Rushin-Daniel Families
of Americus, Ga. 1900 - 1934

Alan Anderson, Compiler

Feb. 21,1900  in city council meeting, the water committee "... 
              recommended in the claim of Mrs. W.H. Speer for 
              tools of her late husband, that a bill had already 
              been made out and approved by council for all tools 
              in possession of city and that she be paid said a-
              mount or return tools.  Upon motion report received
              and adopted..."
Mar.  7,1900  "...(Police) Commissioners Perry, Fricker, Daniel, 
              Nicholson and Taylor had an array of names from 
              which to make a selection...Chief W.W. Wheeler was 
              first reelected, as was Lieut. T.M. Cobb..."
Mar. 11,1900  "Mrs. J.H. Kleckley and Miss Lula Hay left yester-
              day for Nashville, Tenn., where Mrs. Kleckley will 
              select her spring stock of millinery."
Mar. 20,1900  "The formal announcement of Judge A.C. Speer for 
              the office of ordinary...appears this morning.  
              Judge Speer has discharged the important duties of 
              this office for a number of years, and in asking 
              the support of the democrats of Sumter he promises 
              the same care and fidelity that has ever character-
              ized his official acts.  The old veteran will be 
              given a hearty support at the primary."
June 15,1900  "Capt. T.M. Allen Defeats Judge Speer For Ordinary" 
              (vote:  Allen 496, Cobb 435, Speer 411)
June 27,1900  John W.L. Daniel traded his house and lot on East
              Church, near Brown, to Mrs. T.M. Furlow, for 30-
              acre suburban farm out Forsyth street; "Mr. Daniel 
              is not much as a raiser, having raised nothing as 
              yet except a luxuriant moustache and hopes of the 
Aug. 21,1900  "Judge Speer was thrown into a delirium of ecstasy 
              yesterday by an application for a marriage license.  
              It certainly requires fortitude to make any such 
              investment now."; "The Empire Shoe Store, of which 
              Mr. J.W.L. Daniel is manager, will occupy the J.C. 
              Nicholson store in the Thomas Block after September 
              1st.  Mr. Daniel will have Callie Speer associated  
              with him in business..."
Sept 12,1900  "Judge Speer expects a rush of business in a matri-
              monial way, now that times are better, and has 
              cleared his decks for action since the demand for 
              licenses has increased."; "John W.L. Daniel is a 
              jolly bachelor, but he loves children and wants a 
              thousand to come to the Empire Shoe Store, Nichol-
              son's old stand, and buy shoes..."
Aug. 29,1901  J.W.L. Daniel sold Empire Shoe Store to John Cato, 
              but continued as salesman 
Nov. 10,1901  "At 12 o'clock, noon, today, at the Methodist 
              Church in Brundridge, Ala., Mr. Thomas M. Cobb, of 
              Americus, and Miss Maggie Bolger, of that city, 
              will be united in marriage...Mr. Cobb went over 
              yesterday afternoon accompanied by his sister, Mrs. 
              John T. Ferguson, Miss Pansy Cobb and Mr. John W.L. 
Aug. 26,1902  "Mr. John W.L. Daniel gave his many friends a 
              genuine though glad surprise yesterday afternoon 
              when a telegram was received from him at Abbeville, 
              Ala., announcing his marriage to Miss Lula Espy, a 
              pretty and popular young lady of that city.  Mr. 
              and Mrs. Daniel arrived here at 10 o'clock last 
              night and are at home at the residence of his 
              sister, Mrs. Jennie Speer, on Forsyth street."
Aug. 31,1902  "Mr. and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel will occupy this 
              week their own home at the extension of Forsyth 
Dec.  9,1902  "Judge A.C. Speer, who has been ill for three weeks 
              was reported very much improved yesterday."
Dec. 16,1902  "John W.L. Daniel has swapped bases from Cato's 
              shoe store to Duncan's store on Forsyth street."; 
              ADP - J.W.L. Daniel announces as candidate for 
              police commissioner; Dave Speer elected M. of W., 
              Geo. F. Cooper Lodge, #43, Knights of Pythias; 
              "Mrs. John W.L. Daniel will leave today for a 
              several weeks' visit to the home of her parents at 
              Louisville, Ala."
Dec. 18,1902  "Judge A.C. Speer is still quite ill at his home on 
              Forsyth street.  Judge Speer has been in very poor 
              health for nearly eight months past."; J.W.L. Dani-
              el on Traverse Jury list; J.W.L. Daniel came in 
              last with 109 votes in 8-way election for city po-
              lice commissioners
Feb. 14,1903  "The petition of J.W.L. Daniel and others for an 
              extension of water mains out Forsyth street, East 
              Americus, was referred to Water committee..."
May  13,1903  ADP - "Mrs. Jno. W.L. Daniel left yesterday for 
              Louisville, Ala., where she will visit her par-
May  15,1903  ADP - "One Cow Too Many - Mr. Callie Speer, of The 
              Press, who had a lot of cattle in the Montgomery 
              pasture, went down to that place yesterday in the 
              rain, and, after swimming and wading around to get 
              his cows out, and when he reached the bank he had 
              one too many - a black cow - which the owner can 
              get by calling for it."
Sept  3,1903  Daniel's Cash Store, 305 Lamar, next Buchanan Bros.
Sept 15,1903  obit of John E. Sullivan
Sept 17,1903  "Mrs. J.S. Espy, of Louisville, Ala., is the guest 
              of her daughter, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel."
Jan. 31,1904  "Mr. and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel have returned home 
              from a visit to relatives in Alabama."
Feb. 12,1904  "J.W.L. Daniel went to Dawson yesterday on matters 
              of business."
Feb. 14,1904  "Police Officer Tom Cobb will not dine on chicken 
              today.  He accidentally fed his flock on salted 
              dough yesterday, killing more than twenty fine 
Feb. 19,1904  "Mrs. Bessie Kleckley purchased yesterday the E.L. 
              Guerry home on Lee street, near the old Burke 
              place, and may reside there at an early date."
Mar.  4,1904  "Earl Curtright now pulls the ribbons over a fine 
              shetland pony.  His little turnout, which came yes-
              terday, is very much admired."
July 17,1904  "Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel left yesterday for Fort Gaines, 
              upon a visit of a week to relatives there."
