Arnold Godwin Family Bible
Printed & Published by McCarey & Son, Year 1819
submitted by Lori & David Godwin

Amos Smith and Elisabeth Godwin was Married January the 1st 1824.
Wilam A. Smith and Rhoda Ann E. Harris was Married March the 15th 1848.
Rhoda J. Smith and Robert Bass was Married July the 26th 1849.
James A. Smith and Charlott H. Grimmes was Married December the 12th 1850.
Rhoda A. E. Harris was bornd March the 12th 1832.
John H. Tucker and Margaret E. Smith was Married November the 13th 1856.
Hugh H. Moreland and Emaline B. Smith was Married December the 3rd 1857.
Larkin Dupree and Almeda A. Smith was Married March the 26th 1865.
John T. Barrow and Martha C. Smith was Married March the 7th 1871.
Rufus A. Smith and Joanne Cloud was Married December the 9th 1873.

FAMILY RECORD - BIRTHS (page 678 of Bible)
Arnold Godwin, Senr. was born May the 7th 1776.
Barbra Godwin, Senr. was born July the 12th 1773, and departed this life April
the 2nd 1815 in the 42nd year of her age.
Amos Smith was born April the 29th 1799.
James Allen Smith was born July the 13th 1826.
Wm Arnold Smith was born June the 13th 1828.
Rhoda Jane Smith was born October the 17th 1830.
Beny Franklin Smith was born June the 24th 1833.
Margaret Elizabeth Smith was born September the 11th 1836.
Emaline Barbary Smith was born June the 26 1839.
Elizabeth Godwin the daughter of Arnold and Barbary Godwin was bornd December
the 5th 1805.
Margaret Godwin, was bornd March the 12th 1808.
Rhoda Godwin, was bornd May the 24th 1809.
Arnold Godwin Jun was bornd October the 26th 1810 and Decest. May the 28th
Barbary Godwin, Junr. was bornd January the 2nd 1813.
Rufus S. Godwin, was bornd March the 26th 1815.

FAMILY RECORD - DEATHS (Page 679 of Bible)
Arnold Godwin, Senr departed this life July the 27th 1859 in the 84th year of
his age.
Barbary Godwin Jr. departed this life the 29th of November 1868.
Arnold Godwin Junr. departed this life may the 28th 1844 in the 34 year of his

FAMILY RECORD - BIRTHS (Page 680 of Bible)
Almeda Ann Smith was born May 20th 1842.
Martha Caroline Smith was born May the 16th 1846.
Rufus Asbery Smith was born March the 17th 1849.
Charlott H. Grimmes was born September the 16th 1825.

FAMILY RECORD - DEATHS (Page 680 of Bible)
Benjamin F. Smith died April the 12th 1845. Age 11 years, 9 months and 26
Anne Smith consort of James T. Smith died February the 7th 1848.
James T. Smith died February the 24th 1848.
John H. Tucker died in the Army the 19th of January 1863.
Amos Smith departed this life April the 29th 1876.
Margaret E. Tucker departed this life February 27, 1908. Age 72 years, 23
months, 16 days.