Notes on the Building Construction History
of Americus, GA
from the
Local Newspapers and Land Records

compiled by Alan Anderson

June  4,1856  Dr. A.D. Bruce's house nears completion, NW corner
              Hampton and Lamar
Sept 16,1865  S.S. Boone "" for 2-story brick
              building, NW corner public square; W.T. Davenport 
              adding to his store; Mr. Cohen "just completed...
              commodious store of his old place of 
Nov. 10,1866  "brick portion of a three-story building, intended 
              for business purposes, has just been completed"
Apr. 14,1866  "block of brick buildings erected during
              the summer on Cotton...where...extensive Warehouse
              of John V. Price formerly stood"
Oct.  9,1866  "FOR SALE - A House and Lot in the town of 
              Americus, situated near the Female College...contains
              four rooms...two acres of ground...S. COHEN."
Oct. 11,1866  F.M. Coker advertised house with large lot near
              Square, also store house on Cotton "is new"
Nov.  6,1866  W.H. Turpin Estate sale: plantation on Lumpkin Rd.,
              5 miles west of Americus, 430 acres, double log house, also
              large 8-room, 2-story frame on Church "known as...residence of...
              deceased" (southeast corner Church and Jackson), also house 
              and lot adjoining on east "at present occupied by Mr. Martin," 
              also 1-story residence "on street leading to...College," nearly 
              1 acre, "known occupied by Prof. E.W. Erdman," 
              also house and lot next south of B.W. Smith’s residence, 
              4 rooms, nearly 1 acre,  "known as the Bailey lot," also house 
              and lot next south "and adjoining...residence of  Dr. J. Tomlinson" 
Nov. 17,1866  "opening a street through from...street running
              past the Methodist parsonage to College street" (Barlow between
              College and Taylor); M.H. Stephens advertised 6-room house 
              "in front of Furlow Female College" on a high healthy locality," 
              12 or 13 acres under fence "adjoining...residence of Col. J.V. Price"
Jan. 15,1867  Rev. G.H. Coit advertised his 5-room house, 4 acres,
              "bounded on three sides by public streets" (NW corner
              Jefferson and Lee)
Jan. 22,1867  Dr. B.J. Head advertised his 7-room house on Church,
              with smoke house, carriage house, 2 servant houses on lot
Jan. 29,1867  "block of brick stores, both...Loyless & Hotel
              building, now being finished...Hotel will be 
              completed in...course of six weeks"
Feb.  7,1867  "large three story brick building, by Messrs. Toole,
              Schumpert & Co....will be 127 feet, fronting Cotton
              ..., and running back on Lamar..., 61 feet...upper 
              story is intended for a City Hall" (destroyed by 
              fire Apr. 11,1878)
June 18,1867  "on the lot opposite the store of Messrs. Adams, 
              Speer & Co., where Messrs. Kendrick & Byrd expect 
              to erect a very substantial building" (NW corner Jackson
              and Lamar)
July  6,1867  "CITY IMPROVEMENTS...since...termination of
              hostilities, there has been erected within...corporate limits
              of Americus, 25 substantial buildings for...Anglo-Saxons,
              besides numerous lumber ones for Freedmen...twenty-two
              brick store houses and fifteen wooden ones...large brick
              hotel, one or two school houses and a number of offices...
              there are going up at this time, two large brick houses, one
              by Messrs. SCHUMPERT, TOOLE, & CO.,...other by
              Messrs. KENDRICK & BYRD, which will be completed
              in time to commence...Fall business..."
July 30,1867  "work on...brick buildings of Mr. R.T. Byrd and Mrs.
              Wright, is rapidly going on...Messrs. Toole, Schumpert &
              Co., will soon commence work on their brick building at
              ...head of Cotton Avenue."
Oct.  5,1868  "FIRE - About 4 o’clock, Wednesday morning last, 
              ...residence of Mr. P.R. STANFIELD, of this city, was 
              entirely consumed by fire..."
Nov. 12,1868  "FIRE - About 9 o’clock Wednesday morning last...
              a cloud of smoke was seen issuing from...building on...
              East side of...Square, in which Mrs. M.T. ELAM resides..."
Dec. 24,1868  "desirable residence, on Gibson (Elm) this city,
              now occupied by James A. Fort, is offered for sale...contains 
              five large comfortable rooms...two acre lot...ten acre lot
June 17,1870  "another fine brick store will soon be commenced on
              ...South side of...Public Square, next to...Hawkins Block, 
              to be finished in time for...fall"
Oct. 21,1870  Col. W.A. Maxwell's mansion on Taylor destroyed by 
              fire, Miss Sallie Maxwell jumped 30 ft from second story
Nov.  4,1870  "BARGAIN OFFERED - We offer for sale Col. W.J. 
              Patterson's...premises in Americus.  Dwelling has 
              seven rooms, seven or eight out houses, framed 
              buildings, twenty-five acres of land...HAWKINS &
              GUERRY, Attorneys."
Nov. 11,1870 "subscriber (Dr. W.W. Barlow) offers for
              and lot in...Southern part, near...Female College,
              occupied by Col. A.S. Cutts..."; "I will sell my House, con-
              taining seven large rooms, and lot containing six acres...
              P.H. OLIVER."
Jan.    6,1871 Dr. J.B. Hinkle bought "Foster Place" (NW corner
              Horne and Taylor)  and Dr. W.A. Greene bought "Cobb 
              Place" (NE corner College and Lee)
Mar. 24,1871  "FOR RENT! and lot formerly occupied by 
              Maj. M.H. Stephens, house belonging to...under-
              signed on College Hill...MRS. C.A. WRIGHT."
Mar.  8,1872  M.R. Stansell selling his residence "built last 
              year"; Capt. C.W. Felder's on Felder destroyed by
              fire Mar. 4th
Mar. 22,1872  "block of brick buildings going up on Price (W. For-
              syth) S.S. Boone, Dr. W.W. Barlow and...Hamil Bros.
              have united their lots", 100 ft front, 65 ft back,
              3 stores each 25 ft front, "opposite...Warehouse of
              Messrs. Harrold, Johnson & full view, and
              a short distance from...Warehouse of J.V. Price &
     has been let out to Messrs. Hamil, and
              J.M. Broadfield."
May  24,1872  Hamil Bros. building brick store on Cotton for N.A.
              Windsor, 70 x 50 ft; Dr. J.B. Hinkle's 2-story on
              Taylor destroyed by fire
July 19,1872  First National Bank of Americus "has purchased new 
              building recently erected by Judge Boone, in front 
              of Montgomery & Shaw's"
Aug. 30,1872  street opened "from residence of W.W. Palmer to
              Thos. Greene, Esq." (E. College between Barlow and 
Jan. 24,1873  new street to be opened from cemetery to A.R. Brown's 
              residence, J.B. Hinkle and Pem West donating right 
              of way
Mar.  7,1873  house and lot "west of S.H. Hawkins residence, now
              occupied by W.A. Greene"
Mar. 14,1873  "I.N. Hart is having erected a two story brick buil-
              ding running 80 feet back by 30 feet front, on...lot
              where he has been doing business for several years"
Mar. 21,1873  "brick work of Hart's new store house is progressing
              rapidly under management of...Hamil Bros."
Apr. 25,1873  razing of house "located between old hotel...and
              Hawkins block"
May   2,1873  house and lot where "Mrs. C.A. Wright and her hus-
              band now reside being a new house, and adjoining lot 
              of Henry C. Hardy"; "brick store room...west side 
              Cotton..., adjoining Waxelbaum 
              of F.M. Coker"; house and lot "west side Starkville 
              street south of M.R. Stansell' of C.J. 
June 27,1873  "Messrs. Hamil Bros....are pushing forward brick
              work on Montgomery & Shaw's new building on Price...
              (now W. Forsyth).  The foundation has been laid...
              Mr. Charlie Wheatley...has the wood work"
July  4,1873  house and lot "bounded...north by the residence of 
              Dr. Byrd, and...south by Church..., and known as 
              residence of Mrs. M.E. Byrd"; "One house and lot, 
              situated on hill near colored City 
              of Simon Hall"; "One house and lot, situated near 
              M.E. Church, now in possession of J.A. Ansley...
              property of Mrs. Peeples"; "One house and lot situ-
              ated on of Mrs. N.B. Oliver"
Aug. 22,1873  fire on roof of Hodijah Elam's "whose residence is
              opposite" Dr. S.B. Hawkins'
Sept  5,1873  house and lot "on north side of Church... and on
              corner of said street and Sullivan..., now occupied 
              by R.A. Tiner, and formerly occupied by R.A. Miller 
              containing three fourths of an acre"; "Messrs.
              Montgomery & Shaw...just completed"
Dec.  5,1873  house and lot "formerly occupied by G.W. Thomas, and
              now occupied by E. Taylor"
Jan. 16,1874  house and lot, 10 acres, "late residence of James P. 
              West, lying north of Cemetery on Danville road"
July  3,1874  house and lot "late residence of James P. West...
              bounded...South by Danville road and cemetery, east
              by street running from old brick yard of Cobb & Allen
              to Mrs. Daniel's,...north by Daniel's lot, west by
              James Ellis and others, containing eleven acres"
July 10,1874  "Messrs. Schumpert, Pickett & King are making ar-
              rangements to of Cotton"
July 24,1874  "walls of...brick building of Messrs. Schumpert, 
              Pickett & King, is progressing rapidly"
Aug.  7,1874  "walls of...Schumpert, Pickett & King are nearly up
              ...thirty-seven by one hundred feet"
Jan.  8,1875  "Messrs. Fort & McCleskey...are now occupying...up-
              per story of...Schumpert, Pickett & King"
Feb. 12,1875  "TO RENT For year 1875, house and lot in city of 
              Americus formerly occupied by Col. T.M. Furlow.  
              Apply to Moses Speer, Cashier Americus Bank, or 
              undersigned.  J.W. FURLOW."
Mar.  5,1875  house and lot "known as Bartlett place" part of
              Lot 174 "late residence of Col. C.T. Goode", 15
May  14,1875  "house on Lamar..., known as "Ruby Bar and Restaur-
              ant", has been demolished to make room for two-story 
              brick structure.  We understand that Mr. Chapman 
              designs using upper story as a hotel, on European 
May  28,1875  "old hotel building (SE corner Jackson and Lamar)
              is fast being demolished, and one of our town's old-
              est landmarks will soon be no more."
June  4,1875  "Hamil Bros. are making fair progress on Chapman's
              new building.  It is to be completed next month.";
              lot occupied by Rev. A.B. Campbell bounded south by
              Taylor, north by Mrs. M.B. Brown's, west by cross
              street, east by lot occupied by C.F. Crisp
June 11,1875  "brick work on Mr. Chapman's new building is about 
June 25,1875  "A new brick store will shortly be erected on vacant 
              lot adjoining store of R.C. Black on Lamar."
July  2,1875  "contract for building a jail for county has been 
              awarded Mr. C.M. Wheatley, who is now making arrange-
              ments to commence work at once...lot fronting Mrs. 
              McRee's residence, on Forsyth...has been selected as
              location for building."
July  9,1875  "Bugg Chapman's new building is about finished.  He
              expects to move into his fine quarters this week."
Oct.  8,1875  T.E. Smith's house and lot north side Town Creek,
              east side Southwestern RR, near city limits
Nov.  5,1875  James P. Walker place, west side Elm, 20 acres on
              both sides
Mar. 10,1876  house and lot occupied by George Turpin, SE corner 
              Church and Jackson, Mrs. R.A. Bloodsworth's proper-
              ty; house and lot, owned and occupied by S. Cohen, 
              NW corner Church and Forrest; house and lot occu-
              pied by Peter Croghan, owned by Peter Croghan, Sr.,
              NE corner Church and Jackson; house and lot on Lee,
              "known as the place of J.W. Jordan, Jr., now occu-
              pied by M.W. Jones", bounded north by John J. 
              Hudson's, east by J.W. Rowland's, south by C.T. 
              Furlow's, west by Lee; house and lot, W.I. Murray
              agent for wife, SW corner College and Smith (now
              Elm); house and lot, Mrs. N.B. Oliver's, bounded
              north by Church, east by S.W. Blance's, west by
              B.F. Bell's; house and lot on Rock Hill, "known as
              the late residence of P.H. Oliver, deceased", Mrs.
              H.E. Oliver's, bounded north by Dr. M.G. Brady,
              east by Strife, south by E.H. Brown's; store house
              occupied by Louis Cohen, west side public square,
              bounded north by T. Wheatley, south by J. Greenwood,
              "property of Mrs. J.M. Prichart, dec."; house and
              lot, D.P. Pugh's, bounded north by Church, east by
              E. Taylor's, west by H. Elam's; house and lot, owned
              and occupied by Mrs. Easom Smith, bounded north by
              Dr. Rees', east by Lee, south by Mrs. Finn's, west
              by James Simmons'; house and lot, Augustus Shepherd
              agent for wife, bounded north by Donlevy and Tim 
              Murphy, east by Tim Murphy, south by Church, west 
              by L.W. Bosworth; house and lot, "now occupied and
              owned by Dr. T.E. Smith in the northern part of the
              city", bounded north and east by Town Creek, west 
              by SWRR; brick store, corner Cotton and Forsyth,
              "now occupied by A.J. Buchanan and Bro. as a gro-
              cery store below and Sumter Republican printing
              office upstairs", W.D. Stewart's; brick store, "now
              occupied by R.C. Black as a shoe store, and Mrs. 
              M.E. Raines as a millinery store", bounded north by
              Lamar, east by S.M. Cohen, west by W.A. Hawkins' 
              vacant lot, "property of W.D. Stewart, Guardian for
              the minor heirs of J.R. Stewart, deceased"; T.H.
              Stewart's vacant lot, SE corner Jackson and Lamar, 
              "known as the old hotel lot", bounded east by S.H. 
              Hawkins' vacant lot, south by Robert Hodges 
Mar. 31,1876  "Presbyterian Church...purchased...parsonage...on
              College...opposite...Mr. Thomas Harrold...formerly
              occupied by Dr. Wm. A. Greene"
Apr. 14,1876  "new and attractive residence of Capt. C.F. Crisp
              on Jackson (sic) nearing completion"
Aug. 25,1876  C.M. Wheatley establishes Variety Works
Mar. 30,1877  Wm. Mims adds to his store "corner of Starkville
              and Church", recently established
Sept 14,1877  R.C. Black moves to N. Emanuel's old stand opposite
              Granberry & Barlow; D.B. Hill buys S. Anthony & Son
              stock, joined by Levi Tower
Sept 21,1877  "Mr. James Harper is putting up a neat and tasty
              residence on Church street."
Nov.  2,1877  J.R. Simmons house and lot "between J.W. Sheffield
              and Wm. Dudley's" on Lamar
Nov.  9,1877  "lot on which old jail stands, together with...
              building...knocked off to Messrs. J.W. Sheffield & 
              Co. for $405."
Feb.  1,1878  Mrs. Cotney's house and lot bounded north by Felder,
              east by Rees Park, south by Ann E. Rylander, west by
              W.A. Maxwell; Mrs. Turner's on Lee, bounded north by
              James Stewart's, east by Elbert Head, south by Jef-
              ferson, west by Lee
Mar.  1,1878  Mrs. Moody's on Jackson, bounded east by Dr. E.J.
              Eldridge, south by Mrs. Brewer's, north by C.M. 
              Wheatley, west by Jackson
Apr.  5,1878  "Coit place", bounded north by Brooks Bosworth, east
              by Lee, south by Jefferson
May  31,1878  "Work on new warehouse will be commenced in a few 
June 14,1878  new warehouse to be done by Aug. 10, fronting Lamar
              60 x 70 ft
July  2,1878  James Fricker's antebellum home, NE corner Church
              and Hampton, destroyed by fire
July  5,1878  Capt. E. Taylor's, bounded north by Lamar, east by
              Merrell Callaway's, south by Ed Littleton's, west 
              by street between Taylor's and Dr. S.S. Bird's; 
              "Workmen...preparatory for building on corner lot 
              opposite Waxelbaum & Co."
Aug. 23,1878  L.C. Barrett's six houses "in western portion of 
Oct.    1878  completion of Harrold, Johnson & Co., corner Cotton
              and Forsyth, 60 x 150 ft, 2 large floors cut off
              on Forsyth side
Oct. 11,1878  house and lot, "recently occupied by B.J. Head", 
              3/4 acre, bounded north by Jefferson, east by G.C.
              Cameron's, south by "lot formerly occupied by Dr.
              H.C. Bailey", west by Troup; house and lot, "occu-
              pied by J.S. Weaver", 2 acres, bounded north by
              A.J. Hamil's, east by "lands formerly belonging to
              H.K. McCay", south by Mrs. J.T. Turner's, west by
              Troup; 1-story brick store, "formerly occupied by
              Harrold, Johnson & Co. as scales room, now occupied
              by Tom Mitchell", bounded north by Forsyth, east by
              Hamil Bros., west by "stairway and lot on which 
              same is situated"; 2-story brick building, corner 
              of Cotton and Forsyth, "occupied by M. Weschler & 
              Co., Geo. Stapleton and S. Fleishman"; 2-story brick
              store, "immediately south of last described", on 
              Cotton, "occupied by H.C. Hyatt and W.T.A. Dunn";
              2-story brick store, "occupied by T.M. Eden and 
              P.F. Brown", bounded north by Lamar, east by D.S. 
              Bagley's store, west by vacant lot; vacant lot, 
              north side Lamar, bounded partly west by Schumpert
              & Thomas brick building, north by S.H. Hawkins',
              east by hotel lot and S. Waxelbaum & Bro.
Nov. 22,1878  "Rylander Academy has been renovated, top story
              taken off, a new roof put on lower story", C.M.
              Wheatley, contractor
Mar.  7,1879  " be extended from intersection with 
     center of crossing the va-
              cant lot of Messrs. Davenport & Smith" (completed 
              Feb. 1881)
Mar. 21,1879  "The extension of cemetery, now in
              progress...Mr. (S.H.) Mitchell...went to work...
              Monday morning"
Apr. 11,1879  "James Fricker is having his house...rebuilt", Par-
              kins, of Atlanta, architect
May     1879  Dr. J.B. Hinkle's office foundation laid, next to
              N.A. Smith's, 36 x 34 ft, on Jackson
May  23,1879  James Fricker's on Church and E. Taylor's on Taylor
              being built, latter having burned Mar. 30
June 13,1879  Sheffield & Huntington "contemplate building...large
              brick tin-roofed edifice fronting on be
              used as a wagon repository"
June 20,1879  "Mr. Fricker's...dwelling on rapidly 
              approaching completion"
July  4,1879  "brick work on...Sheffield & Huntington building is 
              progressing finely.  Frank Newsome...contractor"
July 11,1879  "R.M. Stewart will shortly erect a handsome resi-
              dence on Taylor"; "U.B. Harrold contemplates...erec-
              tion of a mansion residence on College street short-
              ly."; "C.M. Wheatley has been awarded...contract for
              ...wood work of...building of Messrs. Sheffield & 
              Huntington, now being erected on Jackson..."
July 18,1879  "One house and lot in East Americus, bounded north
              by Mrs. Matt A. Cobb's lot, east by lot belonging to
              estate of W.W. Barlow, south and west by streets,
              being one acre...occupied by Robert Rutherford...";
              "Street Committee, recommending...opening of...
              street, leading church...eastern portion 
Aug.  1,1879  "We learn that Messrs. Harrold, Johnson & Co. will
              commence building...Opera House on a 
              few days.  They have purchased (150,000) brick, 
              which are now being delivered..."
Sept 12,1879  "C.M. Wheatley has...contract for building 
              for Jesse Salter."; "Dick Stewart's new house will 
              be finished this week...He will enter...last of this 
              or...first of next week."
Oct. 10,1879  James Walton's 2-story house, owned by Davenport &
              Smith on E. Church, burned down
Oct. 16,1879  "dwelling...occupied by R.M. Stewart...west of...
              Methodist...parsonage...upper end of...lot...oppo-
              site...T.A. Graham...material furnished by...C.M.
              Wheatley...R.M. Stewart to build said house"
Oct. 22,1879  "library building is completed, and is now receiving
     decorations in...paint, etc., from...Jesse
Nov.  2,1879  "Library Hall has been finished and...Association 
              has taken possession"
Nov. 14,1879  W.W. Barlow's house and lot bounded north by Church,
              occupied by Benj. F. Bell; house and lot on Church,
              1 acre, bounded north by Ed Littleton's, east by
              L.C. Barrett's, south by Church, west by street,
              now occupied by E.G. Simmons
Feb. 13,1880  "Improvements" - R.M. Stewart's Variety Works at
              Elbert Head's; "Mr. James Fricker has...handsomest
              and best arranged residence"
Mar.  5,1880  house and lot recently occupied by Eleazor Taylor,
              but now by J.W. Harris, bounded north by Lamar,
              west by Lamar and Dudley, south by Ed Littleton's,
              east by Merrell Callaway
Apr.  9,1880  "Improvements"; Mrs. H.D. Randall's on Forrest,
              north of A.C. Bell's, for sale
May  21,1880  Mrs. Patterson's destroyed by fire May 16
May  28,1880  H.K. McCay's old home burned
June  4,1880  A.T. Oliver's burned in East Americus, the "Jenkins'
June 25,1880  Harrold, Johnson & Co. building house on Jackson,
              near Weschler's; C.M. Wheatley building 2 houses on
              Forrest; Mrs. Patterson rebuilding after fire
July  2,1880  house and lot bounded east by John E. Hall's, west
              by J.J. Hudson's store, south by C.T. Furlow's, 
              north by Lamar; "digging a cistern, on Jackson...,
              near the residence of Mr. Chas. F. Stanfield"
July  9,1880  house and lot on College, 1/2 acre, bounded north 
              by College, south by A.C. Bell's, west by Miles 
              Patterson, east by Allen Stephens
July 16,1880  "Work is rapidly progressing on new hotel."
