Tinsley Families of Sumter County, Ga
from Various Americus Newspapers

Alan Anderson, Compiler

Mar.  5,1856  "Sumter Sheriff Sales - One town lot in Americus...
              known as the Female Academy lot, now in possession
              of Ambrose Spencer.  Levied on as the property of
              Phillip A. Strobel, to satisfy five Justice court
              fi fas, two in favor of Meadows & Co., one in favor
              of Avery Wheeler, one in favor of Margaret Tinsley
Mar. 14,1862  muster roll of Zollicoffer Riflemen:  Pvt. Wm. C. 
Dec. 19,1862  "Guardian's Sale - On the first Tuesday in February 
              next, will be sold before the Court House door in 
              Americus, a negro boy, named Henry Clay, about fif-
              teen years of age.  Sold as the property of Thomas 
              H.L. Tinsley, late of Sumter county, deceased.  
              Terms cash.  THOMAS D. SPEER." 
Sept 16,1870  Sullivan & Tinsley moved their jewelry store "to 
              the house next to Dr. Tommey's Book store on La-
Mar. 29,1872  "The firm of Sullivan & Tinsley has been dissolved 
              by mutual consent.  Mr. John E. Sullivan, an exper-
              ienced watch maker and jeweler, continues the busi-
              ness at the old stand.  He deserves a liberal share 
              of public patronage..."
Oct. 31,1873  downtown fire Oct. 27th destroyed $1,500 in watches 
              and jewelry of T.H. Tinsley, who had no insurance
Dec.  9,1881  "We are deeply pained to chronicle the death of 
              George W. Huckabay, of Sumter county, an old and 
              valued citizen, which took place on the 5th ins-
              tant at his residence.  Mr. Huckabay was a member 
              of the Primitive Baptist church; an honest, up-
              right man, true to his God so far as he knew 
              right; true to his fellow man, his State, his 
              family and friends.  He was simple in habits and 
              faithful to his word.  Our sympathies are extended 
              to his bereaved family."; "The home plantation of 
              the late Leonard Page was purchased by the heirs, 
              Messrs. A.H. Ogletree and Levi Harris...(t)he 
              Ogletree place was also bought by one of the 
              heirs, Mr. Wm. Tinsley, at two thousand dollars." 
Sept  8,1882  revised Grand Jury list:  Dr. W.C. Tinsley
Sept 29,1882  "Miss Sue Huckabay, of Sumter county, who has been
              visiting relatives in Bluffton, returned home last
              Saturday, accompanied by her grandmother and aunt,
              Mrs. Tinsley and Miss Nora Tinsley. - Fort Gaines 
Mar. 16,1883  Grand Jury list:  Dr. W.C. Tinsley
June 12,1885  Lawson Speer listed in Old 16th District, with Dr.
              W.C. Tinsley, on Sunday School Committee, Sumter
Dec. 10,1891  Sumter Grand Jury, (one of whose members was Dr. 
              W.C. Tinsley) reported the "...books and records of 
              the Ordinary are found to be accurate and systema-
              tic, of easy reference and reflecting credit to 
              this officer (Judge Amos C. Speer)..." 
June 16,1892  "Merrytown Budget - The writer attended the burial 
              of Minnie, a daughter of Dr. W.C. Tinsley, of near 
              Whitsett.  She died the 8th of this month, and was 
              buried the 9th...just blooming into womanhood..."
June 23,1892  obit of Minnie Tinsley
July 14,1892  Dr. W.C. Tinsley represented Old 16th Dist. on 
              Sumter County Sunday School Association executive 
Nov. 28,1893  W.C. Tinsley on Grand Jury
Feb. 15,1894  Grand Jury presentments:  "Old 16th Land Dist. 687 
              Ga. M. - No Justice Peace.  Last appointment of 
              N.P. Ex. Off. J.P. was W.C. Tinsley June 15th,1887, 
              failed to qualify..."
Mar. 27,1894  Traverse Jury list:  W.J. Tinsley
Oct. 21,1894  "...At Barlow's mill, two miles from town (now Lake 
              Jennifer), Jack Tinsley and Gus Harris, jr., killed 
              an immense (6-foot) rattler...."
