Alan Anderson, Compiler

Lovett B. Smith                                         1832-35

William S. Pegg                                         1836-37

Lovett B. Smith                                          1837

Hachaliah McMath                                        1838-39

?                                                       1840-41

Hawkins H. Nunn                                         1842-45

Newnan McBain                                           1846-47

Andrew G. Ronaldson                                     1847-52

Henry Kent McCay                                        1852-61

John Wright Wheatley                                    1861-62

Moses Speer                                             1863-70

Hiram J. Williams                                       1871-78

Charles Cumming Sheppard                                1879-90

John E. Sullivan                                       1891-1902

Amos Coffman Speer                                      1903-07

Patrick Halon Williams                                  1908-15

James C. Bynum                                           1915

Harrison Davenport Watts                                1915-26

Erin Watts Stewart*                                     1926-52

Willie Leonard Dupree                                   1953-55

Elizabeth Chappell Hartsfield                           1955-76

Barbara Ann Smith McCarty**                             1977-99

* Mrs. Erin W. Stewart was the first woman to be elected to pub-
  lic office in the history of Sumter County.
** The office of treasurer was discontinued in 1978 and became 
   the chief administrative officer for the county government.