Sept 24,1880  "For Sale - I am offering for sale place known as 
              James P. Guerry place, adjoining plantation of Capt. 
              J.L. Adderton.  It contains three hundred acres...
              on East side of Muckalee creek, and four hundred and 
              twenty-five acres...on west side of creek.  An ex-
              cellent dwelling house and all necessary out houses 
              on both places...J.C. GUERRY."
Oct. 15,1880  U.B. Harrold's "Desirable Home for Sale"
Oct. 29,1880  "old French House, now occupied by Mr. T.W. Ansley"
Nov. 19,1880  P.F. Brown's corner College and Forrest, 1 3/4 acre,
              10-room house; L.B. Bosworth's new store "adds 
              greatly to appearance of Forsyth"
Dec.  3,1880  "C.M. Wheatley has contract for building a large
              six-room house for Mr. G.W. Walton, on old Perry
              Oliver lot, to be first of January
              ...Mayor Felder will build a fine residence in 
              early spring, on Maxwell lot, on Taylor"
Jan.  4,1881  U.B. Harrold's "Desirable House for Sale"
Feb.  5,1881  J.M. Simmon & Co. selling house, now occupied by
              Henry Smaw, corner Church and Dudley
Feb. 16,1881  "deep gulch that terminated lower end of Jackson 
              near Southwestern Railroad, is being filled up and 
              street will be extended to railroad...already a...
              cottage has been erected by Elbert Head."; "brick 
              work of new building of Messrs. Hawkins & Coker, on 
     drawing to completion"
Feb. 25,1881  "Old Rock Hill Academy" - Mr. L.H. Cheney to "build
              a fine two story residence"
Mar. 25,1881  "Dr. J.B. Hinkle is having four neat little houses
              built of two rooms each, which he designs to rent";
              "opening street leading from Lamar so as to inter-
              sect rear of Dr. Hawkins...L.H. Cheney" 
              petitioner for "extension of street leading to
              Rock Hill"
Apr.  1,1881  "Capt. T.J. and beauti-
              ful little residence on door to...
              Methodist Parsonage for sale...built in 1879"
Apr. 29,1881  house and lot bounded north by Joel R.G. Horne, east 
              by Dudley, south by Mortimer Wood, 1 acre, now occu-
              pied by Mrs. L.A. Rosser; house and lot known as 
              Eph Montgomery place, now occupied by Dock McCoy, 
              bounded north by Jefferson, east by Dennis Sheppard,
              south by Austin Jones, 1 acre; "John R. Shaw...
              bought...lot from Capt. T.J. Brannon, cornering Lee
              and Taylor...where he will have a nice comfortable
              little residence - with just room enough for two,
              erected this summer."
May   6,1881  "Methodist Parsonage has lately been...improved by
              ...addition of...veranda lieu of...
              old portico" on Taylor
June  3,1881  J.B. Ansley's bounded south by J.J. Hudson's, east 
              by W.F. Mims', west by W.B.F. Oliver's, north by 
              east-west street; Baptists to erect new parsonage
              on their church lot
July  1,1881  "residence house and lot, except (3/4) of an acre
              off the rear of late Mrs. Roxalana McRee, situated 
              on corner of Forsyth and Prince"; " Opera House"; 
              "Perry & Glover...expected to commence work on their 
              Opera House some time next week."
July 15,1881  "Opera House"                              
Aug. 26,1881  "work on new residence of Ben P. Hollis, Esq., on
              corner of Brown and Church" (destroyed by fire 
              July 11,1892)
Sept 16,1881  "erection of another dwelling on Lee...opposite
              Episcopal to Hon. Allen Fort's resi-
              dence.  It is property of Judge Willis A. Hawkins"
Oct. 14,1881  "Mr. Shaw's palace is ready for habitation."
Dec.  2,1881  Messrs. J.G. Reynolds and H.C. Barrow, of Chicago,
              did scenic painting for Opera House
Jan. 20,1882  "New Opera House"; "Col. S.H. Hawkins...will soon
              renovate and remodel building now occupied by Dr. 
              Migrath and Mrs. be made twenty feet
              longer in rear - another story will be built on
              top"; "Dr. G.F. Cooper has bought vacant lot between 
              Library Hall and store of Messrs. Davis & Callaway, 
              and will build a brick office"
Jan. 27,1882  Opera House grand opening
Feb. 10.1882  "John R. Hamil & Bro. will commence foundations
              next week, of three large store rooms, (100 x 75
              ft), on Cotton"; "I.N. Hart expects to build a two 
              story brick building between his present store and 
              that of Messrs. Glover & Perry"; "Capt. A.C. Bell 
              has just closed contract for a new residence to be
              built on base of one he now occupies"; 
              "J.A. Wharton is building a store room on his pro-
              perty on Cotton...down towards railroad."
Mar.  3,1882  "Messrs. Sheffield & Co. are at work preparatory
              to erecting a two story iron front building...a 
              front of eighty feet with a back of one hundred 
Mar. 10.1882  "Harrold, Johnson & Co. will remodel their large
              warehouse on corner of Cotton...and Forsyth...into 
              a first-class hotel.  Mr. R.J. Perry will connect 
              French house on north eastern corner of square with 
              Cain house, forming a front of great beauty, with 
              addition of a large number of rooms"
Mar. 17,1882  "Progress" re east side public square; Hamil Bros.
              "We Are At It!"; "On Troup...Burkhalter, Hooks &
              Bagley will soon have their steam grist mill in op-
              eration"; "Elbert Head is erecting a commodious 
              wooden two story building" on Troup, "street will
              ...cross the railroad and in the near future will
              grace the high hill on either side"
Mar. 24,1882  "Erection of a New Calaboose"; "Charlie Wheatley
              is now at work on residence of the Messrs. Prince, 
              putting another story on it"
Apr.  7,1882  "Removal" of J.W. Sheffield & Co.; "Brooks Bosworth
              is improving residence formerly occupied by Mr.
              Matt Burke"
Apr. 28,1882  "In making ground excavation for J.W. Sheffield & 
              Co's. new building, workmen came upon a tar kiln 
              said to have been placed there forty-five years
May   5,1882  "Prince Bros. residence at head of Jackson...,
              presents quite an imposing appearance since it has
              been remodeled...Capt. J.A. Cobb is having his res-
              idence in Leeton worked upon."; "Mr. R.J. Perry will
              in a short time commence work of remodeling his two 
              buildings - adding a number of rooms, and extending 
              balcony in front from end to end"
May  12,1882  "Painful Accident" constructing J.W. Sheffield & Co.
May  19,1882  "Hamil Bros. are laying brick...and soon their beau-
              tiful stores will be completed.  Sheffield & Co's.
              building is putting on large proportions...Perry 
              house is being painted and remodeled...Bank building
              ...with its iron front large glass doors"
June 23,1882  fire at W.H. Hooks' on Jackson, occupied by Adolph
              Cohen "main building is standing, a shell of its 
              former self"
June 30,1882  house and lot of Mit C. Green bounded east by Jack-
              son, west by Forrest, south by Harrold, Johnson &
              Co., north by D.K. Brinson's
July  7,1882  "An Accident" at J.W. Sheffield & Co.; "new bank
              building on Cotton...assuming most beautiful pro-
              portions.  Its iron front and turreted top is admir-
              ation of all who see...Bank of build-
July 14,1882  "Star of Improvement"; "Rees Park"; "Our Mayor...
              Hon. J.B. Felder is having ground broken preparatory 
              to...erection of...residence on...vacant lot former-
              ly occupied by Colonel Maxwell" on Taylor
Sept  1,1882  G.W. Council's "For Sale"
Nov. 10,1882  "scaffolding of new building of Sheffield & Co., is 
              removed, and business begun in street story"
Nov. 17,1882  "Republican's" 1854 building burned; French & Cain
              house burned
Dec.  8,1882  R.J. Perry bought Tab Oliver's "on Lamar...opposite
              Presbyterian church"
Dec. 22,1882  "Mrs. Raines' new building on...Southwest corner of
              ...Church and Jackson, begins to show its bright 
Jan.  5,1883  "Mr. G.W. Glover will soon begin erection of a com-
              modious warehouse east of opera house, reserving 
              space for a large store on ground where old hotel 
              now stands"
Jan. 12,1883  "Sheffield & Co's. Establishment"
Feb.  9,1883  "new building Mr. Perry is going to put up on his
              public square corner...will front on Forsyth...50 x
              75 feet...two stories high"; "proposition from Col.
              S.H. Hawkins to donate right of way for street
              through Furlow Lawn"
Feb. 16,1883  Andrew F. Hill, of Houston Co., has purchased house 
              and lot formerly owned by Mrs. Randall, on Forrest 
              next to A.C. Bell
Feb. 20,1883  R.J. Perry began brick building, SE corner Forsyth
              and Jackson
Feb. 23,1883  "street leading north from Church to Forsyth was 
              named "Hinkle""
Mar.  2,1883  Americus Bank description
Mar.  9,1883  "now opening up Barlow street, being a continuation
              ...from College southward through lawn to a point 
              opposite Mr. D.B. Hill's residence...and will
              shortly open Furlow street.  This will begin south
              of Lawn Mansion, and nearly opposite Mr. Troutman's 
              purchase (Hardwick place), and running eastward 
              opens out on Smith (now Elm)"; "Wright place, on 
              College Hill, corner Forrest..., has four rooms and 
              one acre...Pickett place, next to Wright place on 
              Forrest...four room house"
Mar. 30,1883  "Perry's new brick edifice is assuming grand pro-
              portions"; "old hotel...on northeastern corner of 
              square, is now no more...built in 1833-34 and was 
              first run as a hotel by Ned Montgomery"; "street 
              Committee recommending...Head's alley and Dudley 
              street be not opened"
Apr. 13,1883  "Messrs. M.B. Council and J.J. Williford...have 
              leased Glover & Perry warehouse to be built on cor-
              ner of Forsyth and Troup...this summer"
Apr. 27,1883  "We extend a cordial welcome to Capt. John Cobb and
              family as next door neighbors."
May   4,1883  "brick work was commenced on new warehouse of 
              Messrs. Glover & Perry...It corners on Jefferson
              and Troup...will be 150 x 86 be finished
              by 1st of September"
May  18,1883  "open to public travel, Jackson Street northward,
              from crossing of Wild Street, to Patterson...thence 
              to Lester...a width of not less than thirty feet"
June  1,1883  house and lot bounded east by Jackson, west by For-
              rest, south by Harrold, Johnson & Co., north by 
              D.K. Brinson, Mitt C. Green; house and lot bounded
              north by Edd Pittman's, south by old Danville Rd.,
              west by B.M. Wheeler's, east by R.P. Tondee's, 1/4
June  2,1883  house and lot, 15 acres, R.H. Daniels agent for
              wife, bounded north by Jefferson, east by Mayo,
              south by R.E. Cobb's, "western boundary not known";
              house and lot, 1/2 acre, Fannie Thompson's, bounded
              south by Forsyth, north by Harriet Stewart, east by 
              Austin Jones, west by Eliza Howard; house and lot,
              2 acres, Mrs. M.L. McCoy's, bounded north by Spring,
              south by Church, east by Dr. Byrd, west by James
              Harris and Mrs. Gilmore; house and lot, 1/2 acre,
              Sam Dickson's, bounded east by Forrest, south by
              James Russell, east by C.M. Wheatley, north by 
              Booker Norman's estate; house and lot, 1/2 acre, 
              Booker Norman's estate, bounded east by Forrest,
              south by Sam Dickson, west by C.M. Wheatley, north
              by Baptist Church; house and lot, 1 acre, Miles
              Patterson's, bounded north by College, south by 
              vacant land, west by A.C. Bell, east by new street;
              house and lot, 1/2 acre, "known as place where Dr.
              Purvis now lives", bounded west by Hampton, north 
              by Wince Jackson, south by Cincinnatus Andrews, 
              "eastern boundaries not known"; 4 houses and lot,
              1/2 acre, James Alexander's, bounded south by Lamar,
              west by Hampton, north by Granger Warehouse, east 
              by W.D. Haynes' stables; house and lot, 1/2 acre,
              M.E. Hart's, bounded north by Jefferson, south by
              Forsyth, east by I. Cain, west by J.W. Sheffield &
              Co.; house and lot, 4 acres, John L. Adderton, 
              trustee, "known as place where the said Adderton 
              now lives", bounded east by McGarrah, south by
              "road running to Guerry's bridge, other boundaries
              not known"; house and lot, 4 acres, W.C. Smith's,
              bounded south by Ashby, north by Town Creek, west
              by an alley, east by Lizzie Parker
June 22,1883  "H.D. Watts...commenced...erecting a brick store on
              Northeast corner of the public square"; "Professor 
              Schneider...preparing to build...residence on his 
              lot near College on Jackson"; "John 
              build another story on his residence fronting Rees 
              Park."; "J.E. Mathis...bought a lot corner of Bar-
              low and Furlow..will soon erect a...dwelling"
July  6,1883  vacant lot bounded south by Church, west by Dudley,
              north by Ed Littleton's, east by Barrett's, 1/2 acre
July 20,1883  "Messrs. Council & Williford speak...regarding their 
              new warehouse, just completed, on public square by 
              Glover's Opera House"
Aug.  3,1883  "Mr. Pat Erskine, overseer of street 
              done on Jackson...In a few weeks it will be comple-
              ted, with a tunnel under railroad, and having been 
              extended to city boundary on north"; U.S. Lockett 
              bought Pickett house on Forrest, near Capt. A.C. 
              Bell's; C.A. Bell bought J.L. Price's, corner College 
              and Forrest
Aug. 17,1883  "mechanics are giving finishing strokes to Prof. 
              Carl Schneider's neat little cottage on College Hill.  
              We learn it will be occupied by Mr. Charles Fricker 
              when completed."
Sept 28,1883  "J.W. Harris & Co....have purchased and refitted
              ...building lately occupied by Schumpert, Roney &
Oct.  5,1883  "work on Jackson street has been completed"
Jan.  4,1884  H. Elam's, opposite S.B. Hawkins, south side Church
              1 acre, 6 room house
Jan. 18,1884  fire at Tom Greene's, corner Barlow and College
Mar. 28,1884  Barlow Block fire Mar. 26 (see also Apr. 4)
Apr.  4,1884  Mrs. J.R. Leamon's bounded north by lands of Allen
              Fort and Carl Schneider, west by U.B. Harrold, east
              by H.T. Davenport, south by College
Apr. 11,1884  Jas. Alexander's bounded south by Lamar, west by
              Hampton, north by Grange warehouse, east by W.D.
              Haynes' stable, 1/2 acre; M.E. Hart's bounded south
              by Public Square, west by J.W. Sheffield & Co.,
              north by Jefferson, east by Ice Cain's, 1/2 acre;
              Mrs. M.L. McCoy's bounded north by Spring, west by
              James Harris', south by Church, east by Dr. Bird's,
              2 acres
May   2,1884  "burned storehouse of Messrs. Calvin Carter & Son 
              will soon be reconstructed"
May   9,1884  Mrs. M.B. Mathis' bounded north by S.H. Hawkins',
              east by W.I. Murray's, south by Furlow, west by
              Lew Bosworth's; George Brooks' bounded west by Lee,
              south by Church, north by P.L. Mize and J.H. Allen
May  16,1884  W.A. Hawkins' rental house, occupied by J.W. Brady,
              burned; "Capt. T.J. Brannon's elegant residence on
              Taylor street is about finished.  He will move in 
              next week."; "residence of G.W. Glover is under-
              going improvements"; "new building of Mr. Joe
              Rowland, near southeast corner of Square,is now 
June 20,1884  1855 Americus Baptist Church, SW corner Church and
              Forrest, destroyed by fire 
July  4,1884  J.E. Mathis' house and lot, #7 in Furlow Lawn survey;
              " house on McCay's hill for...col-
              ored children...Sam Stevens and Jeff Jones,...arch-
July 11,1884  R.B. Lee's bounded north by Taylor, west by Smith,
              south by Rylander's, east by Maxwell's
July 25,1884  "block of new brick buildings now going up in place 
              of burnt one, will contain...handsome...row of 
              business houses"
July 30,1884  "FOR RENT!  That...dwelling house on College Hill
              next door east of...Dr. Cooper lot, and occupied
              at present by Mr. W.A. Brannon...Apply to URIAH B.
Aug.  1,1884  "FOR RENT!...dwelling house on College Hill next 
              door east of Dr. Cooper lot, and occupied at pre-
              sent by Mr. W.A. Brannon...URIAH B. HARROLD."
Aug. 15,1884  "brick work of new Barlow Block is now finished, 
              and Mr. Mayo has turned it over to carpenters and 
              plasterers"; B.W. Patterson's burned
Sept 19,1884  "We are now at our old stand in our new building...
              CALVIN CARTER & SON."; Baptists "have provided them-
              selves with a nice parsonage, home of Mr. T.A.
              Graham on Taylor St."
Dec.  5,1884  A.C. Bell erecting store on Cotton "just north of
              Charley Crocker's (1891 #116)", fronting 40 ft 70 
              ft back
Feb. 13,1885  "corner of Barlow and Furlow...Mr. Lew Bosworth has
              enclosed a lot...evidences of a nice new house may
              be seen."; "Mr. Cooper Godwin has added two rooms
              to his house on corner of Prince and Lamar"
Apr.    1885  A.T. Oliver's on Church; Lott Warren's foundation
              laid on Taylor
Oct.    1885  "from street crossing Mitchell's Mill dam to Jackson
              St. railroad bridge, leaving Ellaville Rd. at last
              house at foot of hill approaching hill from north, 
              running southeasterly until intersecting with Jack-
              son St. at crossing"
Mar. 25,1886 "Rylander academy, which fronts Rees Park, is being
              torn residence will be built in its place."
Sept    1886  Dr. Hawkins building house corner Church and Prince;
              Dr. J.B. Hinkle lets contract for new house "on lot 
              just east of his home place"
Jan.  6,1887  "Work on Sumter county's new "Temple of Justice" was
              actually begun yesterday morning.  Mr. A. McGilvray, 
              contractor, arrived...on Wednesday last...first
              brick in foundation...was laid by little Walter Ben 
              Hollis and Allen Fort, Jr."
Jan. 27,1887  Col. J.C. Mathews to build just south of Maj. W.A.
              Black on Lee
Feb.  3,1887  Mrs. Harvey bought D.K. Brinson's on Jackson; Mrs.
              M.E. Raines bought lot between her and A.J. Buchan-
Feb. 10.1887  "LAYING CORNERSTONE" for new courthouse; C.M.
              Wheatley to build 6 new dwellings on Bell, between
              Forrest and Lee
Mar. 24,1887  nearing completion:  Rev. A.B. Campbell's on Taylor,
              Col. J.C. Mathews' on Lee, Mrs. B.F. Harvey's on
              Jackson, Maj. M. Speer's, on old Cohen lot, "recent-
              ly began"; 2 cottages on Furlow Lawn by J.E.D. Shipp,
              residence on Taylor just east of Dr. Hinkle's
Apr. 14,1887  Walter Brown building on Aycock lot on Troup; C.M.
              and G.D. Wheatley bought old Jackson property in
              East Americus and subdivided; C.F. Stanfield bought
              8 acres next J.E. Bivins' in Leeton; J.E.D. Shipp
              bought lot north of Maj. W.A. Black's, fronting 100
May  19,1887  "Charley Ansley's...cottage on rapidly
              nearing completion and will soon be ready for occu-
June    1887  groundbreaking for Bagley Bldg., Forsyth and Troup;
              Judge Kendrick "will begin" on Hampton nearly oppo-
              site George Stapleton's
July    1887  2-story Bagley Bldg. on Forsyth; Judge Kendrick's 
              home on Hampton; James T. Cotney building 4-room
              cottage on Church, near H.C. Bagley's; J.E.D. Shipp
              begins house on Furlow Lawn; Dr. J.B. Hinkle bought
              vacant lot from Ansleys, corner Church and Jackson
              opposite Moses Speer's
Aug.    1887  completion of Argo & Bagley's, corner Forsyth and
Dec.    1887  Judge Seaborn Montgomery erects building on Cotton
              "below Bell's produce store" (NE corner Cotton and
Jan.    1888  J.E.D. Shipp builds cottage on Furlow Lawn for Dr.
              C.A. Brooks, also cottage on Lee next Maj. W.A. 
Mar.    1888  W.B. Buchanan begins house on Taylor "between Mrs.
              Addison's and Mr. Taylor's"
Apr. 19,1888  "An Old Land Mark", 1852 wooden building built by
              Chas. J. Malone, next NE corner Lamar and Lee, to
              be razed, "Perry Oliver run a large grocery store
              in one room; Mr. J.W. Wheatley a drug store; Judge
              Kent McCay occupied rooms upstairs as a law office
              ...Mrs. M.T. Elam first began business just after
              the war, in...upper story...Republican issued a
              paper...old Wide-Awake Fire Company used...corner
              room, upstairs, as a hall"
May     1888  watertower construction began; excavation began on
              foundation of Thomas Block (completed Oct. 1888)
June    1888  complete renovation began on Col. Hawkins, College
              and Lee
July    1888  W.F. Mims new dwelling corner Church and Lee almost
              completed; David Hill's completed, south side Hill
              at Barlow terminus; watertower bricked 90 ft up;
              J.E.D. Shipp's on Lee recently completed; Methodist
              Parsonage to be built behind church
Aug.  3,1888  Bruce & Morgan, architects of Atlanta who designed
              courthouse, donated plans for Methodist Parsonage
Sept    1888  Raymond Rees' new house on College
Oct. 26,1888  "colored Masons...have commenced...erection of a...
              commodious hall, two stories, located on Forsyth...
              opposite Mr. Ben Wheeler's residence."
Nov.  9,1888  "R.M. Stewart's new residence on near-
              ing completion."
Nov. 16,1888  "Policeman W.W. Wheeler is turning his residence
              around so as to front on Lee...When it was built it
              was placed sideways to...street, fronting north"
Nov. 23,1888  "Messrs. Pim and Taylor, of Atlanta, commenced mov-
              ing...residence occupied by Marshal Lingo, this 
              morning, near...Methodist will be 
              moved thirty feet north and fifty feet east."