Nov.  4,1894  27th Dist. registered voters list:  W.J. Tinsley,
              Will Tinsley, Arthur Tinsley, Tom Tinsley
Dec. 15,1895  announcement of Dec. 22nd wedding of Vivia Tinsley,
              daughter of Dr. W.C. Tinsley, and Luther Glaze, 
              "near Americus"
Jan.  9,1896  while hunting on Muckalee Creek, Arthur Tinsley 
              dramatically saved a drunk white man from being run 
              over by a train
Mar. 18,1896  county prohibitionists include, "Old 16th District 
              - Dr. W.C. Tinsley..." 
Apr. 21,1896  Leslie's temperance picnic committee of arrange-
              ments:  Dr. W.C. Tinsley, et. al. 
June 28,1896  obit of Mrs. W.C. Tinsley, died June 26th, a sister 
              of Messrs. J.L. Page and W.P. Page
Oct.  3,1896  "Dr. W.C. Tinsley was in the city yesterday.  He is 
              still suffering from injuries sustained in a fall 
              from his wagon several days ago, by which his left 
              shoulder bone was broken."
Feb.  2,1897  funeral of Thomas H. Tinsley, Jan. 31st, almost 70, 
              resided Americus about 25 years, widow and three 
Apr.  3,1897  Sumter County Alliance elected board of directors:  
              J.A. McDonald, Lawson Stapleton, U.S. Lockett, J.H. 
              Daniel, N.A. Ray, W.C. Tinsley, A.T. Johnson, W.A. 
              Seales and John G. Feagin
Nov.  9,1898  "The Sumter County Alliance Co-operative Associa-
              tion offers for sale their property in the city of 
              Americus known as the alliance store and warehouse.  
              For further information apply to either one of the 
              undersigned.  JOHN A. McDONALD, U.S. LOCKETT, W.A. 
              SEALES, W.C. TINSLEY, Committee."
Nov. 15,1900  Sumter Grand Jury list:  W.C. Tinsley 
Feb.  2,1902  Messrs. Lott Warren, W.H. Sawyer, J.I. Giddings, 
              W.P. Wallis, W.J. Tinsley, E. Taylor, W.N. Hamil-
              ton and R.E. McAfee pallbearers at funeral of Mrs. 
              Philo Smith
Jan. 13,1905  obit of Mrs. Elizabeth Tinsley, "relict of the late 
              Thomas Tinsley", sons Wm., Jack and Arthur Tinsley
Apr.  8,1906  obit of Dr. William Columbus Tinsley, died Apr. 
              7th, about 62, survived by "several sons and 
Nov.  7,1906  "The real estate of Dr. W.C. Tinsley and located in 
              and near the town of Leslie brought on the aggreg-
              ate about $2,000, consisting of two houses and lots 
              there and 100 acres land near the town."
Apr. 30,1907  death roll of Camp Sumter, UVC, since Apr. 26,1906:  
              J.B. Pilsbury, C.B. Raines, Jos. C. Chambless, Z.F. 
              Markett, W.E. Clark, T.P. Hoyt, W.H. Glover, Henry 
              Harden, J.M. Coker, John R. Shaw, W.C. Tinsley, 
              James Feagin, S.J. Griffin, James Richards, A.H. 
Sept 25,1907  William Tinsley was new policeman on city force
Feb. 23,1908  "Miss Hortense Tinsley, a charming young lady of
              Sumter, was the guest of Americus friends Satur-
Apr. 12,1908  Miss Hortense Tinsley made the "History" presenta-
              tion at county teachers' meeting
Apr. 25,1908  "Mr. Tom Tinsley, who has been visiting friends and 
              relatives near Leslie, returned home Tuesday."
Oct.  2,1908  "15th District - Miss Lois Tinsley opened her 
              school at New Hope on September 14 with twelve 
Oct. 23,1908  "Leslie - Mr. Leon Tinsley died Tuesday night of 
              typhoid fever at the home of his sister, Mrs. 
              Luther Glaze.  He was buried here this evening."
Dec. 11,1908  "Leslie - Miss Lois Tinsley spent Monday in Les-
              lie."; "15th District - Miss Lois Tinsley closed 
              her school at New Hope last Friday."
