Will of James Howell
27 Apr 1876

submitted by Nancy Gilstrap Mann

Sumter County, Georgia

In the name of God Amen. I James Howell 
remembering that is appointed unto man to die & being in feeble health, 
but in sound mind & disposing memory, do make my last will & testament 
revoking all others. I desire that after my Spirit returns to God who 
gave it me through Christ my Savior that my body be consigned to the 
grave in a christianlike manner.

Item 1st        As regards the little Estate the lord has blessed me with.
I desire & will that my loving wife Elizabeth Howell have all my Estate 
both real & personal after the payment of my just debts & burial expenses
to enjoy the full benefit & possession of the same during her natural 
like. After her death.

Item 2nd        My will & desire is that my daughter Emaline A. E. Howell 
have on Lot of Land no eighty nine (89) in the 27th twenty seventh Dist 
originally Lee now Sumter county whereon I now live.

Item 3rd        My will & desire is that my son James Howell have half of 
Lot no sixty two (62) in the twenty seventh district of Originally Lee 
now Sumter County it being he west half

Item 4th        My will & desire is that my son Jon T Howell have one Lot
Land no ninety (90) in the twenty seventh district 27th of originally Lee 
now Sumter County

Item 5th        My will & desire is that my son Purifoy Howell have one 
lot of Land no (61) in the 27th District of originally Lee now Sumter 

Item 6th        My will & desire is that my daughter Nancy Buchanan have 
two hundred dollars, provided that there shall be property sufficient to 
make six hundred dollars outside of the above disposed property

Item 7th        My will & desire is that my daughter Marian two hundred 

Item 8th        My will & desire is that my daughter Laura E. V. Parker 
have two hundred dollars.

Should there nor be sufficiency to pay the above three items to wit two 
hundred dollars to Nancy Buchanan two hundred to Mary McMath two hundred
to Laura E. V. Parker then & in that event the amt of property divided 
equally between them share & share alike
Signed in the presence of  us           James Howell
this the 27th day of April 1876
        Isaac Hart
        Wm Chambless
        Charles C Sheppard
                                        Court of Ordinary of Sumter County
                                        October Term 1878
Came into open court at the regular term of the Court Wm Chambless & 
Charles  C. Sheppard & being duly sworn depose & say that they saw James 
Howell sign & publish the within as his last will & testament while of 
sound & disposing mind. That they witnessed the same for him at his 
request & in his presence & of each other & of the other witness Isaac 
Hart and that the same executed voluntarily by him on the day it purports
to have been executed.                  Wm Chambless
Sworn to & subscribed before me         Charles C Sheppard
in open court Oct Term 1878
                                        Thos H Stewart  Ordinary