Dec.  7,1904  "The sale of the former Mayo residence, corner of 
              Forsyth and Rees streets, was reported yesterday.  
              Mr. J.W.L. Daniel was the purchaser, and will pro-
              bably make it his home.  It is one of the most de-
              sirable dwellings in that portion of the city."
Dec.  9,1904  J.W.L. Daniel, et. al., active pallbearers at fu-
              neral of Henry R. Johnson
Dec. 21,1904  "Mrs. Alice Griffin Cobb, of Oglethorpe, is the 
              guest of Mrs. Bessie Kleckley here this week."
Apr. 14,1906  obit of Miss Susan F. Daniel, died Apr. 13th
Apr. 20,1906  "...Prof. L.D. Lockhart has purchased the Kleckley 
              residence out Lee street and next the residence of 
              Mr. E.B. Everett, and in turn has sold to Mrs. 
              Kleckley his desirable residence on Barlow street, 
              where she will reside..."
June 27,1906  "Mr. and Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel have gone to Abbeville 
              Ala. upon a visit to relatives there."
July  6,1906  "Mrs. Bessie Kleckley bought the dwelling on Prince 
              street (formerly J.C. Nicholson's), for $1,050."
Aug.  3,1906  "Mrs. Bessie Kleckley left yesterday for Atlanta 
              where she will spend some time with friends."
Aug. 12.1906  "The Epworth League meeting of St. Paul's church 
              will be held on Monday evening at 8 o'clock at the 
              home of Mrs. Speer, on Forsyth street."
Aug. 14,1906  "The Epworth League met last night at the home of 
              Miss Nannie Lou Speer.  While not the regular 
              meeting it was the first session in a month."
Aug. 15,1906  "Large Number Gather at Speer Home for Good Time - 
              One of the most pleasant sessions of the Epworth 
              League held in sometime was the meeting Monday 
              night at the Speer home on Forsyth street.  After 
              the work of the body was transacted an excellent 
              program of musical and literary numbers was given 
              which called forth much approval.  Later on games 
              were played after which the merry throng of about 
              40 people wended their way homeward.  The out of 
              town guests included Miss Mary Sullivan of Fitz-
              gerald and Pierce Few of Sandersville."
Oct. 18,1907  "Miss Laurie Speer and Mr. John H. Rushin were uni-
              ted in marriage at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon at 
              the residence of the bride's mother, Mrs. Jennie 
              Speer, on Forsyth...On account of the recent ill-
              ness of Miss Speer the marriage was a very quiet 
              one and solemnized by Rev. O.P. the 
              presence of the family, and near relatives only... 
              Mr. Rushin comes from Montezuma, and for a year or 
              two has been a valuable attache of the Americus 
              Printing Co."
Nov. 20,1907  meeting of Americus white voters urged by petition 
              of hundreds including:  W.C. Sullivan, C.F. Gid-
              dings, J.W.L. Daniel  
Jan. 16,1908  E.W. Curtright enrolled in preparatory class at 
              Agricultural College
Jan. 24,1908  "The little son of Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel, is 
              critically ill, and his recovery quite doubtful."
Jan. 26,1908  "Yesterday evening death claimed the baby boy of 
              Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel, aged four months, the 
              little life going out after several days of suffer-
              ing...The funeral services will be conducted...this 
              afternoon by Rev. O.P. Gilbert, at the residence."
June  7,1908  obit of Bessie Daniel Curtright Kleckley, died at 7 
              o'clock June 6th
Nov. 22,1908  mass meeting called to nominate "Citizens Ticket" 
              for municipal election:  W.C. Sullivan, J.W.L. 
Dec.  3,1908  "I announce my candidacy for election to the board 
              of police commissioners of Americus, subject to the 
              democratic primary to be held December 3d, and will 
              appreciate your support.  Respectfully, W.C. SULLI-
Dec.  4,1908  "For police commissioners, two to be elected, W.C. 
              Sullivan 610, George Oliver, 608."
Apr. 13,1909  "On Easter Sunday Miss Lillian McDaniel and James 
              Carroll Speer were united in marriage by the Rev. 
              R.L. Bivins, at the home of the groom's sister, 
              Mrs. J.H. Rushin."
Aug.  5,1909  "Miss Teresa Sullivan was called home yesterday 
              from Jacksonville by the illness of her father, Mr. 
              W.C. Sullivan."; Carnegie Library Ladies Auxiliary:  
              Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, Mrs. C.F. Giddings, Mrs. W.C. 
Aug.  8,1909  "Miss McKenzie and Miss Rushin of Montezuma are 
              guests of Mrs. J.H. Rushin here."
Nov. 24,1909  "Mr. Williford...sold to Mr. J.W.L. Daniel here the 
              Sherlock dwelling property out Lee street and 
              opposite the residence of Judge J.A. Hixon, the 
              price being $1,650."
Feb. 10,1910  "Mr. J.W.L. Daniel has opened a large bottling es-
              tablishment in one of the warehouses on Hampton 
              street, near the Central freight depot."
Apr. 22,1910  obit of Geo. H. Seig, J.W.L. Daniel and Lawson 
              Speer honorary pallbearers
June  7,1910  J.H. Rushin elected president, Barney Guerry, 
              secretary-treasurer, Walter P. Smith, recording 
              secretary, Americus Typographical Union
June 15,1910  "The pretty bungalow of Mr. W.C. Sullivan will be 
              among the most attractive homes on Church street 
              when completed very soon."
Dec. 30,1910  "Miss Lora Rushin, of Montezuma, is the guest of 
              Miss Nannie Speer, while a visitor here this week."
Apr. 25,1911  J.W.L. Daniel, et. al., honorary pallbearers at 
              funeral of Samuel E. Warlick
May   3,1912  SGP - "Messrs. J.H. Rushin and J.C. Speer, formerly 
              employees of the Southern Printers, have opened a 
              job printing shop of their own, on the second floor 
              of the Bell block on Lamar street."
Dec. 20,1912  SGP - "Mr. John H. Rushin returned Monday from a 
              business and pleasure trip to Montezuma and Spauld-
Jan.  5,1913  "Mrs. John W.L. Daniel and children returned yes-
              terday from a visit of some length in Abbeville, 
              Ala., where they were the guests of relatives."
