type in Georgia’s Virtual Vault and click Search.  From there go to Death Certificates.


Alphabetically by Last Name

Alphabetically By Cemetery