Sumter County

from the

Southern Christian Advocate



Alan Anderson, compiler



Oct.   11,1844 Married, on Wednesday 7th inst., by Rev. JOSHUA HAMES, OLIVER H.

                        GRIFFITH, of Randolph County, to Mrs. CLARA J. M'CARTER,

                        of of Sumter County, Ga.

Dec.  28,1849  Married on the 2d inst., by the Rev. JOSEPH T. TALLEY, at the residence

                        of JAMES SPRING, in Sumter co., Ga., Dr. R.T. HARRISON to Miss

                        CELIA SPIVEY, both of the county aforesaid.

                        Married on the 9th inst., by the Rev. J.T. TALLEY, at the residence of

                        JOEL JOYNER, of Sumter co., Ga., D.J. DERISA to Miss JANE

                        JOYNER, both of the same place.

May  31,1850  Married on the 16th May, by the Rev. J.B. WARDLAW, R. TUCKER to

                        Mrs. PATIENCE LEDBETTER, all of Sumter co., Ga.

May    9,1851  Married, April 22, in Houstoun co., Ga., by Rev. J.W. TWITTY, WM. D.

                        HARGROVE, of Sumter co., to Miss COURTNEY N. HORNE.

Nov.   7,1851  Married on the 21st Oct., by Rev. J.W. TWITTY, BENTON BYRD, Esq.,

                        to Mrs. MARY E. HORNE, all of Sumter, Ga.

                        Married by Rev. J.W. TWITTY, on the 23d Oct., in Marion, Ga., O.H.K.

                        GOFF, of Sumter, to Mrs. S.A.E. PONDER.

Dec.  26,1851  Married in Sumter, Ga., Nov. 25, by Rev. JOHN W. TWITTY, Mr. B.

                        McM. MURRAIN, to Miss NANCY C. FULTON, eldest daughter of

                        JOHN FULTON, Esq.

Jan.   23,1852  Married in Americus, Ga., Jan. 9,'52, by Rev. JOHN W. TWITTY, ADAM

                        R. BROWN to Miss MARY A. HALL.

Feb.  20,1852  Married, Feb. 2, by Rev. J.W. TWITTY, Mr. ALFRED F. McPHERSON

                        to Miss MARY H. RAVEN, all of Sumter co., Ga.

Mar.   5,1852   Married by Rev. JOHN W. TWITTY, Feb. 19th,1852, Mr. JAMES E.

                        BASS,             to Miss CREASY ANN GOLDING, all of Sumter co., Ga.

Mar.  19,1852  Married, March 9, by the Rev. J.W. TWITTY, Mr. RUSSELL F.

                        JENKINS, to Miss NARCISSA E. FULTON, all of Sumter co., Ga.

Nov. 19,1852  Nov. 11th, by the Rev. D.S. RAVENS, JOSEPH H. JORDAN of Lee co.,

                        to Miss LOUISA E. HALL, daughter of MORGAN HALL, of Sumter co.,


Jan.   28,1853  By Rev. D.S. RAVENS, on the 9th of January, Dr. GEORGE W.

                        MADDOX, to Miss HARRIETT, daugher of MORGAN HALL, all of

                        Sumter, Ga.

                        By Rev. C.W. THOMAS, on the 18th of January, ROBERT C. BLACK,

                        M.D. of Oglethorpe, to Miss G.A.J. BROOKS, of Stewart co., Ga.

Feb.  25,1853  Tuesday morning, Feb. 8th, by Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, Mr. GEO. W.

                        MARTINLEER to Miss MARTHA F. RAVENS, all of Sumter co., Ga.

May  20,1853  On the 18th April, by Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, WM. D. MADDON of

                        Greene co., to Miss MARTHA, daughter of Rev. J. GLASS of Sumter co.,


                        On the 5th of May, by Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, Rev. THOMAS

                        ANSLEY to Miss CAROLINE daughter of Rev. J.N. SINGLETON, all

                        of Sumter co., Ga.

                        On the 9th of May, by the same, Dr. JAMES G. McCRARY, to Miss

                        ANNA R. COWLES, all of Americus, Ga.

Sept. 30,1853  Married by the Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, Aug. 25, Mr. ELBERT DARDEN

                        to Mrs. PENCY VARNER, all of Sumter co., Ga.  By the same, Sept. 1,

                        Rev. ROBERT J. HODGES, of Sumter co., to Miss MATILDA HILL, of

                        Americus, Ga.