July 28,1909  "...Officer Tinsley testified that he had arrested 
              Mr. Pope at the depot and was proceeding to the ci-
              ty with him when Mr. B.W. Wheeler interfered in an 
              effort to take the prisoner away, the fight then 
              resulting.  Mr. Wheeler stated in his own behalf 
              that his act was not intended as interfering with 
              the officer, but rather to bring Mr. Pope to town 
              in a conveyance.  After hearing from the defendant 
              and the witnesses, Mr. Wheeler was...fined $25..." 
Aug. 13,1909  "Smithville - Miss Hortense Tinsley, of Leslie, is 
              spending this week very pleasantly here with her 
              aunt, Mrs. R.P. Goodman."
Sept  9,1909  "Police Officer Tinsley has recovered from injuries 
              sustained several weeks ago and is back again at 
July 25,1913  SGP - "Miss Lois Tinsley attended church (in Les-
              lie) last Sunday.  She is spending a short vacation 
              with her sister, Mrs. Glaze..."; "Mr. Tom Tinsley, 
              wife and sister, Miss Lois, spent Wednesday at An-
              thony and vicinity." 
Aug.  1,1913  "Anthony Chapel - Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tinsley and Miss 
              Lois Tinsley attended protracted meeting at An-
              thony, the guests of Mr. and Mrs. Jno. H. Robin-
Oct. 10,1913  SGP - "Leslie News - Mr. Tom Tinsley has been quite
              indisposed this week."
Oct. 23,1913  "Leslie - Miss Lois Tinsley is at home with her 
              sister, Mrs. Luther Glaze.; Mrs. Luther Glaze is 
              thought to be much better than she was last week.  
              She is suffering from heart trouble."
Oct. 25,1913  obit of Mrs. S. Luther Glaze, nee Miss Vivia L. 
              Tinsley, died Oct. 23rd, at Leslie
Oct. 31,1913  "Leslie - Mrs. W.C. Johnson, of Oglethorpe, has 
              been on a visit to her daughter, Mrs. Tom Tinsley.  
              She returned to her home Monday.; "Miss Lois Tins-
              ley left Thursday for Meridian, Miss., where she
              goes to her work, after a stay of three weeks with
              her sister, Mrs. Luther Glaze."; SGP - "Leslie News
              - Mrs. Vivia Tinsley Glaze died at her home near 
              Leslie last Thursday..."
Dec.  4,1913  "Leslie - Mr. and Mrs. Tom Tinsley are visiting 
              Mrs. Tinsley's mother, Mrs. Johnson, at Oglethorpe, 
              this week."
Dec.  4,1914  "Rev. and Mrs. Thos. H. Tinsley and little daugh-
              ter, Dorothy, who have been with Mrs. J.R. Ansley, 
              at 114 E. Church street, have moved to their new 
              home in Atkinson, Ga." 
Dec. 10,1914  "Leslie - Rev. and Mrs. Tom Tinsley, of Americus,
              visited friends here this week."
Apr. 21,1916  "About June 1st, Miss Hortense Tinsley, a mission-
              ary in Korea, will arrive in the city..."
Aug. 27,1916  funeral at Oak Grove Cemetery of Mrs. J.T. Tinsley, 
              aged 57, died Aug. 25th, husband, daughter, two 
Sept  6,1916  "Leslie - Miss Hortense Tinsley came Saturday to 
              visit relatives near Leslie."
Sept 26,1916  "Miss Hortense Tinsley left Tuesday afternoon for 
              Louisville, Ky."
Dec.  6,1916  "Dudley Gatewood had the misfortune to lose a 
              dwelling house by fire a night or two ago at his 
              country plantation east of Americus, on the line of 
              Lee county, known as the old Dr. Tinsley place..."
Feb. 28,1917  "Anthony Chapel - Miss Hortense Tinsley is visiting
              friends in our neighborhood."
May  16,1917  "New Point - Rev. Tinsley preached an interesting 
              sermon at New Point church Sunday evening, a large 
              congregation attending."
May  30,1917  "17th District - Rev. Tinsley, of Plains, filled
              his appointment at Rylander Saturday and Sunday."
July 11,1917  "New Point - Rev. T.H. Tinsley filled his appoint-
              ment at New Point Sunday morning, preaching a very 
              interesting sermon to a large congregation."
Nov. 15,1921  "The Times-Recorder for the next year will make a 
              long weekly trip to Seoul, Korea, where it will go 
              to Miss Hortense Tinsley, a Methodist missionary 
              from Americus to that country..."