May  11,1913  Americus Board of Trade members:  J.W.L. Daniel
May  16,1913  SGP - Grand Jury list:  J.W.L. Daniel
June  6,1913  SGP - "The little 4-year-old daughter of Mr. and 
              Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel is critically ill from dipther-
              ia.  The two boys are just up from a severe attack 
              of measles, all of which make trying days and 
              nights in this home." 
Aug. 22,1913  "Safe Breaker At Work on Wednesday - A colored lad 
              called "Butch" concealed himself in the building of 
              the Americus Brokerage & Bottling company Wednesday 
              morning, and while the proprietor, Mr. J.W.L. Daniel, 
              was at dinner, the rascal took an iron bar and broke 
              into the safe..."
Sept 23,1913  "Mrs. J.L. Espy, of Abbeville, Ala., is the guest 
              for several days of Mrs. John W.L. Daniel."
Nov. 27,1913  Furlow School Honor Roll:  Walter Daniel, 2B Grade; 
              Frank Sullivan, Third A Grade; Espy Daniel, Fifth A 
Dec. 14,1913  "Master John Daniel Rushin is a young visitor at 
              the home of Mr. and Mrs. John Rushin, where he ar-
              rived yesterday as a permanent guest."
Dec. 17,1913  Americus voters list:  J.H. Rushin
Dec. 23,1913  Furlow School Honor Roll:  Walter Daniel, Second 
              Grade B; Espy Daniel, Fifth Grade A
Mar. 29,1914  obit of Mrs. W.W. Wheeler, nee Appolonia Ragan, 
              J.W.L. Daniel, et. al., pallbearers
Sept 27,1914  YMCA members list:  Edwin Giddings, C.D. Giddings, 
              W.C. Sullivan, Jr., J.H. Rushin, J.C. Speer, H.O. 
              Speer, et. al.
Mar. 24,1915  SGP - "MUCH SICKNESS - ...Mrs. J.H. Rushin has been 
              very sick from pneumonia..."; "LaGrippe has several 
              hundred victims in Americus...Mrs. Charles A. 
              Schneider is quite ill with pneumonia.  Mrs. Rushin
              on East improving slowly from an attack 
              of this dread disease..." 
July 19,1915  "Prof. J.S. Espy, of Abbeville, Ala., arrived today 
              upon a visit to his daughter, Mrs. John W.L. Daniel 
              OUS ACCIDENT TO LITTLE ONES TODAY - Explosion of 
              gunpowder which they had extracted from shells 
              found about the premises, came near proving fatal 
              today to Gilbert and Carroll Purvis, little sons of 
              Edgar Purvis, and Olin Rushin, the three-year-old 
              son of John Rushin, residing on Church street.  The 
              little tots poured the powder extracted from a 
              handful of shells upon the floor and then applied a 
              lighted match to see if it would burn.  It did, and 
              the three young Americas are now minus eyebrows and 
              front hair, while hands and faces are painfully 
              burned as well.  It was a narrow escape for all of 
              them, the doctors declared."
Sept  2,1915  Wm. Espy's letter to his sister, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel
Sept 15,1915  "Mr. and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel have returned to 
              Americus from Abbeville, Ala., having made the tour
              pleasantly by automobile.  They were guests of rela-
              tives there."
Oct. 12,1915  Jno. W.L. Daniel, et. al., honorary escort at funer-
              al of Mrs. Florence Harvey
Oct. 14,1915  SGP - "Mr. John H. Rushin was called to Doerun yes-
              terday by a business matter." 
Nov. 22,1915  J.W.L. Daniel on Traverse Jury list
Dec. 23,1915  "Mr. John W.L. Daniel has acquired the valuable 
              mill property on College street, with sidetracks 
              from the Seaboard railway, and will remove his 
              fruit and merchandise business there January first 
              from his present headquarters near the Central 
              depot.  The property is well located, and Mr. 
              Daniel is already making extensive improvements 
Jan. 19,1916  J.W.L. Daniel on City Court jury list
Feb.  6,1916  "Miss Teance Espy, of Savannah, is the guest of her 
              aunt, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel."
Feb.  9,1916  "Miss Teance Espy, who was a popular visitor at the 
              home of Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, has left for Cordele on 
              a visit."
Feb. 11,1916  "J.W.L. Daniel, the well known broker...has been 
              very busy for the past two months having the build-
              ing he is now occupying put in necessary shape... 
              Mr. Daniel's warehouse is situated on College 
              street, right on the Seaboard Air Line railroad..."
Mar.  3,1916  SGP - "Mr. J.W.L. Daniel has installed a new twenty 
              horsepower engine in his plant at the Seaboard 
              crossing on Furlow..., and will soon be getting his 
              mill in condition to run.  This, together with his 
              produce and fruit business will make Mr. Daniel one 
              busy man." 
July 12,1916  "One of the delightful quiet social events of the 
              season was the dinner party given Tuesday evening 
              by Mr. and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel, at their home on 
              South Lee street.  The guests consisted of Dr. and 
              Mrs. J. Irving Giddings, Miss Camp Blackwell, of 
              Columbia, Ala., Mr. and Mrs. T.E. Bolton and son 
July 17,1916  "J.W.L. Daniel is putting in a concrete refriger-
              ator for the purpose of saving his bananas at his 
              plant out on College street." 
Aug.  6,1916  "The grist mill and contents on east College street 
              belonging to John W.L. Daniel were destroyed by 
              fire Saturday night.  The alarm was sounded at 8:30 
              o'clock and the fire had gained considerable headway 
              before the fire apparatus reached the scene."; SGP - 
              "Mill Belonging to Mr. J.W.L. Daniel on College 
              Street Totally Destroyed by Stubborn Fire"
Aug.  9,1916  J.W.L. Daniel on City Court jury list
Sept  2,1916  SGP - "Mr. J.W.L. Daniel suffered the misfortune of 
              losing one of his mules on Friday morning."
Sept 12,1916  "J.W.L. Daniel, who had the misfortune to lose his 
              milling plant on College street, several weeks ago, 
              has not yet decided as to whether he will rebuild 
              at the old place or not..."
Oct. 11,1916  "Friends of J.H. Rushin will learn with regret that 
              he is confined to his home on Church street by an 
              attack of fever, though his condition is not consi-
              dered serious."