Oct.    7,1853  In the city of Oglethorpe, Sep. 25, by the Rev. JOHN M. MARSHALL,

                        Mr. MOSES TISON of Sumter co., to Miss SUSAN PEEL of the former


Dec.  23,1853  Nov. 22d, by Rev. J. BLAKELY SMITH, LEWIS WEBB of Buena Vista,

                        to Miss SARAH WIMBUSH, of Sumter co., Ga.

Jan.   20,1854  Married in Americus, at the residence of Col. MALONE, Dec. 15, by the

                        Rev. SAM. ANTHONY, DAVID R. ADAMS, Esq. of Eatonton, to Mrs.

                        SARAH A. TRIPPE.

Sept.   8,1854  On 15th Aug., at Pond Town, Ga., by the (Rev. J. BLAKELY SMITH),

                        ABNER SMITH of Chattahoochee co., to ANTOINETTE R., daughter of

                        Dr. A.B. GREENE of the former place.

Dec.  29,1854  Married in Macon, Ga., 21st Dec., by Rev. ROBT. L. BRECK, WILLIAM

                        T. BROWN of Americus, Ga., to Miss LUCIA M. TRAPP, of Macon, Ga.

May  11,1855  At the home of Mr. WILLIAM ALLEN, of Houston on the 26th April, by

                        Rev. G.W. PERSONS, R.H. SLAPPEY, Esq. of Sumter co., to Miss

                        MARY A. KING, of Houston.

May  31,1855  Married in Sumter co., on 17th May, by Rev. J.R. LITTLEJOHN, Mr.

                        F.M. COKER of Americus, to Miss SALLIE A.R. JOHNSON of Putnam

                        co., Ga.

Aug.  16,1855  On the 1st inst., by Rev. G.H. HANCOCK, J.E. RYLANDER, of Sumter

                        co., to Miss A.E. MATHIS, of Marion co., Ga.

Sept. 20,1855  Sept. 2nd, by Rev. J.M. MILLER, J.I.C., JAMES T. STEMBRIDGE, to

                        Miss MARY ANN HOLLAND, all of Sumter co., Ga.

Nov.   8,1855  On 18th Oct., by Rev. J.R. LITTLEJOHN, Mr. G.C. CAMERON, to Miss

                        MARTHA A. FEAGAN, all of Americus, Ga.

Nov. 22,1855  In Americus, Ga., at the residence of Rev. A.A. ROBINSON, Nov. 7th, by

                        Rev. J.R. LITTLEJOHN, Dr. HAMILTON R. PIERCE, of Buena Vista,

                        Ga., to Miss ANN T., daughter of Col. RICHD. LONG, of Marianna, Fla.

Jan.   17,1856  Dec. 23, by Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, Capt. WM. SIRRINE of Americus,

                        to Miss AUGUSTA ANN GLASS, daughter of Rev. JAMES GLASS, of

                        Sumter co., Ga.

Jan.  29,1857   In Monroe Co., Ga., by Rev. ABSALOM OGLETREE, on the 21st inst.,

                        Mr. JOHN N. HUDSON, of Sumter Co., Ga., to Miss AMANDA M.

                        STEWART, of Monroe Co.

Feb.   5,1857   On Jan. 29th, by the Rev. J.W. HINTON, Rev. J.P. DUNCAN, of the

                        Georgia Conference, to Mrs. SARAH H. DANIEL, of Americus, Ga.

Feb. 12,1857   On Jan. 1st, by Rev. J.W. HINTON, GEORGE KIMBROUGH, Esq.,

                        of Starkville, to Miss HENRIETTA McBAIN, of Americus, Ga.

                        On Jan. 12th, by Rev. J.W. HINTON, Mr. G.W. DRAKE, of Huntsville,

                        Ala., to Miss MELVINA JONES, of Sumter Co., Ga.

Feb.  26,1857  In Americus, Ga., on Feb. 5th, by Rev. O.L. SMITH, FRANCIS A.

                        HILL, Esq., of Houston County, to Miss C.V. STONE, of Stewart Co., Ga.

Mar. 19,1857   In Sumter Co., Ga., by Rev. J. BLAKELY SMITH, Feby 15th, Mr. W.C.

                        DODD and ELIZA A. STEWART, all of Sumter.