Jan. 10.1889  "W.D. Haynes has sold his son-in-law, Mr. Mershon,
              a building lot between his residence and Dr. West-
              brook's" (#407 W. Church); "brick work of...old
              Baptist church has been cleared away, and...A.K.
              Schumpert intends to erect three...dwellings"
Jan. 17,1889  "Maj. M. Speer, who owns a large East
              Americus, has donated an alley of twen-
              ty feet, running north from Lamar to Jefferson...
              intersecting...street leading to...colored ceme-
              tery"; "Maj. M. Speer has made another donation...
              of a new street.  It runs from Magnolia
              Dell, up through a field north, and passing by a
              number of houses in...old Riley Covington neighbor-
              hood, intersecting...Friendship road at...lower cor-
              ner of Capt. John L. Adderton's field, in...rear of 
              his house"              
Jan. 24,1889  "At an early date, Mr. L.S. Tower will erect a...
              two-story dwelling on...present site of Mrs. Huling's"
Jan. 31,1889  "Mr. C.M. Wheatley will commence immediately...
              erection of two...residences on Jackson between 
              Messrs. Cohen and Turpin's"
Feb.  7,1889  "Mr. John Colson is erecting...residence on Furlow
              ...near...Mr. Lew Bosworth."; "Messrs. Geo. Davis,
              Nap. Carson, D.M. Rubsam, and W.M. Reese purchased
              of Mr.R.E. Cobb, six building lots on Church and
Feb. 21,1889  "Mrs. C.F. Foster purchased of Dr. W.P. Burt...
              building lot east of his residence, on Felder" 
              (sold to John H. Mohrman Apr. 24)
Feb. 28,1889  "Policeman W.M. Ragan purchased...building lot...
              between Doctor's residence and lot he sold Mrs. 
              Foster" (sold to Mrs. Roxie L. Jones May 2)
Mar.  7,1889  "Mr. A.K. Schumpert will begin latter part of this 
              or first of next week to build" (3 houses, SW cor-
              ner Church and Forrest); "Mr. T.H.
              erect...on his vacant lot on College...fronting 
              south"; "street committee closed...contract yester-
              day with...M.B. Hunter to cement...artificial lakes
              in Rees Park, and work was commenced...yesterday"
Mar.  8,1889  "lot upon...which...W.E. Brown has recently erected
              a dwelling house for himself"
Mar. 15,1889  "Judge Allen Fort has sold...building lot, fronting
              on Finn, west of his residence, to Mrs. Sallie 
              Tommey, who...will soon erect a residence"
Mar. 29,1889  "C.M. Wheatley has just completed...two-story cot-
              tage, on Jackson...near...S.M. Cohen, and has star-
              ted a larger two-story residence by side of this
Apr.    1889  Capt. T.J. Brannon began construction of Brannon 
              Ave. due east from Lee
Apr.  5,1889  "Mrs. Susan Black will commence work in a few days
              improving her residence on
              of another story."
Apr. 19,1889  "Mr. Schumpert's...on nearing comple-
              tion...Thornton Wheatley will soon erect a couple 
              of two-story residences fronting...Schumpert's on
              lot between Messrs. Williams and Ansley"
Apr. 26,1889  "residence on Jackson...of the heirs of Mr. Thos. 
              Harrold is fast nearing completion."
May     1889  George D. Wheatley's 10- to 12-room house "on old 
              Hardwick residence lot, on Lee" (NW corner Furlow 
              and Lee; razed Oct. 22,1932); J.P. Chapman erecting 
              several small dwellings at Church and Lamar; E.B. 
              Mershon builds 2-story, 6-room house on Church
              "between Mr. W.D. Haynes and Dr. Westbrook's"; 
              J.N.B. Carson's on Church near cemetery; Simon 
              Cohen's two 4-room houses on Mayo near J.W. Guerry;
              Merrell Callaway builds house near his present res-
              idence on Jackson; Holt & Hooper broke ground on
              2-story building next J.P. Chapman's on Lamar; L.S.
              Tower began home on Church; Mrs. Tommey's on Finn
              near depot
May   3,1889  "Prof. Carl Schneider's new music room and sleeping
              apartments, on Jackson...are arran-
              ging a cellar underneath building.  Mr. A.K. Schum-
              pert's new residences on Church...are ready for 
              painters, and will be fully completed within ten 
              days.  Mr. Black and Mr. Bolton, on Church and Lee
              ...are pushing two-story additions to their houses 
              rapidly.  Mr. Cyrus Smith is...engaged with his 
              residence on Jefferson...and expects to occupy it 
              in a short while.  Mr. W.H. Kimbrough has just com-
              pleted and moved into a...residence on Smith (now
              Elm)...Mr. H.D. Watts is erecting two...residences
              near his store and dwelling, on Forsyth...Mr. Cal-
              vin Carter will soon add another story to his...
              residence on Lee...Contractors are now figuring on
              estimate.  Mr. Robt. L. Sullivan has just completed 
              ...residence on front of Mr. R.E. 
              Cobb's place.  Mr. W.E. Murphey will soon erect...
              dwelling on Lee...opposite Mr. Calhoun Matthews
              residence.  Mr. C.F. Stanfield is arranging to 
              build a residence on his vacant lot in Leeton, on
              Smith...Elbert Head, col., has about completed work 
              on a large two-story building, on Lee...opposite 
              his own residence.  Aunt Emaline Hill, col., is 
              tearing away her old residence, on Church...and
              replacing it with a...cottage."
May  21,1889  "Holt & Hooper started work on two-story building
              on Lamar...yesterday." (26 ft front 80 ft back)
May  24,1889  T. Wheatley building two 2-story brick stores on 
              Forsyth "east of Hill corner, adjoining that build-
              ing...first 25 feet front 30 feet deep...other...25 
              feet front 75 feet deep"; A.J. Hamil "will soon 
              commence" store on Cotton "north of the Hamil block
              ...same size as the one now used by Brown & French"; 
              "two will be built on Lamar...
              adjoining store occupied by Mr. Mat Fitzgerald" 
June    1889  M.N. Edwards building home on Jefferson near J.C.
              Hogue's, #575 E. Jefferson
July 12,1889  "Messrs. Levi Tower and George Wheatley's residen-
              ces are nearing completion."
July 19.1889  "Mr. C.F. Giddings is building a...residence on 
              Mayo.,.near that of Col. L.J. Blalock."
July 26,1889  new U.S. Post Office "A Beautiful Building"
Aug.  2,1889  "second story on...Mr. Calvin Carter, on Lee"; 
              "George D. Wheatley's...near Furlow
              nearing completion."; "Simon Cohen has just comple-
              ted two...cottages on Mayo" (razed 1997)
Aug. 20,1889  "building...residence in Leeton for C.F. Stanfield";
              "P.L. Holt has commenced building...on Taylor...near
              Mrs. Maxwell's."
Aug. 23,1889  "Fire Wednesday Morning" at B.M. Wheeler's, Forsyth
Aug. 30,1889  "Mr. C.F. Giddings moved into his new residence just
              completed on Mayo...East Americus, yesterday."
Sept  6,1889  "W.J. Phillips' new residence on Church...near L.S.
              Tower's...will soon be completed."; "Col. W.A. 
              Dodson, on assuming proportions." (razed
Oct.    1889  Prof. Carl Schneider's corner Church and Dudley; 
              W.J. Slappey's on Lee "north of Mrs. Hudson's late
Nov.    1889  T.H. Davenport's lot on College sold to Dawson Mfg.
              Co. to build house; C.F. Stanfield's in Leeton, on
              Smith (now Elm), completed; W.M. Ragan completes
              cottage on Mayo, East Americus, buys lot on Prince
              "adjoining late Perry residence" with W.T. Ragan to 
              build two houses; W.J. Phillips' on Church comple-
              ed; S.A.M. RR crossing on Jackson; Clay Bagley be-
              began house, corner Brown and Taylor; R.F. Sams 
              bought lots from W.A. Cook and builds cottages on 
              Church, west of Mosby
Dec.    1889  Dr. J.J.W. Ford's house on Church
Jan.    1890  Brannon Ave. opened from Barlow to Lee; W.K. Bell's
              on Forrest; A.J. Cleghorn's on Forrest; R.E. Cobb's
              "opposite cemetery"; W.B. Mayo's corner Jefferson 
              and Mayo; P.L. Holt to erect 9-room house on Smith, 
              Rees Park; F.G. Olver's on Jefferson "near old cem-
              etery"; J.C. Nicholson to build on Church "near Mr. 
              Thomas Joiner"
Feb.    1890  Mrs. W.K. Bell's 2-story house on Forrest "near her
              former residence"; J.W. Twitty to build on Felder;
              F.A. Hooper began house "on lawn property, located 
              on College"; G.W. Terrell began house "on his lot 
              near Jas. Dodson on Lee"; Magnolia Ave. opened bor-
              dering "Magnolia Dell, running north and intersect-
              ing Guerry bridge road in rear of Capt. J.L. Adder-
              ton's residence"; Lt. W.W. Wheeler to build 2-story 
              house "adjacent to Mims place"
Mar.    1890  Col. E.A. Hawkins to begin 13-room house on Church;
              Col. L.J. Blalock's on Forsyth almost done; C.M.
              Wheatley building 2-story house on Forrest "below
              Mr. James Riviere's"; McGarrah widened to Brooklyn
              Heights; Leeton Pavilion going up "north of bridge 
              over SAM road, and east of street railway", 60 x 
              150 ft; R.J. Perry to build house next to Presby-
              terian Church
Apr.    1890  Max Altman's 2-story house on Jackson opposite 
              Presbyterian Church; L.G. Hudson began 3-story
              brick store, corner Jefferson and Lee; Clay Bagley's
              on Taylor completed (razed 1946); C.A. Bell's 2-
              story house on Forrest; W.M. Tullis' house on Church
              moved back 30 ft and built new 2-story, 6-room house 
              facing Church
May     1890  John C. Nicholson began 2 houses on land "recently
              purchased" from Judge J.A. Ansley; Mrs. Belle Brown
              began 2-story, 7-room house on Jackson; W.J. Mathews
              to begin 2-story house on Furlow, "an exact counter-
              part of one just completed"; R.F. Sams building on
              Taylor, "near Mr. Lott Warren's"; P.B. Williford
              began house "opposite Mr. D.B. Hill's"; Brooklyn
              Heights subdivision laid out behind Dr. Black's
May  11,1890  houses completed or nearing completion, by street:
              LEE- W.J. Slappey, 2-story res.; Boney Hudson, 1-
              story res.; Calvin Carter, 2-story res.; Mrs. Mul-
              key, 1 story cottage; Dr. C.A. Brooks, 1-story cot-
              tage; Geo. D. Wheatley, 2-story res.; W.A. Dodson,
              2-story res.; L.J. Hudson, 6 1-story cottages; A.J.
              Hamil, 1-story cottage; Jack Furlow, 1-story cottage;
              Elbert Head, add to Liberty Hall; John Coleman, 1-
              story cottage; Elbert Walker, 2-story res.; South-
              western College, 9 1-story cottages; E.C. Speer, 1-
              story res.; BRANNON- T.J. Brannon, 3 1-story cotta-
              ges; FURLOW- W.J. Mathews, 2-story res.; BARLOW-
              Lew Bosworth, 2-story res.; ELM- C.F. Stanfield, 1-
              story res.; D.T. Lane, 2-story res.; L.B. Bosworth,
              1-story cottage; P.L. Holt, 2 2-story res.; E.C. 
              Speer, 1-story res.; TAYLOR- P.L. Holt, 2-story res.;
              H.C. Bagley, 2-story res.; CHURCH- Rubson, 2-story
              res.; R.M. Stewart, 1-story res.; E.A. Hawkins, 2-
              story res.; J.W.L. Daniel, 2-story res.; C.J. 
              Schneider, 2 1-story res.; C.J. Schneider, 2-story
              res.; W.M. Tullis, 2-story res.; W.T. Mims, 2-story
              res.; FORSYTH- R.E. Cobb, 4 1-story res.; A.C. Speer,
              1-story res.; Z.H. Gilreath, 2-story res.; L.J. 
              Blalock, 2-story res.; MAYO- Buck Ragan, 1-story res.;
              W.B. Mayo, 1-story res.; JEFFERSON- Elbert Head, 2 
              1-story cottages; Jim Clements, 2 1-story cottages;
              M.M. Guerry, 1-story res.; F.G. Olver, 1-story res.;
              L.G. Hudson, 2 1-story res.; WILD- Elbert Head, 2 
              1-story cottages; LESTER- Lula Cosby, 1-story cot-
              tage; JACKSON- Ike Murray, 1-story cottage; Ellen
              Johnson, 1-story cottage; Sawney Jordan, Jr., 1-
              story cottage; Jesse Mock, 1-story cottage; Aaron
              Durham, 1-story cottage; Phillip Tooley, 1-story
              cottage; Henry Mitchell, 3 1-story res.; Mrs. Belle
              Brown, 2-story res.; Mrs. R.J. Perry, 2-story res.;
              Add. to Nehring's bakery; MCCAY HILL- Col. Odd Fel-
              lows Hall, 2-story; 28 1-story cottages,"impossible
              to ascertain owner's name"; MCGARRAH- Jack Cosby, 
              1-story cottage; Sarah Hunter, 1-story cottage; 
              Chas. Catledge, 2 1-story cottages; MAGNOLIA- B.F. 
              Nysewander, 7 1-story cottages; Frank Burke, 1-story 
              cottage; DAVENPORT- Dan Cooper, 1-story cottage;
              Kiner, 1-story cottage; Baisden & Mize, 5 1-story
              cottages; COTTON- Henry Mitchell, 3 1-story cottages;
              Harrold Banking Co.; PRINCE- J.C. Clarke, 1-story
              res.; LAMAR- Mrs. Rowland, 2-story res.; Dr. J.W.
              Jones, 2-story res.; Dr. J.C. Clarke, 2-story res.;
              Dick Jones, 1-story cottage; Henry Jones, 1-story
              cottage; HINKLE- Burt Jones, 1-story cottage; FOR-
              REST- W.K. Bell, 2-story res.; A.K. Schumpert, 1-
              story res.; C.A. & L.C. Bell, 2-story res.; A.J.
              Cleghorn, 2-story res.; HAMPTON- W.S. Brown, 1-story
              res.; DUDLEY & PLUM- C.A. Bell, 4 houses; Lias Wil-
              liams, 1-story cottage; SPRING- Mrs. W.T. Weekley,
              1-story res.; RUSSELL- James Russell, 1-story cot-
              tage; ANCHROM- C.M.E. Church, 1-story cottage; COL-
              LEGE HILL- Dawson V. $ Mfg. Co., 2-story res.; 
              Street Railway Pavilion; BUILDINGS CONTRACTED FOR:
              Americus Hotel $100K; City Hall $30K; Public School 
              (imp't) $20K; Masonic Temple $10K; Baptist Church 
              $25K; Wheatley V'ty W'ks plant $25K; Furniture Fac-
              tory plant $25K; Iron Works plant $50K; Cotton Bag-
              ging Factory $30K; New Postoffice Building $25K;  
              A.I. Building $25K; S.A.M. Shops $25K; J.H. Freeman,
              Architect & Builder, 6 res. $10.2K; Sou. Lumber &
              Im. Co., 12 houses $7.2K; W.H. Lassiter, contractor,
              4 houses $4K; C.M. Wheatley & Co., Architects & 
              Builders, 7 res. $11.9K; Builders Supply Co., Ed.
              Stallings, Mgr., 12 houses $2.4K; H.C. Storey, 2-
              story res. $3K
June    1890  U.B. Harrold began house, NW corner College and Lee
              (completed May 1892); H.T. Davenport began house on
June 10,1890  "on motion of Alderman (T.F.) Logan street running 
              north from Oak Grove cemetery, was 
              named Cherry"
June 14,1890  Dr. E.T. Mathis to begin house in Leeton
June 17,1890  Mrs. Tommey's on Elm "nearing completion"; L.C. Bell
              to add second story to Forsyth store formerly owned
              by Davenport & Stapleton
June 19,1890  plat map of Felder St. at Harris
June 21,1890  detailed renovation of Jackson St. School
June 22,1890  F.A. Hooper and Welborn Clark building 2-story homes
              "on Furlow Lawn - College"; R.F. Sams' on Forrest 
              "nearing completion"; L.J. Blalock's on Forsyth;
              Z.H. Gilreath adjoining Blalock's; 2-story boarding
              house "corner of Prince and Lamar...will soon be 
              completed"; John W.L. Daniel's "on about
              completed"; C.A. Fricker "perfecting plans" on Tay-
              lor; E.A. Hawkins' on Church designed by Windsor
              architect, G.L. Normann; C.C. Hawkins completing 3
              cottages on Furlow near Felder; Mr. Lane's and Mr.
              Tommey's in Leeton nearly completed; Maj. Glessner's
              "under way" (NE corner Glessner and Lee); H.M. 
              Stokes cottage on Furlow; Lew Bosworth "just com-
              pleted" 2-story building on Barlow; C.A. and R.C.
              Bell completing 2-story house on Forrest (destroyed
              by fire Mar. 3,1898); A.J. Cleghorn's on Forrest 
              finished; J.E. Mathis building house "just north of
              Calvary church"; C.A. Bell completes 4 cottages on
              Dudley and Plum; H.C. Mitchell finishing cottages
              on McGarrah; Samuel Hart and Will R. Jackson buil-
              ding on Forsyth in East Americus "near cemetery";
              Mr. Rubsam's completed on Church; Walter S. Brown's
              new home on Hampton; W.J. Mathews corner Barlow and
              Furlow; Dawson Variety Mfg. Co. "costly dwelling on
              College"; U.G. Anderson to begin on Dodson
June 24,1890  G.M. Byne to build "on College...corner of Barlow";
              Ashley Thompson to build "on old Barlow 
July    1890  Davenport Drug Co. began construction on Jackson 
              "between old Granberry corner and Library"
July 11,1890  T. Wheatley to build 3-story brick building for 
              Davenport Drug Co., fronting 26 ft on Jackson with 
              62 ft depth
July 23,1890  "Ground was broken yesterday for...Davenport Drug
              Company, on Jackson...between...old Granberry cor-
              ner and...library"
July 31,1890  "Mr. John T. Argo has sold eight vacant lots on
     East Americus, whole being a part of
              Daniel property purchased some time since by him"
Aug.    1890  A.J. Hamil began 2-story brick building on Cotton
              "an addition to Hamil Block"; C.A. Byrd's house on
              Lee "in front of his father's home"; Plum extended 
              "across creek, through Davenport property to Magno-
              lia"; W.E. Murphey and Avera building brick stores 
              between Holt's and Schumpert's on Lamar; Harrolds
              rebuilding front of Hamil Bldg., SW corner Lamar
              and Lee
Aug.  5,1890  R. Eugene Byrd building house in Leeton "opposite
              his father's home"; Charles Byrd's "a short dis-
              tance beyond"
Aug.  6,1890  "work of tearing away...front of...old city build-
              ings is progressing rapidly.  Mr. Hamil has dubbed
              it..."Artesian Block"
Aug. 12,1890  Mrs. Belle Brown building 2 houses on Jackson,
              "near corner of Church", one a 12-room boarding
Aug. 13,1890  L.B. Bosworth building store 20 x 60 ft, fronting
              Felder and Henrietta, "latter shortly to be opened"
Aug. 21,1890  D.W. Bagley to build house on Lee between Calvin
              Carter's and G.W. Glover's
Sept    1890  storehouse of Johnson & Harrold almost done, corner
              Lamar and Lee; W.M. Tullis' on Church "nearly com-
              pleted"; U.B. Harrold's, College and Lee, "has not
              yet taken on its outward garb of beauty"; H.T.
              Davenport's on College "growing fast" with "several
              additions to original plan"; Dawson Variety Co. to
              finish house on College; H.C. Storey's 2-story cot-
              tage in Leeton; Will Hawkins to build corner College 
              and Lee; W.E. Murphey to build $8000 house corner 
              Furlow and Lee; C.A. Fricker "has plans" to "erect 
              on Taylor"; G.W. Glover to build "on lot between 
              his old residence and Dr. Eldridge on Lee"; A.S. 
              Thompson to build in Leeton; John T. Argo to build 
              on 60 foot vacant lot on Church from E.A. Hawkins
Sept  7,1890  list of houses and owners; M.B. Council began house
              "adjoining his present residence" in Rees Park
Sept 13,1890  "Judge A.C. Speer will remove into his handsome new
              residence in a few days.  He will offer his East
              Americus place for sale."
Sept 14,1890  descriptions of various residential gardens 
Sept 28,1890  "Mr. John Daniel, Wheatley's shoe man and prospec-
              tive young alderman of city, resides in his own 
Oct.  7,1890  M.B. Council erecting on Rees Park, McElroy & Coo-
              fer, contractors; A.K. Schumpert & Co. added second 
              story on Lamar
Oct.  8,1890  "Mr. A. Dodson...superintendent of Americus Invest-
              ment Company, completed yesterday academy and 
              Masonic lodge at DeSoto...two stores have gone up. 
              Mr. Lamar is erecting ...five-room house, and Mr. 