Oct. 12,1916  "John W.L. Daniel is making arrangements to enter 
              again into business.  He is said to have leased the 
              brick building between Cotton avenue and Hampton 
              street owned by A.J. Hamil, and will put in a grist 
              mill and bottling works there; also will handle 
              bananas and fruits, etc., as formerly."
Oct. 20,1916  "J.W.L. Daniel, who will open up between Cotton... 
              and Hampton...a bottling works and grist mill, 
              etc., will not be ready for business for a couple 
              of weeks or more, as there is so much to do, 
              preparatory to getting ready for business, moving 
              and placing machinery, etc."; "The condition of 
              Mrs. W.H. Speer, on Church..., is reported to be 
              slightly improved today..."
Oct. 27,1916  obit of Sarah Jane "Jennie" Daniel Speer
Nov. 16,1916  "J.W.L. Daniel has nearly completed remodeling the 
              building between Cotton avenue and Hampton..."
Dec. 21,1916  Empty Stocking Fund contributors:  Mr. and Mrs. 
              J.H. Rushin, John D. Rushin, Mr. and Mrs. J.C. 
              Speer, Nannie Claire Speer, Henry Speer, Lillian 
Jan.  7,1917  prospective jurors list in Walter Wade murder trial 
              of Dr. C.K. Chapman:  W.C. Sullivan, J.W.L. Daniel, 
              et. al. (204 names); "E.D. McDaniel, who has for 
              some time been connected with Rushin & Speer, and 
              later a solicitor for the Southern Printers, has 
              gone into the law office of H.O. Jones..."
Feb. 23,1917  obit of Mrs. E.M. Lamp, died Feb. 22nd in Poulan, 
              buried at Oak Grove Cemetery, sisters-in-law Mrs. 
              J.W. Castleberry, Mrs. W.W. Guerry, nieces Mrs. 
              C.T. Law, Mrs. Callie M. Cobb, pallbearers Albert 
              Guerry, Emmett Bolton, J.W.L. Daniel, Callie Speer, 
              J.F. Monohan and Boney Carey
Mar.  1,1917  South Georgia Progress ceased publication, having 
              begun as a weekly Nov. 3,1911, and as a daily Oct. 
              5,1915; list of 225 prospective jurors for Wade 
              murder trial:  J.H. Rushin, C.F. Giddings, et. al.
Mar. 9,1917   T.E. Bolton, George Dudley, E.L. Murray, J.W.L. 
              Daniel, Herbert Hawkins and Thomas Harrold pall-
              bearers at funeral of Mrs. E.M. Hall
Mar. 15,1917  "John Rushin, of the firm of Rushin & Speer, is 
              quite ill at his home on Elm avenue.  He has been 
              indisposed for several days, and many friends hope 
              to see him up again."
Mar. 25,1917  "The many friends of John H. Rushin will be glad to 
              learn that he is now able to be up again, and was 
              down town during Saturday afternoon.  Mr. Rushin 
              has been ill for several weeks, and the fact that 
              he is recovering again will be good news to all."
July  8,1917  719-name list of white draft registrants:   #140 
              Russell Cleveland Speer, #210 Henry Olin Speer, 
              #223 Charles Daniel Giddings, #375 Herman Speer 
              Schneider, #384 John Henry Rushin 
July 12,1917  "Mrs. G.C. Purvis has been ill for several days at 
              her home on Hancock avenue."; "Miss Elsie Espy and 
              Mr. Wesley Espy, of Savannah, will arrive in Ameri-
              cus tomorrow, to be the guests of Mr. and Mrs. 
              J.W.L. Daniel, on Lee street."; white draft regis-
              trants:  (90) Grover Cleveland Purvis, (140) Rus-
              sell Cleveland Speer, (210) Henry Olin Speer, (223) 
              Charles Daniel Giddings, (232)William Connor Sulli-
              van, Jr., (375) Herman Speer Schneider, (384) John 
              Henry Rushin
July 26,1917  C.F. Giddings, M.N. Edwards, J.B. Ansley, J.C. 
              Speer, J.W.L. Daniel and R.A. Hogue pallbearers at 
              funeral of Thomas Edgar Mayo, son of David A. Mayo
Aug.  8,1917  list of physical rejects for draft:  Russell Cleve-
              land Speer, Charles Daniel Giddings; also list of 
              who passed
Aug. 12,1917  "J.H. Rushin and B.L. Guerry left last night for 
              Savannah to take a first view of the old ocean and 
              decide whether they will swim over to the French 
              coast or make the trip in an army transport a 
              little later on."
Aug. 13,1917  "Announcement was made in the Savannah News of yes-
              terday by Mr. and Mrs. Carl Espy, of Savannah, of 
              the engagement of their daughter, Teance, to Mr. 
              Paul Wallace Cole, of Ludlow, Ill..  Miss Espy has 
              quite a number of friends in Americus, where she 
              visited as the guest of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, 
              who will hear with interest of her engagement."
Aug. 19,1917  "Construction operations will begin Monday morning 
              on the building now occupied by John W.L. Daniel, 
              on Cotton avenue, to prepare for the installation 
              of a large roller system flour mill..."
Sept  7,1917  jury list for third trial of Dr. C.K. Chapman:  
              W.C. Sullivan, J.W.L. Daniel, H.S. Schneider, et. 
              al. (conviction on Sept. 17th)
Sept 27,1917  "Mrs. John W.L. Daniel and Mrs. Emmett Bolton were 
              joint hostesses yesterday afternoon at the latter's 
              residence to the members of the Workers' Society of 
              ...Central Baptist..."
Nov. 11,1917  "George C. Chambers, of Augusta, has accepted a 
              position as millwright at the J.W.L. Daniel mill 
              here, and arrived Saturday to begin his duties."
Nov. 15,1917  East Americus Honor Roll:  First grade, Olin Rushin
Feb. 28,1918  Superior Court jury list:  H.S. Schneider, Earl 
              Speer, Claude Schneider, J.W.L. Daniel, W.C. Sulli-
              van, C.F. Giddings, J.H. Rushin 
June  3,1918  at funeral of Lee Allen, "...honorary pallbearers 
              will be deacons of the First Baptist church, 
              Messrs. T.E. Bolton, T.F. Gatewood, W.B. Worthy, 
              Sr., J.T. McLendon and J.W.L. Daniel..."