                        On Wednesday evening, March 4th, by Rev. O.L. SMITH, Mr. HENRY

                        K. DANIEL of Americus, Ga., to Miss MARY E. MYRICK, only daugh-

                        ter of Gen. S.P. MYRICK, of Midway, Ga.

May  14,1857  Married on the 4th May by Rev. J.B. JACKSON of Cuthbert, Ga., Dr.

                        W.H. HODNETT of Sumter Co., Ga., to Miss MARTHA C. WARNOCK

                        of Calhoun Co., Ga.

Aug.    6,1857  In Marietta, Ga., on the 15th July by Rev. JOHN L. WILLIAMS, Mr. W.C.

                        PERRY, of Sumter co., Ga. to Miss NANCY L. PERRY, of Meriwether

                        Co., Ga.

Aug.  20,1857  Married in Marietta, Ga., on the 10th August, by Rev. J.W. HINTON, Mr.

                        W.H. KIMBROUGH, to Mrs. MARION S. NESBIT, of Americus, Ga.

Oct.  29,1857  By Rev. J.B. WARDLAW, Mr. MATTHEW CALLAWAY, of Americus,

                        to Miss VALERIA HUNTER, of Marion County, Ga.

Dec.  10,1857  By Rev. J.W. HINTON, at Mr. T.M. FURLOW'S, Americus, Ga., Mr.

                        J.C. HOLMES to Miss A.E. HOLT, both of Americus, Ga.

Dec.  24,1857  Married by Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, Nov. 25th, JAMES R. STEWART

                        to MARY E. RYLANDER, all of Sumter, Ga.

                        By the Rev. J.B. WARDLAW, on the 8th of Dec., Dr. JAMES A.

                        DAVENPORT of Americus, Ga., to Miss MARTHA J. McLEOD, of

                        Buena Vista, Ga.

June    3,1858  On the 19th May, by Rev. O.L. SMITH, ROBERT J. REDDING, Esq.,

                        of Pondtown, to Miss MARY E. BIVINS, of Americus, Ga.

July   29,1858  On the 18th July by Rev. ROBERT J. HODGES, Mr. ANDREW J.

                        DYKES, to Miss MARY J. LEDBETTER, both of Sumter county, Ga.

Nov. 25,1858  By Rev. D. WILLIAMSON, on the 9th Nov., Mr. E.J. PLOWDEN, of

                        Calhoun Co., to Miss MATILDA J. STEWART, of Sumter county, Ga.

Dec.   9,1858   By Rev. ROBERT J. HODGES, on the 14th Nov., Mr. RICHARD

                        GASKINS, to Miss SUSAN T. THOMPSON, both of Sumter Co., Ga.

Dec. 16,1858   On the 30th November, in Macon county, Ga., by Rev. A.M. WYNN,

                        Dr. THOS. H. STEWART, of the Ga. Conf., to Miss ELLA C. BORING,

                        second daughter of Dr. JESSE BORING.

                        By Rev. ROBERT J. HODGES, on the 12th Oct., Mr. SEABORN J.

                        SUTTON, of Macon co., to Miss CATHERINE E. DYKES, of Sumter

                        Co., Ga.

July  28,1859   In Lumpkin, Ga., June 23d, by Rev. GEO. N. McDONNELL, Mr. JAS.

                        A. FORT, of Stewart co., Ga., to Mrs. MARY F. WILLIAMS, of

                        Lumpkin, Ga.

Feb.   2,1860   On Jan. 24th,1860, by Rev. R.B. LESTER, Mr. OSBORN R. HARRIS,

                        of Crawford co., Ga., to Miss BETTIE R. HAMES, of Americus, Ga.

Feb.   9,1860   On Jan. 24th,1860, by Rev. WM. A. McCARTY, Mr. JNO. R.

                        WORRELL, of Americus, Ga., to Mrs. GERALDINE MITCHELL, of

                        Glennville, Ala.

June   7,1860   In Mulberry St. Church, Macon, Ga., May 29th, by Rev. H.H. PARKS,

                        Dr. JAMES B. HINKLE, of Montgomery, Ala., to Miss LAURA E.

                        BUTTS, of Macon, Ga.

Oct.  11,1860  On 2d Oct., by Rev. ROBERT B. LESTER, Mr. JOHN S. LESTER, of

                        Leon co., Fla., to Miss MARTHA A. THOMPSON, of Americus, Ga.

