" .... There is no future for the community that does not honor it's past .... To have the incentive to go forward, it is necessary to know what lies behind. Out of the past the present has come: and out of the present the future will arise."
the Americus Times Recorder ....1931 centennial edition

Welcome to the Sumter County Genealogy Site, a part of the GaGenWeb Project. My name is Robert Evans and I, along with Alan Anderson, began this site as a source of information for all those with connections to Sumter County, Georgia. Now, Alan Anderson is coordinator and tbass is the webmaster for this Website. This site, as well as, the GaGenWeb, USGenWeb and WorldGenWeb projects are non-profit and live and grow only with the support and contribution of time and effort on the part of interested individuals. If you are one of those individuals willing to help make this one of the premier sites of the GenWeb Project please visit the Volunteer section above.

Alan Anderson, Sumter County Coordinator

Jacki Jonas, Regional Coordinator

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