              Luke is to follow in a few days with...six-room
Oct. 10,1890  Henry Stokes' new 2-story house on Furlow completed
Oct. 16,1890  Thomas Joiner began house on Church
Oct. 18,1890  Mrs. A.R. Brown razed her old house and began a new
              one on Brown; Jackson Street School renovations com-
Oct. 26,1890  Miss Lillie Brown began 2-story, 7-room house on
              Church, between Purgh and Joiner
Oct. 28,1890  Americus Social & Athletic Club began 2-story buil-
              ding on Jackson "just below A.J. Buchanan's"
Nov. 13,1890  Lawson Stapleton to build two 2-story houses on va-
              cant lot corner Church and Hinkle
Nov. 16,1890  Henry Storey's cottage in Leeton to be completed by
Dec. 30,1890  W.E. Murphey to build 3-story brick building on La-
              mar "next to P.L. Holt's carriage repository"
Jan.  1,1891  W.T. Avera's "brick block on Lamar...will be com-
Jan.  7,1891  Patrick Bass sold vacant lot, corner Finn and Lee,
              to Rylander & Mathis
Jan. 14,1891  Armstead Dodson bought "handsome new residence on
              College Hill"
Jan. 22,1891  P.B. Williford sold " residence on Barlow
              ...between Furlow and College" to Col. R.L. Maynard
              for $3000
Jan. 24,1891  Bell Mill property sold to Luther Bell "fronting 
              120 feet on Hampton...and extending back 200 feet
              to Dudley"
Jan. 28,1891  R.F. Sams to build 2-story house on Lee "between
              homes of Mr. James Dodson and Dr. G.T. Miller"
Jan. 30,1891  H.D. Watts building 2-story addition to Watts House,
              NE corner Forsyth and Lee; cornerstone ceremony for
              new City Hall, east side Lee between Forsyth and 
Apr.    1891  Frank Lanier, Jr. and Judge Ansley homes nearing
              completion on Lee; G. Morgan Eldridge began house
              next to Judge Ansley's on Lee
May     1891  E.G. Simmons' 10-room house at Felder and Lee al-
              most completed; Tom Baisden and L.G. Hudson com-
              pleting 3 new homes on McGarrah next Capt. J.L. 
              Adderton's; Mr. Sawyer's 2-story home, NW corner
              Dodson and Elm; R.S. Windsor erects two 2-story
              houses, NW corner Finn and Lee
May  19,1891  L.N. Hudson began 2-story brick building "upon pre-
              sent side of his place of business" on Lee near 
              artesian well
May  28,1891  Mrs. James Shepherd bought lot to build on Furlow
              between Judge Mathews and Dr. Brooks' former home
May  30,1891  A.J. Hamil began 3-story brick building on Cotton
              opposite Allen House
June    1891  D.W. Bagley building house on Lee "between Mr. Cal-
              vin Carter's and Dr. Evan T. Mathis'"
June  9,1891  W.T. Mims began 2-story block, NW corner Church and
July 10,1891  H.L. McLendon began house on Brannon
July 12,1891  Frank Lanier, Jr. moved into new house on Lee; W.D.
              Bailey moved into new house "on Lawn"; B.H. Dunbar 
              began house on Jackson Ave.; A.J. Hamil began brick 
              building "just north of and adjoining his block on 
              Cotton"; P.L. Holt began brick building on lot west 
              of J.W. Harris & Co. (completed Sept. 1891)
Aug.    1891  P.H. Williams completed 2-story house on Hampton
Sept    1891  Henry Fite's house on Forrest completed; D.W. 
              Bagley's on Lee nears completion; W.P. Burt building
              2 houses, NW corner Church and Prince, corner one
              6 rooms, other facing Church 5 rooms
Oct.    1891  Windsor Ave. under construction
Dec.    1891  E.D. Ansley moved into new home, SE corner College
              and Jackson Ave.; Mrs. Sheppard's nearly finished
              on Furlow between Barlow and Lee; Webster Bagley 
              occupied new home on Lee; E.D. Ansley building 3 
              cottages on Jackson Ave.; Dr. McLendon's near 
              Catholic Church on Lee, nearly finished; Dr. Burt
              completed 2 houses, corner Church and Prince, and
              building another on Prince; T.S. Greene began house
              on Brown; St. Peters (sic) Catholic Church nearing
              completion; S.A. Graham's almost complete, corner
              Bell and Hancock
Jan.    1892  T.S. Greene's nears completion; Gen. S.K. Taylor
              building cottage on Taylor between his house and 
              Bloom Brown's; D.F. Davenport's on Taylor
Feb.    1892  J.H. Freeman's 2 houses on Brown; Davenport's new
              home on Taylor; Luther C. Bell broke ground on 
              Church "immediately beyond Col. E.A. Hawkins'" 
              (completed Apr. 1892; destroyed by fire June 10,
Mar.    1892  U.B. Harrold's business building on Forsyth near
              Cotton; G.M. Byne began 2 brick stores on Lee "ad-
              joining Bagley Block" (completed May 1892)
Apr. 14,1892  J.H. Freeman, G.O. Loving, Glover, Jno. Taylor and 
              Watson "will build" on their vacant lots; Johnson &
              Harrold's and Byne's stores "in rapid process of
Apr. 24,1892  foundation "well under way" for Mrs. John Taylor's
              on Lee (completed Apr. 1893)
May     1892  G.W. Horne began house on Lee
June    1892  Clark & Hooper's 2-story building on Lamar began;
              Sumter County jail, designed by G.L. Normann; G.W.
              Glover began brick house on Lee
June 16,1892  grandopening of Windsor Hotel
Aug.    1892  Will Carter's on Lee almost done; work began on T.
              Wheatley's 3-story brick building next to Times-
Sept    1892  John T. Taylor's nears completion on Lee; G.O. 
              Loving's on Brown nears completion; Second Method-
              ist Church of East Americus to begin anew at corner
              of Jefferson and Mayo
Sept 11,1892  "house of Mrs. T. Sapp...old Rylander home on For-
              rest...near college" #429 S. Forrest
Oct.    1892  Arthur Rylander to build on Taylor next to Judge
              Crisp; G.M. Eldridge to build on west side of J.J.
              Williford's on Taylor
Oct. 30,1892  fire destroyed S.K. Taylor's rental, next his resi-
              dence, and Bloom Brown's west of that
Nov.    1892  Charles Crisp to begin house on Taylor between J.J.
              Williford's and Mrs. Addison's (completed July 1893);
              T. Wheatley Bldg. nears completion
Dec.  7,1892  "Arthur Rylander will begin work shortly upon...res-
              idence he proposes to build on Taylor...will be built
              on...lot now occupied by...Judge Scarborough...(that)
              dwelling will be moved to...vacant lot next to...for-
              mer residence of Judge Crisp"
Jan.    1893  Henry R. Johnson began adding second story to former
              Merritt property on College next U.B. Harrold's; 
              Alderman W.J. Matthews' house, SW corner Barlow and
              Furlow, nears completion (completed Apr. 1893)
Feb.    1893  new front on Granberry Bldg. by T. Wheatley; R.L.
              McMath drew plans for house on "The Club's" old lot
              on Jackson (completed Aug. 1893)
Feb.  1,1893  "Work upon...residence which Judge Crisp proposes
              building on Taylor...was begun yesterday"
Mar.    1893  Dr. J.I. Darby began house next S.K. Taylor on Tay-
              lor, "formerly occupied by A.S. Thompson" (completed 
              June 1893); second story added to building "just 
              north of Council & McGarrah's"
Apr.    1893  new U.S. Post Office; Lawson Stapleton began house
              on only remaining vacant lot on south side Church,
              next John M. Coker's (completed Oct. 1893)
May     1893  Mrs. J.A. Turpin began 2-story house "on vacant lot 
              near her present home on Jackson"; M.P. Pickett's
              on Brooklyn Heights
June    1893  Crawford Wheatley began two 2-story dwellings "upon 
              site of old club house on Jackson"
June 23,1893  "finishing touches are now being given to...home of
              Congressman Crisp, on Taylor...with his family can
              soon take resident possession."
July    1893  open lot between Barlow Block and Hawkins House
Sept    1893  Windsor Ave. opened; "old wooden depot, that for 
              nearly forty years has stood at foot of Wheeler
              street, is being torn down"
Oct.    1893  Eugene Doughtie began house corner Brannon and Lee
Dec. 24,1893  "large dwelling house on old Sheppard Pryor planta-
              tion, some ten or twelve miles south of city, was 
              burned to ground, together with its contents early 
              yesterday morning."
Jan.    1894  Crawford Wheatley building cottage on "site of old
              planing mill" on Jackson; Wells Brown bought vacant
              lot on Felder, next J.W. Harris', to build house; 
              Episcopal rectory began, corner Hill and Lee
Feb.    1894  Second Methodist Church of East Americus to erect
              parsonage, corner Forsyth and Mayo
Mar.    1894  P.L. Holt began rebuilding on site of his recently
              burned house on Taylor; D.W. Bagley to build new
              residence on old Maxwell property on Taylor; A.C.
              Bivins to begin house corner Brannon and Lee; 
              Messrs. Smithwick bought from Capt. P.C. Clegg 
              "large two story dwelling on Barlow...better known
              as old lawn mansion"
July    1894  Stephen Shipp began 2-story house on vacant lot,
              corner College and Harrold
July 11,1894  "Work will begin today or tomorrow on...two dwell-
              ings to be erected by Arthur Rylander on Lee...J.H.
              Garfield has...building contract." 
July 18,1894  "old dwelling next...livery stables on Lamar...was
              torn down yesterday to make room for...brick ware-
              house of Hitt & Son...old building...having stood
              for, perhaps, forty years."
July 26,1894  "Judge J.H. Allen...two-story house is to be built
              upon...old Pickett lot adjoining...Rylander proper-
              ty, is to begin this morning.  W.M. Allen
              has...building contract."
Aug.    1894  J.H. Allen's nears completion on Lee as well as
              A. Rylander's two dwellings "fill gap in that block"
Aug.  8,1894  "G.M. Eldridge has had prepared plans for...dwel-
              ling to be erected upon his vacant property on Tay-
     of Mrs. B.P. Hollis."
Sept    1894  W.A. Dodson bought vacant lot corner Hill and Lee
              next "his own property"; Thomas Hooks building 2-
              story house on his farm
Oct.    1894  Stephen S. Shipp's on College nears completion; 
              W.E. Hawkins began 2-story house on College "near 
              his father's home"
Oct. 10,1894  "new home...of...G.M. Eldridge...on Taylor...near-
              ing completion"
Feb.    1895  T.L. Granberry to begin house on Prince between 
              Church and Lamar; Dr. S.B. Hawkins "old family res-
              idence has stood in center of beautiful oak grove 
              on Church...for nearly forty years" to be removed 
              for 2 new houses by R.E. Allison (completed May 
              1895) and George A. McNeill 
Mar.    1895  M.I. Atkins began house on Lee next Judge J.A. 
Apr.    1895  house owned by U.B. Harrold on Lee, known as "Finn
              property", "raised several feet and a number
              of rooms are being added"; Charles Lingo building
              house on Elm
May     1895  Sheffield-Huntington Co., Perry & Brown and Mrs.
              F.D. Hollis to build 80 x 200 ft pressed brick and 
              steel building on Forsyth vacant lot; Henry H.
              Black began house, next D.W. Bagley's on Taylor 
              (completed Aug. 1895)
June    1895  Dr. R.E. Cato to build house next M.B. Council's
              (completed Nov. 1895); W.H. Glover moved into new
              house on Church, "part of S.B. Hawkins property"
Aug.    1895  George H. Seig began house in Leeton "one mile south
              of city"; A.C. Bivins to begin house, corner Brannon 
              and Lee
Sept    1895  Col. W.T. Lane's, on Lee near Hill, nears comple-
              tion (completed Nov. 1895); W.E. Hawkins "contem-
              plates" 7-room house on College "near home of Col. 
              S.H. Hawkins" (completed Dec. 1895)
Oct.    1895  James Montgomery to begin house in Leeton
Feb.    1896  A.J. Hamil began house on Lamar "next residence of 
              Mrs. M.J. Adams"; J.W. Marshall building 2-story
              house on Hill and Lee "next Episcopal rectory" and 
              Col. W.T. Lane's (completed July 1896); P.L. Holt 
              and J.W. Harris to build 2-story brick store on 
              vacant lot "between their respective houses"
Mar.    1896  Central Depot being completely renovated; Otis Reese
              to build house on Hill "adjoining property of Col. 
              W.A. Dodson"; Mrs. Seth K. Taylor preparing to build 
              house on her Barlow property near Brannon
Apr.    1896  T.E. Joiner building on Church to replace house de-
              stroyed by fire
May     1896  Scott's Mater Tabernacle C.M.E. has "a handsome 
              addition...on front, from which towers a tall and 
              graceful spire", also "a large bell has been pur-
              chased"; J.B. Felder's on Barlow nears completion
June    1896  A.J. Hamil began 2-story, 10-room house on Lamar,
              "next home of Mrs. Adams", near Dudley (completed 
              Oct. 1896)
Aug.    1896  Bloom Brown began house "on his desirable lot on 
              Taylor" (completed Nov. 1896)
Sept    1896  J.H. Allen began 2-story, 8-room house on Lee "op-
              posite house he now occupies"; new railroad bridge 
              across Barlow completed; Campbell Chapel A.M.E. got 
              new roof and steeple; Edwin Bell completing house 
              on Forrest
Oct.    1896  Oliver-French-Shields Co. large brick building com-
              pleted and occupied in Plains
Feb.    1897  Georgia & Alabama RR depot completed on S. Jackson
Feb. 20,1897  "Under...direction of Chairman (J.W.) Guerry, of...
              park committee...has been started...Trees and flow-
              ers are being planted, a new rustic bridge built,
              ...lake cleaned out, grass sown", at Rees Park
Mar.    1897  Bethel Baptist Church got new front and steeple;
              Crawford Wheatley building house on Jackson near
              G & A depot
Apr.    1897  R.M. Stewart bought 6 acres bounded by Barlow, Elm,
              Furlow and Hill, to be subdivided into 30 building
May     1897  2- or 3-story building on Forsyth "next Perry & 
              Brown's store"; Johnson & Harrold began rental 
              houses on Hancock; Furlow Lawn Baptist Church began
May   5,1897  "TEARING AWAY A LANDMARK - Old Mitchell Mill is
              Demolished Yesterday - owned by B.C. Mitchell
              estate...was built shorty after close of war"
June    1897  Mathis & Rylander began house on Brannon; Charles
              Huntington, Jr. moved W.A. Hawkins 8-room house,
              corner Church and Hampton, "nearer street and will
              be divided, thus making two dwellings thereof"
              while also beginning 2 or 3 "entirely new dwellings"
July    1897  J.B. Felder began 2 houses on Barlow; Furlow Lawn
              Baptist Church completed except for pews (total cost
              $5,000); Arthur Rylander began 2-story, 8-room house
              north side Taylor "on vacant lot adjoining property
              sold to Mr. D.K. Brinson" (actually Aug.)
Aug.    1897  T.Q. Bass' "near Georgia & Alabama shops" almost
              completed; C.C. Hawkins has plans for 2-story house
              on College "near new Baptist church"; Lee Childers 
              began house on Church "near First Methodist church"
              (completed Oct. 1897)
Oct.    1897  H.L. Mize, M.P. Pickett and H. Hansford building
              houses in Brooklyn Heights
Nov.    1897  Charles Byrd began house on Lee "opposite home of
              Mayor Hixon"
Dec.    1897  George A. McNeill bought "Rock Hill property of
              several acres between Lamar and Church" and will 
              build several houses
Jan. 11,1898  "Alderman C.J. Sherlock is building...residence on
              Brown...will be two stories"
Mar.    1898  Robert Moore's on Brannon nearing completion; East
              Felder to be extended through Isomville; Americus
              Grocery Co. building to be located on NW corner 
              Cotton and Wheeler (construction began Apr., com-
              pleted June 1898)
Mar.  4,1898  "C.A. Bell residence, a large frame structure at...
              corner of College and Forrest...was entirely de-
              stroyed last night"
Mar.  8,1898  "Work upon bicycle annex to Furlow street school
              has been delayed for some time, pending arrival of 
              brick and other building material needed."
Aug.    1898  James Taylor began house on Lee "between homes of
              Capt. John A. Cobb and Mr. George D. Wheatley";
              W.H. Simmons began house corner Furlow and Lee; 
              C.C. Hawkins prepares plans for 2-story, 8-room 
              house on College "next Furlow Lawn Baptist church"; 
              W.E. Clark's 8-room house on East Forsyth nears 
              completion; R.E. Allison to begin house on Brannon
Oct.    1898  W.H. McCormick began house on Furlow
Nov.    1898  "old John V. Price homestead" razed, "as site will
              be used as location for officers' quarters at camp" 
Dec.    1898  Johnson & Harrold began house corner Furlow and
              Lee; sale of 15 Windsor Park lots; A.S. Thompson
              to build house on Lee St. Furlow Lawn property next
              W.H. Simmons'
Mar.    1899  Henry C. Horton "preparing to build" house on Fel-
              der "near home of Judge J.B. Pilsbury"
May     1899  Charles W. Lamar adding second story to home on
              Brown; W.R. Walker bought vacant lot next to Chas.
              L. Ansley to build house "thereon at once"; Mrs. 
              D.K. Brinson building 2 houses on Furlow; announce-
              ment of 4-story Planter's Bank Bldg., opposite 
              courthouse to be completed by Sept 1; J.T. Stallings
              began 2-story house on Lee "opposite residence of 
              Mr. George D. Wheatley" (completed Dec. 1899)
June    1899  R.L. McLeod added second story to his house, SW 
              corner, Brown and Church; A.S. Thompson to build 
              north side J.T. Stallings; U.B. Harrold preparing
              corner Furlow and Lee
July    1899  overhaul of G & A depot on Jackson; 2-story brick
              addition to Allen House, corner Cotton and Forsyth,
              with complete renovation
Aug.    1899  R.E. Allison building house on Brannon; J.H. Garfield
              "preparing to erect" house, corner Barlow and Furlow;
              construction began on Central RR depot (completed 
              Mar. 1900)
Sept    1899  Van Ripers built studio "on vacant lot fronting 
              Presbyterian Church"; Arthur Rylander preparing to
              build house on Taylor "next his own residence";
              Mrs. Martha Brinson building house on Taylor
Nov.    1899  F.E. Johnston's store, "on Church, near Dudley",
              nears completion; John Sheffield bought Col. A.S.
              Cutts' home on Brown, "dwelling thereon will be
              torn away shortly and a handsome modern residence
              erected"; O.A. Coleman to build several small houses
              on his property on Elm
Jan.    1900  Dr. J.M. Wilkes to build house on "vacant lot on 
              Taylor...near First Baptist church"
Feb.    1900  superintendent's cottage to be built "near center 
              of cemetery"; E.B. Everett to build house on vacant 
              lot on "part of old Bivins place" on Lee
Mar.    1900  CSA monument erected at intersection of Forsyth and
Apr.    1900  E.B. Everett began 2-story house on Lee "opposite
              that of Judge Ansley" (completed May 1900); store
              house corner Elm and Hill; plans for Universalist
              Church on Taylor "a short distance east of First
              Baptist" (completed Nov. 1900); "passenger depart-
              ment of Central railroad here will today take up
              quarters in new passenger depot...instead of old
              building which has done duty for nearly thirty-five
              years...will be used as a freight warehouse exclu-
May     1900  P.L. Holt began house corner Elm and Taylor, front-
              ing Rees Park
June    1900  Dr. J.M. Wilkes' "on Taylor...near First Baptist
              church, is progressing"
July    1900  R.S. Broadhurst to build on vacant lot corner Bar-
              low and College
Aug.    1900  R.S. Broadhurst bought entire vacant frontage on
              east side Barlow between Furlow and Hill, 5 lots
              each 75 x 185 ft; Emmett Bolton bought one of
              Broadhurst's lots on Barlow "and will build...there
              upon shortly"
Sept    1900  Ed Stallings completed large mfg. plant at Furlow
              crossing on Elm; E.D. Ansley building "commodious
              storage warehouse" on railroad front near Hill;
              T.M. Furlow to build corner Barlow and Furlow; R.S.
              Broadhurst to build his own house, NE corner Barlow
              and Hill; Colored Masonic Orphanage and Americus
              Institute under construction
Jan. 25,1901  photo of Carter's Grist Mill on College
Feb.  1,1901  J.W. Guerry home, in East Americus, burned; house 
              and lot, C.H. Byrd agent for wife Mrs. A.L. Byrd,
              bounded north by E.D. Ansley's vacant lot, south by
              vacant lot of Fort, Wallis and Watson, east by Mrs.
              M.E. Hammond's vacant lot, west by Lee; house and
              lot, Wells Brown's "on south of Felder...on Alley 
              no name", bounded north by Mrs. E.G. Simmons' vac-
              ant lot, south by T. Edward Hambleton's lands, east 
              by J.W. Harris', west by an alley  
Feb.  8,1901  J.N. Carter's on Taylor sold for $1,700; R.L. McMath 
              sold home on Jackson to Eshton Buchanan and bought
              John Windsor home on Rees Park
Feb. 22,1901  Charles Lingo completed house on Brannon; Chas. R. 
              Crisp building house on Brannon; J.B. Felder building 
              house on Brannon and "just completed" another on 
              "Barlow near Brannon"
Mar.  8,1901  plans for L.G. Council home, drawn by Denny of At-
              lanta, costing $20,000
Mar. 22,1901  Sumter City to get depot and Methodist Church
Apr. 12,1901  Will McNeill soon to finish E. Church home "part of
              old Hawkins property"; L.G. Council property "being
Apr. 19,1901  fire at P.R. Stanfield's, 119 Finn; Providence 
              Spring archway constructed by Miller & Clark, of 
May   3,1901  Johnson & Harrold to build new warehouse, corner
              Hampton and Wheeler, connecting to existing build-
May  17,1901  Plains Methodist Church began; Geo. Van Riper's
              405 Barlow, roof burned, owned by J.B. Felder
July    1901  Aaron Cohen bought Murphey Bldg., 3-story, on Lamar,
              formerly occupied by D. Pearlman; Chambliss Ware-
              house completed, annex 60 x 35 ft
July 26,1901  H.L. Mize to erect corner Church and Lee, "site of
              old frame building on east side, near Feagin resi-
Aug.    1901  exterior work on Council house "being completed"
Aug. 17,1901  Sumter City Methodist Church begun
Aug. 20,1901  A.C. Bivins to build 2 houses on vacant lot, corner
              Brannon and Lee
Sept    1901  Tim M. Furlow preparing to build "on old lawn pro-
              perty", corner Barlow and Furlow
Sept 11,1901  "Johnson & Harrold Warehouse Company broke dirt 
              yesterday for...first of two mammoth brick fire-
              proof storage warehouses immediately in...rear of
              ...building now used as a warehose...will front 180
              feet on Wheeler...depth of sixty feet on...railroad
Oct.    1901  Plains bank "soon...ready to begin business"; T.M.