Oct. 20,1923  "Miss Hortense Tinsley is at home on her second 
              visit since going to Korea about fourteen years 
Sept  3,1924  "Leslie - Miss Marita Glaze, who has spent the sum-
              mer at Emory University with her aunt, Miss Hor-
              tense Tinsley, is here this week visiting her fa-
              ther, Mr. Luther Glaze."
Dec. 27,1924  "Miss Hortense Tinsley...will be the guest of Mrs. 
              John Taylor...Miss Tinsley is spending this year at 
              Emory University..."
July 18,1925  "Miss Hortense Tinsley, of Korea, will arrive Sun-
              day to visit Mrs. John T. Taylor, at her home on 
              South Lee street, and will spend two weeks in Amer-
June  3,1929  "Plains - Miss Hortense Tinsley will arrive Monday 
              from Nashville, Tenn., on a visit to her uncle, 
              John A. McDonald, and Mrs. Mamie Bradley..."
June  7,1929  "Miss Hortense Tinsley, missionary to Korea, will 
              be the weekend guest of Mrs. John T. Taylor at her
              home on Lee street, arriving Friday."
June 11,1929  "Miss Hortense Tinsley...is now the guest of Mrs. 
              N.A. Ray at her country home near Americus."
June 13,1934  "Plains - The Rev. Tom Tinsley, of Macon, and his 
              sister, Miss Hortense Tinsley, who recently retur-
              ned to this country after spending several years as 
              a Methodist missionary in Korea, were guests last 
              night of Mrs. Mamie McDonald Bradley...Miss Tinsley 
              was given an indefinite furlough from her mission-
              ary work on account of ill health." 
June 15,1934  "Rev. Tom Tinsley, of Macon, and Miss Hortense 
              Tinsley, of Korea, were dinner guests of Mr. and
              Mrs. N.A. Ray, yesterday."
June 19,1934  "Leslie News - The Rev. Tom Tinsley and Miss Hor-
              tense Tinsley, of Macon, were guests of Mr. and 
              Mrs. F.A. Wilson, Sr. Wednesday night.  Miss Tins-
              ley left Leslie 23 years ago to take up her work as 
              a missionary and has given up her work on account 
              of ill health."
Nov.  9,1934  "Miss Hortense Tinsley, of Macon, returned mission-
              ary from Korea, will arrive tomorrow to spend a few 
              days with Mrs. John Taylor at her South Lee street 
Nov. 10,1934  "Miss Lois Tinsley of Cross Keys, and Miss Hortense 
              Tinsley, of Macon, are guests of Mrs. John T. Tay-
              lor at her home..."
Dec. 15,1934  "Leslie News - Misses Hortense Tinsley and Lois 
              Tinsley, who were residents of Leslie for a number 
              of years, are here visiting at the home of Mrs. 
              Minnie Wilson."
May   2,1935  "Leslie News - Misses Hortense Tinsley and Lois 
              Tinsley have been the guests of Mrs. Minnie Wilson 
              for several days.  They will leave for Cordele 
              today where they will be the guests of Mrs. John 
Sept 27,1936  "Rev. and Mrs. Tom Tinsley, of Macon, with their 
              daughter and son-in-law, Rev. and Mrs. Maurice Da-
              ley, whose marriage was a recent event, have gone 
              to Thomasville to visit Rev. Mr. Tinsley's sisters, 
              Misses Hortense and Lois Tinsley, after spending a 
              few days here with their cousin, Mrs. Mamie Brad-
              ley...Rev. Mr. Tinsley...is an evangelist of the 
              South Georgia Methodist conference." 
Feb. 24,1938  "HOSPITAL NOTES - Mrs. Jack Tinsley, ill with pneu-
              monia at the Prather Clinic, is slightly improved." 
Nov. 25,1940  obit of Miss Hortense Tinsley, died Nov. 24th
Dec.  5,1940  "Leslie News - A large crowd from here attended the
              funeral of Miss Hortense Tinsley, conducted at the 
              First Methodist church in Americus, Monday." 
Jan. 31,1949  obit of Rev. Thomas H. Tinsley, died Jan. 21st, 
              aged 61, in Adrian, Ga.