July  4,1918  C.F. Giddings, W.C. Sullivan, J.W.L. Daniel, R.L. 
              Maynard and W.T. Lane pallbearers at funeral of 
              Mrs. Martha V. Cobb, widow of Wm. A. Cobb, died 
              July 2nd in Macon
Apr. 25,1919  "J.H. Rushin is the latest aspirant for honors in 
              the race for justice of the peace made vacant by 
              the death of C.R. Winchester...Having long been af-
              filiated with union labor here, it is anticipated 
              he will pull a substantial vote among the working 
May   4,1919  Justice of Peace election in Americus:  F.W. Grif-
              fin 135, J.H. Rushin 129, J.F. Monohan 118, C.J. 
              Williams 23; "...There is this consolation," said 
              Mr. Rushin:  "I got nearly enough votes, and I got 
              the union labor vote solidly.  I am a member of a 
              labor union and I would much prefer to have lost 
              with their support than to have won without it..."
May  22,1919  Traverse Jury list:  J.W.L. Daniel
Aug. 17,1919  Nell Schneider, Ruth Schneider, John Rushin, Rosa-
              lie Purvis, et. al., guests at Mary Vi Speer's 
              third birthday party
Sept 14,1919  City Court jury list:  Earl Speer; City Court 
              cases:  "Crown Cork & Seal Co. vs. Mrs. J.W.L. 
              Daniel, suit on account,..."
Sept 19,1919  J.W.L. Daniel, et. al., pallbearers at funeral of 
              Mrs. Frank Hill
Dec.  4,1919  "Mrs. John Daniel was the Literary Club's hostess 
              this afternoon at 3 o'clock at her home on Ogle-
              thorpe avenue..."
Aug.  6,1920  "Little Olin Rushin and Nannie Claire Speer were 
              taken to Plains sanitarium today for a tonsils and 
              adenoids operation, from which it is expected they 
              will recover in a few days."
Aug. 31,1920  Louise Purvis, Mildred Purvis, James Purvis, William 
              Purvis, Rosalie Purvis, Marie Purvis, Christine 
              Schneider and Olin Rushin were guests at Virginia
              Purvis' eighth birthday party on Elm Ave.
Sept 18,1920  City Court civil cases:  "Crown Cork and Seal Co. 
              versus Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, complaint on account.; 
              W.A. and J.D. Moore versus W.L. English and J.H. 
              Purvis, complaint."
Oct.  3,1920  "Mr. and Mrs. John Rushin, of 417 Elm avenue, an-
              nounce the birth Saturday morning (Oct. 2nd) of a 
              10-pound boy."
Oct. 28,1920  "John W.L. Daniel has returned from Macon, where he 
              spent some time undergoing medical treatment re-
Dec. 16,1920  "Espy Daniel, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, 
              who live about a mile from Americus on the Felder 
              street road, was seriously hurt last night about 7 
              o'clock while he and his younger brother, Walter, 
              were on their way to visit nearby friends..."
May  10,1921  "The friends of John W.L. Daniel will learn with 
              regret of his continued illness of rheumatism at 
              his home on Felder street.  Mr. Daniel has been 
              confined to his home for several months, and his 
              condition, though no worse, is not improved."
May  22,1921  Superior Court jury list:  J.W.L. Daniel
June  3,1921  citizens petition supporting Miss Ximena Bond's re-
              instatement to East Americus School faculty:  Mrs. 
              H.S. Schneider,  Mrs. Earl Speer, Mrs. M.E. Purvis, 
              Mrs. J.H. Rushin, Mrs. C.M. Cobb, Mr. and Mrs. 
              Chas. Smith, Mrs. L.J. Blalock, Mrs. S.D. Cobb, 
              Mrs. Claude Ballard, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, Mrs. W.C. 
              Sullivan, Mrs. W.C. Sullivan, Jr., et. al.
Aug. 16,1921  "Walter Daniel, who was threatened with an attack 
              of fever recently at his home on Felder street, is 
              now up and out again."
Nov. 10,1921  Sam Gunn, John Daniel, Jr., et. al., planted Tree 
              #1 in memory of C.G. Clement and J.D. Bridges at 
              Armistice Day ceremony at Dodson St. hospital
Nov. 18,1921  Judson Rushin, backfield player for Rees Park team
Dec. 22,1921  Walter Daniel and Pat Sullivan on newly organized 
              East Americus baseball team, John Daniel, substi-
Sept  8,1922  "Mrs. John D. Sullivan entertained at her home on 
              Jackson street Wednesday afternoon with a miscella-
              neous shower complimenting Mrs. Marvin Giddings... 
              guests were...Miss Rachel Scroggs...Mrs. Will Sul-
              livan, Mrs. J.W. Waller...Mrs. G.C. Scott...coming 
              in for refreshments were Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, Mrs. 
              W.C. Sullivan, Sr.,...Miss Nannie Lou Speer." 
Oct.  4,1922  "John Daniel, 18-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. John 
              W.L. Daniel, is suffering from a broken leg re-
              ceived in an accident Saturday afternoon near his 
              home on South Lee street.  He was riding on the 
              back of a cotton wagon when an automobile coming 
              from the direction of the city struck him as he 
              dropped from the wagon to the ground.  The leg was 
              broken just below the knee."
Dec. 18,1922  "John Daniel, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, is 
              slightly improved at his home on Lee street, where 
              he has been confined for several weeks with erysi-
              pelas caused by bruises received in an automobile 
Jan. 18,1923  J.H. Rushin, et. al., donated groceries to be dis-
              tributed to the poor by Trinity A.M.E. Church
July 16,1923  "Mr. and Mrs. Joe Espy, of Temple, Texas, who have 
              been visiting (Mr. and) Mrs. John Daniel at their 
              home on Lee street, have returned home." 
July 25,1923  "Espy Daniel, son of Mr. and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel, 
              of this community, will leave the latter part of 
              the week for Temple, Tex., where he will be 
              associated with the large cotton interest of the 
              Espy Cotton Company.  Mr. Daniel displayed unusual 
              aptitude for cotton and cotton products, having 
              been associated with his father on a fine farm on 
              Oglethorpe road..."