              Furlow erecting "on lawn property"; McNeill erecting 
              home on "site of the old Dr. S.B. Hawkins dwelling
              on Church...east"
Nov.    1901  Geo. A. Nix's "just completed...part of former
              Barlow property out Lee"
Jan.    1902  T.M. Furlow's just completed, SE corner Barlow and 
Feb.    1902  Hugh L. Mize's 2 residences on Lee, near Church; 
              Lee Allen bought H.J. Fite's on College, on "emi-
              nence" at head of Jackson; plans drawn for 2- or
              3-story building fronting Lamar, 100 ft south on
Feb. 21,1902  "Mr. and Mrs. L.G. Council occupied yesterday their
              palatial residence at Church and Brown"
Feb. 23,1902  "M.S. Holliday...will erect...building...two or 
              three stories, fronting...Lamar...running back a
              hundred feet south on Jackson...plans...being pre-
Summer  1902  Will H.C. Dudley's on Lee in Leeton, next old F.E. 
              Burke place; Holliday's Book Store Bldg., SE corner
              Jackson and Lamar
June    1902  Macon Dudley's on Lee next to Col. W.T. Lane
July    1902  6 lots on Barlow behind Judge Z.A. Littlejohn's,
              3 to Will R. Allen, 1 each to John B. Ansley, Mrs.
              J.B. Felder and J.D. Wagner
July 19,1902  groundbreaking for Virginia-Carolina Chemical Co.
              plant off Oak
Sept    1902  John H. Rodgers bought vacant lot 125 ft on Lee,
              site of old W.J. Barlow home in Leeton; A.J. Hamil
              bought old Taylor homestead, SE corner Dudley and
              Lamar, moved house from center of lot to nearer
              Dudley corner and began building 2 other houses 
              fronting Lamar
Oct.    1902  new street between Forsyth and Lamar fronting pro-
              perty of Whitley Grocery Co.; W.E. Hamilton bought
              W.H. Simmons place, NE corner Furlow and Lee
Nov. 21,1902  G.W. Glover sold his residence on Lee to Charles M.
              Council for about $10,000 (Council's moved in Mar.
Jan.    1903  3 new houses on Barlow, near College, Mrs. J.B. 
              Felder's, W.R. Allen's and J.D. Wagner's, last va-
              cant lots between College and Taylor
Jan. 16,1903  "C.S.S. Horne, who purchased recently...building
              lot on Church...near Oak already erect-
              ing...residence thereon...ready...a month hence...
              will build a second dwelling upon...lot adjoining"
Feb.    1903  Col. W.P. Wallis renovated antebellum P.F. Brown
              house; Col. W.A. Dodson bought vacant lot corner
              opposite and planned to build 2 houses there
Mar.    1903  paving of Jackson from Windsor south to Seaboard
              depot near Finn; Calvary Episcopal Church renovated
              inside and outside
Apr.    1903  residence on Lee, south of Hill, to be built; Dr.
              J.G. Dodson began plans for house, corner Furlow and
              Lee, next to John T. Taylor's
Apr. 25,1903  ADP - C.W. Lamar's on Brown unsuccessful arson try
June    1903  Hugh L. Mize completed 2 houses next Judge R.L. 
              Maynard's on Barlow; John H. Rodgers' home complet-
              ed "out Lee...old Crocker place"; Bosworth tract
              sold, bounded by Elm, Felder and Hill; black Masons
              formally dedicated Orphans Home on Rucker; construc-
              tion began on ice factory near Central Depot
June  4,1903  "in process of erection...home of Mr. John H.Rodgers
              out Lee...close by Mr. G.M. Byne is erecting three
              ...cottages for renting...In next block Mr. W.H.
              Howard is greatly improving...two story dwelling, 
              former McLaughlin property...On Barlow...Mr. H.L. 
              Mize is building two...dwellings next that of Judge 
              R.L. Maynard while close by Mr. Emmett Bolton is 
              building...home for himself."
Sept    1903  plans drawn for J.G. Dodson residence, corner Furlow
              and Lee
Oct.    1903  street signs installed, white letters on blue back-
Nov.    1903  C.S.S. Horne and son bought vacant lots on former
              Hinkle property fronting E. Church
Jan.    1904  A.J. Hamil to build several houses on Dudley near
              Lamar; C.S.S. Horne completing a residence on Church
              near Oak Grove; H.L. Mize razed old Smith home on 
              Lee, opposite Catholic Church
Feb.    1904  3 new brick buildings on old McMath property on 
              Forsyth, owned by Isom R. Cain; E. Church between
              Brown and Oak Grove widened and leveled; ground-
              breaking for Glover warehouse on Cotton, Judge R.L.
              Maynard's home began on Lee, next Dr. G.T. Miller;
              Church St. widened and leveled between Brown and 
              Oak Grove
Mar.    1904  brick warehouse began, NE corner Finn and Jackson,
              site of old woodyard; M.B. Phillips razed old col-
              ored hotel behind courthouse
July    1904  Arthur Rylander bought "Bosworth land" of 15 lots,
              bounded by Felder, Henrietta and Hill; J.C. Nicholson
              bought "east portion of Tullis lot", north side 
              Church, to build 2 houses
Aug.    1904  Sheffields donated triangle at Brown and Taylor to 
              city as a park; Taylor to get sidewalks
Aug. 11,1904  "Mr. A.J. Hamil has recently completed five...dwel-
              lings on Lamar and Dudley...Mr. J.C. Nicholson now
              owns two...dwellings and will shortly build two 
              others on Church...all four...rental...Out Lee...
              Capt. H.D. Watts is building...home...Capt. Hall
              has just completed one on Lee...near Dodson.  Judge
              R.L. Maynard is also building...home on Lee, nearly
     residence of Dr. J.G. Dodson"
Sept    1904  Mrs. L.E. Vaughn building home on Dodson
Sept  6,1904  "C.S.S. Horne is now erecting...residence on Church
              ...which he will occupy as a home"
Oct.    1904  Capt. G.M. Byne building home on College, "near 
              Clarke property", street's last vacant lot
Nov. 19,1904  "One of...oldest homes in Americus erected in ante-
              bellum days and one of...most historic was sold yes-
              terday.  It was...Smithwick house out on "The Lawn"
              ...purchased by Mrs. E.S. Fowler at...round sum of
Feb.    1905  W.B. Hudson began erecting 2 houses on "east side 
              of Lee...near Church"
Mar.    1905  8 to 10 acre Fairview suburb opened on Forrest and
              Jackson Ave., south of College; R.E. Allison, et. 
              al., bought vacant Hambleton lot on Jackson and 
              Lamar, opposite Windsor
May     1905  Hugh L. Mize's house "on Lee...near Finn", nearing
              completion; J.W. Stallings began house on Church,
              next Tullis'
Aug.    1905  B.C. Hodges building home on last residential lot
              east side Rees Park, next Council's
Aug.  6,1905  "solid brick walls of...(W.E.) Mitchell stables at
              Lamar and Hampton...replace a lot of old wooden
Aug. 18,1905  "suburban residence of Mr. Barlow Council is near-
              ing completion and will be occupied next week"  
Sept  8,1905  "J.W. Stallings' new residence on rapid-
              ly being completed"
Sept 22,1905  "last remaining vacant building lot on Jackson...
              south, has been bought by...J.L. Page and adjoins 
              his own residence."; "residence which Mr. B.C. 
              Hodges is building on Felder..., Rees Park, will be 
              ready for occupancy early in October."; "In addition 
              to purchasing...Ansley residence for $4,000 Dr. T.M. 
              Merritt secured...desirable vacant lot adjoining, 
              paying $500"; "W.C. Carter will begin in a few days 
              now...erection of a new and modern building for...
              "New Americus Steam Laundry"...building will be of 
              brick, two stories...having a depth of 110 feet and 
              frontage of forty feet on Jackson"
Oct. 13,1905  "Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Stallings will occupy today their
              ...residence on Church...just completed"
Jan.  5,1906  "Among...buildings to be erected here this year will
              be a...three-story structure...plans of which have 
              already been secured."
Jan. 12,1906  "A...three-story brick building will go up on Lamar
     an early date"
Feb.  2,1906  "Mr. Tim Furlow has bought a...tract of four acres
              out Lee...and fronting on Lee, Elm...and two new
              streets out there." 
Mar. 30,1906  DeSoto Hotel burned
May     1906  C.M. Council razed old laundry and began building
              on lot bounded by Cotton, Jackson, Jefferson and
May  11,1906  "Bosworth residence on Rees Park caught fire yes-
              terday morning at 11:30...and for a time it seemed 
              that old home, one of landmarks of Americus, would 
              be destroyed"
May  25,1906  "That long delayed YMCA building is not taking on
              imposing proportions as expected.  A pile of brick
              and a hole in ground is limit."
June 15,1906  "Nearly entire roof of Byne building was carried 
              away" in June 12th storm
June 22,1906  "A spacious and most substantial building of con-
              crete and manufactured stone is to be erected on
              Lamar...upon site of the old wooden stables occupied 
              by Loving and Mitchell...contract to Americus Tile
              and Stone Co...frontage of fifty feet and thrice 
              that depth"
June 23,1906  "Mr. Lee Allen has just built three...dwellings on
              Jackson avenue...which will be leased...Mr. J.E.
              Sheppard has just completed...dwelling on Fairview
     has Mr. Wm. Harper.  Three other dwellings
              are under contract on Fairview lots...On Hancock
              ...near by, Mr. McLendon has just finished...home,
              while other citizens are preparing to build there
              as well." 
June 29,1906  "Standard Warehouse Co. has perfected 
              of excavating for foundation will begin within a 
              few days...corner of Jackson and Finn...three hun-
              dred feet on hundred and ____ feet on 
              Jackson"; "Mrs. Marion Sims has very nearly comple-
              ted...dwelling on Church...adjoining her residence"
July 19,1906  "to be built right away...several stone dwellings 
              on Elm...built by Mr. H.L. Mize.  Already Mr. Mize
              has completed several frame houses for leasing...
              Mr. Barlow Council let contract yesterday for two
              ...dwellings to be erected at corner of Lee and 
              Church...upon former Huling property...old home 
              there was torn away yesterday...Yesterday Mr. P.L. 
              Mize began erection of a...brick store building on
              Lamar...which he expects to complete by September
              1st.  It will be two stories, plate glass and iron
              front...frontage of 24 feet on Lamar...and depth of 
              100 feet."
July 20,1906  "Barlow Council let...contract yesterday for two...
              dwellings to be erected at...corner of Lee and 
              Church...upon...former Huling property...old home
              there was torn away yesterday"
              "large double store now occupied by G.M. Bragg...
              entire front is to be torn away and...iron and plate
              glass vestibuled front put in"
July 27,1906  "Mr. F.W. Griffin is adding another story to his 
              residence at Church and Prince"; "Mr. Edwin Bell 
              will erect a...residence in a short while upon his
              property, Cobb corner"
Aug.    1906  F.W. Griffin's house and Allison residence opposite
Aug.  3,1906  "Mr. John W. Shiver, contractor, has just put fin-
              ishing touches upon residences out on 
              Jackson avenue"; "Within a week dirt will be broken 
              for...warehouse building...corner of Jackson and Finn"
Sept 14,1906  "TO REBUILD A CITY DESTROYED - Burned Out DeSoto To
              Be Rebuilt With Brick"; "two...residences which Mr.
              W.E. Brown will erect upon his property on Brown...
              A one story dwelling there will be removed and two
              others, two stories each, will be erected in its
Nov.  2,1906  "Allison Furniture Co. gave the building contract 
              yesterday...will contain three floors...Architect 
              Curran R. Ellis, of Macon"
Jan. 11,1907  Rylander Shoe Co. Bldg., NW corner Jackson and Lamar,
              $5,000 renovation, "massive marble column supporting
              ...corner...solid glass front...upon a marble base"
Jan. 25,1907  "Mr. Thomas G. Carruthers, of Southern Printing Co., 
              is building...residence on Lee...near Lamar.  Some 
              time ago Mr. Carruthers bought the former Speer 
Feb.    1907  Allison Bldg. and 2-story building on its west side
              completed; Edwin Bell's house at College and Lee
Mar.    1907  Lanier home, SW corner Barlow and Taylor, complete-
              ly rebuilt; Oliver and Horne streets approved by 
              City Council
Mar.  8,1907  "foundation walls of...Holliday building on Lamar
              ...were laid yesterday...two floors...frontage of
              fifty feet and depth of one hundred...W.E. Hamilton
May     1907  Furlow to be extended through U.B. Harrold's pro-
              perty west to Forrest; Hugh L. Mize opened Prospect
              Park; A.J. Hamil's building on Cotton next S.L. 
              Sills'; D.C.N. Burkhalter's home on Jackson, south
              of A.C. Bivins
May   2,1907  Pinkston Co. moving from Cotton to McNeill Bldg.,
              3-story on Lamar, "entirely remodeled and a solid
              plate glass front put in...entire length"
June    1907  Whitley home on Taylor; Edwin Bell home opposite 
              Furlow Lawn
June 14,1907  "WORK ON DODSON STORE TO BEGIN NOW - To Rebuild
              Granberry Corner - old building is to give place to 
              a modern structure.  Tomorrow the front walls will
              be pulled down, and half...side wall...will put in
              ...plate glass front...full length...on Lamar...and 
              nearly...length on Jackson"
June 23,1907  "Lanier mansion of...old Taylor
              home.  Some slight portions of...antiquated house
              were used of...present building"
July    1907  W.A. Dodson home on S. Lee; YMCA Bldg., NE corner
              Church and Jackson; John Mathis' completed on Elm
Aug.    1907  massive rebuilding of Forsyth side of Allen House
              to accomodate Americus National Bank; Dodson Bldg.,
              SW corner Jackson and Lamar, completed; Bell home
              at College and Lee completed; Mitchell Bldg. on
              Lamar began
Sept    1907  W.E. Hamilton Bldg. completed on Lamar opposite 
              Windsor, built by M.S. Holliday
Nov.    1907  wholesale grocery building on Lamar, next Chambliss
              warehouse, almost completed
Jan.    1908  Dr. H.S. Crockett to build in Brooklyn Heights; 
              C.J. O'Hagan sold to Mrs. Laura E. Hammond recently
              completed house on Leeton Heights "near agricultural 
Jan. 22,1908  John Taylor's on Lee just completed and bought by
              G.W. Glover, "with great columns at front"
Feb.    1908  J.C. Sheehan to build house on "vacant lot in Wheat-
              ley addition, out near former Burke property" on 
              S. Lee; S.L. Sills bought vacant corner lot, Furlow 
              and Hancock, to build 2 homes, frontage 120 ft, 
              depth 200 ft; former Crisp home on Taylor, owned by 
              Mrs. Mary B. Clay, to be "fully renovated"; L.A. 
              Morgan bought vacant corner lot "almost opposite" 
              S.L. Sills'; E.J. Shehan to build 2-story house on
              S. Lee; A.C. Crockett's on Brooklyn Heights almost
              complete; Glover Grocery Co. warehouse on Cotton to 
              get 40 x 150 ft addition to "fill gap between ware-
              house and ice factory"; Mrs. John T. Bragg to build
              2-story home on Hancock (completed Apr. 1908); Mrs.
              P.A. Jackson "enlarged and modernized" her Taylor 
              home next to her sister, Mrs. John P. Cato; Frank A. 
              Hooper bought "original Bivins place" to be "moder-
              nized and greatly improved"; First Baptist Church 
              erecting "mission church on Elmore...East Americus"
Mar.    1908  Kate Thornton bought vacant lot on Harrold, 50 x 
              200 ft; John T. Taylor's 2 stores on Cotton "having 
              been built shortly after Civil War" had front walls 
              torn down and replaced; J.E. Hightower bought 2 
              houses on east side Hampton "adjoining (T. Wheat-
              ley's) residence property...Mr. Wheatley having 
              erected them three or four years ago"; Dr. Charles
              P. Davis bought from Mrs. Laura D. Clark "cottage 
              on Jackson avenue, completed several months ago", 
              corner of Hill; J.E. Mathis improved his residence 
              on Lee
Apr.    1908  Mrs. L.E. Vaughn's on Dodson "facing S.A.L. shops" 
              has new veranda and interior construction
June    1908  YMCA Bldg. completed; J.T. Cotney erecting 2-story
              brick building "opposite postoffice" on Forsyth;
              Church now paved from cemetery to Hampton; horse 
              racing track constructed at foot of Church; house
              being built "upon lot next the Joiner property on 
July    1908  R.E. Allison completed 6-room house on Church, "op-
              posite his present residence"; Dr. W.S. Prather 
              completing house on Barlow "near Furlow"
Aug.    1908  Miss Lula Hay to build house on "only remaining va-
              cant lot on Church...near business center...fronts
              nearly sixty feet on the residence of  
              Mr. J.W. Stallings" (completed Nov. 1908); Dr. F.A. 
              Thomas "adding largely to his residence on Taylor"; 
              old library building moved to Presbyterian Church 
              "and converted into a Sunday School annex"
Sept    1908  J. Roscoe Parker to build 1-story house on vacant
              lot on Lee "next residence of Capt. W.E. Wood,
              fronting 85 feet on Lee, with a depth of 200 feet"
              near Dodson; Claude Schneider to build house on va-
              cant lot corner Furlow and Hancock (detailed de-
              scription Dec. 18,1908); new Muckalee Creek bridge
              on Church road
Sept  3,1908  "In connection with extension of Forsyth...east to 
              Mayo..., as proposed by Mr. Crawford Wheatley...
              Mr. Maughs, representing Cobb estate...investigated
              ...course of...extension and found that it would be
              feasible to donate right of way"
Oct.    1908  H.B. Mashburn began 1-story, 6-room house on S. Lee
              next Roscoe Parker's, "fronts 85 feet on Lee, near
              corner of Dodson"
Oct.  1,1908  "Actual work on...Carnegie library...was begun yes-
Nov.    1908  William L. English to build 2-story house "next 
              residence of Mr. T.F. Gatewood (#410)...on College
              ...east", with frontage of 80 ft; Messrs. Kelly
              erecting 2-story brick building fronting Cotton,
              corner of Wheeler; city to erect new house for Oak
              Grove sexton, corner Church and Rees, "immediately
              opposite west, or main entrance"
Nov. 15,1908  architect's rendering of Carnegie Library
Dec.    1908  Dr. W.S. Prather building 2-story, 3-bedroom house
              "further out Lee", beyond Parker's and Mashburn's
              (detailed description of all three homes Dec. 16,
Jan. 21,1909  Crystal Ice Co. to erect brick building "on Cotton
              ...near Central depot"; Lee St. road straightened
              from 2 to 3 miles "from old Price former
              Herndon farm"
Feb.  4,1909  H.R. Johnson's, on Lee between Mathis and Perry,
              destroyed by fire; J.N. Kiker's, on Taylor, damaged
              but not destroyed, by fire
Feb. 11,1909  "probable erection of...three story building...cor-
              ner Forsyth and Mr. Ansley; Carnegie
              Library "approaching completion"
Feb. 18,1909  J.O. McArthur to build $3,500 home on Lee (comple-
              ted Sept. 1909)
Feb. 25,1909  work began on Federal Bldg. (now Municipal Bldg.)
Mar.  4,1909  C.J. Clark tore down old house to build stucco home
              "next Clark's marble yards at Jackson and Finn" 
              (completed Sept. 1909)
Mar. 11,1909  W.S. Roach's on Lee remodeled "adding several rooms";
              Little & Phillips, contractors on Carnegie Library
Mar. 25,1909  J.W. Shiver, contractor, to build 2-story house next
              Harrold's on Lee, followed by house between
Apr.  1,1909  DeSoto to get Methodist Church
Apr. 15,1909  L.A. Morgan began house on W. Furlow, near Hancock
Apr. 22,1909  completion of Glessner from Lee to A & M College;
              Wirz Monument erected in Andersonville, with photo
May   6,1909  Farmers Oil Co. to erect 2 brick buildings, 1 gin,
              1 office, between Church and Spring
June  3,1909  Furlow School to be completely renovated by T.F.
              Lockwood, architect, while East Americus to be built
              and Dr. Black's acquired for Brooklyn Heights
June 17,1909  Lee Allen's on College at Jackson extensively remod-
July    1909  Alderman C.J. Clark's "fast nearing completion" on
              Jackson; several dwellings "going up" on Jackson 
July  8,1909  plans drawn for Country Club
July 22,1909  apartment building to replace H.R. Johnson's on Lee,
              T.L. Granberry, contractor
July 29,1909  First Baptist Parsonage "considerable portion com-
              pleted", next T.F. Gatewood, fronting south on Col-
              lege, 8 large apartments, to be completed by Sept.,
              and occupied by Dr. Lansing Burrows
Aug.    1909  "good progress" constructing Johnson apartment 
              house on Lee; "colonial" residence of Mr. H.S. Lee 
              improved by "addition of wide verandas"; Dr. Lansing 
              Burrows' "rapidly nearing completion"
Aug.  5,1909  Messrs. Harrold contracted for bungalow on Harrold, 
              "next new dwelling recently occupied by Mr. J.C. 