Dec.  27,1860  By Rev. W.C. BASS, on the 4th Dec., at the residence of the bride's

                        father, Mr. GEORGE A. BIVINS, of Bibb co., Ga., to Miss TISSIE

                        TOMLINSON, daughter of Dr. TOMLINSON, of Americus, Ga.

May  23,1861  Married on 24th April by Rev. D.D. COX, Mr. MARTIN BURKE to

                        Miss MARY WILLIAMS, both of Lumpkin, Ga.

Jan.   30,1862  On 1st Jan.,1862, in Drayton, Dooly co., Ga., by the Rev. JNO. P.

                        DUNCAN, Mr. W.R. STEWART, of Sumter co., Ga., to Miss M.

                        VIRGINIA LOTT, of Griffin, Ga.

Feb.  27,1862  By Rev. MORGAN BELLAH, on 13th Feb.,1862, Mr. HENRY W.

                        HOLMES formerly of Barnesville, but now of Sumter co., Ga., and

                        Miss LUCY O. ELLIS, daughter of Judge J. ELLIS, of Henry co., Ga.

Mar.  27,1862  At Magnolia Springs, Sumter co., Ga., on 24th Nov., by the Rev.

                        THOMAS STEWART, Rev. GEORGE L. JOHNSON, of the Ga.

                        Conf., to Miss EMMA N. BLALOCK, daughter of Rev. D. BLALOCK.

June    5,1862  Married on May 27th, by Rev. W.C.D. PERRY, Lt. WM. T. SADDLER

                        of the Sumter Flying Artillery, and Miss T.C. GREEN of Lee Co., Ga.

                        On 28th May, at St. Luke's Church, Columbus, Ga., by Rev. H.H.

                        PARKS, Mr. U.B. HARROLD of Americus, Ga., to Miss MARY E.

                        FOGLE, daughter of Dr. J. FOGLE.

July     2,1863  In Americus, Ga., on 18th inst., by Rev. R.B. LESTER, Dr. WILLIAM W.

                        BARLOW and Miss ELIZABETH GAITHER.

Sept. 22,1864  In Webster co., Ga., Aug. 28th, by Rev. E.A.H. McGHEE, Mr. WILLIAM

                        B. STEWART of Sumter co., Ga., to Mrs. MARTHA A. COX.

Apr.  20,1866  Married April 8, by Rev. T.S.L. HARWELL, Capt. BLAIR R. MAYES, to

                        Miss EMMA RIVERS, all of Sumter co., Ga.

                        By the same, April 9, Mr. JOHN T. GAMBLE, of Sumter co., to Miss

                        SARAH S. WILLBANKS, of Webster co., Ga.

Oct.  12,1866  On the 2d Oct.,1866, by the Rev. D.W. CALHOUN, Mr. SIMEON B.

                        GLAZE, to Miss CARRIE C. WILKERSON, all of Sumter co., Ga.

Oct.  26,1866  In Americus, Ga., on the 17th inst., by Rev. CHAS. R. JEWETT, Mr.

                        THOMAS A. GRAHAM, formerly of Huntsville, Ala., and Miss OLIVIA

                        B., daughter of Mr. C.W. HANCOCK, Editor of the Sumter Republican.

Nov. 23,1866  Married in Sumter co., Ga., on the 11th inst. by Rev. CHARLES R.

                        JEWETT, Capt. RODERIC P. WORRELL, of Talbotton, Ga., and Miss

                        SARAH E., daughter of the late J. NICHOLAS TAYLOR of the former


                        In Cuthbert, Ga., on the 18th inst., by the Rev. CHAS. R. JEWETT, Mr.

                        P.B. SIMS, and Miss LAURA L. ANTHONY, daughter of Rev. SAMUEL

                        ANTHONY, all of Americus, Ga.

                        On the 23d Oct., by Rev. D.W. CALHOUN, Mr. THOMAS J. WINN, of

                        Oglethorpe, to Miss SARAH A. THORNBURY, of Andersonville, Sumter

                        co., Ga.

                        On the 6th of Nov., by the Rev. D.W. CALHOUN, Mr. HENRY B.

                        RAIFORD and Miss ESTHER KITCHENS, all of Sumter co., Ga.

Dec.  21,1866  In Sumter co., Ga., Dec. 5,1866, by Rev. J.T. NORRIS, Mr. R.B.

                        DeJARNETTE, JR., of Lee co., Ga., to Miss GABRIELLA HARRISON,

                        of Sumter co., daughter of the late Dr. HARRISON of Macon, Ga.