Feb. 18,1924  "Mr. and Mrs. John Daniel have returned from a...
              stay of ten days in Hampton Springs, Fla."
Mar. 31,1924  Florence Speer, Christine Schneider, John Rushin, 
              Olin Rushin, Coleman Speer, Lawson Gunn, et. al., 
              guests at Edwin Jones, Jr's. ninth birthday party
Apr.  3,1924  "John Rushin, who has been mentioned frequently in 
              connection with the race for Justice of the Peace 
              to succeed the late F.W. Griffin, stated today he 
              had decided definitely not be a candidate..." 
May   7,1924  "The Women's Literary Club will meet Thursday 
              afternoon with Mrs. John W.L. Daniel at her home on 
              South Lee street at 3:15 c'clock.  An interesting 
              program has been arranged..."
May  24,1924  ""Son" Rushin played short stop for losing Church 
              St. team against Lee St. team, while Speer and 
              Purvis on winning Dixie Cubs team against losing 
              Lee St. team
May  29,1924  "Espy Daniel, who has held a responsible position 
              during the past year with the Espy Cotton Company, 
              at Temple, Texas, has arrived in Americus to spend 
              his vacation of two months, with his parents, Mr. 
              and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel, at their home on South 
              Lee street."
July 31,1924  "Espy Daniel left Wednesday for Temple, Texas, 
              where he will resume his work with the Espy Cotton 
              company.  Mr. Daniel has been spending the summer 
              with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. John W.L. Daniel, at 
              their home on South Lee street."
Apr. 10,1925  "Mr. Joe Espy, of Temple, Texas, was the guest for 
              several days this week, of his sister, Mrs. John 
              W.L. Daniel, at her home on South Lee street."
Apr. 27,1925  "John W.L. Daniel, retired Americus business man, 
              died at his home here today, following an extended 
              illness.  He is survived by his wife, Mrs. Lula 
              Daniel; three sons, Espy Daniel, Walter Daniel and 
              John Daniel, Jr., and one daughter, Miss Teresa 
              Daniel, all of Americus, besides two sisters, Mrs. 
              W.C. Sullivan, Sr., and Mrs. C.F. Giddings, of this 
              city.  Funeral services will be...conducted by Rev. 
              W.M. Heyward, pastor of Lee Street Methodist...Lee 
              G. Council, A.C. Bivins, John T. Taylor, John W. 
              Shiver, J.D. Graham and W. Fred Smith will act as 
July 21,1925  "Espy Daniel has gone to Savannah, where he has ac-
              cepted a position with the Espy Cotton Co."; "Mrs. 
              John W.L. Daniel has returned from Abbeville, where 
              she was the guest of her father for the past week." 
Aug. 17,1925  "The body of Henry Scott...who lost his life when 
              he fell from a sea wall into Tampa Bay...was laid 
              to rest this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock in Oak Grove 
              cemetery.  Funeral services were held from the res-
              idence of the youth's grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. 
              W.C. Sullivan, on North Lee...lived here with his 
              parents up until a year ago...Pallbearers were 
              Egbert Clark, Charles Sullivan, Walter Daniel and 
              Raymond Price."
Sept  1,1925  "Miss Teresa Daniel has gone to Florida, where she 
              will be the attractive guest of friends in Fort 
              Meade, and Tampa."
Oct. 21,1925  "The Women's Literary Club will meet Thursday 
              afternoon, October 22, at the home of Mrs. J.W.L. 
              Daniel on Lee street..."
Oct. 28,1925  First Baptist Church honor roll:  Primaries - 
              Calvin Speer, Intermediates - Olin Rushin
Dec.  5,1925  First Baptist honor roll:  Intermediate Dept. - 
              Olin Rushin, Adult Dept. - E.M. Purvis, Mrs. Jno. 
Feb.  5,1926  First Baptist honor roll:  Primary Dept. - Calvin 
              Speer, Junior Dept. - Florence Speer, Intermediate 
              Dept. - Olin Rushin, Adult Dept. - E.M. Purvis
Apr.  5,1926  First Baptist honor roll:  Primary Dept. - Calvin 
              Speer, Junior Dept. - Rosalie Purvis, Florence 
              Speer, Intermediate Dept. - Olin Rushin, Adult Dept.
              - E.M. Purvis
June 11,1926  Teresa Daniel, Nannie Claire Speer, et. al., gradu-
              ates, received AHS diplomas, at Rylander Theater
Aug. 20,1926  "Miss Teresa Daniel has returned home after spend-
              ing some time in points of interest in Florida."
Sept 21,1926  "Mrs. John Daniel has returned from a visit to her 
              father in Abbeville, Ala."
Nov. 11,1926  First Baptist Sunday School honor roll:  Primary 
              Dept. - Elise Waller, Intermediate Dept. - Olin 
              Rushin, E.M. Purvis
Dec. 11,1926  First Baptist Sunday School honor roll:  Primary 
              Dept. - Hugh Rushin, Intermediate Dept. - Florence 
              Speer, Young People's Dept. - Olin Rushin, Adult 
              Dept. - E.M. Purvis
Jan. 18,1927  "Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel is in Abbeville, Ala., having 
              been called there by the illness and death of her 
              brother, Senator J.D. Espy."
Feb. 11,1927  First Baptist Sunday School honor roll:  Beginners 
              Dept. - Lawrence Purvis, Junior Dept. - Rosalie 
              Purvis, Intermediate Dept. - Florence Speer,, Young 
              People's Dept. - Olin Rushin, Adult Dept. - E.M. 
Mar.  5,1927  City Court jury list:  J.H. Rushin
Mar.  9,1927  First Baptist Sunday School honor roll:  Beginners 
              Dept. - Martha Speer, Primary Dept. - Hugh Rushin, 
              Junior Dept. - Rosalie Purvis, Intermediate Dept. - 
              Florence Speer, Young People's Dept. - Olin Rushin, 
              Adult Dept. - E.M. Purvis
June 13,1927  "James Espy Daniel, of Taylor, Texas, is visiting 
              his mother, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel on South Lee St., 
              for two weeks."; "Walter Daniel returned from Savan-
              nah yesterday after a weeks visit to his uncle, Carl 
Aug. 30,1927  "Mrs. Paul Cole, of Honolulu, is the guest of her 
              aunt, Mrs. John Daniel on South Lee street.  Mrs. 