              White"; Aaron Cohen bought Page residence, opposite 
              Furlow School, for $4,250
Aug. 12,1909  Country Club application for incorporation
Aug. 14,1909  "new residences of Mr. C.J. Clark and Mr. Lee Allen
              are being pushed to completion"
Aug. 19,1909  Dr. E.T. Mathis to build home on his farm (destroyed 
              by fire Jan. 24,1961)
Sept 21,1909  "second bungalow erected by Mr. Frank P. Harrold,
              on nearing completion"
Oct.  1,1909  J.L. Sparks bought vacant lot on Lee, opposite 
              Wheatley, between Bivins and Hamilton
Oct.  7,1909  T.F. Lockwood, of Columbus, has plans for Rees Park
              School, to cost $20,000
Nov. 18,1909  lease for Country Club with plans by T.F. Lockwood
Nov. 25,1909  fire wiped out 6 acres along Bay, between Jackson
              and Lee, Americus Construction Co.; J.W.L. Daniel
              bought Sherlock property, "out Lee...opposite Judge
              J.A. Hixon", for $1,650
Dec.  2,1909  Country Club dues, etc.; Little & Phillips, of Cor-
              dele, got contract for Rees Park School to be done
              by Aug. 1910
Jan.  6,1910  Harrold Ave. block between College and Furlow, S to
              N:  W.M. Humber, A.N. Walker, 2-story, bungalow, 
              Clarence White
Jan. 13,1910  Americus Construction Co. rebuilt, corner Bay and
Jan. 20,1910  Mrs. C.P. Sams sold home on Lee to Misses Eliz.,
              Mary and Julia Worthy, for $4,000
Feb.    1910  "Material is upon ground" for W.A. Humber and L.O.
              Gartner on Harrold; "work has begun" on J.J.
              Dupree's on Hancock, just south of Furlow; Allen
              Hill bought lot next Shiver's on Lee to build in 
Mar.    1910  R.S. Broadhurst "will begin soon" 8-room house, NE
              corner Barlow and Hill; former Dr. Mathis home on
              Lee being renovated for Mrs. Welborn Clark as board-
              ing house; L.P. Gartner's and 2 other bungalows, 
              west side Harrold, leave one vacant 50 foot lot; 
              E.D. Patterson to build, corner Hill and Jackson,
              bought from C.L. Ansley
Mar. 16,1910  "old Mims store at...corner of Church and Lee...
              one of...landmarks of Americus, is to be swept away
     and modern brick building will soon occupy
              that very prominent and desirable corner"
Mar. 17,1910  R.S. Broadhurst has T.F. Lockwood plans for house
              fronting 225 ft on Barlow, also to erect 2 1-story
              cottages on Barlow opposite Hospital
Mar. 24,1910  Masonic Orphanage severely damaged by lightning
Mar. 31,1910  John W. Shiver to build R.S. Broadhurst's 2-story
              house and Allen Hill's on Lee "next to that of Mr.
              Shiver"; Magnolia Dell pavilion destroyed by fire
Apr.    1910  4 dwellings on Barlow completed by Messrs. Poole;
              brick building "will soon be erected" on vacant lot
              next steam laundry on Jackson
Apr.  7,1910  L.A. Morgan bought 200-acre farm south end Forrest
              extension "adjoining former A.C. Bell place now 
              owned by Mr. S.R. Johnson"
Apr.  8,1910  cornerstone ceremony for Rees Park High School
Apr. 14,1910  C.L. Ansley had T.F. Lockwood redesign and remodel
              old brick building, SW corner Forsyth and Jackson
Apr. 21,1910  Thos. Harrold bought vacant lot on College, front
              110 ft, with Davenport house, for $3,500; W.W.
              Dykes bought Harrold home for $5,750; L.D. Lockhart
              bought Dykes home for $3,000, fronting 102 ft and
              "will greatly improve"
Apr. 29,1910  Mrs. Ben Jossey to build 2-story on Bungalow Row,
              NW corner Furlow and Harrold;L.P. Gartner's 2-story
              "now under way";"Yesterday Mr. I.L. Rowlson and Mr.
              W.M. Humber, for whom two...bungalows were built, 
              moved into their homes"
              ing, contractor
May   3,1910  "Mrs. W.W. Wheeler bought a lot yesterday opposite
              Seaboard depot, and Contractor J.W. Shiver will
              build her a home thereon."
May   5,1910  U.S. Post Office opened
May  12,1910  C.L. Ansley razed former Boone-Kendrick Bldg., and
              had T.L. Granberry build new one with Lockwood's
              plans; Mrs. M.T. Elam moved next door after almost
              50 years
May  26,1910  Bank of Commerce bought old post office 
June    1910  J.A. Tarver "completing" house on Forsyth, East 
              Americus; Thomas Harrold "will begin at once", 9-
              room colonial residence next Johnson's on College
June  2,1910  "This morning work will begin on" Allen & Hawkins'
              2-story brick building on Jackson opposite library, 
              plans by Lockwood, " hard pressed
              brick, with heavy trimmings of Indiana limestone";
              DeSoto Banking Co. "one-story brick bank building
              is now being erected at corner of Ferguson and
              Railroad avenues, by depot...proposed to open...
              July 15th."  
June 15,1910  "Thomas Harrold is moving into his bungalow...on
     one who saw...old cottage re-
              moved to this site imagined that it could be recon-
              structed into...dwelling as it now is...has had...
              propositions to lease...when his new home, to be
              erected alongside, is completed."
June 22,1910  "old be demolished to make way for...
              Ansley building, was erected many years ago as a 
              banking house...roof...torn away yesterday...walls
              will tumble today"
June 28,1910  "new residence of Mr. Will C. Sullivan on Church...
              is almost of...many bungalows here."
              (destroyed by fire June 10,1977)
July 14,1910  interior renovation for Bank of Commerce, Plains
              Methodist Church cornerstone ceremony
July 21,1910  Frank Lanier began fertilizer plant "between Spring
              and Church...near Farmer's Oil Co. plant"
Aug. 18,1910  W.J. Thornton to build 2-story, 8-room house on va-
              cant lot "next H.R. Johnson's", 60 foot front off
              Mrs. E.P. Morgan's, on College
Aug. 25,1910  W.T. Mims' store to be razed, 105 ft on Church to
              Lee corner
Sept    1910  Crawford Wheatley's bungalow "will shortly adorn"
              W. Church, next Mrs. C.V. Huntington; John B. Ansley
              began house on Lee; H.D. Watts' "small cottage" com-
              pleted, east of Lee; Finn sidewalks paved
Sept 15,1910  S.H. Young bought 11 acres on Lee St. road, "almost
              opposite Americus Country Club", from W.H.C. Dudley; 
              Mrs. Fred Davenport's on Taylor, built by J.W. Shiver, 
              to be occupied by R.E. McNulty; Shiver also building 
              "cottge home" for Mrs. E.A. Williams, Brooklyn 
              Heights, on McGarrah, 5 rooms and a hall; Neon 
              Buchanan bought for $13,000 from J.W. Wheatley
              "large double store...corner...Lamar...and Cotton",
              2-story with elevator; Thos. L. Bell bought lot to
              build "next spring", 75 ft on Lee back 450 ft,
              "just beyond Hill" between James Walker and Edward 
Sept 29,1910  Windsor Hotel renovated with electric lights, ele-
              vator, telephones, steam heat at a cost of $75,000
Oct.    1910  Mrs. Brooks building house on Barlow "next Gray
Oct.  6,1910  J.W. Hightower bought "Mims corner", lot 110 ft
              square, with northern part bought by W.B. Hudson
Oct. 12,1910  L.O. Gammage to build bungalow on Lee opposite T.F. 
Oct. 17,1910  H.J. Fite bought lot next E.B. Everett and will 
              shortly build
Oct. 20,1910  J.W. Shiver to build W.J. Thornton's on College;
              Shiver also erecting 1-story cottage on Barlow for
              Mrs. J.L. Wilkes; Z.A. Littlejohn's to get 4 large
Oct. 27,1910  Thos. Harrold's on College with 4 pillars, to be
              completed by Dec. 1910
Nov.  3,1910  Commercial City Bank bought Geo. Oliver's store 
              house, SE corner Forrest and Lamar, to build bank
              next year
Nov. 13,1910  photo of Bungalow Row, Harrold Ave., C.J. White's,
              L.P. Gartner's, Rowlson's, L.H. Brown's and W.M.
              Humber's; "task of cutting Muckalee hill, for sev-
              enty years a barrier to Americus, down to...level
              of a fine road was completed build-
              ing a road from...east end of Muckalee bridge to...
              end of Spring street at...railroad crossing"
Nov. 17,1910  3 weeks of grading reduced Muckalee Hill and road
              being built from "east end of Muckalee bridge to
              end of Spring"
Dec.  1,1910  M.M. Lowery to build on Lee "early in spring"
Dec.  8,1910  L.B. Lott, of S.C., bought J.B. Mathis home on
              Church, "recently...very greatly improved"; "Mr.
              C.L. Ansley is preparing to occupy at once his
     store at Jackson and receiving
              finishing touches."
Dec. 22,1910  S.H. Kress bought former Ansley store, 3-story,
              with $6,000 improvements by Apr. 1,1911
Dec. 29,1910  Lamar in East Americus widened 30 ft "from inter-
              section of Jefferson...on for half a mile" (now
              Oglethorpe Ave.)
Mar.    1911  G.W. Cannon building 5-room bungalow in Brooklyn
              Heights; J.J. Holliday "will begin soon" house on
              Taylor opposite First Baptist
Mar. 15,1911  G.H. Buchanan building "commodious" house on Lee
              "adjoinig former Seig estate, now owned by Mr.
              E.L. Bell"
May     1911  Fred Morgan's on Jackson Ave., corner Furlow and
              Hill; William Humber "planning" corner Furlow and
              Harrold; Mrs. Laura J. Bagley "will be" building
              bungalow on her Taylor property
May  17,1911  J.J. Holliday gave contract to Will McNeill, Ameri-
              cus Construction Co., for home on Taylor
May  25,1911  "Oliver warehouse on Lamar...was torn down yester-
              day", SE corner Forrest and Lamar
June    1911  Will C. Carter's 2-story brick building on vacant
              lot on Jackson next steam laundry "to be built";
              Albert Harris "will soon begin" bungalow corner
              Furlow and Harrold; First Baptist Church completed
              Sunday School annex (second story added Dec. 1915);
              Little & Phillips began walls of Commercial City 
              Bank, Forrest and Lamar
July 19,1911  "improvements upon old Jackson home, transformed
              from a battered wreck into a beautiful and attrac-
              tive residence" in East Americus; J.W. Shiver con-
              tractor on following:  R.H. Vorus' 5-room dwelling 
              on Jackson Ave., near College; Albert Harris' 6-room
              bungalow, corner Furlow and Harrold; Mrs. M.E. 
              Jossey's bungalow, "which she rented", fronting 
              Lamar "upon her residence property"; Fred Morgan's 
              "nearing completion" on Jackson Ave.; W.H. Humber's
              bungalow on Harrold; "Mr. Shear...building two ex-
              tensive ginneries for Mr. R.P. Stackhouse upon two
              of his farms near the city"; "Mrs. Laura J. Bagley 
              is building...eight or nine-room residence upon her
              property on Taylor"; "Mrs. Lucy C. Cobb...just com-
              pleted...bungalow upon her lot on Hancock...near 
              College"; "Mr. J.J. Holliday's...residence on Tay-
     progressing well and will be completed and 
              ready for occupancy by October.  Mr. W.A. McNeill
              has the building contract."
Sept    1911  M.M. Lowery and P.B. Williford to build bungalows,
              east side Lee, next T.F. Gatewood's, at Alice; Lon
              Gammage and A.M. Lewis opposite "contracts...alrea-
              dy given"; T.L. Bell and W.A. Humber bought last
              vacant lot on Taylor from A.B. Campbell and both to
              erect bungalows
Sept  7,1911  addition of iron and plate glass front to west half
              Bell Block, south side Lamar west of Lee
Sept 18,1911  first wood creosoted blocks laid at artesian well
Oct.    1911  Mrs. S.E. Warlick completed $6,500 renovation of 
              Albert Harris place on Church; Barlow Council over-
              hauling former Warlick place on Lee; Logan Wallace
              bungalow on Furlow near Lee about completed; Mrs.
              T.S. Warlick to erect bungalow on Hancock for rent;
              C.S.S. Horne to build 3 houses on W. Church; W.A.
              Humber bungalow on Taylor near Rees Park and Mrs.
              Laura Bagley's residence "near completion"; Mrs.
              M.T. Elam gave building contract for 2-story house
              on east side of her property on Church, next C.B.
              Raines (razed 1999); Joseph E. Johnson "will erect"
              bungalow at Furlow and Harrold, first lot sold on
              east side "bungalow row"
Oct. 21,1911  iron and plate glass front on Bell Block extended
              to Lee corner 
Nov.    1911  Patterson Heights being developed by Sheffield &
              Allen with George Oliver building 2 houses fronting
              McGarrah; Ernest Tullis to build on Church, near
              Jackson, in Dec. or Jan.
Nov. 29,1911  J.J. Holliday's on Taylor "just completed"
Dec.    1911  Dr. Douglas Mayes "erecting" home on Jackson Ave.;
              S.C. Kelley's and L.O. Gammage's bungalows on Lee
Feb.  6,1912  "on Southside city is preparing to extend Glessner
              ...westward through tract of eleven acres recently 
              purchased by Messrs. T.B. Hooks and D.R. Andrews. 
              Another street running north and south is also con-
              templated"; "John Sheffield has given contract for
              ...dwelling which he will build on Brown...upon 
              site of his present home...old dwelling will be 
              moved back upon Horne...and greatly 
              Sheffield home will cost probably $12,000"; "Judge
              J.A. Hixon is completing, at a cost of several 
              thousand dollars, entire remodeling of his residence 
              out Lee"; "Work is to be started soon upon residence 
              of Mr. A.C. Crockett, on McArthur home...
              will be of brick"; "Two blocks away Mr. F.G. Beavers 
              is preparing to build two or three dwellings for 
     be completed early in summer."; "On 
              College...Mrs. W.K. Bell is converting former R.L. 
              Bivins residence into a...modern one, to be occupied 
              as a home"; "Mrs. Maude Smith will build a bungalow 
              nearby for her own use."; "Rev. R.L. Bivins has just 
              occupied his new residence on Harrold"; "On Brooklyn 
              Heights Mr. George Oliver has recently completed a 
              number of cottages for renting"; "In East Americus,
              Mrs. S.C. Mathews is completing several...small 
              dwellings for renting"; On Horne...a number of...
              bungalows have been completed within...past few 
              months"; "building of...large plant of...Atlantic 
              Coal and Ice Corporation, an investment of $85,000";
              "plant of...Southern Art Metal Works, soon to be 
Feb. 15,1912  "The Triangle", NW corner Brown and Taylor, formal-
              ly transferred to city by Frank Sheffield
Mar. 19,1912  "Mr. J.T. Warren of Americus Coca Cola Co....expects
              ...start upon new buildings may be made in April...
              three brick stores, fronting Cotton...on Wild...and
              in rear of brick block will be erected another and
              even larger brick building, designed especially...
              for its bottling plant"(razed 2004)
Apr. 10,1912  W.T. Lane bought Sessions' property on Bell to 
              erect 2 5-room cottages
Apr. 11,1912  "Charles L. Ansley is...modernizing his...residence
              on Church...Spacious verandahs at...front side and
              rear will be added, with other rooms also added...
              interior will be thoroughly overhauled"
Apr. 20,1912  on College, "work has been started" on Mrs. D.T.
              Wilson's apartment house next her residence
May  24,1912  "Mr. Everett Schneider has recently purchased from
              Mr. S.L. Sills...home on Hancock...and will make 
              his home there after some...improvements have been
May  29,1912  John Sheffield having plans drawn, 8- or 9-room
              colonial, with columns, on "site of his present 
              home" on Brown, "old dwelling will be put back one
              block...made to front Horne"
May  30,1912  "foundation walls for brick building to be erected 
              by Americus Coca Cola Co....were laid yesterday...
              Mr. G.T. Porter has...contract."
June  5,1912  "E.C. Parker will modernize and...improve his...
              residence on to...Z.A. Littlejohn."
June  9,1912  H.H. Halliday, president of Carolina Development
              Co., of Greensboro, N.C., bought former Price place
              "fronting Lee street road and Elm...extending back
              eastward to Seaboard railway", 45 acres, with
              "streets...laid out through...tract, fronting 1,400 
              feet on Lee and Elm"
June 25,1912  "W.A. Ayash will remove...dwelling on...corner lot
              to...west side, next to Mrs. Elam's...convert it 
              into a modern and attractive residence"
July 10,1912  Mrs. D.T. Wilson "is having built" residence on 
              College; 8-room dwelling on Forrest and Furlow;
              W.M. Humber "is completing" bungalow on Horne near 
              Rees Park; Cotney residence, NW corner Church and
              Hinkle; Harrold bungalow on Harrold; J.E. Johnson
              bungalow nearby
Aug. 28,1912  "Van Riper home on being repainted";
              "Episcopal rectory on Lee...being repaired and 
              painted...soon to be occupied by Dr. Percy W. 
              Jones...grounds...will also be improved."; "Shiver
              Apartment house on College...being repainted and
Sept  7,1912  "Mr. and Mrs. Elton C. Parker are again occupying
              their residence on Taylor, recently modernized and
              greatly improved in appearance."
Sept 12,1912  J.E. Johnson moved into "new residence", corner 
              Furlow and Harrold
Sept 19,1912  another story added to Mitchell Bldg. on Lamar;
              W.B. Worthy and F.G. Beavers to build at Hancock 
              and Hill
Nov. 12,1912  "large front porch with columns and banisters has
              been added to...home of Mrs. M.J. Taylor on Taylor
              ...Painting and other renovating work is also being
              done"; "home of S.L. Hammond is being largely re-
              built and painted."; "home of Thomas W.A. Ayash on
     remodeled."; "On Barlow...mod-
              ern bungalow is being constructed for J.E. Prather.";
              "McCay school building is being repaired and painted."
Nov. 13,1912  "material is being put upon...ground" for Rev. R.L.
              Bivins' "next...old Harrold home and opposite that
              of Mr. Gartner"
Nov. 20,1912  C.S.S. Horne "has built" 4 or 5 bungalows on Horne
              "near Church"; "south end is building up as well";
              "Shelton Harris has for some weeks occupied...six-
              room bungalow near...Wheatley residence"; "Lee Allen
              is now adding...finishing touches to...bungalow, 
              near Harris...for rent"; "William Humber has had 
              plans drawn for a six or seven-room bungalow...he
              will erect at once near...Allen property"
Feb. 13,1913  "Joseph Poole, who recently purchased...Brown lot
     preparing to build a residence...which he will
              occupy...will be two stories" (#309 E. Church razed
Feb. 20,1913  ""This morning, just thirty years ago, I laid first 
              brick in erection of that building," said Mr. R.J.
              Perry yesterday, pointing to...A.W. Smith store", 
              SE corner Forsyth and Jackson, "first one to be 
              erected on..."courthouse square""              
May   3,1913  pre-dawn fire destroyed fifth-floor roof of Windsor
June 27,1913  " receiving...finishing touches"
Oct. 24,1913  Lee to be paved from Lamar to city limits, 1 1/2 
              miles south
Oct. 29,1913  groundbreaking for Dodson St. Hospital
Dec. 17,1913  cornerstone ceremony for Dodson St. Hospital
Mar. 26,1914  Rylander's Corner for 25 years, bought by J.W.
              Hightower from Wheatley Estate
Oct. 27,1914  C.M. Wheatley's "is to undergo an entire renovation
              at...hands of artisans and painters, and thus mod-
              ernized...will be removed near...west boundary line"
              site J.W. Harris residence, B.C. Hogue, architect
              and contractor
Feb. 17,1915  "Mr. and Mrs. C.M. Hale will begin erection shortly 
              of...cottage upon lot immediately west of Mr. Charles
              L. Ansley's home, which they hope to have ready for
              occupancy by May 1."
Mar.  9,1915  "addition of a second story to...Tower residence...
              house will be raised up considerably"
Feb. 20,1916  G.L. Williams' on Church remodeled
Mar.  9,1916  Jesse E. Cannon completing 2 5-room bungalows on 
Apr.  6,1916  Dr. H.H. Glover bought lot north of Cloyd Buchanan
              on S. Lee
Apr.  9,1916  C.A. Schneider bought lot on Harrold to build
May  14,1916  Buchanan Apts., imitation brick, on Jackson almost
May  15,1916  C.A. Chambliss to add second story to home on Bar-
              low near Taylor
May  19,1916  L.W. Brown's new home on Lee has outside finished
Sept 25,1916  C.A. Schneider to begin building on Harrold
Oct. 15,1916  "W.W. McNeill...recently closed a contract with 
              C.A. Schneider to bungalow...cor-
              ner of Harrold...and to begin on same
              at once" (completed Feb. 4,1917)
Jan. 12,1917  work began on filling station across Lee from City
Feb. 16,1917  "G.E. Buchanan...building a new brick storage ware-
              house in rear of his Cotton avenue
              nearly completed."
Mar. 19,1917  G.W. Israel, Sr's. 34-year-old home burned near 
              Sumter City
Mar. 21,1917  Furlow Lawn Baptist Church began brick veneer plus
              14-room annex
Apr.  9,1917  "work on new academic building at Third District 
              A & M College will be begun in about two weeks"
May   6,1917  V.M. Holloway building new front and side porch at
              206 S. Jackson, J.W. Shiver contractor; Henry G. 
              Stanfield contracted to paint interior recently re-
              modeled Rehoboth Baptist Church
May   9,1917  J.S. Bolton bought vacant lot north of Mrs. Slappey
              east side Lee, "to build...residence...during sum-
              mer months"
May  22,1917  Henry J. Webb's burned at Sumter City; Dr. G.W. 
              Bagley and W. Frank Ferguson completed 2 buildings
              at DeSoto
June  5,1917  W.T. Lane remodeling house on Lee
June 13,1917  "second floor of...Eldridge block on
              being remodeled to be used for office purposes...
              stairway is to be constructed between...Planter's
              Seed Company and Hay & Tillman's...corridor running
              ...entire depth of...building...on...second floor.
              Additional windows are being put in on...front...
              completed not later than September."
