Will of William Chambliss
submitted by Ray Faircloth

State of Georgia |
Sumter County | Know all men by this Instrument:

That I William Chambliss, of the said State and County, being old and in feeble health, and realizing fully my condition, but being of sound and disposing mind and memory at the time of the Execution of this Instrument do make this my last "Will" and Testament.

Item First

Being possessed of thirty five (35) acres of land in the North East Corner of Lot number (62) and being all of said Lot that I have ever owned, except twenty (25) acres just south that I have previously Sold for a valuable consideration tomy Son, P. L. Chambliss, and on which he now resides. Also Ten (10) acres off of the Southeast corner of Lot number (59) Fifty nine, lying on the East Side of the Ellaville Road, and also (50) Fifty acres, on the west side of said Lot number (59). Also One Hundred Fifty One and one half (151-1/2) acres more or less off of the South Side of Lot of Land number (60), also One (1) acre in the North East Corner of Lot of Land number (61) all of said Land lying and being in the 27th District of said State and County. Having previously Homesteaded all of said Land, Except the one (1) acre off of Lot of Land number (61) and by reason of Said Homestead, I now possess Said Land only as head of the family, and as Trustee for the Beneficiaries of Said Homestead, , until Said Homestead expires by Operation of Law, To Wit: until the Minor Beneficiaries thereof become of age and until the death of my Wife Eliza Chambliss. All of my Minor Children having reached long since their Majority, and having become of age, and there remaining no Beneficiary of Said Homestead Except my Wife, Eliza Chambliss. Now in the event said Homestead terminates before my death and I outlive my wife and the Property reverts to me by Operation of Law Subject to my Creditors rights, I hereby desire and "Will" as to the same as follows:

Item Second

To my Daughter Nannie Chambliss, I hereby "Will" and bequeath the thirty five (35) acres of land off the Northeast corner of Lot number (62) which embraces the Premises immediately upon which I now live, and also Ten (10) acres lying just north thereof and adjacent thereto, off of the Southeast corner of Lot number (59) and East of the Ellaville Road. To have and to hold for and during her natural life. After her death to be sold as herein after directed by my Executors herein after named and Equally divided between my children or the heirs of my children herein after named. I also "Will" and bequeath to my said Daughter Nannie Chambliss absolutely and Fee-Simple all of my household and kitchen furniture, Mules, Horses, Cows, hogs and Provisions that I maybe seized and possessed of.

Item Third

I hereby "Will" and direct that in the event said Homestead shall terminate before my death as above recited, that all the ballance of the Realty described in Item First of this my "Will", be sold by my Executors herein after named, as provided by Law, and after paying all of my just debts out of the Proceeds thereof, I hereby direct that the ballance remaining shall be Equally divided between my children or their heirs,in the event of any one of them being dead at my death, To Wit: Joe Chambliss, William Chambliss, Malissa Parker, Jessie Chambliss, N. J. Chambliss, P. L. Chambliss,Nannie Chambliss, Donnie Howell, and Marietta Singletary.

Item Fourth

I hereby "Will" and direct that should said homestead not have terminated at my death, and my Wife still be living at my death, that as soon as same is Terminated by the death of my said Wife Eliza Chambliss, the same disposition be made of my said Property as above set forth.
Item Fifth

I hereby nominate and appoint my Son P. L. Chambliss and my Son-in-Law John T. Howell Executors of this my last "Will" and "Testament", and enjoin upon the faithfull Execution of the Terms thereof. This the 9th day of August 1901. (Signed) WilliamChambliss. Signed, declared and published by William Chambliss as his last "Will" and "Testament"in the Presence of us the Subscribers, who subscribed our names thereto in the Presence of said Testator, at his instance and request and in the Presence of each other.

He signing in Our Presence and We signingin his Presence.
This the 9th day of August 1901.

Robert E. Lee

W. P. McAuthur

Eula Lockett Hollis

Recorded October the 9th 1902 In Open Court.
See Minute Book K on pages 322 to page 333
Case Litigated, and "Will" Sustained
by appointing

J. L. Chambliss Administrator. Cum Testaments Annexed.
Recommended J. L. Chambliss with "Will" annexed by
Executors of Said Will. P. L. Chambliss and
John T. Howell, Executors.

Witness my hand and Seal.

Thos. M. Allen I.S. Ordinary

Sumter County Georgia