              Cole will be remembered as Miss Teance Espy before 
              her marriage."
Sept 15,1927  "Miss Teresa Daniel left Tuesday for Milledgeville 
              where she will enter G.S.C.W."
Oct. 10,1927  Americus registered voters list:  Walter Daniel, 
              Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, C.F. Giddings, Mrs. C.F. Gid-
              dings, Wilbur Giddings, Mrs. Wilbur Giddings, J.H. 
              Rushin, Mrs. J.H. Rushin
Oct. 17,1927  "John Rushin, who for many years had been engaged 
              in the printing business in Americus has again re-
              turned to his chosen profession and now has charge 
              of job printing department of the Americus Times-
May   5,1928  "Miss Teresa Daniel is spending the weekend with 
              friends at G.S.C.W., Milledgeville."
Jan. 19,1929  "Americus friends of Mr. Espy Daniel will be inter-
              ested to learn of his marriage to Miss Afton Willis, 
              of Taylor, Texas, which was solemnized Christmas day 
              at the home of the bride...Mr. the son 
              of Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, of this city.  He has made 
              his home in Taylor for the past three years..." 
Feb. 28,1929  "Walter Daniel, of Americus, who is attending 
              school in Chicago, underwent an operation today for 
              appendicitis at the Jackson Park hospital in Chica-
Mar. 16,1929  "Walter Daniel who recently underwent an operation 
              in Chicago, where he attends school, has recovered 
              sufficiently to return to his home in Americus and 
              spend a few weeks with his mother, Mrs. J.W.L. 
              Daniel before resuming his studies in Chicago."
Apr.  2,1929  "Mrs. John W.L. Daniel has leased the Burkhalter 
              home on the corner of Church and Jackson streets, 
              and will move there from her Lee street home this 
              week.  Mr. and Mrs. Albert Harris will occupy an 
              apartment with Mrs. Daniel."
Apr.  3,1929  "Judson Rushin, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Rushin, 
              has accepted a position with Churchwell Brothers' 
              store in Cordele and has assumed his duties there."
Apr. 19,1929  "Judson Rushin of Cordele spent Thursday afternoon
              with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Rushin, on 
              Lamar street." 
May   6,1929  "John Rushin left Monday for Williamson, Ga., where 
              his father, H.H. Rushin, died at 7 o'clock Monday 
              morning (May 6th).  Funeral services are to be held 
              some time Tuesday."; "Mr. and Mrs. Espy Daniel, of 
              Taylor, Tex., are the guests of Mr. Daniel's moth-
              er, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, on Church street." 
May  22,1929  ""Americus recreation center" is the term J.H. 
              Rushin applies to his remodeled bowling alleys (213 
              W. Forsyth)...which have...a lunch counter and cold 
              drink facilities which are in charge of Dave C. 
May  26,1929  "Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, Miss Teresa Daniel and Mr. and 
              Mrs. Espy Daniel are spending the weekend with rel-
              atives in Alabama."
June 12,1929  "Walter Daniel, son of Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel, has gone 
              to Chicago, where he will spend several months stu-
              dying accounting at the Walton School of Commerce." 
June 13,1929  "...John Rushin...among those leaving Thursday mor-
              ning for Camp McClelland, the Civilian's Military 
              Training Camp near Anniston, Ala."
Aug. 27,1929  marriage of Miss Virginia Bass and William Walter 
              Daniel, Aug. 25th, at Lee Street Methodist Church
Sept  2,1929  "Walter Daniel has gone to Chicago where he has 
              accepted a position as junior accountant with a 
              large manufacturing concern.  He will be joined by 
              Mrs. Daniel."
Sept 13,1929  "Mrs. Walter Daniel, who was Miss Virginia Bass 
              before her recent marriage, left today for Chicago 
              where she will join Mr. Daniel and make their home 
Sept 18,1929  "Miss Teresa Daniel, who has been attending busi-
              ness school in Macon, has returned to her home 
Nov.  1,1929  "Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel has returned from Abbeville, 
              Ala., where she was called on account of a serious 
              accident occurring to her father, Mr. J.S. Espy."; 
              "Mr. and Mrs. Carl Espy of Savannah spent last 
              night in the city as the guests of Mrs. J.W.L. 
              Daniel enroute to Abbeville, Ala."
Nov. 14,1929  "Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel has returned from Abbeville, 
              Ala., where she was called last Friday on account 
              of the (unreadable) of her father."
May  22,1930  "Mr. and Mrs. Espy Daniel, of Taylor, Texas, arri-
              ved yesterday to be the guests of Mrs. John Daniel, 
              their mother, at her home on Church street for 
              several days."
Jan.  9,1931  marriage of Teresa Augusta Daniel, daughter of John 
              W.L. and Lula Espy Daniel, on Dec. 27th, in Jack-
              sonville, Fla., to Thomas Prioleau Ball 
Jan. 19,1931  "BIRTHS - Mr. and Mrs. R.L. Peacock announce the 
              birth of a son, Friday, January 16, at their home 
              on John street, who has been named Robert David 
Jan. 25,1931  Omer Bass, Carroll Purvis, J.W. Chambliss, Olin 
              Rushin, et. al., guests at Mr. and Mrs. Sam Gunn's 
              dance at their Oglethorpe Ave. home
Feb. 17,1931  "Walter Daniel, of Wisconsin, formerly of Americus, 
              is the guest of his mother, Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel at 
              her home here for several days."
Feb. 18,1931  "Mr. and Mrs. W. Walter Daniel and little daughter, 
              Dorothy Will, of Kenosha, Wisconsin, are visiting 
              their parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Bass and Mrs. John 
              W.L. Daniel.  Mrs. Daniel was before her marriage, 
              Miss Virginia Bass, of Americus." 
Feb. 20,1931  "Mrs. Pri Ball, of Jacksonville, Fla., is the guest 
              of her mother, Mrs. John Daniel at her home here 
              for several days.  Mrs. Ball was before her mar-
              riage, Miss Teresa Daniel of Americus."
Apr. 12,1931  Vivian Sullivan, Rosalie Purvis, Olin Rushin, C. 