July 15,1917  "Mr. and Mrs. W.W. McNeill and family are now occu-
              pying their new residence on Brown...not yet quite
Aug.  9,1917  "John T. Bragg has recently added a room and porch
              to his residence on Hancock"
Aug. 26,1917  "John W. Shiver has contracted with Mrs. W.C. Barrow
              to build...six-room bungalow on be fin-
              ished by October first."
Sept  3,1917  "J.W. Shiver has closed a contract to build for Mrs.
              E.L. Spann...five-room bungalow at Plains.  Work...
              will begin at once."
Sept  4,1917  "W.W. McNeill...building...bungalow of six rooms for
              Misses Gertrude and Rosalie Smith, corner Hancock...
              and Bell...completed about October first"
Oct. 10,1917  "work of remodeling the Leslie Methodist church
              will soon be completed."
Oct. 24,1917  "Barlow Council cottage on Lee and Church...being 
              renovated preparatory to being occupied by Mr. and 
              Mrs. Will Green Turpin."
Nov.  9,1917  fire destroyed W.C. Carter's, E.B. Council's and
              W.G. Turpin's (#'s 201,203,207 S. Lee)
Nov. 19,1917  "Barlow Council will rebuild...on site occupied by 
              his residence...recently burned, and an architect 
              is now...drawing plans"
Dec.  2,1917  "Buchanan Grocery Company are repairing their store
              where they were burned out a few days ago...Neon
              Buchanan is superintending"
Jan.  4,1918  "Barlow Council cottage on Lee and in
              course of repair and now nearing completion."
Sept 12,1918  "Work...resumed on Lawson Stapleton building on
Feb.  9,1919  "Mr. and Mrs. Barlow Council will move
              home...Wednesday of this week"
Feb. 16,1919  G.A. and W.G. Turpin bought old "Buzzard's Roost" 
              to raze and replace with 2-story brick to "build 
              before summer"
Feb. 19,1919  fire at 217 Brown damaged roof
Apr. 19,1919  "BUILDING PERMITS - D.F. Pughsley, Forsyth, between
              Lamar and Strife, new, $1,000"
June 22,1919  C.H. Burke and W.M. Humber to build warehouse, 100 
              x 100 ft, on site of old Dudley Field ballpark on 
July 13,1919  Rylander Theatre announcement by Walter Rylander
July 16,1919  "W.W. Dykes...moved from...College street home into
              ...S.H. Hawkins property, two doors to...west...
              will occupy pending...erection home on...
              site of...residence...just vacated...present one-
              story house will be razed at once and a two-story
              frame structure erected immediately...Ben Hogue will
              have charge of removing...old building and erecting
July 25,1919  "W.J. Thornton...orders...erection of a duplex 
              apartment house...for rental purposes...plans...
              drawn by T.F. Lockwood...two apartments, will be
              erected in a vacant rear of the home of 
              Dr. J.W. Chambliss"
Aug.  7,1919  "Carpenters are engaged today in demolishing "Buz-
              zard Roost,"...under direction of John W. Shiver."
Aug. 17,1919  McCord Prather's $10,000 remodeling of former Strand
              Theatre on Lamar, A. Ten Eyck Brown, of Atlanta,
              architect, renamed Alcazar with 700 seats
Aug. 24,1919  "Contracts were closed yesterday whereby $19,000 
              will be spent on two Sumter homes.  Twelve thousand
              dollars will be spent for building a new farm home
              for J.W. Howard, four miles south of Americus, and
              $7,000 will be spent in remodeling home of George 
              R. Ellis here."
Sept  1,1919  Dr. W.S. Prather's statement on his group's invest-
              ment offer for YMCA Bldg.
Sept  9,1919  George Goepp bought Alf Bell's 2-story home on S.
              Forrest/Oak Ave.
Sept 12,1919  "Ground will be broken next week Turpin
              automobile building"
Oct.  1,1919  "Work is proceeding rapidly on...filling station on
              ...vacant lot just west of...Planters Bank...ready
              for use by October 15" (razed May 1937)
Oct. 28,1919  T-R Bldg., 1-story brick, fronting 40 ft on Forrest,
              T.F. Lockwood, architect, built by Walter Rylander
Nov. 21,1919  L.E. Holloway to build bungalow, corner Glessner 
              and Lee
July 27,1920  "W.J. Thornton...completed plans...for remodeling
              and rebuilding residence...which has been occupied 
              by Dr. J.W. Chambliss...into a double apartment...
              to start next September 15, or 
              October 1 at latest.  Four garages, to serve both
              apartment houses, will be erected in rear"
May  19,1922  "G.O. Loving...exhibited...blueprint of...filling
     occupy...lot recently purchased by him 
              at...corner of Lee and Church...blueprint...execu-
              ted by W.C. Randolph, Jr., of Americus"
Oct. 11,1922  D.R. Andrews let contract for $30,000 brick, 2-
              story, 9-room, green tile roof, sleeping porches,
              W.H. Little, of Cordele, architect, "vacant lot ad-
              jacent and east of his present residence" on Taylor
Aug.  6,1923  J.H. Thurmond's bungalow, by J.W. Shiver, to begin
              "at once", Hill and Jackson Ave.
Sept 15,1923  Henry P. Everett's home on Brown converted to twin
              apartments by J.W. Shiver
Dec.  3,1924  M.S. Holliday's, SE corner Jackson and Lamar, being
              remodeled for $10,000 by F.W. Woolworth Co., "front
              ...fitted with...plate glass...entrance...changed
              ...building lengthened fifteen feet from...rear"
Nov.  7,1925  "G.O. Loving...just closed...for two
              located on Brooklyn Heights...bought from board of 
              education...other...what is known as...old Sandy
              Hill place and...lot on...corner...bought from Mrs.
              Heidt...purchase price...$2,750...will begin next
              week to construct at a cost of $8,000, two filling
              and service stations...Brooklyn Heights...on route
              three and...road to Columbus...other...on...Dixie
              Highway and...road to Cordele"
Apr. 24,1926  "One of...most complete...service stations...was
              opened today on...Lee and Lamar...corner by...
              Standard Oil company"
June 26,1926  "Doctors' building...corner of Jackson and Church
              ...has been purchased by Drs. Thad, Bowman and Sam
              Wise, of Plains, from...former owners, Dr. W.S.
              Prather, Dr. L.F. Grubbs, and Dr. Glenn, now a resi-
              dent of Texas"
July  3,1926  "medical building will be ten
     Dr. W.S. Prather...Plans...have already
              been completed...inside court with...main entrance
              on Jackson...cost...between $15,000 and $20,000."
              (Prather Clinic razed July 1977)
Dec. 15,1927  Pruitt Apartments grand opening (#207 S. Lee)
Mar.  2,1928  "new front's clothing store of A. Cohen
              and Son is nearing completion...including new show
Oct.  3,1928  Sumter Rayon Mill completed, NW corner Dudley and
              Lamar, B.B. Kent Construction Co., contractor, 50 x
              150 ft, 2-story brick
Mar. 19,1929  Americus Baking Co. moved back into "fireproof, 
              sanitary building", Cato Bldg. on Forsyth, after 
              January fire
Apr. 18,1929  Mr. and Mrs. Hill Kelly moved into Wilson & Still
              home on Bell; Fred Markett's, by Wilson & Still, 
              completed within year, SW corner Hill and Harrold, 
              with "steep gables, side porch, uncovered street 
Apr. 24,1929  Hilliard Alcott's, on Bell, "being constructed" by 
              Wilson & Still, "tapestry brick cemented in black
              with dark red tile terrace and covered arch entrance"
Apr. 26,1929  J.R. Wall's, on McGarrah, completed, 1 1/2-story,
              frame, high sloping roof, wide veranda with square
              columns, "portica on one side"
Apr. 29,1929  Dr. A.E. Drew's completed, on Burke, by Weldon 
              Coleman, contractor, 1 1/2-story brick, tiled ter-
              race on east side
May   1,1929  Howard Bankston's, SW corner alley and Hill, between
              Harrold and Hill, by Wilson & Still, frame, sloping 
              roofs, "double windows on either side of a Dutch 
              colonial entrance and a porch on...east side"
May   2,1929  J. Gordon Feagin's "almost ready", NW corner Bell
              and Hancock, "doing work himself...building an old 
              Southern style home in miniature, using a wide ver-
              anda supported by square columns across front"
May   7,1929  R.B. Sumner's "recently constructed", NE corner 
              Alice and Burke, square frame, by Wilson & Still,
              "Latticed posts support a generous side porch and a
              brick terrance leads to a colonial doorway"
May  22,1929  W.D. Moreland's, constructed by Gordon Lumber Co.,
              east side Harrold between Bell and Hill, "occupied
              by Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Willis and family", small 
              porch, dormer windows
May  23,1929  permit issued to D.M. Still, contractor, to build
              home for John L. Ross, 204 W. Dodson, "Work will 
              begin at once"; Miss Martha Wheatley's, by Weldon
              Coleman, east side Forrest, 57 ft. north of Forrest
              and Furlow, frame with wide front porch and double
Nov. 10,1929  "George C. Renneka, wealthy Chicago businessman... 
              recently erected...mansion on Smithville 
              confer with B. Kent, contractor...intention of occu-
              pying...just as soon as it is completed."
Nov. 13,1929  Sumter Oil Co. erecting $5,000 service station,
              corner Church and Lee; Dr. W.S. Prather erecting
              $10,000 "combination filling station and garage
              with a demonstration room for new Studebaker", cor-
              ner Church and Jackson
Feb.    1931  $2,000 fire damage to attic of S.H. McKee home on
              Rees Park
Mar.  6,1931  Congressman Charles R. Crisp announced $100,000 
              third floor addition to post office
Mar. 16,1931  Georgia Power Co. store, 134 Lamar, "Work...began
              March 1...will be completed about April 15"
June 14,1931  C.R. Whitley's 2-story, 224 Taylor, damaged by fire
June 25,1931  post office "wing that now extends several feet 
              north of...main building...will be extended twenty
              feet farther back and another story will be added"
July 30,1931  "CORNER STORE IS REMODELED - Tillman, Brown, And
              Miss Tillman to Move Aug. 15"
Feb.  5,1932  "CONTRACT FOR ELEVATOR LET - Post Office Elevator
              Costs $5,645"
June 22,1932  "Work office is progressing more rapidly
              ...steel beams on...third floor are up...brick work
              should be finished by...last of this 
              process of cleaning brick will be or-
              der to make all...brick alike."
July 18,1932  "All brick and stone work on...outside
              office building will be finished this week...Work
              has already begun on...steel beams of...roof"
Nov. 18,1932  Kent Construction began Frank Sheffield, Jr., brick
              veneer, 1 1/2-story, 3-room upstairs, on Brown
May   4,1933  "Considerable improvements are being made to...for-
              mer residence of W.M. Humber, on Taylor...vacant
              several months since...Humber moved to
     of...Union Central Life Insurance"
May   9,1933  "two-story building formerly occupied by Church-
              well's...on being completely remodeled
              ...will be divided into two separate store rooms...
              entire front...has been taken down...small store,
              approximately 12 1/2 feet wide, will be cut off on
              ...west side and will have a separate entrance...
              remainder...50 feet wide, will be made into one
              store room."
              tension of Forsyth...thru...old warehouse property
              of Council and McGarrah and thru...Dudley pine 
              grove to...Cental of Georgia tracks, where a con-
              crete bridge is to be erected and...road extended
              along...edge of...Dell property and join...Smith-
              ville road of...hill"
Oct.  7,1933  "Americus will receive $165,000 for an overhead
              bridge over...Central of Georgia...tracks, exten-
              sion of Forsyth"
Oct. 11,1933  "Forsyth...will be extended through...stores on
              Cotton...that face it, through...old Parker Ware-
              house...old ball park and Burke Warehouse, then
              across...old Dudley Lamar
              ...will be extended and join Forsyth"
Dec.  1,1933  TCN - M.H. Fletcher's on Burke, 6-room brick, D.M.
              Still, contractor, "being built"; Mrs. James L. 
              Williams' on Burke completed
Feb.  3,1934  fire destroyed "large portion" of roof of Mrs. B.E.
              Easterlin's on Rees Park
Feb. 23,1934  "Tom Marshall' home on...Andersonville road 
              is almost finished"
Oct. 24,1934  "G & O Service company leased...vacant lot...For-
              syth and Cotton...for...immediate erection of...
              service station" (grandopening Jan. 18,1935)
Nov.  9,1934  "Fire...partly destroyed old Will Carter residence 
              on Church...Mrs. W.G. Turpin, lives in 
Jan. 22,1935  Lott Bros., corner Cotton and Lamar, "being remod-
July 24,1935  "OPERA HOUSE IS PURCHASED - J.J. Holliday Plans to
              Lease Theatre"
Aug. 14,1935  "Plans Announced For New Water Tower"
Oct.  3,1935  "Good progress has been made this week on...exca-
              vations water tank"
Oct. 19,1935  __L. Fletcher opened "Log Cabin...situated 
              road leading over viaduct"
Dec. 12,1935  "Steel work city water tower...has ar-
              rived and has been placed tank will
              be torn down", R.D. Cole, of Newnan, contractor
Dec. 19,1935  contract let for D.M. Still, contractor, to build
              1-story frame addition to Rayon Mill, 40 x 150 ft.,
              on north side
Aug. 19,1936  G.E. Buchanan's 1-story on W. Lamar, next to Rylan-
              der Theatre, 18 ft front, 100 ft depth
Feb.  6,1936  "Water Tank Likely to Begin in Month"
Mar. 28,1936  Wheeler, between Cotton and Jackson, Brannon and
              W. Church, between Dudley and Hampton, to be paved;
              E. Furlow, between Elm and Lee, "has been started",
              Harrold, between College and Furlow, "will be paved
              this summer"
Apr.  7,1936  "Work was started today of...ser-
              vice station in...triangle at...intersection of U.S.
              highway No. 19 and state highway No. 280, at...foot 
              of...overpass...being erected by Frank D. Stapleton
              ...Will McNeill...contractor...ready...within six
              weeks...of white stucco...cost...$2,400...of light
              house design, and will have a revolving electric
              light in...tower...20 feet square at base, with a 
              round tower"
May  14,1936  W.A. Dodson began construction, corner Bell and 
              Hancock; Dr. S.A. Scruggs's 1-story "nearing com-
              pletion", corner Dodson and Hancock; H.E. Smith "is
              building" on Dodson, opposite hospital; T.W. Tilton
              "has erected", on Elizabeth; Charles Wheatley's 2
              on Rees, "just prior to...first of year"; Sam
              Leonard's, on S. Lee, "nearly completed"; James 
              Buchanan's on S. Lee "erected...late in 1935"; 
              "Other new buildings since first of year": warehouse 
              and cutting room, Manhattan Shirt Co., N. Dudley; 
              Glover Grocery Co. storage house on Cotton; G.A. 
              Tye's lumber and woodworking plant, Adderton; F.D.
              Stapleton's service station, junction Lamar and U.S. 
              19; "negro residence off West Shiver 
              Lumber Co."; J.C. Dudley's service station, corner 
              Hampton and Lamar; "largest remodeling and repair 
     W.A. Hawkins, 1222 South Lee...damaged 
              by fire and water in April"; "more new houses are 
              planned":  Smith addition - Cliff Carswell on Han-
              cock, between Bell and Dodson; Alvin Collins on 
              Bell, between Hancock and Harrold; Dr. A.C. Primrose 
              on Bell, between Hancock and Harrold; William Bell 
              on Hancock, between Bell and Dodson; Stephen Pace 
              on Dodson, between Hancock and Lee
July  9,1936  G.E. Buchanan's 1-story, "being erected" on vacant
              lot between Rylander Theatre and United Grocery Co.,
              16 ft. on Lamar, 100 ft. depth; Felder, E. Glessner
              and Wheatley leading to Georgia Southwestern to be
              paved by Gibson & Robinson, of Donaldsonville (com-
              pleted Sept. 1936)
Sept 30,1936  Charles Lanier to build, former Wheatley property, 
              3 on Lee, 1 on Furlow, 3 on Hancock, Bryan Merry, 
              of Augusta, architect
Oct.  1,1936  "Work was started today on...complete remodeling
              of...V.H. Cavendar residence, on McGarrah...estima-
              ted to cost slightly more than $10,000.  Birl B.
              Kent, of Americus...general contractor...brick -
              veneered...badly burned early this year.
Oct.  2,1936  "work has already begun" on 2-story, $17,000 wing
              to hospital, by B.B. Kent, contractor; Charles 
              Wheatley "is completing...last of three new homes,
              having already constructed two on Rees...rented to 
              Dr. and Mrs. Abe J. Davis...Mr. and Mrs. Billy Fort
              ...third...being constructed on W. Church"; "Con-
              struction will begin soon on Mrs. Walter Rylander's
              home, to be built between Wheatley lot and Lovelace
              Eve's home on Lee"
Jan. 19,1937  J.W. Lott began service station, Brooklyn Heights,
              west side U.S. 19, "just north of point where...
              highway forks, one branch entering traversing...
              business section...other on...west."
Jan. 29,1937  Harrold home on College sold to C.B. King, Jr. and
              S.H. Dykes, with history of old house
Feb.  4,1937  TCN - Prather Clinic addition, 28 x 58 ft in rear 
Feb. 26,1937  J.E. Holloway leased and opened Sinclair service 
              station "Spanish type of construction", intersec-
              tion U.S. 19 and U.S. 280
Mar.  4,1937  "Bank of Commerce building...entire front...will be
              remodeled...porch in front...eliminated...two large
              arches will be closed in with windows and doors...
              entrance moved to...east side of...front"
Apr. 14,1937  "first planned to extend Forsyth...instead of Lamar
              ...when overpass was constructed two years ago"
May   5,1937  Gulf Oil construction, SE corner Forsyth and Wind-
              sor, "to start within two weeks and be completed
              within 60 working days", C.H. Wheatley, contractor
              (razed ca. 1990)
June 23,1937  "Clearing of...right of way for...Forsyth...exten-
              sion has been completed from Lamar...intersection
              to...rear of...Commercial Warehouse on Hampton...
              warehouse will be removed within thirty days and...
              right of way will be open from Lamar
              ...extension near Central of Georgia overpass...
              After all buildings are torn down to clear a 60-
              foot right of way to join Cotton...
              road building will begin"
June 24,1937  TCN - J.H. Randall's 5-room house, corner Dodson
              facing Hancock, D.M. Still, contractor
Sept 16,1937  TCN - Charles Lanier leased to W.F. Darby, Furlow
              between Hancock and Lee, "recently completed" (1 of
              4), M. Roughgarden bought corner Furlow and Hancock,
              Ed Heys bought facing Hancock
Oct. 28,1937  TCN - work on Hancock extension from Dodson to 
              Glessner "progressing rapidly"
Nov.  4,1937  TCN - Mrs. A.G. Ketchum moved to Glover-Council home
              on S. Lee, for boardinghouse
Nov. 18,1937  Fletchers began subdivision at corner Elm and Gless-
              ner, "known as barbecue grounds"
Feb.  7,1938  R.S. Broadhurst, developer of Virginia Heights, be-
              gan "first of several new houses", west side of 
              "newly opened extension of Hancock", 5-room frame,
              B.B. Kent, contractor
Mar.  2,1938  J. Lewis Merritt's "foundation was staked off this
              morning", 800 block of Hancock, 5-room frame, with
              basement, east side Hancock
Mar.  3,1938  "Among new homes going up here are the following:  
              Lewis Merritt, Hancock avenue; Kent and Broadhurst,
              C.W. Henderson, Elm avenue; and Jack McGlamery, 
              Crawford street.  Miss Frances Shiver is building a 
              negro rent house and Hattie Black, negro, is build-
              ing a home on Jefferson...Commercial Warehouse is 
              adding a third building to its organization."
Mar. 4,1938   T.J. Davis bought for $3,500 from R.S. Broadhurst,
              5-room frame "to be completed ten 
              days", on Hancock; "construction will begin Monday"
              on R.S. Broadhurst's brick-veneer, 1-story, 8-room 
              house, B.B. Kent, contractor, 2 lots north of one
              sold to Davis; "In about three weeks" R.S. Broadhurst
              to start rock house, " being built now";
              "Virginia Heights...opened last summer"
Mar. 15,1938  "J.H. Shumake, city marshal, is planning to build a
              stone and concrete home near his lakes just off Mag-
              nolia St. near Pope's Place on...Albany Highway...
              estimated cost...$5,500.  Work is expected to begin
              soon."; Mrs. L.G. Henderson, of Albany, owner of 
              Club Arbor "damaged by fire last fall", remodeled 
              into sandwich shop "with dance hall being eliminated
     work...estimated at $1,200."
Mar. 23,1938  "Work on...Forsyth...extension is scheduled to be
              resumed tomorrow, after being delayed for months
     sought further right of way...workmen
              will be complete...task of clearing
              ...right of way up to Cotton"
Mar. 29,1938  "J.W.C. Horne...granted a permit to erect a home on
     cost of $3,000."; "Charlie 
              Lee Davis is to build a home on West Glessner...
              estimated cost...$4,000."; "B.B. Kent and R.S. 
              Broadhurst are building another house on...west 
              side...South Hancock...cost...approximately $4,250.";
              "J.R. McGlamry is building a house on Crawford...
              estimated cost...$1,000."; "Charles Wheatley is 
              erecting a negro house on Oglethorpe...cost...$250.";
              "A $500 display room for flowers is being built by 
              Mrs. Russell Speer on McGarrah"; "G.A. Tye & Sons
              are building an extension on their office...cost...
              $700."; "A negro dance hall is being erected on 
              Coker...estimated cost...$500."; "Five hundred dol-
              lars worth of repair work is being done on...home
              occupied by Robert Arthur...owned by Mrs. Wimberly."
Mar. 30,1938  "workmen have completed moving part of...Sokolow 
              grocery store from...Forsyth...extension, and pre-
              parations are being made to pull down...wall of...
