Alan Anderson, Compiler

John Kimmey                                             1831-33
Lemon C. Morgan                                         1834-35
James Glass                                             1836-37
John Kimmey*                                            1838-39
Green Moore Wheeler                                     1839-40
John H. Blount                                          1840-41
Ebenezer J. Cottle                                       1842
Hawkins H. Nunn                                         1842-43
Green Moore Wheeler                                      1843
Andrew G. Ronaldson                                      1844
Portlock Fowler Thompson                                 1845
Green Moore Wheeler                                     1846-48
Portlock Fowler Thompson                                 1849
Green Moore Wheeler                                     1850-51
Portlock Fowler Thompson                                1852-53
Sterling Glover                                         1854-55
Allen Sherod Cutts                                      1856-57
William J. Moore                                        1858-59
Samuel S. Dawson                                        1860-61
Augustus B. Raiford                                     1861-63
Shepherd Green Pryor                                    1864-65
Augustus B. Raiford                                     1866-68
N.D. Sherman                                             1868
Augustus B. Raiford                                     1868-69
Charles Sidney Darley                                    1870
John B. Pilsbury                                        1870-71
William J. Bosworth                                     1871-72
Samuel Heys**                                            1872
Alexander Watson Wheeler                                1873-77
Joseph William Mize                                     1877-85
William H. Cobb*                                         1885
Nathaniel Harrison "Bud" White*                         1885-86
James A. Wilson                                          1887
Joseph E. Markett                                       1887-88
Patrick Bass                                            1889-91
Luke Bland Forrest                                      1892-96
James Oliver McArthur                                  1896-1900
Ernest Linwood Bell                                     1900-08
William Henry Feagin                                    1908-12
Quitman Washington Fuller*                              1912-16
Lucius Harvey                                           1916-24
Willis Perry McArthur                                   1924-44
Jack Cameron McArthur*                                  1944-56
Fred Dodson Chappell                                    1956-72
Claude Roland Cheek                                     1973-76
William Randolph "Randy" Howard                        1977-2000
Robert Charles "Bob" Ingle, Sr.                         2001-04
Pete Pruitt Smith                                       2005-  

* died in office (Kimmey was murdered, the others died of natural 
  causes); ** Apr. 1872, Heys was appointed by the Grand Jury; 
  May 10,1872 - "Sumter county is enjoying tranquility under the 
  supervision of three sheriffs, viz:  W.J. Bosworth, who was elec-
  ted to serve two years but subsequently relieved by the withdraw- 
  al of his bondsmen; Sam. Heys who was appointed by Judge Clark and 
  who now has possession; and R.T. Walters who was elected to fill 
  the unexpired term of Bosworth.  Mr. Heys will continue in office 
  until Judge Clark decides who is entitled to it, Bosworth or 
  Walters."  Tri-Weekly Sumter Republican