              Purvis, et. al., guests at Mary Vi Speer's Sopho-
              more Prom
June 11,1931  "Mrs. John Daniel has returned to her home here 
              after a visit of several days to Atlanta." 
June 16,1931  "Olin Rushin, of Americus...will clash in the main 
              go of the regular Thursday night fight card at the 
              city playgrounds..."
June 19,1931  account of boxing matches with Olin and John Rushin
July  1,1931  "Espy Daniel, of Taylor, Texas, is the guest of his 
              mother, Mrs. John Daniel at her home here for sev-
              eral days."
July  5,1931  T-R Birthday Club:  "July 4 - Mrs. John Daniel, 
              1302 Lee St., City"
July  9,1931  "Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Bass and daughter, have returned 
              to their home on East Lamar street, after spending 
              several days visiting their daughter and sister, 
              Mrs. W.W. Daniel, in Atlanta."
July 16,1931  "Mrs. Pri Ball, of Jacksonville, Fla., is spending 
              a few days here with her mother, Mrs. John Daniel 
              before joining her husband, who is connected with 
              the Dixie Air Transport Company, Charleston, S.C."; 
              "Espy Daniel has returned to his home in Taylor, 
              Texas, after a vacation visit here with his mother, 
              Mrs. John Daniel."
July 22,1931  "Mrs. Leroy Hamilton and children of Atlanta, are 
              spending several days here with Mrs. J.W.L. Daniel 
              at her home on South Lee street."
July 26,1931  Johnnie Rushin, et. al., on Americus boxing team 
              organized by Tommy Hooks III
Aug.  4,1931  Theo Bass, Olin Rushin, et. al., charter members, 
              Knights of Dixie Lodge
Sept  9,1931  "John Daniel has returned to the city after having 
              spent the summer months with relatives in west 
Nov. 20,1931  "Mrs. W.W. Daniel and little daughter, Dorothy 
              Will, of Atlanta, arrived yesterday to visit Mrs. 
              Daniel's parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Bass, on 
              Brannon avenue."
Nov. 22,1931  Hugh Rushin, et. al., went on Sam Lott's Sunday 
              School class possum hunt
Apr.  1,1932  "Mrs. John Daniel has returned from a two month's 
              visit in Charleston, S.C., where she was the guest 
              of her daughter, Mrs. T.P. Ball."
Oct. 12,1932  "Mr. Walter Daniel, of Atlanta, spent Tuesday night 
              in Americus en route to Jacksonville, Fla., to open 
              a branch office for Snap-On Tools, Inc.  Mrs. Wal-
              ter Daniel and daughter, Dorothy, are spending a 
              few days here with Mrs. Daniel's parents, Mr. and 
              Mrs. O.S. Bass, Sr., where Mr. Daniel will join 
              them soon and will return to their home in Atlan-
Feb.  3,1933  "John Daniel, who has been in Atlanta for the past 
              few months is the guest of his mother, Mrs. John 
              Daniel, at her home on South Lee street."
June  9,1933  "Mrs. John Daniel returned last night from a two 
              weeks visit to Abbeville, Ala."
July 26,1933  "Ernie Kirchner, Macon make...home in 
              Americus in the future and will live with Mr. (J.H.) 
              Rushin on south Lee street, where Kirchner will 
              workout daily with Mr. Rushin's sons, fighters 
              Johnny and Olin...It is Pa Rushin's plan to keep a 
              stable of fighters in Americus at all times and 
              fight them on Thursday night cards..." 
July 28,1933  "Johnny Rushin, Americus fighter, lost a four-round 
              decision to the more experienced Young Glover, of 
              Macon...Another one of the Rushin boys made his de-
              but last night.  Hugh Rushin was the new fighter 
              from the Rushin family.  He fought Paul Watley and 
              lost the decision..." 
Aug. 11,1933  "John W.L. Daniel, of Americus, has accepted a po-
              sition as manager of the Atlanta branch office of 
              Blue Point Steel Snapon Tools, Inc." 
Nov.  3,1933  "Mr. and Mrs. T.P. Ball and son, of Charleston, 
              S.C., arrived today to be the guests of her mother, 
              Mrs. John Daniel, on South Lee street for a few 
              days.  Mrs. Ball was before her marriage Miss Tere-
              sa Daniel of this city."; "Mrs. W.W. Daniel and 
              little daughter, Dorothy Will, of Kenosha, Wis., 
              are visiting her parents, Mr. and Mrs. O.S. Bass, 
              at their home on Brannon avenue."
Dec. 12,1933  "Wesley Espy, young Savannah man...found slugged in 
              front of his home...early Sunday morning had not 
              regained consciousness late last night...Mr. Espy 
              is a nephew of Mrs. John Daniel of Americus...This 
              is the second tragedy in the Espy family in the 
              past ten days.  Another child of Mr. and Mrs. Carl 
              Espy died recently after a marble topped table had 
              fallen on it while playing in the kitchen..."
Dec. 22,1933  "Mrs. John Daniel left today for Savannah, where 
              she will be the guest of her brother, Mr. Carl 
              Espy, during the holidays, later going to Charles-
              ton to visit her daughter, Mrs. T.P. Ball."
Mar.  6,1934  "Olin Rushin, Judson Rushin, Clyde Howard, Lloyd 
              Hardy and Howard Dupree motored to Macon last night 
              to attend the W.L. Stribling memorial exercise."
Mar. 23,1924  "Mrs. John Daniel has returned to her home here af-
              ter spending the past few months with her daughter, 
              Mrs. T.P. Ball, in Charlotte, N.C."
Apr. 18,1934  "John Daniel has returned to his home in Atlanta 
              after a visit of a few days with his mother, Mrs. 
              J.W.L. Daniel."
June 28,1934  "Mrs. John Daniel has returned from a six weeks 
              visit with her daughter, Mrs. T.P. Ball, in Char-
              leston, S.C., and her brother Carl Espy, at Tybee 
Dec. 31,1934  "Olin Rushin, well-known Americus young man, has 
              been made manager of the market department in the
              Rogers grocery store on Broad street, in Albany, it 
              was announced today.  Mr. Rushin has been employed 
              in the local Rogers store for several months.  He 
              is a son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Rushin, of South Lee