              New York Cafe Monday"
May   3,1938  H.W. Huffman building frame house on Hancock, south
              of E.L. Carswell, estimated $2,600; Bill Hammond, of
              Seaboard Airline RR, "brick home is being erected",
              on Ellis (Elm?), estimated cost $3,300; D.M. Still
              contractor for both houses
May  12,1938  "Work on construction of a new frame residence for 
              Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Carswell, in the 800 block of 
              Hancock...was started this morning...D.M. Still,
              local contractor."
June 17,1938  "Taylor Street Grocery, located in a new building
              at...corner of Taylor...and Rees Park...will begin
              business" June 18th
July  2,1938  "plans underway for...opening of...Forsyth...exten-
              sion this fall...J.T. Warren has announced...he will
              erect a Shell service station on...Forsyth...exten-
     of Hampton and Forsyth extension.
              Workmen are busy erecting an $8,000 Sinclair...sta-
              tion and parking garage on West Lamar...R.M. Kelley,
              who is building station, says it will be completed 
              by August 15...Americus Bus Station is now operating 
              from its new headquarters at...Log Cabin...on Macon
              -Americus-Albany highway with a drive-in station 
              when...Forsyth...extension is opened.  George Saliba
              has opened a lunchroom, The Oasis, bus 
July 16,1938  "Work was started this week on a new story and a 
              half frame residence for Mr. and Mrs. F.L. Butler,
              in the 200 block of West Morningside
              subdivision. under...supervision
              of O.W. Loyd and materials are being furnished by 
              G.A. Tye and Sons."
July 27,1938  "Several neon signs erected during...past few days
              ...Two hotel, one large one in
              front...on Lamar and a smaller one in front of...
              coffee shop on Windsor...Maher Brothers...large sign
              in front store on Lamar...Lott Bro-
              thers...two signs at...service station, one on...
              Lamar...side and one on Cotton...two signs are iden-
              tical...New York Cafe...neon sign at...corner of...
              Cotton...and Forsyth"
Aug. 19,1938  "Forsyth Street Extension, Americus' new business
              street, was opened to traffic this morning."
Sept  5,1938  "Construction of...home for Prof. S.C. Haddock,
              superintendent of city schools, on...south side of
              Bell...between Harrold and Hancock, was begun today.
              D.M. Still is...contractor for...7-room frame";
              "Work will begin...latter part of...week on...home
              for Luther Ivey, on build a 5-room frame
              ...with George McGarrah as contractor."
Oct.  6,1938  "A new home is being built by Frank Wilson on Gless-
              ner...between Lee...and Elm...Horne Lumber company
              are contractors for...frame...estimated cost is 
Dec. 13,1938  $3,500 service station being built, NW corner For-
              syth Hampton; $5,000 service station to begin new 
              year, SE corner Forsyth and Hampton; Holloway Bros.
              fruit and produce store "recently was opened" on
              Forsyth extension; J.T. Warren and W.B. Haley brick
              Shell service station to open new year; $5,000 ser-
              vice station to begin building new year on 3 lots, 
              SE corner Forsyth and Hampton; remodeling of Wofford
              Oil Co. station on Felder, between Furlow and Hill;
              Coca Cola plant on Cotton exterior stuccoed, inter-
              ior remodeled with tile floors
Feb. 28,1939  "Permits were issued":  Dr. Harold A. Horne, brick,
              south side Dodson, between Hancock and Harrold, 
              $4,800; E.J. Everett frame, south side Glessner, 
              between Elm and Georgia Southwestern, $3,000; Mrs.
              J.R. Butler frame, south side E. Glessner, between
              Elm and Seaboard RR, $3,000; P.H. Johnson wood 
              building, east side Lafayette, between Park Row and
              Adderton, $800; Dr. S.F. Stapleton frame, east side
              N. Jackson, $1,800; Jimmie Lassiter frame, east 
              side Lafayette, between Park Row and Elm (sic), 
Apr. 19,1939  "Work was started this week on" Sam Allen's 1-story, 
              5-room frame on east side Hancock, in 600 block, 
              with sleeping porch, George McGarrah, contractor
May   1,1939  "Demonstration Home" being built on Hancock, B.B. 
              Kent, contractor, lumber from Shiver Lumber Co., in 
              cooperation with "Small Home Demonstation Program" 
              of FHA, 6-room frame "to stimulate and encourage...
              construction of small low priced homes for people of 
              moderate incomes."
May  16,1939  "New homes being built by H.H. Phillips on Glessner
              ...between Hancock and Harrold; Sam Allen on Han-
              cock, between Furlow and Hill; Mrs. Hollis Fort, Jr.
              on Glessner...and Arthur Rylander, on South Lee"
Aug.  1,1939  W.E. Mitchell "is constructing" 1-story brick on
              north side Forsyth, between Cotton and Hampton, 
              "ready for occupancy by September 1"; "Mrs. George
              Oliver is rebuilding her home, which recently was
              burned down, on...north side of East
              tween Prince and home...of brick and clap
     which was destroyed was...frame"
Aug.  8,1939  "Work has begun on construction of" Hawkins Dykes'
              frame on Harrold, just off College, $3,000, Horne
              Lumber and Coal Co., contractor; Sam Perry "is erec-
              ting" on Horne, $3,000, Horne Lumber and Coal Co.,
              contractor; "R.L. Wiggins is covering...Presbyterian
              church...cost of...repairs...estimated at $600."
Sept 11,1939  old J.W. Harris home on Felder, owned and occupied 
              by C.T. Pope, destroyed by fire, "one of...oldest
              homes in Americus"
Sept 19,1939  Mrs. A.R. Norris "is erecting" concrete block home
              on W. Furlow, $2,500; J.M. Chappell "is building"
              frame on Harrold, $3,500; Eddie McNeal's "is being
              built" on Forrest, $2,000
Nov. 21,1939  "ground was being cleared today for erection of...
              new Southern Bell Telephone and Telegraph exchange
              on Forrest...supervised by C.T. Pope...W.L. Pippen,
              Moultrie, who buildings on...Georgia
              Southwestern...campus, has been awarded...contract
              ...three months will be required to erect"
Nov. 29,1939  J. Homer Still "to construct" frame on Jackson Ave.,
              between Bell and Hill, $2,000
Feb.  6,1940  W.J. Stevens' frame being built, north side Dodson,
              between Hancock and Lee, Hays Arnold, contractor       
Feb. 12,1940  S.S. Belcher's 5-room, brick veneer, 200 block W.
              Dodson, Geo. McGarrah, contractor; Sam Merritt's
              to be built, opposite Belcher's
Apr.  1,1940  Chas. Wheatley building $1,000 service station,
              corner Crawford and Oglethorpe; L.D. Kitchens erec-
              ting $2,000 home on Dudley; Charlie King got permit
              for $4,500 brick, SE corner, College and Harrold
Apr. 19,1940  V.L. Beckwiths move into newly completed home, 128
              S. Dudley
May  15,1940  C.L. Kearns' $4,000 home, south side Glessner, be-
              tween Elm and Lee; H.G. Jackson's $4,500 home, west
              side Hancock, between Dodson and Glessner; George
              McGarrah, contractor, on both homes
May  20,1940  James Chevrolet bought Turpin's building
May  22,1940  Julian Tye's $1,800 and R.F. Bell's $1,500 on Park
              Row; H.M. Loyd's $2,900 on Oglethorpe
June 14,1940  P.H. Parker's, 120 W. Church, remodeled after fire,
              by A.L. Holloway
July 24,1940  Frank Stapleton to build brick home on Meadowbrook,
              between Davenport and Magnolia
Aug.  9,1940  Sam Merritt to construct $5,000 brick veneer on W.
              Dodson, Geo. McGarrah, contractor; Wallace Sheffield's
              frame, ranch-style, Macon Hwy. outside city limits,
              Horne Lumber and Coal Co., contractor
Aug. 20,1940 "Construction of new home on Oak Avenue has been
              started by Melvin Brown...will be five-room frame house. 
              D.M. Still, contractor."
Sept 30,1940  photo of T-R Bldg. on Windsor Ave. (razed Mar. 1964)
Nov. 19,1940  "business building is being erected on West Forsyth
              ...block between Cotton...and
              brick...33 by 68 W.E. Mitchell adjoining
              ...building occupied by F.H. Turpin Jr., Dodge and
              Plymouth dealer, on...north side...will be occupied
     Auto Parts"
Dec.  3,1940  Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co., 206 W. Lamar, "for-
              merly...Southern offices, has been
              completely remodeled and redecorated"; Sears-Roebuck
              opening, 209,211,213 W. Forsyth, "Extensive remodel-
              ing and redecorating work...has been completed"
Dec. 11,1940  "Keenan Auto Parts...moving into its new building";
              "Peacock's Garage is expanding...will be completed
              within two weeks", Roy Peacock, owner
Dec. 13,1940  Cliff Carswell's Americus Drug Store opened, "first
     year...will be remodeled...with...modern
              front constructed...large neon Rexall sign has been
              erected in front", NW corner Jackson and Lamar
Feb.  4,1941  Shiver building $4,000 semi-frame duplex on Gless-
              ner, also frame on Spring
Feb.  6,1941  TCN - Shiver Lumber Co., contractor, 2-apartment,
              brick veneer on Glessner, frame on Spring
Feb. 27,1941  TCN - Milton Mize began, corner Dodson and Hancock,
              $4,000 brick, 1 1/2-story; Bill Hurst's frame, north
              side Felder, between Furlow and Harris, $3,000
Mar. 10,1941  Melvin Tye completing $3,500 frame, corner Lafayette
              and Park Row; John Evans got permit for $800 frame,
              N. Lee; $1,000 remodeling of Herbert Hawkins' steam
              laundry damaged by fire
Mar. 11,1941  B.H. Bell to begin frame, west side Elm, between 
              Bivins and Glessner, Geo. McGarrah, contractor
Apr.  2,1941  J.W.C. Horne to build $3,000 brick, W. Furlow, be-
              tween Jackson Ave. and Oak
Apr.  7,1941  Americus Construction Co. building 2 $1,500 frames,
              east side Rees; Geo. McGarrah building $2,000 frame,
              north side Dodson, between Elm and Lee
Apr.  9,1941  Washington St. began in Brooklyn Heights
Apr. 17,1941  Martin Theatre construction began, McAchren, of Val-
              dosta, architect
Apr. 23,1941  Christine and Kathleen Argo building $4,000 brick
              veneer duplex, south side E. Church, between Brown
              and Horne
May  13,1941  Citizens Bank Bldg. getting elevator, D.M. Still 
              and Son, contractor
May  27,1941  "Early Postoffice Torn Down Here For New Theatre",
              1-room, wooden building on N. Jackson
June  6,1941  Charles B. King bought Granberry Bldg. from Miss
              Alice K. Wheatley (built by T.M. Furlow and J.J.
              Granberry in 1851)
June  9,1941  "Work has been started on...erection of...brick 
              building in...three hundred block of West Forsyth
     W.E. Mitchell...on...south side...will be oc-
              cupied by...Jones Auto...Buick dealer...frontage of
              75 feet...extend back 125 feet...being done by Tom
     be completed about August 1.  This is...
              third...brick building to be erected in this block
              by Mr. Mitchell during...past year or two...other
              two having been built on...opposite side"
June 12,1941  TCN - W.E. Mitchell's, south side Forsyth extension,
              Tom King, negro contractor 
June 21,1941  L.T. White got permit to build $4,000 brick on Har-
July  2,1941  Dr. T.E. Smith building 2-story frame on Wheatley
July 23,1941  J.W.C. Horne building $4,000 brick, east side Horne;
              Dr. H.T. Adkins erecting $3,000 frame, west side 
              Hancock, between Dodson and Glessner
Aug.  5,1941  Frances Shiver building $1,000 frame on Elizabeth
Aug. 19,1941  C.L. Keefer building $3,000 frame on Park Row; G.A.
              Tye, Jr. building 5-room $3,500 home on U.S. 19,
              just outside city limits
Aug. 21,1941  Cecil Clay building $1,000 home on Forrest, D.M.
              Still, contractor
Sept 17,1941  "Work is expected to start two weeks
     of a new union bus station...lo-
              cated at...intersection of Dudley and Spring...on
     of an abandoned service station...will be
              erected By Mrs. Mamie Dudley Henderson, who owns...
              property...building will be...of bricks...station
              is now located at...intersection of West Lamar and
              West Forsyth...about a block station."
Oct. 29,1941  photos of new Jones Auto Co. Bldg. and owner, H.P.
              (Phil) Jones, Sr., also entire staff
Feb.  5,1942  TCN - Add Abbett's 6-room, corner Park Row and
              Washington, Geo. McGarrah, contractor (completed
              Apr. 1); Harry Shy's being built, in same neighbor-
Feb. 12,1942  TCN - O.C. Law, Jr's. completed on Lafayette
Mar.  5,1942  TCN - John Mauk's brick, east side Hancock, 66 x 
              220 ft., foundation of heart pine from old P.O.
              razed for Martin Theatre
Mar. 12,1942  TCN - I.B. Small's, 28th Dist., burned
Mar. 19,1942  TCN - William J. and John Graham's 2-story, 11-room
              brick veneer, being erected on 15-acre tract, on 
              Oglethorpe, " of Mr. and Mrs. Tom
              Marshall", B.B. Kent, builder; Chas. A. Dupre's 
              frame began on Oliver, D.M. Still, contractor (com-
              pleted by July 2)
Apr.  2,1942  TCN - "old grandstand at...former city playground
              has been torn down...surveying necessary to...ex-
              tension of Barlow...through to Dodson...has been
     then as a playground
     was torn down"
Apr. 16,1942  TCN - State Rep. Julian Suggs building 5-room frame, 
              with native rock base, on Felder
July 23,1942  TCN - Clyde Johnson's 5-room frame completed, north 
              side Park Row
Sept 16,1942  "Construction will be few days on 
     Americus Builders, Inc....
              first...will be built on...west side of Barlow...
              Barlow street was extended...several months ago",
Sept 17,1942  TCN - Americus Builders Inc. to begin house on Bar-
              low at old playground
Oct.  6,1942  "foundations have been poured for 10 new houses...
              Hill and Barlow", 9 on Barlow with 70ft front, 3 on
              Hill with 75 ft front 
Oct.  8,1942  TCN - Lloyd Kirby Carter bought 1017 Hancock, for
              $5,000, from R.S. Broadhurst
Nov. 19,1942  TCN - $2,500 remodeling for Baptist Parsonage on
              Taylor, donated by Mrs. J.P. Cato, W.C. Turner, 
              BEFORE MAY FIRST"
Aug. 29,1945  "Bell Motor Company, has been H.F.
              (Buddy) Bell and F.L. (Red) Bell...two brothers...
              local franchise for brick
              building...5,000 square feet...will be erected...
              corner of Forsyth and few
Sept 25,1945  "Work of another one-story busi-
              ness building on West Forsyth...will be started 
     Milton Mize on...lot immediately east of
              ...structure now being built at...corner of Forsyth
              and Dudley...Bell Motor Company...of brick and will
              be approximately 73 by 115 feet"
Oct. 11,1945  TCN - "Raymond McNeill, who opened his subdivision
              several years ago, just east of Rees park and 
              reached through Post Way, turning east from Rees...
              built and sold three...dwellings; but was prevented
              from further World War II, has now
              begun construction of another dwelling...building
              others at an early date...of clapboard...extends
              through from East Furlow...divided into
              approximately seventy lots...Angus...which is two 
              blocks in length, is named for...late George Angus
              McNeill, father of...present owner. 
              named for...great American humorist, Will Rogers,
              and Post Way for...famous flier who met his death
              with Will of...subdivision is Sunny
              Side."; R.S. Broadhurst to build 25 homes in Vir-
              ginia Heights, "constructed to suit buyer, of brick 
              veneer, field rock or tile"; "Mr. and Mrs. Ray 
              Ansley have recently purchased from Mrs. J. Lewis 
              Ellis three lots in...newly surveyed area just west 
              of...Ellis home and plan to build"; "Mr. and Mrs.
              Ed Gammage...will start immediately on...construc-
              tion of a six-room brick home on Hill...adjoining
              ...Mr. and Mrs. Brown McLendon."; "Carl Kobs has 
     for a house on East
              joining Oak Grove cemetery."; "It is understood...
              Mrs. L.O. Gammage will build a home at an early 
              date on...lot on Lee...between...home of Jap Pinks-
              ton and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Rylander,Jr., which she 
              recently purchased from Mrs. T.F. Mabry."
Nov. 14,1945  R.S. Broadhurst to erect 2 5-room houses, 1 brick
              veneer other rock veneer, south side Glessner, near
              Harrold, B.B. Kent, contractor
Feb. 14,1946  TCN - Charles B. King, developer, subdivision, 24
              lots, 200 ft deep, 75 ft front, 16 on Crawford ex-
              tension, 8 on Oglethorpe, with plat map 
Apr. 16,1946  John Oxford started construction brick garage, south
              side W. Forsyth at rear of New York Cafe, Oxford 
              Motor Co. with Kaiser-Frazier 
Sept.   1,1947 Grand opening of Americus Country Club, T.F. Lockwood, architect
Mar. 30,1948  "Work on room on West Lamar...
              between...Vogue and...Royal Cafe, has been started.
              A partition is being built...making two rooms, which
              will be Gatewood's Flower Shop and...
              Still Building Supply Co."
July 16,1948  "mayor and council...voted to complete that part of
     hall department and James
              Chevrolet...and build a new two-story city hall...
              to occupy all between"
May  31,1949  "Americus' new city hall was officially opened this
Aug. 25,1951  "plans call for tearing down about 13 feet of...old
              garage...front to provide an be open-
              ed on...south side and old Sunday 
              School buildings...old...building will become an
              assembly hall" for Presbyterian Church on Jackson
Nov. 29,1951  Beers Construction Co., of Atlanta, contracted for 
              "additional 50 colored unit houses in...100 project
              house group in north Americus, which is already un-
              derway...will future"
Mar.  4,1952  "Work was started today on...remodeling...two-story
              brick...building...southeast corner of Forsyth and
              Jackson...four store rooms, fronting on Jackson...
              on...first floor...small one-story building between
              ...present two-story...and...alley next...Windsor
              ...will be razed and...two-story...extended to...
     at...corner...will have a corner en-
              trance, with show windows on both streets...second
              floor...converted into office space...B.B. Kent...
     will require from four to five
Mar. 31,1953  Tanner-Brice Co., of Vidalia, to build Piggly Wig-
              gly on east side Lee, north of Church (126 and 132
              S. Lee, Mrs. R.C. Fetner and Mrs. Nellie Fulghum)
July 13,1955  "Construction on...National Guard armory on Adder-
     expected to be completed within a few days";
              R.S. DeLoach and J.W. Wells constructing about 20
              houses in Sunset Heights, East Americus, "on both
              sides of...Macon Highway at...point where it is in-
              tersected by Oglethorpe...just completed several
              houses in...Glendale...and is planning on...more."
Feb.  7,1958  Americus Production Credit Assn. to build $18,000
              1-story, 35 x 70 ft, 107 S. Jackson, "Work will 
              begin ten days on tearing down...present
July 11,1958  $50,000 Goodyear Service Store already completed, 
              NW corner Hampton and Lamar; girl's dormitory, elec-
              tronics building, automotive building at Tech School 
              ready by Sept.; "recently dedicated" Americus Masonic
              Temple, $90,000; First Baptist Church of Americus'
              $216,000 sanctuary to be completed mid-December;
              Ferd Cohen's $10,000 service station on N. Lee; Roy
              Parker's Heating and Air Conditioning Co. $6,000 
              on Tripp, opposite Manhattan, "under construction";
              Mrs. Vern H. Cavendar's $12,000 medical offices, on
              Forsyth, near hospital, "under construction"; New
              Moon Homes and Gentsch Bedding Co. constructing 
              plants, Felder industrial tract
June 18,1959  J.W.C. Horne, Jr. building brick armory on S. Lee,
              $28,000 to $30,000, 4,800 square ft, finished by
              Aug. 1
Jan. 13,1960  T.F. Lockwood's rendering of remodeled Bank of Com-
              merce, "extensive remodeling and expansion program
              now under way...two-story building adjacent...has
              been razed...expected to be completed within thirty
     is being done by...Americus Engineering
              and Construction Company."  (grand opening 4-8-60)
Apr.  7,1960  photo of 2-story, brick building, NE corner Cotton
              and Forsyth, razed for Bank of Commerce drive-ins
Aug.  3,1960  Mrs. Marie Cantey's 10-room frame destroyed by fire,
              north McGarrah "near Tog Shop...built by the late 
              Dr. J.T. Stukes"; "Hewitt residence on Bond...was 
              in process of being moved from its old location 
              across town to  O.A. Williams, 
              owner of Plains Cotton Warehouse, recently purchased
              ...residence so...a peanut storage plant could be 
              constructed...Ed Smith, of Montezuma, is in charge 
              of...moving will continue to be 
              used as a residence at its new location."
Dec.  1,1960  "old bus station on...courthouse grounds is being 
              remodeled to blend  Gray
              brick will be used to veneer...same as being used 
              to construct...nearby patrol barracks"
May  11,1961  photo of Mrs. Janie I. Beck's, 409 W. Lamar, with
              front missing due to right of way for urban renewal
May 14,1961   photo of new Souther Field terminal
July 25,1961  photo of groundbreaking ceremony for Americus and
              Sumter County Fair Assoc. building, on Friendship
              Rd., 9,000 square ft, $30,000
Sept 9,1962  formal dedication of Barnum Funeral Home at 217 Ashby St.
Mar. 28,1964  photo of T-R Bldg. being razed
Oct.  6,1965  "Another landmark in downtown Americus soon will
              disappear...old residence on Hampton...just off La-
              mar has been Ford...will be
              razed in...near future used as a new
              and used car lot." (T. Wheatley home, SE corner La-
              mar and Hampton)
Feb.  3,1969  "An Americus landmark was partially destroyed by
              fire...three-story house on...corner of Park Row
              and McGarrah...gutted...known as Old Speer home...
              A.A. Forrester was...present owner"